Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 2, 1929 · Page 12
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1929
Page 12
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12 THE,ALTOOKA MlRROR-rSAWRfiAY. 1tf*6 '' T '''' T ''"'«'*','"" '" ' '' ' '•'* ' '"'' ' *' '"' * V'"'; A/'* V ^ ^.g^w^U.^uJL.^au^iu^, .f-r,...-... ...^...-tL^^ ^.iL. ...«i..^^^,..-i,^4t.lA...^.^^^^.u J .,^..-^».^.^u^^..»^.^l..^- GLORIA SWANSON in "The Trespasser" An Edmund Onuldlng Production United Artists i'lcttiro Serialized by Illldn Shlvcly CIIAPTKK IV. Jack Mcrrlck's voico ovnr the phone, iigreeiiiR to come at onco to see her, still held its old magic, but Its Influence upon Marion WHS now curiously dual. Even while her hnart told her ;hat here wan the only mnn Bhn had i-ver loved or pvcr could lovt?, her mind lic;pt cool watch and recalled her from 'liiiigeroiiH wanderings Into the past. .-iho'w.iH now fighting for her little son -for the son who was nameless, and who must now have his chance. ' Unfortunately—or perhaps fortunately—at Hlirh crises there is always Homebody at hand to point out the .path of oxp'-dlpney. For, no sooner had fuller left, in the comfortable confidence that .Tnck and Marinn would Unravel their tangle, than Miss Potter, having been Informed that Jack Mer- rlck was on the way, snw and vaguely tihadowol forth I'isiistrous consequences if Marion revealed to him that Jackie was his child. "There'll he some rejolrln 1 ," observed Miss Potter, 'when those Mer- rlcks learn that they've got n son and heir." Marlon looked up inquiringly. "Young Mcrrli'lt's wife can't never have a child of her own," went on Potter. 'Ever since she had that motor smash-up in France she's been a t cripple, In a., and there's no heir to all those millions except our • Jackie." v ' "Well, what of that?" Marion's hrows wore drawn In a puzzled frown. "You'll have to watch they don't try and steal Mm from you." "Steal him—" ,, And suddenly n whole new field of imperil opened before Marlon. •••i i "Well," continued Potter garfuloun- • ly, "If that old man Merrlclt took It Into his head that he wanted Jackie, with this Influence and money we wouldn't stand a dog's chance against him." "But they wouldn't—" ,, "I don't say they'd steal 'im—but . .It's on the cards they might." M, Potter had done her part. Hence . the command from Marlon, even as . the doorbell rang to announce Jack Merrlck: "Potter, don't dress Jackie! Keep 'hirn away."' Drowning people re-live their lives .' r bt'fore they go down the third time, It 'is said. But Marion saw many things _ and shrank from most of them in the brief interval that . elapsed between Jack's ring and his appearance before her, as the maid ushered him In. In •that interval she had time to push a "toy horse out of sight. "•', 'Hello, Marlon. You see 1 came 'Tight away." ' "Yes. It was good of you. Somo- ''thing—something came up, and I ' thought I might need your help." "Well, you can back on that, any time." "Thank you. But—but you see—It really doesn't matter—it's all settled. I—" "You'd rather not tell me what it Is?" "It's really not important now." There was an awkward silence. Marion felt a slow tide of shame overflowing her, shame that at the same time angered her, for she knew it was undeserved. But what would Jack think of her calling him on such flimsy pretext? "It was good of you to come over," she repeated, in a desperate effort to make conversation. "You look well—a little thinner—" "Three years' work—and exercise^" he replied easily. He had taken a precarious seat on a chair-arm r a position that was meant to tell her, reassuringly, "Don't worry, I'm going soon." « 73tit it's a hopeless business, trying to beat the Ironic gods who regulate the circumstances of life. In this particular case the gods were playful— and Miss Potter was again asleep at the switch. For the elusive Jackie had escaped and was hidden behind that very chair. But not for long. Jackie was a young man who craved the limelight. "Yours?" inquired Jack, in amazement. "Yes—mine," responded Marion. She wondered what sort of Impression her hopeless tone conveyed. » "I see," replied Jack, finally. "Well, that's that. You know, Marion, I nearly punched! someone In the nose today at the club for saying there was a baby in the case. I hoped it wasn't true." Ills eyes held hers steadily. And she knew the game was up. Marlon touched Jack Merrick's arm ever so lightly, but her voice told more than her words: "Look at him, Jack—look at him very closely. Then you will understand." And after a long look, Jack understood. 