Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 26, 1950 · Page 31
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 31

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1950
Page 31
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Pro And Cons OfCivilSystem Peace Officer Group In Favor "Basically, the pro and con argu- ' nsents ·· over · : the; -Initiative, which ·would provide civil service for p^*ce officers are the same as'for tlj« statewide merit system as pre- ··hted In yesterday's Citizen, with one exception. Proponents declare that it is more important that men who en- forte laws'be -protected from unjust dismissals arising from political pressure. Since peace officers must, under the law/enforce laws with equal effectiveness among all groups, they are »ub- Jtcted to greater criticism by the public than other public employes, s»y proponents of civil service. Also, .they contend, it is only through a,' system of examinations, bpth oral -and written, that·" th standards of law. enforcement ca be raised by obtaining men wit specific training. for -such work. The measure is endorsed by th Fraternal Order of Police, whic cites the fact that 'policemen i bbth Tucson and Phoenix are protected against unjust dismissals arid the'additional'advantage thes departments have 'in obtainin trained men. whose aptitude to the work is' pronounced. ' -Opponents, contend' that clvl Service tends to guarantee tenur of position to employes who, one hired under civil service, perform only minimum functions of th . Job, This, they contend, lower both the efficiency and morale o any departmental organization. Reds Plan Mammoth German Congress . BERLIN, Oct. 26. W=»--Sovie lone Communists prepared today lojr a November "First German Peace Congress" and for circulation of a petition in the western zones ·U as part of the propaganda; ma ehlnery behind tile Prague declara .tlon on German unity. The congress will be held in East Berlin Nov. 4 and 5. The Com munists will use this as a- means of portraying as the only road to peace the Prague declaration's demand for equal representation of East and West Germany in an all- German council. East Germany has 18,000,000 population, the west, i.8,000,000. ' , ; The petition, to be circulated ·ecretly in the west .zones, \vould b* similarly aimed. The signers vould declare themselves for German unity on the terms offered by the Soviet bloc foreign ministers at' the Prague conference, I Here Are The Provisions On the ballot for vote Nov. 7 will be an'initiative measure which would'provide a personnel merit system for peace officers of counties, cities and towns! In, addition to setting up procedure for examining and, hiring peace officers, and for their promotions or dismissals, the proposal makes it possible for cities and towns to have a joint _civil service commission and director. In event a statewide civil service act is enacted, the proposed act does not exempt peace officers from inclusion in the statewide system. The measure will appear on the ballot as follows: Initiative Measure Proposed by Initiative Petition An Act Relating to peace officers, and providing for the appointment, promotion, transfer, demotion, suspension removal of peace officers of counties, cities and towns, by means of personnel merit system. If you favor the above law, vote YES If opposed,:vote NO 300 YES ' 301 NO HoweSlows Up His News Work AMAJOL-LO, Tex.,' Oct.. 26.. (ff)-Gene Howe; a newspaperman for 50 years, is going to continue as one. 1 - But yesterday the man who for nearly 27 years was publisher and president of the Globe-News of Amarillo shed some of his responsibilities. . '"I feel it is time to turn over responsibility of operating the business to the younger men who have been with me so many years," he said. He .retired "to become chairman of the board and to. continue writ Ing his well-known eolumn, "The Tactless Texan." - . - .. 'The company's 'directors named Parker Prouty, co-publisher and general manager of- the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal--owni-d by the Globe News Company--president'of the parent company. . \Ves Izzard, editor-in-chief of the Globe-News, "was named .publisher and editor..of the Amarlllo papers. King Dedicates New Commons LONDON, Oct. 26. W -- King.house session' before tht king's George VI opened the new house )f commons Building today, dedicat ng It "as a sign to the world of our faith in freedom." The king spoke in Westminstei iall, another' section -of the great 3alace in which parliament meets ecause,one. of.