The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on January 23, 1908 · Page 6
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 6

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1908
Page 6
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Harry Gardner, who plead guilty to robbing a young man named Schaffcr, while in company with Sam Simmons, while en route to the Avalon fair last September, and who was sentenced to two years in the penitentiary, was paroled by Judge Trin blc Saturday morning on the following conditicns: 'Dial he abstain from the use of intoxicating liquors in any form, that he slum all cvl com- ftnnions, thai he secure honorable •Miploymrnt and thai he report on the first day ;»f every term of tin Livingston ronnly eonrl for th< coming two years. His bond vva-. fixed at $750 and was signed by Ins brother, who resided at I {rook l.i Id and /. I',. Myers of this eitv Water Cases Go Over. The canes of the < ily \Vatei company, including the injunclion suit against the < 'ily < onnci! to restrain it from selling its $100, uoo water and light bonds, am the Mitt* for the collection of hyd rant rental, have all been conlin- tied to the May term of circuit court. The commranrcs were l.y agreement. L. A. Chapman vs. K. S. 1'iali, et al.; defendant files mot inn ti dismiss plaintiff's petition. Sate of Mo., vs. deorgc Maxwell; continued by agreement. William Ruddy v . ('. P.. & o. l.'y. Co.; continued I'y agreement. Nettie May Pimvll vs. David L. Pnrcell; continued on applic tion of plaintiff. I. T. Evans vs. Wabash K. K. Co.; continued by agreement. State of Mo. vs. Samuel Tat rick; State enteis nolle prosemii and defendant discharged. E. A. Stewart vs. las. (jre^.ii v . continued by agreement. J. W, Sunderland vs. Cornelius Peterson; continued l>v agree incut. Fairbanks, Morse & Co. vs. ('. L. Cooper; continued by agree iii'tit. H. H. Cestcr vs K. II. Konf; continued by jigroep eut. George M. ( amphcl! vs. Kranl. I). Widenet, jury waived, canst submitted |o ciiint, evidence heard, judgment lor plaintiff sns I .-lining attachment and judgment for plaintiff on merits for $<s with K per cent interest. Jas. -Kitiley \>. I'M'.Widenei ; jury waived, cause submitted |.i (otirt, evidence henid, judgment sustaining attachment and jmlg ment for plaintilV on note sued u|Hin, $1.15.00 and S jier rent in t crest. H.C.Crowncll \s Ivlleil IVinolto ; et al., continued by agreement. Lee Walters vs. Arthur l>..r oneran, continued bv agreement 1). O. McCill vs. J. I' 1 . Honing, (ontinued. C,\ C. Abell vs. ( , M. Kt <}. Ky.. et al., compromised and dismissed at cost of defendant. Oorge A. Kyan vs. Luther ment. Virginia F.llcn Johnson vs. Edward Johnson ; plainlif) dismisses suit. City of Chillicotlic vs. Waltet Holmes; continued by agreement Roberty January vs. Wabash R. R. Co.; plaintiff has leave to filed amended petition on or he fore Mar. i, 'oR.and defendant has until on Or before the first day of Ihe next term of this court to plead thereto and cause coutinu ed.. State of Mo. vs. Mat I icw deren defendant files motion for new trial. , VVm. Kurd of Rich Hill town ship paid the Constitution a re newaJ visit Friday. Although in his eighty-first year. Mr. Kuhl is enjoying good health and takes pleasure in reading the news. Rev. J. M. Ragait of Tina was a pleasant caller at the Constitu tion office, Friday, renewing his subscription. He