1 • • • l When they had said good night to the little boy they faced each other In the outer room. "How old is he, Marlon?" "How old would ho be? Think—you must surely remember." His smile, when it came, was tender, "I can hardly believe It. Yet it's right that It should be so. But why didn't you come and tell me?" "I wanted to stand on my own." "Was that fair to me? Or to .him?" "I was afraid you might try! to take him from me." "Marlon—" "Can you blame me?" 'I know—we mustn't' think of that now. We must think onty of him. Oh, you don't know how I've longed for something like this! And what a great little kid he la!" "Jack, you will stand by him now, won't you?" "Try and stop me!" •The thing we must do is halt the rumor that about Mr. Ferguson the papers want to play up." "Leave that to me, Marlon. But I'll have to go and see to It. And I don't want to go!' A sudden wave that was half suffering and half Joy seemed to rise and roil its warm tides over her heart. But Jack was dashing on impetuously:' "Marlon, when you left me I went to Paris—I had to get away. Everything here reminded me of you. I nearly went crazy over there. Then Flip Carson came. I'd know her all my life—and she seemed to understand. Well—we were married. And then—4 the smash. You know." "Yes, I remember the day,"she answered quietly. "Then when I was convalescent, they showed me poor.little Flip, all battered up—so brave and patient. And I remembered your words about being a man—and sticking—you know that, too." "Yes." He was silent a moment, and she seemed to hear In the air the beat of invisible wings, as if the inscrutable angels of chance were hovering over her, 'Marlon, we've got to come together again! We must!" . ', "How can we, Jack?" she asked, faintly. • "I don't know yet. But we can! Remember that, Marion. And now I'm off to stifle the press. But watch for me, I'll be back!" (Continued Monday) DECLINE LIGHT IN INDUSTRIAL FIELD Olearfleld County Total Production Valuation for 1928 Is Slightly Below Figure for Preceding Year. SCHOOL CHILDREN ARE OVERCOME BY COAL GAS POTTS VILLE, Pa., Nov. 2.—Six school children 'were overcome, and the lives of nearly a score were Imperiled, by escaping coal gas which flooded the Yorkvllle school building. The children ranged in age from 6 to 7 years. Edmer Knowlej, Doris KlrkpatHclc, Dorothea Knowlcs, James Center, Florence Yost, Geraldlne Leahy and Buddy Morgan were overcome by the fumes. / The teacher of the children, all of whom were in the first grade, Miss •Marlon Buell, and a- director of elementary education, Miss Victoria LylCB, who passed the room, believed the odor of the gas to emanate from candles used as Halolwe'en decorations. HARRISBtmp, Nov. 2.—Clear/leld ounty with 208 Industrial plants turn- d out products last year valued at 23,253,700, according to preliminary abulatlons made by the bureau of tatlstlcs of the Pennsylvania department of internal . affairs . and an- ounced today by Secretary of -Internal Vffairs James F. Woodward. In 1927 ndustrlnl products ih the county were forth $24,762,400. Industrial establishments last year 'ere operated, by flfty»slx individuals, iventy-nine partnerships and 123 cor-' orations and they gave employment o 10,068 wage workers of whom 7,76 were Americans white, sixty-seven ere Americans colored and 2,126 were orelgners. There were 9,482 male age workers and 686 female wage em- loyes who received $8,667,900 during 10 •yea.r. the males being paid $8,248,00 while females were paid $319,800. n addition to wage workers there ere 589 salaried employes in indus- ry in the county last year who rought the total number of industrial vorkers up to 10,657. Salaried em- loyes during the year received $1,77,700 and this amount combined GRID fcTAR LEARNS FLYING. MADISON, Wis., Nov. 2.