The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on January 9, 1908 · Page 11
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 11

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1908
Page 11
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tHtfRSBAY, JAN. g, 1908, CHILLICOTHE CONSTITUTION PAGE THRE1 Do You Think For Yourself Or, Do Vou Open Vour Mouth Like a -Young Bird and Oulp Down Whatever Food or Medicine May be Offered You? If you are an intelligent, thinking woman, in -need of relief from weakness, nervousness, pain and suffering, then it means much to you that there is one tried and true, honest medicine OF KNOWN COMPOSITION, sold by druggists for the oire of woman's ills. The makers of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, for the cure of weak, nervous, run-down, over-worked, debilitated, pain-racked women, knowing this medicine to be made "up of ingredients, every one of which has the strongest possible indorsement of the leading and standard authorities of the several schools of medical practice, are not afraid to print, as they do, the list of ingredients, of which it is composed, in plain English, on every bottle-wrapper. The formula of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription will bear the most critical examination of medical experts, for it contains no alcohol, so injurious to delicate women even in small quantities when long continued. Neither does it contain any narcotics, or other harmful, or habit-forming drugs and no agent enters into it that is not high!? recommended by the most advanced and leading medical teachers and authorities of their several schools of practice. These Minorities recommend the ingredients of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription for the cure of exactly the same ailmenta for -which this world- famed medicine IB advised by its manufacturers. No otheiupedicine for woman's ills his jtny encmorafemionai endorsement vorite Prescription qualified recom- A booet of ingredients, with numer ous authorative professional endorsements by tile leading medical authorities of this country, will be mailed free to any one sending name and address with request for same. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, BoSalo, N. Y. Dr. Pierce'e Favorite Prescription is a scientific medicine, carefully devised by _ an experienced and skillful physician, and adapted to woman's delicate system. It is made of native American medicinal • roots and is perfectly harmless in its effects in any condition of the female system. As a powerful invigorating tonic "Favorite Prescription" imparts strength to the whole system and to the organs distinctly feminine in particular. For overworked, "worn-out," run-down." debilitated-teachers, milliners, dressmakers, seamstresses, "shop-girls," h<nise-keep- nervous exhani iion, neuralgia, Vitus's da A nervous By: upon the rostra- St. >£» only attendant inic disease of feminine. It sleep and relieve! despondency- If a woman has hearing down, or dragging pains, low down in the abdomen, ot pelvis, backache, frequent headaches, dizzv or fainting spells, Is nervous and easily startled, has gnawing feeling in stomach, sees imaginary floating specks, or spots before her eyes, has melancholia, or "blues," or a weakening disagreeable drain from pelvic organs, she cad make no mistake by resorting to the Use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It will invigorate and tone up the whole system and e?pecially the pelvic organs. No woman suffering from any of the above symptoms can afford to accept any secret nostrum or medicine of unknown composition, as a substitute for a medicine like Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, which is OP KNOWN COMPOSITION and has a record of over forty years and sells more largely to-day than ever before. Its makers withhold no secrets from their patients, believing open publicity to be the very best tfuarantv of merit. Dr. Pierce invites all suffering women to consult him by letter free of charge. All letters of consultation are held aa sacredly confidential and an answer is returned in plain scaled envelope. Address: Dr. R. V. Pierce. Invalids' Hotel and Slir- gical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y. Dr. Pierce's great thousand-page Illustrated Common Sense Medical Adviser will be sent free, paper-bound, lor 21 one- cent stamps, or cloth-bound for 31 stamps. Address Dr. Pierce as above. