Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 2, 1930 · Page 16
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1930
Page 16
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, • > -, " , ', ^W ( \j > ;>, '*'' % ' - *• ; " ' - * ' *;V%'A-'.;* ^ f . -* ' :':• '/'ff<^'' S ' , ", *> .<'< V- v '>»«> . l i__L»_lii! z* •BBiKiBI JHWBHVHl i t •*. *" * * v "" / _ .. ,,.„.,._...__.,,£ l-i , r . ., _*** <_, ..» . j. *. raj»i-«4 i -i— —> — _ ^ _ j -, ,i ... — ' - *A.*-j—t« i >«"•'*• »*i_ '*fr' • •"_*•' ; i i; i _*"*'L? > ''*-.ii*Jn''**nf^™^ «***• * «, r# ^- Jjjpfjrsp v 3 h ' Demonstrating Gable's Great Sfruiee to Central Pe Great Savings On New Fashionable Big Values In Little Space $1.95 Handbags An assortment of Handbags in various styles and col- Q J* _ ors at this special price. / 3 V~- llth AVENUE BUILDING MAIN FLOOR Dictionaries Handy size Dictionaries for home or school Use. Nicely bound in flexible imitation 'Z C /"» leather. J) O L- llth AVENUE BUILDING MAIN FDOOR Console Mirrors Semi-Venetian Console Mirrors of plate glass. Size 10x20. Regularly $5 each. llth AVENUE BUILDING THIRD FLOOR Swing Frames Various, styles in these Swing Frames. 5x7 and 8x10 sizes. Regularly $1.50. 11th AVENUE BUILDING THIRD FLOOR $1.00 Men's $10 Shoes Jrsl Wright and J. P. Smith Shoes from our regular stock will be offered at this low prce. MEN'S STORE— MAIN FLOOR Boys' Footwear Two-toned Oxfords with tan or smoke trim. Sure shot rubber soles. Special djh s\ Q C for the sale. ' 4P&»/.J MEN'S STORE—MAIN FLOOR Boys' $1.39 Keds Lace-to-toe style Ked.s with black trim* All sizes. Excep- Q £• tional values. S O \^MEN'S STORE—MAIN FLOOR Men's $1 Belts Tongue Belts in black or tan leather. Specially priced for the Gable Month Sales. MEN'S STORE—MAIN FLOOR Girls' Pajamas Two-piece Hayn Tuck-in pajamas in se\eral colors, .'ii/.i-.- fi to J •!•. Regularly $1.50 <£-* f\f\ pair. J?H.VU lllh AVENUK HI.'JLDLMi THIRD FLUOJt Boys' $1.50 Suits ^ at dyed in::to i> yi-;n- $1.00 Slecu-lfbs buils of \ at dyed in;: terial;. Sizi-s 2 to i> yi-ar- Kxveptional values. llth AVENl'E BUILDING THIRD FLOOR 69c Sheeting i-at hed or biovsa .Mohawk Sheet- j, <j[ iin.-hcb widi-. h(;i ial lor Jll Sales. Jill) JkVKNl'K l-;l T OMORROW! First Saturday of .Gable Month Sales. Gable's will greet it with a mighty demonstration of values in apparel. Frocks, coats, ensembles—specially 'purchased by buyers eager to obtain fashion-right merchandise at unusually low prices. Everything is ready for Apparel Saturday! It will certainly be one of the greatest days of a great sale. I Join the crowds at Gable's tomorrow! For new smart fashions at thrilling savings! Gable's is ready for you. With extra salespeople. Extra fitters. Extra facilities to make shopping quick, easy and pleasant. Nothing has been spared in the effort to prove convincingly >vhat we mean when we say, "Gable Month Sales. Demonstrating Gable's Great Service to Central Pennsylvania." Come early to Gable's for savings! Madora Silk Hose $1.50 Quality i .29 f For Saturday Only! Women's Madora full fashioned sheer chiffon hose with picot top. These are silk from top to toe. 12 shades. Also Madora 7-strand service weight silk hose of 42- gauge. 15 shades. Additional savings if bought in 3-pair lots. 3 Pairs $3.75 llth AVENUE BUILDING—MAIN FLOOR Clearance of Women's Smart .95 and $8.95 Pumps These are our well known Fitwell Pumps in brown kid and patent leather. All sizes in the group but not in each particular style. Take advantage of the special Gable Month Sales price. 