Independent from Long Beach, California on February 8, 1958 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1958
Page 16
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Page B-6--INDEPENDENT O l«V l4«h, Collf., lot., r»b. f, WSi What do -Long Beach firefighters do in their spare time? The many civic projects carried on by off-duty firemen are summarized by staff writer' Ben ·1UIES: Using the following 16 '.letters in the blank squares below ,-how many words can you form either vertically or horizontally? Use same word only once and no ; plurals please. When words contain less than 5 letters and are in same line--i. e., "TOICE" scoring is 1 pt. for word "TO" and 3 · pts. Jor word "ICE." MAXIMUM NUMBER OF POINTS PER j LINE IS FIVE. To assist you, we have inserted a few ciues, which include additional letters. -A D EEEE G I- M M M N T T U M D H ( YOU'RE LATE/ "^ GO DOWN TO THE PRINCIPAL AND TEU. HIM YOU ARE TAI7DV.' OH. VES.' WHAT'S HIS FIRST NAME? Authority: Mcrriam-Wtbytcr dictionary ,,, _,,._ HOW AUTHOIt SCORING: JCOtEB YESTtmt 5 5 5 1 3 5 5-lelle(wordi..S|'ls. 4-liltirwords..4pli. 3.|[||«rwordi..3pl!, Metier words.. Ipt. Hijtiesl possiblj . KoreisSOpts. TOTAL © 1958. John Manninc. *"° Cjimbuttd by King F«itut« Syndicilt VIRGIL JOEY HM tt CEWTS WO. T. HAD 14 CENTS-WE PUT IT U-T06ETHER. 1NTH1S BOX AND VJE 1HEM \NEEfSCUTOOKOUS NWNEV OUT AWW AND NOW HE HAS 17 CENTS AMD _l HAVE JUSTiW, DON'T JEOPARDIZE ICUR WHOLE FUTURE WQ'JITTIMS SCHOOL WHATiPYOUK FATHEZ DOES GOTO JAILFOR EW6EZZLK5? PEDPLE UKE-VCU FOR WWT YOU ARE, WOT TOR WHAT YOUR FATHE2ISOR mV. DIDN'T HAVE'YOU TO TALK THIM55 OVER WTTH/ PARADE FEATURE Firefighters Use . -TM Their Spare Time 6 Quartets in Harmony Festival Six top barber shop' quartets have been booked'for the Harmony Festival, in'the Municipal Auditorium on Feb. 8. '. \The Long Beach Chapter of the Society for. the- Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, Inc., is sponsoring the show THE CLASSICS, from Sacramento, have repeatedly been judged among the top five at international barber shop quartet contests. The Saints, from the South Bay Chapter of the SPEBSQSA, were among the winners in the last district meet in Bakersfield. The Four .Bits of Harmony, from' Long Beach, won the 1951 district championship .' and just made several records under the 'Good Time Jazz" label. THE OTHER two . quartets, Zinser in Sunday's' Southland Magazine. New provisions. in California's driving laws will be explained, another Southland exclusive. .HOW YOU can- help your newsboy be a .winner in the Young .Columbus contest sponsored by ' Parade Magazine papers in cooperation with Trans-World Airlines will be shown in a Parade photo story. Henry J. 'Kaiser, the "Pasha of the Pacific," is saluted on-the cover and in an accompanying article in Sunday's Parade Magazine. ' i M O L L Y MAYFDELD deals with the. case of a vyife who intercepts a, letter, to her husband from another woman conveniently located in a city to which the husband, has gone for a convention. It's in the Sunday 1 Women's Section. the Beach- Chords ^d Coast Chords, are both N HAVE FUW,BEING VOUE OWN BOSS ABOUT WHAT TO WEAK, HOW YOU PO YOUK HAIK, AMP STUFF; JILL/, ALL RIGHT; GIELS, LET'S HAVE NO MORE TEAKS/ WHEN VOLKvE LJVEPAS CLQSELYAS THEY HAVE 'CH,MV./. I GUESS EVEK SINCE WAKIMG UP IM\T THEY THE SWME OTB SIXTEEN 7 AKE/ YEAK5 AGO, t GUESS A FEWVjOO/ TEAKS AKE ALLCWEP/ y^j S the from Long Beach. and