Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1969 · Page 32
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1969
Page 32
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C-4--INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) ur* !«*. MID., frWw, Ctt. n. Guest Room Upsets Santa Anita Charts in Santa Paula 'Cop Tri«n*i* PuMkrttmw, IK. 33M--foUKTM RACE. 1 1/lt mllei. 1 year oMt. Purn MOM. Cltlmlnt ttlc* LM I-ACM it, Callt^ ThundiV, :tra»ltto finiilwt ill 1M1-- FIRST RACE. 1 1/U mltot. 4 year «tdi and tip. 1nd« Htm Wl. PPST . 3234 Pnarana 117 » 2 3-1 3215 Devil's E»o 117 11 7 7-!i 3_'i6 Likoald .. 114 111 9 ' J 3324 Lazv Win .. - - 113 ? II 10-r- 333 Sealed Verdict ._.. 116 10 i J-2'? £324 Maxwell G. 117 7 6 5-2V2 327» CroA'rj Ciief .. xl!2 * * 62-,j ?- A-'e? . . 11* 4 » 12 3325 Chains Clamp ... 117 IV fc 8-* 3:54 M'stf- Eo f.'.. Hi 3 1 i '·; .V.I3 Asc! II 116 S 10 '.l-l-.i ?0ifi Bene F-afh,-!-. xll! 8 3 2-': 9 1 ' , *····; Puri« S4SOQ. Jockey OM VoUk- 4.83 A'.Minl !3.W _ _ _ 9-^ 6- v a 4'.-a Trevino XJ.30 -v2 2-3 2 ' i 5-K Pineda 12.70 S ' : '.-2 4-h 6-k Pierce 12.60 6-3-1 7-2 ?.; 7-!Vi RoialeS 10.30 I 1 'i 10.6 3-3 fc-5 l.atlDrrf 9.JO £ 1 S-V; 9-?, 3 9-O Po-nero 7 63 V 2 . 3 2 : v It/6 106 Stun- 1OO I.' IV. j 11-4 n-'O I.Jaler. 33.-0 4-!'-! !? :· 1? Gat .-a !=4l 32W Kenavo -- _ XII3 3 5 6-2V1 32W Hammurabi 113 2 1 12','a 32» Seven Oceans .. .. 113 5 2 3 h 3210 Billy Buster . . ... 113 I 7 8 32W Common Touch -- 113 7 $ 7-h 2264 Husky TOD 113 4 6 V , 3209 Penlaj 113 6 3 ?.', Tlme^T23li~J3'3-5."lTl4"3~57i : 4T:-sr Kw«vg S« 3-« '-M Hammurabi . .. - i.W 3.40 Seven oceint . . 3-4* S'c't GKO tro.-') satt, /v'Oil *ail.v. M;.'i,el coo! i!3,'Stt KHNAVO was '.rilj'r ?y it :'· sra'l. ·*;·· do.vri HA'.V.'.URAB! fn.a.v.f, O'l m 2-!i 7-'a 8 6 5 U 1-5 2-214 2-8 3-6 3-4 S-2V1 Si 6-10 6-15 7 ] Resales M.valen P;erce Gonzalex "Irevlno Fires Alvarer 12'ro 8.00 ?S'TO Ife llnal tarn, arew off ana won witn speed lo stfdfe. HArA-'AORABI wj-t urged to a clear early lead and to-jid i r.ot malcn strides wit'i ire winner ir. i^e ! fo»l nst:,r. SEVEN OCEAII5 sssc m tjrn etiorl. KRATCHEO-res 5^'D. f· 0 ' ·'!. Pnira'rlj " .' .1 .'. _V.l i!*n eoekj fro^ gate, w '.fetuei Poo! SIIS.TM. ?HARANG broJ.e dJefl · C3 lo the half, took co ISO-- SECOND KACE. }/;! Determined Ud _ C325 Jil-Jan . 3325 Lo=VV Bond ~ 3201 Sllda Kelly D',55 Alcor _ i»3 DaublB Jur» v,^ K^y J1Jm U (i.» S3 (5 K.U 7.00 . JIB KI dn.-.rg. W w*l unr.^r. mmaftd on ths ia* turn, r^pcncied in 7ha crivt and won *i: f i ouihoni, 1 . DCViL'5 EGO lacked C3rj'/ spc?d, C3^sr;T His best £trid*wr.C.T s:ra!gh'co.,rf fD.- tne drive and railitd laajKd earfy, cit l»t\vt«n hors*s O.i triT turn to rally and finished with eood ksstti trom along tRt rail- SCftATCHHD -- Klialing F.'m««n, Shining Count, Callioml* Bov'. I f»n«n. « ytw «K» M u». Clilmln. Purx HOW. 117 1 2 113 » 1 rrlB ! i I'l'l' 4 3 J KH5 2 6 -- V , 7 . 