The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 20, 1952 · Page 2
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 2

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1952
Page 2
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Two THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, WEDNES DAY EVENING, AUGUST 20,1952. Market Report KANSAS CITY (ffl — Produce un-j .changed. » i Buter—Grade A, Ibs in cartons] 78.5; Grade A, }bs in quarters 79; butterfat unchanged. Poultry: commercial fryers, 2% -S'/i LBS, Whites 35.5; reds 34.5; commercial broilers, 1\'«-2M Ibs 34.5; old white ducks, old guineas and old geese taken off the list; other prices unchanged. KANSAS CITY ffl — (TJSDA)— Cattle 4,000; calves 900; early sales slaughter steers mostly steady but trade at best only moderately active; some unsold under lower bids; heifers very 'slow, fully 50-1.00 lower than early Tuesday; short feds under most pressure; some unsold under sharply lower bids; cows and bulls brisk, steady to stronger; vealers and killing calves mostly steady but "rather slow on commercial and good grades; stockers and feeders in light supply, slow, weak; 4 loads choice to low prime around 970 Ib fed yearling steers 34.50; bulk good and choice ' fed steers 28.00-33.25; 8 load string choice and prime medium weights still unsold; 10 loads choice and prime 1156 Ib Nebraskas bought to arrive at 33.75; 10 loads commercial cross - bred Brahmas grassers 26.00; scattered sales good and choice heifers 27.00-32.00; utility and low commercial cows 18.0020.00; bulk canners and cutters 14.50-17.50. Hogs 1,800; fairly active, mostly steady with Tuesday's average; extreme top 15 lower; choice No. 1, 2 and 3s scaling 180-250 Ibs 21.75-22.25: latter price on several lots 210-230 Ibs, unsorted for grade; choice 260-315 Ibs mostly No. 2 and No. 3s 20.50-21.75;.load! choice around 375 Ib butchers 19.50; sows mostly 16.00-19.00; light weights 19.25. Sheep 1,000; kfflii ]y active, mostly steady; choice and prime native trucked in spring lambs 28.00-29.00; no shippers in; good and choice springers 24.0028.00;. cull to choice slaughter «wes 5.00-8.00; small lots native feeding lambs 16.00-20.00. , KANSAS CITY W — Wheat 108 those north of Pennsylvania and east of Ninth Avenue will go to Third Avenue school. The Anthony school, a new one at Second Avenue and Evergreen, Receive Word of Death Of Van R. Clements Jr. Leavemvorth relatives have received word of the death of Van " through six, and will serve all of R - Clements Jr., 29-year-old son of the late Van R. Clements Sr. and Mrs. Rose Clements of San schools "in" southeast andi Gabrie1 ' Calif - Tnc Clements are south Leavemvorth except those who choose to attend the small primary southwest Leavemvorth. The north-| former residents here. ern boundary of the area served by I Mr - Clements, an employee o f The Edison .Company, was electrocuted while at work Tuesday morning. He is survived by h i s wife, Betty, and two children, Matt and Melanie. Mrs. M.W. Smith, S09 South Tenth, and Mrs. Wilma Cairns, 606 Central, are among local relatives. the Anthony school includes both sides of Pennsylvania. 