Independent from Long Beach, California on March 29, 1963 · Page 60
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 60

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1963
Page 60
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(1, ·.·^ 5: * BELLFLOVVER ^ a OWNU MUST SELL » M wrt bum Modroom be.ttt U Mo. teimower. I* bathe. wootf- T*« bunting - Urmia, ex»e large ' . .» Mchee, with ample natural wood J-., tfblnetl. JubraJ yeur KM today) . 1 . "J~ SmTA ««.»,. »..hxT . --x Tb MwJ . tot t. Comtooe Blvd. ·l COMPTON ; ^SHARP . . Wety redeariteg' and ·· Al , ·snip- K«r Ananlfc t Rjsec * * e -- -HEX L HODGES. CO. ....;.;.; DOWNEY SUPERB · location and * beautiful · ng borne M a wide « _ _ - «3y el room bi t* verd tor pooL Large J-bed-- room end den borne loaded with ·* 'many custom exves. toy must x"se shls home to acorecutg she tne. duality and value of Rut ~ fjfttpertyt Priced af emy dJOQ. CltfrrUWHRIES REALTY TO 7.Z7B7 ~ UT. E. Alondra Blvd.. Bellflower teach*! er Acrtoo.* H.gflBehct cf Acreog» H. ISTATtl ; «en»EAt.»»TATn ANJACINTO SnTB-fi 5 *' *' ARIJU4U Acres. TVei IBedrm. - ises, RUC bulkSngv*!**'*"! ·nedsT U7ec?es"~bi~atte«i «3 ' \I wells 4 tharet hi water 'SSBk 1 AREA IK Acres, t bouses. One_»cew dairTtar* I corraiL 1 irflgenom wen. I domestic wet. Some acrg- *-* pi sudex,' DAlf.Y n c t S -- RANCHES . .; IAND '' ; " ' ; CORONA,, . , . ' -. AREA ' * . · : . - , · " · 1 f ' "· '· ·' . 1 · . ' . - Bob McCune Assoc. »Y OWNER. Ibdrei. tomnv rnu I -1% autumn baltts, natural ash ·^ cablnsts. w/w OIL ttraout bawd. ' firs, nrts. IhruouL lit.* elec. f angt. even, bileimin. Used brtck Jrolc. T»:« home · toaded wi* ·. xtres. S25 KB. Firestone 10 Brook.: Ert wed i. tsa AIM. wAinm Ooee, House Tburs. *V» --T /.LA MJRADA IKS7 S. FAIAMOUNT HVO. ·AUUOUNT WE 3-1174--NE» i-U3« ' ; H9IJ CHANDUl AVt . CORONA - NAKoo.l 1 5577, Kiwi 7-77 IS Oraage Covntj Prop. 141 GARDEN GROVE .Best Buy $395 Down lot. « Mrm. llii.a home. Cos* to scaoots shODBlng. Oble. «ar J C B fence; gatto; Jlgrtt, airv kiS- chea. TXal orlce .-' £5 ^ PER MO. P.4L OarmiM JJIR- I - v « f »_ e l., J82 Mo. . EALTY 5BR...S--UCO. Hdwiflrs.. d-.sjj · y ttT C.L ^'^ f ff.7»"»J.Vp5 J- mn vim --··- ·""" ELLIS-SCHRACER JE ITXB 1738 WestmimTer Blvd. C-C. Orange Cennry Prop. 141 LOS ALAMTTOS 1595 TOTAL DOWN HO COSTS. .}. OUALIFYJ Snarg. «ac»nt. M yr. old I borne W w carpets Ihruout. Hewty reeecor. ioxta R 4 lot Sir. schools nd shoooing. i ' WAIT HoaA * I0 .7 l J AI 'i^i 1 HOMEOWNERS - - ·,*" :\ v: ^"'itei^w isOO'lo' $5000. ;.';· ' ^ NO PAYMENTS "FO.R 6 .MONTHS ? THEN PAY OMLY'lJlis MONTHIY PER JIOOO Your toil mtf't* vinjfj rnt 31 jo» «!r««Jj t»t · U 1 J"J Trrrf 6i« i *e X yo»% Mini '« your p./nmH. FtEE CONSULTATION IN YOU* HOWE ' - V }'«'-ii'« ·-' · ,- ·'/·'; ' - · , CERT1HEO HOME LOANS ..... " HEAL ESTATE ' Mouaram and Desert CFOR SALEl · ' ' 148 . .f. PBcit* xnter. ' . ' ·· Hn. » SIJJ5* nter. «1« 1 Mir UK.' SLEEPY HOUOW HOME W50I9L w«-» ID* mort. ME .VU-J » 2 F.P. MoD«yt»Loai (OM «U. ISTtTtl 151 VACANT APRIL 1STH C.I. tot** cost ta rau--ttOL Lo*. 