Independent from Long Beach, California on January 31, 1960 · Page 31
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 31

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 31, 1960
Page 31
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M*LAf'«!tf(WMN.) 21 ImpLAi'tfet (W«m.) 23 Ii*I.A9'cl«f (Worn.) 23 | EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES I WOMEN I Consult These Placement Experts | ·;·'· FLO S A Y S . . . . Business is booming for the trainee, ·· experienced and mature woman! ". FREE JOBS TO YOU -- COMPANY PAYS US WORK WHERE the mon*y it, company ft«asur«r needs · sharp secretary : to $400 GENEROUS end-of-the*year bonus for the stenographer " in this 2-girl office $350 YOUR OWN priv. ofc., take the plant mgr.'s diet $375 , PHONE GIRL, talk to the customers, keep plant manager's appointment! and type 52M PAY THE BILLS and take S/H for this contractor, overtime if over 40 hours ; to $400 . BE THE HELLO GIRL, PBX front ofc., just ace. typing, to $300 NICE SPOT for young girl that can take S/H and typ, fast advance $294 RECEPTIONIST, handle lots of PBX, meet the people to RECEPTIONIST, attractive spo DELIVER the mail to the exec VARIETY JOB, littla of this an SHARP! Just out of school ... li I o to $325 t for attract. PBX oper.....$3DO + ufive and do some typing. ...$240 1 that, typa purchase orders $300 o.k., type copy work, learn CLERICAL variety job, assist with payroll, filing and re- FEE ON THE ONE-GIRL operation, type, li POISED, nicely groomed gir purchasing or sales baelct CORD PULLER, clerical abilit- PARTIAL LI FLO BAILE 141 W. COMPTOt' NEwmarl 5-8038 8731 E. FIRESTOh TOpaz 1-9281 1217 S. HAWTHORN ORegon 8-6123 Offices Open ? ti LAKE\ EMPLOYME 4143 None Way Lakewood Blvd., C STARTING SALARY W25 UP DOE. EXEC. SECTY. for Manaoer V. P. Handle records payroll. »350 UP DOE. SECRETARY to Director of Public Relations. No s/h required, ad. tvplna. Compose letters, write editorials. S3« STENO - RECEPTIONIST Lite s/h od. tvplna. Manua . J2XO.UP JR. STENO. Will train young girl lust graduated with s/n 60 wpm, tvpe 50/60 wpm. Xlnl opportunity, car. J300 BILLING CLERK Rem. dec. add machine and Kardex. »280 CLERK-TYPIST Type SO/50, will be In charge o depl. Near Bcllllower. 1300 ASST. BOOKKEEPER A/R A/P to T-B, payroll, calc. add. machine, type. »350 GAL FRIDAY Lt. s/h, od. tvplst, small set of books, payroll receptionist. *350 F/C BOOKKEEPER T-B p.L, payroll, typing. M:053:3 PBX OPERATOR ·' Recept., od. Jyplst. $330 COMPTOMETER OPR. · 4 phases, tor budget dept. FOLLOWING ;e figures and teletype.. ./... $372 For receptionist, typing wtyn jround $325+ + STING ONLY f AGENCIES 4 BLVD., COMPTON -- NEvada 6-3372 E BLVD., DOWNEY -- SPruce 3-3901 = BLVD., HAWTHORNE -OSborne 9-3615 12 Noon Saturday VOOD NT AGENCY HA 9-5935 Larson St. Diagonal STARTING SALARY $375 SECRETARY to Chief Engineer. Prefers engineering bkgd. Nice office. $350-S375 DOE. SECRETARY to President. Gd. s/h typing wllh varied office duties. $375 SECRETARY for Plant Manager. Gd. secretarial skills. Will have own ofc. PBX relief. 5390 STENO · G/O S/h 90 wpm, typing, PBX relic , . good g/o bkgd. $325 UP DOE. DICTAPH. SECY. Gd. typist, compose own letters. G/o bkgd. $300 TYPIST TWX plus PBX exp. Wllh good advancement. 4315 KARDEX CLERK Expd. Hie accurate typing. $28! PAYROLL CLERK 2 phases comp., adding mach., type. $280-5300 DOE. ACCTG. CLERK Prefers accto. exp. Add. machine, typing, $300 UP DOE. BURR. SENSI. OP. 1 vr. CAP, lyalng. 5340 IBM KEYPUNCH OPR. A 8, N, 2 yrs, exp. on 024. ·Sterlingwood Agency A QUALITY AGENCY COSTS NO MORE FREE FOR SKILLS I-GAL office, F/C bkkpr., top skills, fascinating bus.... $450 STENO., light S/H, easy job, hrs. 9-5:30, U/40 $350 GEN. OFFICE, good typist, ph. skill, advertising dept $325 UTILITY clerk, enthusiasm and charm + G/O skills, to $300 KEYPUNCH A N, can work into verification $300 FEE FOR OPPORTUNITY SECRETARY, top skills for top co., cost of living $414 STENO., very liqht S/H, 50 w.p.m., Downey area to $350 PBX and gen. olc., front office skills, top ben., Rivera. $303 G/O, sensible gal for Norwalk area, 45 w.p.m to $300 'NCR-3200, medical benefits for family, too! to $325 STERLINGWOOD AGENCY 7639 E. FIRESTONE DOWNEY TOpai 9-0904 ST 3-0454 (Across from beautiful new Wonder Bowl) :· BOWER EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Secty., 25-35, downtown $300 .F/C Bookkeeper, car S300 to 5350 Exec. Secty., 25-35, car MOOSSM Payroll, car 1290 Hostess, part time ... ,,. 5125 + PBX tyolst 5225 General ofc. vng. Pedro 1220-1245 Driver pick up, 30-35 S1.35 hr. Med. seclv. (2) S275-S375 · Sales promotion, 3(HO, car 5400 + Mcd Asst.. car $250-5375 Recept., Med., Insur. exp. 5300 up 320 Pine Ave. HE 6-2211 Vogue Agency ·4240 Atlantic GA 7-4277 Clerk-lvplsts 5225-5250 Legal Secretaries $300 . Rccept.