Independent from Long Beach, California on May 17, 1957 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1957
Page 3
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Deadly A Fallout Cut, British Say LONDON 0--Flnt report* from the Brltlih hydrogen bomb teit In the Pacific ihow that iclentlita have lucceeded In reducing deadly radioactive Mil- out In an explosion area to an "almost negligible" level. Prime Mlnliter Harold Macmlllan an nounced Thunday. Macmlllan rejected Soclallit demandi In the Houie of Commom that the remainder of the thermonuclear tests at Christmas I s l a n d be cancelled on grounds' that the emergence of Britain ai a hydrogen bomb power on a par with the United States and Ruula enhanced tho British International position, · · · · · "I AM BOUND to say In dls- cuulng the matters of nuclear disarmament," he saUL/'that we shall now be In a better bargaining position." He refused to give further details of the first British hydrogen test blast Thursday. "Scientific records are being collected for. accurate evalua SEAFARER SWINGS SHEARS Pet Ewe Cooling Off Now .' - :.....:..;\...- . By HERB SHANNON PEDR °- pat ? h «» « ot and retired wool-gatheren called rid of her heavy sheepskin overcoat Thursday, thanks to The Independent. It was no great loss, mainly h, ,, pitPhi. 1, » .h«D .nd likely-sounding candidate, Mar- becauie Patches Is a sheep, and « It was ' a b o u t time she was sheared, The p r o b l e m was to find somebody who knew, how to do It Lait week. Patches' owner, Mrs. Esther Mertz. 2903 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach, was searching vainly, since the art of fleecing In these parts warm weather, long since has been transferred to professions other than wool- growing, · · · · BUT AFTEH an article In The Independent explained Patches' predicament, several amateur to volunteer their services. Mrs. Mertz decided to hand the clip Job over to the most t|n 6 of St. San Pedro, a retired sea captain. A seafaring sheep-shearer? "Ay was very handy at It on the farm In Norway," explained Capt. Nllsen. "Ay yust had to wool made into blankets, 1 do something when ay read about the poor animal in this SURVEYING Patches' thick coat with a professional eye, the seagoing sheepman began nipping at the wool around the ewe's neck with a pair of hand shears. "Looks like about 12 pounds of wool," he announced. ."Yot can get about SO cents a pound for It." But Patches' lo»i will not be Mrs, Mcrtz's financial gain. "I didn't want to make money out of this," she said. "I Juit wanted to make Patches com fortable. Maybe I'll have the Which was the- right answer. Capt Nllsen said he didn't want to become Involved In a com merclal venture, In fact, the sea captain Indl cated, If Mrs. Mertz had decided to sell the wool he would have taken it on the lamb. tlon," he said. "When these have 24 ,,,,,,, ,*,. 100 cubic feet; next been received I will then con- - - slder what further Information I can give the House." The House was Jammed for the prime minister's report. Sir Winston Churchill, a rare visitor now that he has retired from active politics, came in and took his seat to hear Macmlllan's report. Catholic Schools Ban Dates for · Grade Students PEORIA, ILL UR--Catholic grade schools announced Thursday they will forbid 6,000 youngsters to date, go dancing or attend mixed parties in the Peoria area. The new code will cover pupils In 13 grade schools and will go into effect at the beginning of classes next fall, the schools said. The code's announced purpose was to "retain for grade school! boys and girls their proper treasure of childhood and to retard premature acceleration into social ventures." Cost of LB. Water to Go Up 70 Cents (Continued From Page A-l.) cents; next 20,000 cubic feet, from 15 to 18 cents; next 165,000 cubic feet, from 10 to 13 cents; over 200,000 cubic feet, from 8 to 11 cents. , · · · · THE LATEST c h u n g e In water rates became effective c. 1, 1954, when- customers icneflted by an average cut of 1.5 per cent. Among added costs requiring the rate boost are an anticipated ncrease from $1,316,383 to $1,' 385,802 in personnel expense and from $1,501,905 to $1,846,800 n non-personnel expense. One Item deleted today as a mult of the Tuesday vote against fluorldatlon was a proposed Immediate expenditure of $60,000 for chemicals and equipment Added .funds for personnel ex. LET IT RALN, let It Shine. Everyday is a good day to use the Classified Ads. Patent