4-adnn_ l*» bam. eu-kra. ' w-w £·£"*·._«· ktfdwn. pi. BX ffTtcai, m area ttos«j to ln riant ft LORI teat*. I t*rm* aba. r · ANCHOl REALTY tTTI W^rTTirstrfer TW y-1091 C.G. BEDROOMS $15,500 . scaped fenced yard. NO MOtUEY DOW* 0 - SSOB DOWtil FKA. Kev ar . . , RAPHAEL I CE 13C11 Lew Down, No Qualirytng P«vm.mti test tian rent, dean * Jubrtnscm komft, bdw,., fVoon. M ptc* tamltY ar*»- . . Frtd Rest Rity-GE 4-0931 LACUNA BEACH * · * · · * · * n»» ti«. ro.iu » · * * * * Private Money LOANS M01CTHLV F4V1AEIITJ - ON INOS U LO« AS |,tr» $14.50 $2150 Boats end Qytbeeifci 160 NEW CAL 20s FOR " APRIL DELIVERY Shelter Point Yachting Services and t Miner, Sa» Pean SP Una -U DC LUX£ Run S5-A Merc tngiM. i-otc. fc ft-«Il«r. Ha tvwvt Jtd whitt. OngiNl oat C!5t. Vw* ream new. first I1 Wtn. - Trailers US tct'tKt »I MW , . Pacemaker Mobile Homes Ciatomicng K« ticnis*. HI frict English John ' TrrVr J,T n !«-_ IIJ» Wict r.i Hy. » 6.G. IE I-M7I: LE 1*471 Tnxki 4 Troeten Ul Mobile Mansion MEDtOOU-l IATHS NOW SHOWING AT 1ELUONT SMOKE'S UOIIIE ESTATES ' w»* 13P5 l*-FT. out*»*r* c *·*!«-. piwood motorx 4WO. Rcincwer, T ALUM. CAR TOPPERS A- 1 Long Beach, . Truck! Center ALL UAKU-ALL UOOFLS prcKurs I«U CHTVROLJET «Yl "i Radio, neater. 4-kMed tr inlssioit. · Spur rbn wheets bumper. This one bj 1*4 *W33r Kaglir., tt^bwnper: wl mrrerv Whitewall Bret Besutt. tul n-uKfium blug finish, Tms .H Tracks Troeten Ul Pioneer Ford . V '.'·', .--TRUCK-- v HEADQUARTERS tMl ICOKOUKE V»». ««««. k«f«r. t-efv Vrtt. W1 «i«in«. rm M t nv *n. COClw Elvt Ml*. lUxt IUWJL · · ·' $2025 · · ' ' . . ' * T » t . · ' · · 11401 nONEit IIVO. · . A1TESIA 'UN S-I1U KLTRUCKS,inc. Sg to cheese-_ In 4-wneel vrrvg , 4 repairs. «, E. ;.?a^cV^S tin. Trailer Space 14 5- A POOL/LOW RATES KECK. KKL. uturM MV. UunaW fic~ 1*!eDf»n« Ucki. «. ME i-ra: *« n ICLLFLOWE* *w Unri MoL. Par *«·· toM Mofatli Ho vxTrx'O' ve. Adutn MIV. take' bciicar delivery. CE f-B22t a PLYWOOD hue- Classed bottoni 150.00 »SOM ___ jia,ooo tnlertsf »s low as 8% WHY PAY HO RET . LOS ALAMITOS '~T-Brt SUNPORCH ,9500 Out 'of state owner says -I-" " .. vn.s down P"«"O«L Catt . * 1JZ7J Eves. CA l-XM. · **' REX L HODGES CO. CA ·it »I6.500 -fr C5S TOTAL COSTS Tt Fast pcsMsslon en Ihft S-B- ~ H. balh. FA. teat. bit-Ms. «-'« C.I. -B*m_ bread front. Ige. fenced Td.--Ctae to evervltunq.. . SAVE OK F.H A. ALSO ; ANCHOl REALTY jyt Wesnntmter TW T-IJgl C C- *--'·'»«·« WITH OJT«« T01!UY ·." ytvifS'- ·'-· E«l'.'n?,»»^l - -» t»s.S.. ., Orange Ceen · i/'-tX · · · ·«-};O DOWN NON-VETS " '"-S'AV. W- No SecoruSs V YOU SET THE DEED ' F'ESTA REALTY co. REALTORS -.- WE 4 CO* Bay or »iat* DOWN 3-BR. S RUMPUS RM. J13,000 Attractive I Bedroom * large rumpus rm. B g tot. Quiet neighborhood. Fnjkt frees. K9 A^IONEY OOWH FHA . MAFL P ' CE 1 2 HOMES. 1 LOT. 15.000 DM !«»!. ndL S2l1Q krt. ML Stucca Horn* |I700 rf«. 53im tot. room to feuJtt. PACE t CUHNINGHAM CE t.373] MIDWAY CITY NEAR DeM Lom TO Tst Trait tt CB.OO) CONSOLIDATE ALL YOU* I1LLS SlTOl LOW EAJT PATMEKT FtEE APPXAISALS " NO OSIISATION Hanbe r y s COD E. ISOACWAY CE *K'« NEW OOUStAS PLANT IN CHANGE CO. it INSPECT t K · convinced that this Vbdm. home W'CTTSP color scheme toe. couv tr» sae tot pacs · big wallop at onfY , SH.arl Rli!f Jf 0-7779 ?OII GarJeg Srovl K, S.S. ·*. Htf»l FK-- tftifcf nof. U. ORANGE No Down--No Closing , ,· VTTS . . NOT I c NEEDED Te move In these 4 huge bdnns. tsfrulv rooms, RO. eeroets, fire "*"*' ONLY $11950 IUWED14TE POSSESSION fASEANT UTT. · H. J-SJ33 2029 W. Lincoln Ananiim $195 Down , D«rlin S-Rdfm., Tl baft rKm M l«. fenced lot Completely r»- decartred. A4 c«* ouatity. ToTa* prict JI3.950 \ Jt 477CQ cr H»^ C G. $17,000 Lovehr Beofrem fimiry room. .--. ANAHEIM .'« 5', · (X · t* DOWN NON-VETS In). No Seconds 6H THE DEED 4 .Wnn-- T4 bJffu. ft. ira per mo. taes t insurance. FESTA REALTY CO- REALTORS HE «-P» d» of "'»"! _ ACTION WANTED!!! iK5ed ^- W mt*6. XM '" selt. SV1H trade for L.B. ·ft |i«so -tr VACANT MO'*--C.I. SlOt bam. W PI, nje.