Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 31, 1960 · Page 28
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 28

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1960
Page 28
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VttT HOUZ BSPOUE QA'M' HWV .U05r OP MAT PO v ALL li£ C4V 00 16 '£ DO AOili \ THAT THS\' IIW7 LOOK 3KWA ? ) M' THIS UK- POLLY, WAKE UP! THS UGW CLUB AWUO rue sneer ON BRENDA STARR *V TO SHOOT ,f V - . f MV PARENTS A '' ^o;^" V^ NJEVIT.I3 MAC? ^/ ; i ^\ / ' ^ ·-^ 1 -"- ' ·; ^A ( . ( MV LITTLE V; _,r.T _ J ( 15TO -IjV' 1 ' V - ;· V~ ! . S\\' i i _ ' ..-~J-~--iVA°- ^aO.T--·=»^'; / · BLONDIE · : "-(S^ ) ^ y THUNK \ SO TOO PIN'f QUITE NOTICE IN Mtf VVtfiMU, YOU \'OW we, AS A BOX OP A KIWP OP* A CU W?£AWUNT, fHg ll 6?%'0uiz " ", 15 A AHrtfOfifi \ $«5t6R- \ I AUL/ THE GIRLS CITIZEN COMICS TUESDAY, MAY 31, I960 AUNT FRITZ) DOESN'T LIKE ME TO CRITICIZE HER COOKING--- THESE MASHED POTATOES AND PEAS ARE COUP --- BUT MAYBE I CAN S-JVE HER A HINT "I jnjt want you all lo know my box elder simply LOVED the gel-well Card." IF VOU CAMS DOWN H DONT ^ THINK THE TWO OF US, SHE Ml -ISTEN,DR.MORGAN' r2c-A. BARCLAY/ ALL KtHT, MK.SARCLAX I' COME...EVEN THOUGH I KNOW I'M BEING VERY FOOLISH / REX MORGAN HOW CAM \VE TEACH THEM TO THlMK FOR THEMSELVES? ^ THOSE SUVS \POANtVTHiN'S JUST PONT USE ) WITHOUT THEIR HEAPS / A6KINS US.' BEETLE BAILEY YEAH! SOME PLACE V'LEARNT A FEV/ HA^D TRICKS, flNO I DON'T MEAN PATTY-CAKE, NEITHER.! MY HECK STILL FEELS BROKE! O. K., BOYS' WE MADE A B1Q MISTAKE! WE BEEM A TO? £gg UNflWAEES! THIS GUV IS A°BR«N"! A GENIUS/ ( TOLD VOU I'M A CHEMIST ItQURSc.fl FEW YEARS KNQCKIN' AROUND HONG KONQ, CANTON, PEKINQ, SINGAPORE, LOTS 0' PLACES, LEARNED FEW SIDE LIMES.' AW, , SMUCKS! IT WAS. NOTHIN'.' CHEE, PAL-! ! SHOULD NEVER 'A' MADE A PASS AT VOU I AH! FEEL1HQ BETTER* NOW, BOYS? FELLA! AMD SO FAST I NEVER SEEN HOW V DONE IT.' ORPHAN ANNIE IT DON'T SBEfA ^ STUANSE T'HEE YHAT SHE swot'ip MITCH WITH V£W TH' HIGH-SCHOOL 6YM TELL ME WHY Why Is Iceberg Mostly Sunken Win a valuable prize. -Send your question, name, address nnd nge to TTl.L ME WHY: care of this paper. The Uri- tannlca Junior, l!'-volume encyclopedia for school nnd home, will be awarded lor the letter selected In the case of duplicate questions, the- author of "Tell Me Why!'' will select the winner. Today's winner Is: BILL D1XON, 13, Phoenix, Ariz. hi polar regions great rivers of ice called glaciers creep outward from the interior ice-caps nnd push down valleys lo the sea. There the end of the placier breaks off and forms n floating icobc.ru/ Some glaciers i!o not reach the open sea. but end in deep valleys called fiords, down which the icebergs float lo the ocean. I n sonic places, such as Greenland and Antarctica, the i n t e r i o r icecap itself spreads o;il lo the sea 1 mid huges icebergs break off from it. Icebergs vary greatly in size. Small ones up to 20 or 30 feet across nrc often called "jjrosvl- crr." by seamen. Icebergs which may be measured in hundreds of feet arc very common and giant bergs from a q u a r t e r m i l e lo half a mile across are often encountered. Glacial ice, even though it may include stones and soil imbedded in it, is only eight-ninths as heavy as sea water. That's why only one-ninth of the iceberg projects above sea level and e i g h t - n i n t h s is submerged below. Bergs which rise 150 feet above (he sea may extent 1,000 feet below. The a m o u n t of ice in g i a n t icebergs is almost unbelievable. Many weigh from 100 million to 200 million tons! Because they extend so far below the surface, icebergs d r i f t with the ocean currents instead of following (he