Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 1
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FEATUKKS IiNDKX * Classified \ Editorial C-5 r-i D-fi B-7 iv Markets Radio-TV Shipping Women . .... l)-7 IWJ C-I ...C-2, -1 Independent The SonlhlamVs M Finest Morning Newspaper Phone HE 5-1161 -- Clottified No. HE 2.595? 60 PAGES LONG BEACH 12. CALIFORNIA. FRIDAY. MARCH 30. 176? VOL. 24 -- N O . I3 WEATIIKK Considerable cloudlnrsi thli morning and tonight, tunny afternoon. Slightly warmer, hlph 63. Complete weather. Page A-U. HOME EDITION-- " Peronist Bus Drivers f\s.t m · I Uilicials Banned JFK Gains Big Victory (Jtiido in Argentine 1'rcMilriiry Aflrr , I'ltMljic to .Military Slate Strike Here Monday a§ HoUSC OKg Tax : Employes of the Lons Beach Motor Hus Co., members of the Transportation Workers Union, rejected a BUENOS AIRES, Friday. C0 mpany offer by a 3-to-l vote Thursday ni;ht and (UPI) --An announcement by j mmc ,ij a t c |y scheduled a strike for Monday unless "an house early today said Scr- atc President Jose M. Guiiln has been accepted ty the armed forces as prn.-.sinnal president. He replaces President Arturo Frnndiri who wns arrested and exiled ty thci j i Demos June Ballot on Bonds military Thursday. Reliable quarters said mil: tary approval was given to thc 51-year-old Guido j!lcr he signed a^vrittcn^agrrcmcn'/By JOHN MORGANTIIALER s ^'c e 'n" e} '7 Tninspor'tatio'nj SACRAMENTO OH--In the Union business representative,; contract extcn-, sion between the bus company and union expires midnight! Sunday. i A special meeting for the' 217 members of Division 1277 of T. W. U. will be held in the Ijbor Temple at 2 a.m. Monday to vote on any new offer. If there is none, strike instructions will he given, II. V. a p e d , o cl'w Pcronism and all political ac-Ualcst of a Browing maze of tivitics by followers of ex political maneuvers, majority: ^jj. COMPANY offer was dictator Juan D. Pcron. Democrats proposed Thursday for a ic-ccnt-an-hour. across- Thc official announcement^,, p u , a n but $100 million of ,the-hoard w-age increase. Man- nf m i l i t a r y approval was Gm . Btown - s $520 million agcmcnt. in making the offer, brief. It also s t a t e d th?t' ; , . -.. Hhelerl it "final" ! Guido. who was .sworn in.o.^J P^ramon the June Sth'^^fma,^ ^ ^ office late Thursday. w.!l primary election ballot. ' d i ( j ( m , o , hc pay jncrcase- j formally assume p o w e r at- Republicans say all should frin! , c benefits which include! noon today. he on the November ballot, another holiday, a chance inj * 'when Drown will be seeking vacation time olf and a pen- NEWS OF HIS acceptance te . t .| lx . |i()n . Ti, cy argue si"" Ui.mgc. I hy the armed forces cime as| more vo|crs , mn cut in No . military chiefs met with himj v c m b c r j and , hey shou!d hc m the presidential suite o!: a i|, mc( i to sec the whole thc Casa R n s a d a . Defcns? Minister RodoHo M irtinc: also was present. Reli.ihle q u a r t e r s « l i d thc a g r e e m e n t which Guide, signed also specified Ihat he will leave military governor* in power in f i v e province which were "intervened" following surprise Peronist election victories on March 18. Thc military governors sup- phntcd the civil governors packase at once. The Democratic- controlled Ways ami Means Committee amended the $250 mili'r.nCal- Vet bund issue to mo.e it In the June ballot. The Democrats also want a J2YO million state constrtictiep issur and a $200 million school h|)USC bond proposal on the early j\Iullicr Sees Car K i l l Girl in Whillirr Drive COPY Only One' ea Vole Cast W A S H I N G T O N ( U P I ) -President Kennedy won a sur-. prismgly raw legislative victory Thursd iv when the House, 'heeded his i l t h - h o u r and passed the administration's tax-revision hill despite. I t h c iippnsition nf nil hut nn! JGOP congressman and mist business groups. 