Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 26, 1950 · Page 29
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 29

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1950
Page 29
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(^ ( ' - ' Phrenologists Called Shots On Louis, Baruch C ' By E. V. DUBIJNG 'Wp",'f«uH'in vomeni'toUay on 'The 1 tincture: of vermilion'. v . Ana, there to give the cheek a dye, white, ·vt'here nature doth deny. ,-No fault in ^omen to make show hat out o f - a rabbit? A.-Yes, sir, 6f largeness when they've nothing Magician named Russell Swan had ,'M *o; that trick in his routine. I. have ·When true It Ts, the outside swells a lso heard of an act; but.have not ·'With inward buckram, little else, r* ' Tn-mptT TJTT-D-DTI""! id (Above --ROBERT HERRICK enlisted Jn 1917. He was- killed In action in France July 30/1918. Q You have no_-doubt seen many,» magician take "a rabbit out of a silk hat. Ever see-one take-a silk seen It yet, in which a woman magician saws a man in half. was written over 300 HORSES AND'WOMEN" ·ears ago, definitely proving the So you consider yourself a well ·~"""- "oomph" girl is by no lnfornled t «rf fan. All right, tell "-''"" '·*-- ' us how the daily^double money, would be "distributed if .there were a two-horse dead ;-heat in', the first race and three-horse dead'heat in Uie. second,'. Also, : when workouts are listed .what does -.'"B" after the time mean? And/ how i about the "H?".-What .Js-..the-difference .between a "B" workout and an "H" workout? Also,-hero's.a.query that baffles even sporting editors. What American thoroughbred had a horn in his -head? 'This horse was not an obscure animal. He finished second, in the Kentucky derby. PASSING BY ' William Shakespeare. Erstwhile jneans a modern idea.) i'.!i ,What ,do widows and divorcees If o with their first wedd'ng rings IWhen 'they marry again? Norma IShcarer still wears her first wed- ^ingn ring,.' Placed 'over it is the 'Ting of he,r''second marriage . . . ! 'At British 'greyhound'tracts horos- ;fcop'es of the racing dogs are sold. ,A card with the horoscopes of Jockeys and horses might be a ,iood seller at American tracks, iBut itworuld be difficult to,get the 'ifxact birth dates of the horses. ASIDES I It was. in 18Q4 Secretary of the -treasury .S, ,P. Chase had "In God !We TrUft" 'put on United States 'colnage-i Chase sajd he: believed and has a little blue'heaven In-Teaneck, N. J. Al -Barker. Greet- : no .couritry icould succeed without N . Y . is now a happily man-led man faith in'God·:.-. Note it stated the -- · ""· *-'·-- ·,.-.·*.·- '.play,-."Abie's Irish Rose,"-was the finest moneymaker in United States itage history.' That's wrong. It lv«s,"R!p Van Winkle," which'ran ""i":year3, iplaylng 40 weeks each :NG ·;,! Queries from clients. Q. How old ,wa'S,:; : Joyce;Kilmer,-the. poet, and .-·hecwi'inanyj children did he have .'Jvhen.hi; enlisted In World War I? -A. KilnVEjr ; was 30 years old and the iajhcr, .oif :ipur children when he Notre Dame . football star., ^as BRIEFLY Dorn and reared on'Staten Island, ing card versifier and manufacturer from Cincinnati. His organization sells 2 million greeting cards a month , ·;·.. .Bernard Baruch. When he. was .a'lad-his mother took Him [o see a phrenologist, who said: "Thjs 'boy can; make a name and a fortune in the field, of finance." That brings to mind that- .the mother of Joe Louis also took him to a phrenologist,- who said: "This child can make a success in any ac- tivity, , fa ; ivbich the use- -of 'the hands -predominates." You don'l hear much about 'phrenologists nowadays.. What became of them? ALMOST COJfPIDENTIAI/ In Denmark the accepted practice is to tip the waiter 12% per cent of the total of the check. Used to be 10 per cent in this country, but it - has to be 15 to keep the waiter in good humor . . . 