Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 17
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P«|t A-I»-INDEPENDENT Lm tt*ek, CM!., 1tnn« Mw. II, IK4 Three Get $500,000 in Jewels OAKLAND W)-- T h r e e well-dressed gunmen f l e d with, an estimated $500,000 worth of diamonds and other jewelry after holding up the Davidson Licht jewelry store Wednesday . in down town Oakland. A w o m a n clerk was pistol-whipped. Police said. Lois Bozant, the clerk, was hit in the face with the barrel of a pistol after she struck at one of the rob bers with a ring-sizer. Each of the three robbers carried an automatic pisto and an attache c a s e when they entered the store shortly after. 10 a.m. AH w e r e Negroes. · « * * THEY forced store ownei A r t h u r Licht and staf workers into the basement In the basement they com pelled Emil Frederick, 57 credit manager, to open a small safe. It yielded $300 in cash.: Licht then was forced to open the main safe on th showroom floor. Licht said the t h i e v e s took abou $500,000 w o r t h of loos diamonds, bracelets, watches necklaces and other jewelry. The robbers - g o t awaj through the front door afte ordering Licht and-his stor workers to lie on the floor. Joseph Ball Heads Grime Committee Attorney'Jos e Pn A. Bali, member of; the Californi Council on .Crime and Delin quency, has ' been chose chairman oL the Long Beac Citizens Committee of th organization, which,this week from launches, its .annual fund-rais must ing campaign. Ball is assisted by Fre Miller, retired Superior Cpu: judge, his cochairman, an R. A. ' Reid,, newly 'electee president of the Bank of,Lpn Beach, treasurer; ' \ · The Long Beach group participating in the Nation Council's 'Target: Crtme'Con- 1 trol" program which was sparked by a Ford Foundation grant of $114-million and OXYGEN GIVEN ON THE RUN TO AID CHILD lance. The child was one of seven trapped in burning home. Three of the seven perished. Seattle police and firemen administer oxygen to an unconscious child while rushing to an atnbu- Ministry's Grape-Strike Role Backed SAN FRANCISCp.iB--'The California.. - Church ' Council which represents large'Prot- estant denominations, issued statement .Wednesday supporting the role of the Cali- r ornia Migrant Ministry in the Delano grape strike. The council also called on Congress to include farm workers under the provisions of the National Labor Relations" Act. Dr.'Paul Shelford, executive director of the council, said the council asks Delano civic officials, Gov. Edmund G. Brown, the National Labor Relations Board, and others to help bring about negotiations between workers and growers. He said the council's aim is economic justice in agriculture. There's No Place Like DOOLEY'S For Low Money-Saving Discount PRICES Day In, Day Our-- 7 Boys a Week TOO MUCH 'STREAMLINING' A BAD THING Scholar Exposes Some City-Building Fallacies - - . i · ·· j ~ NEW YORK (UPI) -- Vin-l cent J. Scully Jr. thinks American cities would be nora liveable if people would :oss out a few inherited fal- acies of their thinking. Scully is a Yale professor ind architectural scholar, au- hor, critic, and a classicist ihis book, "The Earth, the Temple and the Gods," is a result of his studies in Greece. In an interview, he gave fancy names to these fallacies about cities. Translated they read this way: 1. The cataclysmic (purist). Th« idea, advanced by Le Corbusier and his "ideal city" concept, that modern must bulldoze down andstart the ground; not vary the that he architec ture of cities in scale, size or generation. Scully feels tha the fundamental i aspect o: any good city Is the "conver sation" between human beings and between the gener ations; that cities should in elude -the past, present, am the hope for the future am reflect men's thinking am furnish exciting variety. 2. The determlnist (or his toric). Since the ma is designed to shake public chine age, the cpmmercia apathy toward crime through age, the age of space-time cities must reflect it. Built ings must b« streamline matched by contributions and memberships," said Ball. widespread cooperative citizen action. "This g r a n t m u s t be sterile, bereft of adornment-merely efficient. "Again, w do not value the past," say cully. "And we forget that e make the 'times' -- the times' do npt make us. Add- ng beauty and excitement to uildirigs need not destroy leir efficiency." 3. The automotive (cm basis on . the automobile). \mericans are so wedded to le automobile that they feel locks and buildings in the eart of the city must be torn own for streets. In'the end, lothing but pavement results. Let a tiger into the hall, and t's hard to keep him there,' ays. the professor. "Give the .utomobile an inch and wil ake a mile." Many of the na- ion's most successful cities lave kept the automobile a iay. Stn Francisco stoppec milding freeways and con centrated on public transpor ation. Baltimore and Phila delphia are studying ways to ceep from being flooded ant choked by cars. Freeways cu )ig holes in the city, say Scully. They separate area by gashes and ravines t h a are worse than the Chines Wall, forcing out the pedes triari and making cities les efficient and pleasurable. 4. The suburban philosoph (that true life is possible onl in the suburbs). "This on we have inherited from Je ferson and Thoreau, arid th frontier tradition of the Wes Americans have never value the city and the excitemen nd opportunities of the Americans have never the city and the ex- Vest, allied itement and opportunities lat come from the close ontact of:.and interchange of eople, ideas, the gathering "of rtists, thinkers; scientists, 'oday the siphoning off of le middle class to the sub- rbs has abandoned, deso- ated and brutalized .the main ore of the city. "There is no real .community unless there is con:act with, all types of human jeings. Suburbs .make only or a 'country club' culture." This attitude is expressed in our language: Americans call apartment houses rabbit war- ens, the Italians call them palazzi (palaces)." 5. The fallacy .of mess 'Mess is like a fluid, both o decay and healing. It is like a 'happening!--full of ideas, excitement, and tha promise of change," he says. When a city has : no variety, only streamlined s t r e e t s and buildings, it becomes very dull.* A flea market, a bustling Chinatown, a Latin Quarter, a Bourbon ' Street draw tourists, add to the pleasure of the city. * # * * TO ASSURE vitality and excitement of- the cities pi tomorrow, says Scully, man nust plan, for communal Hy- rig and communal transportation. "Today we have the jower .to provide good hoiis- ng for everyone, even the xx)r--something no other ;eneration has had. "We have the power--with the automobile--to get to nature, if we leave some of it there. Once we give the city over to the automobile we lose the city. If we give nature over to the automobile we lose nature. ."By planning wel!, we can have both--the excitement of the interchange of a medley of people, ideas and opportunities in the city and the pleasure of the gifts of na- 14-Ounce Baby Loses Two-Week Struggle DENVER (UPI) -- "He sur put up a good fight, but h was just too little," a docto said when the 14-ounce, son of a Nebraska couple died in Denver's ,Children's'- Hospital in his 14th day of life. The infant, born three months premature to Mr. and Mrs. Larry Raile of McCook, Neb., Feb. 22, weighed 19 o u n c e s at birth, but had dropped to 14 ounces after two weeks of life. May Co specials! FAMOUS Me KESSON BEXEL SPRING VITA-RAMA! 31 DAYS IN MARCH i ! /2 PRICE ECONOMY SIZES! TREMENDOUS SAVINGS OTHER SIZES! 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