-typlsl ,. .SKOup . Dictaphone Operafor -- _..S275 Waitresses (nlolils) . 51.50 hr. up NCR 3100 -...$300 IBM Keypunch _ 5300 Models, full or part time Open LONG BEACH EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Sleno.-Secly., dntn., legal . $350 · Steno.-Sectv,, downtown, varied general office _ to 5325 no typing, local $300 - Lite Tvpg., meet public. dntn..5200 115 Pine Suite 220 HE 5-1029 · ··- . OLDEST IN TOWN 4802 E. 2nd 414 Kress Bldg. Help Wonted (Worn.) 24 WOMEN, all ages, needed for preferred lobs as GRADUATE PRACTICAL NURSES. Brief training will quality you. CAREER TRAINING INSTITUTE 218 E. 1st Cl. n HE 5-0105 SALES Olllce Clerk $350 to $450 Electronic Assembler ....$260 to $350 Asst. Bookkeeper $300+ COMPTON Employment Aoencv 719 So. Long Beach Bt. NE 1-1173 MIDDLE AGED LADY to care for boys 1 It 5 In mv home days. · TO 7-9409 OPERATOR exoer. on sewing plastic or light canvas. Chain stitch of double needle.' Apply 17615 EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER who can also prepare Income Tax .returns. Temporary work. Mrs. King, GA 4-5832. Moore School will train you In IBM Keypunch. 245 E. 7lh. HE 2-0945. Free placement. See ad Cl ?2 RELIABLE woman to care for children wMIe mother works. 3 _t«.l' P.m. M2 E; Esther. HOUSEKEEPER, motherless home No oblectlon to pregnancy or child. 4 children. UNIversltv «-750» HELP 'mother' w/care o f " ? children t new house. Live In. HA 1-2133. COCKTAIL WAITRESS Youno, attractive. 129 E Ocean HAIRDRESSER end MANICURIST an e. tno GE 4-2014 %; 8 £pWI^ 8mm ''* r - GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 19 Pine Room 914 HE 7-0501 "COMPANY PAYS FEE" Secy, lo Sales Mgr., 25-40. Sharp gal, loctl car $350 Personnel Clk. Tvpist 5295 FC Bkor. NCR. U/45, LB 5375 NCR 3100 Opr., A/P, payroll 5325 Secv. lor Co. Ally. IBM exec., ?5-40, sharp. Xlnt. ady...S3SO uo Burrs. BI;Dr. Bank exp. 5285 Acctg. Clk. Burrs. Posting, use olc. machs. U/40, LB 5295 1-Glrl Ofc. Assl. Bkpg. 25-35. Wilmington area. Car.$3!5 Med. Otc. Ins. typist, NLB 52/5 Order Checker. lo-K add mach.. Temp. 5-10 p.m. IBM exec, tvplst. 1 10 2 wks. Dntn. LB 52 hr. Med. Reccpl.-typlsf, Blxby DOE FREY EMPLOYMENT AGENCY M17 Atlantic ' GA 4-0971 Close-out desk, comptometer exo. Typlsl, loc., pricing 5 billing 5300 CO. PAYS FEE ON THESE Secy, to Comptroller, too secretarial skills ._ $39S.$415 OFFICE HOURS 9 to Ti ! 2 ' t o 4 CANNON'S AGENCY Clerk typist, free $335 PBX teletype, lee ...._" S300 faclory iralnec, fee 51.35 h.r «U7 Pa^HurTpKr 18 2^3? Help Wanted (Worn.) 24 3 WOMEN, 20-38. neat appearing, w/good health. Able to meet public, not afraid ot work. Exceflcnl oppor. Should average about 518 dally to -start. Apply 9:30-10:30 a.m., room 313, 141 W. Ocean, Mon. only. STATISTICAL TYPIST, IBM elec, Slenorette : 5300 CERTIFIED Personnel Service Aoencv MS E. Bdwy., Rm. 505 HE 6-4271 RECEPTIONIST - TYPIST for MD In Lakewood. tns. forms. Experienced only. Must have references. HA i-5221. GOOD COOK t, HOUSEKEEPER Likes girls 9 13. Experienced. ·Rets. $35 wk. 5'A days. Live In or out. Bellflower. ME 3-6967. REGISTERED NURSE To work In Doctor's ofllce In Lvnwood. For appl. call NE 6-3434 FULL charge housekeeper and sitter. Belmont Hots. 60C an hour, 3 days a week. GE 4-4971. FREE APT for' reliable women lor motel work. 421 W. Paclllc Coast Hwy. MOTHER'S helper/ !:30 to 4:30. Mon. thru Frl. Refs. Own transportation. HA 1-8031. SHIRT PRESS operator",' exoer., union. 9816 E. Oak, Bellflower. PART "TIME X iuiMime cosmetic deme-nstrs. 4240 Atlantic. GA 7-4277 ARTIST DESIRES MODEL Call Monday, HE 5-9402. NDRSES-LVN « Practical!, steady i relief, »;| shifts. 1775 Chestnut. FRANKIE BARNHILL'S "ALCO" Employment A«ncv 2219 L. B. Blvd. GA 7-7415 AMPLE PARKING For the convenience of those who want a BETTER job, our office is open UNTIL 7 P.M. MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY. File Clerk, lyplst, PBX Relief, car ,, J270 Pick up delivery, inlerestlng opportunity for sharp gal, 25-35, local, car $260 -f- ml. General O tc., credit exp. preferred,, local ,, S200-S225 Good typist, teletype, expd., Asst. Bookeeper, auto exp., over 30, local .._ st. J275 Cashier, NCR 3000, Insurance billing, local $275 Medical Insurance typist, some assisting, Compton M75 A/R A/P Clerk, repair orders £ tickets, expd., San Pedro $250 Billing Clerk, type, adding mach. calc., Wilmington ... i300 + Only Partial Listing CALDWELL PERSONNEL AGENCY 19 Pine Suite 312 HE 2-8481 Secy. od. skills, learn legal . .5300 G/O, bkpg., type, mature S250 up Typist, learn credit 5225 Dictaphone, type 60, expd S275 Credit, collection, car . .