-the freedoms of the louse of commons--that of meet- ng without interference froin the monarch -- banned him from the wilding Itself. Crowds -lined the railing* outside the building. The public gallerle* were filled ith spectat'ors long before the irst ceremonial sessions in the new :o'use began. _ . Members ' of parliament them- elves-began arriving before dawn. Speakers and presiding officers f 2S other members of the British ommonwealth of Nations attended.: Prime Minister Attlee. opened a] speech with, a motion welcoming these speakers.as "a source of in splration- in years to come.""They Comprise many races, but they all belong to one great democratic ^family," th« mild little Laborlte leader said, . Conservative Winston Churchill, wartime leader .who was prime minister when the old house was bombed, recalled that "I was the last person today." to. speak here until GRANDPARENTS TO SPAREi VALPARAISO,'Ind. :(U.R)--If doting grandparents spoil their grandchildren, Jill Annette Sitar is in danger. She has 10 grandparents, 'our are ordinary grandparents, three are great-grandparents, and three are great-great-grandparents. Real Estate Transactions ~" --XT. S. Army Photo PFC. JACK FRIDLEY of Tuc§on ts shown with two other army men who were until recently prisoners of the North Koreans. Fridley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry J.' Fridley, 2837 N. Winstel blvd., was one of five soldiers who escaped from a Red prisoner column early this month. Fridley is shown in the center of the group. The other men are SgL-George Lurich, Fresno, Calif., and Pfc. Mitguru Mihara, Los Angeles. Purebred Dog Church Pushes 0wners^Building Plan Loses Are you -missing -a purebred Doberman Pmscher? . " .The Doberman, appearing to be about 10 months old, arrived at :he home of Mr. and Mrs. W. Evans Sagley, of 2619 E.:Adams st./last Saturday. The dog liked his new *urround- ngs- and Just stayed there. The 3agley's took care of-him, hoping the 'owner would show up. They checked advertisements in the japer and made a radio .appeal for he owner to claim the .dog. Last night the dog -was struck )y an, automobile and today is/in the hospital. His injuries are: not serious and -he will be ^vell in a couple days, Dr.-Paul McQuown Children at the Bagley home said ,he driver of the car did not stop o see how bad the Doberman was njured. Traffic -on the street is disrupted by a water ,main construction job. Bagjey.-said- today he's willing o keep the Doberman, himself, although "he eats like a horse." Nationalists Celebrate Chiang'g Anniversary TAIPEI, Formosa, Oct. 26. ffl-- Chinese Nationalist^ today began weeklong celebration of ?resi- ent Chiang .Kai-shek's 64th birth- ay. It falls,on Oct. 31. Completion of the new Trinity Presbyterian church building was authorized at congregational ,DEEDS Gift died, Horn Lund to Myrtle A, Luna, L 10, Eoberti Addjl. M. H. Starkweather-and,wifr to John's. Yrbeta and wife, part of L 8, Talisman Addn., revenue stamps 55: cents. Mary Roberts to Georgo W. Kane mid wife, L 20,. Copper 1 Terrace'Addn., revenue itampj.55. cents, Silvester A. Wren and wife to John Restand and wife, L,«, B 3, Desert Highlands Addn., revenue 'stamps $4,40, Walter A, Kusian and wife to Arizona Trust Co., pait of L 15, Colonla Solana. Quit· claim, deed,"EstcllaCorson to W. M. Carson, L fl, Rainbow:Annex, John Sturjj to Lucy -J. 'Wilson. L.O,. : B E, Fairgrounds Addn.,. revenue - stamps $3,85, Joe D, Wilson and wrfe': to: "Lucy; J. Wilson, L 9, B . 7 , Fairgrounds Addn. Roberts Development- Co.. to ^Gilbert Grossman "and 'Wife, L 5, B 2, Craycroft Addn., revenue stamps 55 cents; Hasmus Nelson, and wife 1 to /Dorothy Laucr and'Ida Eeichenbach, part:of L 10, 12, Speedway Addn,, 1 , revenue -stamps $1.83. Joint tenancy deed,' James A. Middleton and. wife to : Arthur Nielsen and wife, L I , B 10, Garden'Homes, revenue stamps S2.20. Pauline Rafael to, John S. .Yubeta and wife, L 1, B 35, Home Addn,; revenue stamps 55 cents. George W. Kane and wife .to GOoert K. Hausler and wife, L 29, Copper Terrace Addn., revenue stamps 55 cents, ley O. Sheffield and wife to W. UTILITY- CONNECTION*. Cbauncey Butcher, 4081 Montcdto; M. L. Moore, 833 E; Helen: Julio- ArrlaS", I83*;I. Hthr Elisabeth-Aldrlch. 830 E. 3rd, No. .12; Walter Rasper, 2120 E. 32nd; R. B. A3- wortb,"' 1813 N. Catalina: B. Ol Salaz, 402 W. 2«th;.-AMcJ Cream Donuta, 2235. S. 4th: Mrs. D. . Phillips", 4247 E. Seneca; L, C Laing,': 3828 S.' 15th; John ..HcKenzle, .4725 S. 7th; r Mrs. Martha Bedwell, 5114.B. Lee; Eugene jHuckabey, 207 . E., Pennsylvania; Mae .Stamp,, 115 N; 1 Jacobus:. Lacey Scott, 2620 N. Stone, No. I: Laura Denton, MS tjn,. most nxfnnsivp S. Scott; E. J. Kleligan. 244 I. Pastime iae mOSC ex^nSlVe Park Rd; Carlos Chavez, 1228. W. Conxrus: Joe Wee, 4421 S. «th. Lester .Hartle, 425 N. Porgeus. No.V A; C. W. Houghton, 2428 N. Dodzc, No. B; -Lois Nohlecbck, 3251 E.' Speedway; rranJcJUch- ords, 748 E, 8tht H. C. Ager, 1203 E. Water .H. F. BurksteUer Jr., Beverly; meeting last .night- attended by more than 350 church members. This work will be carried on .under, the direction of Dr. Glen C. McGee, pastor. " The work authorized will Involve an expenditure of approxi mately $150,000. Total cost of the new building will be-approximately $350,000. . The new work will Include completion of the church tower and administrative, offices and redecorating and rearranging the pres-jifSs ent building and construction of a patio. Arthur T. Brown.is the architect. . ; stamps $1.101 Rachel ,-Sakow to Emora S. Hardin, part of L - i , B 4, University Extension Addn, revenue stamps $7.70. F, ic S. Construction Co; to Mabel' H ECnox, L fi, B 4; Hoffman Addn., revenue stamps 19.90. Charles W. Cox and wife to H. G. Scant- n and wile, L 21, B' 35, National City No 2, revenue* stamps $4,'40. Clyde Baumcartncr end wife to Melvin E. Thompson and'wife, L 17,-B 7, Alvernon Addn., revenue ^stamps $3.85. ,.