Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 26, 1950 · Page 27
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 27

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1950
Page 27
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Malting exit, baby box turtle 1 leaves shell like an opened 1 clam. --International For comparison, a young turtle is pictured with full- size adult. STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER SAM DUNTON of the New York Zoological society found a box tortoise digging .with its hind feet on the.garden.path of his Long Island home. He watched' the tortoise lay six leathery .eggs, re-fill the cavity and waddle off. Three months:later,Dunton was on hand, with his camera, for the blessed'event. Four-|of the eggs hatchet. The birth of one box turtle i* shown. - ' ; ' " " , , . , · · " ; ' ; ' . . ' - - ; · - . ' · " · ' · - . . - : - ' . - ' : Garbage Laiv Violators Sought . , ' ··· ' . \ A war , : .on illegal., dumping: of rout for violations. He further prom- garbage jiind trash,on county road and priyate property has been d dared by the^Pirna county board o iupervrtbrs '-and they promis prompt action and prosecution tht fullest extent of the law ·ny person caught in the act. "We are receiving calls every day from persons protesting tha during the night someone dumpe k batch, of .garbage in the street p on private land," J. Homer Boyd chairman of the supervisors sair today, '/and we are going to mak ·very effort to -stop this · illega practice." ' T h e county has an ordinance which ·prohibits such : acts, he. fur ther stated',' ana special instructions have-been given to law enforce me'nt officers to be on the look · · · · - · - · · . · t-' .. · . New /Jersey Game Wardens Lose Deer CLIFTON,-N, J., Oct. 26. (,P)-- ·Tour Newark; N.-J., men went deer hunting, last year on Newark watershed .-property in nearby West Milford. They spotted one. Shots rang out and a deer fell dead. But, before they could claim their prize, a game' warden and his deputy stepped up, said they fired-the telling shot and .carted off the carcass. Feeling cheated, Don Carlotti, Harry Scalione, Guicio Baldecchi and Arthur, .Chervier took the case to court. They wanted a deer or a worthy facsimile. : Yesterday they,.got $118 from a jury. The wardens had no right to hunt while on duty, the jury ·aid, and they didn't have the right hunting 1 permit gnyhow. " S15 !?. 4th Are. r*ar "round heating and cooling Glover-Clark, Inc. ised 'that any violator of the law will receive very severe treatment at; the hands of the court if a violation is detected. Every . are'a In Greater Tucson- has a private garbage collection service available and certificated to' dispose of · garbage and trash. If'a jerson does not wish to-subscribe .0.the · service, Boyd said, they should consult the supervisor's of- 'ice on. the location to. dump their garbage. The county . provides,, a mblic dumping ground' for the -onvenience of their residents. Dad Is Sudden Discovery By CYNTHIA 10WRY _ (AP Newrfeatures Writer) People with things to sell have'"discovered men. "And I'll bet that pretty soon the boys' wjll wish they 'had been cent of the r purchasing dollar. During this period; whicH won will be considered halcyon no one ,paid much attention to men except the beer,, cigaret ani cigar manufacturers,, the Tazo blade makers, and the dandruf remedy and. mouthwash people [ndeed, t seemed that the only ill male flesh was heir to was dan druff. Papa Is Pigeon During this k period, all the atten ion was focused on women--the kdy wio bought everything for herself, her husband, her familj and her home. But now, papa "is a jigeon, It probably began when some jody decided to investigate tha comfortable little^SO per cent figure Anyway,_somebody did a little research on the subject,"and came up with the news that daddy's was i very important'voice in making buying decisions. It was 'closer to a' 50-50 percentage. Dad Gets Big Play So now, ev=ry one IF makinj bid for 'father's..attention, ant '11 bet the man. of the family wishes they'd, just let .him alone. In.the first place, they are now ndermining -his ages-old . feeling hat he's a pretty attractive^ fellow. Women by now are,accustomed to eing frightened into purchases, of erfume,- cosmetics and undergarments, knowing, that if they, fall o heed admonitions they'll lose their charm, their man or their obs. All.this is new'for men, who robably will tae a.little time to eallze the awful consequences for ailure to buy a certain - brand, of ilrti deodorant or after-shave loan: - " ' . Dad Has Voice Too They used to think ..that it"wa's nother who had the deciding voice the purchase- of the family car, nd the family; radio. So-there was of .talk -about sleek/lines,,lots '; chrome;? pretty colors, -and keep- ng up.with.ithe Jones. .With"father n the buying picture, 'they are .Ik-ing .about- .