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets invigorate the stomach, liver and bowels. They are the original Little Liver Pills having been put out for sale by old Dr. Pierce over 40 years ago. Much imifated s but never equaled. One to three a dose. Tiny sugar - coated granules; easy to take as candy. Dr. Plerca's Golden Medical Discovery is a most potent alterative, or blood-purifier, and tonic, or Inyigorator. and acts especially favorably in a, curative way upon all the mucuotis lining surfaces, as j, • " j' - , , l | upon au inti imicuous iiumg suu.iues. its ers, nursing mothers, and feeble women of U)0 nasa i p asS ; a g P? , throat, bronchial generally, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre- tubes, stomach, bowels and bladder, cur- scription is the greatest earthly boon, ' ' '—' ' being miequaled as an appetizing cordial scription is the greatest earthly boon,, ing a large per cent, of catarrhal cases whether the disease affects the nasal passages, tho throat. larynx, bronchia, and restorative tonic. As a soothing and strengthening nerv- ine " Favorite Prescription " is unequaled and is invaluable in allaying and sub- doing nervous excitability, irritability, stomach (as catarrhal dyspepsia), bowels fas mucous diarrhea). •hal dysne >.a), bfaadc ider. uterus or other pelvic organs. Even in the chronic or ulcerative stages of these affections, it is often successful in affecting cures. CORN'PRICES PUZZLING. A Ludlow Farmer Thinks Jt Strange That Market Should Hold Up So Well G. A. Lee of Ludlow, Mo., is somewhat puzzled at the way corn prices hold up. says the Kansas City Drovers' Telegram. Mr. Lee lives in one of the best corn districts in the state, and the crop last year Vas one of the best ever raised there. "And still the prices hold up, in spite of. all this," he said. "With the whole country aroun.d us full of corn, and very few cattle on feed, one would naturally think corn prices would weaken. But not a bushel can be had in all that country at less than 450, and the farmers do not seem very anxious to sell at that. The fact that very little corn is moving shows how little is changing hands. The farmers believe that corn is going still higher, so they are not making any effort to sell. When it brings the price that it sells at now, cv^t-i is profitable to the fanner if skd outright, especially the way hogs and fat cattle are selling. Wb are well supplied with hogs, b^t very few cattle are being fed^ " NOTICE! There will be a meeting of 'the stockholders of the 'armors' Loan and Building Association of Chilll- cotbe, Missouri, at the office of the sec-etary of said Association, Mon. day, January 13th 1908, between he hours of nire o'clock a. m. and hree o'clock p. m. for the purpose of electing five directors to serve term of two years nd one director serve for the term of one year. ISndtd Jno. A. Ryan, Sec. ^POISON te Pains, Can- c&r, Scaly Sk IWei Many people suffer from Mood Poison and don't know it. Rerd symptoms. Easily cured by B. B.B. nflK r thin Swollen Glands and bumps on the skin. Sore or mouth, failing- hair, Plmplea r effenslve eruptions, Cancerous sores Lumps or sores on Lips, Face or a ?,m l H° f , the b ° ay ' Rash ° n Skin, a run down or nervous. Ulcers on a the Carbuncles or Holies M~»"vr»,Tm'j"«.K' BL °°' ! > BALM (B.B. B.) GtFAH.4.