Independent from Long Beach, California on January 16, 1975 · Page 85
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 85

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1975
Page 85
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Dangerous operation worked ''"' " Decided to reduce when waistline hit 60 inches B^FORRKSTHINTZ KMfor Newt WITH* FT. RILEy, Kan.- A Ft Riley soldier has shed 205" pounds pf unwanted fat following the first suc- cessfuiy'small-bowel by- pass'V operation ever per r formed in a military hospital,. . · · · · · · · · - ' - . . Iti;the 15 months since the surgery, Spec. 6 Walter Egan has. watched his weight; drop f r o m 387 pounds to 182. · ·, And he's still losing. . On Sept. 7, 1973, Egan was wheeled into an operating room at Lackland WALTER EGAN Dropped 205 founds Air Force Base, Tex. Eight hours later, a team o£ six surgeons completed the delicate task.of connecting an 18-inch section of small intestine to the large bowel, bypassing approximately 24 feet of small bowel. . .· . ; . .; "The odds weren't too good," he said. "They'd tried it twice before and it hadn't worked. One man died and the other had to be reconnected. They told my wife there was a 50" , per cent chance she'd bea widow..." "They didn't even want to do it in the first place. They pointed out I was only 28 and they didn't know what would happen . in the next 15 years. "But it .was a last-ditch thing with me. I didn't figure I'd make 15, years anyway with all that fat." , . . . Although the operation was a success in Egan's case, he said he wouldn't advise anyone to have i t " "IT'S GETTING to be a fad now," he said, "But it isn't the Utopian answer to anything; only; a. last resort type of tiling because it's so ;veryy delicate. '·-' ·;·;$;.*.;· *'··'·· ':.. '}'..' "If they don't cut enough it doesn't work/If they cut too much you're dead, and .the dividing line between them is terribly thin. Too many of the people who have had it have, either died or had to be reconnected." "Then .there are the after effects, and believe me, those are as hard on your mate as they are :on you.: ·',-·' · ..· · - . - · \ "For most people,' there's the matter of bowel regulation. I was. lucky in that, but so many people have a constant diarrhea-- 20 to 25 times a 1 day-- that a colostomy is a necessity. There's a virtual certainty of hemorrhoids and your internal organs shift to other positions. Mine have moved all over the place. And for some reason there's a tendency toward cirrhosis of the liver," he said. ·"Another thing is that you're extremely suscep ; . 'tittle to diseases' after the operation. My temperature shot up and my kidneys, liver and gall bladder ceased to function, they said. But, they managed to bring me out of that. They said they wouldn't even haye : at- ternpted the operation if, aside from being too fat, I hadn't been in perfect physical condition. "I still don't have the stamina 1 used to and have to take vitamins like c r a z y , but that's all," ..· Egan said. EGAN WROTE a book about his experiences. Titled "It Ain't Necessarily So," it deals with the problems of being fat and will be released in February. "People think a fat man is happy because he's always laughing," he said, "but it ain't necessarily so. A fat man is not always a happy man. "I've had this problem all my life. There's nothing glandular about it. It's . , , T what this Harlem youngster believes. He is passing the time of day jumping from one burned out building to another on W. 119th St. Perhaps the roofs also provide a relief from the clutter below. just that I eat too damned much and can't quit. I've tried every diet they've ever thought of and couldn't stay on one more than aweek or so. I've probably lost ..about 1,800 .