Independent from Long Beach, California on March 17, 1976 · Page 36
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 36

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1976
Page 36
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C-14-^NDEP£ND£NT (AM) ^ TVBUC NOTICE _ NOTICE OF tlKARKO OF PbTTTION FOR PROBATE Caw h'mbrr SOP 2V3T, Superior Cool of California. Couniy »( I^'S AflgclCA. ..'KsL-ite rf EUEN J. BIRD, aka KU.KKBtRD. Nolicf Li hereby k-Hw lhat JBHIK Mihon Bird has fikd a pillion fnr Pn- lute of «ill a»J Lelters IcslamtrJaTy: AWhwizalton In AlmTHiUor unjlor li«c- iKn-kr.t Admtnistralioool Kslates Art. A hcarinJ! MI Ihc above petition Ls w* for March ». 1976 at '.:30 a.m. in DctH. El Rnrni Nn t2 SGITH DISTRICT COURT. Jli W. Ocean Blvd . IIMIJ? Beach. Ttelrr o pcUtino (or further 1-irs. Ual«):Harcb I.IWfi. NorrrE TO BIDDERS Thf l/flg Beach Unified School pi* rirt *ill Tcccive scaled bids in the oftke J Uw Vurctusm^ piviskm, Roora aW dm inis! ral kwi Building, T01 locust Avenue. l/m* Bearh, Cab-'oma, op to II in. March 31. Itf*. for Ibe fo1h-*ini{: Sehed. ftMn-Calrteria t CWl- dren's C'or.icrs Si.iptes twd. *tOlirui.ease ol KDP Dis- j^ay Stations i Printer SptKidcatx-ni and biH (onns may bo bj.nirKil ci the office of Ihe Pm Xvision. [IvH. L SIKDKI H«6frtW. LHil*. Eiqvlre -AtlofWj' at 1 J* 616 \f4p«tt Crol*r D S«lurS5 NewMft Rr»fb, Ci. fub. Mar rt. II. l7.1 Deputy PRESS-TELEGRAM (PW) urt9 a«ach. cam., WH.. March PUBLIC NOTICK PUBLIC NOTICE SatOOLnLTTRlCT n*. MAR1KWKI.I.S. AssiUanl SocrHar Teh Mar. 17. 2,i. I97C l!l) UH NOTKE TO BIDDERS TV \fnti Heacii Unified Siiwol Dis- Iricl viil ifivisv ieakd bids la Ihe office. nf the ISirdu^tu; piviuon, Rom Jv AriciicLsLratiix] Building. 701 Locust Avenue. l/*ii! (texk. Carifomja. op 10 II a m torch 21,1W. for the [oiknrini!: Schcd. # UlA^ A - Lease of Key Punch Machine* Sorter tiofw and hid lomt may he the office uf Che I'Ltrcha LONG BEACH UNIFIED sniOCH. Ill STRICT 8y: MABIE WCI.IS. Asii^ianl Secretary i Mar. i«. 17. ir NOTTCK OF T8V!7TKK'S SALE TJi. No. l-SaoA On Tiievlav. M:trch -X 1971. at I* 00 A M. NATIONAL COMMUNITY AUVI- SOFtS. INC.. as duly app.iL-it«J TrusUt tr.iW nnd pursiiarx lo Ik^l of Tru^ rotirAxl Auj?u«.l £i. IWI, as twl. No. ll:«. ii brwih SH. nf Official Records hi Ihe offire oi [he County PVRL1C NOTICE NOTICE TO BIDDERS . The l.ons bMfh Unirirrl Sdv»H lrk-1 will mm* »aW hhh in Iho oilier ol Ihe I'urchauaE Di\ision. HWMT j\dminislration BuWmc. 701 Locust .Up trae. 1»nR Hoafh, California, tip In phi MarcKM. 1916, for ISp following: St-hpl. IVfK -- Clfaning i Admslln); Snini!'5DI Srtwit. twll -- Rrpair and Tuning «l Hanos Sfhed l'fll\ - Dry Clojiunc Stage Curtainv Window Urapes, O«xh and Tillo* Or%-i'rs .-nitl KtMcrtanm ani Orlhontdic . - . - . I'ails Scho! IW1-A - npanlnft ol Uphol- Srhed. -- (leanuifi Rut 1 -, HaU and Carpets Si-tTif icalMB and Wd (orms oviy be rbljinn[ m tbc offMf of the I'uriliasinj; Divbum. LONG REAOT imiKIKD SCHOOL DISTRICT t!y MARIE WELLS AMisi.inl Secretary Tub. to. 11. miirMllJU _ NOTICE OF rsTTK-VHON TO t'J4GAC.E IN THE BALE OK AlJCOIIOUC BF,VEBAfira March 16, 197G TO W1 1»M IT M AY CONCE UN : Suhircl In i-stunce «f tlc Jicrr.M 1 ripp-u-*! I"* 1 . mJ»r i«. h«TO+»y pu-n Ih-it iho uwkrMRnt^l prinows In sdl nliiih.4ir 1-eM'raprs at tht: premises, dcscritx^l as f^lKM MKi-J Willow Si. l/-«IU-arh Pursuant tn sorn inlmlii-n. Ihe U»!LT- sipnvd is applying ' n ih*. 