feature "good solid harmony," according to IRUSS Cunningham, president of the sponsoring group. " Tickets for the show are now available at the' auditorium box office. ' The ' one-night performance is scheduled from 8:15 to 11 p.m. SMALL PET DOG THAT MAV BE HELD COMFORTABLY IN THE LAP. Bandleader X Henderson Weds Model GREENWICH, Conn. UP) -Bandleader Skitch . Henderson, 40, and fashion model Ruth Michaels, 28, were married in a three-minute ceremony at Town Hall here Friday after- .oon. Justice of the Peace Jacob S. Weiss, operator of, a- children's clothing store, officated. It was the second marriaTge for each, Henderson having previously been actress Faye Emerson; the bride to Michael Michaels, a ski shop operator. San Pedro Still Top Fish Port Prom thi Independent , Washington ~Burvmi WASHINGTON _ San retained its historic spot,. as-America's No. 1 food fish land- ins port during 1957. : · , · .. According to a preliminary/ report issued by the Bureau or Commercial F i s h e r i e s , San Pedro- landings of fish were; considerably greater than landings of industrial fish at leading ports -on, the Atlantic Goast. 1 Good fish landings 1 at San. Pedro totaled 354,400,000 pounds' with, a boatside value of S25, 7 440,000, .according to the bureau. Its nearest c o m p e t i t o r on poundage landed was Gloucester, Mass. Shiploads of tuna, mackerel, anchovies .and sardines put. San Pedro" into the No. 1 spot. Most of the take at Gloucester .consisted of ocean perch and whiting, and the total boatside value was only $",347,000. " : The two leading industrial. fish ports were Lewes, Del., -and Reedville, Va., where receipts consisted entirely of menhaden with a value of $3,500,000. Auto-Service Show Scheduled The Pacific 'Automobile Show · featuring the latest auto serv-. ice techniques and maintenance equipment will be open 'to the. trade Feb. 21-23 in ; Pah Pacific; Auditorium in Hollywood. · This 'year, the Independent' Garage Owners of California headed by Long Beach's Henry; A. Sorenson are campaigning, to get all tradesmen in the auto . repair industry to the show -part of the group's drive to improve professional standards of the business. Romney Tells Senators Big 3 6 Dictate v to Buyers of Autos WASHINGTON (UJ3 -- The president of American Motors accused the auto industry's "Big Three" Friday of dictating to American motorists instead of letting them choose 1 the' kind of cars they want.' The, auto maker, Gwrge Romney, said his own firm on the other hand-was' keeping "a rendezvous with public opinion" by producing its smaller Rambler model. · v - Romney said'the ."Big Three'-i firms-^-Chrysler;.Ford-and Genl Motors--are so "muscle- bound" with heavy fixed investment'"that it would cost them lundreds of millions of dollars o make any basic change's in car styles. Instead of letting the customer reign as · "king," he added. :he Big Three is dictating to him. ENDYTRAYLE THEGIRtFROM OKLAHOMA: JUST THE SAME- CURLY MAV SOMEDAY SUDDENLY REMEMBER AN' BE EEN LOVE WEETH HER AGAIN: WHEN HE GOT BACK HIS MEM'RY- CURLY PIDN'T EVEN KNOW WENDY. 1 I WEEL TELL SENORITA WENDY SHE MUS' BE TRUE TO CURLY KAYOE.' BUT I KEEP TELLIN' YA... CURLY HAD AMNESIA WHEN HE FELL IN LOVE WITH' HER..