Independent from Long Beach, California on March 17, 1976 · Page 39
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 39

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1976
Page 39
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H -HELP WANTED *j Technical Trades 185 He 1 WAREHOUSEMAN | $3.75 HR. t Kay« several t, clo*« bv operiirvi v Mini havr forkllfl eurr Heady -i- worx tuckground i' O'NEAL EMPL. AGENCY j ·- LDtR MECHANIC f Illlog rtatjuwrtence | Help Wanted General IK. 3 ACTIVIST d STATE W D, Non prof il 01 ganOa- 4 tlon vehlfM hard working. U'erTed J people. Job Jnvofvti CAnva« T nfl, |U M-soaQemerT cworturrtlhti. MM 1o f3 '. Citizen's Action League $ ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR '.» Creative? LM working wrrti peo- \1 p*e7 Unlgu* firm rwedi you. CMI .3 GeorJa Cooke, 433 44B :'l DennTt Otvtl* Perwor*! Service :^ U4. w. Ocean BI s^te iti. LB '·\ APAR "1 Expert ·J »hainpo J enc»d · ·' p*r$on ·* SM TMENT CLEANERS Oing. Also person expert- n apt ci«anJng. Apply in ER WOOD PARK APTS ." ARMY ' .* GUARANTEED CHALLENGE: ; IK-rWrr-a your* person looking ".- for wxrwrfeaJ thalknge, noWt the ,^ Ikne to took ln*o Ihe A/my. From J HectcqoJci to carpentry. Irom : -- cooks lo cornbal armi. Ihe Amry i today ha* rnor« chaJknQJng ocoor- V ARMY OPPORTUNITIES -, -LAKEWOOD Y70-I7M · / LONG BEACH 471-1 OU '--. *.RT Models lor European Mags. Girls lifts. Topi«i 35*0$. t» I. ' ART MOOELiGIRLS Hi UP IM-tlSO- pd daHy-lwll parl lime phoioworVNoexp««^43lA: 11-1 \SSEM1TLeHS Elect, background ro O.» UP:* Qualified Agency, 9466 Arteila B rvdTei ffiwwr r2£4WJ7 UTO PARTS .DELIVERY-DRIVER CHILD CARE WORKERS ; 6 AM to 2 PM 1 2 PM la 10 PM - v* FH. Exper worklrw wtm retard J ~ ed children helpful. Mrong lo learn a muii, Pleaw aaply fniercam- · rmmMy-£«centlonal Children's £ F No e GO'oc fene «0 COUNTER GIRLS ul). Part Time xper necess. Will train. working conditions. fits FOASBERG LAUNDRY CLEANERS «t 426-7345 £,WARDLOWRD,LB ^pply: WMay$?-3pm ... DELIVERY MAN Wi knVgton Area, Early morning DRIVER WITH VAN ta.R.U. L deliver smat parceH on E WGil EDUCATION A L OPPORTUNJTIES Whether It's flrJihlng high ictool or earning cof'ege aedltL being m the Army can h^p you. And If you iton un lor the Army's newrsl educational program. Prolect AhMd, yowli be abte to Hart cm leoc at the tame time you en'ltt wfrn the Army paying UP lo 7i°* of · your tuition and hM. Can ARMY OPPORTUNITIES Long Beach SHSfi - FACTORY HELP for LACQUER ManufaOurer CALLDAYS24WW* ?JMP*cWkAveLSO*-7H1 Factory- Warehouse WORK TODAY PAID TODAY TEMP UNSKILLED WORK APPLICANTS 4:30--*AM APPLY READY FOR WORK PACIFIC PERSONNEL JI6 E AHAHCIM, LB FULL TIME. Small bmtaeu rwed youno man tor waretiow** worV local (ruck, driving. No «*per nee abte to 1**TM mutt be area A. tnven torYWraly. For Intarvtew phort Ml 7 E. S Sp?Kg^L r B?e^ or j«*l C To MJ GU* is Gt T4 ;iRLS$50DayUp %".!