1 'I lie hill, also opposed hy all m.ijor groups, was ap- proveil after the House defeated by a bigger margin 'than anticipated a Kepuhlican 'move to rut the heart ovit of :the hill. T h e President had 'iir.'^n'ly np["'|.v| for "ippnrt less than six hours earlier. A Whitticr girl was killed Thursday night in a driveway as her horrified mother was about to tall her into the I'IU:.SU)I-:.\T Ki:NNHI)Y SITS beside his wife leaving Washington. D.C.. airport where lie welcomed her home from her frmi-ofiirial visit to India. Pakistan and London. Presidential car is headed for the White House. billot "^ m "'' ""'' Eightecn-month-oldPatricia 'That would leave only $2rfl' Ann Cor P ll ' ld "'andcrcd out and t h e i r continuance in million in bonds on the N c - o f the house to play. Her power means that the five vcmber ballol -- $100 million,mother, Anna Marie Corp. winning Peronist guhernato-'for park acquisition T.kcd by! 0 p cm ,j (nc f r o n t doo r (,, call ri-1 candidates arc blocked «"«'"· and S' 00 mi " io » f ,-"' from taking office. jlow-rcnt housing for the eld- . . . erly voted by thc 19C1 legts- THE A G R E E M E N T ap- Jaturc. The park^ issue ^"^^ reared to end thc narinr.'s 12- h een amended to SI.10 million. . day-old political crisis. n the Senate, but Brown IMS _ ' Basically at doubt earlier so far not e n d o r s e d -I' 1 nrd j. Sinclair. 52. was Guido's a t t i t u d e toward Change. '_ .;--. '_ the Pcronists, whom the mil;-, . . . . tary chiefs arc determined to' ASSEMBLY M a j n r i I y j keep from regaining power. L e a d e r Jerome Wi'die rl' * · · · .Antioch said putting $720| MEANWHILE, F r o n d i *:i,!million In bonds on the Jure, who was flown to detention ballot would meet one Itepub- on M a r t i n Garcia Is'anii. sen! lican argument -- lh» vr'.erv Set Torrance School Afire JFK While Drunk, Boys Confess *""?. Ijlll ' ^ J al Airport _ ( _ _ _ Two 15-year-old hoys Thms-'and w-riting swear words on:the field to sleep. They saiil 1 her just as thc child was day admitted they started a;ihe walls, .smashing windows.llhcy were awakened hy fire struck by a sedan backing f' rc which caused more than scattering books and papers engines, and watched firemen (C'fnlinurd Pace A - J . Col. 5) (Continued Pace A 1. Col. l i is I lie, N nt ion 4 Killed in Boiler Explosion ORKKNSnOUO, N. C. (UPI) -- A foundry boiler exploded with rarth-sliaking force here Thursday, killing four men and injuring 11. The boiler had undergone a safety check iust 10 minutes before the explosion. The Mist was at the brick and pipe works of Pomona Terra Cotta Co. About 200 men were working in the. plant at the time. Windows two miles distant were shattered hy the blast and railroad cars parked on a siding were split and upended. A 170-foot smokestack, damaged hy the blast, was destroyed hy dynamite to keep it from toppling on rescuers. The explosion was the second in Circcnsboro Thursday. A gas rmin blast in another section earlier forced evacuation of 50 home 1 ;. /','VY; Agrccincnl PITTSBURGH (UPI) -- A series of weekend meetings of top policy makers of the United Stcclworkcrs Union loomed Thursday as one of the final steps in concluding a "non-inflationary" lalmr contrail in the basic steel industry. President Kennedy told his news conference in Washington he was hopeful of nn agreement within the next few diys. CiHilrncl Amirtlwl HOUSTON (/I 1 *--The first contract for construction wnik on the $90 million spacecraft center here was awarded Thursday to Idaho and California contractors. T'C $3.