The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 16, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1920
Page 3
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS AMUSE-U TWO DAYS Starting Tonight PP 1^. I — - — '• — ^^. -w^^te. '* when her work ia Revelation,. in this vital human document the cele- Actress plays-the Part ol -'Azah" Vgypsy princess Idyllic-surround- Actress piayb H _ , . -of dramatic-.power; ss so long withheld'. gives the measure .o - f Fate and in the superb work of the great artist. Also OUTING CHESTER 2Oand3O LOCAL NEWS Mrs. M. S.'Meyers : is improving from an operation^whieh she underwent at Holden Hospital Monday. - Capt. John B, Hodge will arrive tomorrow from Camp Gordon, Ga., co spend a leave o£ absence with his mother, Mrs. M. S. Hodge. He is in 1he regular army. Miss Florence King o£ the Normal ' faculty, was called to Chicago last j 'night by telegram because o£ the death of an aunt. CANDIES AND CIGARETTES TAKEN FROM ELKS CLUB A quantity o£ candies, cigarettes and the like was taken from the show cases at the Elks Club last night. The ~~) building was entered- by a window, according to indications this morning. Local R. R. Clerks Elect and Install Officers The local order of Brotherhood of Railway .Clerks elected and installed LOCAL CAPITAL ABSORBS U.S,BUILDINGHERENOVJ CANDY FACTORY STOCK UP IN CONGRESS Calls For Erection of Federal Building in Carbondale '^Congressman Is Now a $40,000 Corporation and Will Begin Full Operation First.of Year—Made Record With Ice Cream Cones Last Season. 'Stock floated for a local industry Denison! and absorbed by local capital is the result of a campaign looking forward manufactured a large output of products and shipped them to seven states in the middle west. This was ice cream cones. The managers of this company, Walter Matthews and Robert Foley, saw Lllll-Uia. JLJC I If tuc-ijv^u. u.i m _ ' , . .n.1 House of HipveMnt*- P™speeta for a large business- of tins and federal building for Carbondale. 'I ha bill was introduced by Mr. Deal-' srii a few davs ago. ,,,, Tue bill savs: "A bill tr> provide tor -the erecti.i:i of a public building fit Cdrbondale, Illinois. Be it enr-cted by ihi- Senate ar .lives "of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that,'the seo- retary of the treasury 'be, and this is hereby authorized and directed to acquire, by purchase, condemnation, or otherwise, a site and cause to be avected thereon :a suitable building for the use and accommodation of the government at Carbondale. Illinois, the cost of said site and building not to the following officers night at I O. O. F. hall. Wednesday j excee d ?75,000." It was introduced by Mr. Denison re. Walter Trammel. President. Miss Tressa McLafferty, Vice President, s' Miss Nellie Cresse, Recording Secretary. Ira Spain, Financial Secretary and Treasurer. ! Miss Julia Stearns, Chaplain. Harry Geotz, Sergeant at Arms. ^ Henry House, Inner Guard. • Merle Hunter, Outer Guard. M. S. Carr, district organizer of East St. Louis, was present, 'also H. E. Hollsclaw, East St. Louis; John. Reed, TJuQuoin, and L. McHenry, Cairo, as members ,of the grievance committee. The 'local organization has a membership of 140. ferred to the committee on public buildings and grounds\ and ordered to be printed. In introducing the .bill Congressman Denison states he is making every at- Manx Attend Funeral of Minister's Wife The funeral of Mrs. T. A'."- Martin was. conducted froth the First Methodist church at 2. o'clock yesterday " at-' turrioon, conducte'd by Rev. A. C. Geyer, pastor, and Rev. Rasho Roberson, superintendent of -the Centfalia'Meth-., odist district, assisted by Dr. C. C. Hall, of East St. Louis, .Rev. C. R. Yost, .of Farina, Rev. J.. S. Cunimins. of Centralia, Rev. W. R. Bradley of Kinmiindy, Rev. L. M. Lyerle, -Rev. J. W. McNeal and Rev. J.: H. Smith, of this city. -• '•' •'. • J ' " .•' ' ' . " Special music was/furnished by a <ina : '.nte composed of Mrs. H.