$300 + F/C Bkpr., to T/B, progress M33 Secy., adv. mgr., skilled .to $350 G/O, xlnt. type, PBX, sharp $275 Tvpe, statistical, local . $303 Stcno, Sales, gd. skills, car to $350 Escrow Clerk, expd., tvpe 50 S300 Sales prom., 30/40, car $400 Clerk, acctg. dept., expd to S29J Secy., business bkad 5390 UD Sales, exp In R.T.W., Icl., $214 + Dept. Ctk., know ot adv. 5299 up Steno, 30 up, cd. skills, car ....$281 MEDICAL DEPT. RN or LVN, ofc., Lvnwood to $350 Druo Clk., some exp st. $716 Ins. Clk., od. tyolst, no Sat. $250 Expd. Maid lor hosp $205 Admit. PBX, exp., 3-11 $25? G/O, med. group, local $250 Asst., mtn. tvpe, prt. time ....$1?5 Asst., emero. hosp., Compton $250 Nurses Aides, alt shifts $230 Ofc. Nurse, raise later .... st. $300 LVN, current Calif, lie $250 Rccpt.f know Ins. 5. Pedro $250 up CERTIFIED PERSONNEL SERVICE AGENCY 205 E. Bdwy. Rm. 505 HE 6-6271 Secy., trn. In business $390 + Secy., advertlslno 5350 Stcno, sales, cngrg. -..$350 + Steno., posf credit 5285 4- Steno., stat. type, oil ,, $325 Asst. Bkor., payroll, cost ....$325 -t- Acctg., Clk., gd. 10 key W4 Recept., type 55 wpm $275 Cred. Clk., skip trace $300 4 Sales, It. type, ans. phone ....V245 Keypunch, IBM, exp 5350 Escrow woman, expd $325 + $,i'-!:. petite young woman, Icvflv working cond com. + 5216 Dept. Clk., advertising to J375 MEDICAL DEPT. Exp. aides, many, alt shifts to 5230 Dependable LVN, local st. Sll day RN, clinic, local . ..St. 5300 UP Surg. RN, ofc., type 5300 UD G/O, medical bkgd st. 5250 Rccpt., type, some med. bkg. $250 efc. RN, Lvnwood . 5350 si. xp., In. Sec. aoc open to $350 st. Assf surg., expd., Comp. st, $250 RCSP. Secv., G/O exp., Icl. S300 UP Unllc. Lnb. tech,, Torrance to 5375 X-Rav fcch., Whlttlcr 5300 up Ins. Clk., Bellflower 5250 up Drug Clk. (2J 51.25 hr. Undcrnrads, Bellfllewcr, raise $235 MARINA PERSONNEL AGENCY 50» KRESS BLDG., STH PINE HE 2-89)1 COMPANY PAYS FEE SECTY. No S/H. Altrac 1350 TYPIST 50 + Dlctaph M77 BILLER, phone work S2M TYPIST, Train DIclnDh 5277 TYPIST, Elect. Tratllc Dent 5260 '· -YOU PAY FEE EXPORT SECTY.. interesting work to K3S EXEC. SECTY. lo Pres. . ..5350 SECTY. INS. AGENCY exp. WOO STENO S/H 100, nice ofc. .. 5310 SECTY. Advto. Deol., 5/H 80 5300 GEN OFC., Dlclaph., type 5275 RECEPT., PBX, S/H 80 5275 GEN. OFC., od Future 5300 MEDICAL INS. Clk Good RECEPT. Clinic 2 to 10 5250 RECEPT. Relief -.5225 RN Clinic .. "....:... _ St. 5325 UNDERGRAD Clinic St. 5250 LVN'S Hospital S255 BENEFICIAL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 19 PINE AVE. ROOM 208 SECRETARY MEDICAL SMO Know Insurance Forms. BOOKKEEPER F/C ....about WOO Under 50 8, Sham. L. B. Resident. STENOGRAPHER -- DOE lor San Pedro. Burrs, or NCR. TELLER · S. L. DOE lor San Pedro. IBM Elect. Typewriter. PLATFORM STENO oycr 5300 Knowledge of Notes. BOOKKEEPER -PEN 8, INK..S375 TYPIST-- BANK -- DOE Notes 8. Credit. TRAINEES - .-...5225 STENO CLERK .5333 U/« 8, Sharp. GIRL FRIDAY _ 5300 * * * LOUISE KRUEGER EMPLOYMENT AGENCY _ Z15 LONG BEACH BLVD. Room 225 HE 3.7981 5478 Atlantic Ave. GA 3-M3I 2 OFFICES TO SERVE YOU SEE OUR MONDAY ADS FOR MANY FINE JOBS * -Ar if dorothy Stirling agency F. C. Bkpr., NCR 3100 «CO up Sectv. to Mgr., Lakewood 5300 Acctg. Clk., type 40 ,, 5260 up Typist-Cashier, 11.35, LB 5280 Teller-- Bank exp. nee Good Housewaros Sales, exoer. 5M wk. 115 Pine Room 523 HE 5-6JJ9 Help Wanted (Worn.) 24 START $300! ! ! New lob -- growing concern. Lite s/h, good tvplst, 3 gal olllce, on transp., bet , 25-j5. the LESLIE' Employment Aoency 3230 E. Broadwav GE 4-0931 AIRLINES NEED Young women 17 to 39. See our ad under 22. National School or MOORE School will train you In Solderlnq wirlno. 2X5 E. 7th, HE 2-0945. Spec, attention women BOOKKEEPER, typist. Stale age, exper., IM. expected. Give rets. tele. nt..Tiber. Writ- So- *-5J"«. c/o Ind.-P-T. WANTED-Full or Parl Time TUPPERWARE demonstrator. Call Your local- Authorized Distributor for Appointment. MEtcalf 0-3941. MOORE School wll! train you in PBX-reot. WS E. 7lh St, HE 2-0945 Free DiacemenT. See *d. Cl. ??. HOUSEKEEPER -Tcirfr"? girls; 1! 8. «. priv. rm , board salary. GE 3-A3.T4 . EXPERIENCED s~IehdgraDher. C,ood typist with ceneral oftlce experience. Call owner. TP 4-A450. P'RACTICAL NURSE-hskpr, Llveln". $100 with freedom. QF ft-5395 BARMAID wanted, under 30. -Apply HOUSEKEEPER-- Motherless home, live In. Norwalk. UN 5-2449 eves. BEAUTY OPERATORS $45 SALARY HE4-9M9 H**W«it*4(W«flJ 24 PART-TIME and TEMPORARY Typists and Stenographers ·re needed immediately ·( Aeronutronic In Newport Beach Applicants must have SECRET CLEARANCE or have been cleared SECRET In Ihe last 6 months with previous em- plover. Those selected will be placed on a Call-in" basis for work w:ien It octvr:. ^;,i . -. . ,j- ular week days, ivennin-. or weekends as needed. Individual preference lor working hours will be considered. Excellent compensation and working conditions make these positions particularly attractive to those who do not desire lull time