Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 27, 1930 · Page 3
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1930
Page 3
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Mlt oft Bfilf With Maple Makes. Delicious Finnic to*- Meftl—i Order Sol&d arid Soup, By KDltll M. •tow quick meal this ;<»6ek is 'ftedVwitlt the supposition th*t it will be a warn] week. We ate .beginning, however, with a hot Soup and ending •with ft hot dessert, so perhaps we 1 can pass ort the^meal as planned, whatever the weather. The shrimp salad may easily be.-changed to creamed shrimp ,knd served on toast. ', Except In th«i very hottest ot weather, a-hot soup is a good introduction to a cold meal, Cream of pea soup is delicate, with a sprinkling of nutmeg, which seems to bring out the flavor. It should, however, be added with discretion and tested. —For the shrimp salad, canned or fresh shrimps cooked at the market ready for use may be used. Either diced cucumber or celery or both gives the desired contrast of flavor aha texture. Any of the prepared ' salad dressings blend with this. Some people prefer the more highly seasoned dressings with fish. In any case, a generous sprinkling of .paprika should •be added at the 'last moment., • . A garnish of caviar on shrimp salad served at a. restaurant the other day was as effective in appearance as in flavor. A few strips of pimento are • also decorative. If there 'should *e _ plenty of time, the hard-cooked egg "could be deviled by putting the yoltfl through a sieve and mixing with seasoning, a little vinegar and oil, and possibly a little anchovy paste or minced ripe olives. Ripe olives also make ah attractive garnish for this salad. , For dessert we have chosen Adirondack pancakes—a well known and popular dish In the mountains and in many other places. The usual pah- cake batter is baked in large cakes, which are put together with shaved maple sugar In stacks of four or five. They are then cut into portions and served hot with whipped cream. If you have an electric grill, the cakes may be baked at the table while the rest of the meal Is being eaten. If plenty of fat is put inside the batter, the griddle need not be greased and there will be no smoke in the room. Heady-to-use : pancake flour may be used If time is .lacking for even the quick mixing of; griddle cake batter, the 'dessert might be a strawberry puddivg made by crushing berries Ivlth sugar, beating tfiem into whipped cream and serving between and on top of thin slices of sponge cake, bought ready for use. Today's Menu la, Cream of pea soup Shrimp salad with hard-cooked egg Hot 'rolls Saratoga Potatoes Radishes .•• Onions Adirondack pancakes /• Coffee Spring lamb decked out with mint IE now appropriate. Spring lamb with hew peas or asparagus—the ver> fvords make us hungry at this time ol (rear. As seasons come and go each Drings with it its own ^pcclal foods. (Vmong the -real spring delicacies is Jamb, with which some of the tender toung vegetables are fitting compan- kms. Lamb cuts vary In kind and in brice, thus giving a considerable mnge from which to choose. .The leg «.nd loin are regarded as choice cuts lor roasting, but do not overlook the tttractlveness and flavor of a boned foiled shoulder. For 1 best results roast iamb in an uncovered pan and baste frequently with the fat .which melts Jito the pan. A tablespoon of crushed mint in a little water, or a small glass of mint telly -melted and diluted with watjer tan be used with the fat in basting ind will yield a much-desired tang to me gravy when finished. A breast of lamb first covered with i fine bread stuffing seasoned- with tolery, parsley, a bit of onion, and ierbs, if liked, rolled and baked Is an (conomical and satisfying dish. Serve Ihis with new potatoes, young carrots >nd string beans. By .contrast a tart telly adds a delightful touch. The neck of lamb contains some fine noraela of meat. Have slices cut one Inch thick across the neck. With a Imall knife carefully remove