The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on January 23, 1908 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1908
Page 2
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I WMMII M *W BOt MrtOUtlf Mt ibat who fcivfc dieting duties *Ufetr In the way of bouca- esrcsW la social dutle* and func- rh\*«rlou»ly Us th«lr itrmgth, onlnf notbert. I)r. Pierce'* mo§t af toole and Invlgorst- Mrvlne. By Us timely UM». much . .... FavoritePrescrfp- sproven* great boo* to enpectani ' by preperTos; the system for ths essalBff ot baby, thereby rendering child•Mil tar*, sa»y. sad slmost palnlass. •ear IB mind, picas* tbat I)r PIMM'S ItvorUs Pretsrfptlon Is not a sapyt or •Blent Bjedlcloe, agalast wblcb Us> jMst blsilltwt people an quit* natnrally •wetes, bseame ot UM anotruinty as to fltalr oeuposlUon and harmless ebaractar, te* Is s MBDIOIW or raown OOMPOSI- fjHSl, a (nil list ot all Its ingredient* being —•" '. to plate stagUs*. OB wary bottle- in esess|Ba«Qn of this list of i will disclose *e fact tbat It Is " ' i Its etfipoeUton, ebnmie- -MHhllBB^sa iriVAggaHtM ftgullsaY •f «* ••»FWTwB»s»«wsi 9x9 **** "2 ^^ » ^B* »w of the eejBBMBlr used alcohol. Bjaae*ap. J^i this connection It " •«***»*»%M .j outv of and all», all t»- i PUasant fritofs ears son- MtUsaUM Is tk» esuss of s. 0«p tk* CMS* and yea v— $65 AIMONTH Tlvc Santa Fc railroad, W<xidward, Clkla., has eni- |»loy«-d Ral[)h Hoyt ,il $65.00 a in.nith. MlHlpitt'ji S< lldnl pi H' ••very ^i:tdn;iti-. l-'niull llii inoiilli. DOI.l'H MAUI'JN, Maupin'.s College. Cliillicothe, Missouri. M./beily ;is In i lniine, was .'H ri sled by the idlicer.-. Monday night at the home i.i' i )llie Waller, a young coimiil man ul tlu iity. xVlicn the office is anivcd at the Waller hunie, they found the M< ('oimick ^irl in the same imim with \\ alter, xvlnre she is v .ud t,i have bein living fcr the jiast week. ') he ^irl was placed in tin i al ahoose xvhere she temaimd until I uchday evening. She xxas taken before Police Judge t'nil and pleaded k'Uilly l<>adultri\ and xxati fined $50 and co-.l.s liein^ unable to pay the fine she \x a , committed to the cit) jail f. it r-.!v days. HER NIECE DEAD. Mrs. II. C. Chambers of Jackson township received a telegram Friday morning from Clay City, Kentucky, announcing the death her little niece, Katherine Dani(!-, her sister'* child. \Vlirn tin- baby is cross and has you xvorrird and worn out you will find that a little Cascasxveet, tlic xvell known remedy for babie-. ;md rliildrrn, will <|uiet the little one in a short lime. Contains do 'platen. Sold by N. J. Sxvetland <.iti ('o. This wuiiiiui »ny» tliat wick n HhoiiliI in»t full to try 1/ydlu 1C. J'iukliHiii's V<'jf«tal>le UN Mia did. WIND-MILLS! Rs.y! ---- NOW IS TH« TIMl To put it|i Unit VVliul mill. Conio In lot ua 11^,'uifi with you mi an IMPERIAL MILL Urn l)) mi llm Do not wait null 1 1 your ,mi d K<>^H 4ry. Mer« SstoltM, Nor* F«n», Mor* Pow*r. E. H* —fflWM 4*6. - Chllllcotb*. - Mo. •R.J.E.OALLAWAY Doon « itnnttral pructldi. <!!vuk' eaeotal »tt«ntion to m-mlntf ull Otrotkk ttllimintN. and »ote etpeo- Isily esty illmniiipd ruuilitlon of il><> EVl. EAR, NOSE «n4 THROAT OflH'A' wnll iM)ul|i|.i-i| witli lot«tt> Im•roved paraphernalia. Ciilluml In Oltloi. i.