Independent from Long Beach, California on May 16, 1957 · Page 81
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 81

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1957
Page 81
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Z 3 -- P 2 S Z 5 INBtMNOINT.KIIl.TILIMlM End Tax Write-off on Tanker By HARRY WILSON 8HARPE WASHINGTON EW -- Tlw Kovernment has slammed the door on further tax concessions to builders of ocean-golne tank ers. Tho nation has enough tankers on hand or building to meet almost any emergency. The concession, In effect since the Korean War began, permit' ted a five-year write-off, for tax purposes, of tho cost of ships needed 1 to fill out the private and government tanker fleets, It was granted by the Office of Defense Mobilisation which now says President Elscnhow' er's lutcst expansion goal--100 vessels--Is filled. The only builder* who might be hurt are those who failed to CCt under tho wire \Uth appllca tlons before the surprise order wns Issued. Maritime Admlnl* tratlon officials hnd no estimate of the number but "assumed there were quite « few." THE NECESSITY ,of a 1 tanker fleet was demonstrated when Egypt blocked the Suez Canal and cut off Western Europe's vital Middle Eastern oil supplies. Only emergency action by U.S. oil men who pooled their tankers and supplied the oil saved Europe from disaster, A consequence of this was discussions between tho United States and Britain on a lonn range alternative to the canal, Including construction of supertankers and pipelines from the Middle East bypassing the waterway. Tho United States Already Is doing Its part. Since 1933 (cores of shipbuilders have taken advantage of tho tax concession to build or plan tankers ranging up to 60,000 tons capacity. But not all of them asked for the concession. Of the 100-veisel goal Ju«t filled, 43 tanken havn been built, are under construction or contracted for without federal tax relief. AS OF APRIL 1, the privately-owned tanker fleet totalled 336 vessels of which only 8 were Inactive. On the same date 93 tankers were under contract for construction or conversion, Including 3 for tho government, and 22 for foreign flags, Elsenhower had requested an NPC study to see 'where the United States and thc-frw world stood In event of a war ftnergenecy. The oouncll estimated that by 1963, and allowing for natural attrition, the free world fleet should total 4,346 tankers, an Increase of 82 per cent over Jan, 1. 1937. These Include 25 to 50 supertankers of 60.000 tons capacity. Timely Tips Br tlalM PraH When Ironlnn. protect zippers and placket fabrics by laying a pressing cloth on · them. Iron cently. Cheese can bo froirn aatls- factorlly, If tho freer.lii|* I* rapl'l ·nd the Individual imckucm ar« Mil*!!, Slow freezing caum vtuuigea In color and texture. Beauty not? . . ; never draw a downward !mo when using eyebrow pcnc'.l. It makes you look older, Use short, light strokes upward, To keep openfnM or ' unwrapped aandtvlches moist rover with vapor-proof nmlrrliil, ' Refrigerate. Do not cover with a damp cloth. In maklnc sandwiches with salmi-type (lllliu», spread a coatlne of soft butter, marca* rlne, peanut butter or cheese tpread to tho cdccs of tho bread dices to prevent the bread from absorbing moisture from . the fillings. U«e these coating', too, with hom-y, jelly or preserves, Try adding n bit of dill seed ·nd n few drops of vinegar to cooked and drained carrots, Spring cleaning will be easier, If you u«e a "tote kit" to carry the cleaning supplies. Steps arc saved with a basket or special wooden troy to hold the various cloths, tools and other supplies. For most efficient use of the Vacuum cleaner, empty tho dust bag frequently. Keep pore* In the duit hag fubrlo or dirt filter from becoming One Man About Runs This Town CAMPBELLSPORT. WIs. --Eldotl SpradaU. 