£.?£!·£ «Il. Lona 6e*ch- 113465- i5S7 RD, Natknal Roofing Maou4H er has Part nme opening * afl wtxi with lo earn x t xie- Amry ta perun at 1S01 imarlnd, Cmptn. GUARDS AMERICAN PLANT PROTECTION, INC. Harbor t Inland Areas TOP AREA i BENEFITS! Interview Hrs I0am-3pm Tuesday-Wednesday-Th w s 244KL.B. BI.,L.B., 427-892 An Eooal Opportunity Employe* F GUARDS UL *r' IWi^,9 f '^ Y ' R ^ TIREDO - Wtfli F arpo Goat d ierv KB -.MJl-t.onopac»i Bhrt*. LB GUAADS '"""^eia.w"- L 0 r- i GUARDS ^HOSTESSE^^ r . Fun 1 part rime Mu*i wx^e. "irrt pay-a hjn tob PN ,ny *av, any r*xx. At* »or (2U1633-JWQ fl JAM1TOW. PaJl time S to H « kifrrommunfry f«c»ptonai C '· W*Mome. UMOrand Av«. L n Hflo Wanted General 4 j «i '4 m NT t n too *w HEl,P WANTED _ p Wanted General 1M Tr JANITOR EXPERIENCE HELPFUL. t APPLY HO 13 1? TO 4 » INTERCOMMUNITY ? SANITARIUM »A 24M Grand Ave, L.B. *37^?1J , Jood ooporlunlry POT wllTIng work ' A * ·r.Gwd driving i retord , Apply ki Perion- 5 W30So.Garfild f So.Ga(e -- LAUNDRY t SO r'l ftW OK »or this ko Nke lady c o ne4p in laundromat w with 4 ' oM, dry cleaning. Fvll time t3 X ^ )'e to help devetope L malrtaJr ^okJ MarrtJorx Lrve In lewwaK rvxne. CaJI *y?-3lOl dependable. Challenger Mf-rjTO Maintenance Man Prefer rillrtdor semi r«liied Part lime, tarn lo 3pm Apply In perron after J-OOpnv R5 FHO«E CALLS PLEASE MCDONALD'S MAINT HELPER _ T With tome malnTenance experl- SADOLEBACKINN- NORWALK 1759) E Firestone Blvd. Compel Jim Turner *EH Wwrxn P/o'r»lonal or Non Prolesi tonal Solicitors needed. lion. Abv^ulHv no iHline Call W4- SDB7 tytw. i. Mr. Young Military 1361 A MONTH TO S T A R T Army pay it better than ever. And with (IM mean, kxfglng. and 1 free medkalflerrtal care, you'll be **· prkedhow far inal wrif ao Call ARMY OfPO RT U H 1 T 1 ES AOOEL wanted, no experience n*ce»ar-y. u ro It. Mutt be attractive. Good oay. 4244O9 PART TIME: Tow Trutfc Driven PouiWr Full time Over 1\ Yn okl. REPAIR MAN For meal 1 food proem Iry ectHp menl. Growing como*iY. Benef 1%. S9S47U SECURITY GUARDS A tew oood men needed Lacal »- S'rww*raTlrVi. l SeO(rity oflk«r* winled part time L lull-Urn*. Evoer dn'red but not reouUed. jEJO E'. Broadway, Su=le A SECURITY OFFICERS PART TIME-FULL TIME We have aceourrti In every city In loi Aneele* ft Orange counllev A vaflety d auignmeflti. Include B it* racloo e ven it -parade t- ali. "EnlOY Security Wort- Top waoei benefit*. mpon- i***e persons need *vc* i. W« chec k your backwi"ound INT'L CITY SECURITY 10U' Lot Ar»milcn Bvd Lot ALimliot llH»}s3 m 7H«7J.20» Security Officers Full Part Time Immediate Openings Experience Preferred Opportunity for advaocerrterrt . I 1 ) Aprtf tfo\. to Frl. fam n Jprn Advocate Securify 1 JJ *6 Mj»pfed*Ie. Morwarx EST?!JISE8 