—Harold Rebholz, fullback on the University of Wisconsin football team, is -learning to fly. Enrolling In a local flying school Monday, he recently took his first lesson, and now divides his time between Instruction in class, on the ,gridlron, and in the air. I There are now approximately 723,000 private automobiles, 46,000 cars for hire and 264,500 trucks in England. Thirty- three years ago England passed an act allowing motor vehicles to 1 run-on the highway without being preceded by a red flag. i i BUSINESS and PROFESSIONAL MEN and FIRMS YOU OUGHT TO KNOW OBOOOOOQOOQQOOBOO ALTOONA LEATHER STORE "Outfitter* to tho .Sportsman" 1509 Eleventh Avenue Altoona Discount Co. 1425 12th Ave. New Aiiron Illrtg. Small Loans to Home Owners of Good Credit Standing RIDE IN COMFORT Equip your car with Gabrlol Snub- bora or Love-Joy Shade Absorbers. ALTOONA STORAGE OATTKUY SERVICE STATION, Distributors. 800 Chestnut Ave. HERMAN'S for GLASSES Itegldiercd Optometrist 1311 Eleventh Avenue New Bargains Every Day at Cut Rate Shoe Store 1413 llth Ave. ALL KINDS OF Leather Goods ut CASANAVE'S i::i2 nth St. Opp. I'ostortice Footer's CLEANERS AND DYERS 1111 llth St. Phone 5179 e Builders* Supply Co* Margaret Avenue, 1'lxone U331 ROOFING Fireplace Fixtures Of the Hotter Kind neaiionnbly Priced W. H. GOODFELLOW'S SONS 1310 Eleventh Avenue H Have It Delivered To Your Home L ROBERTS •* GAS BURNER Saves Time and Money Harry J. Kerlln 900 Eighth Avenue JRWKI.EItS — 1125 Eleventh Ave. SIIOKS Toil ENTIRE FAMILY 1'rlrcn Make 2 1'a Irs VouBlhle. Vlnlt Our Ilurgnln Dixsenieiit 1417 Eleventh Ave., Altoona Credit Clothing Co\ 1507-n* AVENUE; LESTER SHOES $1.98 "ft $3.98 1425 Twelfth Ave. Send Your Washing LOGAN LAUNDRY The Cost Is Small PHONE 7377 u Bargains In .Rebuilt ifypewrlter* The H. W. McCartney Co. 1107 llth Ave. Altoona, Fa. N All Kinds of Dependable INSURANCE W. L. NICHOLSON Llppmun Uldg. llth Ave. and 13th St., Altoona I A. R. PATRICK « Jeweler * Eleventh Sixteen, Twelfth Street AHoonn's Most Exclusive Radio Hous CO STf WESTMONT BREAD FRESH DAIfeY At If our Neighborhood Grocei Westmont Bakery H. L. Wilson Wall Paper and Paints 1021 Chestnut Avenue PAVING COST COMPUTED. Eighth Street In Junluta Completed a An Out lit y of $4,782.65. Final computation in tlie city engl neer'u office of the paving of Eight street, Fourth to Sixth avenues, Juni atu. ahows that the totul oulluy wa $4,792.65, of which the city will as Duma a aharc of $449.67. It involve 1,207.8 square yards at $2.67, or $3, 465.40, with these additional charges Excavation, $149; oak headers, $22.75 extra work, $22.22; engineering and in spectlon, $319.74. The city paid $201.59 for extra pay ing, $9 for excavating and $239.07 fo manholes, while curbing paid for b; individual property owners cost $363.84 with wages rtftfce the indiietfkl fifty, roll In th<& county totftl IS.SJB.eW); In 192,7 there Were 11,384 wage Workers and 687 salaried employes, a total of 12,071 Industrial workeM. Wft^e earners In 1927 wet* paid $10,786,600 while salaries artofmted to $li4S4,600, a total industrial payroll of $12,194,100. Capital investett.In lndustry\ v ln 1928 reached $40,548,300 while In 1927 Invested capital amounted to $38,589,-' 800. . . Decreased bituminous coal tonnage and reduction in prices at the mines, together' with a decrease in the valuation of clay, glass and stone products .were responsible for the decrease In the total production Valuation ot the county. Several classes of- Industry showed material increases but the decreases in the other items were too great to permit: an increase in the county's grand .total.