Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 12, 1969 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 12, 1969
Page 12
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fat., AH UFF-A-DAY IrlMHIINifi^wM VI Poke SouiM By Reds ROME (AP) - "Italy says 'Enough,' " headlined the Communist party o r g a n L'Unita. It b 1 a m e d the government for t h e n a t i o n w i d e strikes and demonstrations that erupted after two persons we r e killed and hundreds were injured in a riot Wednesday at Buitipaglia. t'Unita termed subsequent clashes between demonstrators and police "grave new police provocations." It said the disorders and protests in Rome. Milan, Florence and other cities were "a proper reply to the massacre of Battipaglia and to the political failures of the center-left" coalition government. The government made no reply to the opposition charges, but the pro-government newspaper Giornale D'Jtalia blamed Communist organizers for starting the Battipaglia rioting, that pitted thousands of citizens against 2.000 police. The demonstrators worn protesting what they called "economic stagnation" in their region. The worst violence Friday Sight erupted in Milan, where hundreds of students pitched bottles, bricks and Molotov qocktails at police, who retaliated w i t h clubs, water hoses and teargas. Several policemen were injured and four students were hospitalized. Workmen across Italy struck for three hours Friday afternoon in a show of sympathy for workers and students of Batti- Jinglia. In Salerno province, which includes Battipaglia. a strike tied up public transportation, city services, and factories for 24 hours. tOm M vwasi, · V* *«*« tnc* only. Mo corn ·fur *d turn upsf**. This) ntwraper ttttrvt* th* to edit, rtjwu and properly eliMt- fjf ill*di. DEADLOraS: vuwiuco «di «t» «cepted tmtil p.m. on tr» day btfow publication and until 11:30 a.m. Saturday for Monday publication. Classified D U p l a y AdvtrtUtoi Deadlin* 2 daya befort publication. ACT NOW! Dial Timet Classified Ad 442-6242 CLASSIFIED INDEX LEGAL NOTICE* CARD OF THANKS 1-ANNOUNCEMENT* MCOME TAX SERVICE Audits-Accomting »* tun, t» t* KB. ·wr. » t. fig** u«» Hi) mfclavi WW'rtii Sam Couch 443-3569 won MCKHOE, taut, eraae, arifllne. plow- bu. Custom work by hour or contract, For dearinf, ditchliu, pond clnnlH, roads, pada, etc. Llcenarg, insured, iml eoalpment at rea«onaWa rales, all Chris, 4I3-S3U dayi or MI §·!·"« Rof- era, nifnt*. AL NOTICI* 4-PEKIOHAL* BEAUTY CAR! INtTMUCTION* "The wife and kids are no supporting the United trouble-- my problem is States Government Legal Noticei-- Springdale Rodeo Seeks Former Queens SPRINGDALE -- The Spring- dalc Benevolent Association, Sponsor of the a n n u a l Rodeo nf the Ozarks, has launched an all- out search for five "missing queens." The association plans to honor 24 former Rodeo of the Ozarks queens as part of the event's 25th anniversary celebration. To date, 19 of the former equestrian beauties have been contacted. MISSING Still missing arc: 1954 queen. Wahnee Lite of Cl.'iremorn, Okla. 155fi queen, Alyce Downing of Van Buron. 1959 queen. Ann Bowles of Westvillc. Okla. 1960 queen, Mary Kezi Car- Kthcrs of Jasper, Mo. 19iil queen. Ann Koon of Cassvillr, Mo. WHO TO CONTACT Persons knowing the present whereabouts of any of missing royaltv are asked t n contact Mn. Joe Hutter of Springdale, who is in charge of the queens' activities this year, o r t h e Sprinedalc Chamber of Commerce. The 1969 version of the Rodeo of the Ozarks will be held J-j'.y 1-4, preceded by a week o" "s'.estern activities" in down- tov. n Springdale. - o»»i»oirruM,TiE* 1J-WAHTED TO ·ORROW It-- MONET TO LOAN H-AOEHTS WANTED It-SALESMEN WANTED* IT-SALESWOMEN WANTED* 1S-HELP WANTED-- MALE- WANTED^FEMALE* l H L WANTED-Mak-Fetjial. 