The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 19, 1952 · Page 7
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 7

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 19, 1952
Page 7
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THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, TUESDAY EVENING, AUGUST 19,1952. Severn Shoppi CLASSIFIED ADS FOB SALE—REAL ESTATE I ROOMS. MODERN, CONVENIENT lor 2 apts.. each 4 rooms, private bath entrance, basement, 3 lots. 932 Pott. 8 ROOM BRICK HOUSE, 3Vz LOTS, • " gas iurnace, Hi- hardwood floors, baths, 2 porches, in. 81- " ' condition ,_. garage, L9 N. 6th. excellent FOR SALE—MISCELLANEOUS SQUARE BLOCK, 9TH, CHEROKEE, T W ! Delaware, and Rhyne St., ideal for inew homes, all improvements in, real J. R. WATKINS PRODUCTS. (BUI) Uhlrich. Ph. 32U-F-2. .bargain. Harmon, 706 Del. FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE LEGAL NOTICES In the Probate Court worth County, Kansas of Leaven- No. 3259 ?5,750. NW part of town, 5-room dwelling, large lot 180' x 125 1 . all utilities^ $500 down - — New three-room modern unfinished 2nd floor for _ _ ooms 5O.UUU. 3-bedroorn. 6-room modern dwelling, urill v^uuiuy, xwaiiaas In the matter, of the Estate of James Hay Rhodes, deceased NOTICE OF HEARING State of Kansas Leavenworth County ss The State of Kansas to the heirs at law of said decedent, and to all persons concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in said court by Raymond A. Rhodes, administrator of the estate of the above named decedent, praying for final settlement herein, determination of the heirs at law of said decedent and discharge of said south u ........................... New modern dwelling in Green Acres, large rooms, large lot. ....... $10,500, Addition §800. , pianoi, uprights. T, Urban, Tuner, Ph. 383. Wisdom's has th« toys 508 Delaware KINDLING BLOCKS FOR SA1X. ^-\~^~".,, 'Tr'nqy^TM 2n ACRES Studded C 0a l CO.. 730 Seneca. JFOH^ s SALE- CLOSE IN. ^ ACRES. JANSSEN ORGAN, SHONNTNGER j £ lth fish we:1 fenced, nice house, - - - „_,_-_ „ , g ra(Je A milk bam _ chichen house , sheds, all kinds fruit and berries, all in good shape, fine location, possession when sold; 260 acres, lays well, well improved, $40 an acre, possession: 160 acres, lays well, $12.000; 157 acres, lays well, $10,000; 180 acres, (lavs well, modern home, barns, sheds, might trade; 62 , acres, lays well, 5 room house, outbuildings, might trade; 735 Spruce, 6 room all modern house _-, and furniture. $5500: possession: near NEW 13-7 GRAIN DRILL WITH FER- Tenth and Ottawa. 10 acres, lays well, tiKzer and grass seeder attachment. i4 rooms. $7500; 409 Kickapoo. 5 rooms, Collard Implement Co., 6th & Chero-[all modern, $5500: several duplexes; i— J close in, good location on corner, brick —TOOLS: store building and 5 room modern 'ihome, garage. 3 apartment house, all • tin good shape, might trade on a farm; AUGUST CARPETING SALE—,South of town, 13 acres, lays well. 6 Cordette carpeting, regular $9.35 Sq.; rO om all modern house, other buud- Yd. for $8.33. solid colors-beige, grey. m gs: 2 good rooming house brick medium or holly green. Curltwist| n otels. they have several apartments broadloom. regular $8.80 Sq> VJ *•«••"- -• -" —«~i $7.44, colors-beige, rose, or holly green. Cut to —., --„ or wall to wall carpeting. 