Attorney Talk Scheduled Long Beach Attorney Francis A. Utecht will discuss "What to Do Until the Patent Attorney Arrives" at a May 23 dinner meeting of Southwest Bar Assn. In Los Angeles. ____ pense Include an allowance for a pay Increase approximating 5.5 per cent In the event a general raise Is ordered by the city council. However, total per. sonnel Is estimated at 249 against 253 for the current year. Included in non-personnel cost rises are increases of $76,000 for power and light, $121,000 for pipe and similar items, $84,320 for purchase of Colorado River water, $32,900 for chemicals and $15,250 for repair and malnten- NEXT YEAR'S total budget Is substantially lower than this year's figure which was $5,537,296, But actual expenditures for the current · fiscal year ending June 30 are estimated at only $3,938.682. The difference between appropriations and expenditures was explained by the fact that proposed capital outlays based In part on actions by Solon Seeks Laws Aimed at Party Girls SACRAMENTO W) -- Sen, F r e d Kraft (R-San-Diego) Thursday disclosed plans to seek $846.200: Insurance, $82,464; Bond Interest and redemption, $533,450. prlations went $3,340,626. $1,380,750, $72,720 and $543,200. party girls who peddle Information to scandal magazines. Kraft, chairman of a Senate investigating committee, said he does not know the legal technicalities for halting call girl 'shakedown" activities but that the Legislative Counsel has been requested to draft new restrictive laws, HIS COMMITTEE earlier this year Investigated tie-Ins between private detectives and expose magazines in getting Information about Hollywood celebrities. The ncnntnr Indicated some Hollywood glrls-about-town sell glories, to, the magazines or shake down the personality involved. · ' THE LOS ANGELES Grand Jury Wednesday indicted "several persons" following Its Investigation of a criminal libel case against Confidential and other expose publications. Kraft's committee already has $58-MiUion Cut i * *i in Postal Funds WASHINGTON (UP)--Congress .Thursday com pleted action on the first regular appropriation bill of the session--a Post Office-Treasury Department measure that slashed President Elsenhower's request by $80,364,000: The bill provided for a $38, 000,000 cut In the Poit Office Department'* new budget de- Tax co Ur t. The Sencte complet. spite a warning by Postmaster e(J act | 0 n by accepting a minor General Arthur E. Summerfleld that he wonld have to cut back postal lervlce In July, The $3,884,927,000 bill carried $69,467,000 for the Treasury and Martha's Case Not ^Serious' NEW YORK # -- Martha taye, boisterous comic star, was reported Thursday taking it easy n a hospital room, unaware of excitement generated by her legislation aimed at Hollywood mlddle-of-thc-nlght ambulance licensing of private detectives. other public agencies did not drafted IeB |,i atlon tightening the materialize. The proposed 3957-58 appropriations by funds are: Revenue, $3,678,422; Capital Improvement, dash acrois town. A spokesman Insisted the 40- year-old comedienne was simply admitted for a general checkup and a bit of rest. · "All the rest of what's blown up Is just rumor and monstrous," said Mrs. Nick Condon, wife of he entertainer's personal manager. · · · · CONDON, formerly married 0 MI»s Raye, was at the bed- ilde of the star most of the day n Doctor's Hospital, and could not be reached directly for in- ormatlon on the result of the medical checkup. He had the elephone taken out of her room. "People have been calling up wnere _" Gas Plant Blazes Escaping dry gas Ignited and caused a minor flash fire at the Lomlta Gasoline Company's gns This year's comparable appro- compressor plant, Hughes Rd. and W. Seaside Blvd., Thursday, the fire department reported. from all over the country, ever since somebody gave out a report that she had a heart attack." said Mrs. Condos. "That's not true at all. "Martha simply hadn't been feeling well for a few days -Insomnia and a little stomach upset. "Last night she couldn't sleep and so a doctor was called and gave her sedative. Then Nick suggested It might be Rood to have her go to Into n hospital for a checkup and the doctor agreed. $3.192,000.000 for the Post Office plus, $1,460,000 for the U. S amendment added by the House a few hours earlier. ~- · · · · · ' THE VOTE CAME as Agrl culture Secretary Ezra T. Benson was tossed Into the forefront of President Eisenhower's battle to ward off big cuts In his $71,800,000,000 budget for the fiscal year starting July 1. In a special statement, Ben son denounced a H o u s e vote Wednesday which would kill the h e a r t of the administration's soil bank. He termed It "false economy" that would boost fed' ral s p e n d i n g by Increasing larm-prlee-support payments. The House voted 92 to 187 to ban soil-bank payments after this year to farmers who cut rack surplus crop plantings, The proposal would kill the acreage- ·eserve portion of the soil bank. But indications were the Senate might reverse the action. · · · · D E F E N S E SECRETARY Charles E. Wilson also jumped nto the budget row with a spe clnl statement defending his military budget and taking Issue with Elsenhower's news confer- ·nee statement Wednesday that greater unification would mean bigger savings. Wilson alto said that despite the administration's record' sized budget, he didn't think It was too much of a burden for the people to bear. As he put It: 'I don't. see any strain any- Wilson blamed a "good part' of the Increase In m i l i t a r y ipendlng on rising wages and rices. He said he was sure that Inflation also accounted for at least part of the Increase In El- senhower's overall budget. Ulf. M, Mir IT, HIT INDEPENDENT-Pae}. A-3 LONG BEACH WOMAN LOSES 52 POUNDS Mn. Ann Cooper, 4208 Clirlt Art,, Cong Btich, hit completely chinked iff life. A ihorl lime igo the looked deriiing--deliver you' · new figure 15 yetn older thin her ge. She couldn't w«r nice clothe*--hated to in^wheie or do inching. Now, there it the imiiing trinifornution Silon offers one of the moil com- ihown in her photographs. Fiftf-two plete iniwen to figure prohlemi in pounds slimmer, the wears s lire the Southland." · · · 12 dreu--looki wonderlul in ihorti or s bathing suit. She it wonder niwfr lo figure problems. Hijhlf '-', skilled personnel tiki tut your slen- from head to toe en * premiirJ Jut. Says "Star D»h" in the LONG BEACH INDEPENDENT: "Jewel It's new I No startinc, eierciiinf. or even disrobing. No electricity, no BEFORE: Mn. Ani Coopn at 174 poutJi. liTTKRKKTKn IN FURNITURE A APPLIANCES I nhM trvtryptiw* flrat, fiWrt M* tttt H* *f»»r»** MI in* iit\VKhT mart up In fawn »M| will r*«l mnj pr1r»l DIXIE -- 1830 E. ArtMla ullf poiied ind confident. She wears siie 12 dre». She pays careful tlention to her gioominj Overnight, ilrs. Cooper has become a beautiful nd charming woman, "I feel belter than I ever have in ly life," she says, Mrs, Cooper reduced in the new EWEL Salon, in Long Beach. She Kgan seeing results in 10 dayi. In shoit time she lost 32 pounds, in- c'udinK eight inches from her waist, eight inches from her abdomen and lix inches from her thighs. The JEWEL Salon offers Long Be»ch women s **w and t SOW: Mn, Caoftt, 41 I!! feunJi, HZ* /-, it (ompltltl] tftmijormeit. itesm, no managfng. lit scientific; and ptttontltzni (or your individual 'ijjure problems. All ftiu'ti *n j«4r- . Most women tee changes'in 10 days. I'ilill ut only S:.DO tub. No matter whst your lie or figure problem, no matter what you'n ' ried--you can have a new figure, inJ out more! Ask for · free trial . reatment and figure analysis, at «A- olulil) no etlit'lio*. Call today for ' nformation to HEmlock 2-0447, tt 423 E 1st SI., Long Beach. JEWEL SALON Btoch · Santa Ana IT urn A wavo of fashion and figure beauty sweeps the iwlm scene In these ravishing new Jantzen swim fashions bee a us 8 something wonderful happens, to you the moment you «lip onu onl A wonderful slimming and shaping of you into a figure of natural beauryl Yours in the most fabulous new fashions, fabrics and colon that reflect the shimmering shades of the sea. All created for you by- Jantzen, swim suit maker for the' world. Choose yours from this dazzling new collection today! . · , . a. Sun Fun-~-striped Lastex swim shorts. Black, brown, pink, white. · 10 to 18. 19.95 b. · Ocean Liner Sheath--striking - . check plaidi Brown or red with white. 10 to IB. 18,95 . c. Lombardi-kriit sheath in beige, grey or blue, 10 to 18. 19.95 - d. Mayflower -- embroidered nylon. over.polished cotton. Blue, mocha, · 10 to 18. 22.95 i ' . -- . . Buffums' Sun Charm Sportswear, Second Floor Bullumi' Store Hourji 9:30 A. M. to 5:30 P. M. , _. Fridays: 12 Noon to 9 p. m. e. Monaco Stripe--Maillot, halter knit. Red/black, white, blue/black/whito. 10 to 16. 16.95 ; 9 See these Jantzen Swimsuits modeled Informally in our Sun Charm Sportswear Saturday.. ; ' .

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