21-SITUATIONS WANTED-«al« 22-SITUATION WANTED-- remart 21-- SERVICES OFFERED HA-MACHINERY * TOOL* 24-- FOR SALE-- AHMmitiire 24A-- BOAT* ft MARINE SunpMl JIB-- MOTORCYCLES It-FOR SALE-Mebile HHIWf 2C-FOR ALE-LiveitMk ZtA-- DOCS, CAT*. PETS 27-FOR SALE-Home Need! 2JA-- MUSICAL MERCHANDISE 2S-FOR SALE-Mhw*nailMiil 2IA- FOR *ALE-- Anth|si« 2S--FOR SALE OR TRADE W- EXCHANGE 11-- WANTED TO BUT 12-WANTED TO TRADE 11-- FOR SALE OR RENT M-ROOM* FOR RENT MA-- ROOM AND BOARD B-APARTMENT* FOR RENT K- DUPLEX FOR RENT 17-- HOUSES FOR RENT 17A-MOBILE HOMES FOR RENT H-- BUILDINGS FOR RENT MA-FOR RENT OR LEASE N-FOR LEASE it-- FOR RENT-- MiMellattHM «-- WANTED TO RENT OR LEASE 42-WAMTED TO RENT «1-- WANTED-- REAL ESTATE U-SALE OR TRADE-Rial Estate 44A-- SALE-LEASE-- RnlEllat* ISA-CITY REAL ESTATE (SB-- SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE ·1C- LOTS FOR SALE «ID-- FARMS AND ACREAGE* IS-FOR SALE-REAL ESTATE more or less, to the point of beginning. an-1, WHERKAS. nn.icff of $niti public near- IR, setting forth the date. lime, place ,.nd purposes of said hearing and location of the j.n|»crty was published in the NorUiwesl Arkansas Times, a newspaper of general circulation in said City, more than In days prior to said public iicar- WHEKEAS, followinff said public hear- ]«. said Planninc Commission certified i the Hoard of Directors of the City of rVueUeviilc, its i-ecommenrialion that an ordinance be adopted nooning the ahovc- ·nbcd properly, presently zonrd A-l, Annrxprf Territory District, and 1-1, Uen... Indnstrinl District. t' C-1!, ttiuruugh- farc Commercial tin. rid. NOW, THEREFOKK. BT IT ORPA1N- FP RY THK HOARD OP PIKKCTORS OF THE CITY OF FAYiCTTKVILLK, ARKANSAS: SECTION 1- Tlial the Hnovc-desrnbed property, which is presently zoned A-I, H-xeil Territory Pislriet and 1-2, Hen- Industrial District, be and the f-amc hereby is romnpci to C-'2. ThorouRhtare Commercial Pistricl. KCTION' - That all ordinances or parts "f ordinances in roiiflirt herewith are hereby repealed, and this ordinance II if \n full force and effort from and after its passage, approval and publics- md APPROVED this 7lh da; tlr PASSED . Of April, !!«#. APrROVEP: ATTEST: Marilyn Moore. City Clerk Garland Melton Jr, Mayor Jlc 12 ^_^^_~ 1 -Announcements^ IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER Listen tach week to the Saturday morn Ing wnrship services, R:3f)-fl:00 KFA\ ll-'ir.-l''-00 KOTO-TV Channel :iR. Spon soird by Ridpeview Baptist Church, Gar liind A. Morrison. I'aslor. *I!KIT Wnnfrd Aflvfrtlslnt Is wider "Mule" m "Funale" Cfllimia hiwdlnn I»r the convrn.ene* of Job- ffekfrft. Unless an wlviii Usement stw- ciriciillv Htot«!t that fipidiumU of nn* w\ only will he accepted. Joh-»«kers fthinild assume that nprdleanls of H(her wt will hft ronstdered for th« po*)Uon, In compllince wit* Htl» \tt, CKII RlKhU Act of 1MI. AUCTION SALE3-Monday and Thursday at 7 p.m. in Auction House, Hiah way 71 N., Springdalc. PORCH, fain. glassware, children'! clothes. GO Chevy ton truck, new rieei freeze 3rd house S. Shakespeare. 442-F2H 2-Nolic«- sorrcn tfie rnnsit,* Cmirl of r/nmty. Arkunaas in ihe Matter of the Kslatp of: Rosebud Yanehnn SavaKC. Deceased: . Last k n o w n addicss nf decedent: 4i:t Holly Street, Fineltrville, Arkansas IJnle of death: April ",, 1W1 An instmmciit dalol Oclolwr :JO. 1M7 n ,id codicil I hereto dated Novcmlwr TJ. IH'iS. was on the Slh day of April, 1WH. adnnlled ti pn»hnie as the lust will and codicil thereto of l.'ie ahovp named decedent, and tde nndersijmfd has heen iipiwinied exei-alur thereunder. A contest oi the pmtwite of the will cm be effected ily hy f i l i n g H petition within the lime ·oviiled hy law. All persons having claim?: against the oMate to Ihe CLASSIFIED Phone 442-6242 PER WORD . . . 