the neck Done, roll the meat Into round cutlet ihapes and fasten with small skewers •r string. Dip the cutlets Into egg A otfiet fefrtfi ««} *a# tfeh ad« t* tfts Vtflety of euF b*ir Bteat dwhttj. Ndw that gHfl plates ttr» 06 fHoptil**', Wdfteya fit in paftlcuiafiy well. Wash and cut the kldfteys in two, theti ttmHiSate in a *Y«nch dressing, todll seasoned, tot aft hdtif 6f so. Pladl the kidneys in a flat pan and COOR un- def the trtbifef. S*rvs with a strip ot bacbfi and ft iamb chop of stfeak and WgcStabfes af a grtli f>lftte. ;. / Preparation nt Meriii. Mara-cooked eggs— twehty niiftutea. WKen cooked, Chill -In fee water. Open can 1 of soup. , .'•'•• Prepare salad. Prepare onlohs and .radishes. Light oven ind heat p6tatOes and rolls. . I Mlxiiancake batter/ SlmVe maple sugar and *hlp cream. Mix coffee. ; Heat soup. Recipes for dishes which constitute a <julck meal: ' '/••*. Sweet-Milk Griddle takes. 3 cups flour k 4% teaspoons baking powder % cUp sugar '* 2 cups milk - . / , 1 egg 4 tablespoons melted fat, 1 teaspoon salt. / ~ Mix and'* sift the dry Ingredient*Beat the egg, add the milk, and stir gradually into the dry Ingredients^ Add the melted fat and drop by Spoonfuls ion a hot griddle. Cook on one side until' full of buhbles, turn, and icook on the other 'side. ., Bread Griddle Cakes. 2 cups fine stale bread-crumbs ( 2 cups scalded milk 4 teaspoons fat. 2 tablespoons sugar ' 2 eggs %' cup flour 1 teaspoon salt 4 teaspoons baking powder, i Add the milk and the fat to the crumbs and soak until the upumbs are soft; add the eggs Well beaten, then 'the dry Ingredients mixed and sifted. Cook on both sides on, a hot griddle. t Shrimp Snlitd. 1 can or 1 pound cooked shVlmp 1 hard cooked eggs 1 cup diced celery or cucumber 1 tablespoon minted onion ' Lettuce ' v ' 2 tablespoons vinegar Mayonnaise , Salt Pepper ] • / NO TROUBLE AT ALL NOW Kellogg's ALL-BRAN Has Benefited This Woman Millions today are catin,g Kellogg's ALL-BRAN—guaranteed to relieve both temporary and recurring constipation. The cause of constipation is the lack of roughage in food. Add sufficient roughage and constipation disappears. Kellogg's ALL-BRAN is nearly all roughage. Here is a letter from Mrs. H. Gilbert, 107 E. Knight Ave,, Collingswood, N. J., which will be interesting to many sufferers: "I Tiad • very aerloua operation in October and when I came from the hospital my main trouble was con. " stipntlon. /One day I said to the doctor. •I am gofnu to eat ALL-BRAN,' and since I started I have no trouble, whatever. So you see I can't praise it enough and am always telling my friends what it did for me." You will enjoy the nut-like flavor of this delicious, ready-to : eat cerealt It is rich in iron, and when eaten with milk or ..fruit juices, adds important vitamins to the diet. Kellogg's ALL-BRAN is an essential in any reducing diet. It means every-day health, to people all over the world. Your grocer has it in the red-and-green package. Served everywhere. Made by Kellogg in Battle Greek. ALL-BRAN Improved In Texture and Tacte A TIME.-' John i. fiernet, president ot the. Erie nail- rda'd, vas a/1 blacksmith, to* fore the tick' ling ot tele* graph .k e,y » lured him from the .forge And gent htm oni one ot the most picturesque careers In. rail* "'toad history. , ff\ m. CALICO "LIKING. , A blue tweed suit, with a dash of lighter blue, beige and red In its mixture, has a stunning lining of blue and red figured., calico for its coat and its sleeveless Blouses, with a jabot front of the same material. fen titoom* tfaj tmvte i* MMeratedi.ts.BS pftHflg ft blU toj* sttbttiltte* to th6 July session of tm legislature for the ?