Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 19
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*£» A-20-4NDEPENDENT, Study Complaint Against Teacher SACRAMENTO (UPI) -Dr. Everett T. Calvert, chief deputy superintendent of public instruction, said Wednes day that the.State Education Department htsd yet to decide whether it would investigate Paradise High School teach er Mrs. Virginia Franklin. Calvert 'denied an'.'ea'rHei report that quoted him as say ing' a ''routine investigation' chief aide, was acting chairman of the department committee that investigated the was being made of .a new complaint against Mre.'fFrank- Iln. He said the complaint was receiving an .."initial screening" from:. department personnel, who would then decide whether or not to investigate. , The complain, also' aimed ,at school Su'pt. Doran Tregar then, came from a local bus!' San Diego teacher who wrots ths play, "A Cat .Calljji Jesus."- ;; .-.. ; , · · ' . ' . ' ; ' ' . » nessman and concerned an allegedly "obnoxious" sign made by two' of Mrs. Franklin's-students to advertise a dance.' . -. -· Mrs. Franklin drew national attention three years ago after a local group accused her of teaching communism and subversion. Calvert, Dr. Max Rafferty's NOW OflM STEAK HOUSE NEW YORK STEAK . BAR-B.Q CHICKEN. .$! .69 .$1.59 T«irfe««Si .Tluffed I BBkefpolilo OIMH 5 (· » TMI. Ihra Sot. 1473 ATLANTIC AVE. . Df»S,l Cfteese Toail ivllc 2 to I SIM. -- Closed Men. iaiiquet Room Available No Toy Like an Old Toy, Fair Discloses By SALLY RYAN ·AP Buiiiwu Nnri Writer . ? j 5 - . " . · ' ' - . . . , . . ; · · --AP Wlrenhelo ROYAL VISITOR TO CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL · $ Prince. Philip of Britain, .visiting Variety Children's Hospital in Miami on ' Scharity fund-raising torn 1 , chats with .(from left) patients Marina' Sintros of ·'iMiami, James Gibson of Nassau and Marcelo Undurrago of Chile. f '" ' . - " '· .·' ., rince Philip Picketed by Cuba Exiles MIAMI, BEACft (UPI) -Britain's 'Prince Philip piloted a jet^intp Miami oh a mission of : mercy i Wednesday and quickly fdun'd himself picket 1 ed by CubaS'exiles and pursued by .excited tourists. He took -. the development with good humor and said his charity fund-raising tour on behalf · of. .Variety Children's Hospitals '-provided the excuse" he needed for a new visit to the United States. He held a brief news conference after flying in from Nassau. Security measures by federal and local authorities were described as "real tight" for the Prince's visit. i CTJBA1S exiles; carrying ' signs denouncing Britain for trading-with the Fidel.Castro regime,- set up a 'picket line ! across Collins . Avenue in front of the hotel. · ··-...'., Asked 'why ''.B ri t airi'' t rad es '· with- 'Communist '·· Cuba' .anc | North Viet Nam, Philip, told ; newsmen he had no contro I over Britain's foreign policy. ' "I. only see what I see by ; the papers," he "I'm ! not involved. It's nothing to 1 do with me, politically or per sonally. And if I didn't agree it wouldn't make the slight est bit of difference." Philip is a gold-card, lif member of International Va riety Clubs. His appearanc as the featured speaker dre\ about $200,000 in charit; ; ticket sales for Wednesda' night's Variety Club banque in the hotel. NEW YORK -- There's no oy like an old toy. Some of the newest toys nder the tree next Christmas ·ill be the'oldest. Along with batmobiles and ames Bond road racing sets, le nation's toymakers are lowing the toys of genera- ons ago at the 63rd Annual American Toy Fair here. "Hundreds of toys are in- roduced at the toy fair in Jarch, shipped to stores for .hristmas, and there is red nk: all over-Dec. 31," said erome M. Fryer, president of lie To'y Manufacturers of the U.S.A. line: "But same toys, like little ;irls' ironing boards, go on THE AVERAGE toy lives mly three years. But Teddy bears have been n u r s e r y avorites since 1903, the time if "Teddy Roosevelt", who gave them their name. Kewpie, that beguiling imp has been around since 1912. New Kewpie is made o vinyl and wears ah organdy party dress or a sunsuit in stead of the belt or ruffle tha decorated the original. Bu the face is the same. Raggedy Ann and Andj nave not c h a n g e d much either. Still many old stapl toys have changed. Train sets, which once too up half of the basemer^f np 1 fit on a card table. . "... IPS THE model car racin et that fills the basement to ay. About $150 million worth ·ere 'sold in i965,-'and one eading manufacturer predicts ale wiirbe up sharply this ear: .' .. · · ·· ^ ·' The old-fashidned wagon ow has chain drive and can e pedalled; construction sets ave been motorized, and ven puzzles are in motion. )ne company is marketing train, acrobat and wagon puzzles, all with turn ng parts set in motion by a ;ear at the side. . The new top'splits* up. to become a yo.