32-oz. rug 'Lots in" West'wood New' '2-bedroom modern dwelling. . $1,450. with garage, nearing completion, south, • G. I. loan. ?580 down ...... . ---- S9.750, 30-acre farm, 3 miles from town, modern new 2-bedroom dwelling. Large lake well stocked with SEVERAL GOOD USED PLOWS, DIF- Jtrent makes and bottoms. Collard Implement Co., 6th & Cherokee. OLD AND NEW FLOORS SANDED and finished. Brooks, Ph. 4284-J. PIANO TUNING. R. BLAIR. PH. 1747-J. Recommended by Jenlun* Music Co. ' _ . - — - Tiri SA ^L~~ JEW Phone 3654. en. Curltwist|h 0 tels. they have several apartments, 3 Sq> Yd. for i they are on a good corner, all rented, grey, mediunv one na s three lots, priced to sell; any rug size plenty of other places; 3 grocery cushioning 72c So.. Yd. Ward Co. . . Montgomery uiemy ui UUIKI pc stores and one near Richardson; farm loans. Ed Alexander. .. . Ward Co. • __ J N _E COR 8TH AND SENICA, 1 GLADIOLI AND OTHER CUT FLOW-! story, 5 rooms, 13x18 ft., overhauled, ers. Mrs. A. Eodenburg, 1018 Paw- in good shape, best bargain in city. --- 'Harmon 3698-W. TREES, SHRUBS. EVERGREENS,! Very good business corner, South, 5 landscaping Leavenworth Nurseries,'apartments second floor, ground floor L. C. and Elizabeth Gatewood, 12th suitable most any type business, with —i tm — -DU io«><; good parking space $20,000 ' Modern Drive-In Cafe Building, good {location, for sale or lease. 9 rooms, modern, near 3rd Avenue School, partly furnished $9,250 C. A. HAWKEY. REALTOR Phone 713 or 4352 Mfg. Bank Bldg and Vilas. Ph. 1825. FOR SALE — SHALE. FILL black dirt. Ph. Lansing 206. PEACHES, BRING CONTAINERS. Robert H. Koch, 21st and Shawnee. HALE HAVEN CANNING PEACHES. $3 bu.: onions. Burre Fruit Farm. CUSTOM VENETIAN BLINDS. Monthly payments. Ph. 3434. ROOMS, Cherokee. 2414-J. PEACHES. JOHN BURRE, 22nd and Metropolitan. GOOD WESTERN STOCK SADDLE. See at^ Speckj_Froduce.^l6_Shawnee. TWO T^FnPLYWOOD DISPLAY cases, suitable for lamp or appliance displays, $25.00 r— ^ "— "- =->•—•" The Kansas Po 2 LOTS, GARAGE 1110 Inquire 775 James, Ph KELLY AGENCT 209 S. 5th St. Phone 10 MISCELLANEOUS ...... V.IM o£ said decedent and discharge of said L ho "->V T administrator and you are hereby re- 2 additional quired to file your written defenses .on™ t nereto on or before the 4th day of September, A. D.. 1952, at 1:30 o'clock P. M. of said day. in said court, in the City of Leavenworth, Kansas, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fail therein, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon said petition. Witness my hand in the City of Leavenworth in said county and state on this llth day of August, A. D 1952. Raymond A. Rhodei Administrator. James N. Snyder Attorney for administrator First National Bank Bldg. Leavenworth, Kansas ATTEST: Kenneth Harmon Probate Judge . k _. (First Insertion Aug. 12, 1953) (The Leavenworth Times 3t) 511,000. LEGAL NOTICE In the Probate Court of Leavenworth County. State of Kansas In the Matter of the Estate of Iva Jane Marshall, deceased. ^ ^ NOTICE OF EXECUTRIX The'State of Kansas to the Creditors. Heirs, Devisees. Legatees and all