The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 23, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 1
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SPORT FACTS .,w through cloudy and wffM Frfflay* Alia rtfSng „ „., winds. Law «tp%*» ed tonight Motaftl^ana nt8t * due """' ^ HllCE VOTtarifli BU* «ttyV Stt ttr SWtrJrf fh«t i«tf*it tnd h61d tfti atteAtiott of Wt Kit,' tftf «oi -• *S4 |U\MA! molh J«* «f»Wxi brmight w cu- it 6y cWrrtWy^ |M Pbllcfiino, JU trttt afttt tftl Jbt grtwintf CoTftpafiy. It Will D* ttW liWrt ftrew*tt display ever btougfit td tM BtiletpWf are* tfld fa ttttetl ttf SUhday, June S, M I pAt OftfturBId* Be«B. • " Last jut, a rimlHr,.lwt,*In*iiler firework* wsl preMnte* bt th« s*mi spOBtofl during Suttfest •Act jNr«d W t* one of tht |i*«test attractions 'IM TM firmrorkt dispny, ffiti the oth«t event* of Dtft, 1C tfee tod evttjrbMj* invited id the big Fireworks Just pric* to th* Ja* FlrewotW, Mis* SuhFest 6* IStt Will W Alette* 6ft Stiff side-BeACft, with tfti *lnn» Ub. tetea in the Mis* T«*a* contest to Kerrvttle in -August tn« Beauty *0»te*t Is slTofflelSl "Ml** America" fifHtalfl* ftaty eottttit, with all contestant* to r«^lv« a "Mtt* ' AmCfica" bracelet Suftfest Day* Is being Jpofisctfed 6V the Tourist Promotion Cdumittee of the Brazosport Ch4»o«f of Cotn- eree, and every event is being planned with the entfe* family participation in mind. The beaches 6f Br$zoSport art among tfc* most beautiful in the world,, created Ju«, right for family enjoyment. Casual, informal entertalfc- ment i* the theme for the SunFest Days festivities, with tne ffiaiof pdrtton. of the events free to ttte public. the Bob Hammonds Show* of Houston will set up oft Burfside Beach May 29, and will run through Julie J, to\ provide extra diversion Id the visitors oh the beacfi* Numerous clubs and Civic gtOUpS Of the *rea will c-pefato Wlncegsion stands oft the beach during SuiiFest Days^- Sfra-tiie Keep Bfazorla Coufitj' Beautiiul AssociatfSn,. t&fbugh the cooperation of the Bb^ Scouts of the area «ttl t* reminding the public to hiake use of the litter bfeels placed 6h the beach. . A 'Hie steering committee for SunFest bays Is com* Prised Of Mrs. Mrs. Thelma Willii, chairman 6f the jurist promotion committee; Al • Mllleri; Joe Joyce. Bill rismrrtonds, Tom fieed, Lawrence DeZavala, Don Tracy, . iill Clark/Vella Whltten, DeOrvlUe fivans, Fred Palmer, ^Blll Null, BUI Blllingsley, C. E. Morgan Jr., Mr. and Mrs, Goftzales, Bobby Payne, and Earl Landry. -LATE BULLETINS- nrtr Want! Otit *? * ^ WAStfliWJTON - Treiawr S*«*lar> Oeotg* Hutt- phirey want* to leave tdtefihowcr 1 ! cabinet by July 1 to return to private bustrte**, it «M leaded today. Beck On Slddg : MrASHlKGTOH — At.* meeting tod*V of top Team* star officials. Beck 1* expected to'» «kM to resign, c* forced but If h» refuse*. ; ' , "MISS SUKFMT" COWTWfAMT VieM f fit** *»»«loVt t* «««f»-Ar kr tti «m* ih» JIM* 4 banana «*>»••* «* **•*<*»** SWI*M»,»*M>» up let shv» getting plsntr o» praette. at pad*. Jot Jet**. e».ehab«e*J£f llM contest, Is manning th» c«m«rs. 'f _ __ ____ .._ ._'. ' Jfmmy Armstrong Wins Angleton C/ub Contest Jimmy Armstrong, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Armstrong of Angleton, was chosen wta« ner of the Angleton Optimist Club's Oratorical Coolest th*l wee*t. vtta held this wee mv^m&i& in .