Independent from Long Beach, California on February 8, 1958 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1958
Page 17
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In a Cell 12 Years . . " GOSHOGAWAHA, Japan (HE) --Police Friday accused City Welfare Commissioner Kinsuke Furukawa of keeping his 32- year-old mentally ill son locked in a cell in the family storeroom for 12 years. ,^V«T» ^-fe^tS-V " ^ s 'f V* i "" **· ^\*-Vs£-v*r - - ti n Mars Attacks the World" rim -- Krazy Races Prim Cartoons -- S A T U R D A Y -- I1.MONT HI «i»-»i "'·"· OPEN NOON 2 BIG FEATURES "CAVALRY SCOUT" ABIOTT COSTEUO "MEET THE MUMMY" -- rim ---CARTOONS-- THE LYONS DEN W E $ T C O A S T Hi 642-09 gats* OPEN NOON--CONTINUOUS Late Show \lf~ Tonite at 10:15 4tlTsMASH WEEK! COME EARLY ' GOOD SEATS NOW Paramount Sells Old Films ior $50 Million Peyton Place £ d£it^£S3e *MBk. · f I M P E R I A L HI «»·» !SS2 OPEN NOON KIRK DOUGLAS Lex BARKER - Ann BANCROFT^ "QIRL IN BLACK STOCKINGS NOONpV ShovTTim«: 4:05-7:25-10:15^ ATLANTIC NEARCARSON § np 1 RSON ROCK HUDSON · JENNIFER JONES · VirroRIO D£ SCI) lg|piBgHJ^^MHHMHHm«H^^mn7PXT^-*Nn«H*-'*«'WMw--·« TM,wmTM~m RAFFIC SAFETY THEIR AIM Svmbolizing their objective for. Boy Scout Week, Feb. 7-13, Cub Scouts John Carrigan and Edward Binkley, both of Pack 49, and Boy Scout LeRoy Roberts, of Troop'66, secure a "No Traffic Deaths' sign to the'bull's eye of their target During Scout Week, the boys .are launching their year-long, nationwide project of safety, in traffic,-outdoors and in the home.--(Staff Photo by Bob Shumway.) NEW YORK tat--Paramount 'ictures Friday announced the ale of all its pre-1948 movies OPEN 11:45 A.M. HEY. KIDS! at our SATURDAY MATINEE IN CONJUNCTION WITH OUR REGULAR SHOW "KRAZY RACES" -- PLUS -7-CARTOONS-7 LITTLE KIDS 25e BIG KIDS *0e or 50 million dollars for use n television. Barney Balaban, Paramoun resident, said the purchaser o: :he approximately 750 films i: Management Corp, of America leaded by Jules C. Stein, who also heads Music Corp. o .merica. The films include "Going Mj Way," -with Bing Crosby; "The Lost Weekend," "To Each His Own," various Cecil B. De spectaculars and other noted pictures. A Paramount-spokesman sai he films would be available for h'owing on TV N any time aftei the ifinal sale papers are signed probably next week. 5810 Atlantic HAYWORTH-NOVAK SIHATR; GA 2-3161 --Ci-HIt-- · Dana ANDREWS Linda DARNELL "ZERO HOUR" PALACE JO PINl AVt fHONE HE 6'4429 "SITTING BULL" "THE THING" "WINGS OF A HAWK" C R O V E * f H f t ' A T H C · Rick HUBSOK · Dwothy MALOHt "THE .TARNISHED ANGELS" lut--V. fciTliBE--D. DORIS "THE LONG HAUL" ]hurchill to Visit President in April ROQUEBRUNE, France ( --Sir Winston Churchill ha definitely accepted an invitation from President Eisenhower t visit" Washington in April, hi secretary, Montagu Brown sail 'riday. OrlH 12 