-pounds in'mylifetime, but ·I was gaining an average : of 15 pounds each year." ' · · · V I just wouldn't admit .to myself I was overweight. I'd look at a height and weight chart and think 'I'm not too fat. I'-m just too short. I should be 12 feet tall.' , "Overeating is just like being an alcoholic.' You know what you're doing. and you hate yourself for it, but you just can't quit. I even talked to a psychologist about it, but he wasn't able to do much," Egan said., "Ordinary people don't realize it, but bur whole economy is based on being thin. If I was going to fly somewhere I had to go first class because I couldn't wedge into tourist seats. Even then, they'd have to put an extender on the seat belts. "You can walk into a men's store and buy about what you want. But did you ever think what it would be like to walk in and realize you couldn't buy anything except a pain of cufflinks? I couldn't even buy a tie because it just laid straight out on my belly. I even outgrew the stores that specialize in big and-men," he said. "You've heard that old saying that the Army has two sizes-- too big and, too small. With- me, it got to the point where too big was too small. They had to order special ,fo my fatigues,' which took four months, and by then I had outgrown them. ."I have had to walk out of a lo of records because I was unable to get into a booth. I couldn't get into a standard-size car either," Egansaid. "Frankly,. I began to get paranoid about it. How would ,you like to walk into a joom and have everybody start laughing at you? You die a little each time. I found myself walking through iiKmrtmi, ntntn. ·*· ··'*, !« p a r k i n g ' l o t s to avoid meeting people. The trouble was that I ate because I was nerv- .. ous. I was nervous because I was fat. And I was was fat because i ate," he continued. "Where do. you break that circle?" ', : . ' is"! **=* "For me the break came the day I realized I was 70 inches tall and 62 around. , . "This operation has worked {or me-- so far. .They say my weight will probably, bottom out at .about 175, which is about what it should be." -, ' CAR WASH C WITH GAS FILL-UP 8GALMIN. MAGIC MINUTE CAR WASH 4800 E.MCIFIC COAST HWY. J ILOCKt IAST Of ItAHIC CI«CU VALID THRU JAN. 24th I Mobil CLIP SAVE MMMMMMMr 'FOR FOLKS WHO l«« TO DO THINGS' PRICES EFFECTIVE JAN. 16-19, 1975 POWER TOOL CLEARANCE SAVE FROM 24% TO 33% Not all items available in all stores. Limited to stock on hand. Sorry, no rainchecks. [B'D] Black Decker » 3/8" VARIABLE SPEED REVERSING DRILL LcU you choose correct speed for drilling any material or for driving screws. Reversing switch for backing out screws or drill bits. Double reduction gearing for added power. Burnout protected motor. SAVE 15.00 7'/ 4 " DELUXE CIRCULAR SAW Roller bearing equipped at heavy ^load points. Wrap-around steel shoe for added support. Burnout protected Vk H.P. motor. Handle placement gives excellent balance and control. 199 Reg. 49.99 #7320 SAVE 12.00 Black Decker Vi" VARIABLE SPEED REVERSING DRILL Model #7240-Reg. 44.99 SAVE 15.00 Black s. Decker 3/8" VARIABLE SPEED COMMERCIAL DUTY REVERSING DRILL *ft J| 99 Model #7150-Reg. 49.99 _% MBI 16o«. SPRAY 'n W , Eliminates pre-soaking on all stains. Just spray 'n wash? Removes gras^ stains, lipstick, grease, etc. / SPECIAL PURCHASE f CLEANING AIDS Your choice of a , ' , ' · cam broom, rayon £· EA._ dust mop ota ' SIN6IE CYLINDER DEADBOLT 1" bolt. Key locks , » \ ' thumb turrt^frorn intefior. *CJ Brass finish/ ' DOUBLE CYLINDER WITH 1"80i.T- -RCB. t3.89-SAVE 4.00 9.93 DEVELOPING AND PRIHTEfl@ FAST SERVICE, TOP QUALITY, LOW PRICE!! REG. 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CINTIMUA AVINUI 3«« «fUi»tBA HL»II. AT LA CIINIGA TORRANCI . ,,,,., . ,,»»,,., . COV,N» . U HA,,. . *H.N. V.UIT . WIN* ««« . ..IIIIION . TUSI.N .CNHIW.HH, ,. .0, .N.IIII . ..NCMn, . » U 0 U . , OUNOI . »N ...N..., N 0 . » .0,0 . «o,« MM . IMIIIIIIU · HU1IMM NMNtl , »HTA «,,A . CO.CHA . .OHO IIMN . "OWOOO CBT . VAN NUTI. I.Ht» MAMA . SAN Mil . IMIWM . UCONHIO . IA CIIICINtA . tHOUJANO OAK! . JAN CAHOJ ItAN HIIOO) . tlAHlBONt (1AH OIIOOI . HU1A VIIIA . UHANO . 1AUANA . (AMAIIUO h

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