*T' ANCHOl IEALTY 1771 Westmimler TW l»l C.C. OWKER u envmg. Uua sen 4 BR." lv ba. at 1 bargain. Canv. STAXTON rood bi Is, Sacri ifice. 1600 er «ru*» st - resttlner, Sportsline BTs: Home- llti, Johnson Mtrs.i Best buys, Service Harbor Ulareie. CA rcoi RHCDCX » ft O'Da* D«v-S«i1en f Irct ^«rtlnt AJ«mjtw ftjy 4200 £. P«c. C . * «ji! fcE 1^47 P-M DCXf. Twl« EwlnruCt moton. - Remote control frailer. H« rv- crvnung. Nev ww. GE 4-IOSX tCL«ONT S«or« HOSIK Estlttl. 127 icucn. l cfub OIAC torn* s*fl. U6I E. ^ac. Ot. Hwv.X-ft. Trailers V/onred ItS-C Outboard Tune-Up Spedal WITH THIS AO . $5 OH RtgtJar Price . »EST COAST YACHT CO, no HEKRY FORO AVE. L B. LAUNCH IMS AVArLAoLE nSt* CHEVROLET . 4-cyl vTton. Heater. · evesten nnrrors. step bumper, limit* sldewaH tires. Tell Fed and white beauty h ready ta put your Conner ea S149t x* FORO I-CA. Yi-Si: **r.c. beater, stick. Step bumper. Fun i Aufo Wrecking Lpts b go aporox. UB can w parts, to ntav. they ere going ta .. 174'I -- YW SPECIALS v ·Wl-d-oor. . ·SI Moor. R 1 H- - $«» ·55 l-ioor. K t H J t59 WCXHFERT JM?ORTS ALFA ROMEO '42 ALFA KOMEO IOAOSTU :.'. --·'. »EO (LACK t»Tt«KD* ^r--$2295--£ WE HAVE 1. JtOR.K. HOW£S MOTORS MERCURY *55 E. Sea.' 'A* Troilers 165 BY OWNER ion. 1% batns. ndwd. Itrs. b:t,nns. forced air ttng-. ssyj en. HA i-40i 4O^9S4 330 TOTAL move HI. t bdrm^ f/1 battu fenced. bit-Ins. FJL Owner TA 7^971 VVESITHLNSIER GA$H IN A HURRY! ; ^ lorroo Oa Your Homo / ^4» Binoofl firman^ / Till S T«.n ta F. T / D..I WA · Uul Co. The Guiver Go. ruenSen AgeH) HA J-8241. SSISDetAmo rtikewaod. Corner Beltflowcr KM BIS DISCOUNTS 43 ft Pen Amer. 2-br. 19x51 atantctair tr. kit uuo 74 n. hun. gd. fr. w .Re s?3 Bank Terms. Bandrlnga Reartv tlZf Comotoe Bf " . A J t O . . ta 1rw3c tor TrftlCT Homes. CERTIFIES REALTY SALES PVE wAKT TO BUY Cood toed_trailers. From ITS] te »!« PJC j*w». -Lomrt ILEI SALES l- OA «.»» I WILL pay casa on Vie spot today * prlvati party tor clean trailer. ME SMta KEW 10x55 $4960 . . , . step, custom fcrnishcd. C^css Coor, cwet, 40x9 alum, awnjpft- HAIVFTS . ISni S. ABarrftc Comptoa HUNT1XGTO.V BEACH yacanf.J-4_ba*. FA. KA'S-SCl !»«. BY ew-MER. tSom.'i' f Kvfl! I Jai t sin* · Jlxrm. t 1AJ BUENA PARK ZONEO FOR ANIMALS cmniiktiM f"ced tt ran, t stain tor « non IBedroom botr.e, »x30 ·»£--= X tack reom. Ample water Irorn own »-««» well I «*- to "d*"_ waL Prfced at lOO»-t*nr* " trade tor smaller property. HAUU* REALTT CO. . Artel]-. "FOR LEASE M-J ZONE I acres. I bouses, asking SO 010, COSBURN REALTY CO. MOM Artesia Biv* _Bermower _ Phone KS-500S ! SENIOR CITIZENS ! Led Xe good Dte u g pome of your own · a beautinjl community where vov hear 9ie laugnter ot youth, when yoe wlstt, enloy the companlenstilv of feiiew-adutis or retire to me Quiet crniacv of your carv new Xbedroom home. Sit coils yoe JUST EIGHTY · IKE COLLARS IUIOC) PER IACMTH! Bo grass to Cot. no exterior maintenance to Handle; vet von ive surrounded by landscaped beauty · hiDy walled priv- gte communitv, hear she beach. Hunfinaton' Cor.tirenfal TOWN HOUSES BrooVtiurrf i Adams Etach · ATTRACTIVE. NEV/ 2 S 3-EEDRM.HOWES wllfe fireplace.' carpeting, built. . ta range 1 oven, waste dnootaL ONLY 1195 DN. + COSTS FROM $Is.?93 TO SI T.f 90 REEVtSLANCE. Rialty TU MAIM ST. ttunhnaton Beacb E47-6172 er LEx 6-8887 R-3 -f U Equals $ We bave several parcels wilb one house + room tor duple*. Let OS snow voe bow to buy a, drvetop. ALL WITH ONE DOWM PAYI4.T. CUSTOM RATURES LARGE UOB SO- FT. IBdr. t den. batns. 