was en rout" to Albany, where lit- will spend Mathew Geren, who was found g. illy last Wednesday in the Livingston county circuit court on a charge of assault with attempt to kill on (ins Johnston,and sentenced to 2 years in the penitentiary, and who filed a motion Thursday for an appeal to the Supreme court, appeared in open court with his attorney Saturday murn- ng and withdrew Ins motion for a m-\v trial and placed himself at Ihe mercy of the court. I'.cforc confirming (lie sentence passed by the jury,Judge Trimbh: stated to the prisoner that Ill- should go ihe penitentiary with his mind make up !•> be a model prisoner and get the hem-lit of Ihe tliM-r fourths law. I be jnd^c al -o slated to (ieien lhal he had no one to blame for his downfall but hinisi ||' ahd I lial pi ohahl v hi would IK .1 I j.V,. < i oininilted I Ii'- di i d II he had mil b- ' n nudei lli • Illlllh III e i i) Illjlli » . Warren Defendants Win. I In- \\'ai cm w ill case \ - . .1 de cided in i.ivi o] tin di-|i •ndanl, f rida\ <-v ening \t the i om In si Mi <ii (In lestmtoiu Ihe co\nl ui .Ii in led ihe jm v lo bring in a vclditl loi the defi*-, which was done I In ease \vas that of I' ank \\aircn and minis a^amsl Joseph \\alldi and others, 'in which an i-fforl was made lo set a- ide lli' \\ill of tin- late Thomas Warren, who had bci|iiealhed his propri i \ in Joseph Warren and wife. ( Ithei pi IK i edin);s wei e as |. il li-ws: State of Mo. vs. \Yni. < 'laik ; now comes defendant and cult-is into reco^ni/ance in the sum of $1.000,to appear in supreme court at next leim of same and surren- < < i himself in execution and obey everv order of said supreme court etc.. with l-rank I'n-ison, John F. lloldridge and Charles Sdiaf- li i a - si i in ilies K'I ihi 11 ( '. ( ollison vs. Arthur I \\iillniys, coiilllined on ap pin alimi and al i osl "I the plain 1:11. < in sler I I.ii villi , el al. vs. Kohl. Harvillf, et al ; i an e submitted t ( i the ii mil, c\ mi-nee bean', lights ol parlies ascertained and dctlaicd special liiiding thai 1 llcMil I lai \ illc. lin -hand o| Mai v I lai y||c. di c< a -id, ha-, an i - lad nl c.iiu I CM' in Ilie land sought In he pa 11 ilium d and lhal he l-, f,os,-ais o| are al the date ol llir, |lldi;lllcnl ; | III If'lllrlll |" i i| pallihoii and oidei o| -.ale lol iasb and older d mipl ynii; with t he:.lei I liirvlli-'s inlet i -1 in money .mil c an-.e t mil inned. 'I he e,le ill the Slate of Ml-, ••onii \ s. Knnicii Wiufrcv, chaig- cd with r.ralid laiceny w;is conlin in d imlil the May lei m ol i inn I lie was lelia-eil oil $sO<> hund signed hv bis father, Alex Win- fiev. \\inlrcy is charged with stealing a number ol caddies ,.f tobacco and .'j pans of -,hoes from the l>in Imgtoii depot one night the latter part of November, It.Kill. I he jury, beloie whom the case .if William I lark, charged with grand larccnv and leceiving stolen propel I y was tried, letitin ed a verdict of guilty on Ihe charge of gram] laiceny Wedncs day night, after being out ten hours ami fixed Clark's senteme al two years in the penitential y. The (barge of receiving stolen go.nlh against Clink \\.