Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 12, 1967 · Page 7
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 7

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, May 12, 1967
Page 7
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ITaftiJ Qtaurn FRIDAY, MAY 12, 1W PAGE 7 : Doctor Alvarez ·V '· ' : Dr. Walter C. Alvarez fa -emeritus consultant in me : cine of the Mayo Clinic and '- emeritus professor of medt- "' cine of the Mayo Foundation. - ON AVOIDING DIARRHEA WHILE TRAVELING · People keep writing to ask me ·what medicine they should take : each day, when they are travel- :ing, so that they won't get an " intestinal upset, perhaps with ·violent diarrhea. They want to ;know also what medicine to take ;if they should get an attack. : Some 20 or 30 years ago I : might have given answers to ' these questions because I then ·accepted the idea of that time that the diarrhea of travelers in \ the tropics is due to an infestation with amebas. Amebas are microscopic single-cell parasites which attack the lining of the bowel, and sometimes go up and produce a big abscess in the liver. A high percentage of the people who live in certain tropical countries have parasites in their bowels. Incidentally, a good point to remember is that a considerable percentage of these people have no symptoms. I remember a big powerfully - built rancher from Mexico who, years ago, brought his wife up to see me. While she was recovering from a little operation, she insisted that he go through the clinic. . When he did, we found his bowel filled with half a dozen different types of parasites which can cause illness. But ne maintained he had never had a sick day in his life, and certainly he looked healthy. He showed how harmless an infestation of the bowel with parasites can be. Once, back in 1925, when it occurred to me that because I had once lived for nearly 3 years in Mexico, I might have acquired some parasites, I had my stools examined for amebas, and found that I had a tremendous infestation with them. But they were not bothering me much, and hence, when I took medicine and got rid of them, all I noticed was that I did not get up at night to urinate. Evidently, they had for some time been irritating my bladder. Another time when I went down to Mexico City, it interested me to note that on arrival there, my bowels became so irritated that all that first night I got hardly any sleep. But next day I was well, and what interested me was that I had no residual abdominal soreness. This fact suggested to me that I had had a virus infection that affected perhaps not my bowel, but only the nerves to my bowel. I have had violent spells like that while traveling in the United States; also I have seen in this country epidemics of this type of illness. I remember well a day when a third of the nurses in one of the two big hospitals in Rochester, Minn, came down with a paralyzing diarrhea. Nearly all of them were well the next day. Such an illness almost has to be due to a virus, and hence is not amenable to treatment with drugs. I know of no drugs that will keep such an illness from coming, and no drug to treat it after it has come. Fortunately,' in most cases, the disease does not need any treatment, because it is gone next day. For years, physicians have been blaming Mexico for most of the "tourist disease," but when the exchange students who go to Europe and Africa and Asia were questioned, it was found that a considerable percentage of them, on arriving in a foreign land, have a brief spell of diarrhea. The percentage affected was higher among those who went to the warm countries on the Mediterranean coast than among those who went to the cool Scandinavian countries. Recently, also, a careful study was made of the stools of many travelers in Mexico who suffered from diarrhea, and it was found that amebic infestation was not the cause. Hence, it is that I know of no drug to take. It still might be well, however, for people traveling in Southern land's to use only bottled water. They must never let the waiter or pantry-man put ice into the water, perhaps with his bare hands. Those persons who like beer and wine can drink those fluids, and others can drink hot tea. It will be advisable to avoid eating salads and such uncr I od foods as are handled by men or women in the kitchen. »«£*·""·« '* eg? "miAvnn" STANDARD BRANDS PAINT CO. 2T«9 die 9e*t ( v*'y II**n in Qw STnrri Ctrtiftr^ ^ TO." Tt» lt» N|^®£:}1 P*f?iB EVERYTHING ALWAYS SOLD WITH AN UNCONDITIONAL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE · AMPLE FREE PARKINS - FREE EXPERT £** J^vs I x^5- ·· LHV '-WAgL' -PAINT, ·'WnKw'nAr · « · * " * ! . · * ' ' ' * ~ *~ *^- · Scnibbabr'? » 1 hatfrd,ry .,, * ^ ^ ^ J - * 1 - * ' ·; i ° ^ . » Brusoorrotli · No tatex odor^ * « Ctean-up with water ? - · Use on interior, stucco, · plaster, brick ,,, s · White and all colors GOMPAJWBLS RETAIL c en unife PRICE a.oii~ * Run «*·" * r, dSR MT WS^.