7 5 ilme~:?M'5. :.44-l/5, :SM/5, 1:11-4/5. jil-jjn" \iu iM Woo Lung Wong 5.IB .'Autue! Pool S172,2£y. Daily Double Pool S500.64S. DETERMINED LAD rushed uo loon aher the start to loin JIL-JAN fortr* DAILY DOUBLE , 9-Plurant 4 1-h l-l-a l-'-i 1-4 PItrc* M.K 2-2 2-3 2-3 2-* Blum M.JO 7-1 ft-1 7-3 3-1'A Bftlmont* 7.93 ·! 4-h 3-'.^ 4-2 Pineda 3.M 32 3-ri 5 V'2 5-h Hanack 2.10 5-2 S-2 --1 i-2 Dial 11.00 frl 7-21-i 6-'A J-Vi Costa 4.CO f I- 1 -) t-'i t-2 I.Vd!en. 42.0 8-'/ 3 9 9 V Hull 7.9i) lead, dlscwtd of Mat on* In tnt upper stretch and drtw awsy under urging. JIL-JAN brokt on too. hold · clear lead to the main track, bsttl*d with the winner arunri the turn and slackened in ih drive. WOO LUN WONG raced wme and finished with oood spwd. NO Scratches. i-DH*rmln»(J Lad. PAID $353.U. FIFTH RACE. 1 Mi miles Maiden 5 vear oith. Purs« »5a». feton Mo 1 3 4-3 ' 9 t) . ;.;'75 froi i2fl Ca'rtiv Bea-j . ..... V;t, : ra; 1 ? (j3i!ant in:as? . iio A 3319 SiPBl* Goy - 116 H il'l'j Fatner B-.IU .... Ho y a?57 Juliet's Drea.'ii..., 116 4 1 1 9-2 32i Hwanrysn . ___ Hi 2 2 i: 'i 3JO? Count iV.afostd _._jclli 10 10 10-1 3220 Consistency Jr. .. 11* 9 S S-n 33W Vcn Eaaia - ..... .. 115 6 1 l-'/it flrr..-:232-5. :48, 1:14, 1:40 4-S/ Equivalnl _ . ________ 12.M «.4D 4.«B Frosty Tetofl ____ _______ l?.Bft »-W Canav Beau ______ ........ -------- J.4» Start good froiii pofe* won driving. Muluel pool S525.W3. EQUAVALENT broke fttertlv/ wai talc- eti In hand on tha first turn While svins groond, rallied on tnt far turn to wear e'a-.vti__SjH6L_EJ3_UY, was hard pressed 2-1 'U « lJ II n Pierce Rosa lei Hall lo hold Ma edge to mld-ilretcJi Inen arew clear and won going away. FROSTY TETON was unhurried es.-lv, raced v/lde on the flral iurn, responded In lti« late r.trttch and llnlitud wllllnolv. CANDY OEAU rallied on the tar turn from ion0 ire rsil and hung In tht 'SCRATCHED--Summer cottage, Ctn- tral Sauare, Decorator Boy, Kino Romany, Determined Ruler. Guest Room, with jockey Walter Blum in the saddle, barely held off Crystal Duchess in the final strides to notch an upset in Thursdays featured $22,350 Santa Paula Handicap before 19.513 f u n s at Santa Anita. Guest Room, a Kentucky-bred daughier of Hail To Reason, overhauled top- weighted and favored Time To Leave turning into the stretch, but then was forced to her utmost to stall off the fast-closing Crystal Duchess, who was piloted by Donald Pierce. Desert Law, second choice with Bill Shoe- maker aboard, f i n i s h e d third, l'/2 lengths behind the runner-up. .Time To Leave, sent posiward at Ii-5 under top eight of 124 pounds, opened up'a long lead on the bacluiretch bui tiieu badly in :hc streich and wound up 16 lengths bc-hir.d Desert Law ;.i i h e \v i r e . Time To Leave h a n d l e d by Bill H a r i r a e k , who was substituting for Danny Ve- longest shot in the field of rider who slightly injured a knee. Guest Room, who tarred 116 pounds, returned $13.20 and $5.60, while Crystal Duchess, the longest shot in the find of four at 11-1, paid $0.20. Show wagering was can- c e l l e d a f t e r t h e W. J. Hirsch-trained entry of Lovely G y p s y and Indian Love Call was declared earlier in the afternoon. The victory. Guest Room's first in five starts this year, was worth : $13,350. S'IJPS for Compton Ctnttvl. League will be conducted Saturday f . 