Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 12, 1969 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 12, 1969
Page 11
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OF THE UPPER TONW REGION OF VIETNAM LIVE ON HOUSEBOATS ON THE BlrKK RIVER FROM WHICH THEY COMMUTE TO SHORE Hi KOHtOATS MADE I OFMSKETWOKK [ THE BLACK MOUY PRODUCES 200 LIVE VOUNG IN A SINGLE SPAWN ING- . _ BECAUSE NBTHEW / \THEV BOTH WHAT I UKE AF?E ENCASEMENT PRESENTS.' SOME DAYS I GET WHICH DO VOU UKE BEST - CHBIS1MAS GIFTS OW BIRTHDAY GIFTS? ENGAGED V NOW ARE WE THOEc OW S ENSAGED1 TIMES.' HOW COME 7J COWS ONl ONCE A E »V ONE, THEY SETURWW.KRIBT STARE IH CtSBELliF AT THE RA6ING MAELSTKCW KtOW. C300 STUNNED TO TALK,THE CASTAWAYS SIT * AS f PAIED SY THEIR PREPICAWiNT. ·OTA. " KtffOtuMi IFVEDIDNTGIVE TRRDIN'STAMPS I'D TAKE MY BIZNESS SOMEWHPlRS ELSE'.! I GOT TH' REMEDY flN'I GOT TH'JUSS, CRLEB" BUT SMflCK DAB OUT OF CORNCOB 'STOPPERS -- I NEED WCKH/KK TWO JUGS OF VORE SPECIflL COFF HEMEDV, SNUFF 1 / NUMBER TWO.7-- WHERIVWVOUSE ARE-"THE BROTHER- HOOD'WILLSEE DAT FOSDICK WILL SOON JOIN VOUSE.': | -FROM SOME LOCAL FUZZ S MAMED (POSDICK. DISISTHTOV/M WHERE NUMBER 3, GOT IT HOW ARE VOU ON PURTV 1 SCENES LIKE WATERFALL:. AND COWSGRAZIN'? WkPIV.THERE'S NO MONEY" H WATERFALLS AND COWS CRAZING! VERA WANTS TOMAKE NOW, I'LL. DRAW AUNT GERTIE WITHOUT LOOKING CON7iST£A SAM6S DAGWOOD, ;_/"' ^uil: MAY I HAVE ^\ .tf TWENTY DOLLARS 1/5 FIRST 5HEASKEO ME MONEY GROWS I t «·**-Mta»Jt«r«M/ (1740-1845') cfSluf bridge, Mass., VOTED fOK £VERY PRESIKOt FROM WASHINGTON 1O LIHCOLN HE CAST HIS LAST PRESIDENTIAL VOTE WHEN HE WAS 104 Francis Drake Your Horoscope Look in the section in which [here, too. if the mind wanders. Miiiiii **·. «·», AP* itnm · 11 lillimilH AMMMM .-,.; ··· By USNEB L. COLEMAMU. · Bleak, Painful World THE WORLD of the deaf is * painful, one. It is silent, bleak, and lonely humorless, and isolated from many of the joys that we who hear take : or granted. Impregnable walls blockade the joyous sounds of living from entering t h a t world of desolate silenue. One man can well be considered the emancipator uf the deaf for having liberated thousands from the confines of this empty, anxious, frustrating, and often, friendless existence. Thnl man is Dr. Julius I w h o. against overwhelming odds. broke through t h e barriers of medical disbelievers and unselfishly taught surgeons it was that she had again heard that she had missed most, she said, "I cried then and still cry every time I hear the tinkle ;of my spoon as I stir my coffee." Our entire l i f e revolves around the simple sounds that we normally take for granted. The laughter of children, the doorbell, a rustle of a program at a concert are part of tlie myriad sounds that make contact with pulsating h u m a n i t y and give viability to our lives. This gift was given lo many by Dr. Julius Lcmpert. POETRY CORNER In the poem "ThanHtopsis." W i l l i a m Cullen Bryant askrd "What if thou withdrew unheeded by the living and 'no friend take note 'of thy departure'.' All that breathe will sharo thy destiny . . . When thou art gone . . . each one as bcfni'p his favorite phaii- over the world the techniques lie devised. As one of his students. I watched spellbound, his limitless ingenuity asl' t t j|| chase he created newer devices to in- torn " sure that his fenestration or! A ' , w h o j n c ,, n window operation would ma in-. h[ . fl ,. ( h sonR nf a h i r d or ,, tain the hearing he gave his B e c l h n v ( _ n Sonata m ,, s t (,,,. P atlcnts - |ever t a k e heed of De I.