Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 22
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Pagi A-24--INDEPENDENT L*f» «Mch, Calif, Thwn., Mv. II, 1H* N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y NOTICE NoLlcft la hereby given by the un- ucrAientd Alfred J. Gil aid f rcalJhii at 1953 Oregon, · Long Beach, Call Cornla, that after the dat«.o( March 9, 196$. he will not be responsible tor any dob la. liabilities, or obligations Incurred by any persona other than hi nisei r, Dated: March 8, 1936. ALFRED 3. GltiARDI Pub. Mar. 10. 11, 12. 1966 (30 UB.I. 16W1 NOTICE TO CREDITORS ' No. SO P 9549 Superior .Court 'of the Slate ol California,. for Iho County of Los Angelei. In.the Matter of tho Estate of Glenn'E. Taylor, Deceased. Notice Is hereby given to creditors having claims against the Bald decedent to file In the office of tlio clerk of the of o resale court or to present them to the undersigned at the office of John son Johnson, 60 Elm Avenue, Ir the City ol 'Long Beach, in thi aforesaid County, 1 which latter of flee Is the place ot business' of thi und«rajgned in all matters pertain Ing to said estate. Such claims wlU the necessary vouchers must be filed or presented as aforesaid within six months after the first pub IIcation o f - t h i s notice. . "Dated February 21, 1966. BANK OF AMERICA NTS^ Executor of the will of said decedent. JOHNSON . JOHNSON Attorn eys- at- Law 60 Elm Ave. Long Beach, Calif. Pub. M*r. 3, JO, 17, 24, '66 (4t) LBf 05773 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME The undersigned does certify lie. conducting a business at 1001 N. icltlc Avenue, Hedondo · Beach, altfornla, tinder the fictitious firm t of SIMOCHKO MASONKY CO. id thai said firm Is composed of ie following person, whose immo f u l l ' a n d place of real dene* Is » follors: Peter T. Slmocl.Ko/-400 E. Arbor trcet, Ixjng Beach, Calif. Dated February 23. 1966. - . ' PETER T. SIMOCHKO tale of California, « Angeles County:. On February 23, 19G6, before, me, Notary Public In and for said :ato, personally appeared Peter T. .moclmo -known · to · mo to be-.the erson whose- name Is subscribed the within- Instrument and nc- nowlodged ho executed tlio same, RUTH C. PARKS, (SEAL) Notary Public · Feb. 24, Mar. 3, 10, 17, '63 (4t LBI. 17144 NOTICE OF HEARING OF PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL No. SOP 9702 : · In tha Superior Court of the Stat ·f California for the County of Ixi Angeles, In tha Matter of th* EstaU of MAUD E. ALLEN, Deceased. · Notice Is hereby given that th petition of Bank of America Ha tlonal Trust and Savings Aasocla lion for, the Probate of tha Will o the above-named -deceased and fo tha Issuance of Letters Testnrnen tary ' thereon to the petitioner which reference Is "hereby made fo further particulars, will be ; hear at 9:30 o:clock A.SF., on March 2 1S6S, at the court room ot Depart ment. South 'II 1 .^ o f ' t h e Superlo Court of the State of California fo the County of Los Angeles, City o Long Beach. Dated February 25. I960.- WILLIAM G. SHARP, ·County Clerk and Clerk o the Superior Court of tlie State of California for th County of Las Angeles. By B. Glger, Deputy Johnson A. Johnson * 60 Elm Avertue Lorig Beach. Calif. HE 7-M73 Attorney! for Petitioner, Fub. Mar. 3,' 4," 10.-1966 (3t) -L.B. ,. . 05775 V CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME The undersigned do certify the ara conducting a business at 137 E Seaside Blvd., Long Beach, Crf fornla,. under the fictitious fir name of ' ; ' TUB SOUNDS and that said firm is composed thet following 1 persons, whose name- In full and places of residence ar as follows: Pauline S. · Parker, 1632 Cedf Ave., Apt 7, Long Eench, Calfforni Haskell L. May, 3911 135th Stre'e Hawthorne, California, Dated February 23, 19G6. · PAULINE S. PARKER . HASKELL L, MAT :' ' State of California.- '. Los Angeles County:. '. . ' , On February 23, 1966, before me, Notary Public In and for said Stal personally appeared Pauline S Parker and. Uaskell D. Hay know to me .to be the persona who names ar« subscribed to tha with Instrument anil acknowledged the executed tha same, · ' RUTH C. PARKS, (SEAL} Notary Public Teb. 24, Mar. 3. 