Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on January 31, 1973 · Page 54
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 54

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1973
Page 54
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PAGE 56 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N · · · WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31, 1973 Public Records ·.; MARltlAGES - Carlos V. Bent, 22, Tucson, "and Rose- M3r V ,M. Colllcsh, 19, Tucson. · James D. Butler, 25, 'Tucson, «nd Theresa M. Boughlon, 20, Tucson,'. _ David D. Hartman. 20, Tucson, and Carla J. Zager, K, Tucson. .. .'S?pv«.'A. Jones. 18, Tucson, and Linda Tucson. S. iris. plain;. .. Can Tony J~ene~'p!mettiei, !4, of Santo/ ' 'session with Intent lo 18, Tucson. Arnold Palaclos, Jj, Tucson, and Sylvia M; Leon, 18, Tucson. · · Lvnn A. Lundgren, 84, Grand Forks, N.D., and Kathleen M. Escamllla, 20, Tucson. · ' , ' "Gary R. Edwards, 26, Tucson, and Mary R. Mottnar, 20, Tucson. Brian P. Grant, 25, Tuison, and Kathleen S., Peterson, 21, · Grand Junction, COtO. · Ronald E. Delph, 31, Kerrvllle, Tex., and Diane M. Haas, 21, Tucson. : · /".DIVORCES ;svlvI».C Suarez vs. George F. Suam, complalnl; Lois,Brand vs. Richard Brand, com.. Candv^M. Cildwell vs.-Judd G. Caldwell,-decree. Elma Felix vs. Rudy Fernandez, de- j Sviyia Maldonado vs. Relualo c. Mai- dorado, decree. ·Raymond E. Smith vs. Donna T. Smith, .ferriU'E.' Frcl vs. Richard J. Frel, Brown decree. · ;Dlanna L. Hoadrlcks vs. Barry W. . Headricks, decree. · Saul H. Jacobs vs. Corene Jacobs, de- ,cree. - · ;i'.Mary M. Padllla vs. Jose J. Padllla, ·i VaMcIa A. Flncher vs. Daniel L. Fin- · char, decree. · · · . - .'Janet E." Martin vs. John W. Martin, '. Mary A. Marts vs. David L. Marts, dc' crae. -"·'.Barbara G. Eller vs. James D. Eller, ·complaint. - · ' FranK P. Romero vs. Gloria J. Ro- msro, comolaint. . Marvin Larson vs. Joyce'Larson, com- pl-int. - Jo Ann B. Little vs. Larry S. Little, complaint. , " Maria .Cobb vs. In/In Cobb Jr.,.com. Judith . Mountcastle vs. Harold J. . Msuntcasllc, complaint. . .. 'V Imonene Sehmelzla vs. Roger." I.., ' Schmclzla, complaint. . · * . . "-Gregory J. Robinson vs. Sheryl L. Rob- In - n, complaint. . . Doris Alleson vs. Charles Alleson.com- . oiaint. '. . . ; BIRTHS · ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL Mr. ami Mrs. Larrv Burkhead. 3238 E. Alvord Road, a boy at 4:35 p.m. Jan. 29. ·· Mr. and Mrs. Danny McDowell, 5722 E. Scarlett St., a bov at 6:18 D.rn. Jan. 29. . Mr.-and Mrs. Larry Merrill, St. David, · bov at 6:28 p.m. Jan. 29. .... Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hernandez, 811 W. Calle Garcia, a boy at 7:38 a.m. Jan. 29. ·-. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dewctt, 3036 N. Alvemon Wny, a bov at 9:58 a.m. Jan. 29. · M r . and Mrs. John Ott, 422 E. 17th St., a elrl at 1:11 a.m. Jan. 30. · TUCSON MEDICAL CENTE* Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mella, 1621 N. Sll- verbell Road, t bov at 1:45 a.m. Jan. 28. .Mr. and. Mrs. Richard Williams, *6W Dan F;rnando, o nirl at 2:15 a.m. Jan. · Mr. and Mrs. John Morgan, Jr., 3134 !. Naco; Vista, a boy at 4:34 a.m. Jan. 2°. Mr. and Mrs. Amndo carrlllo, 7042 S. Lcary Drive, a qlrl 111 :54 a.m. Jan. 29. · Air. and Mrs. Thomas Prcscott, 3401 N. Columbus Blvd.; B girl at «:37 o.m. Jan. . .' : UHivensiTYHOSPITAL Mr. and Mrs, Richard Morrison, 405A E. Drachman St.,» fllrl at 7:17 a.m. Jan. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Esobar, 4214 S. F^nlana Avo., a boy at D:SS P.m. Jon. ' ·' ·- vSENTENCINGS ·' ' · . U.S. District Court Judge James A. Walsh -.· 'Paul Kenneth Locket!, 25, of7Z7.E. Lsi- »r St., possession with Intent to dls- trlbla marlluana, two vears prison. Michael T. Day, 33, ol Ft. Ord, Calif., rn-jiiKion with Intent to distribute marl- luana, two nars prison. Tony Jcne Pin*-"'1 Maria, Calif., POSL tti^rlbute riarnuana, two years prison. Ernest C. Mandru, 36, of Sells, In- .voluntary manslauohter on an Indian reservation, five years probation. Harold Wayne Anderson, 22, of Case Grande, unlawful Importation and posses- son with-Intent to distribute heroin, Indeterminate sentence. G"lllcrmo Gonxolcsplco-Bcrmudei, 23, of Noqalcs, Son., Mex., possession with Intent to distribute marlluana, 30 months prison. Manuel Alvarez-Hlauera, 19, of No- aales, Son., Mex., possession with Intent 1r» dlstributt manluana, 18 months prison. Robert Louis Robertson, 36. of Ft. Worth, Tex., unlawful Importation of marijuana, one year prison. Judge William C.Ficy · Arlcne S. Walker, 22, of 1275 E. Prince Road, stealing letters entrusted Into her PC %?sslQn f two vears prison. Robert Joseph Adams, 22, of Grldley, Calif., ·mlawiiil Importation of marl- luana, II months prison. i SENTENCINGS £V Superior Court ."Mlchnel Gaddls, 26,'oblalnlno money by false' pretense, six months probation, Juc'ac Jack G. Marks. ' William J. Taylor, 54, attempted bur- ptvv (second dcnrec 1 ), si" · *onths probation, Judge Richard Revision. · Janes Allen Crc-clv no ape listed, .drawing check on no account and draw- Im choc!; on InsyKlcIent funds, three years probation each count concurrently, JU*;e Jack G. Mnrks. Robert Irving Goodrich, 24, rape (second dcgrcu), 11 months probation. Judge ' Richard Rovlston. " riorold J. Mountcastle, 21, drawlno Check : on Insufficient funds (mls- .r' .isanor), six* months probation. Judge . Richard Rovlston. ARRAIGNMENTS Superior Court Roncr Lee Mirshnll, no aoc or artrtrrss listed, aoaravated battery, trial set for '"Stephen Curtis Wllllns, Jostoh Carl Pal^r and Erne-.t Abraham Ponr?. ro ages or addresses listed, unlawful offer to .sc.'l marifuana (all but Wniln*', unlav.'ful porrfi?slon of mariiuana (Wllllns only), 'Michael Joseph Dcvercaux, 28, 1617 N. ·Sc--Isllei r^t!« theft wllh nrior. Mav 30. Tom Hcffernan, no aae or address llst- ·r-t. (Jra'vina check on Insufficient funds. ',f,lo'r-n|ai Po-ncro, 35. no Atl-'ress listed, burnlary with prior, March 22. ' M'rharl S* r- nlcv Wh^^'isr. no ,lae ll-.t- ed, 919 H. Stone, assault with a deadly W Oiri n Edna!r Hill, 35, no address listed, bi'-^Iar", AV»rr'i 22. Cheryl LaVonne Fernandez, no age or iH'YPM Hsfd. unlawful possession of marlluana. March 15. · .WIrcv Dpo. 21,..-"irt Marl.l Snsnn D30.. no aae or address listed, unlawful sale of n^-·^Qt^ri (fOMr count'.!, March 14. Erncit Jones, no aae or address listed, ijn'--'.'ui possession of dangerous drugs, M a y 2 4 . ' · . ,, . . . i\ov Moore (M"0 known as Keltn Woods). 