\1'EI3D to cure even the worst anfl most deep-seated cases. B B. B. drives all poisonous matters from ATTEMPTS LIFE IN CELL. and sends a flood of pure, . .1 . ue, rich blood directly tp. the skin surface! In this way sores. Eruptions, Pimples and every evidence of Blood Poison are quickly healed and cured, completely changing- the entire body Into a clean, healthy condition. Thousands ot cases cured by B. B. B. after other treatment failed. RHEUMATISM OR FOUL CATARRH with shoulder paths, hawking or splt- "•-•<— — -£- -- • old. stub— ----- — -^ ----- byJBaton- lc Blood Balm CB. B.B,), b ecause these troubles come from Blood Poison. B. B. B. purifies and enriches the blood. You feel that life's -worth living from the very first dos.e. If you have either Rheumatism or Catarrh just try B. B. tine," headache, earache, even old born cases are quickly cured by v B. and yoti quickly. get well sut-ely kti* STOLEN FROM PASTURE. BUY BEFORE THE RAISE. We have been noti fied of another raise in the price of wagons and !f you are needing one you had better buy now. We have the following wagons, "Studebaker," "Weber"' and "Columbus" which we can guarantee in quality and price. We will also continue bo give the 10 per cent reduction on our Buggies, Road Wagois, Surreys arid Spring Wagons until they are closed out as weinttnd to sell everything in that line we have in our house bef or< winter. SCRUBY BROS. C. <& I. CO. DBS. BENNETT & WILLIAMS Vterinary Surgeons and Deitists Oftfcr Rooms over MkWleton's Hardware Store, So. S. Sq.) CfcUa-omptly answered dav or ni?ht. The word can't is not in our sabulary. Office Phone No. 641, Rasidence Phone No. 387. DR. iS,BENNETTT, 0. V. S. DR. D.F.WILLIAMS, D.V.S. CHBLUCOTHB MISSOURI. . D. Nevens of Grand River Township Loses Five Valuable Animals Tuesday. H. D. Nevens, a prominent armer of Grand River township lotified police headquarters Wed- lesday tnorning that some one tole from his pasture during Tuesday night, three mules and two horses, all the animals being valuable ones. The officers will keep a lookout for the animals and will assist Mr. Ncven !in landing the thief if possibles A Home Made nippy by Chamber lulu's Cough Remedy. About two months ago our baby girl had measles which settled on her lungs and at last resulted In a severe attach of bronchitis. We had two doctors but no relief was ob tanned. Everybody thought she would die. I went to >'ight different stores to find ? certain remedy which had been recommended to me and failed to get it, when one o£ the storekeepers insisted trat I try Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. I did so CURES ITCHING ECZEMA Watery blisters, open, itching sores of all kinder all leave after treatment with B. B. B., because these troubles are caused by Blood. Poison, -rtrhil* B. B. B. kills the poison, makes the blod pure and rich and heals the sore" and stops the Itching- forever. BOTANIC BLOOD BALM, (B. B. B.) 13 pleasant and safe to take; composed of pure Botanic Ingredients. SAMPLE SENT FREE by writing Bl iod Balm Co.. Atlanta, Ga.. SOLD BY DRUGGISTS, or sent by express. $1 PER LARGE BOTTLE, with complete directions for home cure. DAWN ITEMS. Dawn, Jan. 7-. — (Special Correspondence) — Miss Bessie Lewis returned to Liberty Friday after spending a few home folks. days with ai.d o\Jt baby la and well today --Gee. W. Spcnce, Bolly Springs, N C. For sale by N, J. Shetland t)r-i-: Company. -1 ! 'I-H-I--S-X-M-I-I-I- •H-:-!-!-:-!-!