10, 17, 'GO 4t) LB . . 16456 NOTfCE TO CREDITORS No. SO4211 In the Superior Court of the Sta of California, m and for the Coun of Tx)3 Angeles. T n - t l t e Matter the Estate of JOHN PROKOP, al known aa JOHN PROKOFOVITSH Deceased. Notice Is hereby g/vcn by f undersigned. BALDO M. KRISTC VICH PUBLIC ADJUNISTRATOB as Administrator of. the Estata: JOHN PROKOP, etc.. Deceased, the Creditors of, and all person having claims against, the said cedent, to present them, with 1) necessary vouchers, within six months after the first publication of this notice, to the said Administrator at his office at 220 .N. Broadway, 200 Old Hall of Records, Los Anseles, California 90012, which said office the undersigned selects as a place of business In all matters connected with said estate, or to f il e them, with th e n e cessary vouchers, -within sir months after the first publication of this notice, Notre* NOTICE TO BIDDERS The LOJIE Beach Unified School strict will receive «eal«d bids In e office of tlio Purchasing Dlvl- on, Room 206 Administration i:Siding. 701 Locust Avenue, Long each, California, up to 11 a.m. arch 17, 1966. for the following: Sched. #3933-E--Classroom Television Receivers Specifications and bid forms may obtained in the office of the "urchaslne Division. LONG BEACH UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT By MARIE WELLS, Assistant Secretary lib. Mar. 3, 10, 1056 (2t) L.B.I, if Trust In ths property altuated In iald County and State described as: The North 45 feet of the West 76 eet of Lot 4 of Signal Hill View Trad, as per map recorded In book 0 page 103 ot Unps, In tlic office if the county recorder of 5ald lounty. Said sale Trill bo mode, but without covenant or warranty, express S9743 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE No. 18791 On March £9. 1953. at 10 o'clock A.AL, at th* Easterly entrance of ha Hall of Justice, In tha 'Clt; f Los Angeles,--California. ' LOi ORPORATION as Trustee, -under :ia deed of trust made by JOH? B. TALKINGTON, husband and vlfe,_and recorded April 30, 1965, i» il Not to* ;v, exi 10, pO: or Implied, regarding llllo, jiosses- ton, or encumbrances, to pay the remaining principal sum ot the note ecured by aald Deed of Trust, cxwlt: $2,874.83. with Interest from January r 15, 1965, aj In iftld not9 provided, advances,'If any, under he tehns of said Deed'-.of Tryst, ces, charges and expense* 'of the Trustee a n d ' O f tho trusts'created y said Deed o f Trust/ : · ' , ' · Tlio beneficiary under said Deed )f Trust, by reason of a breach* or lefnult In the obligations secured .hereby, heretofore executed and delivered to tho undersigned a Tvrit- .en Declaration ot Default and Denan d for Sale, nnil written notice f breach and of election to cause Jie undersigned to aeH said property to satisfy i-aid obllgatlous, and .hereafter, on November-24, 1965, lie undersigned caused said notice of breach- and of election to be recorded In book 2I205L, page. 164 of snld Official Rccardn. Date: February 25, 1966. TITLE INSURANCE AND TRUST COMPANY ns said Tmstce, By Richard A. Walter Assistant Secretary Pub. Mar. 3, 10, 17, 196C (3t) L.B.I. OFFICIAL CITY PRINTING NOTICE INVITING BIDS FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE INTERSECTION OP THIRD STREET AND JUN1- PERO AVENUE IN THE CITY OF LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, lealed bids will be received at the office of the City Manager, In UNGELES TITLE AND ABSTRACT Room 303 of the City Hall of the City of Long Beach, California, until 2:00 o'clock P.M., on March 24 ^TALKINGTON and GBRAIoDINE 1966, at whicli time and place silt bids will bo publicly . declared for furnishing a opcr ill m cncd ICCCSFQF; look" T433Q Page 746 of' Officlali^bor, tools, materials, appliances ant lecorda of- Los. Angeles . County,]equipment for and doing the work o California, by reason of breach of constructing Portland cement con ertalo obligations secured thereby,Icreto curb, .combined curb and gut notica of which was recorded No-: er, gutter, pavement, driveway apron vember 26, 1955, In Book M2G51 d a l d e w a l k ; asphalt eoncreto pave Page 736 of *aid Official Records. "«nt nnd resurfacing: crusher run LOS ANGELES TITLE AND AB- inck b .