The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 16, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1920
Page 4
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• J THE DAILY FREE PRESS •, Otis lighted a cigarette and extinguished. the wax match with elaborate cnre, "I understand, Mr. Fltz- Jiugh. that you are a very wealthy man." FHzhugh inclined his head. "Briefly what I have to say Is this: In the Chicago wheat, pit there" is- a certain clique .of bulls whom I and three other men desire to rout. Already we have them on the run, but to make our victory complete and thorough we must have more capital— •five .millions mora. at, the least." He stood up.. "If you' will pardcta me 'a moment I have something I should like to show you." He went out, returning presently with. a large envelope and a pad of writing paper. Taking a seat near his bUest, he removed the contents of the envelope and spread them upon the table, now cleared' of everything save i vase of flowers and some brandy and cigarettes. - With characteristic precision he began detailing his reasons ' for believing the then panic- stricken condition of the wheat market would continue until May, or even beyond, selecting, as he talked, dl.vers papers from the array before him. submitting them to his auditor, or referring to them for corroboration. • • Pitzhugh, however, seized some •light excuse for soon interrapting Mm, and taking up the thread of the -Brjfnment where he had broken It, carried It along with a sureness that displayed an. Irreproachable knowledge' of the subject in hand. When he finished .several sheets of the paper were covered with figures and Otis was regarding Rim in quite a .new light. "You show a most thorough knowledge of the wheat market, Mr. Fitz- hngh. I can see you have'studied ii very exhaustively." Tve studied it for a little over a year." Otis smiled. "Of course you are Jesting?" "I solemnly assure you that ail I know about wheat I have learned In ' that length of time. There are some men, Mr. Otis, who can learn more ly over him fo Tils Tee't, anH "came" "to rest again on his face. She seemed in a state of bewilderment. Then, recovering her composure as quickly as she had 1 , lost It, she murmured something 'conventional and was gone. He never quite knew, when he .found himself walking rapidly down •the drive, with the snow swirling round him, how- heNgot there. His brain was in a whirl, his pulse on fire, and over and over 'he repeated to himself: "She's wonderful—more wonderful than ever .' .' . And she fc'nows me!—knows me— Of them all she is the only one. ..." His appointment was with Hunt at a Michigan avenue club. It was here he renewed the third acquaintanceship of that memorable day. A "quiet little game" was brewing in an upper room, and he arrived in time to join at the beginning. The first deal foil to him, and as he shuffled the cards in high feather, .exchanging quips with the men around the table anent his-, obvious good.spirits, the door behind -' him opened and some : new players . entered. The next moment FJtzhiigh wns being Introduced to the new arrivals'. "Mr. Fitzhugli, this is Artie Sparkle." A foppish young man, smiling vacuously, came forward with mincing step and held out a flabby, bejewelcd hand. The "quiet little game" lasted a!! Saturday night .and until late Sunday afternoon. Fltzhugh's Golden God FARM • VENTILATION OF HEN HOUSE For Success,With Poultry There Must Be an Abundance of Fresh Air Without Drafts. Poultry raisers have come to realize that the ventilation of the poultry house Is a very important matter. There must be an abundance 'of fresh air without extreme heat or cold, find without dampness and draft .Proper conditions cannot be had with th« makeshift, wrongly used »ventIlatoM frequently employed. One method, which has proved successful Is to use, the straw air strata: er. A second ceiling Is built about sir inches below the regular ceiling, in the.form of. a latticed framework. A trapdoor in the center of this makes it possible to' change the straw which, to packed between the lattice and the original ceiling. Tents; or wide/low BOOSTING SOUTHERN ILL, BASEBALL LEAGUE Free Prtess First Southern Illinois -Paper to Outline Plans as.Early, , .' -" * .as, Aug. 31. . •about a given subject In a few months than others can in as many years. It's «s much a matter of work as it is of brains. Now. when I am sufficiently enthused over a thing I apply myseif to it, concentrating upon It every fac- ulty of my .mind fior eighteen, yes. 1 S"i<'i'i twenty, hours a day, and begrudge the I tho ' Jew hours I must give to sleep. That | mu( ' 1 ' Bounds egotistical, doesn't it? But ' 1 want you to know the truth of the ' .matter." ."I like to hear a'man talk that way. ' I despise modesty in business. Of course you- are coming in with us? As r said, we shall require five additional millions, perhaps more, to work the thing properly. There is no need . now to go Into^further details. You understand the" situation even better . than I do." He paused. "Since this is Saturday," said Fltz- Jmgh, "and since nothing can be *»taed by your knowing my decision before Monday, I shall meet you Mon- dess, Luck, frowned upon him at first and he lost steadily; but later his superior playing began to tell, and as her inclemency gradually turned to smiles he won much faster than he had lost. He was decidedly the master of -the others. Artie Sparkle lost continually. Also, he continually drank. It was not quite clear whether his adversity was responsible for his intemperance, or vice versa, but certainly as his libations Increased he played tho more recklessly. He distributed his paper, freely, but as he became more intoxicated there was a decided reluctance to the advances. At length he was flatly refused and advised to go to bcd - ' At this point Fluhugh. who so far inff and do hurt loaned linn nothing, removed the ..Mark'Smith o£ the Harrisfcurg Register is boosting a-Southern Illinois baseball'league along the linies first outlined in> Southern Illinois by the Free Press as early as. Aug. 31, in which the Free-Press said:' ' "Plans have been started. for the organization of a baseball league in Southern Illinois with.the close of the present season near at 'hand., ~ Baseball fans'; enthusiastic supporters have taken/ an early start in hope of having the teams ready for. the season tor ijext year with the opening of spring. Tentative plans of the league, to be known; as Egyptian League, include the towns of Cairo, DuQuoin, Ma- ,rion, Carbondale, M,urphysboro, ''• Her- •rin v Christopher, West Frankfort and 'Harrisburg." .- . Mr. Smith in a letter to the Free Press" says: . •' I ' 'What dd you think'of .baseball for! j", this .eo™"* *•* accomplished for -the a-whole; its industrial, HERALD DRY WAVE DUNG OF CHURCH BELLS Prayer Continued Throughout the Day by Church People in Welcome of Victory off Prohibition— .Amendment Effective" Making Nation Sa." ;<• loonless,' The hourly dong of church bells, 'here today heralded' the~adyent of-National Prohibition. The effect of the national law making the country dry was welcomed by. prayers of many W, .C. T. U. and church women. Today marks the bee.lnning of a new era in the country, e. vision that seemed distant a few years ago, but is now realized.' ••'. . - - • A'program' was' giye'n at the Christian church last night in celebration of the .beginning of the epochal period following the end of. the legal sale of liquor. '•'.-• ' \ , ;.. . . .Thepri. ncipal speaker at the church LAURA E. SWARTZ O8TEOPATHUC . PHYklCIAN . Chronic D-,«easeg a Specialty Office- In Laudsr-Nlcholi Bid*. W.W.HAMILTON Coal and Ice MACKEY COAL OFFICE Pbon. 204 HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorney* at Law Phom 252 K Suit. 112-1 IB New Hamilton DELIA CALDWEL.L, M. D, McANALLY BINLDINO __ M »1 W«.t Main Straw PfflM Houra-S to 10 A.M.: 8 ta 4 f.B, night was ,C. - B. 'Dowdell CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN Home Made Candle* and loa Craaiat Telephone *44 Y He .spoke of what prohibition thus far I in' thin f»mmtrv >i«i1 QnnnTn«Ho>ia/1 -Pni- Muslin Ventilators Can Be Used in the Poultry House to Secure Abundance of Air Without Either Drafts or Extremes of Temperature, 1920? IB th'is section, the prospects for a revival, of our greatest of . all out-door - games- are exceedingly bright. - "''.'• 'During the. games .played in this and surrounding territory last -year, the crowds were the greatest in. the history of the game in our own vicinity. ' We understand the same was true in ; all parts of the country. It looks like basdball was coming back into its own. • "What do you think o£ a'Southern Illinois Ball League, composed of Harrisburg, Marion, Herrin, Murpbysboro, West Frankfort, Christopher, Benton .and possibly Eldorado or Carbondale? That would give .us an eight club openings, must be cut in the side of ; - -. tiie house as close_under the eaves as j league, games to be played on-Satur- possible. • The air, entering at tiiese vents, niters through the strnw, and thus into the poultry nous.e. No drafts are possible, anrt Hie tempera ture is kept very nearly constant. The straw also absorbs a great deal of moisture.. Another method, In rather wide use, Is to cover an ordinary_ window frame with muslin, instead of using glass. An improvement on this type of ventilator is shown at the right of, the drawing. A light wooden frame covered with muslin-is hung from a wire,, which serves ns a track. The frame can thus^ b-e moved sideways over or, away from the window opening. Screw days, Sundays, and, double headers on ^holidays. "If you think -well of the suggestion, give it some publicity and let's pull off a meeting at some near" date, in a centrally located city and discuss the proposition. .