-^ C. ' Mitchell, Mrs. Bertha Barr Keesea and. Messrs. . J. W. Allen, and Heber. Crowell,.with Miss Lucile Clifford, accompanist*. • \ • The funeral was largely attended and among those from -put of town were: .Mr. and'. Mrs. . Alfred Pat- YALE TONIGHT rick,. Zadu Vaughn, Stella Vaughn, Mrs. Wp»! Asa, of Carterville; Mrs.! John Hughes, of Murphyaboro; John.;; Martin, of Thoinp's'6'nviHe"; Rev. 'J: S. = Cummins-and jftev. Rasho Roberson, of Centralia; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Leek,, Mr. and Mrs. Miles Leek, Jr.,Bva Leek,; Russel Leek, Mr. and Mrs. .J. E. Martini Mrs. Chester Schwartz, Alta.Kim-. mel, Mrs. W|m. George, Mrs. Ben Leek, Philip Grey, Mrs. John Pitman, Boydi Piper, of Elkville; Emmett Batson, of Mattoon; 1 Rev. and Mrs. B. H. Batson, of Carrier Mills; Mi* and Mrs. Chas. Pruitt, Mr. and Mrs. Geo.Nawell.Mrs. C. B. Rhor.bough, Mrs. E. Z. Wormley, I'=V "PEPPY POLLY" She met him first in jail, She was in ip* "keeps!' HE wasn't.',! Ho w could sh'.d make .him love? her~ a 1 convict? Nice predicament eh? But leave it to Dorothy. Come and see the ! most amusing' farce of the month.. 1 - ••••*• .'• __ Fatty A:rbuckiei in • ^Fatty's Hoodoo Days" '•Oh ! Boy!"- If your lip is cracked stay at home. e;308r15 11 AND 22 '•'•'..~ f SATURDAY . '. : "The PKantom Honeymoon" The greatest and most unusual mystery drama ever cpnceiv.ed. „ A,, wejrd romance of life after ~4«_»U ' ••-•••• • . . .- -,:•;'• •:--••-....,_. - death. Rev. B. H. Batson, Carrier. Mills, A1-. raon and -Ivan Batson, of this city, Bmmett Batson, Mattobn, Mrs. Ancil Mrs. Lowe, Rev.- W.':R. Bradley and!, Trammel and Miss Bertha Batson o£ ! nature for next season. They asked a number of local citizens to investigate their proposition 'and assist them with capital to enlarge "their plant. The result of this indicated Matthews and. Foley had established a concern and business here which had a good future. The capital stock was increased to $40,000 and $25,000 of this was offered citizens. Of this amount 817,000 was subscribed at once, and the remaining 58,000 sofd in $100 shares to citizens here. With the opening of the next season the firm will have a large plant with added facilities for a big season. Only ice cream cones were manufactured Mrs. C. I. Gordon, of Sorento ; Mrs. H'. B. McMieken>o£ Bellerive; .Rev. C. R. Yost, of Farina; Dr. G. C. Hall, D. D., of East St. Louis, and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nelson, of Marion. .Mrs. Martin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Batson, of this city, passed. away at Holden, Hospital at 7:30 o'clock rWednesday morning. She was married to Rev. T. A. Martin nine years ago. Rev. Martin at the time was pastor of Grace Methodist Episcopal church here. Besides her. huslland she is survived by two children, Demova,7, and Robert, 3 years, of age. Her parents, THE PEOPLE'S COLUMN Spirit Meant Jpr All. That spirit which siimees qnlet hearts, which seems to come -forth to such from every dry knoll of sere grass, from every pine stump, and. half-Imbedded stone on which the dull March sun shines, ccmes forth to the poor and hungry, and to such as ar« .if simple tcste.—Emerson. Cain In Advance. One month,, per word ..,,/!• One -week,-, per word '•..: ..Of • One insertion, per word ....... ..01 j Three insertions, per word .32' Th«r Eskimo's Smile. The smile of the Eskimo is a cou- Unuous'' one. When" he is hurt he smiles; when his kynck upsets and precipitates hiny'mto i icy water he smiles; when he is .friendly he Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Batson, and the) again, and when he is not friendly he following brothers and sisters survive;'-smiles, too. "No. 4904. Report of Condition of Reserve Dist. No. 8. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK At Carbondale in the State of Illinois, at the close of Business on Dec. 31, .1919 RESOURCES. Loans and discounts including rediscounts, (except those shown-in b and c) ' ,• Total loans .'