Independent from Long Beach, California on January 31, 1960 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 31, 1960
Page 26
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C-i-INDEPENDENT.PRESS.TELEGRAM Long y_Wfa__C*' [ j j- JU"d«V* January 31. i960 *" ' - ' '"""· ·' ~~~" STATE SOCIETY I IN HAPPENED LAST NIGHT , :,: .WEDNESDAY . -Pennsylvania, Y W C A, 6:30. p.m. . : · · SATURDAY ' Mihnesota, YWCA, noon. Mary Martin Secret Cave Marion Success If . . . TOU WANT 10 !EC TWO FEATURES . . , ATIEHO BEFORE 1 P.M. II ... You Prefer Only "THE BIG FISHERMAN" See II from the Beginning I2!(5-4:20-8.'30-IO:I5 HIM i Lilmrtljr Dinntr 1 C limn I in I ETinlnf Shewi -' ' it H30 in' I0il5 F O R Y O U R CONVENIENCE!! NOW AY REGULAR PRICES AA SHOWN 3 4 7 P.M. ONLY*-1 [ttopjjty^Goes 1o Town ^ R E S T K G A 416-19 'GREGORY PECK DEBORAH KERft FREE PARKING? S H O W N AT · 3 l 4 0 - l l 0 5 . | f t 2 0 BELOVED INFiDEL PLUS SECOND FEATURE ·Shown at 12:30--4:50--7:20 KIM NOVAK FREDRIC MARCH I M P E R I A L HE 39'7? :a;; t :: By EARL WILSON NEW YORK--"What kind | of a five-letter word is Mary Martin?" 1 asked Marion Marlowe, because when stars get as big as Mary, everybody says they're a five-letter word. "Well, you know how much I wanted to be in a show like 'Sound of Music'--me being a fresh TV upstart," Miss Marlowe said. "I'd stopped doing the night club bit. I was making good money, but nobody knew I was alive." She'd been a regular on A r t h u r Godfrey's TV show until both she and Lary Puck were "fired at the time of their marriage, and now here was her great opportunity. . "The trouble was," Marion recounted, "I couldn't make myself heard when I spoke on stage. I couldn't project. "I could belt a song pretty loud but when I spoke, they couldn't hear me out front; panicked. I thought, 'My God if they can't hear me in the fourth row they've got to re place me.' Broadway. You got the par "Larry and I both cried, w were so happy." Larry, recovered his heal and now waits for her at tl stage door. He is producin TV commercials. Marion, b sides doing the show, will b appearing on the Sulliva show and in TV dramas. The have a N.Y. apartment'and home near Katonah. Mario is sometimes seen piloting tractor there on days off. ' don't drive a car because have no depth perception; she says. "The last time tried to drive the car, knocked over three little dog wood trees." "It was about 10 days before we were to go out-of- N NOON BARGAIN PARKING : NOW SHOWING Effmond O'Brien--Loralnt Day )n a New Sound In Terror : "THE THIRD VOICE"; riul--A New Comedy Hit! | "THE ROOKIE" I B ELMONT ct em-Hi - 12:15 Rlch.rd Eaonn--Dorolhv McGulr. "'A SUMMER PLACE" In Color-IMS, CIS, 10:1! Gary Cooper--Charlton Heslon :''THE WRECK OF THE ;,MARY DEARE" iColor--11:30, 4:35, 1:45 I j t o w n . Mary sat down beside me on a bench on the stage. "She said, 'Listen, dear you're so good in the part-I'd hate to see you lose it You've got a big voice There's no reason you can't project. Now you must speak like you sing. You just--' " * * * * MARY MARTIN seized Marion's hand and held il against her stomach to feel how hard the muscles were partly from inhaling before singing and speaking. "She told me, 'You talk just as though you were to hit a high C singing. You really blast.'" And Marion was soon projecting. "Mary Martin gave me her secret," she says. She could have decided she didn't lave time to bother with me ; 'DAY -1 OPEN P CE 0-1133 J 1:45 Award Contender slmone Slenorel "BOOM AT THE TOP" , Clfas. Coburn--Wcndv Hlller , "flOVY TO MURDER · ' . ' k RICH UNCLE" RQADIUM iPataml. i C.ompt, enrol Uvnlev Brandon DeWllde 'BLUE DENIM" --nnd-- "The Phantom Stagecoach" William BlihoD DRIVE-IN THEATRE Blvd. Pitmli| ADM, I Pit Cll t Tl) Inol. A LACE PINE AVE.