- Products of. mines and quarries led the other industrial',classes last year with a value o.f $6,539,000,. bituminous coal being valued a:t $6,146,400. Clay, glass and stone • products- occupied Aecdnd plftde, beffig ttorth »B,78l,Bo0. terra cotU and flfe clay firoducts weje Valued at »4,8!»,400. Leather And rubber good! stood third with a value of $4,769,160, sole leather being worth $3,826,600. Othef industrial classes had these values; Chemicals and allied products, $60,300; food and kindred products, $705,500; lumber and its reman- ufaeture, $3.70,300; paper and printing industries, ^629,000; textiles and textile products, $1,284,600; metals' and metal products, $3,062,300, and miscellaneous, $82,200. In quantities, Clearneld' county produced, among other commodities, last yeaf i 3,098 tons of fertilizers, 31,LIVINGSTON'S XXX X BREAD IV. I Uiai Made with Potato** One ot on* driteit will fee pleated to Mfte you CAPITOL THEATRE WEEK. NOW RUNNING GLORIA SWANSON In Her First All Talking:, Singing: Picture 'THE TRESPASSER" fctlckg, i>682 barrels Of cement, 1,479 barrels of flour, 148,«82 ga!16n8 ot Ice cream, 6,318 Una ot manufactured lee, 21,482 dozen overall*, 48,671 dbzefl fmlft*, tons ot pig iron, 3,200,171 ton* 6f tumlnoua coal and 66,048 tons ot tMM and gravel. ' \ ^ t t Tonal Qualities Z-E-N4-T-H New to Radix* Mitfe Lows—More Highs Roundness—Depth—Definition Zenith research engineer* have developed aft audid system (3 stages) employing double push-pull with 12-inch Syntonic dynamic speaker which reproduces music with humanized 'Tone. Screen Grid Linear Power Detection -with automatic bias volume-' control gives tonal qualities from a whisper td unusual lotidness. The same superior performance designed' , for Zenith's $700.00 Model 55 is also found in Model 52, emphasizing Zenith's value at $175.00. Ask any Zenith dealer for a demonstration. Winter- Music Store 1415 llth Ave. J. E. Heaps Electric Co. 1001 Chest. Ave. fUCNITLCE FASHION FESTIVAL The "BARONET" By SHOWERS True Charm in Dining Is Not Always Expensive Eight Pieces 115 .00 China $38.50 Charm of design, enduring woods, and expert cabinet work place their imprint on this record value dining suite. Selected walnut, ply wood, with delicate scroll carvings and symmetrical mouldings give a rich . . . high lighted finish. The well bred dignity and refinement so necessary is found in the "Baronet" by Shqwers. Eight pieces . . . astonishingly inexpensive! $10 Down r Modern Design of Rare Beauty The Campon" By Showers 149 .00 Soft, thick and luxuriously upholstered . . . this suite will grace your living room with refined good taste and with more than ordinary service. It features the popular pillow arm, serpentine front . . . and the club chair is built low for ease and comfort. This price is . the lowest we have ^ver quoted for such quality! You-* Altoona!" \ • We afce extremely, delighted that, our efforts to give furniture buyers of Altoona the greatest savings possible on good, merchandise, have been received by so ' many with such great enthusiasm. The past f ejv day&' have seen hundreds come to this unique Festival, and go away happy . . . satisfied . . . that we have left no stone unturned to make this event the exhibition of values we claim for it.'.. And now we invite you ... if ydu haven't already attended ... to do so today ..... Because we are absolutely certain that you will find furniture and furnishings at prices that of themselves will induce you to secure the things you need to beautify... and make comfortable ... your home ... Consider these suites ... / I ' ' • '•• Smartness Is A Matter of Good Taste Rather Than Cost Three Pieces 123 .00 Vanity $49.00 A handsome 3-piece suite with the same construction as the most expensive! A notable example of intricate modern design in the blending of finely polished woods* Fan like overlays of Bird's Eye Maple form a "crest" design that is distinctly appealing. You will scarcely believe this lovely ensemble can be purchased so reasonably. > $10 Delivers Any Suite "The Lorraine'' by SHOWERS Three Pieces 142 .50 Vanity v #57.06 Of French conception ... the "Lorraine" ly Shtiwers is a suite that 'will set off your bedroom with elegance. Full dust proof construction, both top and bottom . . . with all full white oak interiors. Demurely styled to give utmost charm with refined lines and ornaments ... you will be proud of this suite for many years to come. ARROW FURNITURE CO. 1430 Eleventh Avenue ^S^r^i^";, Dial 2-9537 Budget WE ARE A MEMBER OF THE SHOWERS "2,000 DEALER BUYING CLUB" POWER PURCHASING PROOF Plan

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