other persons concerned of the decedent: Notice is hereby given that Letters of Administration have been granted to the undersigned upon the estate oJ Iva Jane Marshall, deceased, late of said county and state, by the above named court, bearing date of August 18, 1952: and that said court on the 18th day of August, 1952, ordered this notice to be published. Notice is further given that all persons having demands against said estate must exhibit them within Nine (9) months from the 18th day of August, 1952, as provided by law; and that if their demands be not thus exhibited within such time they shall forever be barred Dated and signed this 18th day o! August, 1952. Iva A. Werner, Petitioner Homer Davis, (First insertion August 19th, 1952) (The Leavenworth Times, 3t) IAN PAWNS PLATES ATLANTA —Police are won- ering how one toothless victim of conomic adversity is making out. Records of pawnshop transac- ions showed that a man pawned s~i:wTrfc} MACHINES REPAIRED. free estimates in the home, reasonable prices, all work guaranteed. Singer Sewing Machine Co.. 408 Delaware, Ph. 45. JOHN BAUM AGINCV. INSURANCE and surety bonds. 108 South Fourth St., Ph. 40. FOR HEATING, ROOFING. GUTTEH- ing, asbestos siding, call L«Breton, Ph. 4212-W. FLOORS LAID, SANDED AND RB- finished. Ph. 4484. Wm. H. Young. HAND AND POWER MOWERS, saws, scissors, knives, alckle*. machine sharpened and repaired. Bloyrt Sharpening Serv.. 1041 Spruce, Ph. 4261. INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE. Hirry Heim, Ph. 502. Easton. Kas. In the Probate Court of Leavenworth C °ln n th'e £&r° oMhe'e'stat, of August *I. Thomas, deceased. ,nr**frtw* ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Notice is hereby given that Letters of Administration have been granted o the undersigned upon the estate of August M. Thomas, deceased, late of said county and state, by the above named court bearing date July 25, 1952, and that said court on the 25th day of July 1952 ordered this Notice to be published. Notice is further given that all persons having demands against the said estate must exhibit them within nine (9) months from the 25th day of July 1952, ai provided by law; and that if their demands be not *uus exhibited within such time tney shall forever be harred Date and signed this 5th day of \vgust. 1952. A. P. Laughlin, Administrator With The .Will Annexed of the Estate of August M. Thomas, deceased. Homer Davis, Attorney at Law. GENERAL CONTRACTING: BUILD- ing. repairing; concrete work, all kinds. Ph. 2598-J.' DAMAGED CLOTHING REWOVEN Ann Gargotta. Prof. Bldg., Room 16 FOR .SALE: 3 ROOMS, FURNISHED,! pu 658 lights, gas and city water, lot 50x150.1 —L-"—^^^--—^ all lor $2200; wonderful modern bricklTERMITE CONTROL, home near Cathedral or North Broad- permanent. 18 years way Schools, will sacrifice and give utation in Leavenwortt. tree ir ™/*,.«i n r,- i mnm* fniiv modern, tions and estimates. Call your ji 4 rooms fully modern.ltions and estimates. S63007T rooms, fully modern, $6.000: >Lurnter_DejUer._ P S P™. local i.for lamTTor aDrjliance S6300; 3 rooms, fully modern, $6.000: r^uinuei^L^...