Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 12, 1969 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 12, 1969
Page 10
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AHMftMt TtMW, $·», April 12, 1H» MVimVHJU. AMMMM KVOO, TulM, CtMMMl 2 KYTV, SpriMftoU, ClMiiMl 3 IKPSA, Fort Smith, ChmiMl 5 KOTV, TulM, ChoniMl 6 IKOAM, Pimburg, Channel 7 KTUL, TulM, Chcniwl 8 1 tetuMwi 4 «i MMt MI r«r«M*vw* KODE, Joplin, Channel 12 KUHI, ·MMMl t m KGTO, Faytttevilh, Channel 36 ICMIIMI 1 M MM* Kl F*)rtM«ilM) Ptotnmt are aofiplicd by telecasting station* »nd »re subject to " ' change without nolle* Mt- .juh Wwn I. X *. * ·Altrt Shin Si MwrM i. J ! ·roUwra «. M e»s .......... t. S, », «. 7, M. 3» 11:11 - MOV;. ................... 7. ii. w ' ' '. _. * 11:11 Movie ........................ . oey Bishop ..................... » ohnny Canon ................. ' ·wall Flve-0 .................. · gATURDAY EVENING* l! "- N«« - · - · · · _ , . - j " *· '· '· pportemn A ITIRIB * f : M - .Artflm I- -· .THcXie Gleason *. Slim Wilion DatinK Game * 7:M- Get Smart I- Death Valley Day* Newly-wed Gamt *?:»- Ghost nncl Mrs. Muir t. 3, My Thret: Sons 7, 36 '-.'S «. 12 7, 3" 3 a, 7, 36 6. 16 Oral Roberts Hiway Patrol Color Trip Bullwinkle Herald of Truth .. Kathryn Kuhlms* * 1I:M- Discovery Insight Patty Duke The Answer . ... Herald of Truth . Face The Nation . Bookshelf 11:11 Faith For Today . Church Service ... Film 1 '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. a « i t «, 12 .... 7 .... J .... S .... 5 ... 16 3. S. 6, 12 7 ovle * 11:31 conversation if 12:M -- ovie MONDAY MORNING- oday's Almann t * f : N - ·ravtl Campu* ft * I:H Ight ot Lit* * See 1969 Model Color TVs E N T E R P R I S E 442-8575 *U)r£S.£oUnjd 2333 N. Colleg, Service on all Makes * 8:N - * 8:M - TMlm-ood Palace Tctticoat Junction * ):M- M^nnix it 9:30- Grrenry's Opry Movie if 10:00 -News Movio * 11:1$ News .................... Movie .................... * 11:31 Experiment in Television Movie .................. Hollywood Palace ....... 32 Love That Bob ... Revival Fires .... * 11:31 Church Scrvir* .. Film Bachelor Father This is the Life .. F,astcr Special 6. It 3, S. 6. 7, SUNDAY AFTERNOON* 12:M .. 12 Insight Oral Roberts Meet The Prfsn 2. 3, 12 Stanley Cup Playoffs IK 1 Directions | *!»:»- ml Sports Special ., Travelog Frontiers of Faith .... Wagon Train . 7 j Education Heport , 61 CBS Golf Classic ... . i | Concert 7. 3 6, 1 i; ... 1: .. 3, ' Ktns IS OFFERING 10% OFF ON ANY PIZZA AND DRINK FOR ANY PARTY HELD EITHER AT KEN'S PIZZA PARLOR OR DELIVERIES TO HOME PARTIES. Minimum Order for Thi» Offer -10 PIZZAS. it 11:30 - V"v?r * 12:23 * ::·»- Farm Report The Story . . . . ir 7:15 -Christopher Program Paslnr's Study * 7:M- Ciosprl Jubilee T'nith for Toriay This Is The Life The Antwer Thy Kingdom C *7:45- Hymns of Inspiration RIVING- 6 a igram 12 6 .1 3fi c .1 12 :om« 1 jitlon 1 * l-:i:i -*1:H- Tntrrnalional Zone Raflrhall *· *· * 1:30 - * 2:00 Bowling * 2:30 - McHnlc's Navy Stonomnn Family Masters Golf Tournament . - fi, Mothcrs-in-lnw Option Science Series * 3:30- In The Good Old Summertime If You Are Tired of Summer Re-Runs Try FM Radio On The Cable Call TRANS'VIDEO 442-7111 Revival Fires Social Security Torn St Jerry . Skylfte Cavalcade tchoes nr Calrary LivinC Word ;. Gospel JuhilM if S l l l i -. Christ '-·( thr Anxwrf ... ' Atcp Capitol Hill * 8:K. Herald of Truth · Aqunman Many Faces of Peopl* Kevivai Fires · Cathedral of Tomorrow AM*n Revival Hour Oral Knberts , Paul H;irvey t, 32, 3f i Masters Golf Tournament .. 5 To Be Announced CHARLESTON. S.C. (AP) - tep. L. Mendel Rivert. D-S.C.. tuimun of the Houtt Armed Servicei Commrtee. «ayi the U.S. Navy it obtoJete and undermanned. Riven said that the Pentagon, Congren and presidential administrations during the last 14 ears have [ailed to modernize he Navy and sufficiently sup- »rt its operations. He estimated $200 billion vould be required to make the .merican fleet modern. Newlywed Gun* I. 12 *1:M- DoctorE *, », '. Dalini Game f. 12 *t:M- .Jenrral Hoapltil S, 1! Another World t, 3, 7, M Secret Storm 5. ·. 