- "For pur part, we think this league would, be a'paying proposition personally. . . ."Good luck to you for 1920. ."Respectfully, , • "Mark Smith." in i'.'. dred way down day morning. at ten o'clock and will . .then give you my answer." . A slight frown appeared on Otis- thin face. He began gathering up his data. "Very well. At what place?" "At my brokers'—Shirley & Co., In "the Merrimae block. "At ten? Very well. I know already what your answer will be—an •emphatic "yes."' Suddenly he stood np, with a sweeping gesture, .as though to force into the background •everything pertaining to business.' "Now let's talk no more shop. We've lad enough for one night" ' While they were exchanging part- Ing words the' bull door opened and ! Mrs. Otis and Kathleen entered. „ Fltzhugh's heart seemed to stop for the infinitesimal part of a second, and then, as Kathleen came down the hall, It leapt, bounded, raced on with maddening, speed. He tingled to his finger •dps. It was the first time he had Been her since thai moonlight night two summers ago. Then, with the soft June moon ' on her glorious hair, a gauzy scarf over her bare shoulders, he had thought her exquisite, ethe-' real. Now, with her sables, her turban of white fur, the tang of the frosty night in her glowing skin, he thought her ravishing, distractingly beautiful. Momentarily Otis seemed to hesitate, as though reluctant to do somethinrig that might afterward earn him a rebuke.- But- as Kathleen and her mother- drew near he intercepted them •with his guest and presented him, first to his wife then to his daughter. As the girl spoke an acknowledgment of Fltzhugh's salutation she looked up for the first time into his •eyes. .The next instant she started •visibly, and, seemingly unconscious of ler act, did'a rather singular thing: 'die came very close to him and looked eenrchingly Into his face. The bright color heightened in her cheeks. Her number, of chips from his ii'iip and shoved them across 1 •'••• to the Upsy one, who with '-.ik-ulty counted -them and gave liange his 'I O 0 1'or five hun- cioll.ars. .They soon went the >f the rest, and he sat slumped In his c'.air. his anus dangling limply at, either side, his head sunken, his mouth open, leering stupidly from under drooping lids. Fitzhugh caught his wandering eye. "Better try another stack, Sparkle," he Invited in a friendly wny, and begun cutting off a small section of hi chip pile.. "How many may ! !»•! you to, Sparkle?" (To be contitaeo.) eyos on the frame, allow it to slide easily over .the. wire.. The'wire itself may be fastened either to screw eyes or over blocks at either end. To the left is- shown a- similar frame, mov- In this case it will he necessary to arrange Koine means LODGE SESSION HERE BEST EVER HELD social and' moral good. . He compared the morals and material prosperity ot this, country with those of other countries where liquor 'flows"freely. It Was .pointed out that no excuse could be found for the use of'liquor, .' C. p. Do'wdell lectured'with : stere- optican views on the Anti-Saloon work, •;'... .' Rev. J. W. Mioore talked on the Anti-Saloon work, and accomplishments. " . . ••:'•. Refreshments . of. cake ' and coffee | were served at 11 o'clock. • j At midnight a picture, of a large American flag''was thr6wn'--on' the screen: and while'" the. church, bells wers ringing, Mr. Dowdell read the objtuary of John Barleycorn. ECONOMY COAL YARD J. B. WOODS, PRO* Waahed Nut, Eon and Lump •Phone 149 K. HENRY'BAIN TRANSFER GET OUR PRICE* Phone 4*9 L H. O. HALL & CO. PEED COAL AND KINDLIN* POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone m of holding the frame at the height de- slrod. Either the pegs that fit into holes in Hie wall, or a hook fitting into screw eyes, placed at various heights in tiie wall, may be used, for this purpose. The advantage of the air strainers over muslin-covered frames is that the latter have to be adjusted accurately to the weather, while the air strainer Royal Arch Masons Close Three Days' School "of Instruction, Here-r-. Large Attendance From Southern Illinois—State Officials Here. IDEAS FOR HALLOWE'EN. The the nut which belongs -to the time-honored holiday, and no party on that occasion is quite complete/ without a fire and roasted chestnuts. .Roasted chestnuts, doughnuts, apples and cider make the ideal re. freshments.. For a Hal- lowe'en luncheon or a supper, by excluding the ~ daylight and covering the lights witt orange'colored • tissue, or W. A. BRANDON, M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE AND THE EYE Eyea Teeted, f Qlaaaea Fine* Virginia Bldg. Carbo»dal». Hi, DR. J, W. BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUILDINO Haura f to 11 A. M. and 2 to S P • •' PHONE n Mechanics Magazine. 