1 IJcnarimenl frf Aic«4xlio lirveraRe CtnsinJ lor rrf an jlcoholk beTiTaRC hcense for thoe m is fnlkws u-j W1JJ. SKU, AT PUBIJC AUCTION TO HIGHEST II1DDKK FOR CASH Ipiy- .ibli 1 at lirno of ialp in lawful money o( Ihr l'nrt«l Slatpsl in Iho lobby ot Title insurance and Trust Company Annex b*iildjnr M 119 S. Sprinc Strprt. I.OS -tafiples. Cali/ornla. all rwht. title and intrrwt conveyed lo and now held by ii under Mkl IV*d ol Tnuit in the property «iltLil«l in said Coimly anil Slate de- l/us f'i and 27 b Block I of ihc Hill Streel Tracl, in Ihc City of tnr.e Bearfa, a per map recorded in b*yk in. p.iRe l!n ol Map^, in Ihe office of Ihc County Rmmler it said County. Tnc street address and otSer eocnrnon designation, if any. of the real property described above IS purported to D*: 10n S.ifl I Jku Slreel. Ion; Btsch. Calrfornia OrtW. The undersigned Trustee, dusciaims any nahjtity tor any incorrectness erf Ihe street address and other common dpsig- natf^n. K any. shcnra herein. Sjk1 sal« will be made, bet ttilhoul coviTpit or warranty, express or Implied, regarding tillp, fjOuessKX}. or rncutr-braiMTS, to pay uw remaining mncipal jam of Ihe note secnml ly sai.1 need ol Trust, to-wil: $l.^ll.ffi. sritii mtcrrst thereon, as provided tn said ivitr. advances, if any, under the terms vl jakl F)ce.l of Trosl. Ires, charges and npenses of the Trustee :nw of the Trusts rrealrrlhy slid Deed nf Trust. Tie hcnffiriary under s.iid Deed of W177 tlCTlTlOU) BliHN'ESS NAME STATEMENT 7«-»J2 nj person is doing bo anew "TASTY DOSUTS at zmo K. panitc CoaM 11^7 . h-n^ JV,irti. Ca. ««l. Rr-tiett D. Carrwhcrs, lt3W Springdale St., Weslmirjilfr, Ca 92tftt. This business ii roodutlcd by an indi- RORKRT D. CARRUTHERS This sLa Ipmeru was filed vkiih Ihe County Clerk of Us Angeies County oa Feb. ». \TA, . Kcb 21. Mar. 1. 10. 17. 197B(HUH F*tm N«. 13JSOS NOTICE TO CREDITORS OF BtTX TRAN8FEK AND IVTENnON TO a Fide Publk Kalinc I LVTI-.T1K8T ACRKEMf^-T i.Seci. HOUin U.C.C.I Nolke \i hereby given lo creditors ol live »ilhia named parties lh« hulk transfer ar.1 the execution of a secTinly interest arjrpernrnl are ahout to be made on personal property hereinafter de- srnnrtl The name and business address of the prided transferor and intended secured rty are: MARIA RAAB lit Weil (roadway. I/nig Reacti. Califonua VfffL The n.imei and business address of he intended transferees and inlf«kd (elifors. are: JOSEPH ROUSELL and MXRINIA ROUSEU. Km Teresa. Wesl Coviru.Calilnrrja 01790. That the personal prncietly pertinent hereto is described in Eeneral as: l hc-reUifirc exccutnl and delivered written DctLaratxw in llie mvtrrslKa f rVfaizll and Demand For !%alc-. .nnd a ritten Notice, of TVIauH and ^octhjn ID Sell. TV undersigned caused said NNirp of Pefauli and Klecllnn to Sell tn he revordcd in Ihc rouaiy *ticrc the rc^l pn-iKTlyls Dafwl- kicatwl. ary IS, - NAT10NAI.COMMUNITY ' . l- February IS, I RKSTAl'RANTS. INC. J. K H I C J E N S K N Or'AUTOMOBII.K Ki4Kt \*. hereU' Riven pursonn* to Ndliiini 3071 ami 3»?Z of the CJvil Cm!e of (^ S^lc c.r CjiidHTii'i the undcnipwd. U'ray Itsinard IJor-sky. 2122 linden A\r lxifi Bearh. rv*ai1y itf l^s An- i:rle*. Rare of Califwnli !«*!. v-ill sell at puHk- ayrtkm, al 2122 Linden Ave., hwH teai-h. Ca.. al H a.m. nn ft ml ay. l)\p 1fthday of llnrrh. Itfi-. ih.- f«.lVi«itx .iLjnnKttiilc (n wit 1M Mrrt-uty. Unlnr No GVATIIWT^T, l-kcii-4 1 Nn iSl.ih-l ILOGtWU/wisiarwi.J Saitl Mir is fir the ixirpos*. 1 -f ^iii^r- iag lirn of 1he uncrersiKned f»r S^aw ti^ritter ttiih costs of ndvcrtiiiiii arnl i^Tvtw* of salr lUixtlHioyhdayoiMarHi. IMS. WRAY IJ.ONAIWI1KN5LEY rut) Mar. 17, IMfillUUI .MJVISOIIS, INC.. as Trustee, !l»: T l . : _ . - :'." AM) TKUST COM I'ANY. By: BARBARA IAIIKRTO Materials. suaJws, mrrrh.nDdise, ffiuin- rnMil. ara) is located at KANSAS nKIJCATFSSK.N. l1 West llroadway. l/mg liearb, California. That the place where the Kemn de- ifrjhrd bulk trarjfer and (Keciitinn o* a somrity ial/resl airecmeat is intcnoVd n hie pf-nsumniaW ii at the office n CKAMKRCY ESCROW COMPANY. 3(711 W «h St IfA Armeies. Caltfonua 90020. 'H- after ]".« a n. April fch. WK. Si far as is bviwn in Mid parlies, the ilkiwin,; addJiKHul buiioesi names and addrwet used by said v*r\iti within the . 