Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1969 · Page 36
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 36

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1969
Page 36
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C-8--INDEPENDENT (AM) LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) long »·«!*. Calll. Frldnv. Ftb. II, mt By Harold Gray RUDY LEAVINGTM I OME COULD KXB i i WHICH Mlfl'rlS I TVflr 08SEgVfl8lE a MARMADUKK DENNIS THE MENA jjv Hank K I ' IC B. C. By Johiuiv Hart ! -- · rWJ IfvptM. lM4 IMt TUMBLEWl-l'DS 'i. NY f r /"^ pi .-.Sf? - Bj I / / ,-'* M * H ·£%5 J If I have to lake HIM TOO, the DEAL'S OFF! "WELL. ISN'T TUAT 8ETTEp'H QETTIHS ^/f?* ,\VELL,SNAKE-f-:YE, YOU'VE TORN IT TH IS TIME.I...TOAP TONKVv'ELL BEFORE KE PEPARTEP FOR THAT PI CORRAL IN THE SKY", NAMEPYOU ASHISLIOUIPATOR! YOU SCOUNPRa! _ ASPEP THAT YOU WERE EACH TO TERRY AND THE 1'IRATES Bv Tom K. Ryan THEO.' WHERE'S THAT UNFORTUNATEYsHE »H'T HERE EITHER.' IMITATION OF AN AiPE-FE-rtMPOF \ WWTS 6GNS OM HEKEi E? HAVE roJ-BlUE MAZES/ ) ...BLAST'EM/IF LEE'S BEP HASN'T EVEN BEEN SLtFT IN.'nCLP IF THERE'S ANYTHIN' I CAN'T STAMP, IT'S A SORE LOSER' IHtV'VE PRTIITEP THI5I5THENISHT TO PRACTISE HANP-HOLPlNG... TAKE TEN RACES, TURN, ANP F1REL.YOUFIREPONTHE SECONP PACE] By Bob Montana ANIMAL CRACKERS ' T LOVE 1O SIT AND ROCK WITH 4 Nfl'" I - l i l t OLD H-OLK AND A BOTTLF. OF POP / TIIIL. l=i YOUP. D.J. AAILOREO HAUV OP 24 FENMWCOn AVL-NUfi:' DICK TAYLOR... WITH TODAY'S j'l MUSICAL OUESTIOH! A'UW FOR OUR CALL / (WILE E W i unru AJODTOTH5. Bv Carl Grubcrt WELL NOW..TWUtL HAVB TO .. VOUVe JUST *«( CA1 CH ME TURNED ME ON/IFIRSTJ ES, PO VOU V/ANT ·ME TO GET YOU ANYTHING ID PRINK BEFORE WE SO TO SEP ? SCOTCH ANP SOPA? MARK TRAILS PRISCILLA'S POP CROSSWORD PU/ZLE , vouu /BETTER MAVt A LOOK AT A WHAT THOSE !\ BOYS ARE ^aREADINJS- ACROSS Knife 5 Capital of Senegal 10 1 ^ Texas city 27 28 Luxunant 29 Sun-dried brick 30 Composer "Narcissu 3 I Actions 34 Erect 35 Eun'picfes J3 Indifiere-M 42 Evergreon ·13 Scholarly 64 Desire w-rongfuHy 65 \Vhere Hie Shannon f!o*s 66 Spaniards meter : for CYNTHIA, \VILL YOU 5F EXPLAIN 1 6 Silkworm 17 Like the Gobi 1R Hector 19 Winocm- 20 22 Inundatiorv 23 Medical patients 24 Oove call 25 Celestia phenomena 23 Frerch dramatist 3? Australian primitive 33 Middle Easterner 36 --fixe 37 Merchandise 39 Long penod DOWN 1 HH 2 WtHpht aHowanc 3 Tart" Rv Wall Disnc\ DONALD DUCK / IT'S EASIEC T-iii- 1 ' G T O TAKE; ~-:\\z T r i f l e Robed 51 Hdnkcr for 52 Oassifier Without bounce Jason's ship ! cla'rn Spree 57 Plain on the moon 58 Leaf iost«n angle . Ntumber 6 1 Units of voimne abbr. fit French 6 Entcrlain 7 .Murders 8 Confederate 9 "Bridge of San Luis 1 0 Tyrannies 1 i Diva's number )?. Spljf i 3 Girl's name i 21 Feel one's -22 Desperate 24 Stud/ 15 "Of? I ~ D NClJ K?JN : UKE TO KEE:= IN A\V GL.OX. £ rO \V5.TE A NOTE-: A RELAX }f ITS A " /(MOTOP?CVCLS (TATALOGUt i.