^. each. s£? Mr Schmidt 2 3 room houses, corner location. goodlsEPTIC TANKS AND CESSPOOLS )wer and Light Co. garage, real investment, reasonable; cleaned, lateral laid. Ph. 1592. iALETuSEDGAS^ND l t £2"SjS Z%S* ™\£ ^SS£. T^SrapDNTHOU. FREE INSPEC- CLEARANCE SALE, USED GAS AND with lights, gas and city water ; fully modern with garage. $7500; tion. Cleartox Co., Phone 1358 or 1142. YARD GRADING, BASEMENT DIG ging, driveways built, weed mowing Ph.-Lansing 206. DINING ROOM fet. 502 Linn. PEACHES, 1ST HOUSE WEST Wallula, George Goble. OF GOATS—MILKING DOES, BUCKS, and Wds. Ph. 4685. jLansin? at reasonable prices; 414 ! acres. 3 rooms, large chicken house, a real buy, $6800: close in. 5 rooms, fully modern, furnished, $6.000; new 2 bedroom, fully modern home, rea KELVINATOR ELECTRIC REFRIG- erator, late model, looks new; Norge. $35; Kelvinator, $50; tabletop gas range, $35; apt. gas range,$30; Maytag •washer $35: old cabinet radio, $10: Meyer Appliance. PAPER HANGING AND PAINTING work guaranteed. Call Burchett 3434 ^ nearoom. luuy moaei" iiume, jen- -*~— sonable: 8 rooms modern, would make i \\'ANTED-2 I goad 'duplex; 5 rooms. 1 floor, large nprsnn Ter lots, a-real buy at ?5.000; 5 rooms.I P e "° n - *" HELP WANTED—FEMALE lots, a • real buy at $5.000; ; fully modern, full basement. FRY COOKS. APPLY •minal Cafe. IN 3 SMOOTH . 3085-J. MOUTH MULES, car TICKET AGENT FOR BUS DEPOT garage".'"siO.'oob; 6~*roorns. "l floor and 1 4th & Cherokee. Call 848 before : baih. $4.000; 6 rooms. l!i bath. $6800; p.m. for appointment, wonderful well built brick home, 3',i k^rjn acres of ground, lots of shade trees.!"",*]/ beautiful yard, will consider offer; „,;'„' lose in. 5 rooms and bath, 2 3 rooms | ™°» e nil 1*3*1-1 o?,/ih laycro varrt *> far (Tar-. CARE~FOH 2 CHILDREN other works . stay nights s - ?«? . 18th ™ Thornton. iert. Phone Boling 8-11. FOR SA-LE—BROOD SOW. 3225-F-5. .... J rooms ana oam, * a rooms - —_ =T^T .and bath each, large yard. 2 car gar-!HOUSEWIVES LOOKING FOR EASY ; age, reasonable; 3 rooms, large yard,! way to eirn from $50.00 to $100.00 h iio, w Pientv of fruit. $2.000: 5 rooms.'lights.I per month in spare time? Write J. O a. 2181-w. i f ^ nd city water 3 ] otSt J4500; 4',iJLynch, 4042 Main St., Kansas City ROY SEI- acres. $30.000 worth of new improve-;M O . ments. all for $12.000; large 8 rooms' PHONE FOR SALE—TAILOR MADE NAVY blue dress uniform, almost new. 40a N. Broadway. mens. a or .; are ro - - vith full basement, 2 acres, plenty of mnxnvn »«an nUTTT INO : ruit, $7,000; 4 rooms, bath, 4 lots. J4.-| MO ^LjM^T __ _ 1 " ~™ FRESH TOMATOES. 106 S. ESPLAN- ade. Ph. 1705-M. Phone 56K. BATHROOM AND KITCHEN FTX- tures, gas or liquid gas heating units. Nothing down, up to 3 years to pay. ',;" and \y copper tubing A.E. Bower. Lawrence Ave. and Quincy. BEDROOM SUITE. COMPLET- with chest, vanity, bench, bed with Innersprings mattress, odd chairs, table and bed. Ph. 2716. rnr vate °road toit springs. Good location for fishing pondi PJtl P 3 a 08 UNEEK HOUSETRAQ-ER HITCH equalizer type. Robt. Juhl. Ph. 27-F$3 Tonganoxie. FOR LARGER FARM, GOOD 8 C acres on highway, 5 mi. east of Valley Falls, Kans., improved. Joe O'Grady, Valley Falls, Kans. KITCHEN CHINA CABINET, $15. 507 Vine. 3-PIECE VENEER BEDROOM SUITE excellent condition. Mrs. Pete Nieman. Farley. Mo., alter 5 BROME GRASS SEED FOR SALE See us before vou buyl Hibbs Farm Service. 