NOON--CONTINUOUS ALAN with Linda DARNELL i i«h, calif., J«t., FA. t, i»*« INDEPENDENT--Pag* Greer Garson Happy on Broadway .» ..A. 9f . _ 'p By LEONARD LYONS i ACTRESS: Greer ,'Garson, he new, "Auntie · ' Marrie," , is most enthusiastic about work- ng on Broadway. "This is what really wanted^ Movies were n unexpected .detour.for me," he said. She'd like f. to 'devote he rest of her career to the live theater. She won't take up lainting as a hobby at this moment.' "Painting. and beer are for later. I'm looking forward to a happy old age, I've layed enough .elderly lady. oles to know how much fun t's going to be." * * * * MONEY: Milton Berle is re.- axing, choosing the TV spots he wants and working in cafes inly when he feels like working. Berle's annuities, savings and long-term contracts enable lim to take it easy now. When he heard that Henny Youngman was getting many book- ngs, Berle sent him a large wallet'and a note: "Hope this will hold all the money you've made" . . . Youngrnan acknowledged by sending Berle he 'largest v truhk available, with .a note: ."Likewise.:' ' » ' * * : * . TRAVBE: Paulette Goddard, who's made · countless trips abroad, . prefers traveling' by air -- unless' she's assured in advance of geod company aboard ship. Five days out of girl's life, she believes, is too much of a risk. "One of .my rules," she stated, "is when you have a choice, fly. go by ship you'll either b lonely or else wind up with i man who's a bore." * * » FIGHT: A novel case came up before' Supreme Court Justice Flynn in the Bronx. A lady named Mrs. Murphy suet the city for false arrest, I stemmed from an incident when Mrs. Murphy was ac cused of cleaning-her mop from her open. window. The sum mons to' Mrs. Murphy -was given by a cop named Kelly A magistrate named Mahbnej dismissed the charges. "This court has no. 1 'jurisdiction,' ruled Justice Flynn. "It belongs in County Mayo, not .in County Bronx." * i SKETCH: Maria Callas' law yers in Rome are taking action to have a scene deleted from Edoardo Billi's musical revue which now is on tour and soon will open in Rome. The bill boards for the show advertise Iowa Society's Dinner Monday Plans for the winter picni March 1 in Lincoln Park, Los Angeles, will be. discussed a the-covered-dish dinner-meetin of the Iowa Assn. of 'Long Beach at 6:30 p.m..Monday in Machinists Hall, 728 Elm. Ave. Clayton Barrie, flutist; Ethe Fleming, violinist, arid Marion Satterly, pianist, will play. The dinner is open to all lowans former lowans and.their friends mportance of TV ratings. He mentioned the day when-one f his writers complained .that leir program would have-had higher, raring if it were on ne of the rival networks' -- vhich boasted 1 more stations. So what?" .Gardner shrugged.' ' MILTON BERLE . . Relaxing he' sketch, "Maria 'Beneghini alias a t ' t h e Opera." It fea- ures Signer: Billi, dressed as a uxom soprano, burlesquing .a iight with the'.audience. » · » ' « * SWAP: Last year District Attorney Hogan was feuding ith Judge 'Schurman, while ings Cbunty_ District Attor- ey Silver . was feuding- with Fudge L'eibowitz. "I'll ; swap you udges," Silver proposed . . . Not unless you throw'in two hortstops," Hogan said . . . 