16 , 1.1. s. i '.'.'.'.'.'.'.' is od«y ew* 11 Star Theater * 7:Marty Lin« Moment ot Meditation ews * I:M- p.ptain Kanfaroo i. S, 11 if 8:30 iy Cards 1- I:Mt Takes Two ... Gidgct Iclty Boyd Mike Douglas .. · Lucille Ball Romper Room if 9:30 Movie Concentration 2, 3, Beverly HillDilliM 5, t, 16 rack LaLanne 1 i 11:01- Personallty 2, 3, 7, 3 Andy Griffith S, 6, 1 "suspense Theater 1 10:3* - ·Tollywood Squares -- 2. 3, 7, 3 Dick Van Dyke 5. 8. 1 it 11:00 -- Tcnpardy I, 3, 7, 3fi Love of Lift 5, 6, 1 Eewitchrd 1 * 11:30 - "armer's Oanphlrr " 5yo Guess Search for Tomorrow . Funny You Should Ask MONDAY AFTERNOON- »:M- Tigh Noon 3' Dream House ' slews 2, 3, 6, 1Z, 1 ·loon on Five · Melody Matinw * 12:31 Gilligan's Island 3 lidden Faces Man With A Mike As the World Turn 5, S, 1 Weather ·t's Make A Deal I. 1 Guldine Light You Don't Say Edge of Night One Life to Live ... * 3:11 - 'ombstone Territory Jark Shadows flatch Game Linkletter Show * 3:31 - lintstonej Hazel rlidden Faces .uclllc Ball Mike Douglas Muncters Dark Shadows 3ays of Our Lives t, 3, 7, Love Is A Many Splendored Thing 5, c, 5. «, , 3. '. I, 6, 8, S. 2. 3, 5, 8. Bewitched * (:I»V Ranger Dan FlinUtones Mr. Zing and Tuffy Children's Hour Movie Fun Club » Batman Bewitched DfNNB THI MIHACf 'CW VA COME OUT FORA SEC* I THINK W SOT A AJ0W7 GOPHER I" ·7 BOB THOMAS Associated Press Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - The levision networks have overacted to the outcry against olence, says Mike Connors, hose "Mannix" series has teen profoundly affected by the urbs on rugged action. Connors, as the hard-bitten ivate sleuth Mannix, will be ,ack for a third season on CBS, tut he admits that the show al- ost didn't make it. "I was never in doubt that we ould be renewed, as far as the tings were concerned," he ommented. ' "Mannix 1 held its wn in the first season and then ook off like a rocket in its sec- nd season. But, despite the rates. 1 feared that the show ould be canceled as a gesture impress the FCC and the Miln Eisenhower commission on olence. "Then the network would be ble to say, 'See-we had a suc- essful show in 'Manix' and we Rawhide 16 Flintstones * Three Stooge* 12 Perry Msson 2 Mike Doufjlll 3 Bullwtakle f Perry Mason 7 Lost. In Space "6 Rifleman 12 Generation Gap 5 News 8 * S:Ml Love Lucy 8 News 2. 3. 5. t. 7. U MONDAY EVENING* t:M- Mew's News, Weather 2, 3, S. «, 7, 8. 12, 10 * «:» I Dream of Jeanni* -- Z, 3, 7, I Avengers 8, Gunsrnok* 5, 6 . HELEN BOTTEL Helen Help Us IBIBIBIimilira^^^ This column is for young pco-| should ask him (or her) self pie, their problems and pleas- Monkees 2. 3, 7, 36 * 7:30 Academy Awards Preview 8 Peyton Place ^Here's Lucy *, 6. 16 * 8:»0 Carol Channintf 8. Movie Z. 3, 7. 36 Mayberry, R.F.D B, 6, 16 * 8:30 Family Affait !. I. M * 9:00 Oscar Awards S, 8, 12 Carol Burnett ·, 1« * 1I:M News, Weather, Sports .. 2, 3, !, t. 7, 8, 12, 16, 36 if 10:31 -Johnny Carson 2, *, 7 Paul Harvey 6 Joey Bishop S, 12 Movie 16. 36 if 10:35 Movie « Hr 11:00- Johnny Carson * News S if 11:3(1 -Academy Awards Special * 1Z:M News ures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help Us!, it welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off. Send your teenage questions In YOUTH ASKED FOK IT, care of Helen Help US! this newspaper. Dear Helen: I'd like to make a suggestion regarding the jealousy of which so many of your correspondents complain. In most cases, jealousy isnt ,, disease, but a r e s u l t of thoughtless treatment. How else can a girl react when a boy friend raves on about another girl, or sneaks glances at her, or flirts? Sometimes these fellows do it just to get a rise out of their steadies, but often they ay things like, "Honey, why on't you do your hair like Nany?" "and boy, that deflates! Then they can't understand why he doesn't like N a n c y , the lopes! When a girl is jealous, she usually has a good reason, and he p e r son who complains 'What did I do to cause it?' -T.Y. Dear T: As I've said before, it's the ·are person who doesn't have i jealous, possessive streak lowever, well-adjusted