Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 14, 1988 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1988
Page 9
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Pharos-Tribune, Logansport, Indiana, Monday, March 14, 1988 Page 9 On Television MONDAY ,,, , VLMGO F . , March 14| 0® e a 8 o DOS O (S 0 09 m <B D9 © 5PM Family Ties :05i M slcr Dit Strokes Final 4 5:30 News (35) L & S Happy Days Licjhter Side News Newlywed Gl Joe Love Conned M'A'S'H Jem People's Ct. Big Valley Star Trek Sesame Slree: DjckTales News Win lose Superior Cl. Double Dare WKRP News People's Ct 6PM News :05) Alice Fact ol Life SportsLook News News Fad of Lite 6:30 NBC News (:35) Beaver 3's Company Bill Dance ABC News CBS News WKRP News Ciazy Like a Fox Family Ties Survival Wld Happnin Now News News News Cheers Bus Rpf Happy Days NBC News CBS News ABC News 7 PM M'A'S'H :05) Andy 7:30 Cheers (:35) Snford A-Team SporlsCntr •1 Jeopardy! Cheers CBS News 8 PM ALF 8:30 Valerie 9PM 9:30 10PM 10:30 (:05) Wait Until Dark Mov: Something So Right College Volleyball Women's All-Star Game (R) Win, Lose Wheel Barney Hollywood Sq Remington Steele r amily Ties Cheers MacNeil/ Lehrer NewsHour Family Ties Curr, Affair 3's Company Jeopardy! 3's Company Wheel Newlyvucd Wheel MacGyver K. & Allie E & Lutz Auto Racing (:20) Girl Own Lane 'News Golf Mov: Broken Angel Newhart E & Lutz Wiseguy Mov: Ragtime K. & Allie E & Lutz 1st Year ol Life Newhart t & Lutz 700 Club Mov: front Chicago Nile Frugal Gourmet Frgl Gourment Mov: Falling in Love ALF K. & Allie Valerie E & Lutz MacGyver Wiseguy Strght Tlk Bob Newhart Frgl Gourmet News Slim Taxi (M) Frgl SffHJSflkit MOM: Danger Down Under Newtiart E & Lutz Wiseguy Mw: Broken Ansel Associated Press Oprah Winfrey and Cybill Shepherd with awards Mementos Can Help Ease Suffering Cybill, Cosby Top People's Choices Dear Ann Landers: This is for "Out West," the girl who was concerned about her mother because she keeps her deceased husband's shirt under her pillow. Each of us has his or her own way of coping with a personal loss. Far be it from me to tell somebody that his or her way is not normal. Speaking from my own experience, I miss my brother more than words can say. When the pain becomes unbearable, I go to my closet where several of his shirts are hanging, and ! pull one out and savor all of the wonderful smells. This may seem morbid to others, but to me it is miraculously therapeutic. Please, Ann, tell that girl to leave her mother alone. Keeping her husband's shirt under her pillow might give her the greatest peace she can find at this difficult time in her life. - EAST GRAND FORKS, MINN. DEAR MINN.: I heard from many readers who have been down the same road. Read on: From Moody, Texas: Our son was born four months premature and died shortly after birth. He was Ann Landers the second child we had lost in this way, and my husband and i were devastated. I found it very comforting to sleep with a little kimono we received as a baby gift. When my arms ached with emptiness,! would cradle that precious garment, and it made me feel as if I still had a little part of him. I sometimes slept with it next to me on my pillow, and it absorbed a lot of tears those first few weeks. Eventually, I was able to fold it up and put it away with a little kiss. Friends and relatives need to realize there is no "right" way to grieve, it's an up-and-down process that can last for several years. What is needed is nonjudgmental, loving acceptance of whatever stage we are in. Ann, please tell your readers not to be afraid to talk about the person who died. It is comforting to know that others remember, too. P.S. I am happy to tell you that our I0-month-old daughter now wears that little kimono. DEAR FRIEND: Thank you for a touching letter and that heartwarming P.S. Here's another: From Grand Island, Neb.: Ten years ago, my husband died of a heart attack. For several months I slept with the undershirt he had been wearing. I held it in my hands, up by my face, and it helped me fall asleep peacefully, as I made believe that he was beside me, as always. I parted with the shirt on my own when I felt able to do so. 1 hope the daughter who wrote will accept the fact that her mother will let it go when she is ready. From Ontario, Canada: I'm happy you advised "Out West" to say nothing. When my husband died I began sleeping with the sweater he wore in bed when he wasn't feeling well. It's been a great comfort to me. My children don't know about the sweater, but I'll bet it wouldn't bother them if they did. From Portland, Me.: Nineteen years ago my newly widowed mother asked if I though it was all right to leave Dad's crutches behind the door where he had left them the night he died. I told her if that's where she wanted them, that's where they should be. Another family member said this was "sick" and seeing those crutches