-transmissions .and ther - mysterious innards oT ma- hines which are absolutely im'pos- ble for any woman to .understand. All the stores are concerned about iping the male customer. Some r -the. shops ::are throwing' fashion glories of a vacuum cleaner, set of books or anything else. Women have been bawling for a long time about being half-citizens and some of tbenrhave been cam- undiscovered. Until quite recently everybody "believed a paigning for an equal rights bill pat little statistic--women, it was -stated,"controlled ,80 per I've never heard any man complain - - ' ' - - - - - - - - -about being ignored by the salesmen of the world. And it's my bet that most of them will wish no one had discovered they had anv say about how mother spent the"budget. Massa StalinBuried In Cold, Cold Cement JHOLLYWOOD, 'Oct. " 26. ·Prloce" MlkV Romanoff" laid *Va.»u "- " ~ a cornerstone? for a new"restaurant --and.^burled a clay,,,-effigy JosepH Stalin 1 In cement under the doorway. About 400 of Hollywood^ elite, including such gilt-edged dinner check risks as Clark Gable, Joseph C.otten, Jane Wyman, Ann Miller and the Ronald Colmans, attended the were served F. H. A. Pushed At Tucson High The Future Homemakers of America at Tucson high school are learning to live up to their motto "Toward New Horizons." That is learning to live better today in order to live better tomorrow. The F.H.A. is a national nonprofit organization for junior and senior high schools in America. It was founded In 1945 to encourage democracy arid harmonious cooperation in homes. In order to be a F.H.A. member, one must have had at least one (ff)-i. year of home economics or be "currently enrolled-in-the class. Officers were elected 'at a recent Hills site. Ethel Barrymore wielded a gold- Dialed trowel, in the stone-setting ceremony. -An America^ flag and shows for husbands, an.effort to loosen, purse strings and make him style-conscious.' Others are writing long green" canopy on the Beverly him charming lettersTirging him.to TT """~ ~"~ drop in and look over their wares. The food stores are cas: Ing in -on us interest in cooking, and I heard of one market which set" up a "for men only" check-out t .md so men shoppers wouldn't waste a lot of i time behind a lady with, a whole week's 'supply-of. bluing, soap and "urniture .polish. Revise Schedules T hear that door-to-door salesmen are revising their schedules so they ·ing bejls when father most likely s" home.-- evenings. ' This'final move may/well'be .the tra'w that Breaks the.master's back, or I doubt whether any head of i (a " '" - - · on Gerry Blabon. parliamentarian; Betty Conn, · song leader; Connie Clark,; historian; and Daisy Steele, reporter. 100,000 Children Born Oui^Of Wedlock Yearly NEW YORK, Oct. 26. (IP)-- There are 100,000 out-of-wedlock j births to the United States every "year, ec- cording to Leonard W. Mayo, presi* dent of the Child Welfare League of .America; He gave the figure yesterday In Qfamm Bafftj OKfTira. Thur»d«y fcv , Oct. M, 1H« a report to the league's board,of director* on. domestic and health problems. \ , . * ACKLEY OPTICIAN 28 Yean In Tuwon DIAL, MWl 49 E. Jccktoa . ORDER NOW WINTER LAWNS Tucson Fertilizer Co. DIAL 3-1274 .Grass Seeds--Lawn Mulch PREPARE FOR THIS . HAPPY OCCASION! Prepare-for the'arrival of your first born by saving systematically from the day of your marriage! Then, when your baby arrives, your doctor bills will be prepaid! · meeting. They are Ruth Campbell, of president; Carolyn Robinson, vice- tary; Marilyn Matthews, treasurer; festivities. Drinks under ·'. a half-block FOB SCORPIONS, ROACHES, SILVKRFIS'M, ETC One Application a United, Nations flag stood near chucked the 18-Inch a hole in the ground, whole covered it with several shovelfuls he famOy will want to break in watching ' or . napping to hear the the time plant your Winter Rye Lmen. RYE GRASS SEED and Hy Test MANURE Pulverized' Prompt Delivery Phono 2-8854 F U E L F E E D CO 6«3 St. Mary'i Boad NO MONEY DOWN DIVIDEND RATE 3% Pueblo Savings and Loan ASS'H. Fred A. Dragonette,- Pre*. £33 East Congress Phone 84572 NQRGE Refrigerators and Ranges Speed Queen Washers Whirlpool Automatic Washers Deepfreeze Home Freezers New. Home Sewing Machines : SEW GEM Sewing Machines ABMRAL Radios- EMERSON Radios (UNDER «50.00) RED TAG SALE Floor Samples, Demonstrator*, Etc. Admiral Radios from--.... l fmerson Radios from . G.E. Vacuum Claanen Universal Electric Blanket 20,000 BTU Heater ., G.E. Electric Heater Sunbeam Mixmaster $219.95 Norge .Refrigerator $249.95 Norge Refrigeritor $109.95 Norge Washer ; L__ $ 169.95 Norge Ranger" .... $156.95 Modernage Sewing .Machine ......... 