Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on January 31, 1973 · Page 53
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 53

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1973
Page 53
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Dennis The Menace AMD PO YOU LIKE HOMEMADE BISCUITS AMP HOMEMADE PIE? *I ttN'T NE60 ID WASH UP TO LUNCH TOty AiCR , ALL THE SEftWS OHMM£fM STIFF i* Blomlie \ IF We EVER «7T MAKIWP, 'SNOT? YOU'RE A W(3NP6lfFML CLEAN-CUT, THOMHTTFML, AND KINO. A5MPETOMAN.' HI6H fcHAR/^CTEK' / filre/^T ANG IMPECCABLE . MANNER* W0ULPNT ·£ 6O7P F0K. OOO SN0U6H 600P «NOM5H FOR I JUST PONT LIKE THE IPEA OF AND I SHOULDN'T 1 ASK XOUTO LIE/ MISS SALE/I'M SORRX/ IT WASN'T A VERYGOOP IDEA/ AIAVPE IT .tVOULP BE BEST FOR KEN IF THE TWO 'Of yOU JUST GO OUT MO HAVE A 0000 TIME/'- PLEASE--POMT TELL) PONT WORRV KEN I CAME . . V -- I W O H T ' f TO SEE YOU/ KNOW BETTER THAN I DO--THERE'S A QUESTION ABOUT KENNX'S FUfURE AS A "PROFESSIONAL 6OLFER / THIS IS THE TIME FOR HI* TO MAKE SOME MONEY LYING TO HIA1,. MR.XA5PEK/ . Me COULDN'T BE.' I DON'T CAKE. I'M TOO TIRED TO COPE ZERO TOPAV TALK ABOUT PIRTV FLOODS. I JUST WRCTE.My NAME-IN Trie PU6T Beetle Bailey ...IN THE MIDST OF THREATS OF VAK DERISPAELI IS AS CONC VITH HIS PAST AS VITH FUTURE' F AR£ SHIPS SUNK.IN PIS PORT VICH VER6 PSSTSOYEP FROM SHORE, NOT BV HOSTILE NAVIES.' -TREASON? SURPRISE? APATHY? PEARL HARBOR BY ANY OTHER NAMi-WOULD SMELL... HEEK COLONEL CANYON,YOU SEEM SURPRISED AT PIS PROJECT... flLL RIGHT, CLflSS-. , IT'S TIME TO GO OW * OUR FIELD TRIP Snuffy Smith ftLL THESE UNPA10 BILLS, MlAi WE 6IMPLY CAN'T AFFORD MY PHYSICAL THERAPY TREATMENTS, PRACTICAL AWP HER NAMES MIA LORRAINE. INVALID HUSBANP. IN FINANCIAL STRAITS. SHCYJORK* THE MIAMI- BOGOTA RLJW. Ml?. PORTER, HERE'S WHAT. I LEARMEP ABOUT THE. YOUNG WOMAN WHO WENT OF COURSE" WC CAM, DEADEST. I SOT A RAISE. TO THE EMERAUP LAPY'S SUITE. SHE'S A SIESTA AIRLINES STEWARDESS. SO SUPS GOT HERSELF HOOKEP SY SMU6SLE i Buz Sawyer YES, PEEVVEE---I'LL GIVE YOU ONE BUT DON'T TELL THE OTHER KIDS KEEP IT UNDER YOUR HAT YOU HAVE A WHOLE BOX OF GRAPEFRUIT Nancy Every Saturday in the Weekend Color Comics -- Andy Capp, Peanuts, Blondie, Brenda Starr, Hi and LOIS, The Wii»rd of Id, Nancy, Beetle Bailey, RM Morgan, B.C., Steve Canyon, Prince Valiant, Apartment 3-G, Snuffy Smith, Momma, Gasoline Alley, Grin and Bear It, Dennis the Menace, Johnny Wonder, __ N Citizen Comics ' * WEDNESDAY JANNUARY3I, 1973 · · · PAGE 55 WHAT DIP YOU DO ?,, MOVIES? FIELD. TRIP ? Hi And Lola Tell Me Why! Win a valuable prize. Send your question, name, address and age to TELL ME WHY! cart of this paper. Toe New Book of Knowledge 20 volume encyclopedia {or school and borne will be awarded for»the letter selected. In the case of duplicate questions, the author gf "Tell Me Why!" will select the winner. Today's Winr.er ll: DANIEL WALLS, 7 Woodbury, Conn. Why do we blink our eyes? The lids of our eyes, which move up and down when we blink, are one of the