The Daily Herald from Arlington Heights, Illinois on March 8, 2008 · Page 301
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The Daily Herald from Arlington Heights, Illinois · Page 301

Arlington Heights, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 2008
Page 301
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PAGE 12 SECTION 1 DAILY HERALD SATURDAY. MARCH 8. 2008 "Our aim: To fear God, tell the truth and make money." H.C. Paddock 1852-1935 Opinion Paddock Publications Inc. DANIEL E. BAUMANN, Chairman/Publisher DOUGLAS K. RAY, President/CEO ROBERT Y. PADDOCK JR., Vice Chairman/Executive Vice President JOHN LAMPINEN, Senior Vice President/Editor MADELEINE DOUBEK, Managing Editor Editorial Board (847) 427-4300 John Zimmerman, Acting Editorial Page Editor Chris Bailey Madeleine Doubek Diane Dungey Dave Heun John Lampinen Amy Mack Colin O'Donnell Jim Slusher Saturday Soapbox Some opinions require lots of words and elaboration. Some don't. Tliis is Saturday Soapbox, briefly stated commentary front the Daily Herald's editors. The clock Is ticking: We think the village of Fox Lake did the right thing by dissolving the fireworks committee and taking over planning of this year's show. Time is of the essence here with the calendar turning to March. An entirely new show will have to be planned in the next three months and that may not be enough time, given the legal and funding hurdles the group would face. The result could be no show at all, and that would be a disappointment for thousands of people who enjoy it every year. That said, we think arrangements should be made quickly to form the committee so it can handle future planning of the fireworks show. Elected officials have more critical issues to address, and a separate committee should act as a buffer against politics and other forces that might undercut what is a great show. Be a good role model: Based on his comments to WGN radio host Spike O'Dell this week, Robert Our View Kadera of Lake Villa doesn't seem to get why it was a bad idea to fly his small airplane and land on Marriott's Lincolnshire Resort golf course because his son was running late for a tennis match. Kadera, 65, told O'Dell it was a mistake to not get Marriott's permission before flying his plane to the golf course near Lincolnshire Club on Route 22, where his 14-year-old boy had an afternoon game that had been scheduled one week ago. Beyond saying he didn't think the public was endangered, Kadera set a poor example for his teenage son. We think Kadera should be teaching his son about proper time management and how it's a bad idea to be selfish in life. Ironic, don't you think? State lawmakers voted Tuesday to kick God out of the classroom but put him on special license plates. Within a mat- ter of minutes, the Illinois House first voted to undo a required moment of silence at the start of school days, then voted to create new "In God We Trust" license plates. Other than the obvious irony, the special tags are for a good cause: the money will help families of U.S. soldiers make ends meet while one half is overseas. Open to the public? U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve has impeccable credentials. The judge who is overseeing the ongoing political corruption trial of Antoin "Tony" Rezko was a member of the Whitewater prosecution team in the mid-1990s and, more recently, presided over the criminal trial of former Sun-Times and Hollinger CEO Conrad Black. But it'd sure be nice if her no-nonsense court management style was a little more public-friendly. The judge declined to move the highly spotlighted trial to a bigger courtroom, leading to long lines forming hours before court and others being locked out, forced to watch on a closed-circuit TV in another room. We understand the need to firmly manage these proceedings, but can't this be-done without restricting public access? Needed clout: After setting your jaw back in place from the jarring impact of your car hitting a pothole, you might ask, when are these roads going to be repaired? Well, you have someone with clout on your side. Gov. Rod Blagojevich has asked former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Southern Illinois University President Glenn Poshard to help build political support for passage of a road improvement plan in Springfield. No doubt Hastert will be reminding legislators that release of billions in federal road construction dollars set aside for Illinois is pending the state providing matching funds. Hastert and the Illinois congressional delegation worked hard to get that federal support. Now Springfield has to do its job. We should give up right to bear arms I would like to address Mr. Waddington's letter entitled: "People, not guns, are the problem," March 4. His argument that "will never hold water" regarding taking away cars and baseball bats omits the point that the purpose of guns is to injure and kill. Really, if the purpose of other things were to injure and kill, regardless of other advantages these things give to the human race, I would want to ban them, too. We need to weigh the advantages of the right to bear arms with the damages gun possession causes to society. I personally do not see any benefit; I do not hunt, and I am certain that a gun in my home would only create a danger to myself or to my family. If I did own a gun, it would be unloaded and locked away somewhere—certainly not in a ready-to-aim mode (where I'm guessing that most guns are kept) in the event that someone broke into my home to shoot, rob or injure me. I don't know many hunters, but I hope that hunters would sacrifice a little bit and pick up their guns from a policed facility at the time they arrange for their hunting expedition along with the other equipment they need. It is my feeling that we should give up this right to bear arms in order to benefit society as a whole. We have no problem creating other laws that