Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1969 · Page 37
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 37

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1969
Page 37
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WASHINGTON -- The Montrose Chemical Co. of Torrance Thursday was awarded an $8-million Contract for DDT contract by the General Services Administration for the production of DDT. DOOLEY Special! ·Hhrtpmnt MULTI.CYCLI AUTOMATIC WASHER Features oil porcelain inside and out. 138 Free delivery, normal installation, 1-year parts and labor guarantee, S-year parts guarantee on transmission. DOOLEY'S Hardware Mart 5075 tONC BEACH BlVD - N O R T H LONG B E A C H U.S. Funds to Fight ~ Crime OKd An agreement under which the city will receive SG.OOO in federal funds to buy special law-enforcement equips-.--?!'.! h..s (Vert authorized by :hp Ciiy Council. !he l i l y , ir, t u r n , is required to put up Sl-.OflO in matching funds under the program, which is authorized by the federal Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 196S. The agreement actually will be with the California Council on Criminal Justice, which is the state agency responsible for disbursement of funds to local governments. HOW TO SUCCEED IN THE HOME IMPROVEMENT BUSINESS! Advertise in Classified. For action dial HE 2-5959 now! TEXACO OFFERS *5,000 REWARD During the night of February 13, presently unknown person or persons illegally entered Texaco's Los Angeles Plant at Wilmington, California, opened a valve, started 4 gasoline pumps and started a fire under a truck loading rack. At about the same time a valve was opened illegally on a storage tank permitting approximately 5,600 gallons of Diesel Fuel to spill on to the ground. Texaco is determined to do everything possible to discover the person or persons who planned and executed these criminal and malicious acts. For the next 30 day period ending March 17, 1969, Texaco is offering rewards totaling $5,000 for information which, in the Company's opinion, leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible forthese acts. Please communicate any information pertaining to our investigation to the off ice of D. N.Grahom, Manager of Texaco'j Los Angeles Plant, at Area Code 213-TE 5-8261. L«»I «.«(, e.!ii.. MO.Y. rrt. 11. w« INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM |PM)--C-9 L.B. Air Rental Firm Gets Compton Airport Rent OK Western Skyways Air- acquired Ben-Air Aviation. T!ie rvn:.i! jrri!i;jcr;v:r;. t h e p r r j - n t f o u r planes it cult Rental Corp of Long which u\,s uperaiinj; ai £· appiovc-d hy ih:- s..pcr- ::-.,ii:;tjir.? ;u Compton as FiCuch has won ,\ppro\.i! she Cor.-.pii". ;;cUS. '.v'-c;.- \i-,;;. u:\,.,,:-, :!..,; -.:.,·· -,. v ,; : .,- f . n j i a i t i u r e a \ a i i - fivm the Bojid of Siipc:- n h.:d a pil"l t r a i n i n s and :'::::i w i l l r.. s v t l - , v s : - \ i;\t- ;h/-.f. T h e new lease \isors for ;i i-.icir.'h-:-.' airi-raf: :e::'! tni.-ir.c-.. ·!."· p...- SJ.'i :··: ·:· i. !i .1;: . · . · . ; . - ;.'::ip«rarv ol'fi! ··- inonih Ics^e of t'.u-iliiit-i \: \Ve;c:n yii\w:;i p!;t:-o i-.t-cri a: C.r::p;v. .1 ..i iv.:k!:.;: .-.pute. unv.l Conipton Airpnrt. "i:!:n'.:" '" p:0v:i'.f ' h c o c\::.:\-.inv o!':'iv.ii!-, - i : . i :: ·:· ";-.\. .iijcrc.vvodl'ir!''? The iCiRpany ;i-iCi.:!y v-i vs i'M :;\cv :;".c A : - i . :;· :··.!·,!