The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 16, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1920
Page 2
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• I THE DAILY FREE PRESS HE DAILY FREE PRESS Established" Weekly 1877 Press Publishing ; Co. MRS. JOHN T. GALBRAITH Editor and Manager • "Telephone <• - 218 TERMS , -JtakBcription 15 cents a week. .iABTOrtialnK bills due weekly. *rt> wars strictly caan. • ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION $7:80. '• -=a«tei»4 at the postoffloe at Caibon- 4*10, HilBOls, as second class matter. ;^Moe in the -Free Fret* Building, -'••<«r«it Main Street. ' Jan. M. 1920. . VISION OP THE FUTURE '(By-Colonel Robert G. Ingersoll.) A vision of the future rises: I.see our 'Country filled with happy . "homes, with firesides of content—the . foremost land of all the earth. I Bee a world rwhere thrones have •eninibled and where kings are. dust. The, aristocracy of idleness has perished from the earth. .1 see a woarld without a slave. Man -at-last is free. Nature's forces have . ~.*7 .'Science been enslaved., Lightning GARAGE-AUTO SALES ROOM TO BE IN YALE Carbondale Auto Sales Company Under Sales Manager Robt. Davis and Mastin Crawshaw in Repair End of Garage. When. the. Yale theatre is-vacated by the moving picture show, which will be' done immediately upon the completion of the new Barth theatre building,, the Yale building; oc-. cupied >byi the.-Crrtoutiale.AutOi Sales Co. with Robert Davis, sales manager, and Mastin Crawshaw in charge of the auto repair work., With this the building will be over* hauled and rebuilt ;into a • modern' garage.. The .front' will be leveled off for the entrance • of . autos,, attractive display windows put in and oth'er lea- tures built.'in the front. Machinery will 'be installed for repair and over-! hauling work; and with this will be em r ] ployed expert machinists. The Auto jjisries Go. has th'e agency for the Studebaker automobiles and now occupies a room east of the Roberts Hotel. IWihile'•. negotiations', for the Ylale have not. been completed between Davis and Barth for . the building, both expressed confidence that nothing^ now would hold up the transaction. The Yale building will be leased "by the Auto Sales Co. for a definite period with option, of renewal from ani'light, wind and wave, frost and i time to time, it is said. flame and all the secret, subtle pow-| • 'era .of e^arth and air are the tireless j tollers rfor the human race. !•-see a world at peace, adorned with every form of art, with music's • myriad voices thrilled, while lips are ;rick with words of love and truth; a -•WOTlfl in-.which no exile sighs, no pris- -oner .mourns; a world on which the .[gibbets' shadow does not fall; a world where 'labor reaps its full reward -wflere work and worth go hand im "tiand, -where the .poor girl trying to win. bread with the needle—the need• He that has been called "the asp for <the breast of the poor"—is not driven . :to the desperate' choice of crime or -•death, of suicide or shame. I see a world without the beggar's . ou*btretched "palm,., the miser's : :-bearlless, stony stare, the piteous ' warl of want, the livid lips ol lies, the ..•cruel eyes of scorn. I see a . race without disease o£ ~.~Sesh or brain—shapely and fair,— • 'the married harmony of form • and -function,—and, as I look, life length- Lodge Installation The aunaial installation of officers of Carbondale Rebekah Lodge No. 220 was held at I. O. O. F. hall last night, Mrs. Aletha Walker being installing officers. The new officers are: Noble Grand—Mrs. Mollie Anderson. ' Vice Grand—Miss Etliel Marten. Rec. Sec.-^-Mrs. Cora Lingle. Fin. Sec.—Mrs. Cora Gregory. Treas.—Mtrs." Minnie Willis. R. S. N. G.—Mrs. Roxey Smith." L. S. N. G.—Mrs. Mae Johnson^ R. S. V. G.—Mrs. Gertrude Bennett. • L. S. V. G.—Miss Kate Chapman. I Conductress—Mrs. Percy Van Buskirk. Warden—Mrs. Beulah Treece.. I. G.