2 Ireols^ marttwood floors, covered peno A MANY--MANY--MORE EXTRAS FAST POSSESSION JZ5.500 SUIM1T JOHNSON t MOORE 7051 Westminster A.e. TW 7-4458 GE fr4083 WHY FIGHT IT? Lt4 us rermanct' your preseni home ban to pay a! bills and Kan money to re-mvui {or m- CiH Us For Fist AcKo A compitint tea* counsefor wil Tale Over Payments TOO Plvmoutb ttxia ft wide. Beautitul I Bedroom, absohitelv UU cew tw«|v^^ CEO. W. FRY TRAILER SALES yi2 P C Miwiy Ijmlta* DA 4.nog GREAT LAKES aATlON t «1 SELUR trvti «! «*-" * ID tt':dr. turnis im 12MS Rosecrins. Worwalk a Harbor. Garden Creve Blvd. Insured Mtge. Co. 5525 E. Sprina St. 42I-H75 TAKE OVER PAYMENTS SCxlJ KIT STATEUKER with _4)14 Extenoa.Room. Otx. Sora avail able. B32B S. Atlarrhc Ave.. LU 1-ro WA.MT CAS* For Your TrailtrT C»n Smith at Sfoufi. ME i-aigj PRIVATE Bartv vaiting %-*i'n-r, | Mol-srcf clei.Scooterjl ii 959 FORO .VCvl te-too, R.u.*l.Xi fc*«tcr. Automaflc. Wtntfan mhr- reri. $«e9 bumotr. CmTon cat). Wtufci **r iriv flntslL TIU «r« VOV win likt «T-MB 193 FORO teST^toSn^fT, ·utemanc. Sto bumtw* Wntcm mirror*. Rtal avtiarv vrccn and wtiitt tutont Bniift. Tbt fiiarc-nt en* ta town - -^ tiOTf t?5» CHEVROLET «*. .-to«. HeBTV. Jtc* bu-mpcr. Kcw Tur- ·uoFi* paint. Tfet«ent a bbt w-f* CHEVROLET »-cvt S-*». R«drO, tieatttr. STco bumper. K*w red fuii^L ih*-» and rtadv to 00 17» ?SS CJU.C 4-Cyt. V»-to« v Heater. Curstom cab. Lons t*i ftrwcr tail «*t« irt WE* browi and crtar-i fcrforw finis* --SKV mr DOOCE «-Crt. Wton. Heater. Steo bumoer. A naf Bic» Tw3" DOOCE~.vbv. h-ton. Rad? h e a t e r . Jtep bumper. TfloiDor. Lonfl tedL !«* SPORT Mooas irsv E. CAMINO .vcvt tieater. Ov*nlriv». · W _ Beautiful rr*r1aHie bhM ftnls* win in«tchJftfl mteriar. ConT miss Btis en» ^_ __^T79f 1961 FAUCON Rancf*r«. Ftocrjlict. Radto, heater. Dfx. trim. Whit*, walis. Chrom* wheefl. Dual c:w*. Thi» h bv 1_- ttw sharprsl erw row kaw i*eR ,- ___*i4i~i CAMPERS Ml CORVAIR ti Radio, dealer. 4-speed. Snarp red and* white tinlsb. Beautiful cab ever camper witb stove. Ice box and table. four 11999 bumper. TRIUMPHS. SEE TODAY YAMAHA from J28S Babbit . Cushman - ToftafM TUUMFHS-- NEW S USED CDemci to Ride) Ka% Fin OAC Hi0hesx Trade-ins * so. CiliL LONG BEACH TRRIMFH ta n. FAC. CST. HE nr.3 FRU . . OPtK K1OM7J B SA-- VES P A-- VUI w lAOTormrcW Cirthm*n Scoofcti JOE KOONS MOTORCYCLES CM C. Anafmm HE 9-1399 yi HD T«--Foot shift new engine «. tires. All chrome. Perfect cond. Must seO. Best otter by Sunday. 4Sa ROSE-fb. CH7S7 '62 Rod Reel S ft., lice new condition. uced to ,7495; BanV Terms 6 Bedrooms Iftvety hem*. IrDl. Bn4(i K.ta tpe. t«nctd TS cm n Sac it- Tradv *or tmaJtct* bom* r M «?wti CL * P t, (Hwmfi. ansrax. till ma. Ask for Mr. Pe-«rsoo f*.rt. JE 4-2257 JOE FUKt lUaffy IgTT C J!tid- G J£ 4-TOa 3 17, FAU. rU, 1% BATHS Wow, vftat « fcuvt Loe- corner tot. sn-B.1 ranot t wtn. w:w am, OTCT.U spfchrv. Cinder tnr_ tenet. Patib, S2LS7S. GENE N£8EKU t^ HA 5~Mtl 4 IRS. 1$ IA. »15.900 7 YSS. OLtX s4xns LOT. f aiji I Cuiipingnam OE 1-3733 BY OWNER-) BR. P/i ba. Service BRACKEN MorigageCompany A . . " T-HJ-t-0 6ENEIATIOM IJSIN^SS Mixmam Irt-2rJ Letm QUICK CASH IONS TEIUS-LOW pniTS. U3 Long Beacb Blvd. UiuVeru) DoubT« Ezpando aoia wide. ~r H stock. Musi Sel TfcH WeeV CEO. W. FRY TRAILER SALE TI17 PCM Mw» ·Lom.ta ? »m HARLEY 74 Vei . WOOLPERT IMPORTS CO W. Pac. CsL H«Y. HE it'll Western nurron. Hionwav ·-. Tais h rm snarg OTHERS CHEVROLET 4-CyL I960 Vton, wnite paint Wl CORVAM. A real sharp CWu van ttian can make you notning but money SI399 na CHEVRC^ET «S 5-ton AU. NEW MOW ON DISPLAY-- *- OR *-CYl *SPEtCV AUTOMATIC. OR 1 SPEED STICKS. VOJ CAM SEE of them. SVi vnrar ttouJdate-- wtxile. six or rf all. Lots M good frens- ·ertalloa cars-- no reuonible otter via b« refuted. 