-in- IN THE HEART ,pcrt's departure and rccogni/.e ^SSfS SSE -^ the gratitude of those freed | of the shackles of deafness. When Dr. Lempert died recently, it seemed that his your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR MONDAY, A P R I L 14 MARCH 21 to A P R I L 20 (Aries) -- W h e n a change lias already been made, evaluate carefully before criticizing: it may be for the best. If truly feel it is not right, work with logic to avert confusion and improve the situation. APRIL 21 to MAY 21 (Taurusl --Eliminate details which con- .ribute nothing to the overall picture. O n t h i s favorably aspected day, dispense wisdom n a responsible tone. Do not be quick to criticize lest YOU fall under that gavel. MAY 22 to JUNE 21 (Gemini) --Though influences are fairly avorable. some not entirely successful operations may require an added "shot in t h e -- new devies. tighten. maybe just newer information. Heed good sugges lions. JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer) --Oil and water don't mex well, but separately they have their vital jobs. Try to get along with EVERYBODY now. even if only in a civil and busincss-i i k e manner. JULY 24 to AUG. 23 (Leo)-s o l a r configuration bountiful rewards, offers new vistas. Work, play Speed does not indicate success; i memorial had been build dur it's high qualitv that will count 1 .18 lne . tim ,! ne , w f s still makin" 6 M ' - . . , , j l n s scientific history. His tin- '·ft . ' S P E A K I N G O F YOL'R HKALTH: Only the repetition of errors deserves. chastisc- meni. These columns relieve your are desisncrt fears about OCT '-I to NOV 22 (Scorpio) jparalleled imagination and re- There could be no brtterfeh^ planetary day for advantages. !._,._, n o w so successfu i in the re-is'" 1 " 1 " 1 ? of your mind » n cl but there is, as always in life's I lief of otosclerosis. a hereditary I '"'"·· Al ! ""· """P; 1 "" !»·«· an- intricacies, a catch: Will youh.vpe of deafness . !-'-,.;' ^^ ^[^ recogfci/.e w h i c h offerings are The magnitude of silence e v e r y u h e r e 5 ' " for the taking, which MUST be I can best be understood by ' . you , ,. . b those of us who can hear, is \ c i u r individual m e d i c a l the simple statement of a problems should he handled liy NOV. 23 to DEC. 21 ( S a p i t 1 patient who had had such sur vnur OMII doctor. He knows lariusl -- Competition galore! ,gcry. When she was asked what yuu hesl. You should revel in most of both useful, but keep each in its place. challenges offered. Some things changed? Good! Accept them for their worth: you will f i n d it exhilarating. DEC. 22 to JAN. 20 (Capri corn I -- Don't he tricked by the bizarre. Ove activity unwise: a well regulated d a y promises achievement, w i l l stimulate incentive. Orneriness taboo! ·IAN. 21 to K K R . 1!) CAriiiar I ins) -- Systematize but don't j overstress. A n y t h i n g i*! smartened up w i t h a concise,! knowledgeable show of interest, j and Saturn is "bursting" t o ' arouse your incentive. | CONTRACT BRIDGE b y B . J a y B e c k e r (Top R»c«rd-Neld«r in Moitiri' Individual Championihip Play) North, dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH V K 8 6 4 A K J 9 2 WEST 4 A J 9 6 2 EAST 4 1 0 T 3 FEB. 20 (Pisces) -- to M A R C H 20 Emphasize your versatility now. The eyes of superiors are on your efforts, and worthwhile ideas and new methods could lead to a f i n e ; upgrading of your status. You born today are self- reliant, yet dependent H p o n affection from loved ones. You can lead a battle, or defend an outpost with equal s t a m i n a , but balk at t a k i n g directions you + S 7 3 SOUTH 4 K 8 3 feel unjustified, or which a r c i Riven in a dictatorial matter. AUG. 24 to SEPT. 23 (Virgo) (Your friendships i n c l u d e those, - Beneficial Mercury i n f l u - ! 