\-, dis I In Mate i .ITS ol lames lllack well and Wallace Rowland \\ i i' continued until the Mav leim ol court. pitnevditlgs were: White Case Postponed. The case of the St;ste n| Mis sunn against I.MIICS \\'lnle. charged with the murder of I mi Simpkins, which was ilmketed for m-\t Monday, has been post I om d until the tegnlai Mav lerni. owing to (he illness of White's .eadmg atloiinv, folm II. I avlor. Henry Smiley of Wheeling attended cmirl in this city today. A I! Sanders vs. J. \V. Davis, WITH MEETING The opening gnn in the campaign which the I.adics'Auxiliary t..' Ihe Chillicothe Local Option League will conduct for a saloon- h-ss ('hillicothc will be fired next Lriday night, when Mrs. Ncllc < i. llnrgcr, lecturer and organizer for the National Women's Christian Temperance Union, will speak at a great mass meeting at ihc 1 .nella theater M i . I'nrgei is an eloijiient "|iciil\ri ami liinif.'.N ;\ message that is always interesting and is pn-M-nied m an effective manner. She ha- IHTII m gieal demand at ' hanlani|iia as-.ciiilihrs where '.he aK\av hold', the i loscM at- li Illinii n| In- aililirllfcs. I he ladies are making every i Hull In crowd the opera house i M tin i icca .inn. They will or- jam/i a ihiirii'- ill too voices to -m)..; mi the iiicaMoii and will al• ill)- In ha\c :i i Inldreii's (horns. ^ilmrsinn will he Iree. -^ • »• l:al anything yon want, don't starve yourself, fearing il won't •a^ree, for Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea cleans the bowels and stomach, and makes digestion ' :is > .<:')''. Tea or Tablets. N. J. Swetlnnd Drug Co. -» • »• Marriage license was issued Monday to Lngene I'. Sullivan of ( anollioi? and Helen I'Vrns of I Ills lily, Tlay fever, catarrh, and cold in the head relieved immediately by Sigler's Catarrh Remedy, at South Side I )rug Store. PROFITABLE PIGS I', j. Mallory reports the slaughter of I wo pigs which he challenges anybody to heat. I hese were May pi^s and were butchered in I >eceniher, and averaged, dressed, -.'.45 pounds. Pretty prolilahle pigs, these. 200 bolts new wide embroil cries 10 cents at Hartman's. JtHd&wi w EAGLKS INSTALL. I In in wly elected officer Of Mi-.•.niiii \crii- N'o. ot;S U'ere in-.tailed h\ Jaim-s K'. Wilson al the l'.at;le chlh looms Sniuln,V c\ i IIIIIL;. I 'ill'iwin^ are the oflieers for I li> eii-.mng yeai : |oe lii'oaddii'i. \\>iithy presi' dent. Jami -. K. Wilson. W. V P. M I.. Stewart. t rcasnrer. \oah Kauli. \\'. r. I '. ( '. K'oe, inner ^uanl. A I-. I >avis, mili'i n'liavd. I'lt-ii \ .iiii.iiiiiii;hain, A. Untch • r. Jr. am! \. M. Johnston were circled trustees for (lirce years. I 'r. \\ M. (,'irdncr was elect.-d .1(1 h |.||\ .in,in. ^ • .» $50 Klectiic Seal Coats with genuine Beaver Collar and Cuffs, tor $35 at Hartman's. | '.Kdftwi w ,i i \ \\ai\-ed cause submitted to i v'idi'iice heaid, judgment • oi i !..inliH for amount sued for, loy.ii: ^(/^(HI, and (> per cent in- ten -I i ei annum from date .if |ii Ifinent. U'. (", ('ohiirn vs. S. T. Couch, ei al.; (ontinned by -igreement. Katie I lick ma n vs. ('. 15. & O. l\ \. * o ; caii'-ie dismisHcd for laihne to comply with order of ciiint as in costs John " .ii'-h vs. C. M. ,*'. O. Py. < i-.; io.|(niiied l>y a//• niivlit. lames ,' \\ atkins "i ] ••«eph ' .nrweil d linne' Ir/ agreement. ( lai k I liilchisnii vs. ( ha i 'e« \'nll i l :il : conlin ied by agree- i ' II! S'au nl Mo. y«. Sadie (ieorge; p.iiole conlinned. \. S. Ph.