The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on January 23, 1908 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1908
Page 3
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be only * tired livtr, or a starved liver. It would be a stupid at as savage thing to beat a weary or starved man Itecause he lagged (n his work. So In treating the lagging, torpid liver it is a great /jnistake to lash it with rtrong drastic drugs. A torpid liver Js but an Indication of an ill-nourished, enfeebled body whose organs are weary over-work. Start with the stomach and allied organs of digestion and nutrition. Put them In working order and see how quickly your liver will become active. Dr. Pieroc's Golden Medical Discovery has made many marvelous cures of "liver complaint," or torpid liver, by its wonderful control over the organs of digestion and nutrition. It restores the normal activity of the stomach, increases the secretions of the blood-making glands, cleanses the system of poisonous acrnmu- lations, and so relieves the liver of the burdens Imposed upon it by the defection of other organs. Symptom*. If you bavo bitter or " tante in the morning, poor or vnri- I ii's, coated tongue, foul hrcaih. :>d or irregular bowels, fe*-l , raniiy t!r«d, dmpondent, frnqnrrit acliM, pain or diitrawi In "cmcll of ok," gnawing or dintrewd feeling In mach. perhapt n*UM;a, bitter or tour rifting*" IQ Uiroat after eating, and lindrod •ymptonu of weak stomach »nd torpid liver, or billoatn«M, no IbOdicine will relieve you more promptly Or cure you more permanently than Dr. I'ierce'i Qoldon Mndloal Diacovery. .iiin only * put of th« above §ymp- "H iotns will be present at one time and •et point to torpid llvnr, or biliousness And weak stomach. Avoid all hot bread fad biscuits, griddle cakea and other (n(Ji«istlhle food and take the "Golden Medical Discovery* regularly and ttiek to itt u«« until 700 are rigorous and ttryng. 0' Oolden Seal root, which \t on« of tho prominent ingredient* of "UoUlnn Medical Discovery." Dr. Uolvrts Uarth- Olow, of Jefferson Medical College, says: "Very useful as a stomachlo (itomach) tonic and In atonic dyspepsia. Cures |ft*l-ia (stomach) catarrh and hcud- sx^ins accompanying RUHR." >r. (irover Coe, of New York, says: ydranti* (Goldon Seal root) exercises •n especial influence over mucous stir- lanes. Upon the liver it arid with equal Certainty urid efticary. An n cholngnuan (liver itiviKorator) It lias Cow equals." I'r. COP nl»'> advises it for affections of tin- gpNx-ri and other abdominal viscera f f nprslly.jnd for scrofulous and gland' otnr di*<'a«p«. rtilanrous eruptions'} in< digestion, debility, cotmtipstion, also In j^vcral affections peculiar to woniPn"7"SC<l in all chronic derangement* if^jV* liver, al*o for of bluddor, for •/hich/T'r T^lfc^eitifc "it is one of Ih* f ctir<> " John King. M I) , late of Pin- CuliiatT>am>in« ol tlir AMERICAN HtS- FKsxA'KHtv, given it n prominent placo among nic'liciiiRl HRiMitw, rcitiTRtfn all flip furi-piiing \\titrlH Imvn BHI'l iiliont It. an does ulso I'rof. John M. Nciid<lcr, M. I)., Into of Cincinnati. l)r. Kciuld •ftys: "It Htltiiulatt'd the (ligrxlive \>r tr'w» anil iii'-«'iiKr>N the HHn'ri/llnli"!! !'>'»'!. IIv tliiw mi-niiH thr liloiul IN < Prof. Finlfy Kllingwood, M. D., of '<'ll»-ge, Chicago, Beniiftt Medieal C of O«ld«n Ncal root: "It in a moot stipnrior remedy In catarrlnil gastritis (iriMnminulion of the stomach),chronic condipatioii. general debility, In convalescence from protracted fevers, in prostrating night-weal.*. H in an im- jMtrtant rrmrdy in dieordtrt of (hr womb.