—Mrs. Amy Prince. /• . O. G.—Mrs. Judieth Laney. Chaplain-yMrs. Emma Sponsler. Pianist—Mrs. Nora Hayden. When cur prestnt allotment of S. I. N. U. stationery is gone, we will be unable to sell, them at 25 cents. •«ns, joy deepens, love canopies the j Buy no\7 at the Free Press, -.-earth; and over all in the great * ———— •«dom.e,' shines the eternal star of hu-|, . TOLEDO. L jnan hope. POWER BILL IS PASSED '-^'Senate Ends Ten-Year Fight by Adopt- Ung Measure, 52 to 18—Goes to Conference. 'Washington, -Tan. 1G.—Ending a ten- "37e«i - 'fight, the seriate passed the waiter/power bill, wlvich now goes to con- 'jJteretice for the composing of differ- ence's' between the-house and the sen- •-• atfe." The' vote was 52 to 18, and was tak- BO »fter the senate had reconsidered J ~$(a former action and restored, 44 to '-2S£ : an. amendment which would limit -•Ae government licence on develop- •anen't projects to 25 cents p«r horse- vvpower. "We bill provides for crentlou of a '-.federal water-power commission, com- of the secretaries, of war, iri- - , Jan. 14. Albert and Henry Zimmerman spent | Saturday 'and Sunday with their grand : parents. / Mrs. Henry Harbaugh spent Thursday evening with her sister, Mrs. Watt Bostiom. ' . Emory Holder and family .visited Sunday with Orvil Barlow and wife. Several- in this community attended the 'sale at Louis Ingram's Tuesday. Died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Walker, MrsSElizabeth Anderson, after a severe illness. Interment was made in the Limestone cemetery. BOX SUPPER At Woodman Hall Wednesday, January 21, beginning at 7:30-p. m, given by L. A. to B. of Bi T.Everybody invited.—Advertisement. A limited amount o£ handypacks and agriculture, which would be -.authorized, after investigation, 4o is- •tsu'e licenses for development of wa- _ ',-teflpower projects "for a reasonable ' tor the S. I. N. TJ. student Linen •-annual charge.'" The licenses would finish stationery with varsity insignia, ..TUP. for 50 years. | for sale at the Free Press at 25 cents ------- '• ------- .. per pack. Saturday and Monday Blanket Specials One lot 64x76 heavy weight grey,' tan and white cotton ; blankets with pink.and blue, ; bor-. ders, sale price per pair Saturday and Mo'nday $2.95 ONIY TVM IftYS MORE of our Big January Outergarment Sale. ; Attend this sale / tomorrow and Monday and see what wontferjul values' you can buy. JOHNSON. VANCIL TAYLOR COMPANY Saturday and Monday Corset Special -One lot Warner Bros, rust ''proof corsets in white and' pink, back lace style, values up to i$3:.oo. Jauiiary sale, price per pair.... 1.69 Saturday and Monday r Shte Specials $9.95 All women's Louis heel boots, formerly priced to 1 ' 12.50 $7.95 All women's Louis heel " boots, .formerly priced ^ to •10.00. Colors black, brown and field moase. January Sale of Men's and Boys 1 Suits, Overcoats and Mackinaw* Men's Suits and Overcoats 21.95 to 39.95 Worth 1 . 25.00 to 50.00 Men's Pants 3.45 to 7 ; 9S ^ Worth 6.00 to. io..oo Boy's Suits and Coats 7.95 9.95 11.95 Worth -. . \ • 10.oo to. 17.50. Men's and Boy,s Sweaters 7;75 f° r men's all wool pull-over sweaters 4.95 for boy's all wool' * pull-over sweaters Double Trading Stamps To everyone Paying their Account in full Commencing Saturday, January 17, and continuing during the remainder of January we will give double stamps, two instead of the usual'one, to every one pay- jng their account in lull. . Double Trading Stamps Saturday and Monday . Double Trading Stamps, two instead of 'the usual one^,. to every shopper buying as much -as . five dollars and over. U V C I . • The usual stamp with -every purchase under 5.00 ~ • '' • \ • • - .• vV ' Saturday and Monday Sale ,oi Furs 250.00 Japanese mink .coatee, sale price $200 79.50 black sealine cape, squirrel trimmings, sale price $59.50 I " 44.50 black lynx scarf, sale price.. .* .