^jSniest. S At this conleW, boiys from some 30 to 35 Optimist International Clubs in this district -" Tfi* dtotrlet Whv ir the nitlona contort io: be held la PMI*' •-"-- --^^wWuJs¥ls#««»i»* .. Sam I** Jr., son, of K*. and MM. Sam Le*. was cnoteit as alternate. enter th* district contest to ^ scho- of hiil there to'receive a t hlrihip' to'th« college .. ch«lcef This scholarship may to te' used whenever; the boy 8«nt«aat Aeqtdtttd , • •,. TAIPW i. A U. s; MUliity court-mlttui tod«r acquitted It/Set Robt. Reynold*, 4S. of the p«eplng torn slaying of * Chinese Nationalist officer. .' ... , -i i D 1 ' " •' ' '* 'A ComniunijU Otttlawwi \ MANILA — The Philippine* Senate outlawed the Communist Party Wednesday night. It presorib<& death for party orgtntxers and leader*, and jail sentences for New Leads In Lake J. Robbery Isolated ... ,_"', WASHINGTON — An entirely ntw ***** °* *»- ffitent*: Vtnii tlut has been sweeping the fir ftttt, kill, tot ii children in the Philippine* hu Men Isolated b/' V. 8. scientist* who have wttfked five days Wound the etock. •. - •'• .''•'' .* - :: '. ••''. '''•>• • • , Chief I. S. <Cap) Brown of and tossed them onto an out Lake Jackwn said this mon.-^" «"">*« at th « drive-in n( Uut investigators are M-' StocerT ' owing new leads they believe will solve the Monday morning theft of a money box from' a local grocer's Lake Jackson home. He saltf that investigation by tn*\ Sheriffs Department and [jirateU had produced "prom- ista*r ww_a«Hts. Asked by A 8ecood . trta rof a motor ,,„ Irt th* event Jimmy is unable to present his speech «t'th*t, time. , Tkfrd plsre winner to the contest was Lew'Webb, son of Mr .v and Mrs. Leon Webb, Other entries were Ward Hearn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hearn, and Chart** Jones, finishes high school. Approximately 3S. members and guest* were present at son at Jones,- Mr. and Mrs. Ju*!es for the contott were- Rev. .Marvin O. Huth. pa*t» of the St. John Lutheran Church- at Angleton; County Judge Alton C. Arnold, and Angleton. Attorney Leland " Kee. Judging was on the point system, and the judges indl. cated the choice wan a difficult one, since all the boys had pre- pired and delivered thelt soeeche* so well. ' Joe Williamson, speech a dramatic* teacher »' ABgletod High School, has been coachi ing the boys, and will wn- Unua to help the first two place winners In preparation lor the district oratorical con- twt. scheduled to be held, In the Shamrock.HIUon Hotel in iston ,May. 91 and June 1. the regular meeting of the Angleton Optimist Club, to the speeches including Dr, Charles M. Kelso, supertnten. dent of Angleton schools, who was the guest of one of the members. . ; The local group will operate .the concession stand at the traxinc matches sponsored by the Angleton Athletic Club, Friday. Proceed* win go to the aoys' work program, Including th« financing of the oratorical contest winner to the district contest. ' ' " 'i Stock Market , X. 0. Sharp, seaman apprentice, V3N, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Sharp of 1742 W. Tenth it, Freeport, b serving aboard th* attack aircraft carrier USB Kearsarge^ngat-ed la training exercises off trf» southern coast of California. «^SS 2nd Cyclist's Trial Monday reporter a the burglary ap- Same Issues Every Year, Russell Says By WARREN DUFFEE ' • United Press Sta// Correspondent WASHINGTON — M — Sen. Richard B. Russell disagreed today with President Eisenhower's conten- tiori that a cut in U. S. military aid to foreign nations would mean more draftees and longer terms of military service. ' The Georgia Democrat, chair- ' —* man of the Senate Armed Service* Committee, said, "I don't suggest that we do away with ridef"wiU take place on Socioty MslM Gift" The