-lps, Jr.. vs. ]<. W. H'lies. contiimed by agreement. Joseph A Blum vs. J. S. Hrin- cnMool. et al ; continued by agreement. BY DYNAMITE CAP Edward, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Turner, living on South Elm street, suffered an accident Friday afternoon that nearly cost him the loss of both hands. F.d. had returned home from school and later went to the rooms of Mrs. Mamie Hitt at the Larncy building, where Mrs. Hitt's son, Eddy, was and knocked. He was admitted and while F.ddy was cutting some figures out of card board, F.iiward picked what lie supposed |to be piece of copper from the ilo;>r, and commenced picking at the ar ti'-le with a pin. The thing proved to he a dynamite cap and was i xplodcd in the hands of the Turner boy. The fingers of bis left hand were all shattered and Ihe fingers of the rignt hand wer badly burned. The child ran to the office of Dr. l>arney, whcr the injured member!- were dressed. Dr. P.arncy stated Saturday morning thai Ihe child would 'ave the fingers of the right hand, but the lingers of bis left hand were lost. Three of the lingers <<;' the left hand were blown off in the explosion, and ihc others so badly injured that they will have h, be taken off. Fddy Hitt told bis mother that he had found the caps, which he supposed to be copper, in the lot back of the telephone office, and carried them home. He said when ihe Turner boy came to i be room one of them was lying on the floor and he picked it up. The next thing the Hitt boy knew- there was an explosion,aud ll en (be shattered hand. The Hilt boy ran to Hai tmai.'s sir; e,where be called to bis mother, who ar compHiiied him to (be doctor's < ITice, where the injured boy was I.eing cared for. The child was gi-ning along nicely Saturday morning but it was a narrow escape for both Superintendent J. U. Smith of the People's Telephone company said that the company's workmen used dynamite caps for digging post holes, but lhal they wen very careful about handling them, never, to bis knowledge, allowing any lo become scattered about. Woman loves a clear rosy complexion, flnrdock 1'lood I'litters purifies the blood, cleans the skin, restores ruddy, sound health. The U. S. Government in its "Pure I'ood Law" does not "indorse" or "guarantee" any pre paration, as some manufacturers in Ihcir advertisements would make it appear. In the case ol medicines Ihe law provides that certain drugs shall be mentioned on the labels, if they are ingredi cuts of the preparations. lily's ( ream Italm.the we'l-known Cam ily remedy for cold in the head, hay fever and nasal catarrh, doesn't contain a single injuries drug, so the makers have simply to print the fact that it complies fully with all tin- re<juiremcnts of the law. Jno. VV. McCnne, phone 778, will sell you the best coal coming to Chillicothe—prices low, weighed over city scales. J/d&wim $25 Tailor Made Suits at $15 at Hartman's. I iKd&w i w Torturing ec/.emu spreads its burning area every day. I Man's ()intment i|uickly stops its spreading, instantly relieves the itching, cures it permanently. Al any drug store. $30 fur coals $15 at Hartman's. JiRdftwiw Thousand* of yards White Good*, embroideries, and laces, at •ale prices now at Hartman's. TiRd&wr w . J. T. Hood of St. Joseph, representing the Redpatch Chautauqua system, was in the city Saturday with a view to putting >:i a Chaut;uii|ua course summer. He talked with ( ... L. Wait, presdcut of the Industrial League, and to a number of other business num. To the Constitution he said that IK- hid Ueen considerably encourager and that he thought il probable that the course would be established here. Tin- K'edp.nli