$35100 60.00 Jap mink scarf and muff, ' sale price. $29.75 15.00 tiger coney fur set, sale price ... $9.90 Saturday and Monday Sale of Skirts 21.50 green and tan plaid skirt, sale pr. 16.90 16.00 black taffeta silk skirt, sale price.. 12.50 15.50 fancy striped silk skirt, -sale price 9i90 12.75 taupe crepe poplin skirt, sale price 9.98 9.95 navy blue serge skirt, sale price.... -8.49 Saturday and Monday Sale of Women's Suits 47.50 tweed mixture suitsj sale price. . -.37.00 49.75 navy pin stripe serge suit, sale pr. 39.60 55.06 brown, t-ricotine'suit, sale price. . -44.00 57.50 navy serge suit, 'sale price..... -46.00 42.00 navy serge suit, sale'price....... 33.60 Saturday and Monday Sale of Women's Coats 69.50 pekin blue bolivia cloth coat, sale price . -55.60 67.50 pompeiian imperial velours coat, sale price r.. 54.00 42.00 brown kersey coat, sale price 33.60 95.60 tinsel tone, coat with black seal '' collar and cuffs, for. .. -76.00 169.00 black sealine coat, sale, price... -125.00 DEAF FROM BLAST OF HEAVY ARTILLERY-FIRING Having his hearing impaired, severely from the concussion) and noise of the heavy artillery, Dave Flynn, formerly of this city and nephew of Mrjj. J. F. Comstock, visiting "here for a few days, is now attending a school for the deaf at Kansas City provided by. the government. He went to school* four years in Carbondale, when a (boy, mak- ing his horne^ with his. aunt, Mrs. Comstock. BIRTHDAY PARTY A number pf -friends were pleasantly entertained at a party last evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Houre on Beveridge street in/ honor of their son, Ralph's fifteenth birthday. Games and music were enjoyed, after which refreshments of sandwiches. pickles, hot chocolate and. wafers v/ere served- .. Those. pre->ent were:, Misses • Lillian Trammel, Elzirali Smith,.Velma Montgomery and Cecil Obi.ders; Hal Mountain, Kenneth Whalen, Paul Hall. Josie BrunerTJohn Snuih and Raipa House. .few packs left at 25 cents each, at the Free Press. • • - We .have n o assuranoe>that we can purchase a further, supply of handy- pack S. I. N. TJ. stationery. Only a Plenty of Ice for 1920. . . Marinette, Wis., -Tan. 16.—There'wfrf* be no shortage of- ice next suniaer, according to Frederick Carney, head of the Twin Cities Ice company, i.ere. According to Carney, the ice was bet j ter this year than for severs! £ean ! past. The ice is of a uniform Uiicknesi j of twenty-two inches. llIIIHIIHIIlllllHIIIIIllllMIIIiNHtlllllllltlllllllllillllllllltllll llllllllllllIlltlHitiiiimi»^«»Pm<«iiiiiM"iiM»««««" " -— WANTED! Young Men and Women Bookkeepers and Stenographers If you resolve this year to Educate, yourself for a useful, well-paid business life and then carry-out those resolutions, it will mean Peace. Joy and Prosperity for you in the future. RESOLVE: To attend the ; Southwestern Business College We Guarantee yeu a Position ''THE SCHOOL THAT IS RELIABLE" DAY AND NIGHT SCHOOL Enter Any Time MURPHYSBORO, ILLINOIS. Illl Just a few of LET US our Students who are good positions*—_> HELP YOU Miss Ida Parker, . ' Stenographer for I. C. Ry. Co., Carbondale, 111. Miss Helen Smith, Stenographer at Carbondale, III. Miss Helen Foley, Stenographer tor I. C. Ry Co., Carbondale, 111. Miss Ruth Btherton, Stenographer for I. C. Ry Co., Kankakee,-111. Miss N'eoma Knapp, .Campbell Hill, 111,, -. Bookkeeper and Stenographer for Stotla'r Herrin- Lumlber Co., Ben'tonVTli? '' : '' • ' ! Mr.-Iyan Replogle, . . '; Bookkeeper and Stenographer for Reliance Milling Co., Murphysboro, 111. J,:. Miss Chloe Hicks, Teacher at Southwestern, Murphysboro, 111. Mrs. Mamie Steele, Stenographer at D. S". Po.stoffiee, Murphysboro, 111. Miss Ruth Propst, Stenographer in St. Louis. Mis's Marie Hodge, ^ Stenographer for Gas & Electric Co.,' Murphysboro, 111. v Miss Viola Engert, Stenographer at Brown's Shoe Factory, Murphysboro, 111. Mr. .Dave Friedman, Stenographer M. & O, Ry. Co., ij Murphysboro, 111.

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