people divert it into the proper chan lels: They compete, but. don't explode. -- H. Optn 6:30 Starts 7:00 TAX WORRIES GOT YOU DOWN? FUSS AND FRET NO MORE See Our TAXPAYERS MARATHON ! Million Dollar Movie Hits .. WKft MfiMMNG Kxpcriment in Television * 3:55 Big Piny * 4:00 I American Sportsman 12 NBA Playoffs R University Panel 38 if 4:30 - Aniatour Hour B, 8. fi' Nous it !:*- "DR. GOLDFOOT And Th» BIKINI MACHINE" BlK Picture 3f Frank McGee 2, 3, ~ * 5:00 - Century 6, 1 All Star Theater 1 Arkansas Highlight* : College Bowl 2, 2, Sportsman * 5:3*Dorls Day 1 TV REPAIRS · 2 Trucks · Same Day Service E N T E R P R I S E 2333 N. Calltg* 442-8575 MIIMC and the Spoken Word .. . 2 Lamp U n t o My Foci 1C, Simmer Fnnilly M Creative Iik-as II Gospel of Christ 12 Gospel Singing Caravan 3 Oral Roberta S Herald ot Truth 7 **:N Ism* Vr »"l tlv» Brhwil Theater Day of filftcovcry ............... 7 Will* Family .................. . I Amerlrii Sin«l .................. 3 Mr. M««no ...................... I Church Service .............. I Kint Konf ..................... 12 * l» It CftmrrA Thrt* ......... ..... *, 1* fiovto .......................... 3r Wild Klnndnm , I, Course Talent News t Branded SUNDAY EVENTNG- * f:M Adventure* of Hwk Ktnn 1, 3, 7, ; Land of the Giants R, ' * 1:11- IVamil.i 5, f. I Disney's World J, 3, 7, * 7:W - lirk Van Dykt 3, «, 1 FIJI «, 1 * 7:30 - Mnlhrn.ln.Law J, 7, .V Death Villey Day* TONITE! _J · Always A Color Cartoon t) MONEY SALE! Buy Ten-Five-Two and One Dollar Bills Only «c Each LESLIE HOWARD . . . Wins Scholarship Campbell Honors Huntsville Youth Leslie 0. Howard of Huntsville is among the 12 recipients of Campbell Soup Co. scholarships. Scholarships are awarded each year to outstanding students among the children of its United States employes. The program was instituted in 196 and each scholarship is worth up to Jl ,500 per school year, for a miximum of $6,000 for a four- year course. A senior at Huntsville High School. Leslie is the son of Mr and Mrs. Robert G. Howard of Star Route. His father is a flock service representative in Fayetteville. He plans to e n t e r college this fall and major in mechanical engineering and is a member of the National Honor Society. Future Farmers o America a n d the Studcw Council. )ear Helen: How's this for a good descrip .ion? The world is a giant jigsav puzzle with a "peace" missing - Quoter of Quotes Jear Quoter: Fantastic! If you have an; more quotes at home like that I'll be glad to print them.--H 3ear Helen: Please print this for the gir who wondered if she was a "had seed" as her aunt said, just be cause her mother "went wild and gave her away." It happened to me, too. I wa told not just by an aunt, but b grandmother, cousins (some :imes even my father and step mother when they were mad) Lhat I'd "turn out just like my mother." 1 never heard any thing good about her when I wa growing up. She was the fam ily "shame," and I reminder them of her. Well. I showed them all! put myself through colege an have a better career than m two half-brothers put together People w'ho call you a bad see are really doing you a favor The more they throw that nam at you, the harder you try t throw it back in their faces And while you are proving you self to others, you arc impro' ing yourself more than you re alize. I don't hold a grudge. Hatm stifles you. In fact I seldom think about the bad parts of m childhood. I'm too busy enjov g the present, and feeling jui ride in my accomplishments Definitely Not Seedy car Helen: May I tell the girl \v h o s other gave her away that sh not a "bad seed." hut her be tiling aunt is definitely a ro n apple. I know, because I had aughter I was forced to put v r adoption. I offer no defens r my weakness. I pay the pric ir it with my loss. H e r e ' s my note to "Ba ecd": Y o u r mother didn ;ive you away," she gave yo ope instead. She gave you hance to have two loving pa nts and to build a foundatio or your life that she was to eak to do for herself. Don't b eve your aunt's spiteful tale 'he other side of the story mig ven show you