-. l : - - v - - AV=. 1 ~~ C~- SOU = USE Ti-:= 2OSS' I -SCTE Pt^S^' 42 --Doodre *'j Offer 46 Eats .'·0 \SVi Bv Dick Brooks JACKSON TWINS /ECT THE' f-JEV/ \ JEFf" SCtD : tJC/EI? \ Hl5 CAC '.'.' TO svvirJS Bu r TO ESJV i!=·:; GCODWJG :nv/' 'EVEN / POr " I I P l5p'iTLDM FOR 7} II V/TJK "ni, 1 -" RDr lf 3 ONLV E CfJ SO I CAN TTrlP ON TH V'.VtiCH V/ILL REALLY TA^B COUPAGE SO , At JD THt f (?A/y R-U'T ; r -) i r COST //£ MORE" THAN "H !r GPEATHST LITTLE 1'orccast For Saturday ! Your tippllidav todov. Yo-i niav lind \ lliis voar yols onl of hanfi, both tor ov- I nfi)flp)cli:io vour dthicvcnipnls and in m'g rclotioo5liios with olhcr WOP'O. It v, probable thai vou will wind UD do na tuc Ihinkino tcr both sides. Avoiri Hie leniotation of Iclllno any on- ooncnts ki:ow how v.oll vou untlersta-irl l!i;ir weaknesses, arc tticv learn loo roodil/ troin vour otlocking comments, natives nre o' ( -n rp^dv I" nlvp uo, lust when that Is me least Indicated .oursr to follow. flRIES (March Jl.Aoril HI: You' ucfnme^t ,itio-.Jl mrnrv-nifiklno sc' S no! vrrv C ' " ' C t no.v. is a somc'Atint ronfujir - .-. matjers tiavlno lo do with Kteolna and dcloiis clear. The bis leniotation n to believe flattering comnlimcnts and m- dulnc in wishful thinking. LIBRA (SCDt. 33-Oct. 2?): Well mean Ing (ncnds and reloJives sooil ^11 sorls of arrnnoements if von dive them ten much information or confuse U'rm w i" ideas and knowledge bcvond their nccdi or nroncr concerns. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 2»): You le.iit In vour olannimj! now the s-'.'r of youi liir nrodi CD'liv^ti' i:, Yoy '.vo-i't hr nblr In ho'd snec'fll iniormitifi'-. YES, ARTHUR, VOW HAVE AWNY y y o u ARE \ ^^ . OF THE SAME QUALITIES RELIABLE, BRAVE ASOeORSE WASH/iN/raW. l AND- TRUE. S A G I T T A R I U S (Nov. 7 1 -Dft. 21): Krco ma'tcr;. i mnlr on-i o en in i"s Tt fio-. If von i'^oi) in fiO'"i". npiio"^ " i !i hrlicvf \i-i'. 'C in (.(··;· l.'iin! rirru"iit to tir/u Your o\v» 0' TAURUS (ADril 20-Mov 20): FDCt tiMiic'i into soine^iiino thov cn AQUARIUS (J.I'l 30-Fcb. 13): 'or thr C"ij^". Puivir iioni-f^ no cir I sifjvr erroneous f-'^rki ·''fihu'r m Do mt Itr. mr.lcd. Nobotlv Is flu i loMnw vour ^uPdcstions. so save vou 1 I p|SCES(Feb. U-Mnrch 70):

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