1 * 1 yr.irs Lriil p.i%t are: [ty said inlrndcil l/anIcrof: NONE. Ely s»li) blcMMdrhtnrs: NONE. ttjlMi: March fth. 1?I6. MARIA RAAJ1 JtXSKE'll ROUSKl.t. VIRGINIA R GraraeTtir rK7l Wes tiro Nona: w TSi-Kreirs BALE N*,D \W2 Oa AH IS '3W. al 11.00 o'clock A y . al the SpnnR Street entrance of the IU11 of Justice, ia L« Angrle*. California. SECURITY PACIFIC NATIONAL BANK, as duty jpoointed trustee under Ihe deed of trust dxed October II. 1973 nvwie by Samud A. Cai\iT and Beverly Calvin r-xotded to Nwembcr 1. ivn. in birtk T»22. page 636 of Official Records m the office oT the Cocnty Recorder 4 l/5 AntHes Cflunty. California, by rea- «« of default in the payment or pcrform- tce of obbealions secured (hereby, a ntKt (·/ fMnuX arx] Kleclion to Sell L'ndrr TVcd o4 TnfJ hiavinE been recorded is provioVd for !· law and rnore than three noftth-; having elapvd since sixh i-ordaiioQ. ^ill wll al puHk 1 noction to c tijtheil Mdder for cash, payable in wful tmjoey of the United Slates nf America at lime of safe, wilhout covenant or warranty raprewd or imptinf at to till*, poeseuwo or encumbrawn, the ir.rerett convej'td to and rvw hen by it under ukj deed of (rust. Ln and lo the property in Los Anceies County. Statt of Oli.orma. devribrd as: The Westerly T2 feet of 1/4 IS, BJocV C in Tract 3062, measured aloty? the souiheriy line thereof. a per nap recfflrdffi in Book 21. Pa«e 176 o( maps in ihe ofce of the Recorder w an ctMjcly, Thf street addrrs* and cxher commoci designatloo, if aay. of the real property nbrd above i» parported to be: IT*) . Wesley Drive, Long Beicb. Ca!i- 'nrnia. The tndmigwd Trustee diwtaims i p IwDiLjiy 'or any incorrectness of the Mirct address a%J other common designation, if any. shown herein. Said sale HiJi be made lo pa\y the igatKinii wcun?d by said deed nf trust inctiidrig afl costs, fees and pipecses of tru^fe and of the trust crealeu by said deed of Inisi: all susu exprndM under Ihc (cnns of said deed of, not ibeti repaid; and P.tW.'i remaimnj! princiral t-l the note senued by said xa of Irml. *Tlh interrsl from December I, 1971 u in uk) note provided. Dated March 5.1776 SECURITY PACIFIC NATIONAL BANK. a s* Hy LE5WLS W. UcHUUXN Real Esrate Officer Mir. I7,«,3I, l?^aiLBT Ceineierms and Mausoleums fe.^ODdlS ALVEY, Flavian Sheclar/StricklinMortu- ary. 426-3365. BARTLETT, N a o m i , Buffum. Service today Wednesday, 1:00 p.m. a t h e D i l d a y F a m i l y Funeral C h a p e l . Pacific Avenue. 1250 BENSON, George K. F u n e r a l s e r v i c e s Wednesday, 1:30 p.m., Iakewxd Fourth Ward Chapel, 17660 South Carp i n t e r o , B e l l f l o w e r . Spongbcrg Mortuary directing.. BURKE, G r a c e Myrtle. Resident of Bellflower since 1942, passed a w a y in Ixne Beach. She is survived by sons, John of Las Vegas and Donald of Washington, D . C . ; daughter-in-law, Jean Burke of Phoenix; granddaughters, Kaaren Zavala of Anaheim and Grace Hester of Garden G r o v e . Service T h u r s day. 10:00 a . m . , Meaghers Colonial Chapel, Bellflower. 925-5536. F o r m e r l y of A k r o n , Ohio. D i e d suddenly Sunday. Survived by sisters, M r s . Mercedes McGuckin, Agnes Malone, of Long Beach, Mane Malone of Akron, O h i o ; nephews, H u g h McGuckin of Phoenix, Arizona, Mark McGuckin of Hunlington Beach. Mass 10:30 a.m. Thursday, at St. Bamabus Catholic Church. Visita- ion all day Wednesday. Sheelar/Stricklin M o r t u - iry Directing. 20 0.000 CASH Of Icrnw. Tier no 01 737, Oia/v. Row B by the Penauiom Sunnvth* Mdinofevm 47ZS Ch*rTY ,, J-SUBv, 1 " ""--a"*1 ^ Av«. LB. 4J2-n*S BEST LOCATION IN HOSE HILU riol» IrTskv Terr»c« Garten 167. · LOTS SW* Dv SWc, O]lv*i. Westminster P*rk. Pvl Ply. n4-5M-1 Gerdeti Ol : Memorial 1.TS 50 FREE ClGARET-f Ei _ . for a smoke. If you M*(OUV~ Iv want to Jh» wrwklno. fry INNER WISDOM SMOKING CLINIC' Through Irled 3, pitiven methods *w can aurit you ,n your cf«lre not To smoke, utlllrlng powerful aversion conditioning technique*. ttoof ° n ^!