(i7.'!.000 contract w-as awarded 'o the Morrison-Knudson ConMnic- t'on Co., Doi«e, Idiho. and Paul Ihrde- man Inc., Ktanton, Calif. Cahhws Slrilif. CHICAGO (UPI) -- T.i\icab d r u r r s ftnick againn Chicago's two largest c.ih companies Thursday night and he- pulling cabs r.ff the streets of Hie mtinn's s?cond largest city. · Milliinwirv Arrcslcil PECOS. Texas (UPI) -- F B I agents Thursday night arrested Billie Sol Estcs. millionaire Pccos rancher and businessman once named as one of the nation's 10 outstanding young men. and accused him of conspiracy involving lorped mortgages. The FDI charged three nf Esles' associates with the same offense. They arc Coleman McSpadden of Hereford, Tex., and Harold Orr and Raul Alexander of Amarillo, Tex. F.stcs was arraigned before U. S. commissioner Richard Toll, who set $.100.000 bond. Bond of $2'0,000 each was set for McSpadden, Orr and Alexander. The specific charge was conspiracy to interstate transportation of an altered, foig"d or falsely m.nlr- chitlel mortgage from Texas to I.os Angeles. ON THE KEY vole against the Republican motion, t h n House upheld the President by :i" voles, about .10 morn t h i n Democratic leaders said they a n t i c i p i t e d . T h e Lilly 22."i to 100. with Demo- c r a t s supplving all of the cans and 27 Democrats. ; With Ihat, the House passed i l h e bill 21!) to 190 and sent it to thc Senate where it faced still further efforts to r e v i s e the measure. In the vote on (mil passage WASHINGTON (UPI) -- ,,,,, administration f i n a l l y Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy flew ..:,.!;,,.i ,.., vinnoit from one $100,000 damage to a Tor-and flooding offices. Then fight the fire for a time, then ))nn , p T|,,, r « ( |.,y n j ; .|,( t,, the I. , i"; | _ |;',, Richard II and the child's «"« elementary school early they began igniting piles of went home. waiting arms nf her husband p,'|f" v.i Poff joined 2I? led licr fiiiin being Tuerday. paP". they raid. p,,licc .searched through a . i f u i ; , t h i . v - w « \ »*\ will |),. m ', )( - r ,',', m support of the thc motorist, Leon- The boys, identified through They broke into four of the |,* t ,,f possible suspects lmlr she described as the |,,n Vcitmg against it were bloody fingerprints, told po- school's five wings. j n an intensive 30-hour invcs- 'most fascinating experience |i;2 Republicans and .14 Dem- lice they were drunk when . . . . tigation which was climaxed jm:i"tnahlc" writs they broke into Carl Steele FINALLY they grabbed the W|)h ·,,,,,, of , nc ^, } ^ n(( j. |£ rs j ( | rn i Krnm()y w , s ' . . . . Elementary School at in.'iOO blankets from the nurse's of- rcr ,, sa j ( | ,(, c hoys were coop- waititf; at Washington Na- mr PRESIDENT delivered Inglcwood Avc. They said (ice and staggered back into f r a t i v r ' ^ Airport when the First |, K a pp M | f", r the measure at · · · · Lady landed here aboard the Ins news conference while LT. GUS HETHWLSCH of family plane, the Caroline. White- House aides were on the Torrance Police Juvenile after a flight ftom New York. Capitol Hill rallying support Bureau said the*bloody finger- They lelt immediately for the for the legislation, prints at the scene indicated White Hnur w h e r e their He Mid Republicans were that one of the arsonists had children. Caroline and John t r y i n g to kill it by knocking cut his l i i t l e finger. Jr.. waited. out sections to give $1 hillinn Two teams