^ e f «*ch basin willi pip LOS ANGELES TITLE AND AB' 1TRACT CORPORATION, oa Trus- ee, will sell at pubtto auction to he highest bidder "lor cash, payable in lawful money of "tha United States at the ilnio of Baler'without warranty as to title, possession -or ncumbrances, the Interest conveyed JQ and now held* by eald trustee inder said deod of trust, In and to ha following described . property, ocatcd In the " County ot Los Angeles,'State of California, to-wit: - Lot. 143 of Tract 33202 as per map recorded In Book 335, Pages 1 to 10 Inclusive of Maps, In the Office of *tha County Recorder of said'County.: . For the purpose of paying obllga- :lons secured by said Deed of Trust, deluding fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee, advances, It- any, under the terms of said Deed o! Trust, Interest thereon and $3,100.00 " unpaid principal of the note secured by laid Deed of Trust, with nterss t thereon from September 10, 1965, At 1056 per annum, as in Lid note and by law provided. Dated: February 37. 1965. IiOS ANGELES TITLE AND ABSTRACT CORPORATION, Trustee, Georgo I/. Marlnoff, President Pub. March 3, 10. 17. 1956 (3t) I«.B.I. work. In accordance with 'Ions 4 Specifications No. R-371 .· the Improvement of the Inter ctlon of Third Street and Juni Avenue in the City of Lonj each. 'California" on file in tli fice of tho City Engineer of aaii 89742 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE No, 18764 On March 29, 19 05, at 10 o'clock A.M., at tha Easterly'entrance of tho Hall ot Justice, in tha 'City of Los Angeles,' California, LOS ANGELES TITLE AND ABSTRACT CORPORATION as Trustee;-under Jie deed of trust made by LRLA 3TJNBAR, an 'unmarried woman and EARL T. DUNBAR and JOSIB M. DUNBAR, husband and wlf* all BS joint tenants, and recorder March 12, 1565, In Book T424Q Pag 101 of Official Records of Ix Ajigeles County, CalIfornia, give to secure on indebtedness in favo of NATHAN DAY and EVELY^ DAT, hu s band and wi fe, as join tenants, now owned and held b CERTIFIED TRUST DEEDS. INC by reason of breach of certain ob Jigallon3 secured thereby, notice o R-hidi wi ~ vertime wages are incorporated ereln by reference thereto with like orce and effect as If expressly sei orth herein. Any contract awarded ereunder shall provide that the ontractor rnuat comply witli thi eneral prevailing rate of per diem wages and overtime wages u ipeci ted in said Resolution. - ' All bids and bid bonds shall b mibmUted upon forms to b« secure*!. at the office of said City Engineer Each bid shall be accompanied b certified, check or bank draft 1965, said ·na recorded. November In Book M2050 Page 61 Official Records, LOS AN st pi: offi _n tho office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of the State of California in and for the County of Los Angeles. Dated: February 10, 19GS. BALDO M. KRTSTOVICH, Public Administrator, as administrator of the estate of Eaid decedent. MAdlaon 5-3611 Ext. 64287 Feb. 17, 24, Mar. 3, 10, '66 (40 LBI GELES TITLE AND ABSTRACT CORPORATION, as Trugtce, wll sell at public auction to the high eg bidder for cosh, payable in lawfu Tioney ol tha United States at th time of sale, without warranty a. So title, possession or encumbrances Lhe Interest conveyed to and now held by said, trustee under salt deed of trust. In and to the follow Ing described, property, located In the County of Los Angeles, Stat or California, to-wit: The West 40 feet of Lot 24, 25, 23 and 27 of the J. W. Boyd Tract, as per map recorded In Hook 5, Page 56 of Maps, in t h e Office of the County Recorder of said County. i'or the purpose of paying obllff lona secured by said Deed of True nchidEng fees, charges and expense of the Trustee, 16316 NOTICE TO CREDITORS No, 502264 In the Supreme Court of tlie Stale of California, in and for the County of Los Angeles, In the Matter of the Estate of NORUAN EVERETT LOGAN. Deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned. BALDO M. KRISTOVICH, PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR, as Adminifllrator TV! tli-w ill-annex PC of (he Estate of NORMAN EVERETT LOGAN. Deceased, to thf Creditors of. and all persons having rlalrns against, the said decedent to present them, with the necessary vouchers, within six months after the first publication of this notice to the said Administrator nt hi: office at 220 N. Broadway, 200 Olt Hall of Records. Los Angeles, Calf fornla 90012, which Eald office thi undersigned selects as a place o business in all matters connecte with said estate, or to file then with the necessary vouchers, wlthli E!I months after tlie first publics Uon of this notice. In the of(ico o the Clerk of the Superior Court o t h e Slate of California in and fo the County of Txa Angeles. Dated: February 9. 