Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1969 · Page 33
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 33

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1969
Page 33
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ROY BETrs SANTA ANITA HANDICAP BETZ'S BEST Uni * M C h ' C i "''* r t d * v '" b "' "*' INDEPENDENT JAM) PRESS-TELEGRAM , Fust Pojt 1 p.m miles * M»o. Clalmint T~wi. comment o»3, medd 3316 Whlsx-Go-Co. Belmontt'."" .1315 Loucilta Dreim, Hall 3234 Arkansas Red, Blum ?333 Vinci Jr., Yancz , J32S Jfrfiaway, HarriL'".^"" ·3333 Dicky Dan, Trcvino .j3S3 Fuu/ Thurston, Resales 3256 Arata, /A. ValM. .3297 Charming Rest, Mbharney'" LONGS HOT--JEFFAW AY. 114 May t'oKl d*J ant ease..." 113 Strictly i"e one to Drat 109 Will try iun.W3Y fd;e 116 Not to be counted oJt '!3 BPSI d bold t-ireal . 1U Longshot iactor ._ 1U /.lav t*thisaoKi xlW Another v.-ita u*ca )H Keens easier . nj Will probably lia-t . . . oftT . 5-2" 3M1-SECOND KACE. furlongs.3-v«ar-»ld tilllts. Alltwancw. PurU S 12 Fiery Venus, Lambert ..--*« Love you So. Eelmanfe" ""* .-- .W26 Hazel A. Hall " if · '.'^S't^ 0 ^ .Moment, f.V valeh.' - 1 - 33?6 Mirtone's Girl, Muhorftcv n · ;J oj09 Miss Larksvllte, Pie K e 7 · ·* 3326 The Kilaarfi Lsdir-Routes _ 8 / * i . f.\f Fleet BSD/, Shoemaker *» . -. 33M Queen Niia, Alvarez . . . . 's 4 3326 Hancy Boo, Blum 4 - - . J32i Main Talent, Lope* .. 1? -' 3££ Roval Tempo, Cosla .. . . .. 1 .. 3239 Be Home Earlv, Camoas tONGSHOT--BE HOME EARLY. 11$ Appears the one to beat.... US Dangerous an 'ft* v;a/ ib Hard TO j*p3r.ite :;o Kr 113 Trying re-Wat win 115 Factor if Mart-. H5 Will rra's* trem hj-,Mc .. xlVJ Globes \ve.l on ccCoMGn Hi ProoaDlv npMi 115 rViuit imoro^e 115 Willing b-jt in 10-31 110 Not on 15;: xllO Gitf* her a pas*. 115 Field looks too tojj-i 337*-- SEVENTH RACE 1J/14 milts. 4 ytir-afch and UD, hliiti A lti*r«i Cll' '"jypaci" c oil's. l)2j3)bJOrts Event. : -v?77 Toward. M. Vo'en. . Sil-jna. Be!monte . . L .°. N 9L? H 0 T^T 0 WARD. 337?--"EIGHT H~RAtErT~h)rVonV^4-v*4rHo]ds~" and" uD."~"cr*iVified aiijwance _?ur« SMW._ Jili'Dr. ROV'E., ~ cantero-jry Rc-od, 5 -j|j Pfin^e Intent, Roi 1.813) !niup.(.-iiwi. Sutlers Aciov, M. Vjlen. . j31j Fiaciier'i Gr«n, ~ ,w22 o G/eco Ttn-.e. O '."i' w ''S.' ! i"3 C X~". I i'-* j^iiYg Yc^t* :'M a-Le BrtSadif. GaM* t LONG5HOT--rlDOLER'S GREEK- Ms it Ptebabi* wmn«r-- Ultra Qu^tt rth ft»it trt-- Innlsruler tn Jth Best Money Proj«ct-H«*i A. Win Mriav- Prudent Flwr "n 3rd fo ano/ Dinner in 4th. Longshot soeoai-Drvit'i Rui« n ttn ,, 3373--THIRD RACE. 3 fufipngs. Maiden Z-year-old colts gd'iiings. purst S · £11 fc; Pr y de - nl Hier - Harmaiz a 113 Hard » nois lodav'.' . " "" 2?32 Wandering Hombre, Pineoa 10 j3.V Litile Pouoon, Blum . . 