--PHONE HE 6.4439 "KELLY AND ME" "ENEMY IN SPACE" "FIVE GUNS WEST" MARION MARLOWE Mary's Iron Stomach and I would have been out of the show. "And what a teacher to have! Her stomach is like iron. She doesn't have an ounce of f a t . Her body is a wonderful machine -- surrounding a great heart. "And Mary herself can project farther than any opera star. She starts singing the reprises Things' of 'way, 'My 'way Favorite back off the working stage, and that voice cuts -through like a knife." Ensconced now in a smash hit, Marion Marlowe can look back good-humoredly on the night club period that followed her departure from the Godfrey show. "I learned so much. But in night clubs when you sing, you're fighting liquor, you're fighting a steak, you're fighting the broad the guy brought to the club with him." MARION GOT HERSELF two acting teachers--one her lusband, Larry Puck, who impressed on her: "Talk slowly, go off slowly." The other was Lee Strasberg. Puck had a slight heart attack late last summer. "The day I auditioned for dodgers and Hammerstein," vlarion said, "1 finished and went to get my wrap when they said, 'Would you sing something more, please?' "I realized that a singer is a can of soup and you've got to be a better can of soup than any other singer. "I leaned on the piano and sang 'Just My Bill,' very softly. Then I got rny coat and went to the hospital to see Larry. "While I was at the hospital 1 got a call from my agent who said, 'Welcome to Jerry Keeps Jerry Under Sfrict Curb HOLLYWOOD W -- Hov does Jerry Lewis, movie pro duction tycoon, deal wit Jerry Lewis, funnyman? "I've never been a believe n Hollywood nepotism," 'sai the busy boss of one of th screen's top box-office star "I don't allow the litl ierk any extra concession just because he is my altei ego along with being m jread and butter. He has t earn his own way with me, o I let him have it. I refuse t tamper him." Jerry makes all his ow pictures. "You may not think I'd eve admit this of my star comi )Ut he can be very unfunn at times. Often he become over enthusiastic and tries to lard for laughs." In "Cinder Fella," a fare 'ersion of the fairy tale 'aramount cutters were joine by p r o d u c e r Lewis. On source says Producer Lewis i ruthless in scissoring scene of Lewis the comic. But Lewis doesn't want ti direct himself. "I don't think Jerry tin comic would ever listen t Jerry the director," he says. S^WEDNESDA And when he saw the woman Sheba he / was filled with desire. Then went Solomon in all his regal splendor to the tent of the, /) pagan, and shej drew the curtain, i EDWARD SUAtt YULBRYNNER GlNA LOLLOBRIGIDA SOLOMON ^ SHEBA EXCLUSIVE mem. ENGAGEMENT cfeec N E I G H B O R H O O D ' TfaafaeGtwfe DOWNEY NOR WALK ioT-ssid AVENUE, "HAVE ROCKET, WILL TRAVEL" "ID MILLION MILES TO EARTH" UEKALTA Diwoly '0 MHO "A SUMMED PUCE" "EDOE OF ETERNITT" NonWAlK, Horwilk UN 4.111 "L'lL ABNEH" "H FT. BRIDE OF_CANDT ROCK" ~ ' ITRAIID, Open Ih30 A.M. FR 1-1100 "THE BIO FISHERMAN" Shenn it I2|30-- 4-- 7|!0-- 10:00 WILMINGTON O R A N A D A (Sntllnr. Lo[et) IE 4.1117 "DIART OF A KIOH SCHOOL BRIDE" "GHOST OF A DRAOSTRIP HOLLOW" BCLLF LOWER NUBEL TO 1-MI1 "A SUMMER 'LACE" "HAPPT A N N I V E R S A R T " GARDEN GROVE QRDVE " JE MEOD "THE BIG FISHERMAN" "HAPPT ANNIVERSARY" HARBOR. 