( 1 riHiiin ,»ni HAiik HlHMIi.M. ,\ It. Ofcllll.Milli... M«.. K««lrt<Mio.i I'liuu* No. Null., mil OOloeM, W.W.H PERRY, Hommith •nH<^ Rooms 1 unit 'i WMllfinnin i '• ' ' ' ' : ' 1 I '- -. i I ; I . t i i . \ '. '. V n < i i 1 1 > 1 1 1 j I Hi - .|.i >. i ni 'I mail i.i.i^'- license >" j .t:m - • ). Ki. haul'. n am! Mis.s Maude, In, id ..i ( 'tic;i. Tin; ;;nl 'I'd imt ai eiini|i.inx Ihe > man |.u lln Iji I-IJM- but he handed tin- KicurdiT xx hat purporter to ht a ruiiM ill in \\lilten furm Hum the ;-,|i:iit j;ii 1 s mutllcr, ill uhich she cunsiiited to the mur- iirif,'e nl her daughter, uho is M- lieii \ears nlil, to Kit hardsim. Ihe In nil fjrimm is only twenty and he \va-, accom- 1 ul y Mr«. A. (jrogorv, (»f sf«ftfi f jtwn-nee Ht., Donver, Col., writes to Mrs. I'inkhain : I vrB8 pr». lU-olly an invuliil fur nix ve»iB, on ft«MM>unt o/ /viuulr triiiililrH. 1 uiiitfiiwent in oporvliiiu liy tlio iliirlur'H Hilvice. tint tu a few mouth* 1 nit* wor»e HIKU liefor*. A friend ml- vioed l.yili* 10. I'inkhain » Vt- K rta».U Citrnpouud Slid it restored lue tuperfret hcitllh, iiicli •• ] h»T« uot eujny«(i iu nmuy yenrt. Auy wom»u *uffttri»g «• I did with liKcUaoh*, l>«nving-duwu pain*, mid Pn \t>Ali- p«lo«,«)iniild uot full to UM tydta K. I'tnkhsni's VegeUbU Compouod." FACTS POM SICK WOMEN. For thirty year« LydU E. Pink- M-nt xxhidi xva^ Riven Uecordcr' hstn'n Vegetable Coratnund. made i'...- m -,id.- bv i.«nt,,r u;M> r i» I fromrootSandherbs.iiasWen the^' >n>111 1>y yoil " B K'c''"''^.! standard remedy fof foiualo Ills. | As so " n as ^' r - '!"ston read the andhaspositlTelyonredtboimandHof paper he stated t.> Mr Reynolds GOOD BL MATURES PROTECTIOH AGAfflST The prc:iervati..u of luakh and prevention against entirely dcpi ml. ut upon pure, licalthy blood ; every organ, sinew of t!)cl/<.dy .haws on Una vital fluid for nourishment «•» Poisons, bumoisuiiil (;rrm:4 from various sources often e«ti«M| and Uum this Ki«it lift- sin am becomes a Source of Ibfectfettlt instead of a jK.tirishinj;, health-sustaining 1 fluid. Heredity IV) important factor, regulating the quality of the btood. SomifeM with tainted bKxxl from disused ancestry, and* Scrofula in oasTofi, forms is Bure to crop out sonic time in life. Not only poisoMl arc responsible for disease, l)iit when the circulation ia ran dow* j poor and weak in quality, then we see the effect in a f cue**} of health, such as weakness, sallow complexion*, boil*, ernptiona. All blood troubles require a tonic and btood j other equals 8. & 8. It wry foundation of the tro.,^ every particle of the poison of I the blood. And not only t antidote the poisons, hnmorsi PURELY VEGETABLE _, A> - « « » eriahed blood, and fortifies the I father, [,i| m 1-'. 2 ^ S>S »• ^"""entty cure* Rheumatism, Catarrh.f Scrofula, licztina, Tetter, and all other skin diseases aad oo tbe blood and any medical advice fn«. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO, 4BtlRl, ^ax-f his cons< ut tu the issuance of the li- C( I1SC, l-'riday im lining, 1'. M. I!.> h tou, ste[)-father of the Straight j^irl, went to the oflicc of the recorder and asked to seen tlii - xvrittcn con- woinon who have been troubled with dbnUKttinent.8, Inflaaniut Ion, uloera- tion, fibroid tumors, IrrnrtilarltleH, periodic pains, baokanhw, that l«ar- (ng-down fueling, flatuloney, IndlgeH- tlQn,diulueH8 or uei-youx prost ratTun. Why dont you try It ? Mrs. Plnkhaui Invites all sick worann to write her for Advlcfl. Hlie has sriilded thousands to 11" aci -' a health. Address, Lyun, Muss, , , lilr y ,g Mi. and Mr- W. T. I'md left \\ i iliu dax im i .ihl.n nia, x\ lu n that il xxas forgery and that his xx ife had not given her consent t< the marriage, either in person nr writing 1 . 