* (Tliii agent, Oolden Seal root is an Important ingredient of Dr. Tierce's Favorite Prescription for woman's weak- neesm. as well as of the "Uolden leal Discovery.") Dr. Elllngwood con^ tiniies. "in all catarrhal conditions il is useful." Much more, did space permit, could be quoted from prominent authorities as to the wonderful curative properties possessed by Golden Seal root. We want to assure the reader that "Golden Medical Discovery" cnn be relied upon to do all that \t claimed for Golden Boal root in the cure of all the various diseases M set forth in the above brief extracts, tor its most promlnnnt and Important ingredient Is Golden Heal root. This agant is, however, strongly reinforced, and Its curative action greatly enhanced by the addition, in Just toe right proportion of Queen's root. Stone root, Hlack Chorrybttrk, Hloodroot. Mandrake root and chemically pure gfvcerino. All of thcwj are happily ana harmoniously blended Into a most perfect pharmaceutical compound, now favorably known throughout most of tint civilized countries of the world. Hear in mind that each and every Ingredient entering Into tng_^_ni«c<»veryj' hag rereTved uie <'mlorRrriiernr"ol tnf la'ml li-ii'lint; ini'dical "wlivrp'irtolYHe , ITvcr tiouLTi-i, BlTcirroiilc cular- rlml anV'-liorm of whnU-ver nnino or liatllro, lingering cuilglin, hmiirhlni, throat and luiig affcrlimiH, tint "Discovery" cnti be ri'liod upon UH n sovtr- eign rtiinedy. A little book of extniits (renting of all (h« Koveral iiigreilientH enlciiny into I'r. 1'jereo'u ificdiclnen, Ijcinjf i-xtraela finiii Ntaniliird ineiliritl wnlcH, of (In; rtrhrd. * * * * the eonfier|uent improv •- | dilferent Bchoom of priieticn will ln< fn'-nton (he glatiditlnr an'l nervous fy«- I mailed Irtf to anyone fiMiiiix I liy j.ofijil turns aro natural resulU." Dr. Semli'ler i ard or lulter), for the mime, addrefwd further nay*, "in relation to its general '" Dr. "• V. rieri-r, Ituffnlo, N. \., uiul effect upon the eyntcm, theif is no m*<li- Pf*M in Hie aluiut itlttrh there in tmh jftncral unanimity of opinion. It, is 1011- in all ly regarded u* the tonic, useful debilitated «tal«* * * *." i,' tint writer's full poHl.-oflice ud- •lir i I'lninly written. Don't accept anubHlltuli! of unknown cotii|ii>*ifion for this non-seeret MkDl- t!JNK (IK KNOWN OOMI-OSJTIP.I. One trial will convince you (hat will relieve soreness and stiffness quicker and easier than any other preparation sold for that purpose. U penetrates to the bone, quickens the blood, drives away fatigue and gives strenqHr ond elasticity to the muscles. Thousands use Sloan's Liniment for rheumatism, neuralgia, toothache sprains, contracted muscles, stiff joints, cuts, bruises, bums, cramp, or colic and Insect stings. j^ t PRICE 25<,50«. fc»l00 f& Or Earl 5 Sloon.Bojton.Moss.USAj PUBLIC SALE! Notice is hereby given that we will sell at public auction .it ottr iioine, 10 miles soutb of Trenton, Mo., an<l 8 miles west of Chula.on MONDAY, JAN. 27, '08 The following described properly, towii : 193 Aires of Land, consisting of 40 acres of bottom land about one half lino timber 'be other half corn ln«ul. Fenced outside and cross fenced. (lood well and pump. Our home place, of 55 1-^ acres. All upland. Well eVnced with hojj fence. 1'lenly .iflols and every convenience for liandlini^ Mock. < iood barn with t on< i flc feeding l''me cistern and plenty of stock water. 500 apple lives, 800 peach trees and Miiall fruit of all kind, <!<>o<I 4 room house with pantry and larjjo sliy, 1if, r hl cellar. KX) acres belonging to Mrs. Hosman. I.ays np adjoining aboxf described farm. Well f«.