13322 S. Vermont TE 4-1591 "THE WORLD IN HIS ARM!" "THE PHANTOM STAOECOACH" LA MIRADA Alonin il Fltntint UK Mill "HAPPT A N N I V E R S A R Y " "LI'L ABNER" LINCOLN, I uene Pirk "THE TIBOLER" ·PICKUP ALLET" JA 1-2I13 ROADIUM, Kill Parmt HI 3-4 "BLUE DENIM" "THE PHANTOM ITAOECOACH" SUNDO'WN SOJ~W~«llhelii.rKiIi "NEVER SO TEW" "ASK ANT OIRL" "TEN NORTH FREDERICK 1 ^lUIWATJHJIK SKT" TWIN VUt" o n 152, OA 4-1111 "HAPPT AKNIVERSART" "BOUSE OF INTRIBUE" /.. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ' · ? · ADVENTURE , -^S'sfeiS? THE LOWELL. THOMAS PRODUCTION! "» m:u:M :i-i MOOUCTION WELL PAID DUB She Can't Afford to Be Seen on Movie Screen HOLLYWOOD C«--One of the best paid actresses in Hollywood is seldom seen on the screen. She is attractive June Foray, who dubi voices for other actresses--sometimes the leading lady. In one film, a well known actress was cast opposite a deep-voiced male star. . "When the picture was completed," June recalls, "the producers found that audiences would have laughed the leading lady right out of the theater. Her voice was 'way too high and squeaky for the lower registers of the male star. . "I was called in to dub the whole picture." · June makes plenty from movies and television but her biggest income is from commercials on radio. . "I make as much for a half hour's work on a radio commercial as I could for a full day's work as a visible actress," she says. "Sure, it does something to your ego but when those residual checks start coming in every time the commercial is replayed, your ego is soothed so nicely. . . "At those prices, I can't afford to be seen' 1 on the screen." , Dead End 'Delinquent 1 Mow Designs Dresses HOLLYWOOD W)--Die Blackwell is the only one o he original "Dead End Kids to wind up a dress designer Blackwell grew up alon the East River waterfront anc Show Time Starting t i m e s f o r film ;hows at Long Beach theater are presented as listed by :heater managers: WEST COAST "Bio Fisherman," 4:20, 8:30, 10:1 'HODpltv Goes to Town," 3, 7. PALACE "Kelly and We," 10, 2:35, 7:10, 11:4 'Enemy from Space," 1:40, 4:15, 8:5' *Hve Guns West," 3:11, 5:46, 10:21. BAY "Room at the Top," 5, 8:30, "Murde Uncle," 4:30, 10:20. ART 'Inn ot the Sixth Happiness," 1, 5:4 0:24. "Kismet " 3:44, 8:30. "Gollalh and the Barbarians," 12:35 1:50, 7:05, 10:20. "Desert Desperados, !:25, 5:40, 8:55. "Goliath ano the Brirbarlans," 12:30, - r :3o, 11. "Desert Desperados," 2:30 ':30, RIVOLI "Lasl Anory Man," 13:30, 4:10, 'Born Yesterday," 3:15, i:55, 9:40. ATLANTIC "A Summer Place," 2:50, 7:15. "Wrec )( tht Mary Dcarc," 1, 5;20, 9:40. CABART "FBI Story," 1, 5:35, 10:15. "But No or Me," 3:50, 8:30. LAKEWOOD DRIVE-IN "Goliath and Ihe Barbarians," 7:50, 11 'Desert Desperados," 6, 9:30. HI-WAY 3f DRIVE-IN "The Third Voice," t, II. "The Rookie, , 9:30. CIRCLE DRIVE-IN "The Third Voice," 8. 