«" d ' For addilrOrul Information caJt ·43(H)812. iREEH HILLS 4 ChOk* tots, will setwately. Pv* rtv *J1-«*0 M A R T I N , M i l d r e d , Mottell's Mortuary. 4362284. Cremation Pub Mar. -X 10. 17, ISTC fin LBT NOTICK OK TmrBTEK'B 8AI.E On April 21. IflTfi, at Ift.ffi A M . . TlIOklAS E REEKS, ESQ . as duly ap suh*litutrd Trittlco under and 1 In IVcd of Traul Ko^emlKT '£1. nxwded (k-lnber i. IbA. . fisl. Ni. Wl. ra ho.* T H i l l , . e SL^. of · . 'lib Mar, 17. 1976 [111 U1I , . law olfim of |{AROU) 0. ADAHS. »3». lleach. ni.i N*. SKPttlt ,- rim- l'«urt of ihe Sate erf Ctffer- . K- ihi'CiHinly of l/« Angetes. In IKe KaiU-r of Ihc Estate of MARY -vrirw iK LN THE SALE OK AirOIKlLIC HKVKRAfitX M.irrtilS.lWfi TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Siihicrl lo issuance of Ihi 1 ticetse .ilH-hid [nr. n-4K-r is hereby Liven that ihc und»T«.ir.nnl pmjww-, to sell nlcvholk le\-iTaKCS at llc premises, debfritxd as MKiws. 1 1-31 Kim Avenue l/m«Ek'3ch(IM Par^iant tosik-h intention. Ihc un-tor* ying in ihc Oiurt.menl of cJ for Ksuaiwc X 31 nrc»Wic ht-verafie lirpnv IK LK-M* t'TCtll i ses as {ntliws: ON SALE GENERAL E-Vte PuliRr Eating Place) ROM AN IV. INC. KKTITIOUSBI.SINKSS NAMESTATEMt^TT Tin- fiJVmwK persons an- douitj busi- TRAKF1C JAM at dM l-oofi Beach 111 f»ni;llr.ich. Ca. · Mary Kllm McRrftle. l»r» Fanwxxl. liflCB.-jch.Ca WI5. Mary [AJ ftlman. l*H Kanwioil. l^Hi^ltc-afh.Ca.WIS. Tins bus'jeis ii eoorfik-tcd b-/ Hrn»-r.U pa M nrr ship r.U pa M nrr ship. VAHY K. McBHIDE Thu iliirmcnl *as lUrd »ilh i i'ou:ily Clt-rli cf l^s Augrk's Crtn. [ Mar 1 IJTS I'uh War. 10. II. .'I. .'I. If'Th ill) LRI Hefords In the nHwe nf iTwOjii ly Heforrtcr o( IAI Anijelf 1 ! Citunty, ·rf ralLfiiniia. W1M, SHU, AT VI . Al'CTION TO HHIIIKST llllWFR KOR CASH [|My.iM« at Inr.e of J-,ile in LiMul r.inry i-J ihe Lmlnj Sl-ilMl al «;tsk!e Irrvnl lo 3'W Vr'iJshlre EWihy nrd, l^s Angeles. C.ilifnmn. all rigW. illi 1 and wlerest i-or.veyod In ;iw1 rm*' xHi] by il Mete r said lw»1 r{ Trasl in tho ·n,jvrty silitilrd Ln wkj Oouiljr and I/i1.s I nnri 2 tn Hlnck t of Stnkn and Uwts SobftivHwi of Villa Block* 13. II. 15 and It»( Tcv.no4l/xitf Ko.irh. in the City of |_onj; Ik-ix-h, as per nup rpcontrd in Honl Ji, jvino 01 of Mlwllanmi 1 ; KtYunts in 1hr ollrvc o( Ihc rWHitrr nf saVl nnir-ty The slrocl aiklrrss .itxlolhfr cnminnn MXI. if any, of the properly .1 above is purported to he: LOW Mr1le h^nk Ikarh.CalKwrJa. The iimimipwdi substrtulod Truslix- disclaims aay h-ihilily frvr any nvorrcvt nt-ns o( ihf MTKH wMrrss ami mhor common designation, d any. shown hvnv n tttil, Tv^inJiTig lille, noM'SH*i. ur ooajmhrwKf/i. lo pay iKr rcmaiiirn« ·rirKipjl s'jm of thr w»e Hfurrd by s-i«l kvd of Tniil, tfrw-it: $1.25].U. »ilh l«vM Ihrrron, JS provtdo.! in said 4f, arfvanrrs, if any, nink-r the U-rms ol snW fVfrl ol Trusl. livs charges .IIM] eipnuts o( the sdhstiMn) Tnidfc J1I of 1be inisls creaifd by s-ikl TVvd ol Tnnl. The Ivncficury under sjtf flood of TruM hon**fr,re rxmitrd and riflivrrvd o (hr untkrsifinnl a urillrn IWIarJtkin i-f IVfaiJl MM Dotr-.inrf for S.ilt l . and J wriilrti NfttK* of rVf.intl and KJwIiMi to Soil TV undrnifput! caused saw! N«tuv 4 IVfault and Eke lion to Sell (o he wnnlrti in the county wtn'rv the rr.d 'nxvrly is lot'advl. TIIOMXS K.'RKEKS, KSO a\ naiil Tm.Uv 'StilMiiuU-rfi llyTTI(*S. K K K K K S ,\ i Jhnri7«l Si^OJtu n- 1Mb 17. 31.31.19KJ1U.I MOKN aV-i MARY ACNES MOEN il MAFtY A. AHNOU1. IVccased. Nvitirr is hereby given to erediltrs haunt; rbirr.s ,i;.iina Ihe s-iid deccAr.l tn IHc s.iid rbims n the oflktf ^ .Ibe rlerk of the afwi-^M cr-urt i«- U pfesci^t 1b«n lo the u:krsip*d al thi 1 nifx-e (A I'AYER A JOHNSON. 