that her jealous rove your mother away. --I Know NOW STARTS SUNDAY! · BOTH IN COIOR · · 2 Smash Hits · They're young...they're in (ove ...and they kffl peopfo. Sun. Matinee 2 p.m. -- Mte 7:45 One Feature Nightly Cartoon 7:30 -- Feature 7:41 No One Under 1C Admitted Union Accompanied hy A Parcil --AISO-- CLYDE WAS THI UADIRI ·ONNII WtOTI potnw AWC his column is dedicated imily living, so if you're ha ig kid trouble or just p 1 a i ·oublc. let Helen help Y(V he will also welcome your ow musing experiences. Adclrt lelen Bottcl in care of Th lorthwest Arkansas TIMES GRAND OLE' OPRY OSBORNE BROS. SHOW With STRING BEAN Mon., April 14, I p.m. SpringdoU High School Heuw SpriRXdiile-- Advanced Adult* n.W ** IX*" 1 **·· Children S-ll tl.M !· F»yeU«vl1l* -- Gultlngcri Muilc HWM SfrimMUl* - Mtorri Iteul I)raK INimix' Affected By Cuts On TV Violence ook it off olence." because of its Highlight! Oi Today In History v THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Saturday. April 12 le 102nd day or 1963. There are 63 days left in tlie year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1861, the Civil far began when Ft. Sumtei 'as attacked. In 1606, the Union Jack lie ame the national flag of Eng and. In 1777. tiie American states man, Henry Clay, was born. In 1811, the first colonists to each the Pacific Coast founded he trading post of Astoria. In 1900, Congress granted civi overnment to Puerto Rico. In 1939. Hitler Germany laimed a large tract of territo y in the Antarctic. In 1945, President Franklin D loosevclt died and Harry S 'ruman was sworn in as presi ent. Ten years ago--the U.S. Pub c Health Service reported tha 1 milk samples from St. Loui: ontained more radioactive trontium-90 than any othei ested. Five years ago--Premier Niki a Khrushchev claimed tha Communist China was trying tc mpose its will on other Commu ist countries. One year ago -- It was ai lounccd that President Lyndoi i. Johnson would fly to Honolu u for a summit meeting will South Korea's President Chur.j Hee Park. Militiaman Tells Of VC Murders By HORST FAAS niEN BAI, Vietnam (AP) -The militiaman stood watchin workmen dig up victims of th iue massacre and told toda low he escaped his executioner the night of Feb. 6, 1968. Fifteen trenches have hee 'ound in the desolate sand flat eight miles east of Hue and b ate today the number of bodie of the victims of Viet Cong ex cution squads stood at near! 500. Dien Bai village is one of th places where mass graves ha\ been uncovered and it was nea lere that militiaman Phn Duy 26. made his race for life. Du was captured when Viet Con and North Vietnamese overra part of Hue in the Tet offensive "A few hours after dark the told us that we will go to was in the river and then meet wit a cadre for n political lecture Duy recalled. "The Viet Con leader said we should give hi all valuable belongings and ou bundles because we would n need them for this walk. "We were among 30 prisonei of the Viet Cong. They had ca lured me and the others on 11 first day of Tet and inarched i to the "Dong Son Pagoda, t\\ hours walk east of Hue. "Then they tied us up wil strips of rattan. My hands wei free, but the arms behind IT back were hurting because tl bands were so t i g h t . With a ro| we wore tied together, one b hind the other. 1 was the last line. "Five guards led us from tl pagoda to a jungle near I! cemetery. Then they pulled tl first man out into the sand at into a trench. We all had to h low because \vc were tied him. "I opened the knot at tho n of the rope and suddenly knn that I could run away. "The guards stood near tl trench with machine guns ai the Viet Cong who had led us it jumped out and ordered all kneel dnwn. "When everybody got down ran, right and Inft behind tl tombs till I reached the worn! Thry werr shooting a f t e r me. "When 1 could not hrcal! any more, 1 hid under tl brush. I heard the shooting an the cries. They had murrieri the other prisoners." Officials sny the jot) nf exc vating all of the mass grnv will takt at loasl 30 more d a j While not defending vtolenct television. Connors