...' ....,..,: .,...... $222,681.41 (Overdrafts unsecured $333,681.41 1,589.97 FELLOWS ' ANDREBEKAHS tempt for the bill to be brought up this session. ^ [ It is pointed'out that Carbondale' .should have ,a government building, it does more business than any other .postofllce in -Southern Illinois with or "without a government building. And it is hoped by citizens that Congress will recognize the needs for a federal building here as put up by Congressman Denison of this district. ' , .last i,-i no^t apacnn candvl^- s - Government securities owned: . year while next season candy Deposited to secure circulation (Tj.s.bonda par c valne) $ 50,000.00 vill be added as an important product. Meeting Organizes Local Highway Club Today A meetingv-to perfect a local organization as' a part of the Mississippi Valley Highway Association was held at the Elks Home this afternoon i A. E. Nisson, an official of the associa — I tion presided. To organize a perma- The Odd Fellows will give a social . nent c i u b -f or Carbondale with at least at their hall Saturday night to which j 25 me mibers was the purpose of this all Odd Fellows and Rebekahs and me eting. It is proposed to have an or- their families are invited. ",•'•"' - Committee. Advertisement. ganization in the Mississippi Yalley Association as strong as any in the United States so when the bill up before .congress ' is passed the Missis- i Messrs. E/W, and A. W. Earth were s i pp i Valley route will receive its in r S't. Louis today on business in con- share of the §450,000,000 to be used jnection with the new Earth ^theatre to build federal ;roads . w^S V^nHolnSSion. 'This L. T. Barnes is local 'director.of the . one of the nicest play houses in Mississippi Valley Highway Associa- °vhen completed. "... . tion, successor of the Burlmgton Way. FIGHT PHONE RATE BOOST AT HEARING IN MURPHYSBORO •- : : .-,. • - - .j Utility Commission Hearing Claim For Phone People Asking Increase on Phone Rate—New Bate Already Effective Here. -• The telephone company is asking for an increase of 25 cents a month on residence phones and $1 a month 'on business phones. The new rate has already been put into effect,' pending a decision o£ the commission. If the increase is not granted the com-; pany must return the money paid in by the subscribers." It is not expected that' a decision ion the rates will be found this afternoon. ' Pledged to secure postal savings deposits (par value) 4,000.00 Pledged as collateral lor State or other deposits or bills payable 25,000.00 Owned and unpledged 47,000.00 War Savings Certificates and'Thrift Stamps actually owned '. .844.00 Total U.S. Government securities .,., Bonds and securities (other than U. S. securities) " pledged as collateral for state or other deposit* (postal excluded) or bills payable .......... 9,575.00 Securities, o^-r than-U. S. bonds (not Including stocks);*' -fid and unpledged 34,471.50 Total boni' .Sirities, etc., other than U. S Stocks, other than Federal Reserve Bank stock ' Stock of Federal Reserve Bank (50 per cent of sub- Travel With the Procession. ADVERTISE in This Paper. The Style Shop- 1 where Our Prices Are Lower During OUR SELLING OUT SALE THAN PRESENT WHOLESALE COST Coats, Suits, Dresses, Skirts, Waists, Silk Underwear, House Dresses, Corsets At'Prices less than manuiactureis ask today. Sale Prices So Low that many are buying for next summer. T H E STY L E SHOP ' Carbondale, 111. . scriptiou) ..-...: ; ••• ...... Lawful reserve with Federal Reaserve Bank Value of banking house owned and unincnmbeired.. Gash in vault and net amounts due from national banks , ' Net amounts due from banks,, bankers, and trust companies (other than included in Items 12,13,or.l4) Checks on other banks in the same city or town as reporting bank (other than' Item 16) Totalof Items 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 80,536.16 Checks on. banks located outside of city or town of reporting bank and other cash items Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer and due. from TJ. S. Treasurer ; Interest earned' but not collected—approximate— on Notes 'arid- Bijls Receivable not past due ' ... Total ........