^ Hsmc Development Co. to Carl E. Km mons and wife. L 30, B S3. National City Sub. No.' S, revenue .stamps 55 cents. Southern Securities Co. to Jurel Fuller Sr. and wife, L 3, B 28, Grand View Addn. revenue stamps 55 cents, . Leo J. Kent to Eugene D. Bogard Jr. and wlcf. L 32, Solonla Solana, revenue stamps $3,30. Tillie Kemper an'd David Kemper to Margaret Hees, part of L 15, B IB, Feldman's Addij. · , Margaret Hees -to David Kemper nd wife, part of L 15, B 15, Feldman'n Addn. Deed and :assgnmcnt, Glenn .Gardgrave to Everett Earlo Comer and wife, part of Ls 13, 18, and all of Ls 14, 15. B 2, Virginia Heights, revenue stamps $8.80. Warranty deed,. Walter · W. Hurley and wife to Mary Vanguard, L 4, and part of L 5, B 11, AJvemon Addn., revenue stamps 83.85. / Joint tenancy deed, Arthur Shutkln to Earl r. Shank, and wlfo, L 3, 3. 5, Uni- Extension Addn., revenue stamps Elbert B. Garner and wife and B. H. Gamer to Earle, Hamilton and wife, L 7. B 6, Tucson ita, revenue stamps 55 cents. Ruth I.'Houlf to Harold A. Houlf, L. t. B 2, Catalina Vista Sub. . C, and. wife and C. - ~ ' .nd wU A finance committee Includes 3r. Delbert L., Secrist, chairman/ ,,_. ___ _ ,, ,._,,. _ = . u| _,,_ Soy. Long, James Ewing Jr., W. JJL 25,'Vio", WtotcrhavVni ^evenue'stamps Parker, Fred J. Krivel Jr., 0. H. Golberg, Bruce Wilcox, Fred W. 'Grebner-and a member to .be" an-' nounced' later from tht. women's association. . Robert D. Morrow heads the building c o m m i t t e e Including Thomas Glllespie, Harry Robertson,. Mrs. J. W. Buchanan, Rol-lin Pease and-. John Lyons Jr. Oakley Norton was named chairman of the committee to secure, an associate minister and will report at an-adjourned meeting, of the congregation next Wednesday. Heights Addn. S3.S5. C. W. Brunottc, 3019 N: Wlnstcll; S. f. Conant, 2713 E. Prince; B. E. Vensel, 34«2 E. 2nd; R. E, Ves. W«y, 201 w.-President: Doyle- Shaw; 2)23 y. 7lh; Nip-N-Sip, 830 E. Speedway: James Haima, 2328 S. 4th; J. M, Bond,-2519 .S. Plumer; Chas. Williams, 269 S. Meyers. J. C, Hoffman, 2513; N. Stone; Stephen Patronskl, 6302 S. jfontana. No. 1; E S. Hardln, 1440 E. 1 Speedway: Teodora Delsld, 1019 N. Anita; Herman Moats, 3702 E. Hardy; t W. Mahacoh, 4833 E. 12th; B. D Tietelbaum. 531. N. Martin: R. D. John son, 4857 E. 12th; Ardell Hill, 526 S. Star Otto McDonald, . Mil Eleda: L. E. Smith 2727 E, Water; Kadjani Liquors, 1022' fi 6th; Helen Wells, 722-N. Uth;.C. H. Oln ton, M3G Devon; Sophie Preciado. 47 · W 32nd: Sophie Dclmas, 812 1. Mabel; MM J. O. Duffy, 718 S. tth. tiutttm 9i% Ctllwii Thursday Iv.nlni, Oct. M, 1MO HugeRadioNet Airs Ceremony VATICAN CITY, Oct. 26. W-- ATM,. «^«; « n MiG Devon: Sophie Prociado. 4 Aralcx ' " vcnuc l 1. Mabel CONTRACTS FOR SALE OF REAL ESTATE Minnie Hestand to Virgil J. Milisaps anr wife, I I, B 3, Desert Highlands Addn. RELEASE OF REALTY MORTGAGE* -Marginal releases, L. D. Stnibinger to O. V. Lak'e and wife: Joe C. Benitez an/I wife. Alexander Wnltoskl and wife, ,and E, G. Rios and wife. Marginal release, Mulcahy Lumber Co to 1 Charles F. Fetoreen and wife. Marginal release, Henry N. Payne or wife to Dorothy W. Hamilton. Marginal release, Ethel A. Hopkins' to Lloyd A. Smith. Marginal release. E. A. Feldkamp et to Isabelle M. Checver. Marginal release,- Horner L. Bundy to Werner A. Ende and wile. Marginal release, Mamie Cabot Lester to Fisher west and wife, James E, Walden to Frank W. Jordan and wife. REALTY MORTGAGES H. C.- Scantlin and wife to Charles V7, Cox and wife, $1,208, L 21, B 36, National City No. 2. . H. G. Scantlin and'wife to Tucson Federal, 51,000, L 21, B 35, National City No. 2. Barbara K. Hutchins to Valley Notional Bank, $9,300, part of B 27, Country Cluh Heights South Side. " - · Tri-State Realty and Investment Co. to Tucson Insurance ond Bonding Agency, $15,000, Ls 5, 5, B 8, Sawtelle Place. Meivin E. Thompson and wife to Clyde Saumgartner and wife, |l,400i L 17, B '· 7, Alvernort Addn, Elnora S. Hardin to Hschel Eakow, iO,000, part,of t. 1, B 4, University Ex- cnsion Addn. ' Mabel H. Knox to Northwestern Mu- ual Life Insurance Co., *7,MO, L 5, B 4, Hoffman Addn. Harry Wong and wife to Edith O. Kitt, S350. Ls 8, 8, 12, 15, B- 11. Sunset Villa 'Addn,. and L 8, B 78,-National City No. 6, Disclaimer deed, Peter Vanguard to Maryi T M c * A «.*+f n ^ ...ir« « ^«,.*kn». A-I TTanmm^^ T f A ·..* A* T · ·» .. ^N aterrett ana wife to southern Arl- Vanguard, L 4, and part of t I, B ll.! Iona Bonlc _ $WOO| L - 38i B 7i Broat i m[JOI . Alvernon, Addn. Alvernon Addn. to Wayn» T. tJmphress and wife, W!i of L 11, B. 10, Colonla Dol Valie Addn., revenue stamps $1.10. G. S. Mandrlllo and wile-to Georg» L. Hlncman and wife, L 17, B 15, Feldmnn'B Addn., revenue stamps '$s.00. , CairoU Clark and wife to G, S. Mandrlllo and wife, L 17, B 15, Feldman's Addn., revenue stamps (12.10. Francisco M.'Pem Park, revenue stamps £5 cents. Dolores Alcantar to Julia L. Hutchison. 