system has a string of about loo Chantampias, litly of vvhch are in Iowa and the balance in nther states. The managers of lhi> system own their own tents and finance their a> '.emblies complete ujfhonl ys |<. iug any local asMMance. All they r< ijiiire frmn the e.iii/ms U t|, a i Ibi-v buy a liberal number of sea -mi ticket-, at .Sloo each, the 1 hamaiir|iia I,, |a-,f (.j^ht day.. 11 the Chaiitain|iia is put jn here it will be about the middle of August. F.. IT. Lake will sell you Nov- i-igcr screen lump c^al delivered « l $3-25 per ton di6dtf For rent —r jo acre farm in Sampsel township, well improved 50 acres blue grass pasture, plenty ,>f water; jo acres in meadow : 5 acres in orchard; the balance for corn, (.'ash rent. Peter Johnson, "•jwtf Sampsel, Mo. Hope Bleached muslin for 8 cents at Hartman's. Ji8d&wiw SAMPSEL ROUTE 2. Sarnpseljan. 15.—(Special Cor- rcspondei^ce.i—-Tully |Kens^hler l< ft for Kansas City Saturday to visit his brother and sister. A party given at Mr. Morgan's Thursday night was well attended and a fine lime reported. Miss Nana Stephens , Miss Mary Wagner, and Messrs. Win. Hills and Lewis .Morgan (were guests of Nfarie Johnson. SumTay. Miss I'irdie Pat ton has been ijiiile ill with la grippe for several days. Mr. and Mrs. Morgan left Friday for Pattonslmrg to visit relatives near then-. Mrs. Wade I'.rookshier. 'Mrs. I i.dy. Miss N'ana Stephens an,] Miss I'.rookshier, all of Lock Springs, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. (barley Walker. Willy (iann frmn Fairfax, la.. is \isiting realtiyes here. Miss Pony Sterling is spending the week with lUanclie Morgan. Mrs. "l)oe" Boucher returned Monday from a visitdiwek'sc Monday from a week's visit in Kansas (ily. General d.-bility, failure of the strength to do and the power to endure is cured by the great ton- ic—Hood'i SaraaparilU. S. RUSSELlTbEAD. Saunders Russell, a well known resident of this comity, passed away at his home in Chula Friday morning. His death was caused from a stroke of paralysis which lie suffered Thursday night. The deceased, who was 72 years old, had been in poor health for some time and at his advanced age his relatives feared he would never regain his health. Three children survive him, Mrs. Carry Chapman, Pueblo, Coin.; Charles and Albert Russell of this county. There's nothing so good for a sore throat as !)r. Thomas' Eclec- Iric < >il. ( mes. it in a few hours. Relieves any pain in any part. Jno. W. McCtme, phone 778, will sell you the best coal coining I.) Chillicothe—prices low, weighed over city ncalen. frd&wim New line shirt waUts at about half price at Hartmaji's. I; Brown, Charles. Haynea, Guardian. Crow, Wm., Emma and minors; Forest M. GUI, cwudlaa curator. Cnrtta, Jdeeph D., decaUM, A. Curtg and R. 9. Haynea, en " avis, Nova C., A Lewtt, Mary H. Darte, Guardian * Second Dmj,"~ Donoho, Michael.'deceased;' Uonoho, Administratrix. Glover, George, deceaatd, flMfc Louisa Olover, Admrx. """*' Gordon, Oeorf« A., deceased. iHfeMI A. Gordon, executrix. «" =: Groxenger, Gladys, minor, K. Grozenger, Guardian A C Hutchison, Mary, deceased, Nav«, executor. HoBman, James, deceased. C. K. HuBman. Executors. Hale. Rntb. deceased. He Halo. Executor. Third Day, February lath, JMfk Kllburn, Wm. J. B., minor, H Rudd, curator. Loavell, Bertha, mluor, W. O. ham. Guardian. Llnvllle. Wiley, deceased. l.lnvlllo, Admr. Final. howery, Leonn C. It Jn iiilnortt, .lumen O. Lowery, < ('nrufor. l.lnton, FtoHR, dw^afied, Gall! AdmlalHtrator, l-'ourth nay, Pehroarylftth, II Marlow, Carl H. A Mary L.. l Ail,lie c, Marlow, Guardian * lor. Marlow. George B., unsound Wm. It. Marlow, Guardian A Curator. Moore, Allen, deceased, Altai .Mom i', (Oxecutor. I'hlUlim, Charlotte, deceased, Itobt. S Phillips, Admr. i'owell. Mary A., d«!cea»ed, I'owi-ll, Executor. 