>... v... ' . LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in " Surplus fund •• ; „.'.-. Undivided profits .... I r y% 29,135.47... Less current expenses, interest, and taxes paid • /• • 7,735.a6 Interest a-nd discount collected or credited iriiadvance of maturity and not earned—(approximate). Circulating' notes outstanding Net amounts due to banks, bankers, and trust companies (other than included in Items 29 or 30) Certified checks outstanding :'.... ....... Cashier's checks on own bank outstanding Total !of Itemst 30, 31, 32 and 33 ,. • • • 344.44 Demand deposits (other than bank deposits) subject-—; to Reserve (deposits payable within 30 days): Individual deposits subject to check Certifjoates of deposit due in less.-than, 30 days (other ' than money borrowed),^ " State, county, or other municipal deposits secured by pledge of assets of this bank Total of demand deposits (other thanvbank deposits) subjects to Reserve, Items 34, 35, 37 38 and 39 .. 506,564.25 Postal savings-deposits • • • Total of time deposits subject to Reserve, Items 40, ,„,„„„ 41, 42 and 43 /"> 1,210.29 ' Liabilities other than, stated above ..... ' i WANTED. WANTED—Experienced or perienced help to assist in milimery. ood wages. Grace Gpddard, Milliner, i ,WANTED—To responsible party two furnished rooms and kitchenette. Will furnish linen and silver. "O," care Free Press. WANTED—Two unfurnished rooms with light house keeping privileges.' 'G," care Free Press. ' ! WANTED—To buy some pretty ferns and palms. Address F, care Free Press. : s WANTED—Girl-for general housework, middle aged woman preferred.' Good home for ,right party. -Mrs. Fowler, 408 South Poplar St. « WANTED^One modern furnished or unfurnished room,' not more than 3 blocks from depot. Phone 215. 126,844.00 , 44.046.5C 1.BOO.M 1.K0.09 15,000.00 35,763.87 79,809.10 727.06 1,406.98 2,580.00 BOOiOO $645,418,89 I 50,000.00 .iMpp.oo 21,3'99.91 1 900.00 50,000.00 264.44 70.00 10.08 393,054^6 83,509.99 30,000.00 1,210.29 None WANTED — Boarders. Reasonable. 1 409 Monroe St. FOB KENT. tront TOOIM . Style Shop, for omce-ojr rteeflog rooms, j Apply MlBf Rieth, Noraud *hd Hoar** ' St - . -' " : "' : •••-•'• .'. ••••-••/.' I FOR RENT—Storage lor houiehol*, oods. In.the onp story brick bnildlnc, \ ement floors,. on. alley .back of m«w Earth Theatre. Apply Was Rteth. I Total • Total'contingent liabilities (55 a, b and c) Of the total loans and discounts shown above the amount on which inter $645,418.89 None State of niinois.rCounty of Jackson, ss. ...-•, „. I J E Mitchell Cashier of the ^bove named bank, do solemnly swear tna the above statement is true to the best ot-my knowledge and belief J. B. Mltcnell, Cashier. Correct—Attest: ' ' , W. A. Schwartz, ' - - . Prank Clements. '' ..--.• . . Nathan N. Dowdell, . . '."•-,.--.' FOR RENT—^Furnished rooms, one lock from the'Normal!'Phone 496 L. FOR RENT—Two furnis'hed rooms or 'light housekeeping. 411 South 'oplar. •-•;•'• FOR SALE. FOR SALE—Lot on southeast oar- er of, Boplar and Pecan. , .Call .388 K.' FOR SALE—Bated pap* at Ul« Free Press. . ' ' '" . FOR SALE—Hone* with Impror*. menta on corner lot near towm. Frist reasonable. Apply 913 Sonta or phone 181. x FOR. SALE—Vietrola, cabinet model, with 18 records. Price very reasonable and easy terms. 509 Sycamore. WHAT THE SCOUTS DO The boy "scouts of Troop No. 2 of; Sheridan, HI., report among their :ood turns the clearing from walks of. snow during winter, clearing limbs' from streets after storm and mowing weeds on vacant lots. At a contest in Ashury Park, 'N. J., a scout tent was offered to the troops that came from the farthest point and another'to the best-appearing v troop. Troop. No.''150 of Manhattan, composed of Chinese boys, took both' prizes. Dear Mr. Newcomer: Don't Walt For Our Sollaltor-1« Call,. Subscribe at WI9* ««d Get A* quainted With tht. CkMd Old low* Quickly. . . THE FFEE PRESS

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