-nc< d for bojjs and callle. I'lenty M f^ r rass, limber and water, o acres of wheat, -\S acres of meadow. M'akcit (ogelhcr, makes an ideal ,;lo<k farm, ^liach tract lo be sold separate. * We will also ><•!! some horses, «hecp, cattle ami li<'K", and many rttbcr articles not herein «meti(ioii(d. Terms made known on day of sale. Col, \V. H. Carpenter, and Col.J. \\'. Mavis nuetioiu'er. Chas. Akcrs, clerk. _ _ «« Sale to Commence at 10 a. m. sUQA §105111811. MAKEJE RAGE 'Ihe fniliiwing statement from j'ld^i- J. I,, l-'orl of Dcxier was l-iil.ili-.hi'! in the St. Louis 'limes '•/' \\Ydm--day : " \<>d ma}- say (hat I am a < aiidnlate fur the J)emocratic in 'iniiiat I iii for flovernor of Mis •-'iiiii, aiid tin-- is the platfoim il|> i oi v, hirh I am running : ' A>.;t.;i i'--MI e honi'sly in public "Mrii-t i ni'<ricam-lit of all laws. ">nppre-.sioii of the lii|uor tr.if- li< I'. ' i MI-I it ul h-Hal prohiliit ion. I IK saloon has always used its ballot'; to help its business ami the time has come when tlie temperance people should use llii-ir ballots to help their business. The time has come when a man cannot be read out of the I temoeialie party, or the Republican party, or any party that re- ^.ir'ts thr welfare of the home and faniih, s'mipK because he believes in the prohibition of the li<pior traffic. "J am a candidate for the Dem- oiralie nomination for (iovernor, and no| t'or life 1'rohibit ion iiom inatoii for f iovernor, yel I be- li v in I hi: prohibition of the liq- i,o|- traffic. "Mi'- men' fact I hcltrvc m tin' prohibition of the liquor fiaffie 110 more makes me a can I'i'lali lor llir I 'rohibitioM nomi- i ;.i e in f. ir < i. ivi i in u than a be li' l m I he open saloi m by the 'illui eamhdates lor the I )emo- i la! ie m 'initial ii in fi >r ( i< i\ ernor iral.i them drainsho|i eaiididates i' 11' I io\ el'IH 'I. " I he I'.n >\\ ih of public senli- r.ii Mt ar,ain-t the \\hisky frallic m the I 'uited States iii the last \ .n ha ^ been phenomenal, and en m the old and t onservative it' "i Mi- oiiri it i-- rapidly i^ain • ii .11 i and p< iwer.and it takes i \prophet to see and reali/.c that the issue has pl'esented itself for solution and must be settled and settled rit;ht. An All-Party Question. "Ihe party leaders of all poli- tiial parties .should look upon hi'- ijueslion bravely and honest\ and help to settle il with an \e Miiid'- to the public j^ood on- v. It the .saloon is a JMHM! tiling. < hv not say it i- a j;ood ihin^ in the platform:' 11 the saloon is a i.-i'l tiling, why not say it is a bad in tin- platform :' ie I'ildi- speaks of certain |ieisons who love rlarktiess rather than li^ht. and it ^iv< s a reason for that peculiar affection. When- e\ir I find darkness employed in ihe discus-ion of a question, or in the statement of a position, I am isscsisiihlv reminded of thai I'ible passage, and conclude that the person who attempts to obscure does so because he loves darkness rather than li|;ht, and is not willing that the people should know what lie believes and what he desires to accomplish. "The candidate who wants lo do what is right will not refuse to let the people know where he stands on all great moral questions, for no man's moral ideas are stronger when he is in office (ban when he is out of office, and if the candidate refuses to take the people into his confidence on all moral questions, in which they may feel an interest, the people should refuse lo take him into their confidence by voting for him. "If you are in favor of the saloon and any candidate tells you that the saloon is a good thing request him to put his finger on the in his platform in which he has said it was a good thing. If von arc against the saloon and anv candidate fells you you the saloon is a bad filing request, him to put his linger on the plank in his platform in which lie has said it was a bad thing. ''For years and years the go.K women of (his country hav and proclaimed that It was tfifr, ..._ .