Independent from Long Beach, California on January 31, 1960 · Page 28
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 31, 1960
Page 28
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WASHINGTON--The railroad industry got a big lift last week from President Eisenhower's statement that he, too, is "all for some reform" to enable the carriers to make more money. Industry leaders here, who successfully lobbied through Congress some key changes to the Interstate Commerce Act-in 1958, privately hailed Eisenhower's remarks at his press conference as the first convincing evidence they've had that he's four-square behind their demands for even more relief from federal controls. . Meanwhile the Association of American Railroads issued a somewhat reserved public appraisal of what they termec the President's "concern over the plight of the railroads.' The AAR said the industry now can hope the administration and Congress "will begin to take appropriate action." However, a study of the nation's entire transportation system--embracing railroads, airlines, maritime carriers, pipelines and trucks -- on which the Senate Commerce Committee is just embarking raises a serious q u e s t i o n whether further congressional action to help the railroads is likely during the remainder of Eisenhower's administration. In fact, troduced senators have in- legislation to re- Verse one of the 1958 changes. * * * * THE SENATE STUDY Is being directed by retired Maj. Gen. John Doyle for committee Chairman Warren Magnuson (D-Wash). Although Doyle expects to report on various aspects of the whole system at various t i m e s throughout this year, the Senate Rules Committee has been asked to extend the life of the study group and the deadline for its final report until January 1961. This extension, in the opinion of some observers, will effectively rule out the possibility of Senate and House action this year. Congress does not like to hurry its committee study groups, nor does it often legislate in areas where surveys are still under way. H o w e v e r , a companion study of the whole national Gen. Medaris Steps Out of Missile Post HUNTSV1LLE, Ala. (fft -Maj. Gen. John B. Medaris, the Army's champion of a| bigger program for ballistic missiles and outer space exploration, stepped down Saturday. Retiring after 38 years in the Army, Medaris left behind a record of persistent iirgings for more money and fewer restrictions in the nation's space race with Russia. During formal retirement ceremonies Saturday, Medaris received the Distinguished Service Medal oak leaf cluster and the Legion of Merit. ; Medaris' successor, as head of the Atomic Ordnance Mis sile Command will be Maj. Gen. August Schomburg. ' In the four years he headed the" Army's missile and space effort, Medaris' voice repeatedly carried a warning. He said the United States was trailing dangerously far behind Russia in missile development, but could catch up by spending more money and .putting through sweeping reorganizations. Many of Medaris' arguments are expected to be outlined in a forthcoming book, tentatively called "Countdown to Decision." transportation picture recently was completed by the Com merce Department. This was suggested by the President in his budget message last year and it will be on his desk soon, according to department officials. This report, which was drafted by a special committee headed by Dr. Ernest Williams, professor of transportation at Columbia University, is expected to identify the problems and propose remedies. Even before it is made public it is being assailed for an anticipated pro- railroad bias. * # * # AT ANY RATE, the Commerce Department study under the general direction of Jecretary Frederick H. Muel- cr presumably would tend to favor less rather than more Federal control in rate-making, train service and other problems disturbing the industry. Among other reforms, the industry is asking for tax revisions to stimulate capital spending for improved facilities and to correct what it calls "inequities in comparison to the railroads' subsidized competition," the right :o provide service by truck, airplane and barge on the same terms as other transportation i n d u s t r i e s a n d equality of regulation in haul- ng agricultural commodities." * 4 * :: THE 1958 LEGISLATION included these key changes sought by the railroads-Abandonment of the old 'umbrella" law which required the Interstate Commerce Commission, in approving railroad rates, to take into consideration their effect on other forms of transportation. --Reversal of the former rule that the burden of proof