'J he couple \verc married by Harry Webster, a justice of the at I'tica, Wednesday, Jan- tliey x\ il spend '-cvcral months. Mr. HI stated lo Recorder Reynolds thai lie w.iuld take the mailer up with the prosecuting attuni. v later. DBS. BENNETT I Veterinary SurgeMs •LIMB Ml DM!* (OMerlU Calls promptly aosmred Oar or nlvbt The wont seats* swt si) voeabulary. Offloe Phone No, Ml, nBetdeaee Phew Hsxltt DR. JAS.BEHNETn, D. V. 8 CHaUJCOTHl IfJMOIIM. MEINERSHAGEN FURNITURE PHO NIGHT 153. DAY Rcmdeuee 1.S42 »<«( St. Otlli-c i.luinr. No. SJ1; in» »eo«x- uhutie. No. ^J. All rnllii In •Bkt) CMUtitrv mtkwercd prumpUv <J* •r. Frarcet H. Singer OstMMthle Phnlclin Oflicc and Residence, 504 Wash- iugton street, over .. .... 90NSTITUTION OFFICE, Chiliicothe. Missouri. Telephone 444. Consultation and Examination FREE. . O. W. MSJM*. M. BOAk M4* Brs4h»f4. o. o Ovbtor. Oltrk. SII.K COUO 35c M'Vey^Barclay Dry Goods Co, "NOKTIIWKST MlSSOIIItrs (iRKATKST STOKK." L1NETTE CHAMBRAY. Twenty-five pieces, all Mas? styles and very handsome, excellent wash fabric spring and summer wear TOII.E 1)U NOKI) I In ' .inijh.ini ,ilv. .1 \ ' ;• i •. ' s,i 11 I.n I it ID i oo IP u piii.. Ill h.lll.l 'Mi j,| ill); - ! '. i' . i In . I- , i ! ip. ., pi.i,,| , FANCY WllITi; GOODS A liii'- ot tho-.i- -ilu i r w lute lain u I hat bci;f;.ii de- > I ipl ion. \\ ' n (!s cannot do |ir,I i< i- to tin •,!• beanl.ilnl ^"oi!', 'die "ijuei us nt (In- White ( ,i mil > XM 'I Id." \\ <• liax e in-s t i -,|nn\ n thru i ijiial im daint nn • s ami you u ill mis:, it il' \ ( ,ii fail tu -•ce I hem eaily m tin- week. I In ranj'.c o| xalue . is \\ nli-, the pi im ip il niimhri s, In me/ prii'ed at 151', IQC, 2f)c, 500, «y an«l ' $| 00 J anuary Sale of Commencing Monday, the 20th, I i'. i in ;.| • m ( niinl v la die •, ev p. , I a y i i--.\\ deal I'n.iu n .Im in ;.' this JAN! 'AUY U'lMTK ' \l I , an. I they x\ill not he di 1 .'. appointed. We haxe nevfi - |ient MI much time or money - 1 - xv e ha vi- ihi-, \eai in pre]iaralion for this S.tle. \\'e haxe iiexer shoppi.-d MJ di li^ently, 'h'l-.rn -.11 i an-lully, 01 uneailhed IK h v:ihie«, as xve liave found this )ear in our search for thin)'', in \\ hile. \\'e vhoxv Monday I>V f.H' the hamlsome-.t line of fancy xvhite fabrics - \\ehavee\i-i '.liown dimities, swisses, mulls, batistes, am! la wnsare here in almost endless aiiay u! hand .ome nexv jiatlerns. 'Ihe juices tan^in^ from IOC up d i $1 .00 are as low as xve luxe i vet -..ild i^oiiily nf equal (jiialty. Tlie k'emiiants have not heetiox ei 1- -d, and we offer Monday 1500 ynrds-4O inch India Lawn, a 250 value ............... . 1C* uoo yards-jG inch Slicei Frem h Nainsook, 3oc cent value at .. |Qg 5000 yards I'ariey White Goods, i to (o-yanl lengths, fine sheer or heavy cloths at 5c, 7 i-ac, IDC and 150- yd. PERCALES By far the largest line W*l .