7,^B 21, Southern, Heights Addn. Julia L. Hutchison to Dolores Alcantor Sub-, and part of B M, City of Tucson,. · Daniel C. Corosave ind- wife to Old Pueblo Savings and Loan .Assn., 15,500, L 8, B 81, Jefferson Park Addn, W. M. Carson to Chesley O. Sheffield «nd wife, $,350, L «, Rainbow Annex. Boy T. Brockus and wife to- Valley National Bank, $2,B13.77, part of L 58, Emery Park Addn. No. Z. , . \ Samuel Cohen and wife to V«Il«y N»- isco Valenzuela and wif« to Juanjtional Bank, $1,688,25. part o{ X. 1 B 1 a and wile, L 14, B 14, Riverside Ipalo Verde Addn. No. 2, Mary Lubliner to Valley Jfational Bank, Jl.125.50, part of X. 20, B 1J, Colonla Allegre Addn. Gilbert K. Hausler and wife to Tucson and Jesus Lizarraga, L I, B II, Southern Federal, $4,700, L 26, Copper Terrace. ""'"'"" """ Elmer E. Hersman ind wife to Southtrn that the Vatican ever,1ias had 1 will broadcast the ceremony of the assumption dogma Nov. 1 to all parti of..the : world, it was announced today. The dogm? that the Virgin Mary went bodily to heaven will be th« first such ceremony ever broadcast by radio In the history of th» church. Parts of the ceremony, It is expected, probably will also' b« televised to' France, but. this b.M not yet been announced. The radio transmission ofV 'th« ceremony,.'which will be held in- St.-Peter's square, weather permit-ting, will begin at 8:30 a. m. (2:30 a. m., EST), when Pope Plus, robed- in white-and wearing 1 hi» jeweled miter, -emerges- on his portable throne from the Vatican palace and is carried through the throng in the square. The Vatican ' radio's own resources will be -augmented by the more powerful Italian' radio --sys- tern, which will beam Its broadcasts to the far corners of th« Vatican' radio itself will .broadcast on shortwaves 3r.10.-25.55 and 19,84. Alternate comment on; these .vavelengths ,will be ill'many languages, including English; German, Portuguese, Polish, Czechoslovakian and Hungarian.' Vatican hookups with the Italian radio system will transmit'the pro;ram to the farthest, points of tht · - ' vorid. . . : - f On short waves of 13.9 and 16.9 the Italian radio will direct tin program especially to India, the' * Philippines, and, the Orient Comment will be, in' French and inglish. On short: waves '.of '81.1 and 19.5 ' the Italian radio will beam other : iroadcasts especially for the Philippines, Central and South America. The comment, will be in Spanish. Retransmissions from recordings , vill be made by the Italian radio ystem after the ceremony h a t . leen completed on shortwaveg, of 5.40 meters. The entire ceremony vill last until: about 12:30 p." m, 6:30 a. m., EST). iriiona Bank, '$5,2tt, L 4, K It, Country Club Manor. .. E. G. Rios' and wlf* to L. B: 8truDlnf*r v 1,240, L 1. B 28, Sunset Villa Addn. Joe C. Bcnltez and wlf« to L, D. Strubln* er, $721,01, L Z, B 2, Homelund Sub. Louie M. Fisher and wife to Julis Fitrr», ^35.10,. L 31. B,42, National Sub. No, 1. Wayne P. TJmphress and -milf* to Alv Wdn., $4,100, Wii o£ L 11,. B W, Colonial Del Valle Addn.' · . . . Juan M. Pena and wife to . fruiclsco Vs.... inzucJs.'KVC, L 14, B It Riverside park. CLASSIFIED A D V E R T I S S N G 2 - 5 8 5 5 · DIAL For ALL OEPARTMBNT8 Of Tucson Newspeperi, lac All claims of error In pubu»tlon shilj bo made within 24 hours after «irst InwrUon, No elairoa will be allowed for raon thon oni locorrtct tiiitrUon. Minimum Charged 11 JO days - H JO Won 10-word Minimum An nlphabetlcaUy arranged directory ot business, specializing in services such M contractors, landscaping, vacuums, funs, woslwvs. llfhUn* slid Open Sundays 8 to 4 Cancellation Deadline 4:30 FM. Weekday! s FJd. Saturday' 1 CESSPOOI^--SEPTIC TANKS) HOUSE MOVING HAYDEN EXCAVATION Dial 5-6451 JOur -Reputation Your^Suarqntc* MASON prucoat concret* septic tank. Approved county-city F.B.A. 153 delivered. Ph. 2-228l. MCCARTHY s Septic system Installed and cleaned. Free insp. and estimates. Licensed contractor. 327 E. Adams, Phone 3-14B5. TONY p. WARD'S Cesspool - Pumping LICENSED CONTRACTORS - -li33 C£SSPOUL3 septic tanks cleaned: licensed plumber. F W. Gonz Plbg and Henling, 102: N, 3rd. Ph- 3-3731. ARIZONA HOUSE MOVING CO. . H. Smith Free estimates, -.2-1001 HOUSES MOVED. Frame brick or stucco Call 2-3331 for free 'estimate, Tucson Warehouse · Transfer Co. J10_E__Sth._St._Establlshed 1»;. RCG C!LEANDJG RUO ic ·furniture cleaning. Carp service. Stanley White. Phone a-fll SAND AND GRAVEL HOUSEHOLD REPAIR TUCSON MAINTENANCE SERVICE. Remodeling contractors. Patio wills, fencing, roofing, cooler service, city state license. Guaranteed work. 2-';20I n^T^WK W l - l M . ·. By WARD BROS. PUMPING 24-HOUB SERVICE Cesspools and septic tanks -vacuum cleaned. For relinblc serv^ DI · 1 a-2411. CHAIR RENTAL ARN1JE RENTS ehalrt thing tor VOUT party tables every- CONCRETE BLOCKS PERFECT BLOCK CO, 4 x 6 x 1 2 -- $49.75 M Since 19« We Sold Flv» Million M9 E. Llmberiost Drive Dial ;-»»! 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Broadway . COX COMMERCIAL COLLEGE DAY AND EVENING CLASSES Southern Arizona's Oldest and Fine 443 S STONE DIAL 5-23(11 GATLIN'S SECRETARIAL SCHOO 396 S. Stenij.jmma. Indiv. Instni BEWING MACHOB9 FOR EXPEBlT'sewlns machine repaC ing call the Singer Sewing Machln Co. Free estimate Phone and i service man will call IHE ONLY Singer Sewlnf center Tucson Is located at Singpr Sewing Machine Co, 308 E. Congress St, Phone 1-7 PtfAW sewing mocSJjie sales i aervlce 324 N ' 4th- Dial 4-Uli. SPRmKl,EK SYSTEMS LAWN . sprini^inR systems installs Free ettimatos. Folger's. Ph. '5-734 STORE EQULFMJBNT RUSSMAN. .Cozn'l refrig- new uset Frank Samuels Dirt. Co.. Dial n-149 ACROSS the street, or across the Nation Complete moving, packing, storage. shlopinB service. Tucson Warehouse it Transfer Co.; 110 E «th St Ph 2-3331 Eatabltelnd '1195 NURSERIES Lawni, TREES, Shrubs. Lawns, Renovating, Park Nursery. W Wetmore i N. Jroquois. 