Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 31, 1960 · Page 27
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 27

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1960
Page 27
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PAGE 2* T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 31, I960 CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Brtiki. 8 Pinto hew. 15 Meilable item. 16 Not in cipher. 17 Determine. IS Trusting. 19 Russian negative, 20 Sound of etcap- ing steam. 22 Namtsskcs of soprano Gluck. 23 Come to paw, 26 Allow to psss. 29 Type of deeve. 30 Dandy. 34 Incursion. 56 Sang K song of country. "38 New Zealand tribesman. 59 Wheel ttack. 40 Maturing, 41 Assailant. 43 Wrinkled. 44 Warm little home. 45 Coffee-kwk time. 47 A'Jackie Coogan role. 43 Church tnnsiclans. 51 Mothex-of-pearL 54~ 55 Go out alter caret, 59 LiuiTCus Mtini · from France. 61 Wife of Aenes. 63 Fancy cupboard. 64 Swordsman. 65 Turkish coin, 66 F.O.B. city. DOTN 1 Bridge. 2 One of lie . 3 Land area. 4 U.S. atomic eubmarine. 5 River into tha YangUo. · 6 The new highbrow. 7 Enjoying TV, 8 Following. 9 Suffix forming feminine nouns. 10 Brilliance. 11 A thrce-minuto dish: 2 word*. 12 The first wile. 13 River of Siberia. H Insecticides, 21 Former P.ff. of Canada, 24 Seaweed for fertilizer. 25 Insect, 26 Natite oi Peru'* capital. 2? Of the tame mother. 28 Easy fetits. 31 Eskimo woman's host, 32 Tooth: Comb, form. 33 Sharp. 35 Works like "The Mesmh." 37 Frequent, 39 Backslider. 42 Bane!. 43 Give new form. 46 Put in a (mall bolllr. 49 Kindled acain. 50 Mote ba.«hfoL 51 Low tide. 52 Italian' !own in Longfellow work. 53 Cluster o( bracU on a pineapple, 56 Fresh-water mussel. 57 Unless: L»t. 58 Gunny cloth: Var, f0 Sooner than. 62 Old hand. Druggist's Slayer Admits He Fled Mental Hospital NEW YORK--UPI--Ail admitted drug addict charged with killing a midtovvn druggist in front of the victim's 9-year-old son said in court yesterday he was an escaped mental patient. Henry R. Purcell, 30, a native of Fall River, Mass., said during his arraignment on a homicide charge he had escaped last September from a Colorado Btate mental hospital at PueWo and previously had spent time in mental institutions in Massachusetts and California. Purcell was seized Sunday night in Times Square shortly after he allegedly shot and killed Abraham" Hyihowitz. 45, a clerk in a West Side drugstore.;He was Identified by three persons in-the drug store at the time of the shooting--two men!and a woman a--and by the victim's son, Martin. Police said Purcell apparently was seeking narcotics and cash when he entered the store, took $20 from the three customers and ordered Hymowitz to lie on the floor. Hymowitz, after first complying, revolver from Purcell and hit him with the weapon as the customers fled and the boy looked on in horror. Purcell then pulled a second gun, a .25-cal'ber, and fired two shots, fatally wounding the druggist. Purcell at first told police his name was James Sullivan, but later admitted his true identity. He. also told authorities his wife was to be sentenced today in women's -court on a prostitution charge and that the couple had a three-year-old daughter being cared for by a woman tenant. The infant, found in an upper West Side apartment, was taken to the New York foundling hospital. Purcell was committed to Belle- sprang up, wrested a .45-caliber! vue Hospital for observation. BODY OF LOST BRITON? ; Chinese Climbers Find Corpse On Mt. Everest TOKYO--(#)--The Chinese team of mountaineers that climbed the north face of Mt. Everest may have found the body of a British climber who disappeared into mists shrouding the peak 