believe* at the campaign against it hai ached absurd proportions. "All right, so you want to move all violence from televi- on," he propounded. "That cans no more football: what mid be more violent than locking a halfback six feet in c air? No more boxing m niche s. onsidcr the violence of two en trying to beat each other's ·ains out, and for what pur- ose? To make money. At least e fistfights on 'Mannlx' have a ore worthwhile reason: the iumph of good over evil. "And if you're going to do vay with all violence on the ome screen, that means no ore news shots of campus emonstrations. And no more overage of the war in Viet- am." NEAR VIOLENCE Connors admitted that "Manx" bordered on violence clur- g its first season, which feared a rubber-hose beating and her bits of strong action. But 1 that was changed in th« ·ackdown that followed the as- issinations of Dr. Martin Lu- icr King Jr. and Robert F. ennedy. "During the last season the iugh stuff was cut down to an most ridiculous extent," the ctor said. "Now 'Mannix' has ways been an action show that ··atures a great deal of mqve- icnt. It also requires occasion- rough action-how else arc you oing to apprehend a criminal'.' "Yet I would estimate that in 5 out of the season's 25 shows, I idn't even produce a gun." Doctor Hired As Conductor Of Orchestra By RONALD THOMSON Associated Press Writer LONDON (AP) - - A middle- ged doctor has hired the Royal \lbert Hall, thr New Philharmonic Orchestra and pianist 'ou Ts'ong to realize his life's ream. Dr. Michael Bialoguski is pending about $7,200 to make is debut as a symphonic con- uctor at the age of 52. The pro- ram on April 29 will include leethoven's Fourth Symphony nd Chopin's Second Piano Con- erto. "1 suppose it's inevitable t h a t ieople will regard me as rather ccentric." said the physician. 'But I have always had t h e Iream of becoming a conductor ind waving my arms about in ront of a great orchestra." Bialoguski fled from his naive Poland during World War II nd reached Australia with orged papers. He says he was a nember of Australia's intrlli gence service and played a part n the 1954 defection of Soviet ,py Vladimir Petrov. Bialoguski qualified as a phy- ;ician in Australia, also took a liploma as a violinist and layed occasionally with the jydney Symphony. Migrating to England, he settled down In medical practice in Epsom, the lorsc racing center near London, but his musical ambitions still were strong. Sir Adrian Buult. one of Britain's leading conductors, gave lim some encouragement, and hat was enough for Bialoguski. ie hired the hall, the orchestra and the soloist. "This is my chance," he lolrl icwsmen. "I want the critics to there and 1 want people to see me conducting." Tickets for the concert will be on sale to the public, hut the doctor does not expect to make profit. "If all goes well." he said. "I would have no hesitation in clos- ng my medical practice and embarking on a full career in music." And if things don't go so well? "I'm a lucky man. I'm a doctor and 1 will just carry on." Adult Center Programs Set Programs were announced today for the week of April M-18 at the Community Adult Center. Monday's program is in (he planning stages. Luke Jclcr will present a musical p r o g r a m W e d n e s d a y following Ihe monthly cooperative luncheon. Friday Mrs. Dclbcrt Swart?.. a member of the City Board of Directors, nil! lalk on city f i - nances. Programs begin at !:.10 p.m. on the above days. Kennel Club To Hear Champion Dog Raiser Mrs. Carl 11. White of Joplin, Mo. will he guest speaker at the Oxark H i l l b i l l y Konnci C l u h meeting M 2;.')0 p.m. Sunday at the Oznrk Electric Cooperative Corp. M rs. W h i t e , o\\ nor of two champion Dalmatians, conducts obedience classes and is a member of the Boiird of Directors of the Joplin Kennel Club. She will talk on. "Know Your Breed. Virtues and Knitlts," and will demonstrate lecture with champion Airedale ami German Shepherd and her nun Dahlia- linn. Interested person!; art invited to attend.

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