7c Kir.:rr.u-Ti Ortsr 15 Word* M:r.irr.u» Charge Sl-05 CASH DISCOUNT RATES per word them, duly MX verified. nmnlhs . date of the fii-t publicat e. o:~ thej- shnll he forever d precluded from any hcnefil .la1e. iiri? first publibhcd 12th day of burred a i Hie o This iif April, J! 1 !)! 1 . F1KPT NATIONAL P A N K , Vnypttciillp, Aiknuias. Executor c-o' Wnde * MVAliister Attorneys at l-iw l-'aycttcvillc Arkansas 1M!I PUBLIC WAREHOUSE STORAGE SALE Tuesday, April 15th,. Beginning at 9 a.m. Located at 1000 Stearns St.. I block oast of Highway 71 midway irom SprlnRdalc and Faycttrville in Ru hie Transfer and Storap-p Co.. Inc Warehouse No. 2, J« lots o; ftirni turc, appliances, trunks, boxes and miscellaneous personal and household ilrms wiU he sold a public auction to the highest bid der. Listed here arc some of the many items to be sold nt thi large sale. 102 pieces of furniture and appliances, TV set, chrom dinettes, gas muses, chairs: as sorted kinds, bedroom furniture living room furniture. 56 boxes as sorted sizes contents unknowr and many other items too numerous to mcnlion. Terms cash.. Am; tioneers, Mike Hummel, Dili Tackctl. I'UHLir t-Jt!c, 1%1 Ol'lsmolHl Mnlnr Compan - itc-JUve lisertiona art ths Cash Discount n'.nt you wi:i receive by or- dtris* yotr Ad at Tha Timet office and paying cash Tor it. or b? orderJi? your Ad by Ptar.e acd paying for it with. Ul 10 rJayi of the date biBed. lor. ariied after 10 day*. For b-wt feaulU iflv* full descrlp- t:on anrf ttart your ad for 6 dayi. You may cancel your ad when re- tm'.'-* are obtair.ed. You'll only be charcM lor the actual number of days the ad ran. 5AVR 7»IO:*TF.Y! Place your «d In the TIMES SKRVICK DIRECTORY :i Mnca Daily For ONE MONTH ONLY 53.00 _ I Each additional IJne--53.00) AIS' O R D I N ' A N f ' K A M K N I H N G ZONING NO- 12:.!). A N D HP. VISE]. V.ONINU D1STRKT MAP OF FAYKTTKV1LLK. K A N S A S . A P P R O V E ! - MAY 'JR. 1WJ. ,,. : AMKNDKP. TO KKZONE- CERTAIN R E A L ESTATE FROM A - I . A N N E X E D T E R R I T O R Y 111 STRUT ASP 1-2, HEAVY I S I H ' S T R I A L IMSTHICT. TO f-2. THOROUGHFARE TOMMBIICIAL IUS- TPJiT. \VH£P.EAS. a public teana* was beld p[ore the Plar.nins Commission of the :tv of Fa^elteville. Arkansas on January 21st. lim on the pinion of J. R. Hat- that ss:'l P!ar.ri:nz rv,mn.]"ion rccom- m ^ r d to the Koani of Inr*Ttnrs of the fly ','. Vactlpvi]!e f Arkansas, lhat the r^zonin,: t:-.* 1 foliowir.K desi-nhp-i jn-'.prr- '.·. prf"-T.t'y 7. r nP'\ A-l, Annexed Trrr:- t/rv I'-strr't and I-: 1 . Heavy Induct rial n:Ctr.^- In r "~ T;ioro:ighfare Commercial r^i'.rif.- 1 .. t»wi!: Pftrt of the East h«lf 'E 'v' *f thr FoathwcM Quarter of STU'-n " and part of tr.* ;."orthw("it Quarter of Perlinn Y.'Sn'.ffn -IS., ell in Township Sixteen i l - i i N'.rth r,f KanBC Tluriy -0 West. rir^r^h^d as fo'lnws. to-wit: BejinninR at a i^'int P.Q foot Poulh and 'A'ftl.S! fC"l ?^a^l of the Southwest corner of Kertion 7. thenre North I *!/'«n-n "1 m:ni:t'.-s West 1:71)1 ?, feet, thence North n rirprffs M minutes P8*i.O feet 1n ir.f Ea-it line i.f sfiid Hiisl hnlf of the J-' quiirti'r of Hrctinn 7. thence South "r.l.-l ftrcl. thence Soiiih H di-trrrpfi ft minuirK \VVM 301.4 feet thence South 5 degrees 11 imniites West :'.]«..·. frcl. thence South Ifl decrees 16 minutes Wevt fi'J1.2 feet: (hence .South 10 (Icgi-cn-: 41 mmtilcs West Lirr.^ feel, Ihfnc-e Scmlh 2 degrees 02 minutes West -,14.1 feet, thenco .south 1 degree 07 rnintitc-i Kasl r.OJ.2 feet, Ihence South h'l degrees H.O minutes West 720 feet, llOK'T forget the Antique Auction day '^:00. Coiisicnmcnl until 1:00 Sundaj TUB PON'S Cl.«i*cl Omelory Associatio will hold its anmiHl business mectin Monday, Api'il 34 at 7 p.m. 4--Persona Is- HAVB peace -- free counseling for troubled ones anytime. 