10 a.m. until ] D.IU. «t tin SMHJJ H J°; Rsosevell tchool m Compfon. ' All boysj)-15 nc Invlled nid K i r . b-ing a birth certificate and at lJSto-1 parent. I-TM further informallooii^ * Bo5 Ramte NE t-2742. °" cw · The North Lofl0 fteach Pony I » u will conduct tryoutj Sunday it thtA?;! ciailon Field, ArtBliBlvd. and!£,% Ai.v bo/ lluioj in Nonn Lon« B.=, asci 13-14. arc elloiKe. · TCo MclNTOSH MX-110 WERE $399.00 .... NOW SCOTT'S "DIPT G.E. Tubei HI 6-1452 266ALAMITOS HE 7-8629 33W--SIXTH RACE. 7 furlonos. S year aldi. Allowances. Purte W*W. a}"i"2)"CdpTtiTalor xlfd""." j?7S GdVfrnor's Parly _ - - - - - 3313--THIRD RACE. 3 furlongs. Maldtn 2 vtar tid ftlliis bred (n Calif. ?uri jiwq. 115 5 1 22 ; -; 1-i 1 * I. V.i!cn. 1.20 _ 115 B 2 l! v 2-3 Haimair 2.70 l« ^ J 3-'-i 3-3 Hres l^Wi 3332 Bis Woulli Sam 3273 Heel Ailied j?=i Wodern Sutrlt. ._ ' 3 Pappa 1-k 2 2 J-3 4 2 35,''-' A-Dolffltt ~ ,_ 115 .. Consider Mt Cocky _ 115 . ... More Than Fair 113 n i s n 7-ti S 6-2 -vl". 6-K 7-4 C i.K 3.00 4.79 Tit*'* Cnsle* Mutltl Pail 517^3J. YASUOA broke on 103, was second tfl SNOPUF io the furlono pole, rallied steadily from alono tr.ft Insice snd won Catr.pai 22.20 Pftlomino ?1.VQ Trevino 22.20 Belmontt 7.50 f,\. valtn. IS.sO going aivay. SNOPUF cauotit her best stride early, took the lead wnlle drifting In, battled with tl:e winner to mid- stretch and pave way grudainoiv. TATA'S CHOICE couid niakt mil* head- "sCRATCHtO--"ride Ot PolvnMli, My First . _ _ _ ___ _m_ S 1 Time-- ~72 3-i". :45 "4-i. l:ilT-5, 1:24 4 i. Cap*citator .. ~. 24.40 10.40 5.M Governors Party . . 5.4fl 4.00 Big Mouih Sam ......... 4.40 Slart good from sate, won sirijino- MutURl POO! $238.075. CAPACITf^TOR wa* unhurried fit the start, movc.i 10 tht carl/ lead whiip crossing unto il'e tnain iracl-.. tiff*' d?ar Leonard Blum Hall I Vdlen Lambert . -i.OO 13.00 ' .50 9.20 broke In ttrid?, raced clos* UD along the outsider was wide on the turn, rallied steadily In Ihe final furlono^nd iinishf-d failcst. BIG MOUTH SAM took up and diopjwd back fiom cloie quarters en !r:e far Turn, moved outside and could not threaic-n me leaaeri. Mo Scratch^ Ram Draft Rate Near 32nl So-icenan li ili S I 4-1 t3V87)Nicc .V.iilaXe . .. 110 7 2 1-1 TMS Reuuia!)!? xl!j r ' "I '.r\ ^304 '.Vila L3rc . . li^ 4 12 10; -a 3237 Cjiliri-j SiMd.irti .. 1U 5 S 9 : . f J rutc::T ST 0 Riir.dl . 116 ees Top ·) 11-4 5? Vr '.liaemske: X iO Vciik* - . Spaceman If 21.50 7.50 6.40 Nice Mistake 4.BD 4.00 Reputable 5.46 Start 0000 trom nsle, won ariving. Mutuel pool 5256,259. SPACEMAN II broke In strltie. raced t!: ni 1 ; couract. ^.'J' '(i Ihe iiual tutn rdilitd *rj:ii tr.t ouliidc To outrace 1'ILE: ;'A!b- TAKE ant) ivon in lh« linal s:ncj(.