•vcrshowii-io,ooo yds, of] some goods, light and grounds with a variety of I tiful patterns, three di lines, priced at IOC, la I- and FINE ZEPHYR GINC \Vt say, without fear of tradiction, that our showing of these good*,; any previous effort m»d«> | Cliillicothe. The pattentjl handsome, the colorings and the styles new—«B i Inning to make i splendid exhibit, typifyjsjfjl highest attainments of weavers art. We price lib* txvo lines at 350 and DISCOUNT SAlJi OFLINKNS. I olliiwinjf i mi- M ,11 a I e i •< 11 mi, »i< will . In Mui/ I hi-, I .iiniarv ilili', »)!.in a illM'.iiiMi of IO per cent frmn r.-f; iilui 1 |n-|i'i". nn nil liiti'ii*. W«i nlli-r l«..|ilv pii-fi-H full l.l.-nrliuil ',:' ii.t-li Tiili'i- I .iiii-ii, in |-.ith<i-ii>> lliiit urn ni'tt iii:il !"-n mil nl |ii'ie>'it al 90c, $1, $1 IS. $1 25. «l.71. *J Man tw.Mitx Ihe |.!.'-..-. In in » ,iK.-r l,!.ni-|.il, M'ni.-li A.ihliiu l,im-n (Jiiud-,, liiiii'1-.niin' (nitli'i IP,, ul fc5t, flOt, $l.25,*l.35 yd. Nil | mi II, tu mill, h UMIII yiinU Mill Ian) T.ilili-. HIIIIKI-.I;. :.', :'' iiinl .1 \.l li-nj-ll,-, jull lili'Hrln .1, .'.ii jiu III-K w nlti nl Hi.- M-I N Inw |n ic.' 25t yd. MUSLINS AT LOWER PRICES \\ e have been able !'• MI m e fur i hi-, .'-.ih a <|uanl i of muslin, both lid ached and unbleached, .d plices, hut X e! V Illlle luidie) lIl.UI ll-lial. \\ i illi r -j.uoo yd unbieaclied I.I. mu.-.hnat sets 1,000 \ d I ' n hi. ai h. I .1.1 mil -tin at 7VJC 1000 \d, "Ixoiy" I'deai lied Mils. :\\J l / t C 500 x !-. St.ind.ird "Jf.ipe" tnu-lin a(H ( ..c i"o>'l- I..HI-.•'.:).' Ki. i iii d inn-. ai i C Al-,o a vi'i \ •'. .-.MI li-li- 'ie n! v -lii.-|s and 1'illoxv 1 '.'•-., ie:n|> m,"!. .it .1 it the OM o| the mal'-i:al THE NEW LACES. 'Ihe I .arc Section of the Big Store is too known tu need comment here. We place OH Monday Morning. 15000 yds. Torchon I.ace-t, matched acts im In - in xvidth, tn \x ((.-uterus and the larg soilimnt xve have i\cr .shown. AH priced fj at Also a magnilicieiii stink of I-'rcnch and \'al-^ in matched set-, priced a$c down to io.) WHITE WAIST PAT TERNS. \n e \t i .mi dni.'ti v b.ii|;.iin sistin^j of hands ime l;n e an.I embtoidery trimmed p.ittetns with Mifliciciit jjooils fur making complete with fancy trim med front 1 ;, collar* and cuff-*, worth from $1.50 to $2.50 each on sale Monday at the very special price of 690 JANUARY SAI.K OK IV! II.1, ICNl) EMHHOIUliHIES. 'I In si lenjjliis hax e |iniveii \tiy pi.pul.n at plevii.n--. -.ales, .'Hid the assortment thi-, x . at '.in pa-si-, any xve hax'.' evi r shoxvn, .',..»«! y.itil,. m all widths.Mid ijiialities, pi \< .-d at h.itf tin ii i ,il value in a i -so;tiii'-nts at _'c, ;,c '''jc 8 i jc, me, 151-, '/sc, pi-ry.ud and up. KXTKA SPl'JCiAL ! !!! * * I'.x a lucky purchase xve h.n. i si i im d foi this .Sale 15,000 yiN. of Afill i'lnd f.inbioidcries. Hand Machine Work alpiiirs l.nvi i than IM- have • -vcjoffcrrd them. 'J In- past fjvc. yrars XM' have been unable to get any hand \voik for our tiaile as I .iiropeail markets have taken every yard offered. This yi ar we were fortunate enough to be in the market on the arrival of an ehgant a--'fitment of these strips. We place them on sale Monday morning at lowt-r prices than xx'rhave ever oliYted work r>f this qualify. EXTRA SPECIAL ! I MUSLIN UNDBW I In- stuck is very all lines while the and prices arc such Is} every number an xalue. One itfcm glW an idc.t of the Stock. 75 Dozrn Corsdl made of fine quality daintily trimmed with ribbon, large asortmcot ol J terns at 35, 35, 50. 7JC |

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