-: -j-H-H-K-W- }S-TE-OP-A-THY ' i'ne dess remedy for thp relief of the snBer'ng. is/apldlr winning (avor with 41 ' tblnkkeople. For furt'ner Information see • Jfc \\ B. T. G. PHELPS ' ' Cortation and Examination Free, Phones: Office 141; Res. 208, * •MI i n OrWolfe OSTEOPATH Chronic & Nervous Diseases HUSBAND. Council Bluffs, la., Jan. 7—Mrs. Mrs. Jennie P. Gigford of this place declines ,to close her record of marriages frith 13, therefore, has just taken''to herself her I4th husband, A. W. Townsend, of Dodge, Neb. The new Mrs. To\vnsehtl was 13 years old when she began her matrimonial career. A year later she was a widow. Of the 13 suitors who le^ her to the altar, n are still living. Sh€ has been both plaintiff and defendant in her numerous divorce suits. Most of her husbands have been old stild- i«rs. ef ticotho Building, Southvost cor. Sqoare, CbilHcolb*, Mo. MEIERSHAGEN FURNITURE CO JNDERTAKERS. PHMES: NIGHT 153. DAY 397. A §7 .T . ALLEN, i: Liveik Auctioneer fedigreed !ve Stock td General Seles. -556 | I Bus, Baggage, Dray and Transfer T i Wne.' I588TJ Office at the same stand, opposit wCal- f jLeeper House; phone 136.- Leepe honn£j House phone 22. Callp ^iswerei St. T j promptly day or night »'1"M»» 41 1 I.M I-M-; >4-H-H- H-f** *H-i and Ceo. f> & Bros. Co. Pbone 444-H- FREE 3.14. at Eta St. 4 >!Miirr-r4*H }, ,W,DAV!S!i ^ -LIVE STOCK AUCTINEEB-;; T Six years experience in this and! \ % "uirSd 0 " 11 *! 8 ' Satisfa( =«on' ; pho or tele Central . AAJ^.^. ^i^ • 1. flammatory Bhetim»U5ni Cured in 3 Days. Morton L. Kill, of Lebanon Ind.. says: "My wife had inflammatory Rheumatism In every muscle and joint; her suffering w terrible and her body and face were swollen almost bes'ond recognition; had beea in bed for six weeks and had eigh' pnysiclans, but receive no benefiv urtll she tried Dr. Detcheon's Rellel for Rheumatism. " ga^e Immediate relief and she was able to walk about in three days. I «» "are It saved hor life." Sold by N. J. Swetland Dri f C«. LUDLOW NEWS ITEMS. Ludlow, Jan. 6.—(Special Cor- respondence)—Irvir. Rudolph of Kansas City is spending the week with friends and relatives. Four car loads of stock were shipped from here to Kansas City Monday night. Mrs. Frank Skinner and son, Neal, of St. Joseph visited relatives here the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs* J. P. Davis are the parents of girl born at their home Monday. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Ware attended the lecture at Braymer Saturday night- A skating rink has been opened at Fink's hall. R H Mecaskey p,f ChiQieotbe was looking here Dr. Simpson of Chillicothe was called to Dawn Friday on professional business. Mrs. Peck had the misfortune of falling and fracturing her hip last week. Arthur Carey is quite ill with pneumonia. Rev. Nickelt filled his regular appointment at the Baptist church Sunday morning and evening. Miss Hazel Romick, who lias been quite sick for tiie past two weeks, is able to be up and around again. Dr. Murray of Ludlow was called to see Arthur Carey Thursday evening. The Rebekaha wilHnstall their offidefs Ttiesday evening, Jan. 7, after which an oyster super will be served. ? Winfred Decker is quite sick. Miss Bertha Hare visited with home folks Saturday and Sunday. Miss Pearl Wooden departed for Chillicothe Sunday ridon, whe're she' will enter Matipin's college'. Carl Hinton of Braymer is visiting his aunts, Misses Mary and Maggie Williams. Miss Olive Carey, the popular central girl of Braymcr.was called home Thursday on account of the illness of her father, Arthur Carey. Mrs* Buck Kiidx of Kansas was in town Thursday calling'on old acquaintances. Mrs. M. V. Culver was, quite sick Saturday night and Sunday. James G. Robinson visited with his father, Will Robinson,,of near Ludlow, Sunday. Gfuridy County' Farmer, De sporiderit Because Friends Do Not Visit Him in JaH. Trenton, Mo., Jan. 7—Despondent because his relatives and friends had not appeared to furnish bail for his release, William t'ayne, a farmer living north of Trenton, who has been in jail on a charge of carrying concealed veapons, attempted suicide at noon today by cutting his throat vith a knife, made from the pring of a match box. Payne cut gash four inches long in his iiroat and four stitches were ecessary to close the wound. He recover. ATTEMPTED SUICIDE. Miss Ltilu Smith, a Trenton Young Lady, Became Despondent After Family