The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 17, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1920
Page 2
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\ THE DAILY FREE PRESS THE DAILY FREE PRESS Established 1903 Weekly Press Publishing Co. MM. JOHN T. GALBRAITH , Editor and Manager ' ,.•,-.' Telephone - - 218 TERMS . .'.•-' j TKfclcrlptlon 16 cents. » week.- bills due weetly. : JpB'.worK Btricuy OMB: '"" #' ^ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION $7.80. at the postofflce at Carhon- QlUots, as second class matter. In the Free Frees Building, Mate Street Jan. 17. 1920. ILLINOIS CENTRAL ; PLANS TO BUILD " ••- . .NEW'MAIN'-LINE ' (Charleston Enterprise-Courier.) ••''• " Ths.t the Illinois Central Railroad ia contemplating the construction of * new railroad line from Hjckman, CARBONDALE MUST OPEN ITS HOME TO CARE FOR ILLINOIS FARMERS Th^ Size and Importance of the Meeting Hardly Real- v izted by -.-Local-.Citizens :-.- .'.i^oOO Visitors to be Here >for ; Three Days' Session... 1 '''Citizens here may in'a small measure realize the magnitude and importance of the Illinois Farmers' Institute to be held here Feb. 18th, 19th and 720th: .-when it 'is pointed out that Carbondale will be required to accommo-^ date oearly 4,000 visitors. Wjth this number in Carbondale citizens ^ should open their homes to the visitors i to measure up to the pride of the town. and-Southern Illinois.:This is only the second time ia the history of the state that Southern Illi•.nods has ever had. the privilege of entertaining one of the most important meetings or conventions in the ATTORNEYS FLAY CO. AT RATE INCREASE HEAR- PTINUEDJO FEBH jSlany Soiathera Illinois ij T?o>virtiS Protest at Hearing ^ at Murphysbpro— Sa^s Co: Does freed More J?ay • From Public. • A hearing on the increase in 'tele phone rates held at Murphysboro yesterday, has Uen continued until Fel» 4, -when it wiirfegain be taken .up. .At the hearing yesterday most ol the time was consumed by the cross examination of witnesses for the company by a dozen or more attorneys from South era' Illinois towns, representing the people and subscribers. .The hearing will be held at the 111! nois Public Utilities Commission.^ .which (the Murphysbqro Telephone Co is asking an increase in rates. Gar bondale is. effected bjj the increase which has already been put into effect , state, the Illinois Farmers'-Institute. . pen( j ing the decision of the commis The committee has issued the fol-. gk)n The increaae demanded is 25 h entertainment ..lowing in regard to the entertainment, he meeting here: Many Carbondale people do noti to: a: 'connection Xith. its > ' |St. and'' accommodation of the--visitors at "IjOiB4t-line..-at some point -north" on .ttictanan, was annpunc.ed by an offl- -cialbpf the cpmpany'.,tp,-the;;H;iekman f u n y .. grasp the importance and magni- . w.eek.-... Whether c tlie pro- ' tude of this meeting. The State Farni- -.linie Tvould .cross . Missis- 1 ers ' institute is created by act of the atppi county and reach the present , legislature and maintained by state •Illinois • Central lines at the Thebes 'appropriation each b'iennium of hun- bridge or would be constructed from, -flreds of thousands of dollars.-Many •HStokman to some point on the : pres- thousands of dollars will be •e«t main line, probably Clinton," -TCy., ' ; expended out of this money tor the .is not clear, but from a general 'sur- 1 Carbondale gathering. vey'ot the railroad situation in west I 1 ^ very large crowd will be here. era Kentucky, it seems more ( likely ( it will be -necessary that every, home that the Missouri route might' be fa- in Carbondale open up to all the guesis voretL Regarding the project the ' it can, possibly provide with beds, even ' ' to the point o£ making down extra authority beds. .The committee suggests that that the Illinois Central -will begin '' -citizens charge $1.00 for a person or :at once the general improvement of , 75,. per person it two occupy a bed in the road-bed, raising and widening 'a home with modern conveniences. In to accommodate double track on home without modern, conveniences ; Courier says: "We 'have it on good the Chicago, Memphis & Gulf. New.: the charge might well be 75c per per- and heavy steel is to be laid, and son> o r 50c per person, double. If vis- brand new rolling .stock, locomotives jtors have breakfast in the home 50c .and cars are to be put into service. I would seem a fair rate. These prices on residence phones, and $1 on business phones. JThe increases are now being paid by the subscribers- ani have been'since the first ot-the.