· ,:c ii'.i'.j!!?,! Col. Alfred Lawrence Purple Heart Order Will Honor Vets Vietnam veterans from the U.S. Navy and Veterans Administration hospitals will be honored when the Long Beach chapter of j the Military Order of the Purple Heart holds a special Washington's Birthday observance Saturday. The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. at Moose Hall. 1200 Atlantic Ave. 'I he organization will honor :he r.iemory of [lie nation's first president who also created the P u s pit- Heart award. Geori'.e Rolx-S'..-n. Independent. Press-Telegiam columnist, will be guest speaker for the affair. Guests will include Col. Alfred Lawrence, commander of the California department; Clifford Parmenter, A m e r i c a n i s m chairman, and Col. Walter Bowman, past national commander. Members of the auxiliary also will attend the meet . Santa Ana Selects JNcw City Clc-rk Mrs. l-'loninrf.' !. Malone. ·15, now w i l l ) I he diy clerk's staff at Ui Puente, will become Santa Ana city clerk on March 10. She was chosen from a field of · 49 candidates. Mayor Tom McMichaels said Mrs. Malone will draw a salary of $960 a month. product demonstration at DUDLEY'S by Assistant to Ann McGregor, Amana Home Economist SATURDAY, FEB. 22nd from 10 to 5 The indoor-outdoor miracle worker. Cooks hors d'oeuvres in seconds. A 5 Ib. roast in 37 minutes. A baked potato in 4 minutes. The amazing Amonci Rodorange Microwave Oven cooks with microwave energy. Faster and cleaner than gas or electricity ever could. What's more, it's portable. So if you're having a cookout, j u s t 'wheel Radarange to the patio and plug it in. ana TOUR fl UNIVERSAL / STUDIOS SPECIALS FOR THE WEEKEND FREE TICKETS GIVEN AWAY TO UNIVERSAL STUDIO TOURS-JUST LOOK FOR YOUR NAME ON THIS PAGE PICK UP YOUR TICKETS AT THE I,P-T CASHIER'S OFFICE Hotel Type Mattress Box Spring $ 59 ' Heavy gortige coils r;ica woven tic'dnj vcrdcal stitch border. Fuli or twin sns. H-.:::y on thera. They won't las!! East Terms · Free Parting 2 Free Universal Tour Ticteis for Bobbie Lackey, Beilflov/er, at Cashier's Desk oi LP-T Long Beach Furniture Slh long Beach Blvd.-Phone 136-7231 (Open Eves. Till 9. Closed Sun.) Set Reg. S79.95 Yal. Selling Out!! To the Bare Walls!! · 14 PC. KING SIZE SLEEP SET S249 "5 ................. NOW S! 45.83 ·4FC.TCTNSCT .................. ... .569.95 QUEEN SEE HEADBOARDS Regular £29.95... S9.95 National Brands Too Low to Price Bunk Beds $49 95 Reg. $93.35 (FreeCeUvery) 1040 Long Beach Blvd. I.B.-435-5203 DRAPERY DRY CLEANING "Wo Cannot Tell a Lie. An Honest Special" ANY DRAPES BROUGHT IN FEB. 21. 22, 23 · PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED Any Length · EXPERTLY PRESSED | 0 98" For · BEAUTIFULLY FAN FOLDED Unlined Panol Cal Cleaners Laundry 4 ^TM^ 2628 E. Carson at Paramount In Ca! Store Shopping Center. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Mon.-Fri. 7:30 to 8 P.M.. Sat. 7:30 to 6, Sun. 10 to 5 Adders, Typewriters: Price War! A^OE: -. -A. c:. cc!.(cc;i£iS5):;24.£:?. sPFrisr ·vv/c: ciscnc typewriters (re-}. S225!: SC2. m** EXEC, elect. typewr.'. (silk/carbon ribtor.i): S57, S 1 ^\ !-dudo BOWS: FREE FLASH CAMERAS! I l l Wanucls and Portables: S1C-J4D. I \f ALL GUARANTEED! Char;;a i-| T:ai.-;:: c'c. to - Expert Eepaiis a'. LOWEST PRICES! CLEA;I + oa, + NEW RIBBON: «. Ldyav.-ciy-EankAmorii'ard-!. '·-·"·::: Ch-: ···* Mr. Typewriter 705 Long Beach Blvd. · 432-0238 · 9:30-4:30. or Thurs. 