Quarrel Miss Lulu bmith, a Trenton yo'ung lady, attempted suicide at ;ier home Tuesday afternoon by drinking carbolic acid. Her mother, who was near at the time the girl attempted to take her life, caockcd the deadly l.'Ug from th voung girl's lips, the contents o he bottle spilling on Miss Lulii': arm, severely burning that mem ber. Bilious ? mu r own doctor okoot Auer', Pill,. " How are your bowels?" the doctor always asks. He knows how important is the question of constipation. He knows that inactivity of »he liver will often produce most disastrous" results. We believe Ayer's Pills best liver pills you can for over 60 years. c BANK, WHEELING NEWS NOTES. Wheeling-, Jan, 6,(Special Correspondence.)—-W. E. Beat, wife and son. Donald, and Miss Rachel Beat, spent New Years with Mr. and Mrs. Steve* Perrine in Chil- licotlie. Miss Oro Collins returned to her home in Linrteus, Thursday, after a week's visit here. Mr. and Mrs: George Hensley of Bedford'were the guests of T. L Hendrix and wife, New Year's. Mrs. George Dimitt is quite ill at her honle east of town. Rev. Paddock Of Kansas City at- the Baptist morning and filled the pulpit church Sunday evening. Mrs. Chas. Goff and two children left Saturday for Oklahoma. Chas. Hawker visited friends ' ar Chula Saturday and Sunday. Miss Lillian Harlan, Mrs. Howard M cLain aad A. E. -Norman went to Cameron Saturday morning to attend the funeral of Mrs. Bertha Welch. Mrs. Recce Thompson and Miss Maude Hoyt of Chillicothe .vcre the guests of friends here Wednesday. ] Clifton Gregg of Chillicothe was the guest of friends here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Cofer Collins are at home after a' few days' visit in Linneus and Bncklin. About Digestion. It is not the quantity i_f food talwn but the am-- nt digesi. c" an" assimilated that gives strength and, vitality t . the syst -a. Chamberlain's Ston- ach -'id Liver Tablets invigorate the stomach and liver and enable them ti> perform their functions. 'The result is a relish for jour food, increased strength and '• eight greater endurance and a clear head. Price, jnples free. For sale bv N. J, Shortly before the young lad} attempted to take her life, a family quarrel had been in progres: and she stated after she had regained conscousness, that it hat preyed upon her mind so that she concluded to take her life. • The last report stated she was getting along nicely and was completely out of danger. A Reliabfe * Rpmedy Ely's Cream Balm Is quickly absorbed. (Hits Relief at Once. It cleanses, sootUes, heala and protects ths diseiisecf mem. btnne resulting from Catarrh and drives rtway a Cold in the Head quickly. Ue- srtores the Scns-Ts of Taste and Smell. Full sizt> l,,i cts , at lira;; gists ot hy mail. In liquid form. 75 rents. Ery Brothers. 50 Wurreu Street, New Vork. If some people could not have their say, they would either explode or choke. HAY FEVER A tickling cdugh, from any eause, is quickly stopped by Dr. Shoop's Cough Cure. And it is so .thoroughly harmless and safe, that Dr. Shoop tells mothers everywhere to give it without hesitation even to very young babes. The wholesome green leaves and tender steins of a lung- healing mountainous shrub, furnish the curative properties to Dr. Shoop's Cough Cure. It calrrts the cough, and heals the sore 2nd sensitive bronchial membrane. No opium, no chloroform, nothing harsh used to injure or suppress. 