11700 Soul* V. Arletll. UK lU7t WE'RE OPE* IXmOAY H PJUL STOP RITE tonded trite shoes. U cars US! · «e«jnoi. Bonoe4 Bvaki While. C29 E. Anaheim F%. C^Ta LABOR tree on akltorv k-ans. V Enoini o.'fe or tunua Sm«n Ser». cKo. Auto Trade ScXcOs, U2» t Cocnottm Cmot. HE t-Jv3 rRANWUUIOKS ruSTALLEO Rebuut Cherry Auto parrs Hn CMERtY AVE. CA tfXJ CHEV 1-rs Ckrtt. set us. Comolele. F o r j r f o - C K - J O o - . XM. cond. 141 CA «»6W. Ik RACER Olds VI »i« tone* en ·37 LaSalte floor snin. TE -TIIl ·P CHE*. ElU. W.H100B Warhjl eoulo. Cerno. Ut» W62J ·5» CHEV. cojitncnon r»ar end. s-U* chrome rim. TO *-7S01 DecrricCon . 170 WE f At CASH FOR USED ELECTRIC CARS Antoetti Electric Car Co. SZt LONS BEACH BI.VO.. U B. ALMOST new electric car drtvea leu «*n » mu 6E M30. ; Artos Wonted 173 ; Vrt NEED JUNK CARS i HIGHEST PRICES PAID ' FR£E PICKUP SERVICE CAVIN JUNK t WtECXlNG rOO W PAC. CST. HWT, LB t HStSSa or TE 4-1171 DO YOU NEED UONETJ ' Car Fiymeofs too K 3 W : We win B-«n your car or ecuJtv . tor · tower priced car or Buy * ' tor tod caa. CREST MOTORS L 03 Long BeatA Blvd. HE J-7W1 » DESPERATE for CA« · Bonus IS tor TR's. Healevs, eHl Sorites. Jan. Pond*. WG. VW, Renault*, etc. Hi aha can con- n sign A sen vour car ort too 1 5 LONG BEACH IMPORTS * ICO LB Blvd. CA 1-tOe « WE NEED CARS ! ! · Highest prices laid tor T«Us S ' through 1961s. Sea Norm Isaacs. · DICK BROWNING E E^tuslve OLDSMpBtLE, Oealer LxAUILLAV* l*CmCIV n« i_ t »:vi HE t-rat I,6J tOADSTEK tnn GUARANTEED lii CLASS JAMESTOWN tB Long e»dl Blvd. L.I. 'U ALFA-- 2 tops S!l9t KtacK wtuhi. Verv dean. WOOLPERT IMPORTS ta ·. Pac. Ctf hhrr. HE M*tl A.NGUA ·S* ANGLIA Engtisn Ford Wagon. M 1*ctoTY arlgtnat. Runs fkl new. Fun price only Site. UC% Fin. available en aopr. cr^ OTIENRI'S S»S CHERRY CA H54! AUSTTN-HEALEY VI AUSTIN Healev Sprrte An erto- Irat. Runs like new. Red bucfcrl seats. Pay S27 no. tor ttn. paif. ment on apsr. cr« then assunne contract of nOO. tai 1 Ic. dels. O-HENRI'S 37I CHERRY CA UM A 'JT HO SIZED SALES « SERVICE Largest seiectioa Mew^ned. JAMESTOWN 10S« Long OsO Blvd. - L.B. fj AUSTm HEALET. 2S detlverx O A C . tat Fimtone llvdj South, Cite. Otr. SSWTW. 'ofl AUSTm HEALEY roadster. SZS Delivers O-AC. lisg Fhrextone ·ivd.. Soun Gate. Olr. Ue.7n. ·S» AUSTI«mEALEV. Wire wheels. Over-drive. Uav Srade. ST350. 'H AUSTm Healev Deruxe. Xlns cond. StTTS. P1L C9-7723, C.G. BORGWARD · '61 Borgward Wagon $8?S tsabetla inadeL mednnicithr per* ted. tow mifeaae, heater: glisten- Ing black, wia whitewal». HOUDAY RAMBLER »~ii Lorg BeacA Blvd- HE 1KB ·59 Bon;.arJ Spt Cpe. $IS?1 ADVANCE MOTOIS T7J8 L. ». BLVD. HE «C4 ·S7 BORCEWiSD NT. S3K. Olr. 107 E. Fireilone Blvd. LOU14T crreoEN ·S CITROEtl. new taint, real sham tea PB. *3t2n7 4SB C-C "Xttrl." 173^5367. C. C card. StStt Ptt. Se* or cal IHI U.nsf.y or Jicl Ero»g GA (-3391 Ma BURNS FORD TRUCK CENTER 1799 LON BEACH BLVD. TOP CASH ANY CAR--ANT V.ODT7L LecJl or *L1 rf Ca*« bc.tns Ooen cvvnr 3*Y. S to f p rn H. Pacific CatoJ L CE 1-3613 HEU P-c. CstL Hw¥- OA BV3.nO _'«0 KeralB--$495 £n. tr/4 - JUST LIKE ItEW FSY_TRA1LER1 SALES s. 4-23QB CEO. . TI3 C Hr-rj, "LgmJTa- DA .V . payrtrh. V*can»-Lv«f (eu A«« rtiti · Tod-r* BT?V. TW WALK TO WE* KAY I *Ddrra homes ·viit. t^Sfi^.