36 years ago. Peiping Radio said the Communist team that scaled the world's highest mountain May 25 found the corpse of a man a month earlier at a height above 19,350 feet. "Its shredded and faded green down garments were of British make. The corpse had stiffened YESTERDAY'S ANSWER and shrunk, and the features were beyond identification. "Owing to the cold, die body had not completely decomposed. The indications seemed to show that it was the body of a dead British mountaineer. "Despite their exhaustion toward the end of their day's climbing ajid the bitter weather, the Chinese climbers dug a grave in the snow and duly buried the corpse." British climbing experts were inclined to think the Chinese might have discovered the remains , of G. L. Mallory or A. C. Irvine, who were last seen ascending the north face of the mountain June 6. 1924. The only trace ever found of them was an ice ax belonging to Mallory which was found at 27,950 feet nine years later. The Peiping report indicated the body was found considerably lower, but I. P. Irwan, director of Britain's Royal Geographic Society, said a moving glacier face or an avalanche could have carried it down. CUSTOM 'DESIGNERS and DEALERS IN SHOWER POORS and TUB ENCLOSURES GLASS-PLASTIC-DESIGNED. Tucson Shower Door Mfg. Co, Wholesale-Retail 4141 E. SPEEDWAY Tucson, Arizona Ph. EA 6-4336 CITIZEN-Y.M.C.A. Learn-To-Swim Classes Gall All Beginners, 9-14 Registration opens tomorrow for the Citizen-YMCA "Lcarn-to-Swim Campaign," Here's your chance, boys and ! Rirls. If y o u ~ ~ a r r 9 through M | years old and cannot swim, you Korea Youths Riot Against Regime SEOUL, Korea--UPI--Four hundred Tankook University students staged an anti-government s i t down demonstration in front of the national assembly today but students from a rival school broke it up in an attack with fists and stirks. Thr Tankook students demanded the resignation of the rarctaker government of acting President Huh Chunp and dissolution of the National Assembly for allowing e.v-President Syngman Rhee and his wife to leave Korea for the United Slates. Three students from rival Tong- kook University were attacked when they set up a loudspeaker and called on the Tankook students 'trt quit t h e i r protest. The throe called for help and several truckloads of Tongkook students arrived nnd broke up the demonstration. Retired Officers Meet Saturday Members of the Tucson Retired Officers Assn. will meet Saturday at the Davis-Monthan Officers Club. There will be afternoon swim 1 ming," cocktails at 6 p.m. and dinner, at 7. Wives of members are Invited, and members may broil · their own steaks if they wish. Persons interested In attending are asked to contact Col. W. H. Shartleff Jr., U.S. Army (Ret.), secretary-treasurer, 137 E. Nava- Rd. WanLAd Takers Are On Duly Detilyt -- 8 a.m. lo S p.m. Sal. Sun.--8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Ph. MA. 2-5855 Nfwtpapvj inc. ·· Closed Wednesday ··· B E N I T A Singing Accordionist and Folk Parcing UFFNER'S HOFBRAU FINEST GERMAN FOODS Open at 5 p.m. Sun. at Noon AX 8-10-16 Sablno Canyon Rd. Starling NtRhtly at 8:30 THURS. £«i Sixth at Fremont ""The T I M E or MA 3-«800 All Seats Reserved .75-S2 1030 N. PARK MA 3-4851 "Lovers" at 6:30, 8:20, 10:10 THE MOST TALKED ABOUT PICTURE IN AMERICA TODAY! This Is the original uncut French version exactly as shown in Paris. It will not be shown in any other Tucson theatre. Congratulations All You Grads Celebrate by having Dinner at Beauchamp's S T E A K H O U S E '2507 N. First Ave. Tel. MA 4-V734 Open 7 Days a Week i can have five free lessons from ! an expert swimmer and teacher. ' But you must register soon. It