-s. Tn» iritlffr brok'- alerilv, set l!:e ?ariv DSCP wilnojt ncea ot urging, resoontltd v/iien Cduuht b/ the winner and gave wav grudgingly. HEPUIABLE offered hu best bid on the far turn and hunB. SCRATCHED--Pattulloch. By AL LARSON Staff Writer . . Sint« Piuli Hnnaicap. Punt S2D.OM »Kond Mm third ami, Harm »»». Th« Rams, who fluttered through 1968 on one wing, found Wires offensive transplants in the recent football draft to repair the damage. Erosion caused by injuries slowed die Rams' attack, but if the rating of top senior players in the country by t.he Associated Press is any criteria, coach George Allen has every right to be optimistic next season. Larry Smith, 208-pound halfback from Florida who will be utilized at fullback, was nominated as the third best running back in the country among seniors. O.J. Simpson and Leroy Keyes headed the class. Jim Seymour, record- Marcus, Vaughn Earn UCLA Track Trophies UCLA's r e t u r n i n g NCAA champions, shot- puller Steve Marcus and pole vaulter John Vaughn, were trophy winners at the Bruins' track and field awards dinner Thursday. Marcus, a senior from Pacific Palisades, received the Harry Trotier Memorial Award as the 1968 Bruins' "most outstanding i field event performer." He was undefeated in collegiate sbotput competition ' last year with a best of i 63-3'/.j a school record. ; Vaughn, a junior from Corona, won the Bruin : Bench trophy as the team's "most improved ! athlete." He set a school ; record of 17-5. Outstanding Frost! Tracksfer of 19sB -- \Vivne Colleit of Los Angeles, v/no scl T.,ur UCLA Frosh lOcoldi in 4-M), t^5.8), 453 meteri (44.9J, WO metf.-s (?£}.?) and 440 hurdles (51.2). Outstanding Distance Runner-- Ge-jise : llusaruk of Montebello, who nas graou- ; aied. : Highest Varsity Team Seort of m-- i Harold Busov, senior from Pasaoena : vvrro scored in sprints and 440 relay. ; UCLA Athlete WHO Contributed Moil : to Team--Don Domani-kv of Port Ar- tiur. Canada, quarter-miler v;ho iias ' breaking Notre Dame pass-catcher, ranked No. 2 behind Florida State's Ron Sellers in the wide receiving department. Gene Washington oi" Stanford was third choice. Rob Klein, USC's highly regarded blocking tight: end, was tabbed second to Penn State's Ted Kwalick. Smith paid a visit to the Rams' headquarters in Long Beach this week, and Seymour will meet the coaching staff next Tuesday. None of the Ram's draft picks have come to terms. How colleg* tenlors rat* by positions: 2 ." 113 1 4 . H7 1 3 . 124 3 1 3314 Guttt Room ____ 3233 Crystal Duch«s _ 3314 Desert Law ______ 3170 Time to Leave ______ ___ Time-- :21 35. :« 1-5, fill 4-5. 1:252-5. Guest Room ..... ___ ...... .._ 13.20 5.M Out Crystal UucJwss __________________ 4.20 Out Oftsert Law ______ ..... ______ ..... ............... Out Nn sho-.v wagerlno. Sla!"l good from odie, won driving. yWytuel pool S187.453. GUEST ROOM broke alertly, rac*d losesi tlie early Daccniiikcr, ra hen strdighiened for Hie drk'e io 2-2Va 2-3 1-T/a 1-n Blum S.cO 3-5 3-5 3-1 2-1'A Pierr.0 11.50 4 l 4 3-16 Shoemaker 1.90 1-6 1-3 !