1'ng.-, 1. N., deceased, Mattte C. I'ngp, Administratrix. Fifth Itoy, FebnMty 14th. IMS. R.-tmi-h. Nicholas, deceased, Lea* ft .Jin! iU<nsch, Executors. Heidel. John, deceased. Seldul. Bxecutrix. SeUlel, John, deoeaced, Seldel, Guardian 4k Curator. Sparling, J. H. * H. F.. minora, Noble Sparling, Guard Ian and Carar tor. Seay, Robert U, deceased, George H S«ay, Admr. Final. Turner, F. G., decoaaed, V*. Turner, Executrix. Tibergheln. Jamea B., deeeaaed, ' M. Tibergheln, Admr. Tomphlns, Abraham. Busan Tompklna, Executrix. Hlxth ftoj, Febnwvy 10th, U Watson. Rayma. minor. Watson, Guardian A Curator. WolfHklll. Geo. W., devMMHl,: Wuirttkill. AdmlnlHtrator. \Vurr.-n, Thos., deceaned. Joaeafe Warr*>n, Executor. William Margaront. d« ThoK. L. Williams. Bxeentor. Williams, John W., deceased. miilcr Winfrey, Administrator. PIBRCBOVBRTON. Judge of Proa***. \(>TH K OF FINAL SBTTU Notice Is hereby given that tae «JJB» di>rt<iKiieii. Administrator of the •»• tate of \VJI«y JUnville, deeeajied. wilt mak» Final Settlement of nWla*" pnuntB with said Eitate as inch Ad» inlnlHtraior at the next Term of tta> Court of Livingston Cooty. . to hn holden st Chlllicotk*, In mild County, on the 10th day m fVbruary, A. U. 1908. '.- J2w4t. J. D .LIMVOUB. son. OF FINAL 8BTT1 o IB hereby given that the un, Rxecutor George Na»e. Bx> of the Estate of Mary HntebJ* eanPd, will make Final Set* tlt-mi'iit of his accounts with said KHtntn un gurh Executor at the next Ti'rm of th*> Probate Court of LiTlng- sion I'litinty, Mlnnourl, to b« hotdeB nt Chllllcoihe In said County, on the 1 lih day of February A. D. 1»0«. GEORGE NAVB, J2w4t. Executor. NOTICK OF FINAL HRTTLKMKVT. Notir.> \t hereby given, that the undtTKlgnml, executor, R. S. Hayaea* cxoruior of the estate of Armiad K. C'urtlH, dncnaxed, will make Final Settlement of hln accounts with said nntato HH Hnch executor at the next t»>rm »t thti Probatn Court of 14r- ItiKHtoa f'niinty, Mlmourl, to he linlili-n nl rtillllcottip. In said County. on tho lOtti day of February. A. D., I!M>X. K. ». HAYNE8. RxervtOf. First hiH-rilon Jan. K wit. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Notice is ht-rehy given, that Jet- tcrs i if Administration on the Es- t.'itc of (iordon Grace deceased, were granted to the undersigned, I'M the 3tst day of December 1907, hy the Probate Court of Livingston County, Missouri. All pi-rsons having claim* .-»Kainst said Kstate, are requested ID cxhihit them for allowance to the Administrator within one year ;ift( r date of said letters, or they nay he. precluded from any benefit of said I-'.atate, and if such claims he not exhibited two yea»» fioni date of this publication* they shall he forever barred. This jist day of December, 11/07, F.tlul Grace Administratrix. <"i.scnr T.. Smith, Attorney. J9W4t Rheumatism Guaranteed Cvrt 5<)c. Sample treatment sent Ab» .I'liily I-'rcc I- any addrcsa, \Vriu- today. Majfic Remedy Co. x .327 Allcg-in, M ; rh

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