7 tuper Daic, Yanez .,... e Veg« Bill, Fires ._ 4 · . . H3ftt Van. i. Valen. . "."".".' ~ . . h-Prowting Piincf, Alvarti . . . '..i -· .. . Dandy Landing, Dtsz ) . . d-Split Bat, Campas " " " · · . .'#32 Ihunaer's MuJinv, Trevmo '"." YJ -· ^3333 a-Tne BrpKtr's Act, tampdt ^ --· If^S? So'jrriojsh Lad, MaCie 11 ·32tt Chulafcr, M. vaicn. . 9 *-D. Caroill-irained enlry. o-D. Hum-trained entry. j-ONGSHOT-- DAMPY LANDING 113 F;oures close US Dsnaerojs ort best . 118 By Our Rulid .. . 113 By Blnorv US Bv Olvrnyijd Kir;g IIS Stablemstc took:, Dc US 6y Cay l.srd : ng . US By B.D. Te-mir, . 113 Pigjrer. to irail !18 Trailed all irr v/av US Siioro improvement MS rjol ofi ifi'.t ('j);?)Frfdo£ D!P , '.'A.-in;rnp.' ''.':: I.-'.'.'A.-SO, HAr.-is ^'9j Pji-l'ri-Bai', Fir»j . :cil Trad*; Ric- Harmair i.'Si Aii 1 - Cc'i'fi, .'/,. Va'e't ..:? Bc-id. Yant-: "Osi SoiQ-e'-'s Rev/afo. Gioaoii^ ..'·3 S.-tvan Dcitv, Trc-.'»:i» .':^3 BlL'fr Nignt, Vo!2Ke . :^5 Bdmev McGam, Ron-fr'o LONCSHOT--PUT-lN-BftY. .151! HapD 1 / Dinner, Pineda J564 Petite Owl, Ro5al»s S310 Rollsh v.'orld. Diaz J31 AbQUlaglo, Blum .«}"/ Count Litile, pierce . Top Story, Teicira ~2W DuJfer, Harris __. iilO California EoQle, Trevir,o LONCSHOT-DUFFER. _ RACE7i ~1 / 16~i . X?3 Innisrolrr, Dis; . i;'S3 Social Smash, Shoemaker . HOO Commercial, Rob,,ile3 '^0 Lver Hopeful, Belmonte , J '·193 Joawin. Tejelra . . . r.OO f.'.dhe Wavpi, L^mbort !· .''iiS Smiling Quc-en. Pierce '·?r-:"j Dresni Destiny. Hrrnc-: ^6'j Ethereal, Ah/nrez VOO Sliake A Shado?;. Firei .i?53 Ab6dan, Rosalcs "L-3A Day Out, Harr!-; -'"65 bov \V.ivc, G-iira!"? .. ' 1 2731 Marta Grev, Roiicro i L 0 NG S H OT-- DREAM DE5T I tjf. 11 :· Haa a rougT trio ; xlCi Appears ti-.e cne to bear US Daiqfrcui oif br-.t ; 1)3 Cnased beiier Mo Sr.ov;ing SIOTJ of I tie : ii« Outside crance !J3 V/ould have to sjrijr,ie i 116 Fioure: To weaken aidfn73-vTar-old fillies. Pursf^ss ; 115 Chance to surprise . 1 xilO Stio-jJd take a part ; IIS Lust all ciiance ot Mart ' 115 V.'lll force (lie pact i '15 v/ould be no iurpris^ : Hi Chance \vit-i tdk b^v Mi Cjiit and mjii unprovf 1 ns Lime to rccoiii/vend i .-.110 Mse-.-is enbier 11^ Slo.v starrer nn I:T MI ! "" :'.'culd bP a surprii? ' 115 1'iaure', !»a?l likrlv 4i .P?^. Top claiming price SIO.OOQ :«i/B Som«bodv Special, BTum o?6? Ja'Je Princess. Mahornev *.KV Many Vcfls. Bclinante . -*^f. Devil's Rule, Hartack .. .'·-Q3 Joelvn's Pt, Dial ^^4-i Princess Curradh, Ysne7 LO.NG5HOT-D£VIL'S RULE. ·vear-oldi and up, filtie\ f. mares. ese 113 Edge in « tigut -s;.e US Gtwd prirlv" ^oe«J 115 Dangerous v.