1 " ·'" 1 '' 1 " Iis f " r "" ln n " t | should chnosp according to s t a t u s or + K 6 2 110 8 S + A J 1 0 4 The bidding: North Kmt South 1 4 Pass 2 NT 3 NT Opening- lead--six of spades. Let's say you're declarer at three notrnmp and West leads ««t Pass ences. Day's activities be managed evenly so none lop over too much in any one di- Start with the tempo you can keep -- and m a i n t a i n it. SEPT. 24 to OCT. 2!i (Libra) day encourages mental pursuits. But even :asl;s a r e purely if your manual. ·emcmber there can be errors affluence, but "like." H o I d because lo this y o u qua!ity: cement companionship: through u n d e r s t a n d i n g a n d ! patience, u c v e r criticizing, j Branch J o h n d r a m a t i c a spade. Your first problem is whether to play the queen or the four from dummy, but actually, this is not a d i f f i c u l t choice. It is clearly better lo l ' i plav the queen, but let's see *' ,....:. R i r t h d a t e of: James Cnbell. novelist: Sir G i e 1 g u d. English actor: Juiic Christie, cinema actress. HORIZONTAL 43. Egyptian 1. Noah's son . Fashion 9. Tropical drink · 12. Chill 33. Lake--~ It. Greek letter J.i. Feehnjr . Through JR. 1 39. Scottish Gaelic 2i.jack . Sausnge 27. Pub specialty :«. Stitch 30. Metal plate. 31. Italian rity 33. Witer harrier .15. Girdle .16.1 38. Algonquian Indian 40. Female ruff 41. Sport 7. Toi ri'l, temperate, el'.-. S. Snare 9. Recidivists 10. -Slio^honean I n d i a n 11. Deface . Make i a r e 20. Thick f l i r e 21. Freiuh 11 SS. why. If the queen, wins the trick (which means West has the ace I, you are on solid ground. You next lend the nine of clubs and finesse. Win or lose, the contract is safe. If West shows up with the king, he cannot stop you from tricks, while if k:ng. you are sure of ten tricks. Now let's assume East has the ace of spades. He wins thi queen and continues with a spade w h i c h you, of course, dirt. You then win the ntxt spade and must now choose between a diamond or a club finesse. Apain the choice is not diff i c u l t because West's remainlnp; spades pose a serious threat and on want to avoid his tftkinp the lead, if possible. So you take t h e diamond finesse bcctus*. East can do you no harm even if he has the queen. As it happens, the diamond finesse loses but East does not hftve a spade to return. When, he returns a club, you rise with the are and run like a bunny \vilh nine tricks. Of course it may happen that East r e t u r n s a spade instead of a club, but that shouldn't worry If Kast has a fourth spade to lead. West rould not have had more t h a n four spades at tho s t a r t , so you make the contract, losing a diamond and three spades. Note how lopic dictates tin pl.iy of the queen of spade:, at. Inck one. and likewise dictate.- which s u i t - (h.imonds or cluhs to attni'k n ^ x t . depending o;i which opponent Slows up with running n i n e the ace of spades has the ; Bridge is a lopcal fame. (0 1969, K l n j I'taliirra Sj-ndlcite, lne ) 4-12-69 PONYTAIL "If you think it looks a mess now, you should hava «c«u it before I heard you cominj;'up the ataiwl 1 * TIMES Classified Ads Get Fast Results. Try em, Just Dial 442-6242,

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