- UK H13 I^eV^ LA «471 rjoo rowpi J*Jrm- *». w-w car» cov. patle. fenced. CPJkKCEFAlR Rlty. "elTRESAU t mg tn.'ts»-4ifg ^Rfsa S.*_\TA ANA I MT3B Sin TOTALPTOves Jjg tarm. oea. f baflv S7H KULBERRY 6E CYPRESS E.ATS FATING RtNT HAY7.TM "* REALTY ft»l toM Kf " Ibatb. LA ItCT "GARDEN GROVE ItKM * aMrm. tti BIVW ta^wva.:: .._ «SB IOXTLL 6T '· ·TSS GAZOEN »A« U5ALE ' IsUKJElUTT. JA 7-7711 . gnoitili--^ KT* earv U.^'c^^l.Srrferf'' T10WEU.^5r - -- · - 7-aa« f If SON. P wisneeX ppsg. IkrT { yTAL moves ve« I ' I BUM. fencedX Joyjene Dr. T A 7 -- .: 7483 -- JA NO MONTHLY PAYMENT 'til May 15th Only S 195 OOffl IUT TODH HOVE ti TOMORROW · NO EXTRAS · NO GIMMICKS FULL PUCE $U.5f5 2-Otr Cera?*. WgK-tg- WeJ C · I p · t. InieMl Sao* · Oyti. 1 tti- rooRtl. I larks, : SANTA ANA RANDALE .HOMES 5313 LUCKY WAY Of'lH O A I L T . Horler Ky«L I* e»r«. Wnf ·· loba tg Jams, left ·· Verm If Ice If WITT IremnwrL, Fien* T(oi« M»t. · 2 STORY, I bstm. S-bdrnw w drapes, outside patio 4 fireptai FHA or take ever CL At 4 1 * 41X3 Aoacne Rd. T» S-5471 BY CWSi i:R--2 story. Soarh Bay f roperry 142 FALOS VEROE5 HILLS BY . 3.Bdrra. TORRANCE TRY SIJDa flown. «t07 montfc Including u«« t Mi t «en wim cuveied pano. Paradise SP n«n FA t-rsa \VIUIL\UIO\ BY CWVER. Beaut w-w VBI B*-n- Pltl* Fenced. C IK» Lewen U, WUm. BY OWNER*J4drm. t den, crpts. ·· far- ZVS OH. Hid 1 It"- F«pt»ce. Hove · Aunt »st Bkr. CE Hm 3st-of -tetr* Prep. 143 CASH ' 1ST i 2ND TJX LOANS IORROW ON YOU* HOME · CHECK OUt TEEMS! LOW AS S%% INT. FREE AWRAISAL LYNN J.IAFHAELHA »-S9I7 M3S E. SFR1NS C«USAD£» . OEALER FOR ORAKCE COL CKATMAN MOIILE HOMES TZS1 BEACH B1.VO. _ CARD£H gBOVt stria ·60 RoadCner .J24SO ImmacuUte 3ft ft. witb twin beds, tandem ajle. etc. Must see CFO. w . f j y TRAILER SALES FPCH Hwy ·Lomitr OA S-1M! '60 Juplftr. -$4450 tg ft wide. Beautiful l-bedroon mobile name, now at bank terms. CEO. W. FRY TRAtLER SALES Ml/ PCH Hw» Xcmita' OA tlMI 1 5-ff. Westerner _ JS'5 TRAVEL-TRAILER" " E r Airplane's 1.7 an Aintlane? HE l-g77, ME 1 Sport Cempert 17-A ·6J VWCAMPER_$2195 '41 VW CAMPER_$2095 Both beaut) tulh) eouippeil RrCKETTS MOTORS tBQ Long »aai Blvd. HE LUX WiHs-Fargo -- Cimrif Sells Factory a:r. Trade to accepted. Free licks witb Purcaasp ' r.-ar tabover. Finance aval CEO w t\a PCM SALE ,, ' CA »: to bam exctus'vff^r. OB afl aooLcatlanE. H. ·. 228 Allantic. HE t .C77 SECOND .ra* Ckted team. S yrs. » TC. prampt official sendee Hurt mim Ca TO.W273. tV.E ~CO1 KEEO cYViv'.j^.'E^eL-ME tMSURAMCE swnc* le loan, g yr». Mart. HElISIfl: CE Trust Deeds 152 Cash Meeds to borrow VUOO against a S37JD) 3rd TJX Pay back 171400 plus mterrsf ta 4 no. LA S-IC3. _ · iwr. s*v rnruout. UMEVERSAL T2.U 1-tdnrL. eta_rn ,,_. awmfT.n, etc. Owntr. SkyTint lnt« p«rtL. XUO FKXx Ca-aJ J4wv-, Torrance. StMCT U7^ TRUCr--CRAFT CAMPERS--F OASIS--TERRY SANTA F£. Tradewlnos. mo Lkwd. TO -ga SACRIHCE--$4750 nst wxs- CUSTOM imrrED Compl. Alum, awiunss. Many xtras _HA .g6f CA 13SO '59 Idea!. .$2395 II CMC *^ton pickup. 