3-360K RANONCllLAS and oiany other bulbs. Sweet pea seed. Bye grass seed. Mum stock and other, bedding plants. A Violets. Enstburn's. 3-0332. W E. «. NEUfRAL CLEANSER, an.-AU-p pose . Deierfient, · for Commercial and Household-use. 13.23 per gal. For 1m mediate . delivery. call 3-6232. AUCTIONS GENERAL AUCTION W« buy (or cash or sell Air vou on commission All kinds of (uroinut ·md household Items ot v«iu«, Sales Every Friday, 7 p.m 1110 S. 6th Ave. Ph. 2-328 TUCSON AUCTION ItVERV SATUflDAV-7 P M We buy furniture or Wih or nil cor vou on consignment, ' · 76 W. JACKSON 2-4371 BABY NKEDS ^strollers «to \O3 ... tut OOUKKKKflNU SEKVlCfc EOT BOOK 8'i'OKKS library; ... -- .,, tlonory, - Swsnberu's ,Pork Av«l. 2-7001. Unx cards, «ta- books. 1UM N. ooJcs * ut(si l»sm nunMuaoiTbouxnt traded Book Nooli; 41 w Comcn-jj, - Ooor»: WORK iks. -.(ndnu! J u j i P i S n E TM ' M UP. E«t. 8-7561 CONCRET1L- art, fndatlons. drvwys jlfl»iy«»ci, i; Jmm»dUli service, t A N KS U * M PWMinNCT CO Cesspools u ·optle tanks vacuum cleaned, Latt.. »,,, AJ , a ·aulp; ptompt, nliiDlt, Dial »,w,i, coOLte FAITH · Originals, . hard to fit . alterations IfllS B 8th 3-44TI DRESS5AKING. · 1.1 w. nlteratlons. house- Ji_qiq aewjng. 103^ E Lee St. 3-837B DRESSKtAKING--Tailoring.' specializ- ine in alterations. 2609 E. 51h. 5-3019. DRESSMAKING alterations, imns anil suits, belts -buttons,: etc. 71-Ans Hetvlnc Service..M.E Jackson a-Bl7l Kl,KL"L'Rlt SKItVlCJH, RCN3 A HOOVER CLEANER Tank or Upright TUCSON'S ONL¥_AnTHORlZEp 'prtjht SA"LES«. sravibE AGENCY 1 MITCHELL FURN.'CO, 101 W Cnrirresn Phone FEHTIUZER. » yd.-2 yds. 17 · DELIVERED PH 6-05S1 OFFICE .SUPPLIES TABLE PADS I BEST TABLE PROTECTION wit HYLO heat waterproof, washabl pads. See_saTn.ple3, ,Free _esti. 3-155g bathroom floors Free estimates. D. L. Phillips. 8-5M or 5-2412. - · - · · UHUOJLSTEK1NG i M STUDIO--Living room fuml ture--new., repaired--upholstered. KM E. Delano. Phone 2-8022. LESTER BENSON--Upholstering i repairing. -114 E. 3th. Dial 2-1552^ THE FINEST work at the orlces Mlchfll Furn W-W- C,..-.,.. .. PETE'S -UPHOLSTERY aiid repalrini Phone 3.0012 ....2D15 5 4th WASHING MACHINES MAYTAG i HOtlR SERVIOS ON ALL-MARK ACTHORIZKD DEALER BEACH WASHERS * APP. CO. ITO W CONGRESS DIAL 3-109 4 DRAWER letter files. Ball bearing _Reasonable Phone 5-2880 PAINTING UECUKATI«U INTERIOR - EXTERIOR patntinS. tal- nor repairs. Prompt, efficient rea- sonabig service. 3-3412. 3-0977. PAINTING at livlni! prices. TGHe payment .arranged Free »st3-|507. INTERIOR;, exterior painting, piaster patching, spraying. bondeidng,-2-3971 ^patching, spraying. bondeidng,^2-3371 INTERIOR exterior painting J1.50 Jit, or by contr Llse: Free est 5-7694 NEED A reliable painter? Call a-1372 MITCHELL'S Plck»up and delivery service m an makes of washers. Lei experts repair your washers, 101_ W... CONGRESS Dlsl 2-7481 fcrt. WELL -DRILLING CAflJU PJSTOR DRILLING CONTRACTOR Cor.. 25th and S. «th Ave. Dial i-7212 FORSYTH DRILLING CO 422_E,_ Mabel Dial 3-3331 A, "A. Mt I20S E. · r drilllm; contractor 1 Phone 2-0582. · or 5-4090 INTERIOR exterior palntlnc 4 wPer hanclnx. Color specialist Call lor clean.. reliable WlRINn, any kind, any time, aw _where Best for less. MllUta -6-4111, WIRING, residential wd commercial service. K. Oestrlch. DInl 5-isai, ~ Hail Electic Co. = S3-hr, · ratllo and appliance repair. ntnietlne Dl PAST, economical tnnchlnir ti«ld and {Oluidatlon with machine . . , with opirator _ 8-7101 EXTERMINATING INTERIOR - EXTERIOR paintirg. mi. nor reoalr Prompt · efficient -rea- _sonable servlee 3-3412. 3-0877 · INTERIOR, exterior Ucensed. rtas. Ben .Fred, estimates. Hall Pb. ROYOE B WELLS Licensed oap«r- Jianger and painter, Dial 5-0530 ELIMINATE oeailne on brick jtueeo LOST AND FOUND LOST--Male Siamese .eat. red collar Last seen Monday nUht, YWCA district.- Reward: Dial 3-8091. t-OST DOO: SmaU brownish, shorthaired, protruding eves, no collar ; Rewara, Ph. 3-1273. I.OST Saturday nlKlit. . boys'. glasses. University stadium or -vicinity. Call 5-5154 eves -__ ULTIMATELY Y O U WILL DRINK RAINBOW WATER PERSONALS uarant. PATJ( PATH) WALLS PATIO Walls, cement work. Fia«. r . iaiS« , . . terraces. Fret «stim«tt. Ph. . concww block 32 IS J' «.7 3 : ; 13JO. -Includes ail labor and ma- .tertjil. Lie Contr s-75ai FENCES JOOp. ornimcnttl fenc» constructed CloU«sllnii poles First class work Phone 8-974J ' AlRfiD. Best In the 'west Ph 2-S5M HEP REBULLVltiG relished, 6ERNHARD MANDL'S COMPLETB FURNITDRll SVKWX -320 E. 6TH ST.^-4-0342, HADUNG AULING. long or short dntan«s. 'lagSt iGHf · tfuek t ong . te.ne Specialty, Ph. i-aon Taylor , i-ton Prompt service. 5-05!H HEATING cbbLtNG^^TORNACisrcoOLV WS MS !--"V__ Tucson Pump Repair Co. Sales. »nd Service" Prompt efficient repairs and mstatla. Agents for Byroo Jackson and Seda "^ Los Altos Dial 4-0273 X DIAMONDS X OLD GOLD .X ANTIQUES, Cash Paid-at'Once Grunewald · Adams ·80 g. CONGRESS KKKK1UEKATOK; sKKVICti COMMERCIAI. MRS. -BROOKS Born psychic Can Help solve all problems. 