19SS. BALDO M. KRISTOVICK, Public Administrator, as administrator wlth-will- innexed of the estate of said decedent. MAdison fi-SWI Xeb. 17.21. Mar. 3, 10, lM6Ct) L.B.I ] nder tho terms c f sal d Deed Trust, Interest thereon nnd $2,402.; unpaid principal of the nol secured by said Deed of Trust, wit ntereat thereon from July 15, 1965 at 10% per annum, as in said not nnd by law provided. Dated: February 34, 1966, LOS ANGELES TITLE AX ABSTRACT CORPORATION Truatee, George L. Marinoff, Preslden Pub. March 3, 10, 17, 19G6 (3t L.B, 17112 NOTICE TO CREDITORS No, 503313 In the Superior Court of th- State of California, In and for tn Couniy of Los Angeles, In thi Matter of the Estate of ADELINE E. LONG, also known as ADA E LONG, Deceased. Not! co Is h croby given by undersigned. BALDO M, KRISTO VICH, PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR as Administrator with-will-annexei of the Estate of ADELINE E LONG, etc., Deceased, to the Crtd flors of, and all persons having claims against, the said decedent to present them, with the necessary vouchers, within nix months alter tha first publication of this notice to the said Administrator at hia of/Jca at 220 N. Broadway, 200 Old Hall of Records, Ix3 Angeles, California 90012, which said office the undersigned selects as a place o business In all matters connected argea E advan iices, If any 89364 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE No, 16382 On March 33, 1965, nt 10 o'cloc A.jr., at the entrance of the TJnlo Federal Building located at 4 South Spring Street, City of Li Angeles, California. Superior Tit Service, Inc., as Trustee under tl deed of trust made by Donald AV Lie Van, a single man, and records January IS, 1964, in Book 1345 Page 41, of Official Records of T* Angeles County, California, give to secure an Indebtedness in favo of Union Federal Savings and Loa Association, a corporation, by re son of tho breach of certain obllg tlons secured thereby, notlco which was recorded October 1965, in Book M2023, Pago S62, said Official Records, said Trust will sell at public auction to highest bidder for caah, payable lawful money of the United Slat at the time of sale, without wn ranty as to title, possession or e cumbrances, the Interest convey to and now held by said Trust under safd Deed of Trust, in an to the following described propert to-wit: Lot 5 of Atlantic Boulevard, Tra No, 1, In the city of Long Beac as per map recorded in book page 91 of Maps, in the office t h e county recorder of said count for t h a purpose of paying obllg tlons secured by said Deed Inclu ing fees, charges and expenses tho Trustee, advances. If any, und the terms of said Deed, intere thereon and $15,563,13 in unpa principal ot tha note secured b said Deed, with interest- therec from June 15, 1965, as In raid no and by law provided. Dated: Kehruary 21. 19C6. SUPERIOR TITLE SERVICE INC.. Trustee (SEAL By Roger L. Kringen. Secreta Feb. M, March 3, 10, 1956 (3t) LB 69730 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE T.O. No. 65.9141 On Friday. March 25, 19S6, 11:00 A.M., TITLE IN3URANC AND TRUST COMPANY. M du appointed Trustee under and iviih said estate, or 1o file them with (he necessary voucher*, within six months after the first puhlfca- _ ............ _. .,,. ... tlon of this notice, in the office of | page GH of O/ficUl Records in the Clerk of Hie Superior Court of; office of t h e County Recorder ilia State of California In and for'Ix3 Angeles County, Callfornt ' ' ' ' IS 19G1. executed b- PIERCE and BER KICK L. PIERCE, husband and recorded October 4, 196 Inslr. No. 436, In book T2025 suant to Deed ot Trust datM tembcr 30, ROBERT ~ li;ft County of Loa Dated: February II, JMG. BALDO M. KRISTOVICi;, Public Administrator, aa administrator wlth-wlll- Atineied of the estate of caid decedent. MAdlson 6-361S Wirch. 