'using candles \yith 'orange shades, the table will be most attractive. For the centerpiece, a large pumpkin may' 1 be cut in the form of a basket and used as the fruit holder for, grapes and ap- • . . I"' pies. Small gourds or tiny pumpkins The grand examiners of^the Royal' may be decorated with, a face and Arch Masons lodge declared the school ' "Shted with a-candle inside; these may. of. instruction held '.here Tuesday, I be favors . for each plate/.and around •"- ' — -'- --•.—. . . the pumpkin grape, or autumn-tinted —day and to have DOLLAR IS BIG IN GERMANY Will Buy 333 Steins of Regular Prewar Beer and Is Worth 4,000 Pfennigs. Philadelphia, Jan. 16.—One dollar will buy 333 steins of regular prewar beer in Germany, according to a letter just received by,the military editor of a local paper from an American soldier on.the Rhine. The American army officials ' have fixed the price at. 12 .pfennigs per stein as 'a result of coin- plaints of overcharging by Wirtsehaft and Casthaus proprietors. The rate .for real Pilsner is 40 pfennigs. An American dollar is now worth 4,000 COVER WINDOW WITH BURLAP Most Excellent Plan to Keep Wind at Night While Fowls Are Roosting. Out been one of the best schools they ev- , - leSves may be placed. Small squashes be used as candlesticks,, or. brass F. L. LINGLE, M. D. Ganeral Pretio* •pvclal attention tot Eye, Ear, and Threat Olaamca Fitted Phone*: Residence 330-2, Office Virginia KIDDIE'S GROUP MUST JjEJHEGKED Dr. King's. New Discovery- will do that .very thing, • easy and quickly D ~~ ,ONT say, "Poor'little young- , , lui v "K usua as canaiesucKs,, or. orass er attended in Southern Illinois, both .candlesticks are always appropriate, in point of attendance.and in efficient] Use autumn leaves in place of doilies' work. The closing session of the when serving and as table decoration, school'last night at which ^time; the ""-•• Royal Arch degree . was given three Local Masons., was put on by the If the poultry Bouse is narrow so that, ihe wind blows in through . the open windows on the fowls on the roost, put a piece of burlap over the open space at night, but do not close the windows • until the weather gets cold. board of examiners, assisted by a.num- „ 'Bother. P"«y device for a candle- w,. „, „«_„,. ,,„„ „«.,,„ „*'*„- "Eht.supper: Fill a large.punch bowl White gourds for jack-o'-lanterns and white cosmos as a centerpiece .make a very attractive table. the Americ FATTEN FOWLS FOR MARKET Poultry Will Sell for Higher Price Per Pound Because of Increase in Weight. If any stock,is to be sent to market be sure that it is fattened well before it Is shipped. It will pay to do this FRENCH SAILORS IN MUTINY Berlin Wireless Reports Riots Among Military Forces at Naval Port of Toulon. .London, .Tnn 1 . 1C.—A''wireless 'dispatch from Berlin says' flint: riots and mutinies have started amnns the French naval forces and troops at Toulon, the military and naval port of Franco on the Mediterranean. -The uprisings were caused by insufficient bread supplies, the message asserts. A larger flock of liens eonUl be kept 'on many farms at a profit. , . fingers closed.convulsively on the muff - st\K carried. Ber eyes -traveled swift- Making Play Pay. A- Bay City.- sociologist urges all- fathers to learn to play games of make- . . „ believe with their children, whatever j breeds, the expenses of energy or time, saying it will in 1 the end prove well worth while, and we can fully agree with Water fowls do not receive the consideration -they deserve . on many farms. . ".•*** .; ' Leghorns produce eggs more cheaply than hens of the general purpose this because of the excellent results we have already obtained pretending we are the sleeping child when Santa Clan's comes, or"the black bear tlmt has holed- up for the. winter when the Indian . comes hunting for him.—De- I Don't forget to give the fowl's,, a pittle salt, in. some form every da'y. troit News. 