^ ,, ,,.-«, -„, ..-..-., paramount issue of the hour, and • T» booit Ottf , now thousands of men who have ™ — — — 1) -come convinced tliat the people li.-ive suffered lonp enough from this traffic are going forth to battle against it with a 7cal not entirely like that which inspired the Crusaders who followed Peter the .'frtttiit, hut ratlici with a /eal Ull- to knowledge. The Power Behind. ''Meliiud us are the prayers and (ears »f womanhood: the power of the great American pulpit ; the vinideriid power ,.>f the religious press; the father of • very lost and rimed son; (he mother of every home \\Iiich has heen made deso- lale by the traflic in strong ih ink, ard the praying masses am; I he yo.'id-!iearti.d cverv\v'ic r e, and the,e j eople, and their fricn U, ha\e ' <a le up their minds that the h ,r.or irnfiic shall no longer di ;grace the s. >n'- and daughters, and min I'.e homes ot the people of Missouri for gaii: and gold. "Up >'.] this'orm we go fo'-tl. (o 1 attic, confident we Mia'l «•;, foi there i' not a spot of groi;ii<l upon wl.'th the whisky Ira fit v.'. will dare to challenge battle. \\ e are fighting in the defense of ,ir homes and the homes of all I he people, and fiod, who \\, itches over the home and family, will steady our arms and direct our blows." PRIC.. THAT ON SPEAK FOB THEMSELVES Thirty thousand pounds of Lukens MillingCa's "BOB* Patent Flour, 48 Ib. sack $1.25, 98 It sack $±.46. Soaps, ___==__ 8 bars of Swift's Pride, Silk or Kirk'a White Flake. .2Se 100 bar box f ^j^ 15 bars Good Luck .- 2fe 100 bar box \ .'.|J5§ 6 bars Fairbanks Fairy or Glycerine Tar for ..... .23c 10 gross Toilet Soap, 3 bars to box, regular 25c goods, going at CATARRH Eif's Cream Balm li quickly nbtntlinil. Civ-it Heliel nt Once. Krlwmsrs, Ni.i.t heals uml iii.ilfi'lH III!) llisI'llHI-lf III, 'HI. iniiu- iiwny u <' i <tii\<>i M ill fli u.v. ' •tnrcm Ilio N-n ., H ,, Tiuiln unit KIM> II. l'' uUtH or liy iniiil. I tly Biotln'rH. D<> \S' FEVER ..!/•• !M( rts , ;il I'rlli: i'|itii| form, ","i ' nils, in Mlr^i't, tii'vi Vurk. DONOIIO-WK1DENHEIMER. Marriage liceiisi- was issiletl late I'riday evening to ( l)de I'.. Oono ho of \\ inlield, Kas., and Ida \Veiileidieimer of I'oimtaiu (irove. i y were married by Judge (till at the city hall Friday afternoon. OF VITAL IMPORTANCE No other organs of the body are so essential lo good health as the ;idneys. Foley's Remedy makes the kidneys healthy so that they ill strain out the impurities from tlu' blood which is constantly issing through them. (,'om- mence taking Folcy's Kidney Remedy at the first sign of danger. \. J. S'velland drug Co. Trial Catarrh treatments are ing mailed out free, on request, hy I 'r. Shoop, Kaeine, \Yis. These tests are proving lo the people—• without a penny's cost—the great value of this scientific prescription known to druggists everywhere as Dr. Shoop's Catarrh Remedy. Sold by N. J. Swctland I)rti|? Co. From our Coffee Department we ofler a Roasted Mo, equal to any 15c in North Mo., at 1lc per Dx. Grain Pepper # and leas. Note the price, 2 liv. . .25c Prices that speak for thsoiMlvts 20 Ibs. Granulated Sugar California Lemons, good ones, per dozen*.'.... 