permanent employment. To Qualify lor typing positions applicants must type 45 WPM. Stenographic positions requ re minimum shorthand speed of 80 WPM with reasonable accuracy. Applicants are Invited to call Mr. Keith Blunt, M Ad! son 9-5561 for a personal interview. Aeronutronic a Division of FORD MOTOR COMPANY NEWPORT BEACH SANTA ANA MAYWOOD STENO ImiTiodiare opening for qualified stenographer fo handle heavy volume of dictation and typing. Includes very busy telephone contact w i t h customers, salesmen, representatives, etc. Applicants must be alert and possess good ability with shorthand and typing. Please apply at Personnel Office LEACH CORP. 1B435 Susana Road Compton NE £1061 3 WOMEN to show our new public relations 111m to families in Ihe Long Beach and North Long Beach areas. Prefer women over 35. Car necessary. Leads furnished. Substantial savings If you Qualify. Westminster Memorial Park And Angelus Abbey Mausoleum tor apnt., 9-9:30 a.m. onlv. L. B. area Mr. Dunn, HE 6-B94X N.L.D. area. Mr. Augustine. GA 3-034B. Sales -- Decorator FURNITURE CARPET EXPERIENCE NECESSARY BARKER IV BROS. 141 E. BROADWAY-Long Beach Hours 9:30 to 12 noon. Mondav thru Friday GENERAL CLERICAL To assist In fhc various tasks o! loan work Including typing, credit ratings, cashier duties, filing, etc. Prefer aoe 25 or over. Loan company or bank oan experience dc- slrnble but no essential If other experience Is good. CROWN FINANCE 347 Long Beach Blvd., L.B. CASHIER YOUNG LADY Career Minded qualified to train (or excellent position. SEE MISS SMITH BOBBY'S SPORTSWEAR 136 PINE AVE. Placement Interviewer Will train competent, stable woman for personnel counselor. Should have pleasing personality experience .in commercial personnel or employment agency. Call Mr Bane. AGE C N A C L V bWEL 'l, P p^ S0 ^ E | L M,,. PART TIME Pleasant telephone work m your home. 2 to 4 hours a day. 51.25 per hour (o tart. Salary no commission. Experience not necessary. WRITE MRS. RICH. 3723 Wllshire Blvd., Office 2, Los Angeles 5. Give phone number. CLERK-TYPIST Alert, 50 w.p.m., some dictdphone. Benefits, 5 day-- 37'/ 2 hr. wk. TRAVELERS INS. CO. MISS McNEVIN RM. 20 110 W. OCEAN MOTHERS does your budget fall short of your needs? Earn extra needed income by working a few hours a dav selling Avon Cosmetics Toiletries Exclusive territories now available. For Interview call GA 7-001 P, Ext. 22. 4 SHARP GALS to canvass for professional salesmen, potential earnings over MOO week for about 15 hours work. See Mr. Cane at 94A3 Alondra, Bellflower, or call TOrrey £-0112 STENOGRAPHER For engineering dept. Good typing short hand necessary. Permanent position. Apply at Plant location. JOHN'S-MANVILLE CASHIERS (2) Day shift, split shift, day night. Some register experience required. TIC-TOC DRIVE-IN, 4170 Lkwd. Blvd. Interview. 9-11 A.M., MR. KELLY office. Answer In own handwriting, aoe, height, weight. State experience In dental work or other public experience. Give phone number. Box M 3B43 Ind. Press. MUST H A V E REFERENCES. GOOD SALARY. 5 DAYS. 2 ADULTS. LIVE IN OR OUT. PLEASANT SURROUNDINGS. HE B-169X POSITIONS open for nurses. Aoe of drugs other nursing routines. Call Mr. Rchman, TE 56411, 10 Photo Finish ng Plfln 1 Needs experienced checkers, billers, printers. Apply A.M. onlv. Mercury Photo, 1030 L. B. Blvd. RECEPTIONIST Doctor's office. Experienced only. BEAUTY COLLEGE INSTRUCTOR Tuesday thru Saturday HARBOR BEAUTY COLLEGE 465 W. 7in, 'San Pedro TE M606 . Cocktail Waitress (2) HENRI'S WHIP Cor. Broadway Lime after 9 p.m. out. Excint. oav working con- · dltlons. 2 children, 10 16 yrs. GA 7-6281 care, par) lime, in exchange tor nice private aot. salary. Ph. ' GA 4-724S. · . ' PHONE SOLICITORS Hourly waoe + commission. No exoer. necessary. GA 3-7403, 9:30-3 DANCERS Fxner. pref. or will train Fo leach cna-cna, swing, etc. Top oav. DEL REV STUDIOS. TO 4-3110 WOMAN on Soc Sec. as comoanlon housekeeper. G^d home, small _waws. GE «-3«. EXP. "ifTnino room A cocktail wait. ress. Club Normsn, 10327 L. B. Blvd., Lvnwood, aller 2 p.m. Groc. Checkers. MS E. 7th. HE J.OM5. free plcmnl. S« ad Cl. .!!. EXP. Beaylv Operator. Compton ·res. Sal. + comm. NE 2-3470. H*lpW«it«4(W*m.) 24 * * GUARANTEED INCOME Nation*! organiiatlon. leader In Hi tleldf h»i opening for local woman of refinement. Experience In church social activity desirable. Pltesant, 'riivrvitind, full or part time work with no celling. Wt art looking for a dionlfied person to tilt « dignified pillion. For Personal Interview Call Mr. Er.blado GA 2-7350 dill Accepted Sat. S Sun. Reproduction Typist t mined late requirement lor we i auallllcd rcproduet on In our publications division, Must be capable ot hloh degree of accuracy in tvptne vellum and mulllllth masters. Rcaulrcs IsmlMrir'tv with engineering terminology. Pleaie