&4trlct(ort of Filipino emigration to tfce Wilted aifcftW. Me i« belifivetf to be actlrtg in <teto«laftc& <vlth desires of the war depnettrieht. the felatt -w to maintain the ' ilSW • TO* flRflfljfMnfl' ™ _.._ ——--- eafrie* w/WHIWI, t» tw . Bottt *Ht b* ««rf« to Ift- ttiftii th* BaffltttM: iflMrifctaM to part fat tuftrfpHHttiti* Fmpjjw WM- gMitloM fwlft ltft*ftU tar M«r UflitW Stated. Gettatbf OSmefta, leadef in the tegta- ifttut-e hete, Adtelttetf today that h« knew aboiJt Oovefnot General Davis' plan, but said he \*a« tiiMMlliftg to commit the legialaturtr to ftfty line of action uhtir the bill ,i« submitted. (Copyttght, i&ao, by New fork sun.) 1C 5 All the Natural Fragrance TEA / • "fresh from the Gardens" In Pickets and Individual Tea-Bags 771 / When you plan your Trip for Decoration Day,' why not take along an Ice Cream .Pie? Packed in a dry ice carton you will have no salt and ice to worry aboift.' We can pack your order to keep 24 hours if you desire. You can also take Puddings, Individual Cups, Bulk or Brick in Dry Ice Cartons. Phone 6172 1 LOOKI-50 Styles of Ladies' New Straps and Pumps and Oxford Ties. Colors: White, Gieen, Bl,ue, Tan, Blonde,-Black Kid, Patent and Suntan. MEN'S FREEMAN OXFORDS For young or old they are positively the best on the market for wear and comfort. We will back these shoes to the limit. All kinds of toe and heels. Price The Shoe Market 1436 llth Ave., Commerce Bldg., Altoona, Pa. TENNIS- For Boys and Little Fellows in White and Brown. *+ All new and up-to-tlie-min,ute styles. Misses' Straps and Pumps In special prices as SI.45. $2.00 $2.45 "- Wonderful value. Infants'' Patent One-Straps Sizes 4-8 only. 200 Pairs Ladies' Odd Lot of Shoes Not all sizes in lot. At a special price, Pair KLINE Brto **" nun— "- •"•—-»»*-^-^—— Summery Frocks of Silks $J485 Here's a group of frocks that economically answers your every need for the coming holiday. ' . , , \ DASHING SPORTS DRESSES * * SIMPLE LITTLE TAILORED THINGS %•' "I AFTERNOON MODES—DRESSY STYLES ** In plain and printed flat crepes, chiffons and georgettes. White, pastels, darker tolies and lovely color harmonies. The last word in line and treatment. Cool, airy frocks galore for women ... misses ... in sizes 14-20... 36-44. Kline Bro».—Swond Floor* New Hats -<• For Holiday and Vacation Wear $1.64 1 Marvelous values in "Brand New" Hats here to help you prepare for the holiday week-end, for whether you go away or celebrate at home you will surely want to be wearing a new hat. New Summer Berets In Pcptel Shades $1.00 KUne Brorf.—Second FI««r. * .*•! '''.Kayser• Slipper Heel'' Sheer Silk Hosiery .--. % ^...,. . ... • *\ , : ,.... : •- •-.-.-• : '.\^.-' ^:--:-^ • • ::,> ^ S • . ..• : . . ' . • _•'/•- " ' ' Regular $1.95 Grade, ~ > "Kayser" fujl fashioned "Slipper Heel" pure thread silk hosiery with the picot top. Your choice of our entire range of colors for summer wear. Fuir Fashioned Junior Fashioned Silk Hosiery j Hosiery $1.00 50c "Caroling Maid" full fashioned service weight pure thread silk hosiery with the lisle hem'and French heel. All the new shades including white. f Fashioned seamed back shaped hosiery, made especially for the growing girl or little woman. White and colors. Kline Bra.—Mala How, Girls' Tub Frocks $1.95 $9-95 They'll wear—They'll tub—They'll stay fresh and bright. Flowered voiles and shantungs and such fashion details as capes, flares, berthas and smocked models. Sizes 7 to l^years. Knickers $1.95 $2.95 Plain and barred linen, tan, and grey tweeds. Strongly made for all kinds of out door wear.. Sizes 8 to 22 years. Extra sizes in. tweeds at $2.95. Polo Shirts $1.25 Cotton jersey polo shirts with high necks, long sleeves and elastic hip band. To wear with knickers in shades of green, orange, and blue. Sizes 34 to 40. Kline &M.-~8««M4 flaw. -X J Boys' Wash Suits $1.45 These suits are high grade, the savings are beyond your expectation. Made in the Oliver Twist sptort collar style. Oyster linen, broadcloth, poplin, Palmer linen and peggy cloth, plain and combination colors for boys 3 to 8 years. Boys' Play Suits, 79c In blue stifel stripe denim, coverall style, stitched down sport collar, sizes 3 to 8 years. Boys' Sport Sweaters, 1.98 Beautiful uew patterns and color comhiuatmo* pull-over style for boys 7 to 14 years. »tu»—

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