61 Pairs Children's Shoes Usually $3.50 Splendid footwear for wear now and early summer. Patent, and black and brown kid in misses' sizes ll 1 /^ to 2. Early shoppers will have best choice. llth AVENUE BUILDING—MAIN FLOOR Spring Smiles at the Smart Hats in the Gable Month Sales to .Models lor dress, street or general wear. Of hisol, hair, Milan, toyo and fancy straws in green, red, white, blue, brown, Ian, black and pastel bhades. Large and small head sizes. Worth much more than these special Gable Month Sales prices. lllh AVENUE BUILDING—SECOND FLOOR Men's $ 1 .95 2 50 Shirts or 2 for $3 Men will not want to miss this opportunity to secure well-tailored and full- cut Shirts at a saving. These are the popular Sylklyke shirts in white, colors and fancy pattern^. Collar attached and collar 'to match styles. $1,95 to $2.50 Pajamas Well tailored Pajamas in plain colors and fancy patterns. Coat and pullover styles. Exceptional values -at this Gable Month Sales price. 1.55 75c Fancy Hose 55c 2 Pairs $1.00 To $1 Neckwear 55c 2 Ties $1.00 Munsingwear Less Fancy patterns in these silk and rayon hose. Replenish your supply at the above special prices. Nicely tailored silk neckwear in plain colors and fancy patterns. MEN'S STORE—MAIN FLOOR Regular $1 to $6 Union Suits, 90c to $5.40. Shirts and Fancy Shorts, W to 90c. I Men's $35 and $45 Suits .85 Hart Schaffner & Marx and Kirschbaum Suits 27 A special group of these well known brands of Men's Suits will be taken from our regular stock and offered for Saturday at this special Gable Month Sales price. Every garment is splendidly tailored and represents exceptional value at this low price. Various materials from which to choose in tans, grays, browns, blues, mixtures and fancy patterns. All sizes. Men's $30 and $35 Topcoats .50 These are remarkable values at tills special Gable Month Sales price. Every garment is full cut and well tailored throughout. Regular and raglan sleeves. grays. Tweeds and mixtures in tans and 24 MEN'S STORE—SECOND FLOOR Silk Pongee Gowns I 19 $1.50 Regularly Lovely quality silk pongee gowns that will not lose their lustre even al'ler repeated laundering. All regular sizes. Only through 'a special purchase are we able to offer them at this unusually low price. .69 Rayon Costume Slips All regular sizes in thewj rayon coslunie slips in white, <|* "• ,^i 3/ flesh and tan. Low priced for the sale. j .25 Crepe Costume Slips Society crepe costume slips in while only. Surs 36 IN 44. Gable Month Sales price lUh AVENUE BU1LU1NU--TH1RJJ FLOOR $2.25 Glove Silk Bloomers, $1.75 Women's Vanity Fair, pure thread glove silk bloomers of fine gauge and quality. Pink, peach, iimis, Nile and orchid. An exceptional value for Gable Month Sales patrons. $1.95 Bloomers Vanily Fair silk and rayon non-run bloomers in pink and peach. All sizes. Union Suits Athletic union suits of fancy striped voile in pink and while. $1.75 to $2.25 values. ff *P 1 $1.5' 1 .25 Union Suits Women's Muiising u n i o 11 with bodice top and 50c tight knee. Sues 42 to 5U. llth AVKNUE UU1L1JINU— MAIN i-'LOOR See Other Store ale s Thrifty Family In Altoona and Vicinity....! • / Lovely Costume Price nYou pleased with the fine as* ftortment of interesting Jewelry. Some jof it is slightly bel6w half price, but it is nearly all efcactly half the original I price. $3.50 Choker Pearls with jeweled | dasp. $1.75. , $8 to $10 Pearls, 3 and 5-strand. $4. $6 to $15 Real Coral Necklaces, $2 \io$7. $4.50 Amber Bakelite Necklaces, 27 and 30-inch'strands. #2.25. $10 to $15 Women's Stone-set Gold Rings, 14 to 18-karat. $5 to 17.50. $15 to $30 Diamond Set Bar Fins, 04 to 18-karat gold. 17.50 to $15. ,' $29.50 Illinois Wrists Watches for Ivtomen. 