7-9 Carpets Dyed Wall-towail . . . ' · professionally 4yeti by the experienced recognized dye experts of Long Esachl · Colorfasl exciting nev: colors · Free Estimates Cal HiJ 7--S69 SOT* Carpels look HU Rug Upholstery Cleaners 1740 W. Cowl« St.. L.B. Removal Sale Sofa Beds! Moving to a larger store. Our entire slock oi K'dfra-Beds by Simmons. All sizes ... from a chair bed to a king size. Over ICO models to REDUCED choose fiorn in fina fabrics, Naugahydes Ver- NEAR Pe:!ect {or any room in your hems f ACTI Hurry while they lasi! COST! :," 7, Cred:! or BankAine:;ca:d Sleep Shoppe 5th fc Long Btach Blvd.-Phon. HE 7-3037 Special Dressmaking Course! For cr Ac-.: 1 .'.:: · Complete or i2v. T ee£CDu:.:---. pe'rsonc! iristrjction on Ee-.vir:CT nia=hine wcriirig tools, r.eed^e-c. thread, iabiico, b'ietch nbrics, p jtlerr. u-ryout cu'.i:!.g, figure ar-clys::: i: tirti::ep:ob!i;:r.;wr.enEO-.vLn3 !o: f.ti^rs. N:^:ri.-',g k evening c]az:-f.-r. Ve:y :ecs. rc'.er. Call "Sa.T.rrj" VL'-'f' Pfaff Sewing Center 727 Pine Ave., Long Beach Downtown LeO TH tO $BW fof Thdf Prof CS- S ! 0 H Q I Carpets Dyed In Your Home · N^a-i-rsold car;:e:j; Icokl:« new! · Cove-is cU EtcL-u, cclo:: - =: ciyc". Any v:oo!, nylcn, co" -,:i or Viscose carpetinc;. Fully :r..^j. rc H! · Liuaran'.ed v;ork. Our process c'.zzr.*, ar, v.-e aye. Fr-i-e es'.irr.ate.-. Term 1 : crv^.!. Allbrite Carpet Dyers Phone 547-1544 Days or Eves. (Toll from L.B.) Example SOO40 ; 32 9xl2Carpet Any Color Income Tax Special! MARRIED COUPLE; with Wages Deductions SINGLE PERSONS with Wages De.uuchor.3 S. D £CiAL$i0.niJFtS HLE NOW FOR EARLY RETURNS Fcr Appoint. Call GA 8-5427 Married Couplee 50 S. Pnidhom-Ainsworth S043 Atlantic, (Directly across from Lucky Market) Special Fee withthll Coupon Color TV Servicing! OUR SERVICES INCLUDES . . $ 12 . . . . .. Adjust \Vhite Balance * Adiust StaUc Convergence ti.~ii;s Color in Eiack arid V.'hiie) · Spray Clean Tuner. ..AdjustFarity Color TV Keep ThisNumber-Call 439-2590 S«rvic« All work dona by factory authorized service personnel The Estern Strvice Co. "Not affiliated with th« Estto Co." 1220 Obispo, Belmont Shopping C«nt«r 50 Furniture Storewide Clearance! and Tf-i6v:t;cr. £«;s Ecs-/ Credit T^rrr.r. Free Perking Open Eve«. 'til 9. Closed Sundays. 2 Free Ticltets to Universal Studio; hr Kary Magiione ot Cashier's Desk, IP-T Long Beach Furniture 6th St Long Btach Blvd.-Phons 436-7231 Up to 50% Off Upholsterers Clearance Sale! 0.-4r.-^p:. M o:S::« P e:ya:4 | £LW i. ew.;i recover or.-lebLiid your 2-pc.3st:n your choi« of thesa fabrics v/hile the/ 1=^:1 2-Pc. Sol Easy terms. Free pick-up cr.d deliver/. Labor k io years experience. Fabrics - Imperial InteriOrS (CustomMadaFuraiture) 242E. 7th St. Long Beach.Phone 435-6277-Nite 435-3176 Businessmen-Here's Your Best Buy!! INCREASE SALES PROFITS E ?S'?i^i:. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ";!::. PROVEN ADVERTISING MEDIA. Best at Prices FOR MOREiNi'ORMATiOi; CALL ANN NAGER, HE! b-1161. ECT. 'J4o Indtpmdent, Press-Telegram ; . 104 Pin* Are., Long B»ach February Savings on Upholstery, Carpets Drapes... · Ciodit Tornis · Ba;ihAr.'.eri:v::a !':-·= Estimarcs, P.r.:-..:p i .;ve! : 2 FiBe Tu:r i.ct«:i :or :ia:.-y B. D- Towers Upholstering Singer Trade-In Sewing Machines! Trade-ins as low 03 $ 19 95 Singer Sewing Machine Ctr. 309 Phit, Downtown Long B«ach Carpets Dyed ory Cloan«f 1740 W. Cowlei SU Long B»och Sav* Carpets look liV.

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