-ith tn US Fair recen! v.orks H6 Usualiv closes we:! !B Solid lonrjMioi (.m,n(. US Beat tinlv trred no r -o 115 Soccd !o gsi off trie r CONSENSUS T E R R Y 135) HOLLY (6?t Conifinsus mi i ?,?D -°? 3 r ^ · Arkansas Red : '.ViusJi-On I V/n:Sf;-Oo-C-o Soboba L.Dredm · L.Dream . F.TIrustn Soooba ! Love You Su '· Hppv Mmenl ' Lo i .'e You So |!Jl a i£!A. ._. '-V' 1 -'Tlict Bbv 'ThpK.LMv ii b-P.K!icr ' '.V.Mcmbre '.';.Ho:iibrft V.'.HoiJ-.ufe Ltilc Poupn : a-P. Fiiei __ .n 1 nvp Yon ^n( PI ' . . ^O Co-r.lig OH *in* v.i · /' NOT overmatched f ET - UttfJ Quest it /th REST CHANCE BET -- Dicky Dan n PREFERRED PARLAY - UU( Quest to Wmoovtr BANKROLL SPECIAL -- J.mlyg I CLOCKcRS TIP - Tjrry in *tn VmEELHORSF -- Art,ans*i Rrd in Cacao 1 * of vj-pr t i:ng 0,'ijioe chance . . V * y r^-tf ra; r-y i ano UP. Hi Msid» Otjtanc* Series Csjia be piacea TOO t: Snowing iiQfii of Sir* Best a oo'd in'" 1 !! Vav be fiii cood '·','3L.'!(1 Ra.'t Ti3 I.Tprovft IOO'M. too tci.3'. cc tr-ani-f Trainer Staiuli r*"t.\. ,', _',;.;-^ 9', ;M 1 j 3 GIVES YOU COAST-TO-COAST SERVICE Sievrrs to .Manage OAKLAND (LTD -- i:u' Rov Siexers, a home run h i t t e r of nulf* \vuli four major league clubs. Tlmrs- uay \\ t iS minted manager i-l" the Oakland A's Bur- htiston, Iowa 1'arm i l u h in .--'69 Electric--, ADDING MACHINE TALLYMUTEfl MARK V HDOV Dn.ner HDD-/ Dnnr Happy Dnni ' Prtiic Ov/l Durlcr Pcliic 0V Rllii '.Voi'l-f : Rllai) '.Vrld Abouta^lo AAanv Veil* o.Sueci,^ ! :..Si»ecial . i'.-\:inv Vcls Jade P. : Jsde P. 8 Happy fiinnr H,»i!v Dinnr (23J Count L i t t l e Petite O.-.l 15) Coinmercid! hmiifisr (91 Ever Hocf! L!i\mi'ciftH7J limstlcf _Si_iiilno Q^jernU* ~Miqrcfii Ultra Oubt Sco'jn Ti'i-.p Sprir- E'/ent " Ultra Quest (20) · Soorn Event (6) 1 SCOOD Timed) Ur.F-Jov b. '.VinQOvG C.Rr»-H C. Road · Kczav Dr. Rov E. '.Vmggvcr ' Prince intent M'rinaaue^ __ 1 \Vor Flnq Tio Crlii-. iVa r Ffacj ! I'oCrlitj ' V.'ar Flag Ficcldic D.P. C.Road C.Ro.-'d (10) Dr. Rov £. DR. Roy E. iSj iniunctioii Wm^over 13) V.'sr F' war Fin [14) FrdaieD.P. Tio Crlih (7) · Tin C.rliic:. r-rddip D.P. ' 3 t Ret $89.50 ADDS-SUBTRACTS ONE YEAR WARRANTY H M! VICTOR SEIVICE CE»Ifl III IHE U.S.*. P*fU t U(»f) tec. !) « CMKVINC CtSE nil FREEWAY STORES All Stores Open Daily I Sat. 9-5 3ANr ^Mf^iCiflO · VAblEi* lil'ARGE BulT:ri HKf.'.S AV/MLASLL LONG BEACH WESTERN TYPEWRITEH CO, 3600 Long Beach SM. (2131 YOU CAN TRUST YOUR TRANSMISSION TO ANY OF AAMCO'S 550 CENTERS. WORLD'S LARGEST TRM1SMISSION SPKULISrS f COMPTON 814 [I. Lfflj 3»i:i £.'·,-!. 5;.'-::2! DOWNEY RosEcrjr.i- jf ;.--.·.·;J 5 - 1 ??=0 GARDENt wieu ci£!i;'..-.» 3r-2::i GARDEN GdOVE 9541 GbitJ?;: ,,-. 61. (7:-!) 