-Vi 4 Hartadc .60 , rlosesi tlie early Daccniiikcr, rallied when strdighiened for Hie drk'e io wear down TlMf= TO LEAVC. drew clear but was the final stapes. DESERT LAW raced far back to the turn, rallied from along Ine rail and could make little headway in the last half of the stretch. TIME TO LEAVE took d long early lead and (altered In ihe stretch when overrun. SCRATCHED--Lovely Gyosv, Indian ! OVP Call. 33W-N1WTH^RACE. i furlongs. 4 year olds_t V-j " 3144 Terrible Tom 3305 Ground Line Ola Admiral Lazaren 3337 Hail to Racing 32 J .0 Forthright 12:A Buono Domenico 3270 3 Portadown 3334 Box Boy _ 3?ra a-Hastinos Song Capfain Hark 117 7 4 120 2 1 X1I2 4 10 !17 S 5 114 3 8 117 5 7 1» I » 117 9 2 109 10 1 114 4 3 un. Allowances. Purse 5553-3^ 4 ! 2-IVi 2-4 DiR-1 7-'-s 5-n 3-k Resales «·'.' /.-·'·: 4-h Gourde: 6-'i ;-l 5 1 LP mhflrl S - - 7 a-S A-2 Al 3.60 4 70 5.00 25.80 S-2-.2 ,'-2 1-3 Fires l-1'.'a 10 10 GlbDonl a-Portftdown Hastinos Sono coupled. Time--:221-5, :4635, :S925,1:121-5, Terrible Tom . _ 27.20 10.00 4.DD Ground Lina 4.2» 3.40 Admiral Laiarem «.00 Start coed from Bate, won drtvlno. Mutuel pool--5241,910. Total mutue) handle--tl,998,550. Attendance--19,513, TERRIBLE TOM raced on his own couraoc to the turn, saved as much nati QuirterfcicK;--i, Greo Cook, Oncin- " (Cincinnati). 2, /Atrty Domrwi Columbia (San Diego), 3. Terry Hanratry, Notre Ddme (Pittsourph). 4, Bob Dous- tas5, Kansna (Chlcaoo). 5, Onrw Jackion, Alabama AM (Boston). Running backt--1, O.J. Simpson, Southern CSlltornta (Buttalo}. 2. Lerov Keves, Purdue (PhiladelDhli). 3, UrrV Smith, Florida (Rams). 4, Ron Johnson, Michi- aai (Cleveland). 5, Calvin Hill, Yai» {Dallas). Wide receivers--1, Ron Sellers, Florida state (Boston). 1, Jim Seymour, Notre Dame (Kami).. 3, Gene Washington, Stanford (San Francisco). 4, Eddie Hint-on, Oklahoma (Baltimore). 5, Jerry Levias, southern Methodist (Houston). Tiont end*--1, Ted Kwdlicfc, Penn St. fSan Francisco). 2, Bob Kltin, Southern California (Rams). 3, Jim Yarbrough, Florida (Detroit). 4, Charles Glass, Florida State (ClevelflndH. 5, Liovrf Edward;, San Diego SI aft (Oakland). Offensive linemen--1, George Kunz, Notrs Dame (Atlanta). 2, Rufus Mavcs, Ohio State (Chicago). 3, John S'nineis, Xavler, Ohio (New Orclans). 4, Dave Foley, Ohio State (Ntw York Jets), 5, AMke Montler, Colorado (Boston). Defensive linemen--1, Joe Greene, North Texas Sfnte (Plttsburoh). 2, Bill Stanflll, Gerogla (Miami). 3, Richie Moorp, Villanova (Green B«V)- 4, Fred Dryer- San Dicoo Stntt (Ne-.v York Giants). 5, Art Thoms, Syrdcuse (Oak- laid). Linebacker--i, Ron Priichard, Anr- na Stair EHojton). ?, Bob Bshicn, .Vn- »mi. Ohio ;5an Dierjs). 3, Ernest Cai^o v/av. Trx^s Soufhcrn (Phiiadelahi^j. -i, na'li). 5, Ted 'Hendrlcks. ft l lianil"," I FIa. (BalTimore). Defensive backs--t, Roger V-,r,i)i, Mis- iouri (St. Louis. ?, Jim Marsa!!;. Tennessee State (Kiinsss Cltvj. o, Graciv Cavn?*s. Texas-El Piso (Denver). 4, Eugene Ecps, TcxGi-fc"' Pn;o r.'