do away with our rights in order to prevent people from injuring themselves and others. However, the gun lobbyists as well as the people trying to conserve this right for the sake of conservatism have prevented this law from becoming a reality. I know many people who believe that a gun ban would be a surrender to the left, who not only do not own a gun, but would never buy one, shoot one, or allow their children to do so. In fact, I see that the only reason these people refuse to give up their right, is because they have had that right to Fence Post begin with. I appreciate that Americans did not want to be disarmed when the Redcoats were in town. But, seriously, shouldn't we adults do the right thing for the greater good today and give up our right to arm ourselves, regardless of our political beliefs? The only purpose of guns is to injure and Ml. Until a ban on guns becomes a reality, all places of large gatherings should have detectors to protect us from "deranged people or psychos" and from the people that continue to insist on this evil being a part of our world today. In the meantime, I will continue to pray for peace on our streets, in our homes, in our schools, in our churches, in our stores and in our hearts. Catherine M.Wifler Hawthorn Woods How can state withhold money? I can't believe that rather than look at the results, the Illinois Board of Education, Matt Vanover, ISBE spokesman, says that they are withholding money badly needed by District 76 in Mundelein because he is looking at the services they provide! This is a district that has 52 percent Hispanic speaking students, is showing dramatically improved results, and the state of Illinois wants to withhold $175,000 from them. Talk about bureaucratic idiocy! What works should be the criteria, not what the ISBE thinks ought to work I am not a teacher nor a parent in that district, just a taxpayer with common sense. AnnEllenBarr Buffalo Grove Thoughts about Estrich's comments Is Susan Estrich kidding me? Her last two columns about how unfair Hillary Clinton and her family are being treated are amusing. I am looking for the bumper sticker with a circle around the word "whine," and a red line drawn through it. Susan apparently is too close a friend to write an objective column. She invoked a story about a pro-lifer verbally abusing her in her last column (which had no bearing on her story). Has she ever wrote about what pro-'choice' advocates have done to Joe Schiedler, Pro Life Action League? She claims the Clintons have enormous credibility on the economy. She does not even give one example of this credibility. I have some to counter: Enron, dot-corn facade, selling out of America to China, all good examples of their economic credibility. Obama uses the race card, and Hillary uses the "strong woman who admire guts and determination" card. Republican, Democrat, black, white, man, woman, Christian, Muslim, doesn't matter. In the end we will get a lot of hype, and little substance. Susan you might want to focus on how America has come upon hard times. The answer tends to be in the mirror in front of us. Steve O'Connor Lake Zurich How to send your letter Letters (500-word limit) must be signed and include your town and phone numbers. Letters are subject to editing, The Daily Herald reserves the right to subsequent publication through our archives or any other electronic library, E-mail: (847) 427-1301 Mail: Fence Post, 1795 Butterfield, Suite 100, Llbertyville, IL 60148 Don't take wrecking ball to Cole Hall Gov. Rod Blagojevich last week proposed that the state spend $40 million to tear down and replace Cole Hall, the Northern Illinois University building where five students were killed Feb. 14. We believe there are better uses for $40 million, and tearing down the building so soon is a hasty decision that probably won't speed up the healing process after the terrible shootings. Anyone who's ever been to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tenn. knows it's at the former Lorraine Motel where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot to death in 1968. Much of the museum is filled with artifacts from the Civil Rights struggles of tne 1950s and '60s. But the room where King was staying before he was killed has been preserved as a shrine to one of the last century's most important Americans. We are not suggesting that Cole ^li at Northern Illinois Views from around the state University be transformed into a shrine to the five NIU students who were killed there Feb. 14. But we strongly disagree with Gov. Rod Blagojevich's proposal to demolish Cole Hall and replace it with a new .classroom building. We understand that the building should not be immediately reopened...but there are ways Cole Hall can still be used, even if it takes an overhaul of the building. From The (TinleyPark) South- townStar Governor in denial Gov. Rod Blagojevich repeatedly and angrily denies reality until it is forcibly thrust upon him. Take the revelation by a federal judge that Blagojevfch js,in &ct, the ''Public Offlptef A" in a federal corruption investigation. The governor has repeatedly and vociferously denied that he and Public Official A are one and the same. Now, it is certain. Throughout his administration, the governor has repeatedly insisted on his version of reality when all signs say differently. For his supporters, that's been a sign of fighting for what he believes, possibly past the point of political wisdom. Now, we wonder whether he convinces himself of his own view, despite the evidence to the contrary. Didn't he know that, sooner or later, he would be named Public Official A? Or was his thinking so short-term that he only wanted to put off the inevitable, not caring about the effect on his tattered credibility? It's a puzzle that will probably never be solved- , From Thdjfilton) Telegraph THE FANTASTIC I

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