114.75. , $15 to $32.50 Elgin and Waltham Pocket Watched for men. 17.50 to .. $7 to $16.50 Solid Gold Cuff Links, |0toVL8-karat. $3.50 to $8.25. 5F Dunhill , Cigar Lighters, 17.50. 0 Ronson Table Lighters, $5. AVENUE BUILDING— MAIN FLOOR \\. Women's Silk Umbrellas A good selection of colons in these fine quality silk unbrellas with fancy or plain borders. Various styles of handles. $6.95 to $10 values. MEN'S STORE— MAIN FLOOR Children's 50c Silk Socks 29c thread silk socks of fine gauge. Lisle toe and heel. White, Nile, peach, mais, powder blue, champagne and pink. Nearly half price for the sale. llth AVENUE BUILDING—MAIN FLOOR Coty's Face Powder 79c Perfume FREE with JEvery Box of Powder t'Origan and L'Aimant odors in na- turelle and rachel shades. This special .offer is for Saturday only. Talcum Powder for Bouquet Talcum O C /-» vr, regularly 25c can— W -J ^ llth AVENUE BUILDING— MAIN FLOOR News On Page ft, Big Values . In Little Space ' Men's $5 Hats Gable Special Hats for meh. Turn- up or snap brims. Grays and tans, All sizes ^L^L 1 ^ in the group. '4P i"»A«~7 MEN'S STORE—MAIN FLOOR Work Trousers Splendid wearing materials in dark patterns. Sizes 29 to 50. Regularly dM TQ $1.98 pair. 4Pl.JX STOKE—SECOND FLOOR Men's Overalls Heavy weight blue denim Overalls, full cut and triple stitched. ; Sizes 36 to 50. dM OQ Garment 4P A • W X MEN'S STORE—SECOND FLOOR 59c Bandeaux Up-lift Bandeaux of lace and brocade with ribbon shoulder strap. Sizes 30 to ZtA/"» 38. TTUC llth AVENUE BUILDING THIRD FLOOR f / New Curtains Only 300 pairs of these Figured Marquisette ruffled curtains in 'ivory and ' ecru. 12th AVENUE BUILDING FIRST FLOOR Lunch Sets Linen Lunch Sets with colored border. 54x70 cloth and 6 matching napkins. $3.75 value. llth AVENUE BUILDING MAIN FLOOR Coat Flowers , Violets, Gardenias and Cluster Flowers for the coat or .Q C f+ suit. $1 and $1.25 values, f *J \~, llth AVENUE BUILDING - MAIN FLOOR Pleated Scarfs Light weight crepe do chine Pleated Scarfs in delightful colorings. 75c— value. llth AVENUE BUILDING MAIN FLOOR 59c 59c Neckwear Collar-Cuff Sets and novelty collars in various A C ^» styles. T J V-' llth AVENUE BUILDING MAIN FLOOR 17c 'Kerchiefs and nove »lly prit 12i-< -Sports, embroidered and novelty handkerchiefs, specially priced for the ~ sale. llth AVENUE BUILDING MAIN FLOOR To$3.50 Gloves A« assortment of Kid Gloves from our regular stock will be offered • at this special price tomorrow. llth AVENUE BUILDING MAIN FLOOR A Remarkable Purchase and Sale of Fox Scarves to $ 125 .65 A georgeous Fur Scarf to accompany that shartly tailored suit or coat. Only because of a special purchase are we able,to offer these luxurious pelts at these firices. Come in tomorrow 'and select one. ' ' x - -' ' Pointed Foxes Red Foxes Beige Foxes Cocoa Foxes Blue Foxes • ' \ ' Fur Storage Costs Little Insure your Furs against moth, fire and theft by Storing it with us. For a very nominal sum— 3% of your own valuation—you have the above advantages, then, too, your garments will look like new when returned to you next fall. Expert Furrier Leaves Tomorrow Mr. Levy; a fur expert from Pittsburgh; is in charge of the Fur Storage. He will give you any^ in- .formation conoeftiing the repairing and remodeling of fur, garments. 