SECURITY OFFICER C-ipef, age ?1 ». Own en^pm«n SECURITY OFFICERS EXPERIENCED FOX 5LCURITY, 1»E. OCFAN Swi'e 913, L.O. 43M?1I SERVICE AHENDANT On tott dock. Good Hurting coixlf SO UTRWIND MARINA Mr. Palmer Pti *»;»! SERVICE Station AUendJrvl. eper SERVICE STATION AMendenl EXPER. Heal. aogr«»lve Mle pet*on Full or PaHTCaJI for a*x* SERVICE STATION | Arcs jtjrton In Long Beacti are^ Mtrti haw kxaJ ··pertefic* ar. e SNACK BAR ATTENDANT, par Ikrrw. nlta, II VTI - K.2S rv. Aw* « Equal Opportunity Employe LKWO DRIVE IN 71CO E CArvi LB CerrllotMan.Cerrltot ,, SWAP MEET HELP EARN t»t3C PER WEEK Pan-trme. Saturday 1 S^xxiay. x- Hoexperl«re nec«.t*r- AUWTy a II Own rrarnponarlon. j FREE MOVIE PRIVILEGES A«HylnPer«n LONG B^Acft DRIVE-IN THEATRE No Pnon* CaH. Please TELEPHONE Opvraiori ro wm rrom home for pNlarrnVou+c car paKfn. Call Cl IK afrtr 3:30 Pm TRUCK DRIVER LocaJ dfiaaH. P*v percentage. C 1 VETERANS College students FULL O« PART T(ME WORK APPLY 7 :» AM SHARP I WAMT to karn a wy*? 1 ** r Cfl - ir'ffi^sr^.irsr, fit i) m«mti/N) in.ini rr*n4 Indvt AppryHI E. Sm ST , L WOMEN MEN 1 INVENTORY PERSONNEL 17 vri L o^der (or comm^rc lrtven*Drv fotnllog 13 SO hr 4 ·%day1 rVgr/ WorV to cor «xrxJ to your tcfteduV Coot " Trainees 1 AUTO PARTS Trainee WH -- Over 71 Com«-y»irv» »««ar an xn Rrt'^l of PutXV corrfacl «»p*-- "11 SERVICE PERSONNEL ACM B ZkO Pacific Ave LB Q* H|l M HELP W A N T E D HELP WANTED "" ainees 1«7 GUYS 4 GALS 18 UP r ouHWe order taking dept.. alnlng provided. Htpri school ad. Gvyi ^IttiTong Kalr OK. Hi5 t * bonuv Call Mr. Knife or Mr. ortk C4467I b«tw f im 4 7pm RDWARE. Lumber Train** WIT Over 11. Related exper pref. ERVICE PERSONNEL AGENCY ZJWPacinc AV* LD i4-nn kCHINEOPER Trainee »J » ^ Scrne e^per raoyfrad. Over 4). ERVICE PER SOKN EL AGENCY ntfi PacUk Ave LB O6 nit -- AANAGEMENT TRAINEE Ot Contomer E l«tron!c Merctvan jioo Firm. Some ^ejuylenCT In Hit comoemation L erowtti paten- i ;MT Excttiog rtn netd. win in^ PRODUCTION WORKER ^reatfy wort ·Hrti a (asJ 0nwlng ·ompany. Interviews bel M J. No \v«. Torrartoc. SALES TRAINEE W\ i Iraki 3 peooie to market Vacuum Parn on wtmeurle le^«t VM pe moorh while in IraJrWno. Prefer nxl-or *ome talct backgioond. n Good opportunity. Steady errtpkw- r m*nt. Ezccllint worVlrtg coxfi- ^ lorn. No travelVig kivaJv*J CALL 571-0531 ASK FOR MS*. GIBSON RA NEE. Crpt UprwHerv Clean log. Can (or a*d 4)1 «1* TRAINEE WILL TRAIN 3 PEOPLE To ma/kel Itve TropirAl FFth on J Mtx*etAie level. WM5 per montn wtiMe fn tralrttog Prefer lome ·some vale* fc« h groy nd . Good ooportunlTv. lleady emotoymenl . No rravrtlrtg Envolved Please Call 433-4508 Ask For Susan RArNEE SSX NEXT TO L.B Noe«P riec-tvpe SO ZOEAGENCY HM/7* - 'rakiing JOB TRAINING COURSES Ewer wonder wtwie h9«rl tha' "«· perk^ce necetury" that tlAWifkd ** a-STtor? A good place