fall on the railroad rather than the community where a carrier's decision to terminate service is contested. The shifting of the burden of proof is the target of the new legislation introduced last week by Chairman Magnuson and the 21 other senators from both parties supporting him. Supporters include Sens. Hubert H. Humphrey and Eugene J. McCarthy (D-Minn) and Thomas H. Kuchel (R-Calif). Magnuson said 196 terminations have resulted since Congress removed the burden of proof from .the railroads. He said complaints from governors, mayors and other public officials indicate the 1958 ac tion "left the door wide open for discontinuance of service." Some action is needed, he said, "to prevent further impairment of the service to the public." Japan to Build Fighter Planes TOKYO W) -- Japan plans to build 2Q,0 F104CJ Lockheed fighters for the nation's fledging Air Force in the next five years at a cost of 268 million dollars with the United States paying 28 per cent. The Japanese cabinet made the decision last week despite press and political opposition. i fop Jail breaker Jailed^ but for How Long? BELFAST, Northern Ireland -- Quicksilver Alfie- was man waiting trial as a car at, a, London'store. ;, j; back behind bars Saturday smuggler turned oii't to be night after a 20-month reign Alfred . George Hinds--burglar, jailbird and escape artist extraordinary. as Britain's most wanted :rook. Police admitted a shade lashfully they had the prince I jailbreakers under lock and key for 15 days without realizing the size of their :atch. It wasn't until somebody bought of checking finger- prints that the well dressed Chelmsford Prison in June 1958. .It was his third escape since being sentenced to a 12-year term in 1953 (of- his part in a j$jj06,QOO robbery And .the .ea'sV'witH whit,, he again slipped through the reinforced security net and July 1956, Hi^s waHed lUs at disappeared over the 15-foot prison wall left people won- EVERY BOBBY in Britain dering whether there was ever dashed out of the London had been on the watch for a dungeon deep enough to Hinds since he broke out of hold Quicksilver Alfie. During the 35 weeks of freedom following his first breakout in 1955, Hinds bom- protesting his Jnnocence of the,store raid. 1 ' '··· » .» ' RECAPTURED in Dublin in than a year before cutting loose again. This time he law courts wringing an prison authorities. where action he was against jolice picked him up again barded the press with let.ters at Bristol.Airport, where he was about to board a plane for Dublin. Since his last escape, Hinds has been reported gambling t h e French Foreign Legion in Mexico. But every time the trail petered out. * * ' * THEN JUST over two It was six hours before weeks ago Northern Ireland fast detectives investigated a car smuggling racket arrested a man calling himself William Herbert Bishop. He claimed he'was a Dublin car dealer and made an unsuccessful dash to evade arrest. He was Paris, on a boat bound for arraigned before « magis trate's Court and held for further hearings. Just a few days ago he tried to crash out of the Bel- Then came the fingerprint report. BLUE CHIP STAMPS and Values Go Hand in Hand at BRACK'S Reg. 2.39 Flower Top Heart Box Red rose with a red bud and green leaves clustered on wide ribbon and bow. Assorted chocolates. I Ib. box. 1.83 Sweetheart Box- Quilted foil design and bright gold im- ^ np printing. A s s o r t - ][,{){) ment of real chocolates. I Ib. box. 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Made with choice ingredients. 33c INSTANT MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE KEAPSIT VACUUM BOTTLE «,«,,»!.59 SHELF LINING PAPER w^. - 7o-x, 8 » REYNOLDS BROILING FOIL Heavy 2 o-xi4- PLASTIC ICE CUBE TRAY ,, Party c ubes 29* PROTECTO MOTH NUGGETS, Ib . BOX NIVEA SKIN OIL ,,,,, i. n ^ iiffliiniiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitHminnniiiniKiiiiniiiiiiiniiniiHinniiiiHiiinniiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiniiiiiriiiNUiiiiiiiii Valentine Cards Prescriptions and Drugs Are you a liHlo bit appalled afr how much a prescription can cost. H so, why not give our pharmacist a chance to fill your prescriotlon. You aro assured of fresh, pure anH ton qualify druns, along with a licensed expert to car- rv out your doctor's order. P'MS Ch' n ?*--"-nns *-R yours also on all drug orders. Hot Water Bottle FauIHeii -- Extra capacity. T h i c k w a l l construction. 1 OQ Four year guarantee. I t / v Checkered Ice Cap Folding 9" English s t y l e . Rubbsriicd material of high- 1 99 · sf quality. 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