64M4I or writ B. C. Gorham. Klktns. Ark. 72727. MISTER BREGER April W, IM't. 10 n.r. , tour iln-ir. At Whltficl . 16 North Kast Street. 6--Instructions-Drawing, Painting, Pottery Classes Start April 22 For Information Cnll Or Write KM Frisco VOICE-Pinno Instrartlcn Reasonable Rates Plionc 443-CM4 7-Schooli- EARN WHILE YOU LEARN We are now sclcclinR young mo from this ,iren to train In tn hifihly paid field of nuto body nn nuto mechanics. Work in full tin' .salaried position while trainin Tor more information write Dea Ncwhrrry. 214 North Waco. Wich ta. Kansas 67202. Please Rlv« phon number. _ JU _-_- J 8-Losl and Found-M i n i n t n i e Toy brrn trimillPil. KOI .nn 44M57S or 4I nil Cflmpl T Knullsh .Slicpliprrt (IoR, blark a lirown--while on tier*. Kcwarrt. Cnll If Hrovtr 12-Bmin«M Opportunitltt- TEXACO SERVICE STATION FOR LEASE · Excellent Highway loca tion · Strong promotional su| port · Paid training program · Financial quittance available CAU J. R. MASSAY 521-1573 Nlslit.1 I'fc MWI 2-Butilwt Opportunititt-- IIVB-IN Kquipmcnt. Taylor sott-serx-e eezcrs. Broasters. worltt's finest entin icken. E. T. Witty , representative. 12 East 20th, Joplln, Missouri 417.624- INCOME TAX BERVIOI Otorf* J. Davla, Cttr Housing Roltct, Apt. 13. Phono 442-7780. TAX tin Wilton. 4424ML 23A-Machintry ft Teoh- FARHAIJ, cub tractor, mnlltnt condi tion. M2K. Fhone 443-3780. tun, MnMii4. rtr'tnto st4 i wmmti. ~ KIW 12 x » Mom 443-47U, after l:Ml ItxH Tww *tr t alter live, fnxlm Mil* U Wtmr a West TRAVEL TRAILERS It' HOT., if Klf-contajMd |MM MOBILE HOME WHOLESALE PRICES 12'x50' I bed. SUM 12'xM 1 2 bed «2*9 V BLT anpaim Tmm nut «M. eas east 4O-JW. 14 FOOT Ml. tmlUf. » * ' » · _ «H. fcrtm« dlMr tnJUr, Iff. Fkia» 4WTM «ner 4 ».nu M*D kiun. « «r M «F*rtro«ita. nwlh kout (ram ·Mtcnon «· laul ·Mt M 11 Swrth- TVVO Clstraclc frontfnd loaders with dozer Wade. Phone 846-3911 or 846-2365. ONE D«B Cat 37A and Lorain backhoc 14 yard, 300 amp Lincoln welder. Phone 442-6316 after 7 p.m. 24-for OH rent, equipped beauty pnop. prefer nture lady or man. Phone OTTON* candy, sno-conc popcorn uipment, concession trailer, $950. BB ai-B-Q. NOW INTERVIEWING esponsible persons a» dealer for ewly constructed DX cottage- ype lervice station adjoining rse apartment complex within blocks of university. Phone Fay- Iteville, 442-8711--Rogers. 636-6733. IT'S A LITTLE GAS See It April 17 LEWIS FORD SALES 26-For Sab-UvMtock- 1966 T-BIRD Going into service, real luxury car priced to sell, white with black vinyl.roof, all power accessories, factory air. disc brakes Call 521-1661 after 5:00 p.m. EVEN oiinft Angus, ready to calve. Phone M6-3996. APPLICATIONS non being taken tot ewspapcr carrier boys 12 years or older, pply circulation department. Northwest rkansas TIMES. ^ ^ 9SS VOLKSWAGEN, late model trans mission, rebuilt motor. (250. Horton's service station days, or call 44M43I evenings. 1%8 VOLKSWAGEN Teluse Mali wucon 1ms. 7 passenger, 8.000 miles, per foci. J'J.293.00. Call 501-423-249. 4-Money To Loon- M32 CMC pickup, Plione 521-2I99. ? NEED MONEY ? 8M Ul We Buy . . Sell . . . Tradf for Most Anythfni · will buy your diamonds, watchen. Tins or anything of value and sivt yoi option to repurchase them. CAMEO JEWELRY ENGRAVING SHOP W. Mountain 143-4701 1968 MERCURY Cougar, power, factory air, leather top. Very low mileage. One owner. Must sell--ffoing overseai. Phoni days, 442-H3 evcninffs. 197)7 Dodgf, rrlinble transportation J200 Inquire at B A; B Bar B Que. 1962 IMTALA. 4-door hardtop, 327, and clean, Phone 442-7959. 6-Salesmen Wanted-- 17,000 Plus regular i-asli honus for man ver -10 in Kaycttcvillc area. Taltf short ulo trips to coninrt trustomrrs. Air mnil A. Tale, President, Texas 1finR]y, rp.. Box 711, Fort Worth, Texas 76101. 