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Stops itching instantly and destrova the germs that cause skin diseases. ^Eczema quickly yields and is permanently cured by this jremarkable ipedicine. AllDruggists. Write forsam- ple. E. W. Eose Med. Co.,8t. Louis, Mo, Fold b? the N. J. Swetland. Many a man has discovered that the ladder of fame is .very- much on the order of a greased pole. When to Go Home. From the Bluffton, Ind., Banner: 'When tired' out, go home. \Vhon you want fun, go home. When you want to show others teat you have reformed, go home and let your family get acquainted with the fact. When you want to show yourself at your best go home and do the act there. When you feel like being extra liberal go home and practice on your wife and children first. When you want to shine with extra brilliancy go home and light up the whole household." To which we would add, when you have a bad cold go home and take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and a quick cure is certain For sale by N. J. Swetland Drug Co Th'e small boy may love his neighbor even better i than he loves himself—if she gives him a generous hunk of pie. To Core Cold In One Day. Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money lit fails to cure. B. W. GROVE'S signature Is on each'box. 2Bc. LAW EXAMINER NAMED. Missouri State Board to~ Hold Future Sessions at the Capital Only. "When attacked by a cough of a cold, or when your throat is sore, it is rank foolishness to taka any other medicine than Dr. King's New Discovery." says C. O. Eldridge, of Empire, Ga. "I have used New Discovery seven years' and I kno\v it is the best remedy on earth for coughs and colds, croup, and all throat and lung troubles. My children are subject to croup, but New Discovery quickly cures every attack." Known the world over as the King of throat and long remedies. Sold under guarantee at N, J. Swetland's drue store. 5oc and $1.00. Trial bottle free. 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Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation. . •_ If an acrobat isn't light on his feet he is apt to light on head. his A Higher Health Level. "I have reached' a. higher level since I began using Dr. King's New Life Pills'," writes Jacob Springer, of West Franklin, Maine. "They keep my stomach, liver and bowels working just right." If these pills disappoint you on trial, money will be refunded at N. J. Swetland's drug store. 25c. OAK GROVE NEWS. Oak Grove, Jan. 7.—(Special Correspondence)—Earl Israel has the mumps. Harvey Jones had a severe attack of heart trouble last week. Mrs. James Heriford is recover ir.g from an attack of la gripe. E. Israel has been dragging the roads and they are now passable. O. P. Turner aiul Frank Har- J COLIC. BellradM. WUM-Blown. i DUrrlMM. DyMnlenr. i. K.2BAD oojrnirrov. surim COM. CC«»ilB4|s;:«llon. StmuacU 8Mf f(en. •to.«!!£ji i Sta);lB.Cu«i Tea SupclSa, Book, fe •• IT) sent prepaid pa receipt of prtcg. Jefferson City, Jan. 1.7.—The Supreme Court today announced the appointment of's*^^^^Allen 1 of St. Joseph as < ___; the Board of Law R CO MPANY, DAZZL- succeed George L. " E cTRJC EFFECTS ceola, who has renu ,£pECIA£ SCENES State. Hereafter ft'*' ' • "• • hold no -examinativJ, .?'#3 or Kansas Jefferson days iij Janijsi year. -, grove are Inaditig their household goods and stock at Xorvillc sla- liuii. Mr. Turut-r gfics to Knus;i-. and Mr. Hargrove lo Oklahoma. \V. J. Creason won the five dollar reward offered, in the Constitution by A. A. Cameron for the return of a calf. Mr. and Mr?. Alonzo Gale oi' Svracuso, Kansas, spent Christ- Appetite for Crabs THE codfish has an «nor >us appetite for shell-fish, crabs and lobsters. He eats them alive and he eats them raw. He eats them all without indigestion and grows fat He has a powerful liver. The oil from the cod's liver makes ITIZENS NATIONAL Capital Surplus & Profits $185,000.00 .Deposits - • $400,000.00 UNITED STATES DEPOSITARY • O Q The old coco to her,yoimg one "It fflont fie long ti\\ .you are 5at cheer op,Chx\d. dont h&vethe Blues, They need ^your bide jor ' D. Brant L Son! Southwest Corner of Square. CHILLICOTHE, MO, DR. ARTHUR J. SIMPSON SUR.GEON ANB.OCUL1ST Eye Ear Nose Throat Practiceaevot- ed to Surgery and Diseases of the Eye, Ear Nose, Throat. Special attention given to surgery of the Eye, Nose and Tlroat. GLASSES FITTED Office in First National Bank BUJg. .Northeast Co Su. Phones 88 and 