li hi the Army. VYim hundrtxh M haii l fg cout-tev tt^ Army can leach you vkillt vou'M be glad ro have la'er ° n ' ARMY OPPORTUNITIES Long Bacri O7-101S L^kewood TN-lnM Situations Wanted 190 SITUATioHS WANTED ADVIER T1SEMENTS ARE FOR PERSONS SEEKING EMPLOYMENT WITH A SPECIFIC COMPANY O« EM PLOVER. A D V E R T I S E R S OFFERING SERVICED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC WILL BE CLASSIFIED UNDER HOME SERVICES 210. PART TIME wwk detlied by cnllesw MuderU. Ewperlerxed \n cuitom pktixe rVamlne. rrwrw oiher Wldl EatltM*. LafcewoorS or Lo* loi pr«l erred. Afternoon or everting* call: O8-7S1P payroll, maiy ofner fleldi Self- itMler. depend. S*f*.l ctia-ienging potlilon. Wl-1617 TRLtCK drtver, » yr» old, Cla« 1 Lk needs wort. Ca'l anytlrn* tn- 0«i Dertnii I..B. Axea. 4J9-1739 FORMER Macrwr, 33. seek* ne». rhallenaWg tob. No Sale* 4Z34SO Propefty Mana9ftrs WO APT ASSISTANT MGR FULL TIME Malor Apt invWmenl Firm ncrtf int ervlewtng r/ouotet lor manage rrwnl (raining prooram In Or«nge and U» Aneetei Countiet Cuperl- ence not neC4rt*ary. No tTklr«ri or prti. OwortunllY hx Advancefrtmi. Cal Owner Monday fhru FrkJav 9 (213U59-B19 MANAGER wan'ed i*rnl rrerired or pW dutle*. MO refl* reduction on JIM a mo. wnhjm apt. S'ove. re Irlg. crpti t dim W.LA area O6- COUPLE tTeilred lo manage ll renam. rert) rpducrion. phnc ean iTM fM^. Call Ron Keppler 437-05U, exl: S7 RETIRE DOR SEMI-RETIRED man unit* on Fail TO. Rental allowance Open tor d'*cutik*. i*6 3106 ASST Apt. MANAGER cp*t matiKe, Xkit rental *; ·kitenance ability. |n4)?M79' - i713) 511-747* mgr In modern alt riec b*dfl. Para- - R f c T I R E O Man lor *«M.toc»f«d 1 moM Free aof hx MgM dullet H Box AM*?, i p.T. ClMwfled Deet 1 ASST. Manager. 100 untn. Adultt " Over 30. B«tMlow*r. We *IH fraln - API. + *alary. 63WW* - to manaye 1* umi»°Vi rent, r.*«n lngre«TuTW.Pd. 43*,M1S S UrWti! lite AXtov Reduced rem only J140. *«*»67or O»I7J? COUPLE, Manage « UoiU. Ea» to U«g BtKh area. Light rnaJnte rouiT..£ (adurht only), JO to M manage 10 unll aod. near Ot**n Malnt. 8. clearJnfl /M-lftl CP A»fl Mor» Mofiila Home P; LJtwood UTM CoarJi L Salary 471 h on iii. St. in 6H. He*gM». Adur» n- no oeti 434 155!, -- COUPLE Manage 17 apt*. M L f Handv. BcndatXe. US-lfef a*t S opti Call 14tom Of 417} EXPER fpl to rtvmaoe all adgt 3C unrt apl In AnarteVn 1U3I-«71. ^rx^o^rf^»??*an*« t ^ Jh Child Care » -- THE INDEPENDENT, PWES * 1ELEGRAA A C C E P T S ONL "» LICENSED CHPLO CARE HOME *? UNDER THE CHILD CAR '· HEADING WE SUCCEST THA " REFERENCES SECHECKED -- CHILD C A R E Ferved yartf H B ar«a fZS-STA CHILD Care, in my home. Day Nto** or fir ITM hour. Co*e SV LIC home; tvn eve (Wld e*r« I · . ·ortlng parrnH aoe Jv* "7*-3* ^, NLB 01 LJC CHILD CARE. Y Vtgexirvtt Rmec/am, futtrv t2SO*oT -y LICENSED CNkJ tart, *4av «ou» LK Nwr»erv