18-Help Wanted-Mafe- AnMa housckcepinj: help for bin 6 to '2:'.\Q. Will consider men on t Sorurily. T.ihpral benefits. Wash- i. General Hospital. W A N T E D AIRPORT WORKERS Mechanics Line Servk-e Opportunities in Aviation FAYETTEVILLE FLYING SERVICE Telephone 442-6281 engine, f22S 3965 V O I. K S W A G E N Squaret (wagon). One nwner, eswllent condition FJ175. Phone 621-3743 after 5:00. 1967 l^ORD station wagon. TaKe ovei payments. Phons S21Mb58 evenlngK. ,,. ..; RAMBLKR Ambassador, good con ditton. Call 442-6757 after 5:00 p.m. FOR sale, 1%3 Ford Convertible, automatic, now tires. Call 521-14?!. 33h5 FORD, six cylinder, standard shifl four door, runs good. Phone 521-2922. MUST sell 1!fiS chcvc.Ie Super Sport 39f Excellent ronrtition. Will trade (or old er car. Phone 442-5474. ^.TM FIAT stationwagon, J130, O lor motorcycle. Phone 443-4922. I%2 FORD Ka.rlane 6 c Under, 4-dW ptnndard transmiusion, fsir condition MW. 121 Florence Avenue. Phon* 442 1966 CHEVELM5 two door, V-5. autr malic trnnsniission, e\cclli*nt condition Phone 521-3308 after 5:00 p.m. 196* CHEVROLET station wa(ton, V- nutomatlc transmisston, near wholesale Call early or after 4:00, 442-6059. APPLICATIONS now bclne taken tor newspaper carrier boy* 12 yean or older. Apply circulation department KOtth- west Arkansas TIMES. 19-Help Wanted-Ftmal-*- V'AKTED: Cashinr, Ozark Tlieatrc. Ap- ~tly in person. Jfr. Hanimond. KK-Ktcnograplwr. Permanent posi- ion in Fayetteville with growing com. Gonrt pay with rxcrllcnt frinRe fit 1 ;. Wust pivr* references. Wntc xi'uund and experience lo P.O. Box 8-18, Kay cite vi lie. An Equal Opportunity 3m plover. IKKOBI) cxperienf-'Od mornini; cook. Aply Hiway Inn Kestaurant, TAVB fljii-ning on day shift for car hop, tours II to 5 p.m., five days fl vcek. Good pay, paid vacation, also opening on niRlit shift Only wil rkers need apply. Vic Won Drive In. 20-He!p* K K K D manager for mold. Phone 442- 1968 DODGE Cliarficr, full power fe e*, disc brakes, T»wcr stecrln . N - O tape player. 383 V-8 enRln jttitamntic transmission. PhOt» 442-553 USED Chevrolet pickups. H A D fiuruk corner School * Sprinf Sis, Phon 521-KU. FOR sale 1963 Ford convertible, 352, »' tomatlc, new tires. Call 5214491. Located At New Hope Trailer Park So. 71, Roger*. Ark. AND Robert* Implement Co. Westvffle, Okla. PA 3-4333 Trailer Towing Call handler Trailer Convoy, Inc. Phone 442-8871 Eugene H. Hinton LACK Jersey milk cow and garden Her, «5.00. 8N Ford tractor, 1550. 'hone MTMABTEK dw* fl».S* null, CHIHUAHUA piiaw. . · . - flnnera acoartloa, US. Phone 443-8744. ·JET at Itdlea widdli* rlim, two months old. Cbat »2K MW, f 1» or trade. Phone 921-4122. ELBCTRIO hedge dippen, .venue. Phone 443-7577. m Hall TWO garden tractora with attachment* Call alter S p.ra. 44W«». Midland Bermuda grass apriilj. Also will do «prll«lnl. Plmia MMS31, Jack Wilson, Prairie Grove. PLANTS, «tTM« InuispUirted loraito, broccoli, cauliflower, 4Xte tarn. Pot frown Rutgtr 11.00 Dam, Bl« Boy and Bl( Early, »1.5» Down. "·*« Flown and Greenhouse, Highway 71 Bam. TO MAKE a .relit-tak. God intt your lilt. OHM ht»r ivangellit Homer RoB- ertaon at Immanuel Baptist Church, 201 S. Duncan, 7:30 p.m. April IMP. LACK Angus bull for sale. 3Vi mile nuthivest oi Greenland. Arthur car- lody. REGISTERED Polled Hereford bull, ) cars old. Phone 846-2713. REGISTERED QUARTER HORSB SERVICE SPAVINAW BAR, BY: DIAMOND BR OZARK BOMB Grade Mara: $50.00, Registered Mares: 175.00. Contact: W. R. Lively, Spavlnaw Creek Ranch, Call for appointment- Area Code: 918 253-4744 Of He* 253-4772 Reaidence "OR sale, service am? bull, aired by In. emalional Grand champion. L. U Baxter, Phone 442-5713. WEANING piss for sale. see or call iftcr 5:00 p.m. 442-7624 1037 