-year. AMUSE-U TONIGHT THE OF FATE" b rated Surpassing her work in Revelation, in. this vital human document the cele- Russian Actress plays the part pi "'Azah" a gypsy princess Idyllic surroundings oi great beauty form the background for dynamic>events of dramatic power, when destiny at last gives her-the full measurei"of happiness so long withheld. • There is an Unforgettable quality in/'Toys of Fate", ; .;and,..iri!'the superb work of the great artist. \ . , Also OUTING 2Oand3O A-J-vrfl Well Known Poultry : Is Secured LOCAL CLUB BOOSTS MISS. VALLEY HIGHWAY Organization Perfected' Here WHh 23 Members Will be Part of Great ' Proposed National • Highway. " , A local club to bbipst and -be a part of 'the Mississippi Vajley Highway .A'£ sociation was organized at the Elks Home yesterday afternopn at a meeting o£ local citizens interested in the advancement of the hard roads and highways for this section. The meeting was held under the direction of A. E. Nission,- an official 1 of -the Mississippi-Valley Highway As-1 sociatiou, formerly the Burlington i Trail. The officials of the highway| PROM , NENT MAKANDA Tb,e Down State Poultry Association has secured Frank S. Tar.bell, of Havana, vice president of this district of the Rhode Island Red Club, as judge of their shWnext week. Mr. Tarbell is a licensed judge and has been a£tiv,ely interested in poultry affairs for several years. He was one of the judges at the s state show here • last year and is the. one who gave' the culling -demonstration. It is fortunate that the Down State Association has secured so competent a judge. More-inquiries for entry blanks from distant points this year ithan ever before—five from -Missouri alone. The prospects lor a good show are better than ever before this far ahead ol show time. Citizens'can help make this'show self supporting and. also a yearly^event be becoming members of the association. This time over the top ai/d its future is secure. I The official giving out this info,.- 1 are liberal and should be sufficient to \ made clear the importance of a good organization in viewVjf the possibility mation also volunteer the state-; induce every o'ne -to open their ment that the company is figuring .on honJes\ for the U-Q or three making this a "main line" to connect nights ot the session. A com- -witb a line now practically built from.' m ittee will canvass our homes the Si. Louis- in this direction, giving a' fi rs t of next week. Be ready to list -direct connection with -the Missouri' your home'tor roomers. Dinner will metropolis. ' Just how long it will b,e be served at the Normal and supper before the gap is closed remains to and breakfast as well as dinner at the be"seen,' but the gentleman.' 'stated hotels and restaurants. The churches that "work will begin the first of.-;the _ O f the city will serve supper. Prof. W T. Felts is in charge o£ the entertainment of .the visitors. year. "The C. M. & G. has heretofore Jfeen looked upon as a sort "of 'brie a- double track. Naturally it ia- con-chided that this latle road is., to -play a more impovta'-.t part in the.devel- •opment ot the I. C. system in the near futur*. Engineers •',and... con- , -structio.i men weie over "the' system ; this week were: last week, making preliminary' sur- 1 . T. S. Browning, Benton; J. L. An- Many Vis4tors Attend r Royal Arch Masons School of Instruction 1 Among the visitors at the Royal Arch School of Instruction held here •seys, etc. 1 ' drews, Lebanon, Tenn.; A. T. Fulker- of the Townsend bill now pending in Congress, calling for $425,000,000 for federal highways, becoming a law. If this bill passes the government, with the recommendation of the State Highway Department, will select.the route on which this money will be spent. The present Mississippi Valley route COUPLE MARRIED Frank Rosson and Miss Lesley Wi ley, popular young couple of Makanda were married in Murphysboro at 9:15 o'clock Friday morning at the parson age of the First M. E. church. Rev •O. L. Markham, the pastor, performed 'the marriage ceremony, which was witnessed by the bride's .tather, B. -Wiley, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Hagler, o 1 comes through. Carbondale from;. Murphysboro and Mrs. B. Runnalls of St. Louis by the %vay of Sparta and Carbondale. Mr. Rosson is a pro- Murphysborb, and from here it goes gressive young farmer, a son of James to Cairo. The entire .highway will be' thoroughly organized- into sections, and local clubs. It is pointed out that with a strong, effective and active organization, when it comes to the gov- It is reported ; in Charleston 'that son, Brazei, Ind.; Lloyd Schwartz, .