Independent from Long Beach, California on January 16, 1975 · Page 87
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 87

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1975
Page 87
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M1H, . Metric system closer to being in U.S. i ByJACKLEFLER , LOS ANGELES dfl - Give him 2.54 centimeters arid he'll take 1.609 kilometers. ' · . ' · · ; . · · · « . · ' While this translation isn't likely to replace the old saying about giving someone an inch and they'll take a mile, the metric system is on the way to taking over from inches, feet and milei in the United States. It has been a long time coming as this country is the only industrialized nation in the world that doesn't use the metric system. · , . . · · It was in 1821 that'John Quincy Adams reported on the first U. S.. metrics system study. He recommended that the young country convert to metric and outlined several advantages: the single units for weight and volume/the decimal basis and its uniform: precise technology. TEACHING metric issasurfisfpt- 1 ? ' n children and re-educating adults will be a monumental task. Kut school systems have pledged that they will be teaching metric by 1980. " , . How is this changeover to be accomplished, and is there a method by which 200 million people can learn metric easily? For the past two years a Los Angeles company called Orsatti Productions has been researching and developing the idea of a national educational film library on the metric system. It has been found that one of the fastest and most effective methods of teaching is through audio-visual materials. . . . . . . . . . Dominic Orsatti, president, says his company expects to complete the first of 9315-minute films on metric this month. Fully animated, the entire program will include films for all levels: primary, secondary and adult. The library will provide a national film network with interrelated characters,. storylines and sequences. IN ADDITION to school systems, Orsatti Productions plans to distribute the metric library nationally to public libraries, industry, business and eventually to syndicated network television. An unlisual aspect of the project is" that it is being financed entirely by long- term private investment capital. Neither _ government nor industry, funding is being used. - = - '·'''·/;'.''·/., For several years segments of indus-.; try, business and science have been converting to metric. Much of this has been; due to the fact that the Common Market-, won't accept goods not measured in met-" - ric. · '\ · - . ' · ; " ' . , ' A number of large companies such as International Business Machines, Gener- -, al Motors and International Harvester :· are in the midst of metrification programs: Ford Motor Co., is producing automobiles wi'th metric engines. ' The state of Ohio has begun using . both kilometers and miles on its road''; signs. .-· · · · , .; VETERAN House Armed Services Committee Chhairman F. Edward Hebert, D-La., is facing a battle for re-election to his powerful post, following a stiff interrogation by freshmen Democratic congressmen. -AP wiwtiott Portland has new bus plan PORTLAND, Ore. '(UPI) -- Tri-Met, the three- county agency that is trying to get individualistic Portland area residents out of their cars and into buses, is starting a suburb-to-suburb bus run. The idea, according to Tri-Met General Manager Tom King, is "to take people where they want to go in a reasonably short period of time." . Instead of going into downtown Portland, as most bus routes dp, this one will go from Lake Oswego, an affluent suburb south of Portland, north to Portland Community College, the suburb of Tigard, the Washington Square shopping center, Beaverton, another of the affluent suburbs, and finally St. Vincent Hospital due west of the city. Amo DeBernardis, president of Portland Community College who took a preview bus ride,' said the new.