Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 2, 1930 · Page 17
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 17

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1930
Page 17
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— M. + »-•"* * THE AfcfbQNA PLANS FOR (ONG AIR FORGE A. C. BfiSS, F r*lBiW»O, M*y 2. — Official In- '3rafHMtt!ott from Mukden states that 13««M»! Chftng Hseuhllsng has de- to concentrate on his air force, t»lft«S to develop a strong aerial and scouting force with the of French airmen. A group of French aviators, some »f them well known, are being ffegfetiated with, and it is believed that TOme at 1 * already on their way tft Mukden. General Chang wants at least a dosen Frencfi instructors to Set up his aerial establishment. Mukden's decision to embark without del&y upon building up a modern ftlr fotee is based upon two developments of the past year: First, the havoc Which Russfan aviators created upon the Cfhinese armies In North Manchuria, unprotected by airplanes Of their own; and second, the success Of the bombing squad developed tjy General Chiang Kai-shek in putting down rebellions. General Chang's father. Chang Tso- Hn, was impressed with the possibilities of an air force in a Chinese army, and spent a considerable amount of money under a foreign advice upon his air' force, which was regarded tu the best in China during old Chang's later years. But compared •with western or Russian aviators, the Manchurian fliers were hopelessly outclassed, as the recent dispute in Manchuria showed without question. As a matter of fact, the officials at Mukden were so well aware that their air force could do nothing against the Russians that they did not even attempt to make serious use of the air arm. Many of the best Chinese aviators remained at Mukden during the entire controversy, and most of the superior equipment was never sent to the borders. Russian aviators routed Chinese regiments merely by dropping bags of soot and refuse. They bombed railway stations and trains with accuracy, greatly impressing the Chinese. Their use of planes made their other preparations practically unnecessary. But perhaps even more than by Russian aviators, General Chang Hseuh-liang and his subordinates at Mukden have been impressed by the -Steady development of an air force by General Chiang Kaishek. It has 'become apparent during the past few months that General Chiang has an "edge" over all other armies in China, chiefly through hia aviation branch. Planes can be rushed to any 'part of the country in a hurry, and Chinese soldiers are more afraid of them than of any other weapon. Of eourse Mukden is nominally in full accord with the Nanking Xroup. But the spirit of nationalism is developing slowly in China, as is entirely natural, and Mukden leaders are not anxious to have the armies controlled by the central government so much stronger that their own forces become useless. It is entirely possible, therefore, that Chang's anxiety to develop a competent air force is based as much upon Nanking's rapid improvements as upon Russia's. If Mukden's plans to have a,large group of French instructors and advisers go through, there will be something of an international competition in China. The aviation schools at Nanking are dependent chiefly upon American and German instruction. American air nfail pilots are turning out many Chinese pilots. And the Shansi air scnbol, at Taiyuanfu, is instructed by German airmen. ROOSTING HELPS. Chicks should be encouraged to roost —"-"when 4 to 6 weeks old. Keeping chicks from crowding on the floor and In the corners helps to prevent coccidiosis. Pilot In 7,000 Foot . The "Hell Diver" they call the trim fighting biplane pictured above. In It, William Croswcll, at left, test pilot of the Curtis* Aeroplane and Motor company, plunged 7,000 feet with the throttle wide open—one of the longest DO-degree dives ever attempted. The daring demonstration, which was staffed at Mllchel field, long Island, before n navy department Inspector, was started from a height of 12,000 feet. Secrecy has surrounded the building of the craft, a two-place, streamlined bombardment plane. K**: HINTS TO MEN ON SEASON'S ATTIRE By DEREK WILLIAMS, Written for NEA Service. NEW YORK, May 2.—It is ^because Englishmen give more thought to the little details which make for smartness that they have a reputation for being well dressed. . If these details are studied care- fullv, that is all that is required. Whenever I see the Prince of Wales or Mr. Jack Buchanan or any man who is famous for his clothes, I always notice three things: First, the cut of the suit, especially the trousers. Second, the quiet color of the material. Third, the complete absence of any discordant note of detail. By this I do not moan that everything should match. That is a mistake, as it always gives a studied effect which should be avoided. Socks, Ease Rheumatic and Neuralgic Pain with \ «* \v HERMAN'S GLASSES Registered Optometrist 1311 Eleventh Ave. 