3711 N«R lU-.x-li , Stiile liilfi. in tbo City of Un^ llearh. in the afmvsaid tVnarty, wtkb hl1er 'J\\cr K thr place of business of ihc uniSc refined in all Binlti'rs perl.iininK tn said estale. Such rlaim* wilh Ihe ihffSMry vouchers ir.iisl he filed or IK-esi-nHil -i« aforesaid within f«ir nonlhs allrr Ihe first pubcalka o( this . IJTfi. niiupn. MOI--S ol Ihe Estate 1 1 :"NoficiT Oil! NOTICE OF SAI: OK HKAt I'ROPKBTY AT PRIVATK SA1.E N». M) P Kin In Ibe Superior Oxirl of the Suic of California for tbf Oxinly oll/w An^etos. Ihc Matlrr o( Ihc Culale of JAMKS .._ :r^tCE PtTMA-N ika JAMKS C I'UTMAN.IteCMwd Nottcr isherrtiy tisrolhat the undfr- npivJ wll .«4I a! Privjle u)o. tn the hi«bcrt nd best bWttrr, wih}«l tn roo- (irnutkHi ftf jakl Supfrw Court, on or ' the 20th day of March. 10%. at the ,ROLJ0., -- ' Courty otl^s AnEdrs, State o/ California, all the richt. Wle aixi trlrrrsl erf utd deceaHd at the time of dtalh aid nil thr ririil. Utk ami inlcrrsl that the rutatf o( saw drctasod ha^ anjuircd by opfralion of law or odtrrAisc «her LHan or in addilioo lo thai of said dwraiwl. at Ihe linw of death, in ami in all th* ronain real pTDWrty sil tuud in I he Ci ty (A I TM« ltacV Coualy of l^» An«rks. Slate n( Cnl-tumii. particuiariy dcscribwJ as W- Vnn.ln«i1: I/.I 77 of Tmrt IW5 as per Map rft-oolrd in Bnok 111. I'asci TT to (7 Irk hisivr of JWar^. in ihe olfire d the Cixjity Hcx~o«JcV of siid Courty. Mwr rotDMCiity kMWH »*: Wit HaroJ SiR^H, Ijang lieach. Caiiltir- rli. Trrrr.s of s.ik rash in lawful nx-on 1 of Ibe Unilrd Hatw on ol snlr. or |vu1 rash and ha lance e\-)dcncrd by !.*· -wTurc-d b) Mortgage or Trial tcfd . ihe pniwrty v sold. Tm TXT cwl of acvunt bta lo be denwrtrd wilh Nd. Pid^ or otic n Vi oe in writing a nd wiH rvcei\td al ihe afortMld office al .Iny ...ik' alter iHe Drst pubticalion hewd .in! befnrv i)jl« of sale. [)^,\I thif 9*h day of March. 177t WNONAMcCUNAIIAN Adniini»tratis of the Rotate nf «id Docrdenl. I j* (HFkr* W Har*U 0 A4jmi AtUrary ftr AJmI^*tr»lrU Uftl IMK Bevt RN4- !Ute IXQt CARROLL, T h o m a s R a y m o n d . M o t l c l l ' s Mortuary. 436-2284. C A R T E R , K s t h e r [lelcn. Age 74. Passed away Monday. Survived yy daughter, Jane Minikus; 3 grandchildren; sisters, E t h e l Lennen, Mary Leonard, and Ruth Denny. Services Thursday, 10:00 a.m. B. W. Coon Funeral H o m e , 10th Obispo. PRUITT, D a v i d Charles. Age 20, of Artes i a , graduate of Garr H i g h School, passed away March 13tn. Sur- v i v e d b y f a t h e r , W i l - liam, J r . : mother. Lillian; brother, William, I I I ; and step-father, Oliver Mead. Graveside services Wednesday, 1 : 0 0 p.-m. Rose Hills Memorial Park. Chapel of Memories, Norwalk, directing. 23 SUNNYSIDE CREMATORY The Only Crematory In Long Beach IMMEDIATE CREMATION $250 Announcements RAMSAY, Patterson t . Puh. Uar L7.21.31. Apr. 1. i IJKE AND ACODtJJT AND HtJM.Tll .SVNWWH OK T11E ANNUAL STATEMENT- VKAR KNDKDOECEMHKR 31. ]»B OK KT,\NT)ArU MUTUAL UKK !NStlt\NCE COMTANV Kfc A Vfrmoct 8*rwi*. 1 -awrttwr, Kansas «OM Tttnl .Til.-nillrtl as*vl3 IP3CC 3, IjiK ?iil liabihllrs ll'aRi- 3, lon« 2fi) I'lUisiiximl luncls luirrrfiul d'auc 3.'l J)K 29B1 Gain (Nissl (mm ork-ralkxis d'jj;c I, Ijnc3n Inrn-nwd^rvaiC) In Capital -ind Siitjiliis (Uinnsl315(P3ilc3. UncSn. I3T5 minus LOTH n Insurance In Fnrer: Natlonwxk aw IS. IJnr 22. Col. 10 - Whole iMkinl ruin.ic ri Accident ami health prrmhinis - nrt (Urw IM. Schedule iLOJ. l [J In-Jiratvt 1 in Force: Cnliloml.! tUiiiin-sf. r»\:v atKt Iwatth THx-miiims · Din-rt 1 n Harness Papc (I Jtw 2S. Col 2). NOIIW.VN B DANIELS I'nb Mir IS. Itl. 17. W. Ifl. I rU'IUrK'NOTTTK ITRE.IC Nonrt: C H A R M I C H A E L , G l o r i a H. R o s a r y Wednesday, 7 : 0 0 p.m. a n d P r a y e r S e r v i c e Thursday, 1 0 : 0 0 a.m., both at Luyben Family Mortuary Chapel. Interment, All Souls Catholic Cemetery. Mortuary. 