'his year- Hogan . is feuding with Judge Cannella, and Siler still is feuding with Judge ..eibowitz. Silver phoned Ho- ·an: "Okay, I'll throw in two hortstops" . .. "No," said Hoan. "I want a catcher, too." w '* * * RATINGS: Ed Gardner, who reated "Duffy's Tavern," lis- ened to a discussion about the Was - Voltaire' published, by imon . Schuster?" · '. · . - # : » f * . » . . MEMOS: Robert Morley^will lay the Cyril Ritchard role, in ae .London production of "Visit o a Small' Planet" . . . Esquire ead Paddy Shayevsky's film cript"for "The Goddess," .for ossible, 'photo layouts. The ditors ,were so impressed that hey decided to publish the en- ire script in the March'.issue. . .'I. P. 'Lazar, .the literary gent · -whose clients. Include many of the 'top writers' of America, has signed his' first non-writing' client --. Brigitte Bardot;.. , . Herman' Wouk, au- thor of "Marjorie Mqrni'ng- star," is vacationing at St. Thomas' Morningstar Beach.' . . . Louis Armstrong 'will per- form'for an invited audience in the 70,000-seat stadium adjoining, the -Brussels Fair' Grounds on July 4. It's Armstrong's birthday, as well, as American National -Day 'at the .fair .· . . Pearl Bailey will- have a featured' role in the film version of- "Pbrgy and Bess" ; . . ANTA's international exchange program will send Leonard Bernstein on' a 30-day tour of South America, this summer. .:. . Simon Schuster will publish Arthur Kober's book, "Ooo What You' Said." * * * * DESIGN:'For his new Cafe de Paris in'Miami Beach, Lou Walters signed Danielle Lamar --with songs, routines..and Dior gowns straight from Paris. Her show-stopper : in Miami Beach is an item she'bought on the Riviera -- yellow-toreador pants. Picasso was shopping for. a girl's blouse at the same time, and 'Miss Lamar helped him select it. .She was invited, to lunch, where "comme souvenir" she asked' 'him .to paint something on her pants. Picasso did, and signed it. ' * » * * · ' REPORT: When Roger Ban. nister received his.award froiq Sports' Illustrated he : -.asked Dick Nealc, .the assistant pubt lisheri about the magazine^ growth. Neale began- to spiel the success story--then ended the talk by telling of the -old editor who was dying. The doc- ' tor listened to his heart arjd . said: "Poor' circulation." The editor gasped: "False,, -frilsie. We-'have the largest-circulation in the country" -- then dieil, consistent ,to. the end, lyiflg about his- circulation. · ·' HEY KIDS! SPECIAL KIDDIE SHOW SATURDAY TOWN! -- OPENS 10. A. M. ^*4jTN CABART'-- OPENS 12:30 P. M. 