I wilt be first-come, first-served j u n t i l all available claises are filled. Take one of your parents along and sign up tomorrow! Boys should register at the Central VMCA, 516 N. 5th Ave. Girls should register at the Lighthouse YMCA, 3706 E. 5th St. Registration will close J u n e 1. Class assignments will be made J u n e 11. Morning classes will be held daily from June 13 through 17. The 30-minute lessons will be supervised by qualified lifeguards. You will be amazed at what you can learn in one short week. You will develop confidence in Ilie water, learn how to stay afloat, how to breathe when you are in the pool and how to move your arms and tegs to propel your body ' through the water. In short, you will learn how !o swim. And, although your swim- j filing skill wiiJ be basic at the end i of one week, you can develop and i improve it during the rest of the j summer. There will be no place finer than a cool swimming pool during the long hot season ahead. These lessons will enable you to enjoy yourself with safety in the water. Don't miss the fun. Sign up tomorrow. The free swimming lessons are offered as a public service by the Tucson YMCA and the Tucson Daily Citizen. SHOW SCHEDULE (Times Furnished bv Theaters) ·»PACH»:: Ttmtt not »v«Itible. ·BrLTMOUC: W»k« Mt Wb«n Il'» Ovtr --7:SS. I 1 : 5 T ittrH h«H only); EJje ol Eisrnlty--10-25. ·CACTUS: The Mountain Ho*d-J.JJ. 11:51: Virfln UUnrt»--10:!5 CATAIJNA: Pillow Ttlk--U:«. 2:J5. J 10. 7:JC. .33. ·FJF.STA: Subllm* Melodla--7.JJ. I I 1»; Yo Tamblrn Soy 0« Jiluco--0:40 roX-TUCSON; The Fu«ltJv« Xlr-1-- 12:33. 405. 7 35. U;02; The Pmh,r-- J:4J. 8J8. IM2. LYRIC: Bonier River--1. *:13. VM. 10J9; C h i e f Cttiy Horse--2:37. S SO, S 03 ·MIDWAY: Wilt. HJv«r-».J3. 12.IT; Comanfhr~10,2* P A R A M O U N T : Rebel B r t e d -- 13.». 4 .13, » : 2 4 ; Sgl. Rut'aese--2.2S. « : H , Student To Get Certificate Mike Lev-is of Sahuarita Is one of 12 students who will receive ranch training certificates at a banquet today in Fort Worth, Tex. He has been a student at Texas C h r i s t i a n University's ranch training program which teaches ranch management .both in the classroom and by actual experi- ence on leading ranches. Robert'Bell, Tucson, will be given a-letter of certification as a student who took the course on a non-credit basis. Ciil and ret · cab to S minute* -- CO-HIT COMEDY "LOS PAQUETES DE PAQUITA" MARIA VICTORIA PARK: I h e I.ovm--0 34. « 2(, in.10 PLAZA: P«Qull» -- I:W, 4.42, « 13; L« Cucar*ch«--Z-.31. 8:30, 10. ·PRINCE: Alexindtr the Grfjl--*, 12:24: Klnx and Four Qucem--5:38, ·RODEO: King «nd Four Queenj--(, ·22ND STJIZET: "-;.,c t.irn lh- Hlllj- 1:41, 1I:JO (flr»t h»lf o n l y ) ; Bramble f 7:40, 12:20 ttlnl half only); Bramble | Bush--10:43, i ·--Orive-ln theaUri ""· " BUS SERVICE 1 TUCSON - NOGALES Le*v TUCSON for N O G A L t S 7:00 A.M. 12:15 P.M. »:30 P.M. »i» A.M. 1:11 P.M. «:15P.M. 11I1S A.M. J.-30 P.M. 10:33 P.M. «:CO P.M. U.iv. N O C A U L S f o r T U C S O N 7100 A.M. 11114A.M. »:00 P.M. t:1SA.M. 1.15 P.M. «:1iP.M. 18:00 A.M. J.OOP.M. 10:15 P.M. 4:00 P.M. Greyhound Terminal MA .1-0538 DOORS OPEN 1:00 P.M. DORIS ROCK, DAY HUDSON* I ··· · TALK; . ... C O L O * Office Space Available 4560 Et Broadway Building $^50 As Low as ^ per jq. ft. per yr. Furnished or Unfurnished Choose from small or large offices and suites with janitor service, refrigeration, hot and cold water, elevator, carpeted hallways and ample off-street free park- Ing. With complete furnishings at small additional cost, NO LEASE REQUIRED Apply American Homes Association 4530 E. Broadway EA 6-2464 SflMCTHUjJi OF SOUWRN IUIY OH NORTH FOUR1H... Camso's - - IRJZOHVS OLDEST AND TlNCSt ITUMN REStWRAKT 434 N.