3, 10, 17, 24, 13W (U) L.B.T. WILL SELL- AT PUBLIC AUCTIO TO HIGHEST BIDDER FOR CAS (payable at time o/ sale In Jawf money ot the United States) at tJ entrance of the Los Angeles Coun Courthouse, fit 601 W«l Fir Street, Loi Anreles, California, right, title and Interest conveyed and now held by it tinder said Dee nncctEons; doing rth work; all reniovEil doing all othc ty, to ·which said nginc Plan: is Spec! POLITICS Ex-Harbor Chief Running for Senate cations No. R.-3712 reference ereby made for further particulars Copies of said plans and spectff jtions may be obtained at said of ce of the City Engineer, Room 602 ty Hall, upon deposit of 525.0C !T ropy. Progress payments will he made i due course of payments of the .ty In accordance with the rc- ulrements -provided under Article 05 of Standard Specifications No. -1577. Contractor shall start the work ithin ten (10) days and shall com- cte th6 work within forty-five (45) orklng days from the- data of [ecutlon of: tha contract, Pursuant to Article- 3, Chapter 1, art 7, Division 3 of the Labor Code £ tha State of California, the City ouncll," by Resolution No. C-19307, as ascertained and determined the eneral prevailing rate of per diem -- anil overtime wnges /or eacit jr type of laborer, workman r mechanic required In the per- rmance of public work. A copy of .aid Resolution Is on file In the of- ce of tho City Engineer. Said joh ossifications and general, prevall- g rate of per diem wages and By BOB HOUSER »Tttkjl Eai:r'' .; Lloyd A. Menveg, president af the Los Angeles Harbor Commission from 1953-61 and now a member of. the Cali- ornia Yacht and Ship, Brok- TS Commission, has filed as a Democratic' candidate for . 'tale Senate in the new 32nd )istrict, which includes the larbor, Torrance, Gardena nd Watts areas. Noting the Los Angeles and -ong Beach Harbors as "the greatest manmade harbor fa- cities in the world," Menveg said they can and should be- ;ome ,the Pacific's greatest port. · He expressed hope a way could be found "to utilize fate' oil lands income to re- ieve taxes on the overburdened property owner." He pledged his support of legisla- ion for a 2% ceiling on property tax assessments and a statewide uniform assessment iw. Menveg currently serves on the District Attorney's Advisory Council, is · a former member of the Small Business Advisory Council, Los Angeles District, has .represented Southern California, on . the Western Shipbuilding Association and is a past director of San Pedro Community Hospital. He studied business administration, accounting and foreign trade at Long Beach City College and Sawyer Business College. He is 43, married and has three children. The family home .is at 1256 Banning Ivd., Wilmington. . * * 4 AL MARLOWE RUNS Harold C. (Hal) Marlowe 4, former FBI agent and un ersheriff" of Los Angeles ounty and most recently the ssistant director for congres onal affairs for the Office f Economic Opportunity in Vashington, is a. candidate or the Democratic Part; orriination for California sec etary of state. Marlowe cited the respon ibility'pf enforcing and ad ministering the state's elec ion laws as one which "alon .eeds the attention and su to the City Auditor of tlio Txmc Beach . _ ~ _. __ lolTent.pank In Jxs Angelea County and drawn r a satisfactory bond of an amoun \t not less than ten per cent (10$ \t such bid, as a guarantee that tli ildder, if awarded a contract, wi .jsecute and deliver to the Citj Engineer, within ten (10) days afte uch contract Is tendered, a con ract for furnishing all the neces mry labor, tools, material^ ltances, and equipment for, anc olng the work called for herein ogether with a good and aufflcien orporat« surety bond in favor o he City of Long Beach, for an amount of not leag than tw«nty-fiv er cent (25%) of such contra* iri co f o r the faithful pert ormanc f such contract, and a j?ood am ufficlent corporal* surety bond in n amount of not less than titty ler cent (50%) of