2424 N. Stone. URS, 'EDWARDS .Psychic advlce^oc all gublects 2129 S. 4th. Phone 2-2434 PERSONALS VOICE OFTRUTF WORLD'S FOREMOST SPIRITUALIST LIFE, ADVISER. Mrs. Myrtle" THUS ADVICE. Even deepest solved. No heart to sad I CSOTD change to happiness. I'm uneaualltc unfailing advice. $1 SPECIAL READING? Dally In trailer at Lacy'« Dugou corner S. 6th Avp. and Benson Hlwag DIANBTIC auditor, theraoy or struction. Write-P.O. _Box 4033. LITTLE Rirls need foster home jnust be reasonable. 2-73Q5. .LEARN TO DRIVE Ariz Driving School 8-ltM3 or .1-102 MRS. LEWIS Spiritual psychic reader. !WiIi advla aod help you on all problem*, bust ness or personal . Hn. 10 ajn.-8 p. 281.3 N Country Club .^ ' 5MALL, FHY olay sciicoi, ag«i .kindergorten. Phone · a-0021. NEED/QUICK CASH Curn your .Diamonds l^to Dollcra a CRESCENT JEWELERS 200 East Congress WHISKY STRAIGHT KENTUCKY Bourbon. Falls. 4 years old. 5th $4.1 BROADWAY _vMLLAGE DRUG Alcoholics Anonymous BOT-4!I3 REV. KISSEL spiritualist render will you. 113 W. Lnguna. 3-8316. 1OCK steam baths Swedish Colonic irrigation. 2-9630 MEDIUM BEADEB. Crystal. Palm istrv card readings. -200 E. S3rd St DIFFICljLT problems confidentially ;h Bullock. 2-3174. Ell proble llzabeth Stewurt, :chlrooodlst 'Foot cor rectlon ipedalirt 270 N Church Ph 3-4987 EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 8 1TED SERVICE :UNI 6S E. PENNINCTON DIAL 3-87JH HELP WANTED. Male 9 NEED! At Once Aircraft Instrument ' MECHANICS Male and Female Min. 2 ,yrs. experience Aircraft Engine INSPECTORS Hal*. E. license. Uln. i'yrs.' xp. Aircraft Hydraulic MECHANICS t Minimum of 3 yrs..exp. . REPORT IN PERSON Pe--ionnei DepL Grand Central Aircraft Co. Municipal Airport TRADE: TEST -t INTERVIEW .REQUIRED HELP WANTED, Mala ACCOUNTANT- OFFICE MANAGER . Long established automobile dialer handling popular llr.e reQulre* Immediately accountant capable full charge of books and office. Automotive -experience desirable. Applicants must be permanent residents; and In ijood health. Salary'open, Glvs Qualifications In first letter. ' 'P.O.BOX 5114: rELEVlsION servicing, amateur. FCC license- Enroll now. Day and ev«. Classes start soon. 2-2QSO evening. .UTO salesman. EXP. preferred but not necessary- Apply Wed, Thurs. between S. fl p,m, Monte Manrfield Motors, ask for Mr, Peagler. phone calls Please. No HELP WANTED,;Female ATTRACTIVE woman over 25 capable ..to meet public. Top-pay. a . day week. Call 5-0783 » to S:30 ajn. for appointment. YOUNG attractive wattresses. applv 2 to 4 pjn. Siurar Spice, 35J2 E. Soeedrtay. SITUATIONS/FemaU. 12 CAPABLE woman to neljTTL home or small business. Star-Cltlze Box 474. STJENOGRAPHER'4 hrs. a day. Perfect BIoclC Co.. B49 E. Llmber]ost Dr: STENO-BILLING clerk, fast, accurate t y p i s t , no shorthand necessary. should know office machines and bookkcepinK. able io handle detail assume responsibility: Rood salary working conditions. All replies are , ^ _ OPENING on housekeeolnK staff on tuition exchanee basis. Tucson Community School, 3033 N. Campbell, 3-2857 before noon. __ SALESMEN--Oppt. to travel or worJc Tucson for national concern. I will train you to make $150 weekly upward. See Mr. Walters between II a.m. and 1 p.m. only. Apt. No. 6, Floivlnj? Wells Motel, Casa Grande Highway. SHOE SALESMAN wanted, experienced. Steady work. Rood pay. 12] E Consreffi: · ' . WANTED SMAU. IMPERIAL VALLEY CITY NEEDS AT ONCE AN EXPERIENCED W A T E R SUPEHINTJ1NDENT T O MANAGE CITY WATER WORKS. SUPPLYING ABOUT 350 METEiffiD CUSTOMERS. STATE AGE. EXPERIENCE. SALARY EXPECTED AND OTHER PERTINENT INPOR- MAT1ON. WRTfE'TO THE WATER COMMISSIONER. CITY OF WESTMORLAND. WESTMORLAND, CALIF HOUSEKEEPING, permanent, 3:30 to 7 or sleep-in. No heavy . laundry. 2221 .E. 9th. - · Jobs Open Live.in or out. Good wages. _ Maids--Cooks Housekeepers--Couples MAIDS AT^YOUR EERVICK 1641 E. Broadway Hours 0 to 3, LOVING CARE for infant or Etna child. Days only. Inouir* Mrs. Kuhn H W 35th St COMPANlON-HOUSEJCEEPEft, dri' ers license, experienced, Ph, 1-743 Hoom no. Curtains eny style, wash, stretch, ex] Mrs. Gordon. ' ~ ' - ?le, wash, stretct 1000 E. Spring TYPING dictation in my home 22, _E Prince Ph 5-OB51 BABY SITTERS, adults health cards Brendle's Parent Sitters Exchange IRONING--Care of children my home Gardener., Houseman available. 5-19: DHESSMAKER. better kind. Refer ences. Remodeline: Formals. Res MnaMe. 300 N. Cherry. 3-01E8. TRAVEL Opportunities Ij DRIVING: to MichlEan" end of week Want 1 -or couple. Help drive, shar expenses. References, 2-9622 after P.M. Cabin No. 3 LEAVING for New York Saturday Share driving. 5-7273. MONEY LOANS FOUNTAIN KM. One's A Meal Drive Inn. 943 N. stone; SKILLED RAILROAD MECHANICS NEEDED NOW ' Apply In person to Offict of Master -Mechanic, Tucson, or by mall, (stating past experience) to General Superintendent Motive Power, 85. Market Street,. San Francisco. Southern Pacific R. R. i QUALIFIED -comolnatlon metal man and painter for well eouippcd busy shop. Salary .or commission. CoolidK* Body Shoo, Coolidce. Ari- :ona. HOE SHINE MAN. colored preferred " ' . "nauire at Art's Place. M W gress. Con- 'ERIENCED. married, colored man o wash cars. Exceptional opportun- · 3207 E. Speedway. EXPERIENCED bakery clerk, evening and Sunday hours. Call after 3 p.m. at Bon Ton BaJccry 2342 N. Camt/bell Ave. THOROUGHLY EXP. saleslady for dresses, coats and suits.' Spanish speaking. Redferns. 