Srf«xl Hot kmcr- :Y ] io»m. im Rote 5« vm Help Wanted General 1! y DO YOU WANT TO EARN SOME EXTRA MONEY? IF YOUR ANSWER IS YES YOU CAN EARN $100.00 to $300.00 per Month 'jfjust by carrying an Aflcrnoon Press-Telegram Newspaper · "Route. ' w e need College Students, Retirees, Young Marricds, "athers Sons, Mothers Daughters, Young Couples. Applicants are needed in all ot our Circulation Areas: " I nno Heath South Bt!v Long neatn N^arhv Cities Orange County Nearny i_niLb Bui particularly in North Long Beach, West Long Beach East l.a! "wood. Cerritos, Norwalk, Paramount and Los Alamitos. WHY DONT YOU inquire about route openitw TODAY? ' '' : ' CALL ,35-1161 Ext. 223 between 2 5 p.m. i Hi W^ENDEin'P^^TELEQKAM DIRECTORY OF Acoustical Ceilings Ceramic Tile QUALITY Ceramic Tlk- Work. Klrch- LUSTOm ACOUSTICS rkxx».Fre««i. awn rx *1C CfXr^LJ M1vlO\ CERAM C TILE Srowerv lut*. F 5 /A rALM ^ U X U J \llchef».*n1rl«fc»illos.Sff-3Mt ~ O VP CillAPANTFF L ^Fr^EU 5 'i7i «7?^r1lr?i yri -- NO MESS «EJ LICENSE NO. W8651 -- AIRING, aroutlng tlr*.i. IUn L ,\i Concrete Work -- VnlnSpliri" 1 APARTMENT OWNERS J VOIUITU? KriCGS ^ t ^\ tt ^ l *7Tr?Jnw to { S*yf\" 1 i n / T r w k * Si.MOAtdVr . Ren^ov* oW. V / W v 1 V / retXare new FIT* EKm 4J9-UW ANTA'S SPRAY ON "Hv^H^'^ ArAllcllr" JIM CAIN. Cement Con!ialar C* T MLUUbllV- Lk. WIS6'. Drlw%k'*f* etc No [c* | fc Tn t^C ||n CEMENT Wo**, tlkxl. Wa'itPalkrt. J ^^JoteWelc^ ^"l^fS^-RSr'Sfi.B 1 " 0 "i AILWORK GUARANTEED CUS1OM rwvrew- *orV 1 bkxK jjOl _A7ft^ RAT Hft07 Fre*Eilm. Small Job* OV 431B540 40 I*V/\W 00 I~v0t0 DRIVHWAY5. louncU1kn«. PB Hot, -- ^--CT^y ' SLABS, Walk-i Step* No Job lft _ Pacific Acoustic " 1 Dav Service -- CLFAN r - A S T - E F F I C I E N T C H FreeEst. 595-1847 ALLOfi Acoustic Ceiling u Custom 3 Coats LC C0- Flre^OOf NoSlvr^o^rn^ ivrm Wrllien guar. Free et*. No Q rr^* 1 '* JI V/g' v - s A ^ ' MIU EkmixJ In* O . O B rJ »**i O GRACE BROS. a 13 Yr. GVAT Free dittw CWNER -OPERATOR - m k1IS yp Foea (1J«U' It 1 LOWEST PRICES IN TOWN 596-81% i Acouslk Ceiling 12x12 $» l [ieautilul Plaiter Tei'ure M FrecG titter. 10 YCAT G^J.irArtre Vern Davis flMHl 866-3)51 ACOUSTIC CEILINGS H.W. BANTA Since 19» 1TIL BEST · MLMUER R O D Additions Remodeling AOD-A-ROOM Fkm PrltM and Cornp)et«n (Xire* . Deal Dif eel With Cor Ira^lo* CwsolkJaled B!drs J«-M55 You rrfiith kKkte. Fkunclt^g avj'l. IKVWE IMPROVEMENT Rnxn Adrlitiorn - FamHy Roomv Kltcheni, tlaftis 1 [Wrm C^n BAC Addilkms-Roofs-Palios DA.D Con1rAtror»- Klfchert rrmoriel ·ng. room arkhilom, aJui RM ADDITIONS RATH KITCHEN RCMOOELEO FHFF ESTM L DorxVd lr» M.L Hftggard 479 4 US ROOM ADCHIION. cMlkn. drrvewavi X^WtxV waltt. Call n4-5fll| Li- cenced «. BC'Txlett No. l«4Ui work FvllyequV. 