'INVASION OF THE BODY, SNATCHERS' K^VV "FORBIDDENxPLANET" 4 -- CARTOONS --. * 2§2 l 'Aj^ 4 CARTOONS -- KRAZY RACIS "BAT MEN .ROBIN" Chap. 3 A u KIDS is* "LOST PLANET" Chap. 3 flKEUJOOD 1 GA 5-2530 «soi ( c~ OPEN tl;00 UTURDAY MATINEE ONLY Flash GORDON "ROCKET SHIP" riu ALAN HDD ."The DEEP SIX" L flKEUJOOD HA 5-2530 "01 E. C1H50»I OPEN 11 A. M.--CONTINUOUS First 1 Long Beach Showing--3 Theatres HI;7-27JT STATE OPENS NOON - 1 T TOWNE k. j · GA 2-1221 W 5 nmiiicii u» IKO«J D. J i I TOWNE STARTS REGULAR SHOW P.M. LOS ALTOS OPENS 5:30 PLUS 2ND FEATURE AT ALL 3 THEATRES "DAY OF THE BADMAN," FRED MacMURRAY HATWOKTH . SINATRA "PAL JOEY" (co ,o f ) PIUS -- CRAWFORD - SRiZZl 'Tht Story of Esther Costello D O GE 0-11M 1:45 DORIS DAY-- COLOR "PAJAMA GAME" ^ . HUS -- JAMES STEWART-- IN "NIGHT PASSAGE" DOWNEY NORW/UK AVENUl, Bewnilf--SOc TO 1-IilO "OKUHOMA" ' · : · ' "CAROUJEL" v UtR»LT», Oiwniy . TD 2.2100 "THE TARNISHED AHBEL1" , ' "KISS THEM FOR ME" · NOItWUK. NKWtlk Tt .4-2219 "DEEP JIX" "SAD SACK" , T H E T H E A T R E SEASON' DIXIELAND JAZZ HERMOSA INlN HERMOSA BEACH WILMINGTON QRANADA, Wllmlnttm TE 4-1471 "JEANNE ENOE1.S" 'THE LONQ HAUL' DRIVE-IN THEATRES no OLD TIME and MODERN DANCING IH r/ic ('nntiiunliil Itnllrmtn ttUB MORGAN HALL-835 LOCUST AVE WALT Kill-fill*^ OLDTIMERS 1 F*b.U,U,tte12J .BOo -- I'rCB Parking HAMOIt, 21122'S. Vim.nt T£ 4-1511 "JAIL HOUSE ROCK" "THE WAY TO THE HOLD" LA MIFADA, Alunlrt * Itl ' UN 3-3111 "THE TARNISHED AKOELJ" "MAN IN THE SHADOW" , LINCOLN, luini Pirk JA 7-2221 "JAIL HOUSZ DOCK" "THE BESTLES5 MEED" IIOADIUM, 14711 Pirm, ME 3-4SU "DnAQOON WELLS MASSACRE" "PURSUIV OF THE QHAF JPEE" SUNDOWN. I2J2' E. Wish, Whlttlir "KISS THEM FOB ME" . ' "TH' H I B E D M*«" TWIN VUE. Fltiliroa it 152 DA 4-5127 "THE DEEP SIX" "THE SAD SACK" out 12:4. OM^IUMiTY PLAYHOUSE 1 QEnm 8-0536 NOW PLAYING 5021 E. Anihtim "THE DESPERATE HOURS" 8:10 Frl, t Sit.,-$1.50--FREE PMKIK6 . $1JC 'I ^STRAND M [ CEDAR t PIKE * Phong HE 6-4711 L Richard CYIR In' " "THE INVISIBLE BOY" Notalit WOOD in . · "BOMBERS B-52" Cln«moScop« Tuehnkolor NEW STRAND POLICY -- ALL_SEATS Mon, A fit S«turdiy 1hri *|v Sunday I Frl. UV Holiday* A GALA ENTERTAINMENT EVENT! 3RD BIG WEEK M-G-.M's RAINTREE COUNTY in the great tradition of Civil War-romance! MONTGOMERY CLIFT ELIZABETH TAYLOR EVA MARIE SAINT CONTINUOUS FROM NOON " Last Compltl* Show Starts at 10:10 ' Coming Soon--"Don't Go Near the Water Both in WHi »Briin ·»· -»·-·': Birry IUWVAN-MOM FRIEMAN "Drafoon Wells Matsacri" --Wn-John GREQSON in . "Pursuit o tht Qra Snii" $110 pir I car lull Paramount Comptoi ·Blvds, in Paramount OPEH ALL NIGHT * ' tHn 0 '" '" *·"· » 'Til S P.M. Eic. Sit. ll«. «·!. FREE PAIKINO AftK 6 P. M. Dally All Day Saturday * Sunday William HOLDEN - Olmn fOIlD " T E X A S : ; . CinimaScop* 1 Color «!ch«d EOAN - Jeff 'HUNTM ;_ "7 CITIES OF GOLD" Dale ROSERTSON -- In Color "DAKOTA INCIDENT" SPENCER STEAKS SERVED WITH SOUP, SALAD, FRENCH PRIES, TOASTED IUN, VEGETABLE. ICE CREAM , Tickets on Sale at Auditorium Box Office Until Show Time | HE 6-2542 S. P. E. B. S. Q. S. A. Barber Shop "Harmony Fet«" Tonite, 8:30 p.m. Master of C»r»moni»i MR. BILL GWINM Snack Shack 1745 E, IRQ AD WAY HE 5-M7* Open 11 «.m.