38; Is chief of police In this eastern Wisconsin village of about 1,100 population. lie Is also: clerk and treos- ,urer of the village; clerk, sec- 'ntary and treasurer of the water · liupartment. secretary and a.'tlve member of the voluntr.T ·fire department and Village assessor. Coeducational PHILADELPHIA UP -- Tern, pie University has a men's glee club «nd a women's glee club. No' HV seems to know Just why, but it man Is accompanist for the i, glee club and a man ·ceonu/, 'cs the women. LET'S HAVE A RIGHT IN YOUR OWN BACK YARD : INVITE YOUR FRIENDS OVER FOR A COLORFUL HAWAIIAN LUAU, THE TRADITIONAL '·FEAST OF THE ISLANDERS, AND SERVE THESE EXOTIC, DELICIOUS FOODS WHICH ' WILL REFLECT THE MOOD OF THE ISLANDS WITH THE WHITE SAND BEACHES, TROLLING SURF, AND SIGHING PALMS. THIS FEAST WILL BE A DELIGHTFUL EVENING YOUR FRIENDS WILL TALK ABOUT FOR WEEKS THESE SPECIALS AT ALPHA BETA ARE PLANNED TO HELP YOU DO THIS AT SO LITTLE COST WITH SO LITTLE FUSS. AT ALPHA BETA YOU ALWAYS^EiTHE "BEST FOR LESS" VMO §*«*'.« TiMDW (*]... unl. PRICES EFFECTIVE MAY 16-17-18-19 THURS.*FRi.« SAT. · SUN. ^S^^S-v \*£3S'%3;3* '«· EASTERN PORK FROM IOWA MEDIUM SIZE-LEAN MEATY CHICKEN 49° CAPONETTE ROASTERS · VLB CALIFORNIA BRAND GRADE A YOUNG TINDER--4-6-LB. AYE HAMS WEINERS 39 ALPH BETA ALL MEAT-- SAVE lOc ^^ * SAVE lOc LB. ALPHA BETA HICKORY SMOKED FULLY COOK! SUGAR CURED--FULL SHANK HALF OR WHOLE EASY TO CREATE HAWAIIAN MOODt 1 TNI rOOOS YOU HIVE AT YOU* LUAU Alt IOUNO TO It A SUCCESS IN THEMSELVES, YOU CAN HEIONTEN THI ISLAND ATMOSPHEIE WITH A FEW "NATIVE" TOUCHES. INSTEAD Of A TAILE. · SIMPLY IOLL OUT STRAW MATTING ON THI \ noon, on use A coiotrui TAILE CLOTH, otco-, '·ATI THIt "8IACH" WITH H«NS, HOWEW ANO 3PICAL FRUITS. KEEP SOME HAWAIIAN MUSIC , PUYINO IN THI lACKOtOUND. YOU'IE ON THI ·EACH AT WAIKIKI-YOU* LUAU II UNOKWAY. - CANNED PICNIC LB. SLICED BACON SAVE IOWA MAID--MOM THI TAIL ' 8c CORN COUNTRY--LB. CELLO PKG, 55' 98 POTATO SALAD '*' ALPHY'S REAL HOMEMADE FLAVOR--LB. CARTON LIQUID STARCH 25 WORRELL--NEEDS NO REFRIGERATION--1 '/ 2 LB. SAVE 3c STA FLO--AN ALPHY SUPER RADIO SPECIAL LISTEN FOR APHY'S VALUES EVERY DAY OVER KWIZ PINEAPPLE Wl RISIRVt THI RISKT TO LIMIT QUANTITtt TUNA FLAKES Q $1°° TROPIC STAR LIGHT MEAT IN BRINE--SAVE «0« %|F · FROZEN SHRIMP *1 79 TOP FROST FANCY--CLEANED. DEVEINED. SHELLED · CHICKEN THIGHS 59' TOP FROST FANCY--I UB. PI-CG. · *^ M CHARCOAL »**+·**.¥ « ta jn_*-w"-^«-"^j -"^wv^* ^^ Wp RECORDS I HI-FI LONG PLAYING 33 Vi R.P.M, ' (Top Artliti, HAWAIIAN--POPULAR' fRESH PINEAPPLE O« WHOLE OR HALF - $Mjt, FROM HAWAII MLB, TOGO cAPsI POTATOES 10 29 fc S^«i»2fS5. § SELECT-US.NO.I-WHITEROSE iW M* J SAVI I Of FLAVOR FLAME GLASSES SWEDISH MODERN-- 10-ox. $ o o STRAWBERRIES5 ^^MK-HEAPINQ FULL BASKETS ^ FOR SAVE SOe Magnificent, All New E N C Y C L O P E D I A OF PICTURED KNOWLEDGE 14 lUUTlfut YftUMU IN ^ttfi fab*. -VOLUMES 2-3^4 NOW ON SALE! LARGE EGGS fcOFF WEINER ROLLS GRADE AA ·'.·.'ALPHY'S FARM FRESH NO ' 'LIQUOR- SOLD DOZEN 39 SAIM TAX COLLICTID ON TAXABLf ITtMI ALPHA BETA REDEEMS ALL COUPONS, WHETHER FROM MANUFACTURERS OR OTHER FOOD STORES WITH SAME OR LIKE MERCHANDISE fllPHfl BETH · HO COUPONS OR TAPES TO SAVI NORRISWARE STAINLESS STIEt CHICKEN $J79 W* I *K ; Rtcuooi si I.M OTHIR UTF.M5IL1 AT SAMI LOW MICH! 6IX ELNA COFFEE DRIP OR REGULAR.... ..LB. CAN 79* FIESTA ICE MH.K .:'r. WM *««.1.0NE GALLON 4 i-vOf* ~ DOG CLUB DOG FOOD .,_,«» ** NO. 1 CANS OAKTMSUTH IfOllN FRUIT PIES CHERRY, APPLE, PEACH, lOViOZ DARTMC'JTH FH02IN ' , MEAT PIES CHICKEN, TURKEY, BEEF. 8 OZ. sr 25' ·f tWT Ut J 2IIS 6436 ·' »MII«««I. siimiwiK Nil. ttn Ttm,, « lit. Ml rrt, MII in. I i AVEUfflnn * T ITIllllt, LIH Him LAKtWDOU ll.r. Hum 1-1 Ikn IU.HI-T Ei _. MLS Ittn Hn »· M. STORES LOCATfiC IN THESE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA OITIESi AHAHIIM ARCADIA ·ILLFLOWIft COKOMA COVIHrt ' COITA MUA OOAOVt · fUUIKTON «AJ|DIM BKOVI 10. UkflUNA LA MAIIU ONTAKIO LA rUIHTI ·· OIANCI LA VMNI ' PAIABIHA .101 AHSIlll ' fOMOHA 1 tIACM ' SAMTA AH* TIMHI CITY WiiT COVIHA WHITTIIH WINTfMIUM

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