Hollywood. At Stud. AQHA Copper Vandy, 22612ft Grand champion at Halter. Bins of Copper Minx, winner of claremore Futurity. Phone Clyde Weeras, 442-9084. We'd Like You To See the 50 Good Registered Polled Herefords That Sell in Our 6th Production Sale Monday, April 14 at the Farm on Hi-woy 45 East, Th Miles from Town they can be seen at anytime. Drive by anytime, pick up a catalog at the barn and look 'em over. You'll be welcome. Campbell-Bell Farms SIMCO SADDLES and Complete line of Accessories. LEWIS BROS. Basement Level NEW AM/FM 50 watt stereo tuner, professional type turntable, speakers. Phon* 521-4511 alter 7 p.m. FOR Hie, brand new solid itate 9" R.C.A. portable television. Phone 443 2534. Call Ul Last--We IW Uaed PurnlUre. -~. t Anliqws. 44HIM. MR mo AUD A FHutng imtNmmi! * Airnoow 3S~Fer $·!· «K «·»»*- POIJR room modern house. 1' 59 _ G , M1C! pickup for ««le. 195» Chtvrolet *l«ir four door. Phone 367-:»m 34A-Roem and Boord- ROOM and board. For details call 3134. 3-ApartmenH for t«nt- ONE room furnished apartment. Older people preferred..201 South School THREE room furnished apartment near downtown and past office. Adults, n« pets. Phone 442-4763. SECOND floor apartment, Phone 442-61(0. rent reduced. ONE bedroom furnished apartment Close in. hills paid. »65 per month. Call O. H. Gamble 443-3751 or 442-2734. TWO room basement apartment, privati bath. Also efficiency apartment lor single woman, utilities paid. Near city hospital. Phone 442-6580 alter S:JO. FURNISHED one bedroom apartment, J60, two bedroom. «IOO. All utilities paid. 617 Government. Phone 443-378U Mayes Auto Service Inc. Corner N. LevereHt Sycamor* Authorized dealer, Sale«, ParU Service (or FiyetteviUe area YAZOO-The Best Thing Going for Mowing! IKt modelj. Also Mveral GOOD USED Yazoo mowers. SEARS Homart 40. 'A horsepower, ZZO V, submersible pump and 82 gallon tank. Never been used. 150 less than Hit price. Call after 3 p.m. 442-7558. 60th Anniversary SPECIAL SMALL DOWN PAYMENT 5 HP. TILLER With Power RtvcrM $156.88 Highest Pricei Paid For Trade-In WESTERN AUTO Highway 71 North Fayetteville Springdale FOR lease--Extra nice, three bedroom furnished house. Carpeted and air conditioned. Newly decorated two bedroom fiimishrl collate. Carpeted »nd air conditioned. Phone 443.2141 or 521-4303. TWO btocics North nf student Union. Larse studio apartment, utilities paid. Faculty or craduate students. Available, now. Plione 443-2400 before 7:30 a.m., ifter 5:30 p.m. FURNISHED, two bedroom basement apartment, ulilitlei paid. 112S. Phone 443-4711. THREE bedroom furnished, four blocks campus, parkins, $125 bills paid. Phone 442-2781 or 442-«45. TWO bedroom apartment furnished Dunn. Phone 443-3780. furnished. JJO. studio 190. 1212 South ONE bedroom furnished. $60 utilities raid. Adults only, no pets. Phone 4137671 or 443-5745. THREE room luraishcrt. in Giles Addition, downstairs, private, automatic heat, rmple oily. »i5 bills paid. Phona 443-3323. 1 bedroom furnished now avail, for summer sch. air cond. couples.' married men female. No pe«- 442-4538. 1 BEDROOM furnished, 0. of A. mum or slnme feraalei. No pits, private park- hn. 442-4538. TWO bedroom furnished apartment, 10 Eut Davidson. Phone 412-42W. COLONIAL ARMS CMS, two uid three beijroom. furnished ·r tmfurnlshed. central heating. carpet- UK, laundry aaUUet at 1211 N. Lev erett 5a-2UO. 36-Ouptex For Ktnt- TWO bedroom unfurnished except stout and refriseralor. West 62 apartments. Phone 44*8956. Walk-in Kov romplett with unit. B t B Bar-B-Q. REGISTERED polled heretords, SprtnK- InK heifers, also yearling heifers and bulls. 