4-sp. trans. Overhead camper, butane Ice box. Kke new . . ... t BELLFLCWER MOTORS TaTa Lanewood nt WA S-PTJ Ul iaMX sTdemuVorsTTOltl onderuld to voo. fit wiR not be WB trade tor most anything. WO E. Carson. Torrang*. Ph. C4-*S7. FABULOUS TEARDROP I AH models. Pickups. DISL.. Igg Atondra. Paramount ME »a t FURK. onus. Desert Hot SffntB. Take good camper part a Owner, CE l-»10. J CAMPER--Oehjxe Caover to-ton evL Chevy. Sleeps S or a. Sharpf 7T2 Rovcnrft- CE » CEa W. FRY TRArLETSALES _ no PCH Hwy Tomita 1 DA 4-2200 Frocks Tractors . . swer caa after VMS'--lift, mctudes toy tr. Aiunv tnurn ·wrtirx O.Z51. UH1 Car- fieti. Av*., paramount. ..pac* 40-B. HAVE Seem Jna TJX. K% MOUSE 1 · Acrn. Grande. Q4rtagir'i HEMET Luctrne VaUty ) t X-ACRE water. etecBlcthr B hemes on bottL Can HESPERIA JOSHKA TREE 2V, Acret SI2VS fuS ere. $15 DOWN. SIS MO. ZITIO REALTY. Yocca Vaney HE 1X441 -- Lent I.act rHTEREST . Pers uta ira I equity. LA I-45T1. tia cest to yoo. SONEY gvi tattle. 4 414 E. tdwy.' HE 70S» art OlSCOVXT. tXD9-lnd TO. (V Quo J years. WA *C74 Cal U* DA 5-1961 now OWKER must sic. IWI 55x» Fleet. st beirher.~e!ec. brakesr"A.| coind. _ tgs. fcl Maine. L. B. pny. ply. MOOCRK ·» «-r. w/i-n. Toilet, "^" Meaty Wanted 153 AVAOABLE--2nd TD» HB--LB-ltrt--(J yr CO»_«rj-W*-i. Cal Peterson HE 17341 AUTO fleeter fleedi trtiJOB win no (avback. secured by tltes real estate~wlH pay W% plu-- a rn expenencev. Ca* Mr. Jafft NEED man. m fmemt Vyr. - e date, per Real Estate E» ». Cal Tves^ broker CE 4. PARADISE - aotv. ar. town. Caraoev range even, refrteu air cond\. ». fiins wr 145 Raactesof Aertoge 146 UO-ACirE RANCH--O PVM re» ibr. bouse. 1 wetts. AR_ena. -- «. t45B per acre. Term- » ACRES--OAltyate4 tpm Und. Stunow emter. sjog per ·-- Term. · 4* ACRES on (evW road, sn* low wetar. vnder cuntvatlce. i-tar guy. Terra. V* ATRES PARTVIL. -- Water wets. CKt M. SUB per germ. niEEO |I5JOb pn »* TO. Mil pay »1» I year due. WeR secured by - onlts. 1BR. 1 bam am. K» » FT. Pax American w,Toilet. s«s. SITS on. C4 per pig. RAY'S. CH7 Long Beacb BI.L B BEFORE yov buy be sure M check our prices. RAY1. IJ17 Lang Beacb. Bl, LB. tx vo« went casR. tor your frailer In IB mmutesT HE lisa RAT'S. Ct? Long BeaO BU L.B. 1.8 ft CMC pickup. Perl cond. Autom. w-w. heater, best ofier. CE Hot TRUCILS -- All types -- Buy E sel HILLTOP.' BJ» F. Pac. Cst^ L t. «« ricm;p. v-a. Trovers u.ty · a-rt. iu s t wailer. JM1 »yi KOWS BELLFLOWTR: ·» PARAMOUftT Cextoni built TWI, ·j^bornv-R..,^**^ rA«T 1KJCB toan en good SUJOI ts T^J. py n. Dotewts. CC 4«14- 4ana.- HE HCI. eves. lto S3LOOL 1st TD on wej secured 1 gn.ts. Ub 1* yr- S730 sne. trtcr. Caff »ty pr. Ht *-44M I sec/MTCE 0*1 loots oadOctbeords UO CA »X4L a- COMMERCIAL SS Rancbes · AR westgrg Sims tochrienrity. T3 Em. HfVl F R l E B R - 1 County. U CREAT Lakes sgxJB t-BOVm. Fere. Awnmgs ACS Atlantic. ViUj Park--T» OMIK Lane. ROAOOASTCR. Awninxii. nod- erw. Fvsf rooe takes. tiCt ATLAKTIC. »V1L COM FT CO AND NEW--*f?v«r r ·63 VW Ooti!. Cab. PIclcup JAYE RICKETTS MOTORS ISM Long Beam Blvd.. HE HC4 READY MIX CONCRETE BUSINESS IS tOOlTJKG! Get ·) ' now. Own TOUT own true*. LPW piitsal Investmenf with lar rrovtabli tocal onman. Can J3 l-tOOS EVK. ·a !«TER»lATa»lAL PU. I STICKS WANTED Long BtacEil feghest buyer stick shift autos BOB THOMPSON'S 1081 PaC!tie Cat. Mwv- CA LLOYO C. FATTERSOM Top Prlcrt tor Clen Cprs 71J1 LOTIC BEACH BLVD.. L B. IMPORTS WANTED C. BOS AUTUY HE 1-4441 CROSLEY Roatwer. Soort car oer- tormance. Real eumcuue. S2SO. OA HAT ··1 FIAT nog Roadster. Hew top. Bucket seats, ptr.. w.w. ttres. AM t FU rido. P«» ta per mo. essumi 'contract "of «wi, C Tl» t He. Deis. ©·HENRI'S tfa CHERRY CA KS85 JUNK CARS WANTED P» w» for most cars. TE 4-3MO TOP PRICES PAID On an m«kn limn 17U up Harbor Chevrolet. 