- ·VA SHOULDN'T P30L AROUND · WrTH MATHErMTICS" THftT STUFF IS DAN6ECODS p Enj After Every Meal Helps keep teeth clean; Freshens mouth. Sweetens breath. THE BERRYS YOU MIGHT. DO --^~X' SOMETHING TO HELP ME,/ YOU LAZY WABBIT! ROMNBY. ALSO told the Seriate antimonopoly . subcommittee, which is investigating auto-pricing policies, that this year's United Auto. Worker's contract demands were likely to touch of "another blockbuster chain - reaction wage-price spiral." He said the Big Three and the NAW have grown so powerful they threaten to destroy competition and kill off "genuine'.'. ; collective bargaining.' "Legislation is.- needed," he said, "to divide the'present excess power of both the industry and, the union in the automobile business. The economic size and influence of -the Big Three is now' so far-reaching that their policy decisions are potentially capable of producing prosperity or depression," he said. ·. ' union power would prohibit affiliated u n i o n s representing more than .."about 10,000" em- ployes of a single employer from' combining in collective bargaining demands · . against more than one company. AFFILIATED unions would" be free to.combine in bargaining with employers having less than 10,000 employes, but only _ within prescribed geographical:' limits. To limit business monopoly/ Romney proposed that a com-' pany engaged in more than one basic industry should be limited to 25 per .cent of total industry _. sales and 35 per cent for a company tied in with .only one industry. Applying this rule to the auto. business, he said,-..would mean "General Motors and Ford each would become the sources of Romney's proposals to limit new companies." Dennis the Menace By Hank Ketchum BARBS By HAL COCHKAN The folks who went South for the winter sure found it! # * # The first appendicitis operation was performed 75 years ago and doctors have been cutting up ever since. * * * ' A Michigan man got a divorce eight years ago and says he has lived happily ever after. After other women? .' Boy 1 THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW By FAGALY and SHORTEN «\ 0- THE ARE .' WHAT'S 'LIKE 1 TOLD YA: WHEN CROWD, IN A AWES MAR- 22 ,/ TAUIUS 40 APR, 21 -i^MAY 21 6M9-26-30-42 GEMINI MAY' 22 ^'2-17-24-36 a/38-4«2- CANdt * JUN623 57-66-79-35 ao 'JULY2X -^ AUG. 23 D 34-37-41-*5 50-59-75 vuoo jrfl AUG. 2^ ftlnl SEPT. 22 -Bj CLAY R. TPOLLAN-- M . ' your Daily Acln/ily Guide " According to tht Start. ' To develop messoge for Sorur/doy; . read words corresponding to numbeis of your Zodiac-birth sign. 1 Don't 31 Able -6* ·fnvorrnoni 2 Keep '32 Friends 62 Tcndenctcs 3 Insighl 33 Measure 63 Affection 4 A 34' Remember 64. Heart 5 Should 35 -Before 65 Be '6 Gcnuirn 36 On 66 Your 7 Fond 37 There 67 Is 8 Hope 38- Cash 68 Sinccr* 9 Be 39 Decisioni 69 Under 10 You ' ' 40 If . 70 A · 11 Bo *' Are 71 Todoj 12 Seem · 42 Could 72 And 13 CareM 43 Could 73 Discretion M Keen- · "M And 74 Coptivptcd 15 A X5 Your 75 Wealth 16 Of 46 No .76 Pays 17 Eagle 47" Your 77 Come 18 GoodwiB ' 4 8 ' O f ; 78 Repeated 19 Say 49, To 79 Popularity 20 Sneo'k 50 Short-cull 30 Bushel 21 Pride 51 Foil 81 Your 22 Reach 52-Uick 82 .Personal,: 23 Hide 53 -Materialize 83 Property 24 Eye" 54 Un«pectedly84 Bosket 25 Goeth 55 Spendthrift 85 Now 26 Nothing 56 Be 86 Good 27 Atvacts 57. Bolster 87 Distorted 28 Realistic 58 Frank 88 Way 29 Up ' 59 To N 89 Exagfleratocr 30 That '60 Mav, 90 Fortune 53-54-71 scotrip OCT. 24^fe NOV. 22 ^\J 1-23^7-61 49-70^0-84 SAcrrTAiius 21-25-3M1 CKftKOtH . DEC 23 x£ JAK20 V lM3-16-55J 42-73-76 AQUAHUI JAN. 21 -. 22-28J? PISCO FEB. 20 H

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