Braiosport High. School PTA has received -a check from th* former Dow Welding Society for I1M.90, to b* used at the discretion of-the PTA. President A. T. Shorkey has announced that th* sum will b* added to the PTA scholarship fund. and. thanka the society for their generous contribution. Game Saturday ' Unetipi) e» g*l«rdar night's annual Red-Whit* Zxpottu foettall gam* will appear 1st Friday edlUons *f tht Tmit^-ff-.r •• ' The SMfp***. which fin- Isk tlu** wteks of sprint training wUk, ike Sataiday gsm*. wtU sUsa at Hoppw field, ttaxttof *4 7iM (MB* Trank*t(I» Bom Frankl* Kfltb was born at Dow Hospital May It. weighing eight pounds and 11 ounces at birth. His parent* v* Mr. - J " Heath Writ* of the Bc- Hlgkway »M. Zoning Underway Th* FreeportlPlannlng Board ha* completed it* designation of 'commercial and Industrial ar- city. At th* n*xt meeting, the \ Braiosport group compute Its temporary toning plan with designation of residential aonea. Natxl Major'! Mug L*keX»ckson councilmtn would like to know-what Ma JorAbner Jackson, looks Ilke-lwero needsd. rjr earl art w*»» »rotv*d in <M 4*c- w*ek.|ond U|k* Jackson wreck. damag* was re- mishap and no nignt Court Lake bT tW grocer(J««g« Z- B. t & cash ton- 1 LM saW today that papers was S144«.M. hadkbeen s«y*d on B^num i'box vMt taken W^esdajt/ 1 - «nd . S a t none of military assistance but I see no validity" to the President's argument. Eisenhower, in a nationwide radio-ifV address on Tuesday night, said any marked cut In hit $3,865.000,000 foreign fbnd would mean bigger draft calls, longest seoyice, - bigger armed forces and ''billions more -dollar* for .tf. S. de- Lions Will Sell 1 : I Lighthouse Items Brazoria'Lions Club mem- t bers h a v e scheduled their''' Lighthouse for the .Blind sal* of household articles door to i door/in 4hejltv, lor*Thursday, « -May'-M; »',:•: l.^'^-' • --| u Their wares, a total of IS articles produced by the Lighthouse for'the blind in Hous- i* trial will less the speeding f in the meantime. WM one of r. stopped Apr. 14 Ion OHv* by L Bob -Art His fighting speech seemed j ion, includes -brooms, mops, to have helped cool opposition i door mats, ironing board cov to his aid program. There were' ' J '" ""predictions it still will be cut billion dol- Mars but half that far deeper i slashes which threatened now are less likely, i In addition-to forcing bigger ers, and similar articles. Tha producers are sightless inmates of the Houston i rehabilitation workshop. t Lions will also have a dis- of these articles in the of the First State Bank i«ix--m«n' Jury tn • city court ! trial last Monday. Bynum Is charged with go- increase the limate danger of war. "We have -been confronted with the same Argument every year," Russell told a reporter, team that Brazoria Lions sponsor. • in* SS miles per hour in a 40ii^ u ' t 'ConwVss mph MM. Two of the group ^ tne amount , ubs tantially entered guilty pleas and have , pMt wlth( , u t having paid -their line*, tn / war ." The White House said the Jap Holds Sack th* . The light catod in b* In Freeport, Light Company for th* Meow}' The blaie WM n with th* fr**poh;f1i -|m«nt standing by to public response to the Presi- •ear was:lease " "? i switch identities MAGOYA,, Japan — W — (dent's TV appeal was predom- ItoPsy- Isamu Make, scheduled for re- inantly favorable. prison,] The program also met with a more favorable Senate re- cepton than had first been expected, mainly because of his move to put economic aid on s loan basis through a new "development loan" agency. The shift was