101 N. Broadway. .Ph. In the City Court of Leavenworth County. Kansas Lloyd Schrey. d/b/a Schrey'* Grocery. Plaintiff vs S. T. Hall, Defendant. No. 1083: NOTICE Notice is hereby given that an Or er in Garnishment was issued in thi_ bove entitled court on July 28, 1952 or the sum" of $17.79. and that sair* ause will be heard in the abov ouft at the Court House, Leaven Aug. S, 1951) '(The Leavenworth Times 3tl (First insertion MORE MILES PER DOLLAR! New 1952 WILLYS Low as $1795.00 Immediate Delivery "America's only full sized car giving up to 35 Mi. per Gallon o£ gasoline." MASTERSON BROS. 119-23 So. 5th Ph. 30 MORE SMILES PER MILE! GOOD LOCATED LOTS FOR HOMIS, real bargains. Harmon. 706 DeL _ FTJRNITURE MOVING. LIGHT AND heavy hauling, winch service. Studdard Transfer. Ph. 787. n -- -- — — — MOVING AND HAULING OF ALL reasonable. Ph. 25M-J. _ FOB RENT— APAKTMETS 62 acres. 10 miles out, all in pasture. „, fenced, pjenty water. 4 room house. 1145, partly modern, knotty pine llvinir 3om ............•••••-«•«»• $9oOO.; - —"-•• . — -. — — 5 rooms, 2 baths, basement gar-| Reyburn Agency. . „ E. COR. 3RD and Del., nice clean rooms, apts., plenty baths, new management Ph. i. Come look them over. 2~LARGE "ROOMS, $40. FOR SALE— HEATROLA. 1008 Ironmoulders. WES TINGHOUSE AUTOMATIC •washer, good mechanical condition, J99.50. Ph. Ft. Leav. 4115. JBTIGLITZ GAS HEATER, 55,000 UN- its. 747 Chestnut. I X 12 BLUE WOOL RUG. PH. 2533. 426 Second Ave. PEACHES— BELLE OF GEORGIA and champion, (white) ready now. Elberta and Hale, (yellow) next w ' W.R. Young, Phone 597. Lansing. age, close to school, in excellent location. S12.750. Suburban 5 room modern bungalow, large living room, gas heat, attached garage ?W,500. Two 3 room houses, gas heat, convenient location $8500. Established business, sales and service appliance store, good income, 53500. Apt building, 3 family, each with private bath, good income, on bus line, $10.5110. 5 rooms and hath, built-in cabinets, basement garage, convenient location, 58300. GEORGE HOBBS AGENCY Axa Bldg. Insurance Ph. 4175 4 ROOM HOUSE. FURNISHED. 53000; 4 room house and 7 acres, $7000. Roy Winsor, 1412 Spruce, 120 ACRES, GOOD IMPROVEMENTS. 160 acres, well improved, houses and empty lots. Hoy Winsor, 1412 Spruce. BUILDING LOT WITH BUILDING, 18 X 40, on lot. Ph. 3647-J. 2 LARGE CLEAN ROOMS, UNFUKW.. private bath. 411',i So. 5th. 2 ROOM APARTMENT. APPLY AT Standard Service Station or call Mrs. Russell Tolle, Phone 19. Weston, Mo. 3 ROOM FURN. APT.. REFRIGERA- tor, ground floor. 700 W. 7th. SMALL. 3 ROOM FURN., PRIVATE entrance, bath, upstairs. Ph. 543-W. LOVELY FURN. EFFICIENCY APT., private bath, utilities, adults. ?60. 606 Osage. 3-ROOM FURN. APT. 222 OTTAWA. Ph. 2364. 2 - ROOM UNFURNISHED APART- ment. 800 Middle. WANTED TO BUT SCRAP IRON, METALS, TIN. RAGS, junk cars. Call us for free prompt pick up at top prices. Western Iron & No. llth. new 2 bedroom, full basement, attic, large lot. possession. •GIA ment. attic, large lot. possession. ScASH PAID FOR SCRAP IRON, now. Green Acres, new 5 room mod. cot-i me tal rags, tin. Independent Iron 'eek.