most important ways we have for protecting our eyes. The lids are made up of folds of skin and plates of fibrous tissue. They are raised and lowered by means of muscles. On the average, we blink automatically about every six seconds -- or about a quarter of a billion times during our lifetime! This automatic blinking does two things for our-eyes: it lubricates them and irrigates them. The lubrication is dons by sebaceous glands. There are about 20 to 30 of these tiny glands along the edge of each lid. Every time we blink, a secretion from these glands is squeezed out. The secretion of the sebaceous glands lubricates the edge of the eyelid and the lashes. Otherwise they would become dry and brittle. Each of our eyes also has a tear gland and ducts. Ths ducts carry tears from the tear gland to the upper eyelid. Each time we blink, the eyelid exerts suction on the opening of the tear ducts. Some fluid .is taken out of the tear gland. This irrigates the cornea of the eye and prevents' it from drying out. So if we can say we are "crying" every lime tears appear, we are really crying all clay long -- every time we blink! And the reason why we sometimes laugh with tears in our eyes is that the act of laughing can make certain muscles squeeze the tear glands and thus produce tears. * at * Win a New Book of Knowledge Yearbook for Writing-About "MY FAVORITE PERSON IN TOWN" Of all the people in your town, whom do you like or admire most? Write a letter about it and you may win a New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Entries must be addressed "Favorite Person," Tell Me Why, Tucson Daily Citizen, and give your nann;, age, address, (zip code). * * * Answer to yesterday's Puzzle Box: 5 canes for 50 cents, 1 lollipop for 3 cents, and 94 gumdrops for 47 cents. Send your tricks, riddles, or puzzles to TELL ME WHY! .Give our name, age and address. A New Book of Knowledge Yearbook will be avtarricd for the letters selected each week. IF WE'RE eoiNeTO'HAve A PINNER FOR CHARLIE I.IT5HOW.P.RA: THAT'5 RI6HT...HE 5HOULPN'T LET'S NOT EVEN. KNOU) ABOUT:IT... HE'S -IN INTENSIVE CARE,TOMMI6.' THERE'S NOT MUCH A PRIVATE DUTY NURSE CAN DO/ / HERE'S-THE. POLICE PETECTIVE/ I I WONPER WHAT INFORAWTION HE 5 V .SOT FROW'BRYAN.' STAY ANP SPECIAL BRYAN? WHY DON'T WU ALL GO HOME ANP SET SOME REST? I'LL CALL IF THERE'S ANY CHANSE' Apartment 3-G R? i*n» tfW VH3CU-P THE* SB UN1 IbV Wizard of Id .AW I'VE \ MfTHSAKP THA7ALL FOUR OF \, 7H6M HAVE. 6IKL To CoHtelf. Brenda Starr HERBS A, LIST JAKE,...THE HOUSE WHEN THE HECK. DID THE. SEPTic TANK. BLOW UP? OP- REPAIRS r thinkinq chicken to-take things to /, T°"TM \ chickening worU out / chickening V n?H ..nn P Gasoline Alley}/, ITis THE ONLY WAV TO LEARN/ I'LL HELPYoU GET Mutt And Jeff -gjara- 5MIPSE IS IN THE SHOWER, I PIDN'T HAVE ANY OLIVES SO I PUT IM A JIGGER OF OLIVE Olli 6MAK PROOL 6MAK LEON,,,CAN I SET YOU SOME- THINS WHILE YOU WAIT ? Smidgens · (MvrlOItf 1973

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