Apply at Personnel Office Between 8:30 A.M. - 4 P.M. Daily LEACH CORP. 1MI5 Susana Road Comoton Telephone Solicitors 20 TO 35 YEARS OF AGE PART TIME, OUR OFFICE NO SELLING Make Appointments Only. TOP SALARY, PLUS COMMISSION. CALL MRS. WHITE AFTER 4 P.M. al GA 4-0981 lor Interview. Credit Clerk For Ladies Roady-to-Woar Store Good Starting Salary 5-Dav Week SPANISH SPEAKING HELPFUL APPLY LERNER SHOPS 501 Pine Ave. Long Beach Accountant -- Income Tax Expor. Bookkeeper -- Full Charge Allstate Blcpg. Income Tax 3007 E. Century Blvd. Half Way between Alamcdn Long Beach Blvd. NE 6-1015 WANTED 3 Well Groomed Women Pull, part lime for newly organized sales organization In this area. No door to door, collecting, delivery. Car necessary. For appointment, call GE 8-9241; week- F - I - S - C - H - E - R sEcfMBM.f!"? 1 ^TM,, MAIL CLK., typist, vng 5^00 SAVINGS-LOAN sectv S300 RECEPT.-TYPIST, post Drs.. S?50 Hi Pine, Room 603 HE 2-5927 MODELS 7 MODELS needed now for Local Fashion Shows. No Experience Nece^snry Briol Training Available Earn to 520 per hr. Full or part-time Call GA 6-1328 See Cl. 72 YOU NEED MONEY? Emmons Jewelry needs you. Full or part time. No deliveries or collections. Advance comm. paid. Exp. not necessary. We train vou Jo earn as you learn. Car essential. For Interview appl. call JE 7-:ail nr after 5 LE 9-31M. NATIONAL REPORTING AGENCY: Has an opening for young woman lo be trained as reviewer for Insurance Inspection reports, Previous cxperl-nco Life or Casualty underwriting work helpful. Ane 22-35. College background ore- tftrrrd. Call HE 7-04B1. STENO Part time. aDDroxInifllcly four hours A day. Good shorlhflnd tvplno required. Apply In ocrion. Sovonitrand Tackle Mfg. Co. 1207 EUCLID, LONG BEACH Hospital ADMITTING CLERK MUST BE EXPERIENCED Write olvlno lull pnrtlculars BOX A-232? INDEPEND., P.-T. Reg. Nurses a-ll-- Full Time Medical-Surgical Woodrull Community Hospital 3800 Woodrull HA l-g»l BEAUTY OPERATOR Experienced, 5 days wk. Guarantee + commission CHARLES BEAUTY SALON 5255 E. 2nd St. GE 3-47S4 ·GIRLS No exper. necessary. Part time work, 20 hrj. week. Si 00 week possible. Apply 9-)?, 1-4 delly. 1000 E. Artesla, L.B. RNs-- Calif. Eligible All shlfK. Part nr full tlmp. PARK HOSPITAL MASSEUSE 21-«. Willing to learn. Alpha Personnel Agency HOUSEKEEPERS Live In out. Good wages. Alpha Personnel Agency 21B E. 1st St. HE 7-0433 FR2E PLACEMENT lo good paying trades. See School Ad Under Class 22. 5525 Atlantic GA 2-1239 HOBOY-TIME PARTY demonstrators. Unlimited earnings Flexible hrs. No delivery or collecting. HA 9-5/74 or HA 9-fi23? R.N. OR GRADUATE GA 4-9525 child, SI 50 mo. Local rcl. required. GE 1-2407 WOMAN needed to care for work- Ing parents, family and home. FRY COOK Apply 1:30 p.m RAY'S RANGE, 1190 E. CARSON WOMEN 10-- In good health, ape IB to 60 to train for Prac. Nursing. Nurses Placement, Cl 22 GA 2-0303 ORDERS.' No exp. necessary. Call after 3 p.m. GA 2-2475. ELDERLY ladv lake care 3 small child. Free board rm. 3mn',\ wages. Call 6:30 p.m. HE 6-2803. each mo. share kitch. aparl- ment. 6114 Long Beach Blvd. MIDDLEAGED lady lor light housework In L. A. Help handicapped lady. Live ,n. HA 1-7320. EDITH Rehnborg Cosmetics otters unlimited oppor. Full or parl time. Call for aop't. HA 1-6933. BEAUTICIAN -- European, exp. In hair ventilating. No Calif. Ik. needed. HE 6-3176; GE 4-9584 eve FRY COOKS WAITRESSES EXP. ONLY-APPLY IN PERSON SUT'S HUT 2252 L. B. BLVD. HOUSEKEEPER-Care 2 boys 7W 5. Rossmoor addition. Must live in. GE 1-B503. NURSES-RN FOR SANATORIUM. Live In or out. Apply 527 W. Regent. Inglewood SALESWOMEN. Expor., full or P/T. Handbags, Costume Jewelry. LANE'S 223 PINE AVE. LADY 50 vrs. or over. Help In ouest home. Live In. Private rm. bd. Salary. HE 2-8097 REGISTERET Nurse-- Physician's office. Ph. HE 7-4S86 for Interview DESIRE dependable, housekeeper child cart. TOrrey 6-2A54. Small salary. UNIversltv fl-4420. EXPERIENCED WAITRESS OVbR 21. PIKE INN, 313 WEST PIKE. BIBLE SALESMEN. Car necessary. L. B. Price . J105 Pacific Avc. Help Wanted (Men) 26 MEN Public Relations Outdoor Work Wilt Train Drawing Account Against Commission If You Qualify Apply Monday From 10 to 2 P.M. ot 2415 Magnolia Avt,, LI. HtrpWoftt** M«) 24 H«lpW«ift4(MM) 24 SALESMAN'S DREAM Men interested in sales work. THIS is the opportunity you dream about. A company is entering a new field with millions behind it to assure your future. Promotions will bo fast for those who can qualify. DON'T BE A DREAMER AND MISS THIS Regard losi of what you Are telling or If you would like lo got tn o the telling field . . . INVESTIGATE You mini bft neat in appearance, Ambitious and own an automobilft. No knocking on doors. No collecting or route running. Free Appointment* Made for You Daily Your Earnings Should Be $150 Per Week -- Plus Additions and Bonuses Interviews in Person MOMDAY AND TUESDAY 9:30 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. P.M. to i P.M. and 7:30 P.M. Suite 1008 Heariwell Building 19 Pine Avenue, Long Beach Help Wanted (Men) 26 Sales Opportunity FOR Men AND Women FULL OR PART TIME Retire Young Learn now -- How to earn big money selling Rea Estate FREE R.E. COURSES NOW FORMING For Information Call GA 6-398 $15,000 PER YEAR We believe thai n young man can earn 115,000 Dcr vr, before ho reaches 35. We adnill thai onlv Ihe rnre Individual succeeds. We will in'roduce lo vou men who have reached this position. REQUIREMENTS: College 3 Years Residency Presently Employed Age 22 to 45 Demonstratable Success Potential II you quality, and your ambitions exceed your present clrcumstnnccs we tccl a discussion ol our 3-year sfllarv career program Is In order. We are prepared lo psychologically ascertain your capacity lor the Soles t-xecu ive position we have In mind. There will be 30 dnvs ol confidential Interviewing, test ng and Investigation before nny decision. This position will place extreme demands on your time, stamina, *nd Intelligence. However, we are satisfied that the physical and (manual reward* usllfy Ihe sacrifice. Ph. GA 4-0986 for appointment Double Your Income In I960 No More Tims Clocks WE Will Train You EXPENSES PAID ASK OUR MEN HOW YOU CAN EARN $ 5,000 Yr. Up 14 Years in LONG BEACH H ccitt nothing fo call GA 7-0989 wk. days MR. HINKLE Orano; County exocr. preferred. EARL K. LANE REALTOR 532 PINE HE ?-3975 wctk. No cxpcr. nee. Fuller Brush. Part time. 560 week. Mr. Frame, FR. 6-0X11. ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS VARIAN ASSOCIATES PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA PRESSER. Cleaner. Spotter. Exp. Harbor Cleaners Assn., 229? Long Beach Blvd., B am. to 12 only. IK'jULATION Installers wanted w-th C-2 contractor's license only. Mr Hatchet TO 7-98SO. WANTED experienced drug man. Salary open. Call TOrrey 7-2793 after 1 p. m. PART-TIME Sales eve. Sal W.25 hrlv. FULLER BRUSH. SERVICEMEN-- Part time, marrlccT, E4 above. Hard work, good BENCH oulslde TV radio man. Musi be experienced. TRANSMISSION Installer mechanic wanted. Must have own loo's. HE 2-33X2 9 a.m.-2 p.m. BE A PEACE OFFICER See c'ass. 29, Ihii paper. YOUNG man, expcr. stenooraohcr. Good typist with general ofc. ex- per. Call iwncr, TF 4-6430. MARRIED men. aoe 2b-40, car and Phone, can earn 1155 wcpkiv. u ler Brush Co. GA 7 CZ33 CANVASSERS HA 1-3218 WIREMEN, Ling Electronics 1515 S. Manchester. Anaheim. · · Dccjtcy, 900 L. B. Blvd. HE 4-9751 Help Wonted (Men) 26 MEN NEEDED FOR NEW TRAINING PROGRAM $450.00 Per Month lo Start Advance Rapidly to $275.00 Per Wk. FOR INTERVIEW CALL GA 7-9478 Monday Itfwxn f and 4 Help Wanted (Men) 24 IF YOU NEED $1,000 MO. OR MORE . . . THERE'S A BRILLIANT OPPORTUNITY W A I T I N G FOR YOU RIGHT NOW AT SALTA PONTIAC SELLING PRE-SOLD PROSPECTS ON THE SIZZLING '40 PONTIAC. HEAVY TELEVISION AND NEWSPAPER CAM PA1GN BREAKING NOW TO MAINTAIN TERRIFIC VOLUME OF SALES AT THIS LEADING PONTIAC DEALERSHIP OF THE WEST. LOTS OF EXTRAS. LIKE IN SURANCE PLAN, DEMONSTRA TOR CARS, PAID VACATIONS P L U S A F I V E F I G U R E BRACKET. NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NFFOED. CALL MANAGER MEL RAPTON AT ONCE. HE 7-41 II SALESMEN COME IN AT 1 1 A.M. SHARP-- MONDAY SEE OUR PRODUCT AND SALES PROGRAM SPEND THE DAY WITH US t. .TUESDAY YOU'LL START EARNING $200 PER WK. MORE 6954 LONG BEACH BL, L.B AVERAGE $1,000 PER MONTH... like many successful van movers driving lor Aero Mnvllower wllh year-round contract. Opportunlly fo mnko monsv while we train you. K you wan) to be nn Independent businessman, are over 23 years old, free to travel, own or can finance I9Sfl or newer tr/iclor, wrlfc or ph. Jack Adams, P.O. Box 107, Indianapolis « f Ind. MEIrose 7-2451, bxl. 313 (Indianapolis). Accounting Opportunity Individual between noes of 70 i 3C for national manufacturing con cern. College deorce or account Ing education preferred. Interested In applicant with good potcntla for advancement possibilities Good starting salary with merl rating program. Excellent em fllovc benefits. Send resume to Box A-3BX) clo Independent V SALESMEN WANT TO BUILD A FUTURE? Long Bbach Territory Open Wanting fo build a future selling suDpllcd lends. You can earn from $32 to 1160 a day on an oultand Ing securities -ssue -- We have a program which can prove to vou that In 3 to 5 years vou can be w.i.-th an additional $100,000. Rea til lie Insurance salesman lake no;r. Only high type men will bs considered. 