'Am asked ff there really is- a man- in Hoquaim, Wash., named Katz Meow. There really is. It has been checked. There is also a man in. Beverly , Hills, Calif., . named St. Elmo' Bug. SIDE MGHTS It -was an advertising genius named Milton Feasley who originated the catch line: "Often a bridesmaid, never a bride . Tom 'Mix' horse Tony Lived to be 40 years old. Another outstanding example nf equine longevity, was Gen. Persh- tof's horse Kidron, which died when 31 ... The youngest enlisted man in the history of the U. S. army was. John Clem, "the' drummer boy of 'Shiloh," -who was a drummer at 10 years of age and a sergeant at 12. i*% ffittlrrft , -29 Thurtdiy Iv.nlno,' Ocfc M, 1J60 '" Koreans Undecided On Freedom's Joys SEOUL,, Korea, OcL 26. C/P)--: Forty thousand civilians, lib; 'erated from harsh Red Korean nils," today listened to United Nations dav 'speakers proclaim the defeat flf .the Comm'unists and the blessings to come. Then-the South Korean army hand ""blared, -"St. Louis .Blues." JOt PALOOK* Kaiser Steel Corp. · Offerings Submitted NEW YORK, .Oct. 26. (ff)--Public offering of 1,600,000 shares of Kaiser Steel Corp. preferred stock and 300,000- common shares was- made :oday by a group qf 234 investment jinking houses managed by First Boston Corp. The stock is being sold in units of one share.of the preferred,-.with a stated value'of S25, and a half a common share, at $25 for each unit. Subscriptions received indicate early closing of the books on the MR. PENNYWRTH.. I'M SRAWT LOCH- WORTH. VOURFRIEND., JOE PALOOKA' INTERESTED ME W-VOUR.CASE. WELL HOWOY. SHORI WCC TMEET'CHA... V*. KNOW JOE, HUHf WHICH CASE.;. CHARGE .THAT YOU AREA SPY. VW AREKKHG EVEPYTHW POSSIBLE TO-FREE FER HfWMC «AWW«ISTMAT WHAT THfM KLURff FWT JAEVER; HEARANATMIN# , UOP4MWG CASStU* said.,- . A m asked by'a. San Diego sub-jsio.OOO.OOO offering, First Boston scriber whose name is Chiquita if II - . -. - . la -.e another reader of thai name. ' have. Also have/readers named Camelita, Rita, Zlta, Pasquita and Plorita,. . . In a Pacific Coast publication featuring matrimonial ad* vertisements one seeker of a husband-describes-herself as "a handsome young .widow,of 52." Seems a silly, description. Still, it Is.not Impossible with the beauty and re- [uvenation treatments now available that-a woman.of 52 could look young and handsome.- . · ) 1950, : 'King Features) Increased Auto Output Seen Instead Of Less Production '; .DETROIT, Oct. 26. (ff)--Instead of cuhallln'g output most auto JnaXers apparently .will Increase production during .the remainder of ·the year. Right "now it appears that materials will be available for ."high .volume output' from now through December. Not so favorable is the outlook for the'early month's of next year. So the car makers, ';.vith. ·.stibassemblies already on :,«rder,;'plan to use them even If 1 ilneanOh Increase in stocks of un '.·old cars-at the year's end." \I The industry already has bull Cnd sold.more vehicles this year it In any previous year, Indica ; Jons ai-e that total output for 3950 tin come very close to 5,000,000 ,nlts. It should be remembered, o: bourse,., .that a about a million am 1 (^quarter of these will, be trucks. |jj'',. 'Production, Not Sales · i It also should be remem- fc«red t'ha't when the Industry talks ""out an 8.000,000-unlt-year it is iferrlng to production volume-It sales. It is wholly possible Dealer slocks at the year's end-win 600,000 new cars., The total be even large If the car deal- are ; correct in their assertion hat credit controls are going to rlously Impair their business. !j":But « coo.ooo unit field stock i doesn't .necessarily spell -.hardship lfcr tlie'Suto dealers, 1 On Oct. Hast :ar there were more than 618,000 Benson Library Hours, Fees Told B E N S O N , Oct. 26--Benson Woman's club library- is open from 2 to 5 p.m. each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Everyone is welcome to visit,and check out books of their. choice. Found on the 5- cent shelves are a number of late editions, with others dating back to 1D47. Because of the limited number of these bool:s - a 5-cent-per: week 'charge is .made above the membership fee of 50' cents a year. Other books are'checked out free' 'or two weeks, the librarian; Mrs. 3etty Robinson, announced. After wo weeks a 2-cent fee is asked for each day the book is kept. Mem- for children is 2? cents Hoffman Will Consider Ford Foundation Post WASHINGTON, Oct. .26. (£_ Paul G. Hoffman, former Marshall plan administrator, -said today lie will talk-with