436-6201. Amy F. S n i v e l y ROBBINS, Margaret. Private services w e r e held. Directed by B. W. Coon Funeral H o m e , lulh Obispo. SMITH, Clariece A. Survived by husband, Wallace S m i t h ; s o n , Benjamin Smith; neph- e w , K e n n e t h B a b b . Family services w e r e icld Tuesday, 3:30 p.m., S u n n y s i d e M i s s i o n C h a p e l . S u n n y s i d e Mortuary Directors. 35 LEARN TO MEDITATE! IncreaM Your toncfntrt Ion, llawMori Erww. Dcv**M Your Pivthk Abilities. Cl«us Slartlno Mow. B Wkt- 115, C«ir {7(31 UM9I6 BLOOD DONORS MonVf* who haw hod Rh b»Woi wanted! Qualified donori paid t* 200p*?wVVC*H MD L*b», 2l3 -BLOOD DONORS- TYP« AB w Rh AntitodlM wanted Qualified Donor* Paid MO To WO per wV. tor Irrfor call. MDLABS 7IJ-M9 C O U N T R Y M A N , Joanne. Sheclar/Strick- lin Mortuary. 426-3365. GRAND ALL, M a r g a - r e t J a n e . R o s a r y Wednesday, 7 : 3 0 p.m. MoLlell's Chapel. Funeral Mass Thursday, H:00 a.m. St. Matthew s Catholic Church, directed by Mottell's Mortuary. STEVENS, E t h e l [Demise. Services Thursday, 2:00 p.m. at the First Brethren Church. Directed by B. W. Coon Funeral Efome, 10th Obispo. WATERS, G l a d y s Edna. Service Thursday, 10:00 a . m . M o t t e l l ' s Mortuary. Incorrs Tax GENE L SPRATT Your irtcnne lax accourtafil tor 25 vean. Call anvtlm* for an aoooJn m«nt Fn O»K ontce or In vour horn* 4M-42J1 nwm R*C*ive CoocefnM fznsir You S«v» £i!rtV. ..... AMERICA'S re»- "Irvhom*" Income -- -lax expert will c*ll on you at you ujnvenleoce wten you dial 2S-A7i lax INCOME TAX W Ye*ri Experience- Your or my office. Bill Lktvwr 433-16*3 or W-rr02 ACCURATE Computerlred Servlce- Your Home Or Win*. D»y O NKstil Ov TAX CORP OF AMER CULPEPPER, Otho. W. Ace 80. Passed away Saturday. M e m b e r of the R.E. Dolley Lodge Vo. b l f i , Sea] Beach, K A M . S u r v i v e d b y wife, Enid; sons and daughters-in-law. E a r l and Shirley, James and Linda; sister, Lois Bradfielil: 3 firandchildren; 1 jreat grandchild. Service Thursday, 10:30 a.m. with Rev. Mel Krug officiating in Patterson Snively Chapel. M o r t u a r y WOLL. Frank Nelson. Survived by his wife. Alma Woll; son, Larry Woll: daughter, M a r y [ou Hatch; sister, Betty Osborn; two brothers. Robert Peyton, Jr. ana John Woll; mother, Mrs. Glen Woll; 3 grandchildren. Masonic services will be held Thursday, 3:00 p.m. at the Dilday Family Funeral Chapel with liixby Knolls No. 5H9 F A M . D i l d a y Family Funeral D i r e c - tors. 1250 Pacific A v e - nue. INCOME TAX AT HOME Any flm«. Exper., digreed counlant 976-2343 Ltccnwid. Bonded £ HeaionsbfB home or our offfr*-? dav 7 or S91-D64 Save T!me . . Registered. Bonded. W5-37S1 DOWNEY INCCWE FEDERAL Silt* Tax. Long For »S No Un 714 554-7M3 ABORTION Surgical Procedures Pally 9AMSPMWON.-SAT ..... FREE PREGNANCY TEST e C«n Hrtp. Fr*« Counseling. dual. Med. Rnourc«« by M.O. Se«- lalljt*, ivalmy L Secure fulwp. ISRedoooo Ave. Sulle B. L.B. . 24 Hr Care «WW1 549-5100 Health Care Cowsetors WHY PAY TO FOR AUTO INSURA n with a bJid drlvlntf ' I x«^l « SOTI. wr«klf»« ·arlvlno. dccfcferrlf or Ikiieti. I «n v*rlf« vour- Insurance for a ImMrrJnonttUy amounl. Pleaie call for eatlmale. NooMnMllnn. OARYWOPE X OWA. 13031 San Anfonto r Norwalk. Call). ._ HIM M3-57M or ?I3| LIVING TOGETHER ? BE MARRIED LEGALLY NEED MONEY? 1 WILL SELL YOU RCA'R"; TRUCK, VAN OR CAMPER n 11 a.m. 8 J most modal*. LEGAL MARRfAGE WOW- No blood lest aduJH llvlrsi-«»»th- er. CertirkaJe l»pe g 1 v»0r- «M BJ - tlful Lafayette Wedding Ch4pel r l4O Linden. L.B. Goes!