'West of boundary is area where Jflemp, the northern Haldermari in that Pennsylvania is not cut through. The Cleveland Park school located at Vilas and Fifteenth, serves an indefinite area in southwest Leavemvorth. It is a primary school with grades one, two, and three only. Wilson Avenue school grades one, two, and three only, serves an indefinite area in southeast Leavenworth. GILDING LILY — Needling the already attractive night-club entertainer, tattoo-artist Willy Speigel in Hamburg, Germany, says during his 50 years of skin-decorating, 40 per cent of his customers have been women. No matter how bad the times, he could always depend on a lady's vanity "to keep him in the tattoo business. Beech Airc Belli Stl ..;. Boeing Airp Bran Airw . Case (J I) .. Celanese Chick Cot .. Chrysler Cities Svc .. .14% ..50% ..SS'/i ..10% -24% ..42% U U D U D U U Plans Continued from Page 1. Coca Itont Cont Deere Cola . Can . Oil . Airc .111% serve the north Leavenworth area, east of Eighth, north of Delaware and west of Eighth, north of Shawnee. Those living on Shawnee, hovv- % I ever, will go to Howard Wilson. North Broadway has kindergarten .62% cars; unch to lower; No. 2 hard and dark hard 2.33%-2.38%; No. 3 2.36%-2.37U; No. 2 red 2.31%2.35; No. 3 2.30%-2.34. Corn 25 cars; % lower to % higher; No. 2 White 2.63^-2.95; No. 3 2.75; No. 2 Yellow and mixed l.SKS-1.84%; No. 3 1-70%-L84%. Oats 3 cars; % lower to higher; No. 2 white 95%; No. 3 89-96. Milo Maize 3.08%-3.18% Kafir 3.12%-3.19% Rye'1.95-2.02 - • Barley 1.37-1.45 Soybeans 3.12-3.25 Bran 58.00-58.50 Shorts 63.50-64.00 . Open-High Low dose WHEAT: Sep 2.32% 2.32% 2.32% 2.32% Dec- 2.36'.i . 2.36% 2.36% 2.36% Mar 2.3914 2.39% 2.38T4 2.39 May-" 2.39 CORN: High Low Close Sep 3.17% Dec' : 3.10 3.09% 3.09% Int Harv 33?s Int Paper 49% Int Shoe kan City Sou 8194 Kan Pw & Lt 18% Kennecott 79% Kroger Co 37 Lion Oil 38 5 ,» Martin (GL) .... ll^s McKess & R .... 36% Mid Cont Pet .... 65% Minn M&M ..... 41% Mo 'kan Tex 6% Mont-Ward .'.... 64% Nat Dairy 55 ' MARKETS AT A GLANCE • NEW YORK *B — STOCKS—Higher; railroads lead recovery. BONDS—Higher; light volume. COTTON — Lower; commission house 'liquidation. CHICAGO WHEAT —Easy; export business postponed. CORN—Easy; prove. crop prospects im- OATS—Easy; big Canadian carryover. HOGS—Steady to 25 cents lower; top J22.50. CATTLE—Unevenly 50 cents lower to 25 cents higher. NEW YORK IB—Railroads provided a convenient crutch Wednesday for the stock market to limp ahead. The advance extended to as much as 1 to 2 points but the bulk of the rise was fractional. At the same time there were plenty of minus signs liberally scattered through major sections of the list Volume again was restricted to an estimated million shares. Tuesday it came to only 980,000 shares. Steels and motors held doggedly to their gains, and the radio-television section displayed fairly good gains from time to time. NEW YORK Iff) — Stocks Close Net change Admiral 26% U 3 ,s Allied Chem 75% Allis Chal 52Vi D % Am Airlines 13% Am Cyan 52% U % Am Stl Fd 33% U % Am Tel & Tel 154% U % Anacon Cop ..45% U 3 ,i Armour 9% i Atchison 89% U % Eastm -,Kod 14% Food Mach 45% Gen Bak Gen Elec Gen Mot ..... U % U 1% U Vs V % U % U % D % U % Goodyear Greyhound Gulf Oil i. ,.62% ..59% .43 < .11% ..52% Here Pdr 71 U D D U U D, D through grade six". Jefferson school at Eleventh and Kickapoo serves an indefinite area north of Shawnee. This school has kindergarten through grade four. Those residing north of Metropolitan are requested to enroll pupils in kindergarten though grade four in Jefferson. The Lincoln school at Fifth and Dakota serves Negro children, kin-j dergarten through grade eight, residing north of Spruce. Sumnerj school at Fifth Avenue and Ohio' serves Negro children south ofi Shawnee. | Between Shawnee and Spruce is- U i£ an overlapping area for the con-! jvenience of children attending the, t 'two schools. This permits those re- ^Isiding between Spruce and Shaw-i %Jnee to attend either the Lincoln; *4 or the Sumner school as the par's ents choose. Nat Gypsum NY Central , No Am Avia Ohio Oil .. Packard Penney (JO Pa RR Phillips Pet Plym Oil . Pure Oil Radio . Cp 20% . 