3770 Cherry Ave. E rtra clean. Vi too r bed. RIH." ,ew J P J Y tres. SM9i Sat. I 3 new ft ion Qwvy truck. . dn. Cast or trade. Pvmrs. A« fof^RAY* .M3M* Cr f aii ME . approved UACIIEY only. OOOCE. A Cood^e. SeS tor "» «'*·»* for eaugl priced ·- ItDI E. Lgnwnina. Arlesla. UK s-na *-J-l*ll Peter bit. CASH FOR "55 OR OLDER CHEV. OR FORD. GE « J7IJ Import Sport Cars 174 MISCELLANEOUS "ONE of the t best made cars to the worta.- *S Rover. CE I-2W4. HILLMAN ILNX ·S* HLLLMAK MtMX-.-^S^f F.P. ^ Can finance. Olr~ 7S30 L. B- Blva. JAGUAR JAS SPECIALS ·*l 3J Airfo. »J $3Wt ·SI 3.4 Arfo $(79? ·S7 3.4 Sflcl OD, RL.J!3M ·S* 140 Ccnvtrl. Ao*»--»9M WCOLPERT IMPORTS Cl m. Pac. CsL Hwv. HE UT1I ·Si JAGUAR RXOr. XK tm .Good card. ISM tea Or 1 Oa» Rd. Santa Fe Springs UH -2a2 Aufo Pern Kepao-t U? Auto Ports t kepocra I9 ·CHEVpOLET V-« W ton Pictn. fitr. L*i new. nan pijles. Pay S214S per me. ft assume !It3A.f« jalante ea aocr cr. dir, CHEV. Vi-ton. RtH. fcde-vlew mirrors, new fsrrs t brakes, re- bit motor f trans, tssg. tzsie E. Zl3th Sf^ Artesia UN 138flg « OOOCE pickup -e~ -- suck Very Bean. S27 dn. * Sia n per Se irof 1 "TM* rom TM x «'· ·59 CHEV. V4-T. PlCtl)? $997 *»"-- Stdr. transm.--T ewner. C'ean OSBOWS tQTH » CHEm B'GORR4 111 !· · Honky-Dory FIX IT litl i CHEV. cab ever fraflS; T, ranffifion. w-fll tr F enu-trnler. Must see to ap- reclate. rm California, CAtUtl VW CAMPER Funv eoulooed, Ktoo^sT" JMX3LPERT IMPORTS . Cst. " " ' RT au. ... .St. Hwy. HEtffTll T» OHEV. ·*· Fleetside p.-uTTpwtv r deluxe cab. many exSai 4»3 REPOiSESSEO -St Ford V, ton PU. V4. R. t H. Slice den truck. TO ' lefcwlt Slcrt IIocls ·41-11 t l E Q T-I rwtt. Ida 159 «,.-... M59 No Down tin. !·· Aotomalie Transmission tt! joe JIRSI 1 JUjast v3 I Bts. te pin free sartica can free tee liilleiriurl Is feteswe XiR9 aid Yo!»» Overhaul $.1050 ' «W«ssi Vn# terry jfXaaleia Ci)?ee lerry E. ANAHEIM ililrfer. fHONt 4]4tOl Tracks Trotters H8 Tracks 4 Trocforj Ul 0 CHEV. Fleetside Vt kxi PU. Cood wort horse. Rear cteen. Can Mr. Ben. TO »4714. Olr ·a FORD lickop -·- Stick. Very clean. S 2 2 0 n . l B n p e r w x . t o essume contract, dir- ME t-7sn CORYA'R RAViPStOE Plcfcuv. Norm Hoffman Trucks-- KE ^Z71 471 S. L » BLVO. COMPTOM '4V I-TOtf rubber, - .. MM HousBn. Buene Park. ira FORO gickuo. i en. s^c iler, JO«7L CM 43t-ms fOAT» T3TT3 ' fi »Bf nJR--llmis . »ewooe! HveX BL, L ». I . . BED. n FBI . 1 Itw Olftn Til | II-TUR , nit niJkiciia 1 Stttd Tkat MiMIt · Ho mi TIB'II ttn m · Wiiliij Fir! · ROW AT REDUCED · KtUTKLT FUMEITS · m 1 TEAK Fill SHT1CI ^1 · CHOOSE FROM · · · MATflOTflR · 000- · ·IU WIDE · TRAIIO-* RAMA · KEISKIU · · TRAVELER · CIIYZR- · · SAl · TERM CRUISER · · · rARiMOUIT · IDEAL · ·· SHASTA · KUIT- · · CUIR · AIGEUS, Eie. · · GEO. W. FRY · . TRARER SALES -, ,j ZI41 f.C. Kw. BA (-X:.t gj EV. Tt* *» cowr*,! t*T3. XbA condition. »aJ8C7 I CMEV 4-%-T. PICKUP. S109J Xtra cleaa. Several pthers, L. A. Anaerson. ISC E- Anane NEW 1963 CHEVROLET FLEETSIDE '/i-TON PICKUP WITH t-FT. IEO 50 ON A 3-YEAR CONTRACT 14925 PARAMOUNT BLVD. MEO-S81 PARAMOUNT 774-1300 Canu ri Cicirhii |]«J. tit rananit V,L CUsil SIB. Trncfa a. Trocten It8 Trcekit. Troctort 1 it Traek* Tractors T.OMTTA" GLENN E. THOMAS CO. DODGE TRUCK HEAD QUARTERS FOR THE GREATER HARBOR YEAR/50.000-MILE WARRANTY PARTS AND LABOR S 1899 340 E. ANAHEIM (Cor. of Elm) HE 7-6491 Wkeettatc. FULL rilCE

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