winds. Eventually most icebergs are carried (o lower, warmer latitudes where they melt and strew their soil and stones on the sea bottom. No two icebergs arc alike. Although most of the ice is white, in shaded parts of the iceberg and in cracks or ice caves one can see beautiful shades of pale green, blue and purple. Sailing vessels used to visit icebergs to secure supplies of fresh water from pools on the rough surfaces, But icebergs are really a menace to navigation. One of the greatest sea disasters of all time occurred Apr. 14, 1912, when the Titanic struck an iceberg and sank with a loss of 1,513 lives! V * * FUN TIME EXTRA PRIZE! YOU FINISH IT! Here is a chance to win a Bri tannica World Alias plus a Britannica Yearbook by finishinj this Rawing. Just draw in the missing parts as you think they should look. Use this drawing, or copy it any size if you prefer Originality and imagination wit. determine winners. IMPORTANT: Entries for draw Ing must be addressed Fun Time, Tell Me Why, Tucson Daily Citizen, and give name, age and address. Barry Headricks, 2727 E. Drachman St., has won a copy of the Britannica World Atlas and a copy of the Britannica Book of he Year. Send your tricks, riddles, or puzzles lo TELL ME WHY! Give your name, age and address. A Britannica World Atlas or illustrated Year Book of important events in every field will be awardcJ for the letters selected each week. Talley Will Address Tucson Realtors J. Fred Talley, State Real Es- ate Department commissioner, vilt speak Thursday noon at Tide- ands Motor Inn at a meeting of he Tucson Board of Realtors Inc. You Can Be SURE . . . if Jl's STEVE jCANYON Factory Authorized SERVICE MA 4-6622 · Washers · Dryers · Disposers · Dishwashers · Radio · TV · Phono CLCCTRONIC A N O ^ .. APPLIANCE SERVICED 9JJ U. STONE MA *-«*»3i COHA75 TOEATGH THE TERRACE? OH.ALL RIGHT,. HAVE IT YOR WAVf THEKE THEY GOFORTUNE: ANP VV". NOTNINO" i (.'AM PO IT WITHOUT lViNt- TIIE 6HO1V AWAV... RIP KIRBY ftCE IN TH£f HOLE/ I KNEW SOME DRY I'D HEED ft HlOE-OLTTGUN/ YOU KILLED ME,\ YOU AllGH'i I'M , . RV£ H LOOK ffl LAREDO / TOMORROW I LUG [ YOU BACK TO THAT - 1 TH/T UGS WE WITH YOU.' TOWORROW-- FlRCTTHI»JSIM ', THE A.M. SiVEA LI STEW i MO JA. YOU'RE WO UORE'W /HUMKO'STOJE BELIEVE YOU GOT AUfSIC POWEf?S. BIG BEN BOLT WORKIN' LflTE SNUFFY SMITH , YOU ,' v;ny DON'T vou .cKC \OU'KE fiOlNfl; MA5H!HG IMTD BETCHA LIFE I WILL, HE LOOKSPRIGHTATME JUAN RAMIREZ, M EX-BOSS FROM \ OFAUTHE PEOPLE ON / EA!?TH TO PARK RIGHT BS5IPF WE^--S, HERE IN NfW ORLEANS.' /JUICKT WOWER, PUUOUT,' BUZ SAWYER? AH MAS-p R ooL.'/--HAM DREAMS EV'RV NIGHT/.' -BUT TO SNIFF SOME, AM' NOT HAVE NONE, IS MORE'KJ MAH STARVIN'LI'LBRAIM KIN STAND.'.' AA/CAIN'T, BEAR IT// COME BACK. YOU V-YASSUH -- BU F TH NATIVES IS GIT TIN' MORE. R-RESTt-ESS.'/ TWEHAM SMELL IS GETT/NG STRONGER.'/ LIFE-THIS .?'- /S TOO LIL ABNER_ -with while we're the skin'.. I don't think Fat chance. 1 Hope 9he feels that I packing has never -forgiven /Oh, Gideon,Tve just \[ they say come from the twins, H "Aunt Judy" VThey're wonderful. £± vet? / me for opening up way any more · here so near Corky*; Diner/ GASOLINE ALLEY SPOTS, YOU WOULDN'T H"M? VOL/RE RIGHT: FLEEClNCj LITTLE ORGANIZATIONS IS MUCH ETTER ( OPERATE LITTLE BECAUSE i AM LITTLE, BUT MY. ACCOUNT-- JTfe BIO. ILL HAVE OCDEH ENGRAVE THAT ONE AS SOON ASHECETS *TO MB/1BERS OF THE POTSVILLE PATROh'S CLUB POf? THHR DEVOTION TO EDUCATION, THE NATIONAL COMMITTEE ·AWARDS TPIS TOMORROW TO RAISE A FUND FOR THIS HOMELESS WAIF, I. COULD PICK UP HALF A MILLION IN A WEEK. DICK TRACY! LOOK.^ UKb- A GOOD CA.VE MfcTOBE-A HEF2MJT I N - KING AROO

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