-a •repres.o-.-'.ative oi 'the 'Illinois. JCen- Springfield; C. M. Wilkins, Freeport; -tral was in- this, city some- : . months. 'H.'A. Schulze, 0. R. Walser, E. :V. ago .relative to the 'construction of Hale, Anna; C. S. Tritt, Vienna; J. - such a. connection as the' Hickman! B. DeLawter, J. M. Gassaway, Cairo; official says is contemplated, it being ,Wm. Ferguson, S. A..Douglas, Ches-said at tint time that the Illinois" i'ter; Otto Weibert, Richard Wangelin, Central was ..planning a low grade. James W. Rentchler, Belleville; Geo. freight line from the Ilfinois"coal D. Williams, Mt. Vernoa; J. R. Hath- fields south,/and that the- plan was ['away, W. H. Jones, W. H. Davis, F. B. -to build from the Theoes bridge -Hall, F. A. Allison, Murphysboro; J, which is partially owned by • 'the (E. letters, Springfield;- W. E. Wind- system through Scott and -Missis- Vr, Belleville; H. A. Vasel, L. Watson-, aippi^ounties to Hickman, from H. M. Ferguson, C. W. Stephens, H. A. 'where tfte company already'owns'a Webner, J. E.'Standard, J. H. Sherman, W. H. Webster, Centralia; Noel East vgrade line th'e small line men tiohed by the Courier. This road, if Sjmnnagel and E. W. Eggman •built, would necessarily follow the St!. Louis; T. B. Outhouse, Murphys'.Houck survey, crossing the Frigco/boro; J. J. Norris, Cairo; L. Walker, the Missouri. Pa-' Vienna;. L. W. Jones, Robt. Lambert, lines near Benton, ciflc lines in Charleston and the Cotton Belt at Aniston-. Women's Class Discuss Year's Work "The Loyal. Women's Class ot~ the '"Cnriatian church held its regular monthly meeting Friday evening at .-the home of Mrs W. C. Fly. Plians for the year's work were -.-- made. The class voted to continue its support of the girl in the Mountain school at Hazel Green, Ky. This was the form of definite missionary work • this class chose to do last year -and which they voted to cgntin-ue, for an•- other year. In addition to this tbe'-class -voted to do some home mission work.' The secretary of the class, Miss Bertha Thompson, read a very interesting letter from the school, referred to above, regarding the work,e girl they are. aiding. ... ; -, y -.r . At the close ol the business., aessjipn. of the class a social hour was i spent and "refreshments were serv.ed. .'. Several piano selections, were 'by Miss Virginia Fly, . j: Tb^se .«, hoBtewes were -Mrs. W; C. Fly and .-Mrs. F< M. Flndiey. \ ernment selecting a route for federal highways, the Mississippi will be one, of those to get the money. It was made clear that the' Mississippi Valley Association is known to favor this highway. It has. a strong'in- fluence and backing. ; More than seventy-five attended the meeting yesterday afternoon,. . there being much, interest shown , one., the part of all to do what was possible to bring about what seemed to be held in store with the success of the.Mis- sissippi Valley Highway Association.. Farmers make a good • shewing at I the meet-ing, taking an active part looking toward the success of the Association. It was urged at the m'eet- irig that farmers become active factors in the local club, because as provided by the rules of'the organization the local directors; nine in number, must have five farmers as members. ^nterest and enthusiasm of the meeting was well shown when at the 'end of the session a good number "took out memberships in the local Mississippi Valley Highway .Association Club.'The dues are five dollars a year, and\ after v. A *• •+ a cer ^ ain 'membership, most of 'this by Club Activity | . am . oimt j s kept by the local club. There is now placid at interest the' Those takin s ° ut memberships were: first one hundred dollars toward a city* Jud se A. S.. Caldwell, O. P. Louden, library; other hundreds have been' Ben Wile >' N ' H ' ^^'^ A " ^ club has 'offered its Ior - A ' L ' S P' Iler ' J ' T.'W.lhams, Brooks, J. E. Etherton, J. L. Parks, H. B. Exby.George Eaton, Fred Brown.Jim | TVoods, w. E. vv r eiler, F. F. Schuette, J. D. Farley, Harry Grammer, J. "W. Rosson. The bride is a charming daughter of B. L. Wiley, a well known >Iakanda citizen. Mr. and Mrs. Hagler gave a .wedding dinner for the party at\the Hagler home at noon, and the newlyweds departed at 1:36 p. m. for a wedding trip to Kansa's City.