33% . 16% . 53 . 4% 67% 19% 57% 31 62% 26% Repub Stl 41 Reyn Met Safeway St St Jos Lead Schenley Ind Sears Roeb Sinclair Oil Socony Vac Sid Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil NJ Studebaker Sunray Oil Swift & Co Texas Co Tide Wat As Un Pac Unit Air Lin Unit Airc U S Rubber U S Steel .. West Un Tel West Elec 53 31% 43% 27% 57% 44% 37% 57% 79 Willys Over . 37% . 20 . 32% . 54% - 21% .114% . 27% . 34% . 24% . 39% . 43% . 40% - 9% U D U U D D U D U U D D U U U U U D U U D U % ARK CITY YOUTH WINS DETROIT (ffl — An Arkansas City, Kas., youth was among eight who were announced as winners Tuesday of University Scholarships in the Fisher Body Craft- man's Guild contest in designing of model automobiles. He is Charles J. Bui-ton, who was awarded a 52,000 scholarship. VOTE AGAINST CHANGE KANSAS CITY Hi — Directors of the Kansas City Board of Trade have voted down a proposal to extend market sessions a half hour daily Monday through Friday, a move taken Monday by the Chicago Grain Exchange. AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS Thursday Is Giveaway Nile! n Warren E. the Board of Root, president of Trade, said a majority of the directors, who acted ate Tuesday, favored keeping the present hours. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TIMES AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS Vatural Gas Company Seeks to Boost Capacity WASHINGTON Iff) — The Kansas-Nebraska Natural Gas Company, Inc., has asked the Federal Power Commission to approve an expansion of its system capacity from 182,600,000 cubic feet of gas daily to 192,590,000. The project would include con struction or replacement o£ 179. miles of pipe line in Kansas and Nebraska and the increasing of stations. It would cost an estimated $2,576,681. S. D. Ford, chief engineer of the company, said Kansas-Nebraska has ample gas reserves avail-j able in the Hugoton and Unruth, s., and Big Springs, Neb., gasj fields to provide for the increased capacity during the next 20 years. Walt Dropo of the Detroit Tigers 1 is the tallest first baseman in the American league. He is six feet live inches tall. DANCE at Oskaloosa Thurs., Fri, and Sat. Nights In connection with Old Fiddlers' Picnic Rex Williams Orchestra ***************** Howard Wilson school at Grand Avenue and Olive runs from kindergarten through grade six and serves the area including Shawnee and south, west of the line from Eighth and Delaware extending south until it intersects Pennsylvania at a point between Ninth Avenue and Central Avenue. The southern boundary is an irregular "iline extending west from that ; I point. Those living on Central will go to the Howard Wilson and those an Ninth Avenue will go to Third Avenue under the new boundary arrangement. Third Avenue School, at Third Avenue and Marshall, maintains kindergarten through grade six. Its area extends to Delaware as the northern boundary. Its western boundary is the same as that described as the eastern boundary of Howard Wilson in the above paragraph. The southern boundary is ia projection on Isabelle which runs I just north of Pennsylvania Avenue. Those residing on Pennsylvania will go to the Anthony school, but Choice Coal while the supply is plentiful. Be Safe... not sorry! BERGMAN COAL CO. 707 Cherokee Phone 63 Woolworth 43% Youngst Sh&T .. 