'Cleaning, glazing and relining of coats, $29.50. Cleaning Fur Scarfs, $2.50. Cleaning Fur Coats, £72.50. llth AVENUE BUILDING—SECOND FLOOR Junior Frocks That Ordinarily Sell for $9.50 5 .50 For Saturday only we are offering these lovely flat crepe frocks for Juniors at this special price. Pretty floral designs on light or dark backgrounds. Various? models, sonie dainty trimmed with lace, others with pique. Clever frocks for summer wear. Sizes 13 to 17 Years llth AVENUE BUILDING THIRD FLOOR * Baby Sweaters $L9S Regularly .65 1 Clever little slip-on sweaters with V neck. Pink, Nile, mais, white and blue. Sizes 1 to 3. Crepe de Chine Baby Coats, $3.45 Plainly tailored or neatly smocked across front, forming yoke. Wbjte, pink and blue. Sizes 1 . and 2. Regularly $3.98 each. ,. llth AVENUE* BUILDING—THIRD FLOOR Boys' Linen Knickers $1.95 Value 1 .29 Pre-shrunken linen knickers, guaranteed not to discolor in laundering. Plain shades as well as fancy plaids. Every garment is reinforced at points of strain. Sizes „ 7 to 18. Exceptional values for Gable Month Sales. Boys' $1 and $1.50 Shirts Mothers should purchase several of. these fine count boys. percale and Sizes 12 to broadcloth shirts for their 79c .95 Linen Wash Suits , Fine quality imported linen wash suits, guaranteed fast color. Seyeral different styles. Very low priced. 1 .45 Boys' Golf Hose 25c Tan, gray and brown mixtures. Deep cuffs. Regularly 3 ( Jc pair. llth AVENUE BUILDING—THIRD FLOOR Spring Frocks for Misses and Women 13 .45 $16.50 Values Bolero frocks — ensembles— cape frocks — and many other styles. Fashioned of flat crepes and chiffons in navy, reds, greens, beige, black and neatly designed prints. A splendid time to purchase frocks .for late spring and early summer wear. Half Sizes Regular Sizes Dress Goats £39.50 to $45 Values There are many charming models in this specially priced group of Dress Coals. Wool crepes, coverts and broadcloth weaves in blues, black and rust. With or with• out fur. All sizes. / 1 llth AVENUE BUILDING— SECOND FLOOR The Roxyette for Warm Weather .95 1 A light, comfortable garment for summer wear. Of brocade with Milanese bandeau and step-ins, Side opening. No boning. Flesh only. Easily laundered. \ $2 Corselettes .69 1 Lightly boned, pink rayon brocade corselettes, finished with four hose supporters. Sizes 32 to 40. llth AVENUE BUILDING—TIJIRD FLOOR House Frocks 88c Regular and Extra Sizes These frocks are of. a very fine broadcloth ia a \ariety of styles. Sleeveless or with short sleeves. Colorful prints on light and dark backgrounds. You will want several of these for wear about the house or for shopping. These t rocks are worth much more, but as a special for the Cable Mouth Sales patrons we are offering them at this very low price. Styles for Misses and Women llth AVENUE BUILDING—SECOND FLOOR * * «f « A Mt ** vt * i> it * •f x <* •» a A i a *» I # • ' t 3. , t- « 3'-N «*• !•• * * i* <* f>, M•ft

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