3 Ibs. California Raisins, large ones French Prunes, 3 Ibs. for Santa Clara Prunes, 2 Ibs for Large Sour Pickels, per gallon Sliced Pineapple, large cans, heavy syrup MorrelFs Hams, per pound .Itr 20e Important to Tobacco Users-We are the ChilUcothe representatives of the American Tobacco Co.'s Premium Department and have premiums up to 200 tagg o exhibition.' W. A. SUMMERVILLE & CO. • I THE TEA AND COFFEE STORE' (Mail Orders Filled) How to Cure Your Pill If sufferers from pile* and rectal eases would first try a reliable laxi like Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin inst of using external Halves and supp lories, or having an operation perform* they would save themselves a world_pf trouble, expense and pain. The reason Is that In nine cases oat of ten piles are the result of habitual constipation, aid when once the constipation Is thoroughly cured the piles disappear. ' Piles are to constipation what plra- plea are to bad blood, simply an outward symptom. And jiiKt BN face lotlojia urcn't half as good for pimples as a gpod blood mc-ilidnc, no salves and iuppo»l(orl«i nu-n'thalf *• goml for pile* nil a rellabla laxative like Dr. C»l(lwrll'» Hympl'epuln. ' W A 50 cent or II holllo will prove theie clafm^. uml every dnnticUl I* •ulliorUvd In vunrantee -.•milln. Hundred* n( people have wrlllcn D* hut Or. Caldwell'n Syrup repilu In Urn bell pUe tire they know ol, and II li mi rely worth a trmt i<mi you. Not only will It cnre Ihe pile* but M ivlll permanently cornet bowel trouble «q th« /ou will have nuular movemi-nO. It wll^tgnv the ntomarh and make digestion eiuy (or yO«i Dr. Caldwcll'n hyrup l'C|p»ln Is thr btet/oB- edy for conatlpallon, dynnnpnla. Ullloil»uO»«. flatulency, and all retullant trouble*, met) ai Pile*, arising trom disordered itrnnach, liver or bowel*. It* gentle action and pleasant (ante make II especially suited lo children nnd all who are too weak to stand pureallve waters, lulls nnd griping powder* and tablet*. A iihysft 11 not what pile nulTercr* need, but steady, eaty bowel movements, and Ihcuecan lie obtalpkdby tlie use n( this wondurlul remedy. It brings about a permanent home cure at a minimum ol expense. CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK. Capital Surplus ft Profit* $I8S,OOO.M Deposits - • $400,000.00 UNITED STATES DEPOSITARY Or, Wolfe •tank «t Chillicothe Bonding, •outhv eet eor. OSTEOPATH Chronic* .* -H .l-l-H-1» •H-M-H-l'f.t-M-H- QS-TE-OP-A-THY i'h» dra«l*M remadr for tb« r»ll«f of »b» lofftr'a*. to »Mdlr Waste thtnklas paoplv. For tnrnicr Infomuki'na ••• DR. T. G. PHELP8 8ffiiS8& ConsulUtion and Kx»mln»tlon Fit*, Phone*: OOc« 141; RM, XML i Thow wishing to Iry Or.OiM- «""'« **">» Pwilfl iMfort buv- can hav* • fret tamcle Imttlt tent to indr Itunw by addi«k«lna lh« cumpiny. Thli offer II to prm* Uul U>« umitdy will do M we clllm, and II onls) op*n tatlloM whu hive nevtr liken It. Send for It If you MV* any jyiiiDtomi of ttomuh, liver or bowel dl««a«. Ocntltit ynt mott eflKltve laxaUvs for chlldrsn, women IIM) old (NIKS. A ziunntiwl, pcrminert h«m« cyra. THE PUBLIC VCHOICT: "No Li««1l»« So Good wd Sura -i OH. CALDWtU'8 8YRUP PEPSIN." Tto» product < i.cari purity guiraiite* No. 17, Wtitilnglon, 0. 0, PEPSIN SYRUP OO. 119 Caldwell Bldg., Montloello, III. I Douglass Stewart Successor to Mclntvirff ®. Stewart Abstracter of Land Titles, erfect Abstracts furnished. Faulty Titles perfected. FARM LOANS-Land for sale. Farm Insurance. 5? Office Opposite County Building I make a specialty of settling estates in rebate Court* Your Patronage SolkM.

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