22, no address listed, burfli.irv. F"-. T Kei'h V.'ords, 22, 2545 S. th Ave.. burglary, March 8. ,,, n-^nK ni-roirt Warren, "0. nn address UMed, sale of marlluana, Mav 17. .MH-r' '·-r'lne-'i. no *"* o' address listed, theft of a motor vehicle, Mav.17. --ij5ri Wavw Brm-'l. Jl. m ,- -=" listed, Clndv Helcne Scrface, no aoe or i,.v-^rr. iif.tn^. r.i;rM,T!, f* 1 * unlawful possession'of mnrlluana, Mav 24. FIRES Residence, 4150 N. Flowlrra Wells, 3:2S n.^i. yesterday, $TO,ODO estimated dam- aoc. ACCIDENTS , Car*mo! or cycle, W. Adams St. and N. M'*^lo Mile. 4;51 o.tn. vi % """'"··'. * % i Inlurcd: Mark S. Pockube, 16, H? Calle Antonio/ oood condition, St. Marv's. ROBBERIES ' $70 and several boxes of ammunition, CT-de! SoorHnn Goods, 20 W. Prince Rd-. fl:3i n.m. yesterday, three men, two armed. Alcoholism panel opens Bisbee office soeclal to the Citizen BISBEE -- A branch office of the Alcoholism Council of Southern Arizona has opened here to aid the estimated 2,800 problem .drinkers in Cochise County. C. Raymond Osburn, executive director of the Tucson- based council, said counseling. rehabilitation programs and what he termed crisis intervention will be offered at the office, located in an old high school building. Heading the office is Jack Jones,: who received a master's degree through the University of Arizona's alcohol counselor program. tVERITHING UNDER THE SUN PROD LOWIR THE PROOF THE SAVINGS! DISCOUNT CITY GLOBE THE LOWEST PRESCRIPTION PRICES GLOBE HAS LOWER PRICES EVERYDAY! GLOBE IS WAGING AN ALL OUT WAR ON COLDS! ,,, - * \ j Hcve your prescription filled at any ont of Glob*'$ pharmacies^ If you con" - chow, (hof^you or*,now poyirjgJ«^ for s |h^ $fl£i« l p_r,«,scfiption,.Globe ; wjH giV*~ "~ you o cosh refund for the dtfV«r«nc«,v{Proof ii your preseriptiSn -bdtH* dnd register receipt from the other store.) ' ' EFFECTIVE AS CODEINE BUT NOT NARCOTIC VICKS FORMULA £'·' 44 y COUGH SYRUP :r;: 6 oz., "^ · Reg. 1.27^' 12-HOUR REUEF ! CONTAC COLD CAPSULES LET'S FACE IT! Price ii the main difference in prescriptions and the rnbiri reason so many people bring their prescriptions;to Globe. : f..'. CHERACOL-D 99' reg. 1.33 4 ounce mouth medication, by Upjohn. TAX RECORD FORM FREE! Form for recording prescription purchases and medical expenses in 1973, No purchase required. ; "· . '· ,. J · . ' VITAMIN C 66 reg. 1.33 500 mgm, bottle of 100 tablets. ROBITUSSIN DM COUGH SYRUP 4 oz. cough syrup. ; BEN-GAY OINTMENT Original or greaseless of 10 1 17 14 OZ. DRISTAN NASAL MIST Decongestant spray mist. 93 DRISTAN INHALER Decongestant, gives relief. 57 CEPACOL , LOZENGES Pkg. of 24 throat lozengei OLAFSEN 200's COLD TABLETS 2 bottles 100 each, 250 mgm,. 1 89 OLAFSEN VITAMIN C 2'bottles of 100 mgm tablets, 100 each. 1 29 TIME RELEASE COLD CAPSULES Pkg. of 10 easy to take cold capsules. 63 SAMPLES OF THE EVERYDAY SAVINGS AT GLOBE S: NO-IRON DRESS SHIRTS ft "Jf Long sleeve shirts, with long ' * point collars, in solids ond pat- rea 2 97 terns, men's sizes. No-iron, easy care shirts in solids, stripes and fancy prints, Big selection of boys' sizes 8-18. 002001 prices effective thru Feb FULL QUILTED SPREAD fa full king Quilted'to floor, acetate, W 9.8^ 12.86 polyester backing. 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