212- DR.J.E.OALLAWAY Does a general practice. Gives special attention to treating all Chronic ailments, and more especially any diseased condition of the EYE, EAR., NOSE and THROAT. Office well equipped with latest, improved paraphernalia. Call and in Office of S rooms over First National Bank Building. K E. Oornjr Square Ohillleotlie. Mo. Residence Phone Wo. Office 67i SLIFER'S LAUNDRY The only country town Laundry in the wcrld using- a Troy No. 5 Collar anrt Cuff Ironer. The only country town Laundry in he wo"ld using a Kennicott watei softnei and purifier. The only small town Laundry in the world having its own water and gas plants. The only small town Laundry in ( the world doing city grad'es of work ( at country town prices. i Our equipment is very extensive and | expensive,and was bought for you. ( nas week with Mr. and Mrs. Sey- lotir Gale. fohn \\0ynn of Kansas City was lown last week on a visit to his srother-in-lavv, Joe Winans. O.P.Turner loaded a thousand iii.shi.-ls of corn at Norville, 'hursday aiul Friday. Mrs. Frank Engiert, who has .t t:n visiting relatives here the •;ol two weeks, returned to her unic in Kansas City, Sunday. Htriford Dro?. are baling hay or ios. \Vinans. Flan Israel started for Lakin, ansas. Tuesday, with a car load >f his son-in-law's goods. Loo Englcrt of Chillicothe is •isiting at J. J. Fitzpatrick's. Will Slattcry and sister. Miss lonora, called on Mr. and Mrs. ohn T. Martin Sunday afternoon. Miss Kate Shields of Chilli- otho is spending the week with or sister, Mrs. L. E. Head. Miss /Minnie Vorbeck spent "luirsdav with Miss lino Cober- " * • « East Side foliii [sracl and family spent •atnrdayp evening at Pat S lat- tery's. Mrs. T. F. Morris is entertain- sister from Kansas Citv. WIND-MILLS! Say! Farmer Friends NOW IS THE TIME To put up that Wind-mill. Come in let us fijfure with you on an IMPERIAL MILL absolutely the best mill on the market. :::::: Do not wait nutill your pond goes dry. More Spokes, More Fans, More Power. E. H. LAKE, —Phone 426.— Chillicothe, - - Mo. •1-H -H- H H-H-I-H-I-H-H-H-S-H-* McGormick Bros. THE SOUTH LOCUST ST. ! i ? LIVERYMEN:: have added to their stock the finest Funeral Car ever brought to Chillicothe. Besides doing a general livery business, they £ive special attention to funerals. They also make carriage calls (day or night) to any part of the city or comity. Telephon : 150. 410 S. Locust St. f »•»»•>»»»»»»»»••>•»»»•»»» | E.M.Harrqr | AUCTIONEER I am ready to cry Public Sales of any kind anywhere in Livingston or adjoining counties. TERMS REASONABLE. Address RURAL ROUTE 5, Chillicothe, Mo. Eczema and Pimples ate quickly and permanently cured by ZEMO, a clean kquid tor external use. ZEMO draws the germs to the surface of the akin and destroys them, leaving a nice clear healthy skin. Write E. W. Rose Sled. Co., St. Louis, Mo., for sample. All Druggists sell ZEMO. Sold by the Swetland Drug Co. ?R.W,H PERRY, Homeopath Office Rooms 1 and 2 Wallbruno juildintf. Residence 1542 west Ca7 aoun St. Office Dhone. No. 531: res', dence Dhone, No. 593. All calls in and courjtrv answered promptly $? or nic-hr. w. o. w. 368 MO. Meet second and fourth Tuesday's ea&h month at the Forest, Mllbanlc building, north Hlile aq. Claude Bradford. O. O. Oehler. Olerk. Wabash Time Card. EAST BOUND TRAINS No M—Atlantic Express, St. Louis and beyond 12:3tl»m No. 6 Mall and Express, St. Louis aad Intermediate Points 4:88 pm no 70—Local Freisbt. daliy ex cept .Sunday 12j»H>pm WEST BO0ND TRAINS. No 1—Pacific Kxpress, Council Bln-fTs, Otnaba and (or / points beyond 'J:t7 ani •$'>. £- Western Mall and Eipress 1:00 irm So. 71—Local freight, dally except Sunday 12:80m All passenger tiralns rnn daily. The Wabaah via Omaha, makes the nalckest time to Son Francisco, Portland. Salt Lake City and Intermediate points. Sum-..-- er a make good connections at p """ r " ' *•'— i

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