-yo o r - a gyroscope-^as well as' a top. Squirt guns ,come as '"elegant-sized h y p o d e r m i c leedles, capable of shooting a iteady stream of water 20 eet. ; · ' ' . - " . . . - . . - -.· Guns are four weapons in one--a rifle, a pistol, a sub- carbine or a rotolauncher. . MICIdOSCOPES talk. One comes with specimens mounted in .the center of records which r e v o l v e , describing what the young scientist sees through the microscope.' A toy piano flicks on light to show toddlers which key to punch next for "London Bridge." There even is the new math, with flash cards to teach new math addition, subtraction, multiplication and division TORONADO by OLDSMOBILE Y P *^l font! Pfoductioti's up! »«^TM«««a«iiaBa«e««««««aiiaiiaaaai«ii««»««"«TM««*"'"" ?Sbur Olds Dealer is ready to deliver now ';at .a.^ attractive :^v t ia'die0''.1niat's hard to beat! Isn't it about time you stopped eyeing Toroaadr, ... and started owning one? Checked the kind of looks and luxury that helped make Torpnado Car-of-the-Year, hands down? Stepped into Toronado's flat-floored, room-for-six interior^ Sampled its front-wheel-drive traction and 385-hp Rocket V-8 performance? Production has been increased to meet demand. See your Olds Dealer tbdayl . LOOK TO OLDS TOR THE NEW! M Id BI I_E you err laid up by an Nobody o x y a c H fc bi an accident victim. Bui you can't eicape th {pet tha* on« p e r s o n in iv»ry third family will bt a victim of sorn* IcjntJ of an accicW b»foi« anoth«r y«ar rollt around. And with «very accM«nf c o m e s g r e a t e r t x p e n s * 1han iver before -- bigger billi for doctors, and often for X-ray, hojpitqfizotion, elc. Hari'i low-coif" iniuranca ll\ot will brinq a check directly to you when you need it moit. Payi ihe bentfiti shown In trie "Outltno of Cover- age" fof common t v e r y d a y a c c f - denti at home, al worlr, or ichool, whil» on vacation, etc. Payt exfra bentfih for aufo aid p i d a s t r i a n accldanti. And pays in addition ]o any other Insuroncu you may have. Thousand^ nav» a l r e a d y foScen ad* v a n t a g i of iKii R e a d e r Service. We invite you to do ihe tarn*. notntng is as welcome \*as a check from ihe OFFERED AS A READER SERVICE OF THE ALSO INCLUDES '5,000.00 FREEWAY --TOLL RD. Death and Dismemberment Benefits $30.00 $10.00 X-r . $40.00 Haa'mumTolrt p*rs ion SERIOUS accitn-ri ft on r\f\ Total OisabiSly- ·$180.00 JM.OOmo. a-e-nn nn Hciswlal Ejpuise $600.00 J10.00day . $ 10.00 $ 20.00 $810.00 To: Registrar Ajinf Notional' Casualty Co., care of: Independent, Fre»-Telea.ram *04 fine Avc. Lonq leach, California 90BO! $500.00 Owtfi-OisnunibirrMnt Benefit increase! $5.00 exrt month you are insured, cTCn fin to maximum ol.. /DO.UU lirter Dtitri inrl Usability Iiatffic iild for lulo, pidtililin, Irili, iut, jnd othi'rspiclflil iccHiall. IllSIBIUir'-lssued to g» 79. Thoi* y»ho have lost both hinds cr (eet or »ijM c! bolh eyes are not «figiVe. UHITATiaHt-BCTS«ls-*««sit Doctor Bil mi X-ray aftns*-aixvl or»raK jfter 60th birthdi*. No itduction k bentfits first rur- ««tW»IU at optkxi c* Coaifttv- | INDEPENDENT, PRESS-TELEGRAM . - « anc* with Itims of policy. Does not cover accidents in miner in railrojd yard or train except as (are-paying satuniir: warfare, auto rates: hernia; wtult intowsled of unrfer Inlluenti of narcotics; expense item* paid under ' = D W* WMT POLICY IN = FAMILY -- S e n d no 2 money. Poy carrier 6Se ~ each monfh at the lama E time you pay for paper. = Q I NOW SUBSCIIIIE TO = THE INDEPENDENT. = AMIKMt's P FOR EACH ADDITIONAL POLICY IN FAMILY -- Enclote (7.50 Annual Premium with each application. Q I NOW SUISCRIIE TO THE PRESS-TELEGRAM -- A9C PIMie N«.-- (Mo))} S I apply for Accumulative Accident Inmrance to becoms « e f f e c t i v e day policy is issued and dated. I understand that E it take! about 10 days to issue a policy and aa,ree ( I ) to E pay fhs premium of 6Sc per montn- f2) deiigoal* parson = who collects for my newspaper as my messenger to deliver = premium to above office; 13) that policy will automatically E expire if 1 far! fo poy premium when due. insurance does not E cover persons who Hove lost bolh hands ond felt, or the E sight of both eyes. = Atfaresi This h onfy a partial description of p«W» cipal terms tnd proirisiont in Uw pc*c^. (ilreel and No. cr RFD) CCirr, SHU, 1») = E Name one beneficiary, elrher · blood relation* family number w "Eslate" S -- Name »f Beneficiary _-_ ReutttmihTa ... -= (Prlnr fllven nama me "Helen M." and last name) -- TfiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniininiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiifiiiiiiri

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