of detectives "Ibis has been the most in tax relief to business and and arson investigators be- fascinating cxpcitcn.r mug-t.i imp...r wit,,l...,dinc taxe-; instaking search for '"able." the First Lady said on income from interest and 7,1 a youth with Ilia? kind of an while en route hy commercial dividends. ,-._ . ini.irv \Vlim imp u-is fimml jet from London In New York Thc President said the prn- night. Early Tuesday morn- Thursday and sought seclu- "·)" «hen one w a s found concession for busting. they said. Ihey decided MOP. amid reports that both and put under i n t e n s i v e ques- -..'Her mJruMla-,. _ I ^ { .^ tn go into the school to steal his marriage and his health .i.ming. he .-idrnittc, bcingonc url . c o m p e , e with foreign com- blankets from the nurse's were broken. » the vandals and Inn irn- · |(M . am| W(M| , ( , AmcrU office to keep warm. . Screen slar_,betl, Tay- P 1 ;TM 1 "^ P'"" 1 "- '·'· H r l h ' "^ ^i"^^^"^^vvith --'n companies a "valuable out my husband." she added, opportunity" to "I I, .1 « m i i i . . l ml f - i m i l t r a n i l for C ' l l l i ' g e , i n d I I of another four-' I i c personality of my own. SECRETARY .of eliminates fitness reports for Navy officer-wife teams. P.ize A-5. Ithey drank a bottle of brandy Navy land several bottles of beer. They are in juvenile hall pending a decision in juvenile court as to whether they will be processed as juveniles or turned over to criminal courts for trial as adults. THE BOYS and drank in said they sat a field across Liz Calls, Ducks Talk WilhEflclic NEW YORK i-D -- Singer I from the school M o n d a y Eddie Fisher left a bos; . Thursday and sought of the vandals and then im- " it Screen star Elizabeth Tay- plicated his partner. I.t. Relh- "·· llir; ' 1 fllr n 'e ·» When Ihey got into the lor telephoned from Rome to wisch said. school bv breaking a window, ask about her husband's con- . . . . ..,,...,, m ,., r ,| mv , , m i i v , m i mr the bovs" snd they staggered - lilion . '"it talked to his doc- A KINDERGARTEN unit. ' l m o ""'' . m . y , M drunkenlv'around hurling ink tor and not to him. valued at $10.000. and one ' ''······ n " l "" c '" 1)e ·' P 1 "" " ' Published ie|orts thai Fish- classroom ,-ide johl It school T |,r. REPUBLICANS fv Governor Rips GOP Birch ers er entered Gracic Square Hos- room unit were completely. Mrs. Kennedy said the peo- vnro d .-, f n r r n of rejicf more pital Monday suffering from destroyed, firemen said. P le ^ mct '" I'-'kislan an.l in keepmg with the desires ' ,,, ", ho ., nervous 'breakdown were n on-ston lnvcMi . ' denied hy various nf his ,, atlon u . hicn lf . () , 0 t h c twn spokesmen. suspects Capt. Frank Tutllc Nevertheless. Fisher's man- nf , h( , Torran( c r i r p D epart- iger. Milton Blackstone, re- mcnt . s arsnn 5qlli1( , was fused requests from newsmen to interview I I'her. (Continued Page A--J, Col . fi) By BOB IIOUSER MUHIO LAID OFF /A' ir/i/i/v' (iov. Edmund G. Brown resumed megaton testing in the air over Richard M. Nixnn Thursday night in the Hollywood Palladium at a $100.a- plate Icstimnnial--a Nixmi ,who would "double park out- 'side the State Capitol while he checks the road map to Washington." · Brown told Doudas Jollccl hy War's End (Third of a Series) By (iEOHGF. C. I LOWERS Donald \V. Douglas' DC-4 WMS strictly a war baby. Regarded hy many as the fmrsi transport plane ever c a p a c i t y bm |, ,, Wi| , o n v ( ,i f t c at (nc las India were kind to her. of thc business community. She said t h i s was 'because GOP congressmen said most I was t h e wife of the Prcsi- businessmen would r a t h e r dent, so the people were have no relief t h i s year t h a n showing t h e i r affection for tlm kind provided in thc Keji- him and he should have been nedy incentive formula, t h e r e to receive n." Some; j u b i l a n t Democrat* termed the lax vote the biggest l e g i s l a t i v e v i c t o r y M i n e d hy the President sirce l-e !!Cc e . d r d by f i v e votes in ii'.;s!