't WEIDNER & HAKE — INTERIOR DECORATORS— Spring House-Cleaning Suggestions . . . One gets in the habit of shopping at Weidner & Hake because everything on display is to please the Style-Conscious person .... and prices are reasonable, loo! / ... New Spring Linoleums . .. Lin-O-Tile ... Rubber Tile .. . New Spring Rugs ... New Spring Carpets . . . Washable Window Shades ... New Curtains and Draperies . . . Bissell Carpet Sweepers 4*4 Johnson Floor Polishers and Wax For Sale and Rent By the Day '444 Bee-Vac Electric Motor Brush Sweepers and Attachments 444 Renew your finish on your old Linoleum with Armstrong's Lacquer—saves washing. 444 WEIDNER & HAKE bpci-iulibti> Ju Interior Ufi'uratfii); arid I lour (,'ot crlngs 1422 12th Ave. Phone 4112 tics and handkerchiefs of the same pattern and color belong in this category. For a fairly smart spring suit, 1 suggest a gray or navy blue material, with a faint pin-stripe. I always have the trousers cut about 20 inches wide, with no turn-ups at the bottom and very long 1 down to the heel of the shoe at the back. The waist of the trousers should be tight and a pleat over the waistband directly over the crease makes the trousers hang better. If you are medium height, like myself, I suggest a single-breasted coat with three but- tons, rolling wldfl lap«l« *ftd BO vertt 1ft the back of the Jacket. Pockets without flaps give the cdat a Detter line, and If it is necessary to have the shoulders padded, which Is being done thja spring, always aim for thft natu* ral outline and avoid the too-squarft look. The simpler the waistcoat, the better.' For ap&fts, knickers should be cut roomy enough to be comfoMable fof vigorous ' movement. Last sUtnmef when 1. Was playing golf at one Or America's most beautiful country clubs, I noticed that many of the men had their "plus fours" cut too narrow and it seemed a pity to me because there Is something wrong when this is so. Brogues should always be worn with sports clothes. JAILED FOR SINGING. PRAGUE, May 2.—According to the newspaper Narodni Listy, twenty Elovaks living In the town Neuhausl were arrested on a charge of having endangered the safety of the Czechoslovak state because at the conclusion of a church service they sang the Hungarian national anthem. , Feed your dairy animals More prb- teln In the form of legume hays, Is the advise of the United States bureau of dairy Industry. An acre of clover hay will furnish about three times as much digestible protein as one of timothy hay, and an acre of alfalfa hay nearly seven times as much. May $.->-An tlftkftowh lot- di«r, fcottan, »ta> died ««6ut l,Wft years ag«, has been removed from its resting place on the site of a new building on the Thames, a'nd his skeleton presented to the Royal College of Surgeons, • UftlEF WILL, BtG ESTATE. , B6L#ON MM 1 , Lancashire, May 2. —A fortune of *38u,8«9 lift, by Mrs. Mafgaret Preston was" leffentlrely to her brother and disposed of in ft will of 141 word's. HICKEY & SON Altoona'g largest Established FUNERAL SERVICE Lexington Avenue J/UxrOOORTOOIWHf 9 mmt ..MODERNIZE YOUR HOME New wall paper such as we are showing this'' season will have a telling effect in the modernization of your home. Now is the time to make your selection. The H. W. McCartney Co. Wall Paper—Hanging—Painting 1107 llth Ave. / Continuiing the Sale thats Set new Records We're winning hundreds of new friends with these Marvelous Giant you don't need cash to take advantage of these wonder-bargains. Simply make a small down-payment on any purchase and you may buy as freely ns though you had a pocketful of cash. Come In today und take your pick of the best the store has to offer. 2 PANTS SUITS Such suits at such a price are an extraordinary achievement. Splendid fabrics, newest patterns and shades, fine workmanship. Pay the way you can easiest afford. 50 $5 Hat Free with < SUIT These suits were priced at $45.00. Now, besides the saving we offer a new $5 Spring hat in addition. '50 SAVE $1O.OO COATS Coats of the most popular fabrics— Siiverspray and Ti-icot. All handsomely trimmed with genuine furs. i.50 Special b EASY! Marvelous Silk DRESSES .00 I flat Crepes—Georgettes—Printed Crepes Other Great Values $11.77 $14.50 $19.50 Crepe de Chine Underwear Slips, teddiea, Ktup-ins, bloomers. Very line quality. [£RjDjT_CLQTHIN6_Cgr 1507 Eleventh A Whole Carload -I Fibre Furniture .;' . at _ * '••'.';.;''.:•• Aaron's !il=piiiii==?sri *— = zs.Ss-=»e t? - -v-jaa, ^* — T . , r^SiiV*^ All ' " The Latest Spring Designs A whole carload of the latest, most modern porch and fibre furniture has just arrived here and you should see it! Modernistic designs, plain, bright colors and dark ones . . . just the furniture you've been waiting'for. Come in tomorrow and see these wonderful Spring sensations . . . don't delay, we only have one carload. Fibre Suites PW I .50 upward All Crex «n Grass Rugs Reduced •• X - u T •- R -- A •- O *- R -- D •• I •• N •- A N -« R •• Y All Silk Cushions Reduced More Than l /2 W. S. Aaron 1429 Twelfth Avenue v

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