generally applauded, even by some of the stronger congressional critics of foreign aid. . ,., fftttce esHwt the nit'wUh a fellow inmate. Katuo. Bad r*» vehicle to be red bo.for a few hours so Ko could «*ui**t the paint toft on Bell's;p., ^t to cath t check. I Make became suspicious I when Ko didn't return to his {cell Wednesday night. He got ; downright scared when he was i served with an indictment to: day charging him with assault ease they charge* were for truck that his 183 in damages resulted and no ko *&* 1* w« W~iiHtt.Wii^~*\^*ti\&^S&~'^ te««l* «" *• rt|ht|uekttswer* iasutd In t»* mt- ^ «£,«« «»«*• we th«T city h«ll Mpansion plans. | carding to Pollee Chief J. S-'ild*. wfalth resulud front a hit 'nor accident. lingtorK* Watting tor his re- look- BUN DATA Sets today 4t T:U p.m. Rises Friday, It 5:24 a.m. Sets Friday *.t 7:13 p.m. '_ _ „ m a/* ' - 68 3/« For Disease Prevent/on: County Has Relief Grant »i:?l' C3 l/J-3« 80.00 w CommUsioners Court rvceiy. prevtnUag ed asfuranc* of funds f«r • L '-™ health r«ll»f work I tfutod th* dawning contaminatwi by the flood w»t epidemic diseases i b« replaced by the Federal Civ Dt|»«s* Administration due to *H rodent*, tndl mo*' U of tft*'soon as approprlatioos already j# h**UU r*h*blUUUan _ . ..,-.- 'mad* b*«nv» *?«HaW*. ; work wouW b*glJi soon, Judg* Bwch.;ta * special session Commissioners Court was Th« griot was the result ol; Arnold said, wts morning, (told that th»y war* to mak* a survey of this utt Monday In th* briet nweUnc, tha this amount of mon«y avail' by an FCDA ttua, wwrt .""f'Si,* **2*'*? WB I ; «,W now, and th* fund* wouMH Hosauitow *r*i* b* *ttoek, to th* Wilson Equipment -<r—^. -*• — - ^ tatii. mnto* campaign K. Scott *.PiajMI H v W |umlsh«d * ^^ jMcwW t>r this nu»*w. to PVf who Memorial Hosnital May 14. Sh» Otb« th UsMMWMi fens* Judge .. that ihav LM Rklwrdson Has F .., Tals would b* m*d» tv abl« to th* County under to* (UyrecUojj o| Or. u»» In Brownie Trip Plans Are Set 1 •f Mrs. Bob Host, thoop leader ' of the third grude Braioria '.; Brownies, has announced that the troop will leave Brazoria ,School at 10 a.m. Friday and return to the school about 4:30 j pjn. J They will be accompanied to ' Hermann Park Zoo by Mrs. J. , M. Moore and Mrs. Mary Up- ' church in the Moore station .wagon; Mrs. Host and Mrs. W. S. Rlggs Jr. in the Riggs sta- > tion wagon; and Mrs. J. C. Up- .' church and a girl scout in the | Upchurch car. { In case of any emergency . during their absenle, they will call 4490 in Brazoria and have all available information called to parents of the children. Play Is Topic 1 "Antigone," one of th* better known plays of GreeK dramatist Sophocles, will b* the topic at tonight's meeting of the first year Great Book* Discussion Group when it convenes at 8 p.m. in the Lake iJackson Library. . I Sophocles wrote and pro* duced more than 120 pla>* I during his 88 ye*r». 'Antigone' 'was first performed around 442 B. C. * I .Jury Merchandises ? ! TAMPA, n*. — «» -? A !Criraii)»i Court jury found ; i Dan WiiUsjM guilty of steal* ling t w o gfs#> doors but de* 1 'cided they were worth J»es than the $50.11 the owner claimed. Theft of $i>0 or more is £} larceny so the j-qrv decided the door* were worth | $49.99, reducing 'he charge ' oeUy Jarceny. However, judge delayed sentence cause WJlMwas faces sncther tarceajr chirgs, one jnvolytaf . nrsitOr \ "(.I A ' May I, 1»T, to b*4i«ve ^»t ros« into Dr, Roy'C»nf's -WtJ-- In talking wito Dr. Can, The Facts learned y»t ««» watejri ' '

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