'They like their, food seasoned as well as we do. Popper as well as .salt. . * * * Boarders-in the shape of lice and mites on fowls are unnecessary. The i energy absorbed by these parasites will'never go into eggs and meat ber o£ officers from other - chapters represented at the meeting. The school o£ instructioni was pronounced .by veteran, members to have been the most perfect .and exacting work they ever witnessed. Those of the local Royal Arch Chapter received their Royal Arch degree were Herman Tyge£t, 3er'.". Mld- dleton and Oliver Underwood. More than 100 members of .the- local Reynolds Chapter attended the last nighVs session, out of a membership ol 140. . •'"•'. Among the-high state lodge officials here'yesterday were: Frank Spen-cer, Grand High .Priest, Cairo; Andrew- Webb, Grand King, 3M[t. Vernoii; and James E. Jefferies, Grand Secretary, Springfield. The board of examin- efs'was composed of D. S. Davidson, Chicago; H. L. Kelly, Elmwooa; J. C. Begg, Mt. Vernon; L. W. Newcomer, Dixon;- L. M. Pepper, Joliet. The. district inspectors were: S. D.. Lee, Ca'r- bondale; John W. Roy, Anna; M. J. Seed, Ml. Vernon; Will Wild.Highland,' „ ---_„„. a large.punch bowl .with water, place-tiny paner boats 'fitted with tiny candles to float on the water. . . . • • Chestnut Croquettes.—Hash roasted chestnuts to a.-smooth-paste; add a tablespoonful of butter, two tablespoonfuls of milk, the grated peel of a lemon, one teaspoonful t>! salt, a dash of cayenne and the beaten yolks of two eggs. Form into balls the size of large chestnuts, dip in egg yolk, then In crumbs, and fry in deep fat. Garnish with .slices of lemon and parsley sprays. .. Marrong au Juc:—These are chestnuts preserved in a lemon sirup, and may be prepared in chestnut season; keeping 'for years. 'Shell and blanch the" chestnuts, after cooking them in, the shell until quite tender. Prepare .a lemon sirup, and turn in the chestnuts, when scalding hot nnd seal airtight. These may be used as a garn- 'ish for ice creams, sherbets, puddings, or. may -be .served as a confection, dipped in fondant or chocolate,--or .drained .and -rolle'd in'powdered sugar. . "" '"* j\ju. .j uaL- £i\e u. Jittle Dr. King's New Discovery as steiv-I wish I knew .what to v, v "~ ••-',*• **.*ng't —.«^ v .v.ij «t^ directed and the croupy-cough won't linger. A cold is! not to be fooled with Get after it at once. Loosen the congestion, the phlegm-stuffiness and the throat-torture. . A family remedy for colds, couglm grippe, and kindred attacks. Fifty years a friend to. cold-sufferers. Fifty years of highest quality. 60c, and $1.20 a bottle—all druggists. Bowels on Schedule Time —the bile flowing freely, the lei- • menting body poisons eliminated Dr. King's New Life Pills make the bowels function regularly and keep the. system cleansed of easeous impurities. 25c. a bottle, all druggists. /H^ircfg. Dental Plate Gomfoi;t Powder . " Sprinkled Lightly on Dental Plate Holds False Teetla Firmly in Place Prevents Irritation and Sore Gums ; - Absolute Comfort Assured Pleasing . Healthful - 'Sanitary . Antiseptic In Sanitary Sifting Top Cans, 3Sc, SOc, and $1.00 .'< _; Manufactured" by the Corega Chemical Co.,.Cleveland,' Ohio ' ' Recommended «nd Sold by the: following Local DrugxUu OPERA HOUSE DRUG STORE, HEWITT'S .DRUG STORE FOX'S DRUG STORE, . SEIBERT'S DRUG |TOR|' or manufacturer will mall trial package lor ten cent*. ... - HAVE CflLQglN CHEEKS Be Better Looking—Take ' Olive Tablets , If your skin is yellow—complexion • pallid—tongue coated—appetite poor— you have a bad taste in your mouth— iLir%- n< ^ g ?? d feeli ng—you should, take Olive Tablets. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets—a substitute tor calomel—were prepared by Dr Awards after 17 years of study. Dr.Edwards'OliveTabletsareapurely •vegetablecompound mixed witholiveoil You will know them by their olive color" Tohaveaclear, pink skin, brigh'teyes' no pimples, a feeling of buoyancy like childhood days you roust get at the cause Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act on the liver and bowels like calomel—-yet have no dangerous after effects. '•. • They start the bile and overcome constipation. Millions of boxes are sold annually at lOc and 25c. Take one or twomghtly aiwinote the pleasing results . Dog Answers Doorbell. There is one dog in London which,' were its "duties known, we! should all Join 'in voWng- an extra' ration. - It is the care of an entire'household. All the human members of the family are deaf and dumb. , The dog answers.the door. That is to say, when it hears a knock or a ring, it conveys the information to its' betters by barks, which are detected by the opening and shutting ,,f. i ts mouth-, by wagging its tail, and 'in the last resort .by- genU.v pawing its master or- mistress and running toward j front or.bacJ-- door.—^onuon! Ci.

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