^th AVE _MA. 2-9657, Paramount! 318 E.Ca'ngrim St Open 12:30 THIS REBEL OPEN 12:30 P. M. DAILY ·Co-Action Feature' "THE PUSHER" RITA MOdtKO MARK DAMON Yes, Don't Miss a Nice Little Bank That Should Be "ROBBED" Starring MICKEY RODNEY BV oe uuxt IJJl THEATRj H I G K W A Y Mkkty Floorey " A N I C E L I T T L E B A N K T H A T SHOULD BE ROBBED" PLUS Clilton Webb Jana Wymjin "HOLIDAY FOR LOVERS" BILTMORE " Now Showing: at Both Theatres RINCE Nogales Highway Campbell Prince LAST NITE All first Drive.In run A color. Adm. SI.00 penon. Children tc ago 12 Frae " W A K E ME WHEN IT'S O V E R " Filmed at Grand Canyon "EDGE OF ETERNITY" asm ST. Tucion F*r*mlere F i l m e d South of Tucion J«mei Stewart-Llia Lu G l e n n C o r b e t t - H e n r y M o r g a n "THE MOUNTAIN R O A D " Co- F e a t u r e "THE VIRGIN ISLAND" ·HyaM»»i. iJB». «..i i ... FIESTA uo ° * a ' ARK AVs Ana Berthj Lepe Ramon Gay "SUBLIME W E L O D I A " Lul* Agullar Carmen Gonzalex 11 YO T A M B I E N SOY OE JALISCO" LAST DAY -- OPEN 12:45 "BORDER RIVER" "CHIEF CRAZY HORSE" Slorts Tomorrow w^^wimmtt «nwu« ftYLOR CLIFf n ^NESSEE WILLIAMS Oiriclid bi JOSEPH L MMNEWCZ SAMSP^GRJ ALSO Richani BURTON · Barbara RUSK -M CWSON \ Treaf Mother *o Ihe Luxury of Fine Food . . . Pleasant Atmosphere . . . Thirst-Quenching Coclrfails ... , as you relax in tha CARRIAGE ROOM FASHION SHOW EVERY SAT. 12:30 By Flair Parisienne at the new On the Miracle Mile at 1601 North Oracle Rd. Phone MAin 4-8541 Also Operators of .DEL WEBB'S,., TW MIDWAY «« Montgomery Clifl- Lee Remlek "WILD RIVER" Oann Andr«w»-L(nd» Crlt»l " C O M A N C H E " Both In Color IPRIKCE CROWN UPHOUTERY iB E'/ERYTHING INCLUDED · Complete Stripping · Frames Reglucd · Springs Relied · New .Padding · New Fabric · New Webbing · New Styling · New Cushion Units « Free Decorator Service · Free Pick-up and Delivery Free Estimate MA 3-6464 S P E C I A L NOW WE WILL UPHOLSTER BOTH SOFA CHAIR Si FABRIC LABOR INCLUDED Nothing Down Z4 Months to Pay r - v 7 t ~ - -- ^ ' % ,, "' ! " ' 'y\ »H~ "* NO * ** ( - ' OBLIGATION ' ' " FREE SLIPCOVERS With Each Upholstery Job | Smith Waldman has WBWT tOSSOl tmatt CONQUEROR OF CONQUERORS! TECHNICOLOR ·«*fljfm I n Color Richare* Burton Frerii ic March " A U E X A N D E R T H E G R E A T " C l a r k G a b l a E l e a n o r P a r k e r "KING AND FOUR QUEENS" I RODEO I1GUES HIOKWAY ·· ". In Color Richard Burton Fredrjc March " A L E X A N D E R THE GREAT" Clark Gable Eleanor P a r k e r "KING AND FOUfl Q U E E N S " R. MJtchuni-E. Parker "HOME FROM THE HILL" R. Burton-B. Ruth " B R A M B L E BUSH" \JwcUJohw No thin' like feather-light pannycakes gwimmin' in syrup, with country sausage, crisp on v the outside, juicy inside, to fill a feller fulla good will on a rainy day, But, to ray way of thinkin', there's nothin' like our pan- cakes an' sausage to make a feller fulla good will ANY day-- RAIN or SHINE, 210 West Drachinau PANCAKE HOUSE Open Doily 6 a.m to 12 Midnight Th. StytUt Sporlablt. VerMMn portoble! J56 q . «. picture.- Automatic chonrel equalizer. Tube guard. Finished back. Telwcop. taflr anlerwa. Ti-amformsr-pow^red chtmi,. Security Sealed Cirwih. MAA* «!._ . «··» "i« n«w *hep« of TV--sieek.slim, beau. t.ful to behold! Veri-thin styiing-the most attractive portable you've ever seen. Loaded with extra-performance RCA Victor features ' yet so lightweight you'll want to take it ] everywhere I Come in today and pick one up. / f You Jl probably carry it riiiht home! FOR YOUR BEST BUY O1M A 21" SET ALSO, BE SURE TO SHOP US FIRST OR LAST Smith Waldman Open Daily 'Til N/rte, Saturday 7/7 Six 2550 N. CAMPBELL AVE.

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