-^si'ina- loni. 5, Tom ,Vi.txv.'eii. Te^sb A6.M (Bal- oround as possible while making his bid TO wear down the tesder and oamelv outraced GROUND LINE \r. tht drive. The latter hung back to the turn, rallied frorn betv/een horses, battled doggedly with the winner through mld-stretcn (tnd slackened In tha closing strides. ADMIRAL LAZAREM took trt on tht turn, found room behvttn horses and madt » mild coin. No Scratches. AUTO-MAN T R A N S M I S S I O N E N G I N E TRANSMISSION TROUBLE? Complete service, clean screen, new pan gasket, set linkage, road test. umMttrtiMMiMMpratiwt. $4-95 TRANSMISSION LEAKING? InstaK new seals FREE TOWING -- 1 DAY SERVICE -- EASY TERMS! Beilflowir/Lakiwood 1 7 0 1 1 Billflewir Blvd. 166-8257 FULLERTON 7 1 5 So. Raymond ( 7 1 4 ) 526-6697 2108 W, Manchistir, LA INBLEWOOD 778-4452 LONG BEACH 245D Long; Beach Blvd. 427-5458 51 CENTERS NOW OPEN OR LICENSED IN CALIF. Si . Most Inspirational Perfonner-- KICK iori.n of Ansheim. Dole vauiler, h':h rr.oef and decathlon star wr.o has Montreal Wins, (Ids East Lead Combined News Services Montreal took over place in the Division of the NHL Thursday night by edging Toronto, 2-1. The win moves the Canadians two points in front of idle Boston. Detroit swept into third plrice in the East by blanking Pittsburgh, 3-0. Wings' goalie Roy Kd- wards recorded his "fourth shutout, luminj; aside 26 Pittsburgh shots. Kennedy Suspended PHH-ADKLPHIA (/!'; -The Philadelphia Myers .suspended eemcr Forbes Kennedy Thursday for insubordination. Open book betting... only at Caliente! Racing is truly an international sport, and Caliente-in old Mexico -- is proud to announce the inauguration of an extremely popular turf feature of such countries as England, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. Caliente is the only race track in North America now offering th8 Open Book form of wagering. This will, of course, be in addition to the Pari-Mutuels. The Open Book will operate under the direction of Mr. Walter C. Marty. The Pari-Mutuel and 5-10 operations will continue under the super- » vision of Mr. Harry C. Rosen. ^ All forms of wagering at Caliente are authorized and licensed by the Federal Government of Mexico. CAl/f/M! Home of the Fabulous 5-10 11 thoroughbred races every Saturday and Sunday/First race/11:30 AM For bus schedule and table reservations call 664-8335 (9 a.m. 'til 5 p.m.) For plane service call 848-1949 (24-hour service) CJlinOK- fen oid«! nick R own Sil IJll fK'\ !d liitK-.f »*!· U.S.O.H Da. Id 55?- VIGOR0517TTREAIMENTFORDICHONORA What a workhorse! One application with Vlgoro 5-in-1 takes care of all 5 dlchondra lawn-car* jobs. Packs a powerful feeding punch. Makes dichondra a richer, deeper green and keeps It that way, because it'* spiked with added iron to help prevent yellowing. Clobbers soil Insects. Wallops Bermuda Grass, Pigweed, and 13 other pesty weeds and grasses. Also socks Spurge and rubs out Oxalis. Unleash Vigoro 5-ln-1 on your dichondra today! For the name of your nearest Vigoro dealer, call toll-free: area code 800-553-9550,

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