11. "The Rookie, , 9:30. LONG BEACH DRIVE-IN "Tht Bio Fisherman," 6:15. "Wreck o hi Mary Denre," 6, 11. LOS ALTOS DRIVE-IN "Last Angry Mon," 8,10, "Born Yeste IV," t, 10. APPLIANCE H U N T E R S tvatch Classified for things hey need. Low cost Classi ied Ads bring you these buy :rs. Dial HE 2-5959 to stari four ad today. ROXY ODcn All Nloht-- Ooori Ootn 10 it.m. C'Scope and Color Comedy Cary ORANT-Jnvnt MANSFIELD "KISS THEM FOR ME" Rod CAMERON--Joan LESLIE "HELL'S OUTPOST" Malty SLOAN-BIII ALBAN "BRAIN EATERS" was picked off the street fo Sidney Kingsley's productio; of the famed play back i: 1933. Blackwell toured wit the national company an eventually came to Holly wood. He worked in movie ver sions of the famed band' o tough kids under'the name of "East Side Boys" a n 'Bowery Boys" and eventu ally outgrew that delinquen look. "When I found I couldn 1 work steady as an actor," h says, "I turned to designing, teamed with a haifdresse riend, Robert L. Spencer They scraped up $2,000 anc ·ented a showroom. That was 18 months ago fow Blackwell is designin dresses for wives of pro ducers he'says wouldn't hir lim as an actor. L R K E U J O O D HA 5-2530 uoi r. Cift OPEN 11:30 A.M.-- Continuum [iery [facs fx go jw'll be.tmiing jkout fc« hi .,!« tMm...ttf blMM IT N (MM In, HUM) rnouWARNEn BROS. TeCMMiCOloll' 'H 2ND TOP COMEDY HITI . DAVID NIVEN., Happy 'Anniversary I u-i*m, mmn ·* ij " STRAND _1_ CEDAR t PIKE · Phone HE 6-4733 ( JAMES STEWART "THE FBI STORY" , "WOMAN L?KE SATAN" BRISITTE BARDOT -- Both in Color -NEW tTRAND fOLICt -- ALL SUT1 , MOH, A f . Saturday, thru ffev Sunday! FBI, UV Holidays ALL S t A I * 50' tot? ART H 4lh t Cherry 0 HE 1-5115 0 XX JOl? INORIO IEROMAN--CURT JURGENS "INN of 6th HAPPINESS" "KISMET" HOWARD KEEL--AHH ILTTH L. B. City College Choir presents SAN FRANCISCO State College Choir -- One Night Only-WED.-FEB. 3 -- 8 P. M. Admission $1.00 Students 75c CITY COLLEGE AUDITORIUM--Clark Harvey Way FEBRUARY 6th -- ONE DAY ONLY -- Long Beach · Municipal. Auditorium 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. .AH Proceeds to Children's Dental Health Center, Long Beach BALTIMORE ROCKETS TUES., FEB. 2--8 P. M. · MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM PRIOR TO GAME ALTHEA GIBSON KAROL FAGEROS 1«7 »nd mi Wimbledon and U.S. Clump GENERAL $1 ^r ADMISSION I.A3 ·TICKETS ON SALE 128 WEST BROADWAY --vs.-- RESERVED SEATS 2^ " PROCTOR'S SPORTING Municipal Band Concert Program MUNICH?/!^' AUDITORIUM ChM-ltf J. PIVH, CMl*JCttr i W. LIHMiMni, Aulilinl · S»«'t«r«. tI T .__ ------- Chvntori Rmttl CM-Mvil" lirllH was Imii "un .("R. uiili?'-" · Hi;h|i.M.~!r«! K» l F.iFC.«, Hn«l« "Th. |iKfc Hwi. Tr««".... R»dotr »"....SWSI Seoul to Rtplaea Wor-Ruintd Capitol SEOUL W)--An eight-story office building to r e p 1 · c · South. Korea's war-damaged capitol is being planned at a cost equivalent to $2,057,243. Vinnel International Corp. is expected to 'complete the building in 17 months. \\TATE 'A THfATRE State Towne Open Noon ·--·--~*^--^--·--.-^^-^^^·w^^^^^-^-t^^-^^^-^-^ NOW SHOWING IN 3 THEATRES! Plus--"DESERT DESPERADOES 1 ' NOW! RIVOLI OPENS NOON ALL THE BEST-SELLER'S BEST SCENES ARE IN IT! KTST piuiBi-una ma I CUM irai-JCST BJUB PLUS--2ND HILARIOUS COMEDY! BORN YESTERDAY Judy HOLLIDAY · William HOLDEN · Broderick CRAWFORD ALL-COLOR SHOWI ^SUMMER PLACE TODAY! EGAN OPEN DOTO7HY 15. in IMKMIt ti.ill turn etc PLUS-- "THE WRECK OF THE MARY DEARE"- GARY COOPER ENDS TONIGHT! -- OPEN 12:30 afHl-'^l ADULTS STORY/ v ' : J 60e PLUS-- "BUT NOT FOR ME" TODAY! CIRCLE STARTS AT i P.M. A NEW SOUND IN TERROR! "THE THIRD VOICE" EDMOND O'BRIEN · JULIE LONDON -- PLUS 2ND FEATURE -HOLLYWOOD'S NEWEST COMEDY TEAM TOMMY NOONAN AND PETE MARSHALL "THE ROOKIE" C/nemoScope GARY COOPER "THE WRECK OP THE MARY DEARE" STARTS WEDNESDAY! hint who is without sin cast the first stone..." The mightiest story of faith known to our time?* PLUS TECHNICOLOR SPECTACLE--"MUTINY"

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