4U44i] PATIO ROOMS 1 EKCLOSURES 7. H. Liken I Sort* 4»O**i Air Cooditionlng Heating FURNACES. AJr Cr*xr* ChecXrt. Repaired, kn'alted Lk. Int. VI-P «; Sn»e SMe-H Metat 4»rai7 Appliance Repairs CARL'S COMPL ETE APPLIANCES HOI WPCH.U4 VM. PATIO coveri pallo rm\ awninvi- tcreen enctmuret-roncreteekec etc T K Ltkeni Son* 40JO9U Brick Stone WorV eri. concrete »«*V Jr rr» tip Q U A L I T Y Brkh Stone RlcKk ft Ceramic tlte. Speclall/lra ^ Al L Type* o 8rkk J. RtocX Work. HIGH CXulitv brkk bkxV finrw 1 ~ man but Low overhead 71 ftll Burglar Fire Alarms BuraJar AJarmi S^vke Deiectoci ~ tVrt-» Eler A. AJarmi »74 IMJ Cabinet Makers r, . ,, _ 'USIOM rahineH. twi. hxnut, r lom Low crrtf kitrhrot 4?9 ?ij; Carpentry IF yfiur T«ntMnd ovn't tjilve a nail. 5 A, ortrt toM No lob Too Smj-l * ADO A ROOM X S£ERY ^ Lk NO mT7» *n i« ; ADOITIONS, repair^, hnm* ir-uxove T ment* Lk. J*«W JUco4Jl W* -- ADOOIJ Remodef, do own work ^ A 1 VrORK. Addlttont. par-^-li, ct«xt -- lencr*, t»aik», iito oT»J» Q CAAPEHTER *'tl go hrxnv (JMiri ~ DOOWS L lott* kn'a^ or tK»og wE ACE Atptt ru^TCV/STCAM ClEA""^ · ""' TBE'J Fri'Mi't^"" J DAY,NITE,WKENO 1 S97-38U """^'zi^WW I CARPEKAR^PET CARPET 1 p«*l C*rp»t cleaning |otla"er **i · al dhctujn AH *-xt (X**r»rtf* K) Enf'r area or* tcrubbed S'e-*' I! rtrai») L^r rm. dW-lrjiarea 1 ut A ow« rrorn ryf t *' p- 5 t , J 1 Wo l,J73Co*urT**a C** P WW 1 fl] tj tPEClAl. 1 Dart Soon. P* S*a m. Ik O^K 1 t f rtr-ovtd FuH gu*rart(*) O 1 ijotor n*«n 1 A C STEAJM CL£Af«iP«O Carpef 1 f^^vSrVfjiff. FVe^Eft ^TJ 1 M.t44Mrl40' STEAM C* SHA/V POO »» 95 · p i« COW1HES »H « CHAlftS K 9? BCffNlE S W*S *L,f* NE Carnei Ci*-f-'i S'* f* tS * rtn Vuirnipro f W 4134,15'' «0rfc ff^^r 0(W« 4»M" C A R P E T S r*T*rw«j 1 B«M-'rt »- CAPPETS IrxfaiM. nn*- w «M CARPET SALE *MV PAY RETAIL' 14 » CBP7S »rmaied. 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A'II D'CK 471 *TO« XX; VTlt FRANK (714] iJ? M?0 ALL ELECTRIC WORK Vrx^c L F ke ot«ir. H-,n 1 k. S£4ttV Ptwne iW 4%0 S'ale «. City Lie. GuAranire work 713 4947674 SEMI RETIRED ; WU3 Clrculi I rtbor . truly J Iti Saver -n Rerstlr of Okrr nido\ 4«il4« W.NALLY EkvirK Hr-\ ComnVI I A R T E R Etettrk »eAklen'l.»J. Cont rrvnlfll 1 Iralutlrlnl. Lk. TTtWU ]j Hour Servke RM *J74 FlFCIHlCIAN. An r ioh OK. *nv CMy k Sf^le Lk. A-fcie W L C. iljle tk. JW1I1. Rp.ii ReilatHe WCHV GuaiAntred FreeEilm 47S«/1: UJ fHl LICENSED E L E C T R I C A L CCHJ f R A C T O R All Eleclrk Wo» FreeEHImaln Real 42i l»i* FF ETil. remodel 730 wlrlnu New tale* Day or eve 431 IOB' Fencing Gates BLOCK WALLS XHrt. Good I 9 r we I HA IN LINK fi WOOn FENCES Gae\ DM 1 Rrpa'ed Prked Rile Gvaranieed wolt. Ph 4997111 :hafci Ttf* t Dog KenneU QuaMv Work. Free E»lm rj? 76 Si 9»9M^ (Lk »»«) S»fc»V47 OH CX, Ukxk. Stone 1 Corxrerr Floors-- Sand Reiinish FL OORS LANDED L FINISHED Sia'r I k l»m Call 7l'r 47« 1\) : .HIE ArVKifenM'k. 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