gave her the creeps. I told her, "Don't look. The crutches stay as long as Mother wants them there." Six years later when Mom married again, she put the crutches away without saying a word. I then knew that she had come to terms with her grief and her period of mourning was over. Abuse Of Elderly Often Overlooked Q: I know what child abuse is, but I have also heard about something called l; elder abuse." I'm interested because I think it may be happening to an older lady on my block. Could you please explain it in your column if you know anything about it. A: Abuse of the elderly, both mental and physical, is a lot more common than many people probably realize. Yet its signs and symptoms fan easily go undetected. In fact, one of the few people who would he in a position to see the signs and symptoms of elder abuse is the family doet.or. According t.o a study published in American Family Physician, "Victims of elder abuse most frequently present to their physicians with complaints of a medical problem." Signs of abuse can range from obvious neglect to visible injury. There are elderly people who suffer intentional bruises, burns or Drs. Lester L. Coleman & Steven Andrew Davis fractures; others who wither physically because of willful neglect. How an elderly person behaves may also signal the presence of abusive behavior. What appears to be fear on their part may truly be fear and not merely a product of an aging mind. Also, there can be clues t.o abuse of the elderly in their home environment. Are there signs they're being locked in or restricted, or that they lack free access to food, other necessities or niceties? When you think about it then, there can be a number of rather straightforward clues, signs and symptoms when an elderly person is abused. Recognition of such signs and symptoms, however, can often depend on the observer's willingness to see them. — S.I). # # * The body and mind are a single unit. The interplay between both is such that there is no physical problem that does not have some related psychological factor. This is the total basis for the concept of psychosomatic medicine. The psyche (mind) and the soma (body) are no longer considered as being separate and apart, but rather form a single entity. The recognition of this concept establishes the entire concept of holistic medicine. Doctors recognize that psychological overtones occur in children, adolescents and adults. Not a single medical condition exists without the presence of some of these overtones. Not to recognize them is to miss many of the important factors that contribute to a patient's symptoms and to their control. Far too often the emotional needs of patients are the real "antibiotics" that further the recovery from an illness. — L.C. LOS ANGELES (AP) - Comedian Bill Cosby won four People's Choice Awards and the movie "Fatal Attraction" won three from an admiring public that also bestowed honors on Cybill Shepherd, Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston. "This is particularly special for me," said Miss Shepherd, named favorite female television performer for her role in ABC's "Moonlighting" despite a shortened role last year due to her pregnancy with twins. "When you're out of the limelight, you're pregnant with twins and gain 45 pounds and you go through this enormous change, it always goes through the back of your mind, ,'Are they going to forget?' "It's really nice to know they didn't forget." The public chose the winners in the 14th annual People's Choice Awards, broadcast Sunday night by CBS-TV. Winners were determined by a Gallup poll of 5,000 people older than 12, a statistical representation of nearly 196 million people. Cosby was named favorite male TV performer for the fourth-consecutive year and favorite all-around male entertainer for the third. He also won a new award — all-time favorite TV star — while his top-rated NBC-TV series, "The Cosby Show," won its fourth comedy program award. NBC's "L.A. Law" was the favorite TV dramatic program. "Three Men and A Baby" won for comedy movie and "Fatal Attraction" for dramatic motion picture. Its leads, Michael Douglas and Glenn Close, were picked top motion picture performers. "I want to thank you as my favorite father, and a supporter," Douglas told his father, Kirk The 'Rat Pack' Is Back On Tour SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin opened their 29-city "rat pack" reunion tour to a sell-out crowd of 14,500, proving they can still doo-be-doo-be-do it with the best. "How long have I been on?" a staggering Martin asked the bandleader as the 35-piece orchestra warmed up for the first number, "When You're Drinking," a parody of the old "When You're Smiling.'' Martin's cocktail lounge manner and slurred one-liners, with trademark cigarette and drink in hand, set the tone for an evening that brought young and old fans