3-saddles J6100, 1125.00 contact Charles Stacks 442-7997. CAVE Springs Recappcr having a tire sale. Special, 750/14, 800/14, whilewalls, $11.50. mounting and balancing free. Located at North end of Cave Springs. Phone 235-2965 or 235-2831. REGISTERED ANGUS CATTLE COME fee what we have to offer out of thii outstanding h«d. Bulli, I heifers and cows. Farm located 3 miles East Highway 45 -- ',4 mile North. Phone Homer Fry. 443-252*. FRY ANGUS FARM WAMPUS Bars Jr, AQHA. No. 335601, at Stud. Grandson of Thre« Bari. Phone 442-5919. IAY nnrl niaht , part or full time carhop. Apply in person, Top Hat _D:rive_In. 23-Services Offered-CHILD care, experienced. Old Wire Road Norttl. Phone 443-5938. HOUSEHOLD Appliance service All types Repair sen on Appliance! Phone 443-2145 or 756-3173 House Tainling. pHsonable Rutos. Plione 44S-M8S. SMALL ENGINE REPAIR Mowers, Tillers, '.Trimmers, etc. PICKUP t DELIVERY WESTERN AUTO Fayetteville fc Rpringdale HiRluvay 71 Korlh CAR INSURANCE 26A«Dofit, Cats, Pett- URBAN HOLLAND 224 N. ·l«fc 442-l$3a VOLKSWAGEN REPAIR Rebuilt engines, new t used parts al discount prices. Ozark Texaco, So. 71 A Cato springs Road. 521-9545. lEM-THY mixed shepherd puppies free o good home. Phone 442-7436. 3e»ntiful hlond Cocker puppies and Toy Poodles. AKC registered. Paul Clifford, Tanehillc, Arkansas. 24A*Boott Marine Suppfio TOY' white and apricnt poodles, male |75 with shots. Phone 442-7583. VLAT bottom, 7'4 h.p. motor ond trailer. $195. One block south and one block West of Laundry in Fflrminttton. llHfreltier Krothers rflrpenter, labor, lodrling or general contracting. Phone ^aSCELLANElOUS tiaullni! any time. Interior painting. Bill 442-7958 or 5213335. SUN BRITE JANITOR SERVICE Carpet Shampooing Jack Curtsinger 442-7062 or 442-5503 Cnrpcntcr work, room additions, fouuila- tions. rooflnc and home ImprnvrmpnK I-rcR esliuinlfs, snlisfitcllon timrnntecd. I'tione r»21-i:ili*. 8x10 Color Portraif In Your llomfl $5 No Oroup OmrRe) Wedding Service S25 ft Up JIM HILL Box HO. Fayetteville 442-70% 521-3548 Model 150 15-foot King Fisher boat. 18 h.p. electric Ptart Evinnide MinVota 3- oti trollcr, batteries and trailer. $875. Phone- 44.j-7.1ZL after 5:30 442-fi353. HORSKTOWB R Biffin. Good condition, |43. Plione 443-2K52. SAILBOAT for the person who wants to Ket into sailing M * modest investment. An older boat in cood condition. Complete with trailer for $500. Call 4,3-8787 eve nines. KXCKIJjENT fisliinc and all purpose rift. Slarcraft Explorer boat, wet or rtr wells under seats. 35 h.p. elcctnc slan K vim-uric motor. Stephrns trnilor. Priced for quick sale, ?fi'.tr.. S'ee at 1331 F.llis or mil 442-429 afler : p.m. HEAVY DUTY Marine Batteries Vaughn Battery Highway 71 South Nnw 11' ski iMirffP, 35 Johnson and trull pr. 521.1m after 5:00. NKW Oins-rrnrt Cruiser M', 1%8 Model 1110 h.p. rnRinc, lontled wllh equlp Knr snle or trndc for ital vstatc. Phone fi.16-1f.94. WM875 RoRcrn. f^EGISTERKD German Shepherd pup- lies, $25. Phone 521-1766. GERMAN Shepherd puppiM. Phone Winslow. KI4-2321. AKC registered Collie puPP'M. Dorsift W. Butt, Highway ffl. Four miles west of Huntsville. 27-For Sole-Home Needt- HOSPITAL bed. Phone 443-5135. i no*. 130.00. SEARS 2300 BTU air conditioner. 1200. Phone 44.1-IM8. MD STATEMAN CAMPERS C«mMrs All Sizes Topper--List Price |2W Now Only £MO 9 Cabwer Camper Ust Price »» No» Only »685 ROBERTS IMPLEMBNT CO. Westville, okb. PA 3«33 UNFURNISHED l»o bedroom duple:;, South Duncan, near university. Air conditioner, mrltinf, available June 1 Phon« 442-5070. IX)VEfjY Duplexes for rent One and two bedroom. furnished or unfurnished Phon« before 5:00 p.m. 4(3-5661. after 5 p.m. 442-4323. UNFURNISHED two bedroom, centra! neat-WS.OO. !13 Tallin street Phnni 442-7064. FURNISHED one bedroom, bills paid. «tO. One bedroom trailer, furnished. S53. One graduate student or couple. Phon« BATTERIES Where it N.W. Arkantai Battery Hou$e? Vaughn Battery Highway 71 South TWO bedroom unfurnished, washer and dryer connections. Range, central hent and air. Adults. Phone 443-4198 evenings. ONE bedroom unfurnished 175 month, roil pay electric bill. Phone Sa-3946 anytime. USED tiotMRE -- all kinds, furniture, household itemf,. Thrift Store, 1154 W. Rock. Open weekday! 