Independent from Long Beach, California on January 16, 1975 · Page 83
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 83

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1975
Page 83
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|eet 4 8moke' j » i M t « * « M tongBwcn M/ f i / r 1 . -By BOB HE ATOM KWd«r News Service WICHITA. Operation Oversmoke is complete. Smoke, has not yet fl, but the result is ' . . The cigarette fiends won J . ; -' . · ' . : . ' · ' . - · · Of," 30 volunteers in a projj?cL, at Veterans Hospital, n )Vichita, last spring, only five have kicked the habit .; .·",.-.. : · · · ;-.. Ttiejest still puff . ; : ' The ^project was to determine how and why some'persons quit smoking: If 'also was supposed ', to. ease the way to smoke- free living for all with experiments in : the a'rt of habit:icking. Gafg Salk, a doctoral candidate in the psychology department of the · University of Louisville, said results will be used in his doctoral dissertation. SALK SPENT hours closeted with a collection of respiratory basket cases who ..filled the air with smoke and reasons why. D u r i n g the project, ' smoker-volunteers were divided into two groups; One group's members consumed double their normal amount of ciga- rettes.-ior a week. This ranged from slightly more than one pack to three or four.-After a week, this group quit cold turkey. This was Team Over- smoke. The other 15 volunteers underwent the exquisite torture, usually self-inflicted, called tapering off. : ' . This was Team Uhdersmoke: Final results, eight months after the first meeting, show three quitters from Team Over- smoke to -two for Team Undersmoke. Salk, interviewed in Reading, Pa., said under- smoke volunteers on the : whole had cut back their ' smoking volume. ,.'; . are harcTon the trail to lung cancer; much the same as before the project. They still read American Medical Association bulletins with horror. A recent AMA blurb stated ^anyone consuming two £acks a d a y , had ; about as much chance of survival as "a bull in Spain." During the daily sessions with Team Over- smoke last spring, Salk. suffered. He is a nonsmoker. His lungs are pristine. Closeted with nicotine f a n s blowing poison at double 0 speed in a small,' badlyiventilated conference room left the researcher bleary and red- eyed. His spouse accused him of marching through a peat bog on the way home. During.the entire period since the project, Salk said, volunteers h a v e been quitting, cutting down and then restarting. Women increase as leaders There were 6.6 million families headed by womea in 1973. This was 12$I§:ent of all families in-tlfli'HU.S., the Institute of Life Insurance reports in a new study on women, and represents an increase of 47 per cent in 13 years in the number of families headed by a w o m a n without a husband. The reasons for women becoming heads of households have been shifting, the Institute notes. In 1968, being widuweu was the leading reason (46%), followed by divorce or separation (44%). By 1973, divorce or separation had become the leading reason (50%), well ahead of widowhood (37%). The number of single women heading families also showed an increase in the five years (from-10% to 13%). Mix or Match Stock-Up Sale! ppleSaucel The more you teed the more you need our big family QUAIL een Beans Dollar sale! LAUNDRY BASKET RECTANGULAR BASKET IN ASSORTED COIORS QUAIL tldenCorsi! . ^. '. WHO V · .' KERN fe.: : 1 · QUAIL weetPeas * 44 QUAIL Peaches tfJB g ^ M QUAIL it Cocktail OUR POUCY GUARANTEES THESE IOWIUICE5 TO BE EFFECTIVE At IEAST 7 DAYS: WtD.. JAN. 15 THRU TUES, JAN. 21,1975 AFRESH Stewing Chickens mi Oranges BONELESS Chuck Roast f DELICIOUS Hi-Pro Burger D Rainbow Trout :?."M!? D Clod Roast .'=?". $ 1 4 MG Blackcod ...^..89i DHalibut Steaks r«r*W D Oysters ..:-·«:. M 1 ' D Family Steak 7=: M 5 . 8 D Dover Sole..»».. M'J! D Jimmy Dean.--. 89 e YOUR CHOICE! Sliced Bacon · ARMOUR'S MIKft-CURE 12-OZ. PKG. · HORMEl MIDWEST HB. PKC. U.S.D.A. 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OH CRINKLE CU1S IROZEN Tomatoes D FRENCH FRIES .°? ».*.-.·?.. 69' D WHIPPED TOPPING...."... 53 C DTWINPOPSICLES....."^.,. $ r T^...Wt mSZ*g£frK 300CI.BOIHE .,,,,, tiPOU!7-BOUND AlumNUM .«,. ANACIN ... I"". V ."A 2 CAKE PAN ,.. '"'.".Tf 4S NYOuf' C"!4'.' S 1 29 CREME°RINSErwim B ?ov S 1" KlTOItUMJIlH 3'.-OZ. . , , «U»INUMiCUP(S28»V»l] ,,,,, VASELINE,....'?'. ?'.'!· 47* PERCOLATOR ( K S' tt ) ' Fine Quality Spirits « Beer Scoresby Quart SCOTCH JERSEYMAID IN-THE-DAIRY HALF GALLON D FRIED CHICKEN 2-LB. D COMBINATION PIZZA .: D TREE TOP APPLE JUICE D HAWAIIAN PUNCH DRINKS ..'..'.59 : D GREEN GIANT MEXICORN ....v?.37£i DCONTADINA TOMATO SAUCE. ««.15 C BLADES PKG. OF 9 /S2.39N FINE QUALITY Fresh Produce at Discount For Guaranteed Savings! Pl'REGOLD · FANCY SWEET D LONDON BRIDGE 90° GIN.....TM* DPABSTBEEB ".°.'. c r.1Z{ s 2 69 WoHschmidt VODKA THRIFTIMART VALUABLE THflinUURT COUPON "^A15S COUPON GOOD WED,. «N. 15 IHBU tUES 1 ^ Dental Creme COLGATE 7-OZ. TUBE (REG. 94c) LIMIT ITUII11 COUPON HI ADULT (USTOMII HAIF GAllOH SEBASTIANI WINES · MtN. RED BURGUNDY / »wmic CHapLi5 · VIM ROSE / SAVE 40c ; D GRAPEFRUIT JUICE : D 6" HOUSE PLANTS · D CINERARIA PLANTS *.D4" POT MUMS ,'?"??'. . 49 e « " S 9 8 D . iiwx o» SMALI DELICIOUS APPLES Trw^.T. 4S $ 1 j ANJOU PEARS ...... .^ . . . 29', I .TTM...'3" . 89 f i u mmm SQUASH ..... '.";°f .... i, ; \»«UU'.,| 13'/ COUPONGOODWED.MN.15IHRUtUES,JAN.JI ' Hamburger Buns OR HOT DOG BUNS ~1 JANE ANDERSON-8-CT. - : (REG. 42cl 0 Items Priced Discount Low! . OARDEN GROVE - 1)861 Valloy View . BUENA PARK - Lincoln ol Knoll . TORRANCE - 22117 Polos V w d« Blvd. (ol Scpulvoda) . LOMITA - 22626 S. Western (Paios Verdes Dr. N.) . LONG BEACH - 5819 Bellflowcr Blvd. (a, South St.) .2174 Bcllllower Blvd. (o. Stearns) ' · "» ALAMITOS - 11322 Los Alormlos Blvd. (Just South of Ko.ello)

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