|tage, attached garage. Eusco storm i & Meta i Co- . 156 chero.. Ph. 520. METAL BED. JACK W. BROWN. PH. Ft. Leav. 22112. windows, 510,500. HELP WANTED—MALE j BOYS OR MEN FOR GENERAL store work, days only. Jahn Super Mart.. 7th and JCiowa. WANTED—MALE HELP FOR FAC- lory -work, day,and afternoon shifts. Apply in person at employment office, Gould-National Batteries. Inc., 1901 So. 4th St. Leavenworth. Kas. WANTED — TWO RELIABLE • MAR- ried men with cars to distribute Fuller Brushes to customers by appointment Permanent position with A-l future for ambitious men; $79 per week to start, if you qualify. Write Box WX for interview. THE KLOTZ AGENCY 5 rooms, modern. 2 baths, basement garage, near Sacred Heart .. 512,750 5 rooms, modern, 3 bedrooms. 3'i lots, part basement, west 59,500 4 room efficiency, modern, full basement, nearly new, south 58.000 8 rooms, modern, brick. 4 bedrooms, hot water heating, full basement, double garage, a luxurious home S17.000 5 rooms, modern, new furnace. 90 ft. lot, south 55,000 Filling station, business 51.625 Drive-in cafe and tavern, good traffic location, highway, established business. HENRY RUEGG AGENCY INSURANCE — SURETY BONDS 3 ROOMS AND BATH. UNFURN. UTI lities Furn. 540.00. Reyburn Agency. 3-ROOM APT. FIRST FLOOR. STOVE and refrigerator, full basement. The Klotz Agency. PERSONAL ALTERATIONS. WEDDING GOWNS, drapes. Mrs. Wallace H. Lambie, 1115 Metro.. Ph. 3693-W. Corner location south: six room f bungalow, three bedrooms, automatic 'heat, attached garage $9500. Five room bungalow oak floors, gas furnace, very clean, close SLEEPING 3S44-W. FOR RENT—ROOMS 1OOM~~rOR~MAN. PH. NICELY FURN.. CLEAN SLEEPING rooms, baths. N.E. cor. 3rd and Del. VERY NICE SLEEPING ROOM FOR gentleman Ph. 1535-W. NICE SLEEPING ROOM. 323 MIAMI. Phone 3137. SCHOOL TEACHERS MAN OR lady desiring room in private home. Call 1705-M. Will exchange references. WANTED TO RENT BALED HAY. GHAFTON BABCOCK, Ph. 1629. FOR RENT—APARTMENTS NICE 3-ROOM FURN. APT., PRIVATE bath, adults. Inquire 239 5th Ave. 3 ROOMS. PRIVATE BATH, GROUND floor. 203 Market. REWARD FOR INFORMATION leading to recovery of grown female collie, sable and white markings. Ron Hyde, Ph. 869-J. to town $8000. » town «ouvu. • Four rooms and bath, gas furnace.; garage ?5600.i Ten room duplex, two baths, nice' lot. close to Third Avenue .School $9500. In Green Acres: New five room efficiency bungalow, gas furnace. Husco storm sash and screens, attached garage $10.500. Nine loom duplex, close to school and bus, two baths, good rental property $11.500. Five room cottage, bath, gas furnace, asbestos siding $5600. Neat five room bungalow, quiet cor-; ner location, basement garage $8300. New five room bungalow with three bedrooms, superior construction, basement garage 513.000. Five room bungalow, automatic heat, "Let's Keep Our CREDIT GOOD and enjoy freedom from, financial worries by consolidating our bills. One quick, easy Loan from B & 1 will do it." KEEP YOUR BUICK BEAUTIFUL! Got any dents, dings or bashes? Any trim missing? Come to our Body Shop for quick, reasonably priced work by Buick experts. Original factory finish matched. •> Or do you just need our beauty-protecting Porce- lainize treatment? We're experts at