* alkw^ad-.Low coal. 437-3313 or .l)V£006 SPAY NEUTER PREVENTION IS KINDER THAN S ESTRUCTION. SPAY LTER VOUft PETS. FOR COST SPAY OR NEUTE CALLTOO-UI6 OR LOW TER INFO LONELY? BORED? NEED FEMALE COMPANION- Call 1 ?" ?I3)S«JSII (Ccotloentlalt MISSING SOMETHING? TRY THE GREAT GETAWAY Closed drojlr color TF, mirrors. king beds. Quiet B. Cory XI 590] PREGNANCY TESTS 1350 PINE AVE 5W554 fountellno to** urrw^fitod pretin4n- clev Trained Mgd pervxvwH. Llc^ WE BUY, SELL loan MONEY on diamonds or anything of vaK«- We rnalu [mu ABORTIOK COUNSELING MALE i FEMALE; , STERILIZATION,^, (2131 *3»-?1U THIEVE'S MARKET The Btx.t CapJtol ol the World ="-8. Acme "S~-- A - - ' ~'- Business Services 39 WILL PAY P*rt of ofika exMmcs In return for handling prione rn«^- dSKilt- 2IJ?7^«04Mr. CMYtfaniS R4R Secretarial ! PCH, tB. 434-6J9 Service, TWO E. Greetings 1EJTK.I--DI l.lltl^iii II/U2 HI l«.»2 -16.IKjl.UX) u; i r.iiiliimi^il^iliris'l^w'ii'jiioayCoi'i] * Wi' htTchy rcrtily Ilw aluwf ilrm ar.' ir Kcorrlanr,; uilh Ihc Annual Slalrmon fur IK' Mr IWcml.'r 11. l'.iri made lo Ihc liiMiriihv riumiii*loTHT of Irli' Sliiti' r4 C':ililimi.i. l-urMUlit 10 l:iw. j IXINCK.UK ERRETT, William Arthur. Survived by wife, Virginia V . ; daughter, I r e n e M u l h o l t a n d : grandchildren. Kim and K e l l i e M u l h o l l a n d ; brothers, J a m e s a n d J o h n E r r e t t ; sisters. Ann M c t z a n d Sarah Griffin and Marie Crise and May Criner: mother, Susan Errett. Mass 7:30 p . m . Wednesday evening at St. Athanas i u s Church. H u n t e r Mortuary directing. _ Funeral Directors 10 ARRANGEMENTS mad» lor am PLACEMENT AT SEA ot Cr*m«fod remaim bv famll' r«*r«*entAtlv* or Llceniw c«rn« ierv broker. $250.00 Include* removal from oroate. L.-V or Orano* Co. FUtno o* all necessary permlTj. K eligible, iefmburiemwTtt mnv bv madi througli VJk, ood ex- Social Securlh Adml nhst ration. Call about our "Delixe N*^d" Prooram. FREE REGISTRATION Call (213) 867-1778 3ELLFLOWER MORTUARY 45 DOROTHY K WAGAMAN HELLO FrtOM LO(JG REACH »46PE I IF NOT YOU , HEAR I HELLd lU. HOME U TY W. HELEN HAPPY BIRTHDAY ClHXfc Pe^tfi HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO... THEUVENOERS FORT WAYNE, IN LOVE, JUMIE In LA i ' ' -- ' -- · · -- ' CI 1 Brentwood Savings I and Loan Association and Subsidiary ·: «v ! Condensed Consolidated Stalemonl ol Condition' December 31, 1975 ASSETS Cash. coriilcnlOi ol .incJ U S government aowx:y ob! rjiil-ons .. . . . Other iri(irkolib*G socuril.OG Loinc tind rc.ii OSMIO Logins on osl.uc secured by lirw Husl deeds . . . . . . . Loans on col.ilc owned for dcvetoDnxKil Loans csuie . . . ContrirCTr. ol s^iie ol rtMi wf.ile MoO'o homo to.ins F ioperly iniprovonicol lo.inb . kxin-j f'L'.l: t'L.l.lK' urdi'f dcvi'ionn'ivM HtMl Cl.l.lli 1 .U'niii'Od in jlMVi"!'-! Ol -O.liV, He.ll O^jru f.L 1 d for invui.Urv-nl 1 t'V.. ,|l : O;\.inL c lor iv lim.llfd ! osro r . si 'Cured hy ;^H-PIJL. .icf Oii-i!:. A.TrijiHj nipreil ri\ O'v.ih't. 1 Homo B.nV :,ievk P. iv rri'Tif, mio soccvxl.i'v reserve 0' I'-o 1 S.ivmQS .irxl L\in Ii5nr.i"cf Corpor.iH-'n Ar.'.iK"kit on nrofT-iifiC"-. .rrintliiv) lurni^irp ' ^1'jror. and .'(in.! nont. 11*55 accnniuiaieddL'p^o\-iai'Ln Propi«l I'tponr.o: ,irxl other assets iO!AL. A::.;;ns LIABILITIES. RESERVES AND CAPITAL S.ivncjs ai"CCi.nis ,.'-VL" J lmeni cerM c.iio-.,) F : «!i?ra' I'om.' L.O.I" B.i'-k ,invai\'i ; '. Ol-er rxjrui payjDO Olher lull: M.a', Henu'.ilory ri»,ervi% Resowos unci v.dLXl proi.:s,nKl jt^niee stoi-k TOTAL LIABILITIES. RESERVES AND CAPITAL 1 Coox*X t' !· r j ro^ y J'O*TX! n 'i "V' 1 t*' n\«rxj .iv.i»v uOO" i^lui'iJ 1 I ] ( { · S 33.180.422 711.643 J333.047.270 447.315 1.219.791 156.820 2.856.653 . . . 1.704.729 527.079 5.373.866 2.266.159 29.198 347.628.880 (356.990) 347.271.890 1,569.141 2.809.007 3.694.200 3.155,917 3.362.311 1.267.932 S397.012.463 $310.414.425 42.559.166 2.891.888 12.475.316 1,004.475 27.667 193 S397. 