such contrac nice for tlta payment of all labo and material claims. x Certified checks or bank drafL ccompanying all bids will bo re ined by City u n t i l R contract be ween the successful bidder and llj City has been executed. The City Manager reserves th ·Ight at any staple of these proceed ngs, to reject all bids and to re urn. all deposits accompanying sal bids. Data Man-11 10, 1966. JOHN R, MANSELL City Manager Pub. Mar. 10, 1S56 (ft) L.B.T. NOTICE I N V I T I N G BIDS FOR FURNISHING AND DEL I V B R I N G REINFORCED CONCRETE PIPE FOR SANITARY SEWERS AND STOKU DRAINS TO THH CITY OF LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA NOT1CR IS HRRRBY GIVEN hat scaled, bids will b« received a :he Office of tha City Manager, i Room 303 of the City Hall, in U City of I^onu Beach, California unt 2:00 o'clock, P.M., on March 1 1365, at which time and place pai bids will be publicly opened nr declared for furnishing nnd J llverlng B52 L..F, of 30-inch 3150676 I,.F. of 13-inch 2000102 L..F. of 12-inch 2500- Relnforced Concrete Pipe to th City of Long Beach, California, accordance with Specifications N R-375, on file in the Office of th City Engineer of said City, to u-hlc said specifications reference is her by made for further particulars, an the same are by such reference 1n corporated herein and made a pa hereof, the same 03 though act forth hereundcr. ful Copies of said specifications ma be obtained at said Office of th City Engineer, Room 502, City Ha but said copies shall at all times r main the properly of tlie Cily Long Beach, and must be retumc to t h a City Engineer within ten (I days after bids are opened. All bids and bid bonds shall b submitted upon forms to be secure at the Office of the City Kngincc Contractor shall deliver the rein forced concrete pipe to a poll designated by Mr. Sydney Free: Superintendent of Sewer Mai tenance, Public Service Departmen City of Lone Beach. Each bid snail be accompanied . a certified check or hank dral payable to tlie City Auditor of th City of Long Beach, and drawn on solvent bank In Los Angeles Count of a satisfactory bond of an amou of not less than ten (JO) per cent fiicJi bid as a guarantee that tl bidder. If awarded a contract wf execute and deliver to the Cll Engineer, within ten (10) days aft fiich contract Is tendered, a cot tract for furnishing and deliver in reinforced concrete pipe, complet as called for herein, together wl a good and sufficient corpora surety bond In favor of ths City i Long' Beach, for an amount of n less than twenty-five (25) per cen of such contract price for th« faitli ful performance of such contrac Certified checks or banV draf Accompanying All bids will be r talned by tho City until n contra between the successful bidder an the City has been executed. Payment will be made In di course- of nty/nenl* of the Cily i Long Beach after acceptance of sal work by.thft City. The City. Manager reserves " th . right, at any" etftge of theae pr cocdings. to reject all bid's ana return all deposits accompanyin said bids. Date- March 10. 1965, JOHN n. MANSBLL City Manager Pub. Mar. 10, 1066 (II) L.B.I. Heavy Rain 1 .. - \ ~ and Snowfall in Northwest By UujlMt Tna fnlcnullMUl Torrential rains and'heav snows slugged the Pacifi Northwest Wednesday. hreat of floods arose in th northern Plains areas swep only last week by a killer bliz ard. The new storm in the north west dropped rain and sno' over.a wide area from North em California to the north ern Rockies. As much a 2 fee of new snow added to th mowpack in mouutain area of northern Washington. The heaviest rains drenche Oregon's southwest c b a s -ape Blanco got nearly 2\ 'nches in six hours, bodstir ts 24-hour total to 7.90 incl es. * * * * WINDS up to 60 miles a hour blew the rain along th Pacific Coast. Weatherme said the storm would continu through today. The Weather Bureau a Kansas City, Mo., warned th there might be heavy runof and flood crests in the Re River area of North Dakoi and Minnesota as the result i a significant increase in sno depths. Sen. Quentin Burdick, N.D., urged the Army Corp of Engineers to send an eme gency task force to North D kota immediately to help loc officials meet