Henry Ford 2nd, in about 10 days, and decide .whether he..will become head of the. multimillion dollar Ford .Foundation "That is, if Mr. Ford gives, me the chance to make a decision," he added, to reporters, implying 'that he has not yet been formally offered the post. : · NOW ORGAN MUSIC · from Your WemoJ with" »he New _ .Piano-Organ atiachinenl triples the pleasure from your piano--newest thing in music SEAGONDOLLAR MUSIC STORE !264 East Congi-css 'Phone 2-5931 NOW WHAT DID I DO WITH THAT FOOL PAPER ? -YOU MUST HAVE BEEN. GIVEN AN EMTCY PERMIT'WHEN. YOU CHECKED THCOUGH AT THE INSPECTION DEPOT. YOU:CE SUPPOSED TO SHOW IT BEFORE YOU CAN RENT A ROOM: THAT'S THE LAW HERE. · «1 ,,·· ^^f- ~v'i I * Q 0 t ^MC MIND.M5U1LPIND .. LATEB.- MEANWHILE,I'LL LET YOU M*t ROC- 207. f HE GUEST WHO OCCUPIED IT WON'T BE BACK.THCY ' 1ST ACQCSrCD FOQ , INS TO HI3BU.L WITH THESE COUNTCCFEIT eg! m. ^f\». Uy Dun sipiejim BLONMK f IT ISN'T WISG / TO ASK TOO MANY I QUESTIONS IN \ 3ULPHUB CITY. . HONESTLY, I'VE BEEN HAVING MORE FUN PLAYING VJITH ELMO ALL. AFTERNOON . STEVk £ FiKuta Srfldioff, Inc. ELMO HAS THE MEASLES' YES--.HE. PUT THEM ONI WITH HIS MAMA'S LIPSTICK f'.hir Vounf WAVE : SOME MOi?E BLACK COFF5E TUCSON'S LARGEST CHILDREN'S SHOP ' ' · ' AS A CONVENIENCE TO MOTHERS STROLLERS 25 e per hour s in dealers' hanclE or en route m the, factories. .At the yeafs Vthe tptal was less than 450,000. 'Tlie dealers sold more than 683,000 passenger 'cars in August of this year. Probably they will do it again in more than one summer month next year--if they have the cars to sell, , v Change-Over Shortened "One thing that .will help the factories In. their production drive during the remainder of the. year Is that model changeover periods a year. A. fine selection.-is. found in their department. .-; ·-. .-·· . "·;. ·;·: .The library now has about N 3,000 volumes. Books to ,-fit the. reading taste of .young and old alike may be found there. ,' Assisting Mrs, Robinson in keep ing the library open are Mmes Olive Richey and Dorothy Negley. Goodyear Hikes Prices On Tires FREE baby blanbts to ; ·II expectant mothers ... . if you guess the date of birth '. . . Phone calls invited r 4 DOORS SOUTH OF SEARS « R 6 t h A V E . 1H) 6KOS CAME ONE TIME TO MAKE ' YOU'RiApy.TO TALK ") DEAL 1NEETH FEIENp ' ABOlfT M'5IEU SR05-, ~^.OF- MINE NAME $EK6£ CHEETAH?-OR POYOli \ BUJ... /W.GP05 PEEP WANT TO"-BE ON THAT 5=15,1 NOT ^EE CHEETAH, BRITISH TtMteFOKTTO J BUT-CH£ETAH SAW EPSTARCHINA? 600P.' WE KNOW M'£IEU JJ X WEELL POINT GK- NOW OPgEATINS OUT\ M'5IEU 6TO5 ^ OP A CERTAIN JNIPO-CHINE$E\ OUT TO.YOU . 'CITV... WILL YOU 60 THERE /MAJOK CANYON.' ANP I ' .·8fij "·J lr~. GASOLWr ALLin eooo! I'LL oo TELL THE COLONEL.' FORMERLY DANZIGER'S AKRON, Ohio, Oct. 26. (£)--Good year Tire Rubber'Co. today in creased prices on automobile, truck may be shortened. Because the ancl farm tlres 7 % P er cen t. changes are not of major propor-l Prices ofinnertubes made with tlons this easily can be done. Also Mt "ra! rubber were increased b to avoid production interruption: · lot of inventory-taking is being ,- done over -week ends. "Many car makers, uncertain as to how deeply arms work will cut Into available raw materials early .next year, believe they should build as many vehicles as possible Sn the months immediately ahead The fact that the bulk of the vehicle production to come in November and December will be of 1850^ models mSy give the dealer organizations a little tougher selling-job, : however. Probably, the dealers have .thought of this in their protests ·gainst credit controls that;, boost monthly payments. Some dealers *ee what they, call a double squeeze In the credit restrictions. They say that besides making sales more difficult the limitations probably will make;it necessary for them to.increase trade-in allowances in ·ome instances. Could Mean Loss With used car prices generally on the' skids, that could mean loss on hew car sales ; involvln,. a trade-in. However, retailer have 'done this before in thel Efforts at stock reducing.