- inr. a conservative c n . i l i t on f - n m r i n t r n l of th" I' g i - l . i t i v c .n at t h r k t r a t m n audience that Nivnn's ,, .he rnf ,- n f\Vor!,l War IL Douglas »h"rk "' hi* ma- b i i ' r v "f the H» n'li*.*! of h - s admi 5, was p r e p a r i n g plans for the Agiin, Douglas was dis- ] ( ,,,,,,,,], s .,;.,, DC-fi. a h i g h - f l y i n g t r a n s p o r t sitisded. In Ifi""! D'.u;!.is - | | - . e - | ' i . - » i d - n t , w i - Ihat would carry no passen- unveiled the DC-7, an elnn- p ra | r d to i l l » - gers at 300 miles an hnnr. gated pcncil-in-thc-sky t h a t ( l t . ( ] i r . l t n j ,,, X p : l . . . . . 'carried SO passengers in l u x - ,. 1X burdens f r r l y . " BUT ON V-J DAY, IV,i:g- llr '. i n pressure-sealed c i h m s says, he got the worst at altitudes t h e r e l o f n r c , c o n - ( C o n t i n u e d I'l." A · i i I; id .ip- irres.-rcn ,,d,ng t h a · w.n his 7. C.M. l l voice of negativism in the ·state npd disunity 10 the na- buil , I.2-S2 nf them, and the A Western rr.e--.srn- ...... was taken out of com- per handed him a telegram : tion and that both Nixnn and mj ,, inn in | %) that canceled all of his pov- The first -- a triple-tailed ernmcnt contracts. Within one rototype--was so'd to the week, he laid off 00.000 n-en 1 Japanese government. Its test and women. GOP running mate Joseph C. Shell "wittingly or unwitting- ·ly . . . are giving aid and comfort to the ullraconserva l i v e forces in America, which n",]' 1 have chnsen California as '-Vj. lajr.r hattlegroand in dlimpccl sidcred impractical. But the jet age was around the corner, and with it a rcw crisis for Douglas. In 1D."2 British Comets, j e t propelled, were in the deld. The. French Caravelie followed, and then Boeing--al Tokyo Withm that week. al-n. he u . ly , ·^ ]J ,^. crr . 1to ,,~r,v.,l I 'I KM l-iATKK I-OKCKTS HOW Wt-.ert .It .1 :.!. .".t. of I D I T J u n ' p ' r o A \ e . w i l k c d tn!o .1 Wes; A::i!:rin S t r e ' t t.i\e:n T h ; i i M ! i y "-'"C 1;' decided to go ahead wnn :he --produced the 7(17 I.ikp the DO-X the new DC-fi. Without the comfort- Douglas transport was a able government backlog, he BOEING'S JL'MP ei-i !·· workhorse. Douglas engineers proceeded with a set of spe- |. n rP , u '] tr( ]'f rf , m ,,^ a M n v In fact. "': h i r f l a r r r e h n! I" t w. GOM-: Jack Paar bids audience f,ucwr!l as he eonrludes ls| progr.irn. Story Page A-l. '' GOP CANDIDATES "who ;belong in the Dark Ages" are running in California. P.n.wn said, adding that tbc county GOP Central Committee bis promised \\ possible support W l (Continued Paje A-1, Col ."( h i «'f the M«,ry of lh.« resuited ,n ' )C ' 4 th11 W * If)Jllc(1 « w i f e r' u '" nK thc * " l l l r n t fnr . » m lransport " n . , . '° thc f ' r st ' r °'"" i n I a l d t r . i d and discarded a DC- hv l!'."it. c o n v e r t high-.iltitude ]'! K homhcr ( r a m r s ,,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,, the airline u v p | ( (, 1( j hll| | t ^ ( l)f t ^ f Like its rrede, A i r ,,,,,,,,,, , h r ,,.,,,,.,.,, rMnoTf Th"m °' W ° rM W " " (Continued P-igr A-7. (1 2i ;·;. y.-.r.'·· ]'.·;·· ; - - . : ! Jean u ( f r r e l f:ro .1-,! sir- ond !r"ree h u r r - s m her f i c e

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