5225 Wllshire Blvd., Room 520. WE 3-9119 SALESMAN APPLIANCES TVs IF YOU ARE experienced and cnn realiv sell, we have a real good opportunity for one mart. A deal with a live-wire organization with Ihe very best lines in the business. A discount store with an excellent 20-year reputation. If you are sincerely interestec an Interview will tic arranged. Write Box A-3608, 1, P-T TRAFFIC MANAGER Must have extensive experience br.c':oround In t.C.C. rcaulttlion, rr 1 - ng. rates Ireloht billing, M'fil have proven managr-nr il ab.llty In planning, organ i/.i.g and directing n /oium; ope r a flcn. Can HE 6-938-1, Mon for Loan Mgr. Trainee No experience necessary. Excellent future tor alert, quail f cd man, aoe 21-30. Car nee., ( ample car allowance). No selling. DIAL FINANCE CO. 1230 Compton Blvd., Compton. CHRISTIAN rria'n wantldTljf'elirrie opporlunllv-pcrmancnt or oarf- tlme. Experience Sunday School, ministry helnful. Enrn 5100 week. ly and UD. No competition. Box CR1DIT MAN-- Youno man, some experience preferred. Permanent. Excellent future. Annlv BOND CLOTHES Lnkcwood Center SJOO wk. We frain. Mr. Morrison, 1ES Maonolla. Mon.-Tues., 6-9 EASY to learn light work. (41 men over 35 Parl and full-time. Use own car. We help you start. S^fl E. Anaheim. to helo me In my business. AD- pty 1! o.m. to 1 :30 p.m. Mon- ELECTRONIC technician . S350-*SOO Production control clerk .. . 5350 COMPTON Employment Aoencv 719 S. Long Beach Blvd. NE M173 FREIGHT claims, exp, to 32.. $400 Accountant, degree, to 27 5400 uo Dorothy Stlrtlnp Agency HE 5-6.1S9 Helo Wanted (Men) 26 Route Salesman Established Retail Cotfee Route. Salary, Commission and Bonus. Hosfitaiiiatiftn, Retircmeni and Paid Vacations. High School Education, Married, Age 75-45, Huntingdon Park, and Los Angeles Territory. Jewel Tea Company Call. Mr. SM?n» GA 2 9302 -- 7 to » p.m. INDEPENOENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM-- D-3 Hffe Wwrttrf (Mm) U Opening ! "*AO! i mm of good 4pp«Aranc« and pliai- anf personality to «*· lilt mt in my insurance builnvi}. Dutiti ar* varied and inl0r«itmg with an unllmitad future. Inildi and outtidt reiponiibllitiot. Aga no barrlor If you ar* over 21. PERSONAL INTERVIEWS MONDAY TUESDAY betwaon 10 a.m. 12 noon Room 609 Heartwoll Blgd. 19 Pino Av«., Long Beach SALESMEN Opportunity lo earn uo to 55,000 per month selling land In CALIFORNIA CITY America's largest real estate development In growing Antelope Valley. * No real estate experience necessary. We will train you tor license. · We have many lends In Long Beach area. · Work oul of Hollywood olflcc. Just one phone coll lo: MISS HELEN K01ARSKI Sales Secretary HO 7-6S21 * V HARBOR EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 141 W.Ocoan HE2-8993 ACCT-oudlt scticd, mlsc tax-- gcnl. cost-- local .5500 up A/P clerk, oil exp S35Q up MAINT mech. cutting mill mnch, GIsholts, Bullord, etc. 5750 hr. ORDER clerk, hydraulic parls. cataloguing, car 5400 un A/C Inspector, some oxp..$2.25 hr \s SALESMEN NEEDED The greatest antes promotion campaign ever attempted In thl; area. Pay Day Evcrv Day. OUR men are making Irom 5150 to 5300 per wk, CASH IN NOW with top earnings-- Plus a real future n chance tor advancement. Our snles presentation Is simole dignified Is made onlv to those who renuost II, Qunlifled leads Issued dally. For further dclafls-sce BILL NOLTtNCi from 10 to 12 n.m, al 2372 Atlantic Avc. Long Beach Irom 10 lo 1? a.m. COST ACCOUNTANT Rapidly expanding organiiatlon Ir the Long Bench area Is In neet of a mature v-ung man, 28-05 who has hfld 2-4 venn exp. In cost accounting and some exp with Gov't contracts. This Is nn exceptional opportunity for the right mnn, Hitco Design Mfg. Co. 3301 E. 59lh SI., L.B. (Sub. Jl H. t. Thompson Fiber Glass Co.) SALESMEN EXPERIENCED IN SELLING Pallotf, iltldt, wood boxal, crates and lumber. Hunter Woodworks 1235 E. 223rd St., Torrance Accountant -- Income Tax Eitper. Boollteoper -- Full Charge Allitatc Bkpg. Income TAX 3002 E. Cenlurv Blvd. Halt Wnv between Alamedn 8. Long Bench Blvd. NE B-1015 JR. CIVIL ENGINEER (Salary W70-S565) City of Garden Grove College degree In civil engineering or equivalent. Excellent advance mcnl opportunities Complete bene fit program. Apoly PERSONNEL OFFICE 11391 Acacia JF. 7-^00 Construction. Sales Established builder of homes Income units needs 1 experienced salesmen. We will train you to make over J10M per mo. Infer views Mondav, Feb. 1, 10 a.m.-: p.m. 18371 Hunllnrjlon Beach Blvd (Highway 39), Huntlnglon Beach Metal Man PURMANEMT POSITION HARBOR CHEVROLET 741 E. ANAHEIM, LONG BEACH AUTO MECHANIC Imported cars. Capable of taking service manager's lob. GILLESPIE MOTORS 17056 Lakcwood Blvd., Bellflower ACCOUNTING OFFICER Civil Service oosltlon, starting salary $840 per mo. Complon Union High school district, 417 W. Alondra Blvd., Compton. INDEPENDENT Order of Foresters. Dignified lifetime position 75 lo 50. Married. Must be bondablc. No soliciting or Iravel. Retirement provided. Call for Interview: GE 8-1113 AIRLINES NEED Young men 17 lo 39. See our ad under 22. National School of Aeronautics, TRUCK SftRVICHMAN MUST BE ALL AROUND 10-ton type truck scrvireman AGGRESSIVE voung men to sell imported cars. All Co benefits. Apply in person to Ray Dramlell MARTIN'S RENAULT 107 S, Long Beach Blvd.. Complon SALESMAN-- Beauty suoolles. SSOO guaranteed experienced man or will train on salary 21% commission. Established route General Beauty Supply. 