- A substantial amount of price discount Ing-.was reported' about this tiro last year when car'stocks were a their highest levels since long before the war, :' Many dealers--have resorted to iuch price cutting at the time new model has gone Into production. Generally the practice has enabled them to clean out their itocks with nonactual loss, al though at reduced profit. Hit§ Management Of Center In Talk · BISBEE, Oct'26. --Mrs. L. R! JPeterson', chairman of th? board of directors of the Warren district rtcreation center, spoke to the Rotary club today at Copper Queen hotel. Mrs, Peterson explained programs , sponsored, by the center- at the. present ,thne and outlined ' future plans. ..She lco declared there it need ftr:rebuUdlng th« board of management at the center, -which Is provided for in. Us 1 constitution^ Mrg, Peterson sald'thls "board has been falling more and wore'along the wayside,, Is - composed of 15 representatives from civic organizations and-that its operation. Is vital -K-tto ctntir'i successful operation. the sanie amount and white sidewall tires were jumped up 10 pel cent. Tubes made of synthetic rubber, puncture seal-tubes, solid or pneumatic industrial tires and bicycle and motorcycle tires and tubes- were unaffected by the price change.- Other tire-building firms declined to comment on their plans, but are expected to announce similar price hikes soon. Students Benefit From Late Official's Estate PETERSBURGTva., Oct.- 26. (IP) --A former Petersburg city councilman and ; police chief'.will'-leave its entire estate as a memorial trust fund to provide college scholai-ships for worthy Petersburg high school' graduates. The city school board announced :oday. James Brockvvell, about 75, liad authorized the board to make! j;now.n the provisions of his will. Brockwell's estate is estimated at more than $100,000. j Brockwell has no immediate family. ACROSS L Ingredient ot varnish 4. Small engln* ». Trunk of a felled tre« 18. Self 13. Escape artfully 14. Brazilian parrot ,16. Pikeliko flsh 16. Deserters 18. Unconcealed 20: Solid water 21. Money ·· penalties .. 23. Fasten* firmly 27. Bill 28. Meadow mfc« 29. That man SO. Hair pad 31. Bargains 32. Bovine animal 33. Article 3i. Measures o£". capacity 55. Abrading tool 56. Sandy vaste» SS. Provide food 39. Ezlst 40. Mohammedan ·judge 41. Pertaining to .moving conveyance! 45. The letter Z 4S. Turkish cam* ^3. Movement 50. Ago 51. Flap 52. Buildlni !cit» 53. Novel DOWN 1. Side of a. UICK Your brother. He wouldn't appreciate We said it was to be. dutch! his dishwasher? wouldn't do. King -. ·» t'Ae.«M»;. *.* Hilt Solution of Vriterday'i fuzzla 2. Turkish commander S. Inferior crown 4. Small lakes {. Baking ^ chamber 6. Make Into leatner- 7. Poem · S. Systems of government D. Oppressed . 10. Seaweed 11. Aeriform fluid 17. Top cardi 10. Caress 21. Unit of electrical capacity 22. Empty 23. Outer Kar- ' ments 24. Measures of length 25. Oar pin '25. Drain 2S. Outlet 31, Addresses 32. Member of ' republic. 24. Persian fairy 35. Passing. fashion 37. East Indian title 3S. Form of diversion 40. Source of , sugar 41. Large tub 42. Old musical ·'note 43. Swiss canton 44; Allow 45; Before 47. Blackbird THAT NERVE PRESS ON THE NECK WILL KEEP HER- QUIET POP? ABOUT AN HOUR. I'LL CO CX3WN THE FRBGHT'EL£yATOR. I'M IN LUCK! WE^ UNLOADING SOME PROPS R3R THE SULLIVAN SHOW.' PASS? 1C I. 4KNKH LETS SEE ·VOUR PASS, MISTER. YES, I CAN'T LET ANYONE TAKE A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT OUt OF THE, BUI LDING They'll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hado 'RE LUCXy 7D GET .4 B4RKINQSR4CE-4MALF- 'MILE FROM -THE DOOR VOICOMC OUT- BUT LOADED «v ANDVOUR-MEAPIS THE OJLY ONE 1M LINE RL.MlUL,'BELUEBOWT,*(ME ,0^/0-^,^.,^'' KIP -K.IKHV I' ','t'flf TH' NEXT NAME, ON TW STAYS PUT I TH' LIST IS-LADy SOM-UNTIl,SADiEl HOUNDLEG-HOTFOOi;j HAWKINS DAY IS f -ENGLAND.':''rrE£ A LON4 TIME-AFOREYO', TANGLES W1F LAOYHOU HOTFOOT- 1 Alex A (SfS^fALt- ^* *rt?^T6(«W/ ^*3lt r^^M ELEVEN BCORESI. I AM VERY PLATTERED.,.BUT BY THIS TIME YOU MJ5T BE WS4RV Or ME... WOW I MUST SO.,' "" NO, NO, WILD! SIMS IT CMOS MORE! W t/Tr?,ft OKPHAH ANMt H\ Harold Grmf HM TR006LE AND HTS , rr^s oNty A UTTI.E v WOODS KrrTY-He"s A REAL- qEHTUEM«H-vX«r QOT HIS B««N' CUJTHES ON BACKWflROS

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