012.463 FISCHER, B e r n a r d Francis. ( 7 0 ) Of Lakewood. Survived by wife, M u l d a M . F i s c h e r ; d a u g h t e r , Dolores t i r u m m c U ; brothers, 'aul and Louis Fischer: sisters, Christine Girard i n d M a r y Rossbach; grandchildren, William )., Linda. Julie Kay and R e b e k a h B r u m m e l t . M e m b e r H o l y N a m e Society and St. Vincent DePaul Society (or 30 y e a r s . Funeral M a s s Thursday, 0:30 a.m., St. C v p r i a n s C a t h o l i c Church. Luyben Family M o r t u a r y F u n e r a l Directors. Long Beach Colonial Mortuary Service To All People 591-8708 17M California HEL1.O FROM PATTY PETEYANDRON TOASTIE L ABBEY AND JUNQ ft PEPPER. HOPE ALL IS WELL IN THE CITY BY THE BAY1 Personals 50 ABORTION-BIRTH CONTROL Frv* Prcgnanry Tctilng Tuba I· L l«u I kx--Va i*dom Y SUNNYSIDE HOFFMAN, Survived by ·in-lT L u e l l a . daughter and son-in-law, Agnes and Jack Bearsley; a Kranddaughler, J a c q u e l i n e M a r i e . R o s a r y Thursday, 7:30 p . m . DeYoung-ArtesiaMortu- a r y Chapel. Requiem Mass 9:00 a.m. Friday, H o l y Family Calhohc Church, Artcsia. Final resting place, All Souls Cemetery, Long Beach. DeYoung Aricsia Murtu- arv. 8fi5-\2M. CEMETERY -MORTUARY CREMATION -CHAPELS FLOWER SHOP m C H E R R Y AVENUE LONG BEACH. CA «ofla; phtONE (313) fit mi _ Wtwievw voiw f a IKVKH. irvev* we heri lo hefo -Apcare -Birth Control Institute -Calif Abortion Council For krtrrMdlal* mlllAoca In c C^Mhxnla't rkmt l*mlly plj lAClmln. ull: ORANGE CO. (714)v5i-3500 KESSEL, R o b e r t . Sheelar/Stricklin M o r t u - FAMILY Funeral Directors SINCE m tAKEWOOO LOS ANGELES (213)233-5123 LOWEST FEE Do Your Own DIVORCE morteli's moctuARy K1SK, K a l h e r i n e M a r y . Service Wednesday, 10:00 a.m. Mottell's Mortuary. KRUSCHKE, A l e x a n der F. SheelartStricklir. Mortuary. 42tt-3365. E. Third Long Beach WESTMINSTER MEMORIAL PARK 313-431-4577 ADOPTION r Home or Our Otfict Bankruptcy -- 439-9007 -- THE DIVORCE PROJECT DIVORCE WEDDINGS $20 BE MARRIED LEGALLY NO BLOOD TEST H Adult! Living Together 43OOB13 GET MARRIED LEGALLY NO BLOOD TEST IF ADULTS LIVING TOGETHER y»-791j_. R 1ST-AN woman ujn · r.n pc r J (or , Pouibhi r nmrry. Pt 15 W*-9I ·EH Houw every Sal, I lo 5 PM. Jum#T~ov* P)vc.he r«4d«i to s*v« you. Unlv«r»jil Tru1hC«otor. 1120 "Ine, ADULT MOVIE RENTALS AUTOINSURAN Driver Lk R e % « _ _ Tftfrw. 1904 Cherry. AUCASION W w- dc" IK tor POB S«J LB * FARM to djnca. Frl«ndl/. Patient T**ctv-r. 5 pfLvart l«sonfflQ. .Ueicdy. TO» Pacific. yw-iAli "SFr/^Ai *n w n n s c*ix« t1ractlv« wtxn*n. ll tor datp. 437 JS4J , LBWflOlCk* ir oTrl H Ckjb Theatrical and Music 53 SONG WRITERS SEMINAR! ArV^rch n March 30. 7;» p m. DwMl1on 1A a seminar. Gue*' fMAker* from Music Indirttrv. Tkk*t inlo. CJin 76fcj; 7MO E*tl TihSt. L.B. Social Clubs Foto Dating Club (T.M.J LARGEST fc MOST RE THE OWLYO CALL * CALL CLARA LANE 4Ma3«J Hr. l.fam 3115 E. Wh WANTjl 4*t»T 34oo*« M« 1S*O*5. Do C llkp Ki atr*, aanee,' tmrri. t, nih, rr*v*t JUJT"otxid rSn-w. FryHnfo ?7-T12S 1-jpcn .I.S. Co. DOWNEY SOCIAL CLUB Churches and Charities S LUYBEN Family WortuarY SIAI Arfccr Rd fli**i lyKl Long WHITE'S FUNERAL HOME 9WJ F »». PAIJHER, H u g h E. Survived by his wife. I ' e a e h a ; d a u e h t e r s . Willmae Kelley and P^it Wolter; grandsons, John Woller and Michael and K i r k K e l l e y ; g r a n d daughters. Lynda Palmer, and Marsha Kelley; sister, Nellie Bradley. Funeral services Thursday, 10:30 a.m. Dilday F a m i l y L a k e w o o d I Chapel. 3936 Woodruff Avenue. 421-U1. Florists 15 LONG BEACH FLORIST 435-3401 Complete Floral Service IWI Pacific Avenue 919 E. 3rd SI. Abortion Safe Low Cost Procedure Free Pregnancy Test Free Counseling by R.N. Board Certified Gynecofogists 8. Pfofessional Staff. Immediate Care. No Referral Fee. Long Beach. Lost Found tn OMn0 m»* own DIVORCE CASH BUYERS ARE WAITING 'o reaavwr Classified Ad HE 2 CALPF. DIVORCE COUNCIL Gv*r*ttl»cS ·rxl Prerf«Uor^l Tvpino, Fltl«g, S*rv*« JM] ArT*nltC Av«, SoJU 7 LONOOEACH O*-U G*rman S/urrrt«ir. Vic Stonrwood 5» LOST CHIH SEARS eturn UAHU fng Lot R y hav* F. fr»m EWARD FOUNO on 111. B'«ck L Tan

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