this, too. Drive in thi» week for an estimate. LEAVEL'S 5th & Oak Streets Phone 870 | I 1\ C 1 UUIll UU"5<* iu **, DUIUUIOH 4-ROOM COTTAGE OR HOUSE BY j basement garage, convenient to local couple. Prefer fum.. will con-| schools ...................... $12,750. sider Unfurn. Can give best of refer-, Lincoln School district: 4 rooms and ences. Write 455 care Times. _ ibath. oak floors, fas fur SMALL M O D E R N HOUSE, care The Times. FOR SALE—AUTOMOBILES 314 Delaware 1936 FORD 2-DOOR. RADIO AND $135. 138 Kingman. Phone heater, 3284-J. 1940 FORD COUPE. GOOD CONDI- tion. See at Lowemont Store. ~ _ REPOSSES- furnace ..$5500. THE RETBURN AGENCY Phil E. Reyburn Mrs. W.W.Fluharty 1 Phone 336 - 337! 5-ROOM, PARTLY MODERN. FULL I basement, garage, 5 lots, fruit trees' and berries. 1030 Jackson. _ 5~~ - ROOM MODERN HOUSE. GAS floor furnace 1 block from school sior. rendition ooor. make us an of- . fer. B & I Acceptance, 5th and Chero- *-• kee. I FOR RENT-PROPERTY 5-ROOM MODERN HOUSE; roanent. Ph. 4J06-1L r and bus line. 56.200. 531 S. 10th. ___ JNEAR FEDERAL PRISON. NEW 5- I room efficiency, completely modern, PER- 513.000. Shown by appointment only. 'Suydam Agency. Ph. 268. Why Not solve YOUR FINANCIAL Problem in this way, too? When Money Shy See — Acceptance E. J. Irish, Mgr. 5th anfl Cherokee Ph. 4022 PAY AS YOU RIDE Up to 12 Months For. • Repairs. • Accessories. • Tires. • Batteries. • New Engines. • Overhauls. • Body & Metal Work • Engine Tune-ups with latest Sun Equipment a specialty. Any Make of Cars. All Work Guaranteed BOLEY MOTORS Plymoutn-DeSoto 710 Delaware rkom* 1M1 Dodge Coronet Sedans LEGAL NOTICE orth. Kansas on September 15. 1952, nd that should you fail to appear, udgment will be entered in due ourse on said Bill of Particulars. Lioyd Schrey. Plaintiff By: John H. Murray, Attorney (First insertion Aug. 12. 1952) (The Leavenworth Times 3t) an upper plate for $3. The nea day he returned to the same sho and pawned the lower one fo another $3. 1952 Models • Immediate Delivery • Let Us Appraise Your Car! Fife Motor Co. Dodge—Plymouth 3rd and Seneca Phone 991 USED CARS '47 Frazer 4-Door. '46 Plymouth Coupe '42 Packard 4-Door '40 Plymouth 2-Door CLARK MOTOR CO. Chrysler and Plymouth Sales and .Service • 4th and Cherokee Phone 1100 3 GOOD USED FORD TRACTORS All prices and priced to sell. BOLING TRACTOR & IMPLEMENT CO. Ill S r 7th St. Phone 2718 Boxer ChucK Spieser, Michigan State's light-heavyweight Olympic representative, lost only one bout during his collegiate career. HELP WANTED ' OFFICE GIRL Must be able to type, take shorthand, make change and figure repair orders. Must be steady. 5</z-day week. Apply in person, preferably mornings. Perry L Black Motor Co. 200 S. Broadway Safety-tested USED CARS Olds "88? Holiday Coupe. Buick Sedanette. Olds "98" 4-Dr. Olds "76" 4-Dr. Buick Sedanette. Pontiac 4-Dr. Olds 4-Dr. Sedan. Buick 4-Dr. Olds Club Sedan. DeSoto Cl. Cpe. . Studebaker 2-Dr. Hudson 2-Dr. Buick 4-Door. Perry L Black Motor Co. Oldsmobile-Cadillae 200 S. Broadway Phone 608 Open Evenings —Open Sundays USED CARS Best trades in town!. '52 Plymouth 4-Door. '52 Pontiac Convt. '51 Plymouth 4-Door. '50 Chevrolet 4-Dr. '49 Ford 2-Door '48 Mercury 4-Dr. '47 Plymouth 2-Dr. '47 Kaiser 4-Dr. '47 Plymouth 4-Dr. '47 Ford 2-Dcor. '46 Mercury 4-Dr. '40 Pontiac 4-Door. '40 Packard 4-Door '39 Chev. 2-Dr. '39 LaSalie 4-Dr. '39 Plymouth 2-Dr. '37 Buick Sedan. '34 Chevrolet Open Evenings, and Sundays. Boley Motors DeSoto-PIymouth 710 Delaware Phone 1941 All Priced To Sell- 1 -1949 FORD 4-Door. 1 • 1949 FORD 2-Door. 1 -1943 CHEVROLET Station Wagon. 