17 N. Stone. EXP, fountain girl, full time. Catalina Drug Store, 23JB N. Campbell. LADY COOK. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Phone Eloy 7908. Toltec Tavern, Toltec. Arizona. · · ' EXPERIENCED BEAUTICIAN SUNNY'S BEAUTY SHOP WANTED, mala lor motel EEHi Avista. 968 Casa Grande Hlway, WHITE, competent maid, no .Ph. 2-2908. SAI.SSI.ADY. Spanish speaking. Exp. only, ladies ready to wear. Mays. 203 E, Congress, CONFIDENTIAL WORK. Stats qual- ificatlons and ' phone number. Car necessary, P.O. Box U6fl (Mark con- ..fidentlai. l 20 _MONEY When You Need It · $20 to. $1,000 HFC makes salary, car or fumltur loans without endorsers for any worthwhile purpose. Our service i prompt and friendly. Consult tabl bclovl for payments. Loan 15 Mos, I 8.33 16.65 24.GO 36.58 73.33' . f 100 200 300 500 1000 . . Phone or visit our offic* ^ Household Financa 11 Mos. 110.03 19.89 . 29.61 ' 45.00 90.00 e MOB. S18.43 36.80 C4.S3. Corporation 342 E. PenCijrton 2nd Phone 3-3BS4 YOUNG attracave waitress, experi ence notinecessary. Call 5-7332. TTRACTIVE younB woman. 25-3S for hostess and cashier work. Apply _23I E. Congresc, between 9 II ajn S5T 5 years. miles out on Sta; - · SSISTANT manager for indeoenden 1 variety store, experienced tjnlv neec pp]y. Star-Citigen Box 61. RIVER-SALESMAN for cstaollsheL dry cleaning route. Apply In oerson Between 4- 6 p.m. Zenith Cleaners. man who can skin deer, wrat) meat Sc do ser.eral locker -plant rorfe. Apply :2310 JT Country Club. HELP WANTED, M. F. .'for General'office . - reauired. permanent, iob, oopor- luiity for advancement Give are in eplv. Star-Citizen Box 5B CFERIENCED BAKERS. JOM' pay, v work'. Inquire 3837 £. Bdwav. i-OR RELIABLE s«rvice on all milfe refrUserators oil] Price* ITitf Phnnp 1U85.M ; RESIAIFRA Jf T .8UPPLJBS HOTEL ic RESTAURANT" StTPPCV~ 30111 S th Ave.. .Dl»li 4-0401 ROOFING: .Tucson -Rcofins;' 4M E 7th flupply .Co. I-nm VS413 SAVE on roofini and insulation wort guaranteed Fre« «stDnaln S _§thAve Pb J-HSS ' Aim? SUPPLY CO "Soof W N. GLADYS-,-Meacham ·,gifted .-.psychic confidential advice tells Important dates and channel 35W riii-mount Teacup rdcs Thur eves SOe 5-7708 SWEDISH MASSAGE, steam . batET . -42 S. Frrmont-'DUn . 2-2S43. feaCKELOR wants 3 people ta share his home. Reasonable. Rrferences.n- - u Place HAROLD RYAN. SreciaJ Aeent Rep- resentlne PBUDENTLSL Insurance -Company ot Ameifca.''Insure Your Home Mortgage Ix»na Phone- g-OE72 J I WILL not be responsible tot mnv debts made i by an other than 1 " CARPENTERS ". ; ~- BU ILJ31WG~ MECHANICS ' BuHd Your Own Bauic 'W« furuiihMijmrUide lot and -eon- ·truetlOD money all for J7*.dB M( IDQ, 1UT C «*h St P.3 WANTED--Man -for^profltable Raw- Icljih.biisinessJ Must be,satisfied with eood llvInK at start. Write R»w- ·leteh'w; Dept 1ARJ-121-I01.- -4707* I. 49th- st.V Los Angeles -11. --.Calif. EXPERIENCED - .sixn" -Tnalntenance , Huhl Display Sc SiKn Shop, N. Tirst JUGHI WfKEkaUSE woric ic dtitv- «ry.-.T)rIv«: truck -BO- a week- can 3-7530-for- appointment. * r PAMJI.Y . man.' 29-39. whit«. neat, -.clean.'some-'/ountaln experience.-Apply roster .freed. 34i s. Stone. KESTAURAOT seeks couple who on play: strinei.dlnstmmtnts.-for, luncheon and runner-music, .Flu. MITl lor - - ? - v · ' EXPERIENCED used, car Cuural Auto ·UM. 9i M, Stoat. JENTS - churches-·- orBanlzatlona, omclete Assortment metallics. clas- cs. CeithoUc Chrlstma* *card». stationery, .wrappings. Kllft items. Whole- «alf only. 2MQ'S: flth. 3-4440. WANTED. white couple for country home. Woman to cook, man. for gar- denlnn Uve in Star-Cit. Box 445 RELIABLE couple. earitaHerj Small pal Airport. P.O. FarJc, ' .-- near Munlci- Box 12; Emery . --, tnaJi 2- boys, .3 3EN£RA_L iiOUSEWOEK 5 mOrninjM a week. .$50 .per 'mo. Ph. 5-032Q. full time, live in, ars. miles out on ir-Cmzen Box 1383. WAJMTED--At once, ambitious' young lady. Good waffes and fust advance- mcnt. 'Applj' 407 E. 9th. WOMAN wanted for chambermaid Keneral work. Live In. Catalina Guest _Ranch. 3838 N. Campbell Ave WAITRESS for ' oart time work. Catalina Guest Ranch. 3838 N. Campbell Avg. WAITRESS - WANTED--Apply in person. 2111 Benson Highway. INDIAN girl or- white for jrcneral housework. Live In. Health card. Call Mrs. Oilman. 5-5364. EXPERIENCED restaurant rook, mld- dle-aged._Ph._2r9008 after 6 p.m. Diamond and other' loans. Safe, quick Easy term*. Peoples Loans IIS E.. Broadway fcn-ow from VI fASH The. Sensible Way Your choice of repayment dates and amount . . payments to. fit your budget Charges only for the time you keep the money No co-sijmers. X Loans--as iltle as S25, as much CIDOD -- on furniture, auto, salary, Personal said "ves 1 ' to over a million customers last year. Come. ID or phone. WE LIK« TO SAT "YES" Persona! Finance 11 w CONGRESS--PH I ACTORS -from FOT Th* housework, health card. SIS per week; Phone after i, 3-5313 SrrUATIONS, Male II CARPENTRY: New construction finish - cabinets - doors - lodes - hour rale 2-4487: DRIVES available mrtth .b-ton pickup. 47 StuJebalMr. 2-4322. MAN or woman to develop · dry cleaning route. :;Must' hava. car. Excellent commission basis. Supreme Cleaners 2332 N. Stone. HELP WANTED. Female JQ TO THE WOMAN WHO WANTS -THE BEST Not too satisfied with what/you are doinK-now?