65S-5SO HUNIINGTON PARK 1-DAY SERVICE awi 'able fflfi" ig.Point Diagncs'.'C Multi-Check PRE£ Road Test TCRMS on approved credit LONG BEACH LAKEWOOD ANAHEIM BUENA PARK 6S4U bljnij.'i .CAPISTRANO BEACH ;·««;! O.''*'»t : -:. Rir.-i il/S-3 INGIEWOOD ·: ; ^n -...!;.·...· B-.;. : ;.iri; ORANGE ·· ^1 S 4 N I A A N A TORRANCE WHITTIER More fhan 772,500 serw'ce station men across the country recommend AAMCO NOTE--Humivsr alter r 1-, mbfir of wirmf-i selected. Perfect figure. The measurements are up to you: Tall... short... or straight. The taste is up to us: Smooth...pleasing...and dependable. No matter how you pour it, you'll find the quality of Seagram's 7 Crown always measures up. Say Seagram's and Be Sure. SC19 $167 W 4/5 Ot. * V! Scagr»m Dishllers Company, N.Y.CBlendfd Whippy, f 6 Pioof. c5'.. C:a.n N r u t r j l Spirits. 'Your Safety is Our Business" ' 6.««« i«k i C«n»f»l »«rm« I BRAKE RELINE COMPLETE GUARANTEED Using Ail New P a r t s . . . Guaranteed 2 Years or 20,000 Miles I HERE'S WHAT WE DO · £«/'"· l"9-"9 on il - VS,,!i i:. lm...j ior P*:l*cl Co.iloil Drums N« Whell C^^ndf;, on 111 4 Whfli · turn and True All 4 BicAl Diurm · N«M' Rttum Spring on ill 4 Whecli · Intprcl 6,al. Ho.r - Rfcacl Wh.l Brormoi on Both front Whtili · Inspect Ataittr Clind«f ond Rood lest Cor. You Can Be Sure With Our Trained Experts NO MONEY DOWN -GUARANTEE- MONTHS TO PAY WB guarantee our brake lining for th« tp«ci* fled number of mitei or year* from dot* of in- tlollntion. wKichevor comp% hrt. Adju;rrn«nti pro-rated on tniteaqe and bcni*d on price5 current at tirnft of ad|UStniont Attention Big Car Owners... ON A SET OF DELUXE CHAMPION Original Equipment WHimSWIPE IWfS Tha tire that comes on many of America's linest NEW69 CARSI NO MONEY DOWN MONTHS TO PAY! /Hiiial buwf bre.b ^MM jMteu^ ,^ ^.^ IT »cecfe»nr» t*im wn t*n»i o( ou' pimwe flt-iumw. priced nl Firnton* Dealin and at oil itrvic* ilatlani dilploying rh* f JonnDohsrly Buhoid Ion? Hofold lit-i |l Suits Tut Sold Service Monoi)er FAMOUS BRAND SHOCK ABSORBERS Get 4 for the price of 3 Offer expires Feb. 28, 1969 REPACK FRONT WHEEL BEARINGS This service should be performed every 10,000 miles to avoid costly repairs, ^^·^1 ^J^V D,;,c Brake] ^m^^ ^ff slightly higher Offer expires Feb. 28, 1969 TIRE ROTATION Will Rotate all 5 tires and inflate trt«m to correct pressure. ^^^k. C Offer expires Feb. 28, 1969 69 FRONT END ALIGNMENT We adjust caster, camber and toe-in to manufacture's specifications. 69 AirCond. slightly higher. Offer expires Feb. 28, 1969 LONG BEACH Open Mon. Wed. Mites Til 8'P.M. 3670 CHERRY AYE. (at 37th St.) GA 6-6111

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