** i 5^1 FINEST MOVEABLE LOUVER SHUTTERS · BtiUtlfully Gr«ln«d · Hand Sanded · R««dy to St*)n PHILIPPINE MAHOGANY 67 SIZES IN STOCK, IE: 6»/,xl3in. 7x20 In. 7x36 in. 8x20 in. 49cea. 3Scea. 1.77 ea. 1.11 ea. 8x24in. 9x24in. 9x26in.' 10x29 In. 1.33 ea. 1.49 ea. 1.64 ea. 1.95 ea. 10x36 in. 12x32 in. 15x40 in. 15x54 in, 2.39 ea. 2.29 ea. 4.25 ea. 6.69 ea. SK« T*qg$ INS PLASTIC BLINDS MATCH STICK STYLE · Imported · Vinylon cord · White, green, beige, and tangerine with white 3 x 6 It 1.39 8 x 6 ft 4.29 4 X 6 ft 1.89 10 x 6 ft 5.59 6 x 6 ft 2.89 12 x 6 it 7.49 WHITE MATCHSTICK ONLY 6 x 8 ft 3.79 10 x 8 f* 7.49 8 x 8 ft 5.49 12 x 8 ft 9.59 Plus i complete HUB of bamboo blinds VINYL,- ASBESTOS FL.POR TILE s 'l^RG^ ASSORTMENT OF NEW " ' /PATTERNS AND COLORS" ·· Goes over wood f^ « c or concrete 1 l_.w .' Extreprtely tough M o i*» v. -«nJ durable «J Vlu HOW W ^* si. f*i BAMI * 4 Jrt»d'« P**l C · Weatherproof ^ r ^ REDWOOD COIOR 11-^ : *v ^MK::%.V HI jx ^- C ^ ^ f i f l f l B H R * $" I f*t .QUALITY-, s«^a ." "^ zir**^* ""^ ish. PURCHASE WWtW NOW wo?«c;GioyEs -: : . i tO*. O«!p- V of mw patterns ; NO«_ONIY ; i?** I Rot! 36 I.R. -. 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Widths 'Goes over Wood or Concrete ( - LAftGE SELECTION Of PATTERNS COMTAITAVtE ' HETA1L S.«f ' NOW CASTING RESIN THE NEWEST IDEA IN THE ART HOBBY FIELD ,, · Hundreds of uses » Easily form tampsi ' trays, decorator items · Dries crystal clear Comp. retail 7.50 NOW CATALYST oz.37c i Plus a complete «ne of molds, :«lass balls'and'f««in colors. 5^5. Finest Plastic Laminated COUNTER TOPPING · Water and grease proof . Alcohol proof · Won't fade · Easily installed · Huge selection of styles · 1/32 In. Thick A wires, All at Use on Sinks, Desks, Tables, Bars, .Counters, etc. Comp. Retail 55 Now PHILIPPINE MAHOGANY ROD-DESIGN Hand sanded · Ready to paint or stain 15 x 80 In - 9.99 |Sq. . 1/16 In. Thick Now 25! Sq. Ft. 16 x 80 in. 18x80 in. ..10,89 12.59 GUARANTEED ONE-COAT INTERIOR ACRYLIC PAINT · One Stroke --- one coat * Lasts 8 years · 1 hr. dry * Brush or rol! · Scrubbable · Clean-up with water « White and colors COMPftRABLE PRICE 6«50 NOW ^r GALLON ....,V;-4;ft ..-r 1 ; 1 ^?.;:^ ·.ffi$t$! J*N« ^ - ~ iO to 5:3O SATURDAYS 8rOO to 6:30 'S OPEN 5 NIGHTS Won Tu« Wr« Thul Fn 8 DO A.M. to 9 00 P.* LOS ANOELES 1233 S. BROADWAY, it Pico Blvd. SANTA ANA 2416 S. MAIN 1 Block South of Warner (Delhi) FRESNO CORNER OT FULTON VENTURA PHOENIX 4343 E. VAN BUREN Corner 4 4 t h Van Suren SAN DIEGO CORNER KETTNER 4 E BURBANK 530 N. VICTORY BLVD. -M Block North of Magnolli BAKERSFICLD I9th i "O" STREETS PASADENA FAIR OAKS HOLLY 2 Blocks North of Colorado SANTA MONICA 1411 LINCOLN BLVD. at Santa Monica Blvd. POMONA-ONTARIO CORNER HOLT * MILLS 1 Block East of Indian Hills Blvd. LONG BEACH 2401 LONG BEACH ELVD.. South of Willow BROADWAY AT FIRST AVE. BROADWAY AT FIRST AVE. M43 E VAN BUREN PHOENIX Corner "* Van Buren ANAHEIM CORNER LINCOLN LINDSEY 1 Block Eait of Brookhurst SAN JOSE 456 MERIDIAN AVE. Between San Carlos A Moorpark QXNARD-VfNTUBA 2255 VINEYARD AVE. Comtr Oxnmrd'Vintyard HAYWARD 268 JACKSON Bttwien Soto Winlon SAN BERNARDINO 305 SOUTH "E" STREET WEST S»N FERri»NDC VALLEY I Woodland H.l's · 22050 VENTURA BLVD. 1 Block Weil of Topanga OARDENA-HAWTHORNE CORNER CRENSHAW BLVD. A 135th ST. VAN NUYS 6201 SEPULVEDA BLVD. Corner Erwin. 1 Block South of Victory EL MONTE 3603 PECK RO., 3 6lhs.No.of Valley TORRANCE 23126 HAWTHORNE BLVD. at LomitJ Blvd. LA MESA LA MESA 1 EL CAJON BLVOS. DOWNEY 8635 E.FLORENCE AVE. at Lakewood Blvd. TUCSON BROADWAY AT FIRST AVE,, WEST L.A. 1475 S. ROBERTSON BLVD. 2 Blocks South of Pico CHULA VISTA 225 BROADWAY at "E" RIVERSIDE CORNER MAGNOLIA 4 JURUPA 5 Blocks North of Central

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