—Republican-Era. Benton; . H. K. Croessman, Croessman, DuQuoin. V. Plan City Library Here promised. One assistance in instituting this library and avowed its devotion to x carrying on the organization when oace under! I., C. Veteran Dispatcher Dies in North Carolina • Fred Allen, for many years a railroad, dispatcher here and at Centralia, died at his home at Astiville, N. C., Thursday as a result of a stroke of paralysis. The funeral was held at Ashville, N. C., yesterday. Mr.-Allen was formerly chief dispatcher ill Car r bondale, also at Centralia. He was,well kmnvn here at one time. . Poultry Show Holds Big Meeting Next .Week ' Hardy Crews of DeSoto was here 'ilast night and attended .the Dowi State Poultry Association meeting held at, the studio of S. D. Lee, vice president-. r •• ' The meeting was taken up with a general discussion of the plans concerning the poultry show to be h'eli here nextNweek. The show begins next Tuesday' and- continues until Friday. Those in charge of the event express a certain- fty that this will be the best show since the association was organized.- Entries are expected to begin arriving j late Monday at which time everything will be in readiness tor a big exhibition. Farmers, Garage Men, Automobilist and Tractor Owners JUST A solid carload of Gargoyle Mbbiloils, come in and see our display. The carload includes all grades of mqtor and'transmission lubricants in all sizes ol cpntainers. -•' • " < ( • We are now fully equipped to supply you with the correct grade of ^lubricants for every part of your car. ^ . ••'" . '• ': •: " '.'.-. / •. In sealed barrel lots. ........$ £3c gal. In sealed 1-2 bbUlots ... ...,... . : $5c 3» a '- ' In sealed 15 gal steel drums... J5c g a 'In sealed 5 gal cans.......... J.QQ gal. Brook's- Garage. way. Its committee for this work is as follows: Mrs. John M. Pierce, chairman; Mesdames Alice Raymond Parkinson, Leah Reef, John T. Galbraith, Angi-' nette H. Hines, Nine Hughes Merrill,: and Dr. Delia Caldwell and Miss Gladys P. Williams. With this promising beginning everything looks toward success. Each organization of Carbondale is earnestly requested to appoint 'one member . e p none ' 408 to .act with the above chairman as a : member of a Library Council to further the organization and establish- ,ment of' Carbondale's' City Library^. Y The peTaom appointed by each 6r- Crandell, J. E. Mitchell, G. R. Huffman, J. D. Dill, L. T. Barnes. ' dale needs such an institution. Second, One who is capable in organizing and efficient in executing, arid finally,' on« willing to devote a little time and influence to the project. It is requested names for this Council be sent to Mrs. John M. Pierce. Tel- I COLDS breed and Spread INFLUENZA KILL THE COLD ONCE WITH ganSzation should b^TFlrst, A person beltefes that Carbon. "They Should Worry! * , •Tm afraid raw sugar "is "going t» be scarce." ' ^ "That will. raalre no difference te •i. 'Wa always nae'the cooked kind." —Cleveland- Press. . - AT QUININE /.;'• : temedsr-for 20 year! _____ {orn-r-safe, ..sure, . no s — Ipreakit'Up * cold, in 24 . trs — relieves gcip'in 3--dmrc.~' back. if. ft foils. '.Ill* . . ft foils. inc. .box h«» • : ' Rt* HEAT LffiE SUN RAYS FOR WINDER'S COLD Is brought into your home by the RADIANT- FIRE, one of science's latest applications of Gas, to household arid officer heating. The RADIANTFIRE is an unusually efficient .-and beautiful .Gas^jlieater that" can be placed in the fireplace Or ariyivhere desired in a room. Its coloring when' lighted is^ exceedingly attractive, the', eyerchangingf; op'ale'scent J - glow . rivaling the witchery of flaming logs. " »' • ' The RADli$N|!f r IR.iE will heat the largest room in the houselQUICKLY and, at SMALL COST. The heatiTays are radiated .to the furthest corners. "*' ;.;£v.' : SOUTHERN ILLINOIS GAS CO r"! Colored Minister talk on His Race Sunday History, Origin- and Future" o£ the Colored Race—the South African Peo^ pie, is a lecture by Rev.W. M. Moody, pastor of the, Rockhill Baptist church, and will be given at the church Sunday night in-place of Friday night as was first announced. Leonardo's Handwriting. L iijOne account of the. life of Leonardo da Vinci we read a curious story -about the rRrent man's handwriting.; It seems that It resembled chnr- ncters in Hebrew -or Arabic, for he used -his left band and -wrote, tfrom right to left of the page, Instead -of from left^to light, as we doVJtoday- On« of D» Vinci's letters could, tbere- fot» »-mIrror. The Advertised Article is one in which the merchant himself has implicit faith—else he will not advertise it. You are safe in patronizing the merchants wh'ose ads'appear in thispaper^jecause their' goods arc up to date and net shop^worn. : i ': \

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