234 E. Brdwy. MEN to service established Watkins med. SM3 per hr 1095 E. Wardlow Rd. A.M.'s onlv ELECTRICIANS presently engaged In contracting. Opportunity to work with established contracting service. Write Box A-199. WANTED-2 bovs, 16-18. Part time altornoon evening work. ADP'V Mr. Kelly, Tic Toe OrlvMn, 4170 1 flVev/r-iri Blvd. M7S WO SALARY -Publ'f Rc'aHfn* men aoe 71 45 WUlina lo travel Anolv Mf Daughertv, MW Cerrl tos, 17 lo 3, Tues thru Thurs POSITIONS open lor male nurses. Musf have knowledge of drugs fc Rehman, TE 5 6611, 10 a. m.-4 p.m. Sales closers. Ask for Mr. Hann, 9443 E. Artesia. Bellflower SALESMAN -- Upholst, drapery sales. Full or part lime. TO 7-9860 Help Wonted (Men) 26 Htlp W M »td (MM) 2t SALESMAN BAKERY'ROUTE $77 week WHILE LEARNING EARNINGS CAN EXCEED $100 WEEK! Many Made More! OPPORTUNITY TO GET IN BUSINESS FOR YOURSELFI YEAR AROUND EMPLOYMENT NO LAYOFFS Paid vacations Paid comptoie medical Hostmalliatfon tor vou and vour family plus weeklv compensation when sick. WE TRAIN YOU-NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY Great opportunity tor growth and promotion Aoe preference 25 lo 40 married, with children. Opportunity to loin friendly, orowlnp oroanlzallon. PETER WHtAT BAKERY 2600 E. 17TH ST. LONG BEACH or Phone GE 9-3411 MANAGER TRAINEE Due to our expansion program* we will select four men who would like to make their future In tht Retail Store Management field. W« offer a thorough training) course whkh Includes In the store classroom training periods. In addition to an excellent sal* arv while In training, our management employee benefits In* I* PROFIT SHARING \* RETIREMENT PLAN \s GROUP INSURANCE (for 10 If and family) Rclnll soles experience required, floe 37-3fi. All replies strlcllv confidential. Send Qualifications to Sterling Pros In, sales mor., WESTERN AUTO P.O. BOX 5B37X, VERNON BRANCH L.A. si Telephone Solicitors Top Commission Daily Advance Steady Work APPLY IN PERSON 302 E. ANAHEIM, RM. 2 Homo Workers With private phonos also needed FREE REAL ESTATE SCHOOL Part or Full Time Wa will (rain you placi) you in talcs petition to «arn $20,000 YR. UP Our provon rotultf will hfllp you gat ifarfed immediately. Find oul HOW MUCH you CAN tARN parl lime or full time in Real Eitale. Join Ihe MOST Successlul Olc. Licensed SalKnennle ft Broken WELCOME CALL HE 5-8383 * MEN £ End vour lob hunting; worries forever! Take the TPl Abilities Test at no cost lo you wakocver. It vou Dfll-; the test, TPl wll Irnln vou at home lor earnings comparable to those onrned by lawyers find doctors. You wll he classified -fls a Professional Technical Wrller. Phone for your FREE Test NOWI High Schoo diploma Is NOT required. HEmlock 6-9281 TECHNICAL PUBLICATIONS INSTITUTE OF LONG BEACH OCEAN CENTER BUILDING ROOM 312 110 W. OCEAN LONG BEACH 1, CALIFORNIA JOB HUNTERS WOULD YOU LIKE TO EARN $l5,000-$30,000yr? EXPENSES PAID PLENTY OF OPPORTUNITY FOR ADVANCEMENT CALL HAROLD LIPPARD FOR APPT, HE 7-0541 ^ SALESMAN fy Im mediate opportunity for capable salesman to earn $125 to $150 per wlc, to start. S o i l i n g a demand product by appointment for a good company. CALL HE 6-7230 FOR DETAILS 9 TO 12 NOON DAILY Production Manager Product spct.a'l ration not essential. However aoDllcnnt must have training ano experience In production control, duality, shop lav* out, sche^ulin.. personnel supervision. Position offers abovs avernge opening salary with unlimited opportunity. Age preference 30 to 4Q. Call HE 5-9525 Mondav for appointment. M;:N $150 - $185 PR. WK. While training plus bonus. SIS.nM to 525.000 pr. year. Have (5) managerial positions open. Raplc promotion. Apply dally 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Not Sal. Sunday. X27 AIRLINES Stewards, Interesting ground lobs, now accenting limited number for training placement, day or evening. Long Beach Business College 4M L. B. Blvd. Cl. Yl HE 6-4261 AMAZING discovery. Master Glaie, puts brilliant olasvlike surface on cars. Free sample. Information, Dcot. 927, 7720 Harwood, Milwaukee, WIs. sales of General Tires by area's oldest distributor. Salary* comm. bonus. Contact Leo Salisbury at HE 6-9631. UPHOLSTERER . Knox Richardson HE 5-B2iT HelD Wanted (Men) 26 WANTED CONTACT SALESMEN MUST HAVE OWN CAR EARNINGS TO $700 A WEEK CALL TE 5-8365 ASK FOR TOM

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