-836'. p.m. DANCING Nitely RICKEY and'lhe 4 KEYS lick Ifom tic Vifii tiii MoUtn Pictun A|l|iiirinoi In "Roekiky" JAM SESSION Eviry Sun,, starting at 4 p.m. JITTERBUG CONTEST " COCKTAILS SADDLE N' SPUR , . ROBINSON HOTEL 134 E. Ocean HE 6-5255 EIELL OPENS 12:30 'WiamHOLDEN Jeaier JONES . Color by Dt Lux* _, Love is a , MANY- SPLENDORED .Thing , , Iilly GRABIE Marilyn MONROE {_ LaurinBACAU CABART OPENS · Aim. Barfer INEMASCOPE MONROE -MIUHUM · CAIHOUN RIYBROf'NORETURN PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES NOW SHOWING H1UIIOUS BEST-SEllER IS EVEN FIHUIER ON THE SCIEEK IfjSnOW L OPENS DRIVE-IN § ' r. rn ClitsmlCnmr W' 5 ' 30 CA4^9tll f . · CkmJ*i NETMCOLOI · ^GLENN FORD-GIASCALA-BRLHOaiMWI-JNNEFMNCIS-fe/^ ^JEENAH WYW-FRHD CLARK-EVA GUBORfiiUSSTWBLVNEFF RICHARDS PLUS--2ND FEATURE GENE KELLY IN "THE HAPPY ROAD" U3iiaijflaa^7 RITA HAYWORTH FRANK SINATRA. KIM NOVAK TOE ^jftj) SACK 2ND SMASH WEEK! DRIVE-IN hiWijJInr tatf.nCrmt TW 3-3561 NOW! OPENS 5:30 LANA TURNER --LLOYD NOLAN^ Peyton Place couxt br ° JOSI LOPIZ ·* STACEY FARRELL ·* WENDY GAYLE * RAYK ADRIINN1 Cant. Show -- 7 Nitu Ne Cov.r N« Adml»loR GI 3-9180 CLUB. MANDALAY KM r. r., c,". H« Y . HAMBURGER! t fir 4tK Chtiry GE 9-3096 BURLESK TAFFY O'NEIL ttirrlir to-itirrlnr I*IT DAVIt, Rllk 'n' Rill ! No Cover--No Admission HOIT Long Beach Traffic Circle t», 40E. Lakewod Blvd. fia minutes FOX The Lake Club MEteilf 1-9811 ·. I122T S. LakiwMd llvd. ADULTS S0 · DOORS OPEN KIDS 200 ' . P , 1:15 ' Hinry FONDA-- Antk»y PERKINS "THE TIN STAR" lht«N 11 Ml · III! · Itlll III MINEO -- Jimil WHITMORE "THE TOUN« DON'T CRT" ' Shiwn t li0 - ii2( · Ml '. Llvithi Lllioi-Riliy it t*» .. HUrfTIHOTOH HOTEL:. */t OF A BI.OCK LONG 1290 E. OCEAN (LVD., LONG BEACH Th!* · hotel runs through . from the boulevitrd to the ocean. Two .lobbies. AH rooms havo private batha, brand new wall-to-wull carpetlfiR, writtcs dtskv. tfflephouc and dally, maid service. Larpre dicing ' room : face« the ocean. Koom 'and meals $24.60 week each person. ^Choice steaks,'prime ribs of beef, roast turkey, baked Vlriclnla ham-Mid everytnlng: rood to cat No better food, anywhere... Phone HE 8^6233:- Our dlc- Inc- room, alio cattra to tn» outside public,'Club breakfast.SSc: reRular. dimeri.Jtl5, .-. · . Beginning 11 a.m. Monday F«b. 10th Ends Thursday Midnight Feb. 13th 3926 I BROADWAY I SOUTH ST. at LONG MACH at BELLFLOWER BOULEVARD I ATLANTIC I BOULEVARD

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