44U U Closing average 60 stocks 107.5,.; up .2. For Loans Quick, Easy Loan Plans on Automobiles and Furniture 215 S. 4th Ph. 3155 Geiger's •for Sock-to-Schooi Supplied Webster's Dictionaries Collegiate, 6.00 New Practical, 2.89 Loose Leaf Note Books 2 and 3 ring, 29c up Loose Leaf Filler Paper 2 and 3 hole, all sizes and rulings. Zipper Note Books, a large selection from 1.49 to 8.40 Easterbrook Fountain Pens- single pen, 2.30 up matched sets, 4.60 up Geo. H. Geiger & Co. 521 Delaware St. GRONIS Hd\v. & Seed Co. 517 Cherokee Phone 191 For— Electric WAXERS AND POLISHERS. Cosco METAL STOOLS. HOUSEHOLD SCALES. Metal IRONING BOARDS. SILVER SEAL COVERS. Single and Double DRAIN TCBS. MASTIC CAKE COVERS. Aluminum DOOR GUARDS RUBBER MAED PADS. ELECTRIC HOT PLATES. COLD PACK CANNERS. ALL PURPOSE BLANCHERS. ADJUSTABLE PORCH GATES. ALFALFA SEED—BLUE GRASS SEED—LAWN FERTDLIZERS—"GREEN GOLD" SOIL CONDITIONER. "I'WOH'T HAVE / 1DOUTBELOMSHEEE, AMD I WU FkSHTINS 1 WUKMOWIT! WHEN'SMYOLH CVBKV eoyoH VMAW ^OMIW BACK IOTAKE ME? THE STREET! YOU WILL HAVE THE IT WAY BE LCNSE3 THAN) WE HAD THOUGHT. 0UT/TSA HELP TO HIM TO KNOW YOU^£ WITH 05, AM? OFF THE STBEETS. WELL, I'M BI6 EKIOU&H MOW TO LOOK AFTER MYSELF! I «5tfr >JEEP MY80DY! BALONEV'HE WAS ALWAVS TOO STEWED TO El/EW NOTICE IF L WAS AROUND! WHY'D HECARE HOW? HE'S SOBER, AND FI6HTIWS TO STAY THAT WAY.' HE WAWTS TO MAKE UP TO yOU FOR HIS FASTNEfiLECT.' - Admission Adults 500 Children Under 12 Free 2 Mi. N.W. on No. 73 Highway .Fone 3224-F-3 TONITE AND THURSDAY! Here are two pictures you sports fans won't want to miss. Two big boxing pictures! ' I HE'S ALL MAN... in the ring or anywhere! I Shrine Park Rd. & Richardson Road Phone 195 TONITE! Two Grand Hits! It's BUCK NITE, Too! All Your Car Will Hold $1.00 'Kariny* r GRAYSOH '. c.w h> T«chnicole» Thurs. and Fri.! Another All-New Double Hit Show! IRON MA JEFF CHANDLER EVELYN KEYES STEPHEN McNALLY ROCK HUDSON • JOYCE NOLDEN A UNtViajAl-INIE'NATIONAl PICIURE And Outlaw Territory of the Phantom Bandit leader. Also FURY IN HIS FISTS! A Naked Longing n His Heart! | I Cool As A Mountain Breeze! Plus Big Hit Cartoon! "BLACK TOP" SPECIAL THURSDAY ONLY We've just black-topped our parking area for your greater comfort and convenience. To celebrate DAIRY QUEEN'S 12th ANNIVERSARY All 150 SUNDAES will be sold Thursday only for just— 12 (Hot Fudge Sundaes Not Included) DAIRY QUEEN STORE In Leavemvorth at Broadway and Delaware TESTATES GREATEST OUTDOOR EY.ENf' KANSAS Hurry! EndsTonite! Harry! flllRQGIR aoriag WILL ROGERS, JR.-JANE WYMAN with EDDIE CANTOR - James Gleason For Three LaH-Paeked Days! Starts Thurs.! ! WONDERFUL Story of o * HILARIOUS i GRANPA ^ has been * in bed for -20 years... ; he Had . . no reason to get up! Family, the 0'Moynes...Dnd the luscious gal who had a "pull" with a Saint' ANN BLYffl; EDMUNDGWENN «HthJOHfV MclMIRE-.PALMER LEE HUGH O'BRIAN • KATHLEEN EXTRA! "Papa's Day of Rest" "Gun to Gun" and Late News! Talk To The Town Through The Times i SURE! WHY SHOULDN'T A 1 MAGIC CARPET FLY JUST ' A5 WELL HERE.TOOAY, A5 rr DID BACK IN ARABIA 3OOO YEARS AGO? MY STARS.) NEITHER DO I, ELBEKT, / BUT I FIGURE J TO RND OUT RIGHT QUICK! BRING THEM, RIDING A MAGIC CARPET, RIGHT ;RE INTO THE

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