Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on January 31, 1973 · Page 52
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 52

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1973
Page 52
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PAGE 54 T U C S O N ' ' D A I L Y - . C I T I Z E N WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31,1973 False alarms bis worry m burgfar protection · ' ' . (~J ' : ' · · · · · / · . · ' . :' " · · : 'C7' .; . '-. ._:·§..· '·· · - ; ; ' '. · ' . · · · Prize-winning design The Tucson architectural and engineering firm of Finical Dombrowski, 732 N. Stone Ave., and the Los Angeles District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have been given jointly, an award of excellence by the Department of Defense for design and construction of this environmental radiation test facility at Ft. Huachuca. SBA offering Tucsonians meetings, heto in loans n '... . . * . Representatives of the Small Business Adfninis- tration (SBA) district office in Phoenix will be in the Tucson area through next week to speak at meetings, conduct workshops, hold 1 counseling sessions and to accept loan applications. Allen Laney, an SBA loan officer,'will be at the Tucson Chamber of Commerce building, 420 W. Congress St.,.all next week to discuss SBA pro- Huge new helicopter sought f or Army use PHILADELPHIA (UPI) -The U.S. Army Aviation Systems Command in St. Louis has given the Boeing Vertol Co. a $565 million contract to build and fly a prototype of the largest helicopter in the free world. The contract, according to T. P. Peppier, a spokesman for the Heavy Lift Helicopter (HLl-I) project, is a "modi- Patagonia claims new income mark A new high in revenues, $26.8 million, and a record %l million net income in 1972 were reported today by Patagonia Corp. The firm, with main offices in Tucson, is a bank-holding company that owns Great, Western Bank Trust, based in Phoenix, Pima Savings Loan Association in Tucson, and a loan company with branches in Arizona and three oilier states. Raymond A. Rich, chairman and president, said Patagonia Corp. would continue "the expansion of its financial services on a national scale." Last year's ?26.S million of consolidated revenues was up 30 per cent from the ?20.5 million reported for the previous year, Rich said. The net income hike was 51) per cent, going from $2,005.000 at the end of 1971 to $3,003^000 on Dec. 31,1972, he reported. He said net income per share last year was equal to Jjil.56, compared with $1.35 per share in 1971. .Rich said it was the fifth consecutive year the corporation reported record revenues and profits. Federal shields asked for media ATHENS, Ga. (UPI) Frank Stanton, vice chairman of the Columbia Broadcasting System, has called for "the strongest possible statutory commitment to the safeguarding of news sources and unpublished news material." In the keynote address at the 28th annual Georgia Radio-Television Institute here, Stanton said federal privilege legislation was necessary because of "the dismaying and serious assault that has developed, in the courts and elsewhere, against newsmen's rights and the public's right to receive an unrestricted flow of information." fication of a contact calling for design components." Peppier said the Army's new contract would provide for the design, development and flight evaluation of the prototype. "The program will demonstrate that the 1ILH can be the , world's most efficient heavy lift helicopter with both commercial and military applications," he said. . Peppier said the first flights of the giant machine would be .in the summer of 1975. He said the aircraft then would undergo a flight lest program con- ducled by Boeing. The flighl testing will eventually lead to formal flight evaluation by the Army. Weighing 2M: times more than the Army's Chinook C1147C, the HLII will be able to lift up to 30 tons, including containerized cargo. Canine envy PEPPER PIKE, Ohio (UPI) -- Mister Muggins', an 8-year-old English bulldog, is the envy of other dogs in his neighborhood. Mister Muggins' has his own fireplug in the middle of his owner's yard. grams with individuals and to accept loan applications. A workshop for small businessmen and prospective businessmen will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Feb. 8 at the chamber building. The sessions, sponsored by the Tucson chapter of SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives), SBA and the Tucson chamber, will cover management assistance, forms of business ownership and recordkeeping, taxes, financial sources, insurance and advertising and promotion. SBA officials said their office at 112 N. Central in Phoenix has two new publications available free of charge. "Training Commercial Salesmen" and a booklet on the prevention of retail theft, may be ordered from the Phoenix office. A third publication, "Strengthening Small Business Management," may be ordered for $1 from the Superintendent of Documents. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20242. · SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Business is good for members of the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association because of growing concern with Ethiopia new focus in oil hunt ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) -- An agreement for petroleum exploration in eastern Ethiopia covering an area of nearly 100,000 square kilometers has been signed between the Ministry of Mines and two U.S.-affiliated companies. The companies, which plan to begin shortly geological and geophysical field surveys in the area, are Louisiana Land and Exploration Ethiopia, a subsidiary of the firm by the same name based in Louisiana, and Whitestone Ethiopia Petroleum, a branch of Texas-based Whitestone International. /. Whitestone president Daniel McCook said the two companies were encouraged by the prospects in the areas. Board blows it on gas bill LANGLEY, England (UPI)' -- The Eev. Brian Walshe pleaded with the gas board for three years to send him a bill for the youth center he runs. When the bill finally came it was'for $2,100 but the gas board, apologizing for the delay, promised 'Mm time to ·pay- ', · A few days later he got a final warning threatening to cut off the gas. "We have goofed again," a gas board spokesman said. Burglars pick wrong place BILLINGS, Mont. (UPI) -A pair of burglars picked the wrong bar to unload their hot merchandise. City police said Francis A. Davidson, 20, and Paul Sorenson, 18, both of Billings-, were arrested after entering the Silver Dollar Bar and trying to sell some "hot" goods. One of the employes of the bar was the owner of the house they had burglarized and he recognized his stolen cowboy boots and portable color television set. thieves, but the organization also is concerned about increasing numbers of false alarms. The makers of alarm systems are in a boom worth $1 billion a year, scoring 15 pel- cent growth in recent years, and a reported 25 percent yearly growth in special home security systems, officials.'at- Pension cut for Boyle byUMW : : ; : : WASHINGTON (UPI) - W . ; A. "Tony" Boyle, the deposed · president of "the United .-Mine Workers Union, has had his pension slashed from $50,000 to $16,000 a year. The union's executive board took the action and also cut the -salaries of eight top: staff people by about 40 per cent. , Boyle was beaten in a court- ordered election for the union presidency in December. He was replaced by Arnold Miller, a former West Virginia coal miner, who* pledged that "the days of international officers being treated like kings are over." ' , : "Boyle is facing a federal prison term for making illegal contributions of union funds to political candiates. tending their'convention here Said. ·' ' . · ; ; ; . ' . ' ' · - · But as high as.97 per cent of ;alarms sounded-in some areas, signify little more than, the shopkeeper.. returning from some late-night bookkeeping, or a repairman tripping over the alarm wire, or a small dog, members were told.' v Some industry spokesman say a lot of burglars are capitalizing · on all the false alarms",;dashing from place to place, turning'in phony calls, while they piill a big heist. ' ./'Fifty per cent, of·;false alarms are caused by subscribers," said Garis- Distelhorst, executive director of .'trie association, adding that only 10 per 'cent of alarms turned in represent a ; real burglar- at work. . / ' ' ' "We are mapping a major education program," : he added, · · · · ' ' . Distelhorst noted that the private home systems, in which bells, gongs or sirens sound on the premises when the alarm is tripped, can run l as high as §400. For those who : wish a "central" system that .touched off a remote alarm at the company's headquarters .and the police station, the figure will jump to $700, he said. . 2 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU ··. SHAVER REPAIR REMINGTON · 5CHICK.» IIONSQN NORELCO · SUNIEAM FETTHHT'S CATALINA SHAVER CO. 2X06 E. BROADWAY $23-5070 4tU E. SPEEDWAY 325-XOOi ROOFING Save Up to 50% On Heating Cooling Costs FOR THE INSIDE STORY 100% IANK FINANCING AVAILABLE CALL NOW FOR FREE ESTIMATES TUCSON:.,............;...;.......... .882-8853 PHOENIX:......:^..;;.........i........ 266-4496 SNOW WHITE ROOFERS 2622 N. 1st AVE. Rent a Car Weekend Special From Friday noon to Monday noon plus 9' per .mile Pay only forth* gas you use. We fenlure Ford* and other fine product! 296-7661 CHARGE IT on Sears Revolving Charge Alt nilh Alt- Sears SEARS, ROEBUCK * CO. 5950 K. Broatlwav Sears Rent-a-Car LEGAL NOTICE Pursuant to Section 4 (c) (8) of 1hc Bank Holding Company Ad and regulations of the Board of Governors of the Federal Re. serve System, notice Is alvcn that PNB CORPORATION. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a bank holding company whose princi* pal operating subsidiary is The Philadelphia Nations! Bank, proposes to acquire by transfer frbm The Philadelphia National Bank all outstanding shares of capital stock -t COLONIAL MORTGAGE SERVICE -OMPANY and COLONIAL MORTGAGE ERVICE CO. OF CALIFORNIA, whose principal offices are located at Broad and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and to retain all outstanding Shares of capital slock of COLONIAL ASSOCIATES, INC., whose principal office Is located al 1.1724 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, California, and thereby to en* ioe In the business of orkjlnntlno, pur- aslnp, selllno and servicing mortgage loans and generally In the mortgage bank- Ing business. Such activities will be conducled at the olficcs In the following locations: COLONIAL MORTGAGE SERVICE COMPANY OFFICES: 7320 Old York Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 8160 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237; Philadelphia National Bank Building, 4lh Floor, Broad and Chestnut streets, Phila- dclohia, Pennsylvania 19101; 1001 International Boulevard, Box 8H92, Hapevllic, Georgia 30354; 4 Kings Highway Hast -- p. O. Box 454, Haddonflold, New Jersey 08033; 305 w. 12th Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801; 1565 N. Queen Street, York. Pennsylvania 17404; ISO Cook Street, Suite 215 or Sullc 118. Denver, Colorado 80206 and 205 E. Broad street -- Suite 704, Columbus, . Ohio 43215. COLONIAL OR'. A O SERVICE CO. .u,TM.- O tn.vn,c .u. OF CALIFORNIA OFFICES: 14724 Ventura LEGAL NOTICE Boulcvufd, Sherman Oaks. California 91«3; 100 Pine Street, ISin Floor, Son Francisco, California 9*111; IWo N. Callfor- nln Boulevard, Suite 500. Walnut Creek, California 94596 and 110 West "C" Street, San Dlcpo, California 92101; 7320 Old York Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Philadelphia National Bank Bulldlnp, 4th Floor, Broad and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, Penn., 19101. COLONIAL ASSOCIATES, INC. OP FICES: 111 W. Clarendon Street, Suite 210, Phoenix, Arizona 85013; '225 Pcachtrcc Street, N.E., Suite 710 -- P. 0. Box 5M26, Atlanta, Georgia 30343; 271 6. Workman Avenue, Suite 103-- Box 2038, Covlna, Call- fornia 91722; 2775 Cottage Way, Suite 28, Sacramento, California 95825; 14724 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1101, Sherman Oaks, California 91403; 630 N. Cravcroft, suite 137, Tucson, Arizona 85711; 1990 N. Callfor. nla Boulevard, Suite 500, Walnut Creek, California 94596; 2960 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Son Jose, California 95158; 405 W. Manchester Boulevard, P. 0. Box 1580, In- glcwood, California 90301; 110 West "C" Street, Suite 2020, San Diego, California 92101; 1101 International Boulevard, Suite PH D-2 -- Box 82392, Hapevllic, Georgia 30354; 1833 East 17th Street, P. O. Box 10848. Santa Ana, California 93701; 1657 Bankhead Highway, AusJell, Gcornla 30001; 14401 GHmore Street, Suite 200, Van Nuvs, California 91401 and 780 Munras Avenue, p. 0. Box 48, Monterey, California 93940. Persons wishlnq to comment on this oro- i posal should submit their views In writing! within 30 days of the date of publication of this Notice to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, 925 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101. Publish: Januarys!, 1973 Tucson Dally citizen Take a price break GREAT SOUTHWESTERN TRUST CORPORATION TWO YEAR TRUST WILL EARN YOU .. PER ANNUM $ 5,000 OR MORE 7% ON 1,000 7'/j% ON 2,500 DAILY EARNINGS WE HAVE A L W A Y S HAD DAILY EARNINGS FOR YOUR FUNDS * * THAT'S RIGHT--GREAT SOUTHWESTERN TRUST HAS ALWAYS CALCULATED YOUR EARNINGS ON A DAILY BASIS THIS OFFERING IS MADE ONLY BY MEANS OF THE OFFICIAL OFFERING CIRCULAR. CHECK-A-MONTH WE HAVE ALWAYS HAD A CHECK EACH MONTH PLAN FOR THE PEOPLE WHO PREFERRED IT, AND QUALIFIED THAT'S RIGHT WE WILL SEND YOU A CHECK FOR YOUR EARNINGS THE · hi DAY OF EVERY MONTH THIS OFFER AVAILABLE ONLY TO BONAFIDE RESIDENTS OF THE STATE OF ARIZONA. $ 1 worth of free groceries. Here's an easy way to cut down on your grocery bills. All you do is send the coupon below, along with ten "Seals of Quality" in any combination fromScotTowelsrScotTissuerScotties @ and Soft-Weve @ to Scott.We'll send you a store coupon good for a dollar's worth of any groceries at your favorite supermarket. Offer good only with this coupon, which cannot be mechanically reproduced. GREAT SOUTHWESTERN TRUST CORPORATION 1080 N. SWAN ROAD TUCSON, ARIZ. 85711 PHONE 881-3890 Gentlemen: Phut fmfh mi with * t»n ** ywir enrrtni ifftrinc circular ikierikmc yttir tnijt ctrtifi- Mt«* th*t in evmnfljr timing t%. 1181 FRY BLVD. N.E. SIERRA VISTA, ARIZ. PHONE 458*7500 Name Address Phone City State... I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I L LIMIT: ONE REQUEST PER FAMILY SEND TO: Scott Free Grocery Offer EO. Box 9166 St. Paul, Minnesota 55191 I have enclosed 10 Scott "Sea's of Quality" in any combination, from either ScotTowels, ScotTissue, Scotties or Sof t-Wevs. Please send me a store coupon good for $1.00 worth of free groceries. Address City. State Zip required .M. requiredj OlTcr void where prohibited or taxed, or otherwise .restricted. OfTpr expires March 31.1973. Please allow 5-6 weeksfordelivery.

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