the flood threa Tlie Weather Bureau s'a the Red River at Grand Fork N. D., might crest as much 23 feet above the technic flood stage of 28 feet. Ci Engineer Robert J. Schoe born s a i d waters that 'hig would knock out G r a r Forks' water plant and inu date one of two bridges co necting Grand Forks and Ea Grand Forks, Minn. RIVER forecasters said t Red River was expected crest at Fargo, N. p., at b tween 23 and 30.5 feet du ing the next five weeks. Flex stage there Is 17 feet. At Crookston, Minn., t crest was expected to rea nearly 26 feet, more than feet above flood stage. Snow left by the blizza melted f a s t on the Plai Wednesday as the mercu ranged above t h e freezi mark everywhere in the n lion except in the Rockies ai New England. Light rains fell in Florii and the middle Mississip Valley. LLOYD A! MENVEG 32nd District Candidate rvision of a candidate ex- rienced in government with background in enforcement d, above all, a candidate «cutive committee, 'of; the Democratic S t a t e Finance Committee, a longtime member of the Golden Bear Club, the President's Club and Democratic Associates. . Marlowe, his wife-^a former .FBI,employep-and their two children HVe Iri the San Fernando Valley. He saw service as a naval aviator in the Pacific Tli eater in World War II. . t * »- « JUDGE DILLS IN 32ND . Judge Ralph C.' Dills, six- term, assemblyman, four-term presiding judge of the Muni cipal Court, brother of Assemblyman Clayton A. Dills, is a Democratic candidate f o r State Senate in the new 32nd District. Dills claims sponsorship during his legislative career, of legislation creating Long Beach State College and the superior and municipal courts in the Watts, Willowbrook, e unimpeachable." As an undersheriff his dir ;s included supervision of usiness consultant firm. He is a member of the ex- Sears I BEST mrr whose economic condition has deprived them of transpqrta- :!oh to a job; tax relief; mass transit; concerted a c t i o n against air and water pollu- :ion'; education apace 'with :he critical demand; opportunities for full ·citizenship, rights, jobs, homes and recreation. . Dills came to Gardena from a Texas farm in 1925, got a 1949 law degree from Loyola University · and a doctor of jurisprudence degree in 1961 "for outstanding service as state legislator and judge." He · is married .to -the' fpme'r Marguerite Amundson, · and lives at 423 W. Alondra Blvd., Gardena. They .have a married son who is a senior, at UCLA, and' two granddaughters; Bchind-tite-Ear HEARING AID Tesi I Would Like More Information About Sear. Hearing Aids. Write to: Sir. John Sear* Hu*b««-k * Cm. IHO I/»«g Bench Blvd., ' ' . · Mug Bench Hom« DemonstnUoa Available Anywhere UA. «r Ora»f O. Sttri Carry Ccnplcte HMrlaf Aid Nccdi stone, East Gardena and Torrance areas. Dills' campaign points inmost 5,000 men with a cwde restoration of a full orking budget of nearly $30 t i me superior court to the illion a year. He resigned in Compton area with added 962 to organize his own criminal jurisdiction; maintenance and restoration of|l drivers licenses to thousands!! BOBBY I enneus ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY * ' shop at home FROM CENTRAL AREAS; : I CALL 625-0461. FROM TOLL AREAS, ' CALL TOLL-FREE ZE 2-1766. We bring sampled FrMmtinratel FtMContuhationl No obligationl Cat PanrM/s for complete decorating iervica...draperies, slipcovers, reuphoHfeting,- carpeting! Re-upholster now at Special Savings! 69 88 standard chair single cushion standard sofa with 2 or 3 cushions 129*88 On* low pric* includes fabric and tabor...complete on standard styling! Other styles at proportionate savings! Do it now and save! Switch your decor to Spring I Hay* our decorator experts custom re-upholster your choirs and sofas perfectly! Choose from 9 beautiful upholstery fabrics in splendid solids, handsome tweeds (19-color selection) and elegant woven pat* tern* as well as Penney 7 * rich-looking supported vinyl (with th* · pick of 34 shaides). We'll rebuild your old favorite from the inside out...and pick-up and deliver it, too. SERVICE AVAILABLE IN GREATER LOS ANGELES, ORANGE AND VENTURA COUNTY

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