2 • Cab-over 2 Ton Tracks. 1 Woods Bros. Combine. 1 Woods Bros. Corn Picker. Some Late Model Ford Tractors. LAMING'S Tonganoxie, Kans. tookinqfbr AGoocf 4 Real Values In Late Model Good Will Used Cars • 1950 Ponliac "8" Streamliner 4-Dr. Hydra-Matic, beautiful grey finish, radio, heater, good tires, sun visor and lighted hood ornament. • 1950 Pontiac Chieftain Deluxe Convert. A hright red convertible sedan with black top and new whitewall tires, radio, heater and Pontiac Hydra-Matic Drive. Only 20,000 miles. • 1950 Chevrolet FleeHine 2-Door i Deluxe. Radio, heater, nice brown finish, good tires. • 1950 Studebaker Champion 2-Door Radio, heater, whitewall tires, splendid yellow finish. • , Dale Sharp Pontiac Opening Evenings and Sundays 736-40 Delaware P!*one 4892 For Sale Or Trade —Cash Or Terms— '50 Hudson 4-Door '49 Hudson Club Cpe. '49CrosleySta.Wgn. '49 Ford 4-Door '47 Hudson 4-Door '47 Ford 2-Door '46 Chev. 4-Door. '41 Plymouth Conv. '47 Int. Panel Truck. '37 Ford LWB Truck. STARR AUTO PARTS 200 Shawnee Phone 568 Make BARNES - COLLARD Your Truck Headquarters In Leavenworth! '50 Chevrolet • % Ton Pickup '47 Studebaker • 1% Ton, L. W. B. platform, grain sides. '46 Studebaker • 1 Ton, dual wheels, platform and grain sides. '46 Willys AG. Jeep '46 Chevrolet • 1% Ton S. W. B., plat- and grain.sides '41 Chevrolet • 11/2 Ton L. W. B., platform and grain sides. Open Evenings! Open Sundays! BARNES- COLLARD Phone 458 Sixth and Delaware. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Young Women 18-35 .We have several positions open for alert young women with high school training. Clean interesting work, assembling -and packaging Hallmark gift dressings. • Good starting salary, opportunity for bonus. 5 day, 40 hour week. Hall Brothers, Inc. Makers of Hallmark Cards 618 Delaware Street ifou J It realty ON THE BAL BIG VALUES IN SAFE BUY USED CARS Make Unclaimed Your HEATING NEEDS HEADQUARTERS Yes, see us now for— Gas Heaters Floor Furnaces. Oil Heaters. Ceiling Units. Conversion Burners. Complete line ot fittings, connectors and vent pipe for heaters and furnaces. ... when you're sitting behind the wheel of a beautiful, smooth • riding used car from B&G Mtrs.! We have many makes and models in a variety of colors ... all in first class condition. See These: '51 Mercury Cpe. '51 Chevrolet Sport Cpe. '50 Pontiac Cpe. '50 Ford 2-Door i'50 Mercury Sedan !'49 Mercury 4-Door '49 Ford 2-Door '48 Ford Convertible '47 Pontiac 4-Door '46 Mercury 4-Door '46 .Ford Club Cpe. '37 Dodge 4-Door UNCLAIMED FREIGHT DEPOT 713-15 Shawntt TERMS Ph. 99S • Tires Easy Budget Terms on all Motor Car Repairs A * •Accessories "We're small enough to know you; Big enough to help you." B&GMOTORCO. '*:-.'WE-SERVlft ALL MAKES OF CARS 7th & Shawnee Tel. 377--378

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