8:3M:30t «at 8:3012:30. REDUCE sa», firaple and last Witt OoBeie ttblita, Only He at Payetterille VAUGHN BATTERY 5 EXCH. Highway 71 South SATtt - Used * Ntw. All klnds ·Dd tlxet. PERKINS BAFT CO. lOB Forest St. Otrthut. Ha PhOM 354M ^1" TV, nice. Trade for car or ' Phone 443-3908. LIGHT BULBS delivered. Help Evening Lions Kyeiight proRrflm. Phone 442-4512 day or night. *T«UKFY sott and RriRht ax new. Tliat'i nhnt clranlnft rugs vrill do when you use Bluft Lustre: Kent electric «ham- ]xwrr $T. Tx t vtit Bros., South Side Square, Fayetteville. SOLID Male brand new RCA porUble TV, latest model. Phone 443-3534. CARPET colors looking dim! Bruin 'em back--give 'em vim. Use Blue Lustre! Rent electric slwmpnoer $1. Polk Furnl- turr Company, 603 West Dickson, Fly- etteville. LIKE now, coppcrtone 18' WesUn*hro« rofrigerntor, biK l»tlom deep freeze. $300. Phone 4'12-66r6. GOOD Kelectlon ot used furnitura at Dennis Home Furnishings, 324 West nickson. M«rchcmdist- BOAT INSURANCE FOR sale, nnlltiue Rert OrR»n. May he seen nt lf« North West Avenue afttr 10 a.m. Phone 443-3512. TOP SOIL dellvcrrd. yard work Thone work wnntfil. Phone 4W-5527. ORAVKI,. Inp soil, fill rtltt yftnl work, Phone r,;i-a:*fi days. 1NCOMK TAX SBIIVICB Ilflvmonit Opor^t Phone 442-CTM AGRI LIMESTONE ASC Purchat* Ord.r. Filltd SELLERS SPREADING SERVICE FO 1-2571 or 846-2673 URBAN HOLLAHO JJ4 N. Bltcll 441-MH X-fi Scrambler. IJke new, l. Phnne IW IIONhA 3«i SrrnNer. HIM. Onf tilork South ftnil one blork Wist of laundry In Farmlnltlon. cvn.Kfl nrll In ·prtn»! Ailvenise mownryrlei * l»k«a with · rlassiriet ml. Phot* IMI HU7.IIK1 X* 35(1 HoramMer. Hxrel- lenl (-"million, m rnllen, all Mf«y equipment and txtr«l. IMi « Nst ·*!«. MOVING SOUTHWEST PIANO VAN 2616 Hwy. 71 S. 442-6572 FF,Nli!-:u siiner-revorh Amplifier. 175 watt power output, fmir 10-inrh speakera. Perfrd for compact organs and eltclrlc BUIIars. Like new. Phone SJ1-7IM. IIPINKT PIANO, must Irnnsfer ne« H «·«. Will cnnilihr reipmslMt local party «ily tn Urt« owr n«ynwn(«. To In- ipect, writ* Homi Office, InplM PKm ^Jijfljn. Mo. _ IXNNOX Ihror-Kw mr CMrtlllonlnl ron- Onalnf unit. In Muni «· abowl ont nar. «,m (ill MXM. BEEF FOR LOCKER Choict Grain F*d Angus or Hereford is or who]* 50e 0. F. BAYLEY 443-2108 TWO bedroom furnished duplex. Call SZI-3S30, Mn. Dlllard, alter 5:00 p.m. NIKON Photomic "T" fl.4 $32i Pentax Spotmatlc fl.4 with Yashtnon 75mm- ZOmm Mora »:40. Nlkonii underwater camera »». Phont 521-1583. .22 Caliber automatic rifle, 4 power scope with case. Ilk* new-447.00. Phone 4434496. GRAND piano: also · violin In govl condition. Phon* gpriflffdll* 751-J303 after 5 p.m. Straw For Sale. Will deliver. Pbon.S45.a9t RALSTON PURINA CO. Springdale Turkey Plant NOW HIRING Production Workers Permanent openings for men and women over 18 y«ars of age starting April 29, 1969. Base wage a $1.75 going to $1.82 July 1, 1969. Excellent working conditions. No Experience Necessary ' WE WILL TRAIN YOU Apply in Person to: Ralston Purina Turkey Processing Plant Wobe Lane Springdale, Ark. WE ARE AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER Travel Trailers Galore Priced Way Below Factory List Price Thi» li a full 8 ft. Mb over 4-tleerwr, 71 Ib. leg box, 3- burner butane stove with butane boiila, p«ad/ la set on your truck $649.50 Factory List Price, $791.00 Our Price $649.50 HOUSTON TAYLOR MOTORS Hwy 71 N. fhone 442-4251

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