to their feet. Sunday night's Oakland Coliseum show was the first of 40 performances on the tour, which is expected to generate $20 million and a Home Box Office cable television special. Martin, 70, Davis, 62, and Sinatra, 72, first appeared together at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, Nev., in January 1960. Martin joked his way through sometimes sentimental versions of "Everybody Loves Somebody (Sometime)," "That's Amore," and "Little Ole Wine Drinker Me." Davis provided a powerful contrast to his seemingly sloshed co-star, winning applause when he announced that this is his 59th year in show business and when he told the audience he had been sober for the last three. "I gotta tell you the truth. Everybody backstage is being very cool," he said. "I wasn't this scared when I lived at 147th Street and 8th Avenue in New York." IHilllllllllll -Thurs.—I SPECIALS EACH Large pitcher of beverage for NEW FAMILY ROOM BABE'S PIZZA & LOUNGE 1645 Erie Ave.-722-5002 (under new management) It's Pharos-Tribune COLLECTION WEEK When your carrier comes to collect, please make sure you're ready. With the right change, if possible. If you are paying by check — Please make it payable to your carrier not the Pharos-Tribune. FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT YOUR CARRIER'S COLLECTIONS. • AIL PHAROS-TRIBUNE CARRIERS ARE INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS. • THEY PAY FOR THEIR PHAROS-. RIBUNE PAPERS EVEN IF THEY HAVE NOT COLLECTED FROM YOU. • YOU CAN PAY YOUR CARRIER IN ADVANCE. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION WE WOULD LIKE YOU TO KNOW • THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE WILL ACCEPT OFFICE PAYS FOR 3 MONTHS, 6 MONTHS, OR ONE YEAR. • OUR OFFICE WILL AUTOMATICALLY NOTIFY YOU WHEN YOUR SUBSCRIPTION IS DUE TO EXPIRE. • YOU SAVE THE CARRIERS A LOT OF TIME IF THEY HAVE YOUR COOPERATION. Douglas, who presented the award. "I got so nervous when I got up I didn't thank the people," Miss Close said afterward. "And that's what makes it so special. It's just a cross section of people who have nothing to do with the industry." Clint Eastwood was chosen all-time favorite movie star, an award presented by Jimmy Stewart. Miss Parton won favorite all-around female entertainer, and favorite female performer in a new TV program for ABC's "Dolly." "It's always nice to be recognized," she said backstage. "This has been a hard yea/ and I've been working really hard on this TV show. It's really nice to know the people are on my side." Kenny Rogers won his eighth award as male musical performer, tying with Cosby, Burt Reynolds and Barbara Mandrell as an eight-time winner of an individual category. In other awards, Oprah Winfrey dethroned Johnny Carson as favorite television talk show host, Miss Houston was the favorite female musical performer, the group Bon Jovi was chosen favorite rock group, and Barbra Streisand was the favorite all-time musical star. John Ritter was the favorite male performer in a new television program for ABC's "Hooperman," while Kirk Cameron of ABC's "Growing Pains" and Keshia Knight- Pulliam of "The Cosby Show" tied for favorite young TV performer. The top new TV dramatic program was "thirtysomething" on ABC, while NBC's "A Different World" and "My Two Dads" tied in the new TV comedy category. Davis, who recently underwent hip surgery, did not dance but won ovations for "Candy Man," "What Kind of Fool Am I?," and "Bojangles." But it was Sinatra who stole the show, opening the second half with a string of the songs that have kept him in superstar ranks for almost a half century. "MERCENARY FIGHTERS" R Mon. • Thur. 7 pm "FOR KEEPS" PG-13 Mon-Thur. 7:15pm MOVIES ""* " ••' '2.M ANY «OVIE LOG*Nil>OIIT7H.|JOO "Good Morning Vietnam 7:20 Only (R) Q ( "Mercenary fighters" I 7:10 Only (R) (^ "A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reordon" 7:30 Only (R) THIRTY-FOURTH ANNUAL MEETING MARCH 1,1988 DEAR MEMBER: Notice is hereby given that the 34th Annual Meeting of the members of the Puloski White Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc., will be held at the Buffalo School, Buffalo, Indiana on the 15th day of March, 1988, at 7:30 p.m. The purpose of this meeting is as follows: 1. To elect three (3) directors of the Cooperative for terms of three (3) years each. 2. To pass on reports for the fiscal year of 1987. 3. To transact such other business that may come before the meeting THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE CANDIDATES ARE AS FOLLOWS: BUFFALO Boyd Evernham Rick Weaver PULASKI Bernard Eisert Jim J. Hoffman STAR CITY Gary Hanson Jack Heintz Nominations may also be made from the floor. On* (1) director will be elected from each district. ENTERTAINMENT REFRESHMENTS DOOR PRIZES You n truly, Dean Parcel Secretary

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