-route--wilk save 80 minutes a ride for PCC students who live in the southwest suburbs. About 700 students will be immediately affected, he said. The college annually enrolls 52,000 persons in one or more courses. DeBernardis, who said he'll probably ride the bus himself, said, "This will be good for residents of the area. They can go shopping, get a little education and go home." Bev Henderson, a member of the Lake Oswego City Council, who also took the preview ride, said she 'wasn't a bus rider. "It doesn't come near my home," she said. She said she didn't know the bus system already had some lines which serve the shopping center. The others run from downtown Portland, however. THE NEW LINE is intercepted by a dozen and a half lines which do go into downtown Portland, making connections possible at a number of points along the suburban line, King said. Tri-Met already operates a few other lines which do not go into downtown Portland, mostly north-south routes east of the Willamette River. The suburb-to-suburb experiment is just one of several which King and Tri-Met -- which is short | for Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District, a governmental unit -- have cooked up. Others include making it possible to ride anywhere .on the Tri-Met system, which is more t h a n 30 miles north to south and 50 miles east to west, for a single 35-cent fare. A two-hour layover on transfers is included. Also new is a fare-free area in downtown Portland. King also is trying to gel bus riders off their feet on the longer rides by adding buses on hcavuy used routes and new buses have been reduced make riding more comfortable. If the trial ride' is any indication the new bus route should have plenty of customers. BELLFLOWER ARTESIA BLVDSi BELLFLOWER I We ; ; Welcome; j Food · j Stamp · ; Shoppers; ·«··**······ GREATER CENTRAL FEATURES SffiHN · II IN ALL DEPARTMENTS SEVEN DAY GROCERY AND MEAT SPECIALS THURS. JAN. 16 THRU WED., JAN. 22nd SUBJECT TO STOCK ON HAND MM COUPON BEST FOODS MARGARINE ! NUCOA£,63*| miM Lt tell 3 PER COI/PON-1 COUPON PER FAMILY I mm COUPON PURE VEGETABLE WESSON OIL »°- 99 C Bottle %f*f LIMIT 1 PER COUPON-1 COUPON PER FAMILY HI ID AT GREATER CENTRAL JAN. 18-22 KRAFT'S MIRACLE WHIP Quart Jar 9N9RS OOffl SWANS DOWN ALL KINDS LAYER CAKE MIX - 49* FRESH CALIF. ZACKY CUT-UP TRAY PACK Stewing ! Chicken MANNINGS OR USOA CHOICE BEEF-BLADE CUT 10 ?!""! k 700 Steak ILB FRESH FRYING CHICKEN PARTS GOLDEN CREME-ft GAL 70e Homogenized Milk GERBER'S--Juice or Strained GINGHAM Gal. Each Inslinl Mill Im Cup--Bnl CUP 0' NOODLES CHEF SURPRISE DINNERS CARNATION . Instant Breakfast 'tOOCABIN' SYRUP INSTANT COFFEE SANK A 4oz.JirSl.33 YUBAN 4oz.Jir$1.19 BRIM (FREEZEDRIED) 4oz. Jar $1.49 2'fi 01. Ctn. All Kinds 24 oz. Bottle PEARS GINQHAM-N APPLE SAUCE GINGHAM-NO. 300 Cant Fruit Cocktail GINGHAM-NO. 303 Cam PEACHES QINGH AM-No. 303 Cant Cut GREEN BEANS GINGHAM- CORN No. 303 Can 39' GINGHAM-NO. 303 cant * it GINGHAM-NO. 303 cant I Whole Kernel or Cream Style GINGHAM-NO. 303 can PEAS 3-jSjn 3i 79° 3 89° 3 89' GINGHAM-NO. 303 Cam TOMATO JIF PEANUT BUTTER 28 oz. Jar PEPSI COLA 6 - QQO BOTTLES ff ^ 6 REGULAR $ 1 0 9 1« oz. BOTTLES I 0 GINGHAM SHORTENING $-139 3lb. CAN I FRYER BREAST- RiBs ATTACHED or THIGHS MANNING OB USD* CHOICE BEEF-BOUND i CUBE STEAK MMNING OR USD* CHOICE SHOULDER , BEEF I SHANK LUER-IOWA SLICED ONE POUND PKG. {BACON FRESH WHOLE BODY i 2-2* U. FRYING CHICKEN FRESH FROZEN TURBOT FISH LB FRYER GIZZARDS FRESH CHICKEN LIVER MANNING OR USD* CHOICE BEEF-BOUND BREAKFAST $189 STEAK I u MANNINGS or USD* PLATE CHOICE M O BOILING · BEEF ;o MANNING OH USD* CHOICE BEEF-PLATE SHORT RIBS FRESH SLICED BEEF LIVER FRESH BEEF HEART FRESH FRITO LAY'S RUFFLES TWINPAGK POTATO CHIPS SIZE Cauliflower Broccoli BANANAS SWEET JUICY RUBY RUSSET POTATOE Grapefruit PUSS N BOOT--No. *j Cant Fish CAT FOOD KEH-L-RATIOH-TlllClluDigillir DOG FOOD PROCTER AND GAMBLE PERSONAL IVORY COLGATE PPI IF SPRAY rnUl STARCH LEVER BROS PINK OR WHITE DOVE SOAP 20c OFF DEAL JOY LIQUID 20c OFF DEAL--For Aulomillc DMwiiherj CASCADE AURORA TOILET TISSUE $100 r | 4 49° · BARS · V 59* 33° J 22 oz. Aerosol Bath Bar 32 oz. Plaslic 50 oz. Box 2 ROLL PACK C 10 FROZE! DELICATESSEN! Country Cuptioinl Sllcri--Bwl-Him or Turkey UNCHEON MEAT OL' VIRGINIA-Meat or Beef FRANKS OSCAR MAYER-Meat or Beef BOLOGNA rCe SWIFT-- Hint Siliml-Gtnoi Siliml or SLICED PEPPERONI SPRINGFIELD-Jack-MHd or LONGHORN CHEESE GINGHAM-- Imllvldiiil Wrippid AmtrltH CHEESE FOOD KRAFT-RED RIND OR COLBY HORN CHEESE 12oz. Pkg. 591 59' 1 12oz. Pkg. FROZEN eiNGHAM-Pt» S Cirroli. Cul Buns. Mlxid Vtg.. Pill or CUT CORN ' WEST-PAC-AII Kindt Continental VEGETABLES ORE-IDA POTATOES O'BRIEN TOWN SQUARE--All Varletlet LAYER CAKE TREE TOP--12 OZ. CAN APPLE JUICE WELCH'S-12oi. Can GRAPE JUICE SUNKI3T-60I. Can ORANGE JUICE 43 C I 59' 55' 85' 49' 53' 4!QQcl 24 oz. 11-13oz. Pkg. 10c OFF DEAL PROCTER AND GAMBLE cn.q AIITAU A T J C WiSHEP.i *L S TM " ' " ' - 30c OFF DEAL GREATER CENTRAL MARKET 17308 BELLFLOWER BLVD., BELLFLOVVcn STORE HOURS: MON. THRU THURS. * SAT. 9 A.M. TO 8 P,M, rniniu A * ·· TA A n U Allimau n I U TA O.lfl H U rniuni 3 n.m, lu y r.m,, oununi 9 n.m. iu u.w i ,m SALES TAX ADDED TO ALL TAXABLE ITEMS NONE SOLD TO DEALERS · t-

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