-Get lnto : «--projEmm where you;caa be your own boss/ and one that'really pays. Our salesladies «ir AVerutinjc from S2.00 an hour to USS «n hour, per hour worked, riiht her*: In .'Arizona.. Applicants must be between 25 and- 50, well groomed. lave the use oi ·- car and be- «ble to devo^'si-minimum .of-«--liours · day to th« Job. For Interview ac- pointment call-,;Mrs.;Harnne. -3-1103: t..to_Jl-.a.m. SALES. GIKL:wlt±i knowledge of o.ww- Inx 'materials.. WlUlnl to' le^rn I» N. .Scott. *· -~-· . LADY--~WHO- CONTACTED MR,' WtUlTT MONDAY MORNING CONCERNING. .SECRETARIAL -..WOSIC PLEASI CONTACT AGAIN:'TABM- ERS INSURANCE .GHOBE. 1ST K STQNE.._. . . . . w - - , CUSS GIRLS tc kitchen help. Most t» 21. No phone milt. Bert's TJrtv* FOUNTAIN, HZLP. mutt be experienced. See Jack Burt. Martin Co.. Conjtrtssi and MS. Cabinetmaker, Finish Carpenter. HanK doors, remodeling.-Smith; Ph, 5-863B, flt ROY L. GREEN, Concrete water stor. asre, Rouiui tanks Troughs 8t dams 1280 M Asuchi! St Ph._ 3-2049. GARDENER wants yard work of-all kinds.- Genera] cleaning.. ete.-2-B698, CAKPENTKY: New. remodeltoK. moderniziniE: finish work, doors,-Hour rate. 2-4487. ' SITUATIONS. M. f. HA RELIABLE CODPLE. motel management- 'and .-maintenance:' deslr* -posl tlon. Star-Citizen Box 436. SITUATIONS. Female [ WILL "BABY sit day or Ph. 3-T7S4. · 12 LAJDY rdesires small apt. In duit free - excAangirforJiQUseworlc. L 3-41B3, usework. · 5 · d^vi, · Gov, -rfercnees:^ Also-ijiactl . cal nursinje. Ix)li Hope IS W Sin)' or part time (Child care 4n any home. S-3Q7Q. MAIDS-at your SERyiCE For. reliable domestic help fty-'the hour, day or^permanent; Ref.'checlced 1B4I E Bdwy. Ers. 830 to S Z-B487." EXPERIENCED - ^companion;, jiouse keeper-or., bsby-slttteg.'Ph.-' ClttMn Box 473. Loans $75 fo $275 or -more . Signature -.Auto ^ · Furniture Repay In small psymtnts that wDl t vow pocketbook. ONE TRIP ONLY. Phone, tell us what you need, then come In for tht money: *P*y a] your debts with a loan from us Fastest ..service. Commerce Loan Co. * - · - 100 So Stone Ave. Ph. 3-7579 LOANS Rtal Erfafty WE soeclallzc in bui'in* - stllinf Ifnt trading mortKa«s. oracle Reelty. 2223 Oracle Rd, Phone 3-fl3fj FOR ^ KRST MORTGAGE LOAN* : ON OWNER- OCCUPIED SDCaLB FAMILY HOME SEE TUCSON FEDERAL SAVINGS t LOAN ASSOC. ' CONGRESS AT STONE DIAL S-47 I HAVE CASH la buy levers! mortgages or contracts. Call me at 3-5420 days or 6-0764 eves'. _ ,· 1st MORTGAGE LOANS BY MORTGAGB SPBCIAIJST* fferinR the best form of raortirate cans on residences, business or Income property for. e straight terra 9t to 10 years or on e««y monthly re. MURPHEY REALTY MORTGAGE CO. a N. stone Ertab, 1885 Dial I-XH f YOU HAVE ti.OOO satisfy raort- f v t f . you double it. One acre. 4 _h»BM». Stsr-Citlzen Box «64 MONEY ------* or sensible loans in all good locations. Low jayment terma,. Kelly Realty, 3701 E. Speedway. $ $ $ $ $ $ . $ · · $ $ Liberal Mortgage Loans Refinancing: See TALBOT of Tucson Realtors 36 S. Stone Dial 3-0521 " $ $ . 5 : $ ' Mortgage Loans Quick Action-Lowest Rates Construction Loans--Heftoancin*' Solot- Realty, Realtors . 23_N Bin Ave. '· Phone 3-6801 ' CONVENTIONAL AND FHA MORTGAGE. LOANS Construction, money available. PAUL-E. GREER MORTGAGE CO. 13 E. 3th St. Ph. 3-«021 or 4-11 AUTO REPAIRING ' 21 Car Need Motor Repair) Expert mechanic* to aerv* you. : Easy paymenu may b« arranfted. uto Bov5. I50T s 8th. Phong 3*] 'RUCKS FOR SALE 22 TRUCKS" 46 Intl. Pickup $795 40 Intl. Pickup $425 41 Chev. Panel $495 W-I-L-L-I-A-M-'S 02 S. 6th. Ph.3-3732- 40 DODGE. I ton pickup, 4-wheeI drive. Runs good «6t. Will tr»d«. ueblo Motors, Inc., M01 8. 6th Avt. 31sl 2-38H. $ CASH IN A HURRY $ Deal with e locall company and enjoy · quick. friendly:: confidential loan - services Liberal-lendlnx, poll on.r your · .auto - furniture -. truck trailer- Paid for or not. P reduced end bills consolidated: _ _ - _ trailers finances for buyer "orr seller, ARIZONA CREDIT, CO. LOANS Real Estata · 20* CONSULPUS' If you have a mortjtme problem. We lave'-money-ior firtt' tnortcafac'well secured; t ,, , · - - .Drqchman-GrantC' «ervic« for roon. and board.', Star-M V. Stont, REALTOM Dial'J-Htl ATIXB HOURS DIAL 37 HALF-TON Ford nick-up. Good., owners. «275. 1« W. JDvfcJ ltd' Oppositi Jtuniclpal; airport, aftar i 3---1841 ^4-ton panels, international Dodfe. ITord, in Hood worldna- condl-' tion. DoUy Madison Cakes. 137 E. Jpeie. Ph. 2-QS17 . ..AUTOS FOR SALE ^ 23 lirtl 1?ONT1AC. tudor. clean, completely equipped, apply at Cutaway V-8 tudor. 11,500 miles. A-I condition. Grey color. «at «iv«rs, «.*». cull 2.Q«71- evenln«s-»-«»W. ·38 BulcJc sped*! TuOar Sedan. JUdio, Heater. Excellent condition. Phon* · f t f r * q-m jma f LVM. sedan: will ake ntO cash. 701 So.~-Stone Ave, 1190 FORD coupe .must Mil clean as -: * Bin: wouW accept " " trade. Phone Mr. Lei. 1 6th Ave, v MODEL PEL A Ford. 40H E: Lee. ~ CHEVY deluxe club cpe.., red..*" ·.. 2-tone ereen. 14.000 noiles: ill*). ' 1WB htr.. . , Private piirtv. Ph. »-»TH. rivate pi FORD radio nsUl custom tudor "t". JlMtttv -' cov«r«, undraMtliu;.iMM- · ·4* DBLBXtv Plymouth .tudor. mlliue. luuv MUlOBMl.'WUl. ·fict. can -t-m* ' · --- -~.g -WITS'

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