119.95 LORD'S HOME APPLIANCES Tncsonla; Hotel Building ' Congress at Main OPEN MONDAT ·'*. SATCBDAr EVES. WSTIL 9:00 P.M. THE FULL FLAVOR OF OLD KENTUCKY-NATO RALLY GREAT SINCE 1888 STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY · 4 YEARS OLD · 86 PRO'OF ECHO SPRING DISTILLING COMPANY · LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY! tfcfen fo "«ODF«EY DIGEST' . Sponiored by R«ddl-wlp Evtry. Sunday Afttrnoon 2:30 o'clock Station KOPO "Fovbrll* AppI* Dcitcrtt are now better than ever before," says Arthur Godfrey. For now you combine the tangy-aromatic flavor of apples with the deli- ' ciousness of Reddi-wip! Reddi-wipfinade with fresh, rich cream, whip* fc self automatically at the touch of your finger to swirl ' over every one of your apple treats--to give 'em ; sparkling new appeal. And Reddi-wip is economical too--dozens of servings in every can. Keep it in, your refrigerator, use it daily to glamorize gelatins, fruits, cakes, puddings and all your desserts. -ASK FOR FROM YOUR OHOCIlt OK MILKMAN MOTHER! Enter ifou LORD'S LONG EASY TERMS Join in the tvn for Your Good Health with WASHINGTON STATE 's snapshot WW! SCHOLARSHIP 6 UBELS FROM LIBBY'S BABY FOODS OR JUNIOR FOODS NEEDED TO ENTER lobby brings yon the famous strained and homogenized baby foods that are extra easy to digest. Plus luscious Junior Foods for head-start babies! 1st prlzvl $5000, 4-y»ar collage uholanhlp (insured by a nationally known life insurance company? for baby . . . pliu an all-expense, de luxe trip with a 5 day stay in Hollywood or New York for the parents and baby . . · plus the service of a trained nurse for baby while there. ' 2nd prlzvi $2300, 2-y·of collage scholarship. N«xt 5 Prlzan tfotpirfnt Appllancau - Next 20 prtzvil MOTHIltSS For health wad for sheer good eating, give all the family a Washinsrtonap- pie or two every day.'Espe^^y ^ youngsters--they, need apples and they, love- 'eml Put apples in the lunch' boxes... keep" some in, your refrigerator for "snadanR." And for Hallowe'en games and trick-or-treating.'get-'a big supply, this week end. TO KIIP AmiS CRISP KEEP 'EM COLD . 3rd prir«i Automatic Electric Clothes' , Washer 4th prlzai Automatic Electric Dishwasher 51I prize! Deluxe 8 Electric Refrigerator ' 6th prize! Automatic Electric Clothes Dryer 7th prize: Flatplate Electric Ironcr ITS so EASY ro mm t.: Juititnd indn unratouched inaplhot w pktur* of yoor baby* ·oby murt net b ov«f 2 yun af ig en S«pt. t5lh, 1750. 2. Photofl will b« [uda*d'on bout ef panonallly, good lookt, - apptol Phctoflraphfe quality of fh« prlnf.wlW nof cowrf':*xfra v fkoto nu) b«at UailJU x2/4 In^-mutMt wc»d 4 * 3 In. . 3^ Print .your own nam«; yovr bab/f nqm*'ond your aditmtt oft 1 Hi* coftvtntatf ontry blank or o plain ihwt of paper. Print ttife Mnlnfonnmion plus babyV bMidal* on back of odi photo. "Globe-Trotter»", the con- Tenient3-way portable radio*.. Next 100 prized 6-month supplies of Lobby's Baby Food. Next 100 prized 3-month Bupplieii of libby's Baby Food. 4. Suit a many phcfoi» y« wWi to "Prttty loby" Con»«t, to* 7155, CKicaao 77, Illliwh. WMi udi pMa, «ida l . lU (t) lab-U (or faalffltl«),from any, of Ubb/t Baby Foodj or Junior PeodkUu a itparat* «ntry blank [or ituit of papx) for oaek · pMbto. You con »·' aan *tf/ blanb at your irocor'i.' 5. Tti. Maot* dKbton win b Anal. Duplkata prlin In COM ef ttw. v . _ , - . ' - 6.' AH pholoi boeofflo Hit praporty of Ubby, MN»n ubby. No photoi win b Mmti or adowwl.dg.d. Whnwi will b nal at uxxi « ponlblo aftor *· don of antiit.^ 7'. Wlimn aar.t to gh Ubby,:MN*W t Ukby pomlHloii* *·· baby nom*» and.pnotot for adVorntfnt Md pn4I(dty ^M 1 *" ' p»« Irt comoctionwlth Ubby', Baby foot. t. Any roiIdMt in (ontlnMital UMKd Shit« Mymtor, outpf ·ntploytoi of 'Ueby;: M.'Nrff i Ubby, Ihtlr odvortiilnf «nd : contort- ogancia, and Ihilr famlDot. Tnk fontoit b iv*|«O I* local, stat« : ond-f*d«ral rogi^atlofN. · '9. CtKltH doi'«'ml«nltnt, Nov. M. t»30,. Entrloi nut b»' pormarkfd baforo that Kmt, rocriod by:KI«v.37. JWO. r 1 i ENTRY BLANK-*«~.«Y~++« MITTY BAtr CONTKT, l«x 7111, Ctlc«f«7 r IIII»*U . I d* Mdoihg a picture of my baby amf hay* orlodrtd dx (6) lab^t (or faalmltM) from llbb/f Bob/ Foodf or Junior Foodfc , MY HAM..:.. MtrtHAMi. MY AOMK.. STRAINED Am HOMOXN1ZED i L cm. .mm., "I I I I I I I I

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